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Monday's update - 06th July 2009 - Episode 6

Natchiya's complaining about Saravanan and KK not eating much. Izhavanji brings in the issue of ayya staying with his second family. Natchiya reminds her that Ayya doesn't live there permanently and he even came to visit them yesterday. Izhavanji continues saying that Ayya came to talk about Ganga's wedding and Panchayathu Manikam's son is a possible candidate. She says Pazhani would address them mappilaingala and will eventually ask them to serve him. Brothers doesn't seem to like the idea. Izhavanji further adds that she doesn't expect her husband or Saravanan to do anything about it. They wash their hands and leave. Izhavanji is pleased.

Panchayathu PazhaniManikam (Pazhani) meeting KK and Saravanan. They miratufy him and leave.

Ayya arrives, calls Ganga. Rama wants to know why he's always calling Ganga and not her or Chandra. Ayya tells her it is because Ganga is older and he's used to calling her. Ganga asks Ayya about Natchiya and brothers. Ayya informs her that they're all well. Rama asks her dad whether her brothers or Izhavanji questioned about them. Ayya's unable to answer. Rama tells Ayya that her brothers don't like them. Ayya sees a point in Rama's argument. Ganga explains that Natchiya shows her love directly and her brothers are show it indirectly. Rama's not ready to accept Ganga's explaination and runs inside the room. Ganga follows.

Ganga questions Rama about her behaviour today and tells her not to upset Ayya. Rama tells her what happened the other day when she offered to help Saravanan. FB - Saravanan fell from his bike and Rama offered him water, but he declined it saying that it's like drinking poison and she's not his sister. Saravanan leaves and Rama's friend questions her as to why her brother declined the water. Rama is all upset. Ganga tells her not to say anything about this to Ayya. He walks in, questions them about what happened. Ganga replies that Rama's crying because they did a brother-sister play at college. Ayya tells them about him and his sister when they were young. They all hug.



Updates by smlaksh

Episode - 7         Tuesday - 07.07.09

Credits to

Raja Ramachandra Ragunath - referred as "Ayya" by others , Vijayakumar

First family

Sundaravalli Naatchiyar     - Ayya's Wife , played by Seema
Karthikeyan                         - Ayya & Sundara's first son , played by Pollachi babu
Saravanan                             -
Ayya & Sundara's second son , played by Joy
Ilavanji                                  - Karthikeyan's Wife , Played by Kaveri

Kulasekaran                          - Ilavanji's Father , Played by -----
Muththarasi                          - Ilavanji's Mother , Played by Anuradha
Jeyachandran                       - Son of Kulasekaran & Muththarasi , Played by ----

Second Family

Subbulakshmi    - Ayya's second Wife , Played by Sankarabharanam Manju Bhargavi
Gangadevi          -
Ayya & Subbulakshmi first Daughter , Played by Ramya Krishnan
Rama Mani         -
Ayya & Subbulakshmi Second Daughter, Played by Sandra Jose
Charu bala          -
Ayya & Subbulakshmi youngest daughter , Played by ----


Pillaivaazh           - Ayya's assistant , Played by Vellai Subbaiah

Vallinayagam      - Teacher / Accountant to Ayya , Played by ----
Mangai                 - Wife of Vallinayagam
Vishwanathan     - Son of Vallinayagam & Mangai /Ganga's friend , Played by ----

Rathnavel            - Retired IAS officer / Ayya's friend
Selvakannan        - Thanjavur Collector / Son of Rathnavel , Played by ----
Malarkodi             - Studies in USA / Daughter of Rathnavel , Played by ----

PazhaniManickam  - Panchayat guy , Played by ----
----                            - His wife , Played by J.Lalitha

IAS coaching class .. Ammani Ganga perfectly aajar Wink ... Selvakannan enters the class & says he got a call last night around 12'o clock .. One of the student from this class only called & seeked help to clear a doubt .. But they didn't reveal their name .. Ganga is tensed & feels guilty ... Selvakannan further says he published his cell no. in the book only to clear the doubts in subject .. But that student asked me a doubt which i have never heard of in my life ... And asks the class if they are interested to know what doubt it is .. Class replies "YES" ... Ganga is very tensed .. Selvakannan further says the class to note it down .. And adds the caller asked him if he is a district collector , maavatta collector or maavu aatura collector .. satha collector or bill collector .. And , selvakannan or sellatha kannan .. Whole class laughs except for Ganga who sits there very tensed & scared .. Selvakannan says the student didn't reveal his/her name , but their mobile no. is stored in my mine .. Ganga panics .. Selvakannan continues to say that they told it's his grand mother on phone LOL .. And says the one to come forward & accept it .. If he finds out , he'll punish severely .. After few mins , Ganga gets up from her chair & apologizes .. Further Says the call is from her mobile , but her sisters only teased him .. Selvakannan doesn't believe her & asks what if she did some mimicry .. Ganga swears she has two sisters .. Selvakannan tells Ganga to bring her sisters to collector's office next day , adds the real sisters & not set up ones LOL ROFL  ... Also says to leave the class .. Ganga obeys him & he continues with the lessons ...

Angry Ganga comes home ... Asks Mother for Ramamani (Rama) & Charubalu (Charu) ... Younger ones were playing some game .. Charu asks Ganga to join them & Rama asks her to bring her water before that LOL ... Ganga shouts at them & says today that collector made her stand outside the class for 2 hrs .... Rama asks if they should call again & threaten him saying we'll sack you from your job ROFL ... Ganga gives an angry look & a clever Charu asks how collector came to know abt it , that the call is from their mobile ... Ganga says he told her mobile number & also threatened to cancel the class .. So she had no other choice , but to accept it .. Charu asks why did you accept , instead you could've blamed us .. Ganga says she did , but he doesn't believe her & told to bring sister to collector's office ... Rama says they can't come to collector office & they are not in the game LOL .. Charu gives another idea to stay at home as she is going to get married LOL ... Ganga takes a stick to beat them & both sisters run from her ....

Ayya's first home ... Sundaravalli Natchiyar (Sundara) is sleeping in a chair .. Mangai (Vishwanathan's mother) comes there .. Sundara welcomes her & enquires abt her well being .. Mangai says she is doing fine with Ayya's blessings & gives temple prasadham to her .. Mangai continues to say that she meets Ayya in Subbulakshmi's house , she came to see her & Ilavanji .. Sundara asks how Subbu is doing .. Mangai sarcastically says she is fine as you are there toshower love on her ... Mangai goes to Ilavanji's room to meet her ..

Ilavanji(Ila) welcomes Mangai & says she thought of calling her .. Ila pities for Mangai as she missed Ganga ... Mangai is confused & Ila continues to say that she thought Vishwa is friendly with Ganga only to marry her , but now they are seeking proposals somewhere for Ganga .. Mangai says she never had such thoughts ... Ayya is helping her family & so Vishwa helps Subbu's family .. And nothing more than that ... Ila says it's not wrong to think like that as she is related to Subbu .. Mangai replies her status is different from Subbu's .. Ila further asks if she has no worries as Ganga is going to get married .. Mangai says No , but she is jealous of them .. Adds Ganga should never get married & so eventually her sisters too will not be married .. Then Subbu will leave the town , unable to bear other ppls comments .. Ila smilingly replies she said what she herself had in mind [AngryAngryAngry , Sick ppl] ... Mangai says but Ayya has made her thoughts fail .. Ila replies nothing will happen , whatever attempts Ayya makes .. And adds for her part she has fuelled her husband .. Says an idea that before Ayya reaches out to Pazhani Manickam , we should convey some bad things abt Ganga .. Mangai is happy with the idea .. Ila promises to get her a silk saree if she gets this job done perfectly Dead ... Mangai asks for some money & Ila says she is giving her money only b'cos she updates her with the happenings in Aayakudi .. Mangai happily gets the money & Ila says to promptly finish the job .. Also Ila says to call her if something important  .. Mangai leaves & Ila worries how much more she need to spend for Mangai from her Maama's money ....

Kulasekaran meets Pazhani Manickam .. Pazhani says he was expecting him as he had a small argument with Ayya's sons the previous day ... Kulasekaran says he is aware of it & so came in person to talk abt it .. Kulasekaran continues to say that no one from their Samoogam should accept Subbu's daughter , Ganga as their DIL .. Or else , they'll be seperated from their Samoogam .. As there were talks abt his family as the first one to propose Ganga , he came to warn him ... Pazhani says to warn Pillaivaazh as he only came asking for groom .. Kulasekaran replies that he'll take care of Pillaivaazh & asks for his decision ... Pazhani says he is confused .. Kulasekaran further says "i'll tell you what you have in mind ... You think Ayya will do a lot for Ganga .. But i'll not let it happen .. I won't even allow a single penny to be given to that family from my Maama's property ... I'm waiting for a right time to bury the whole family .. Don't get involved with that family & bury yourself .. Pillavaazh has found you right , b'cos you are an nappasai person " ... Pazhani asks what reply he should give Ayya .. Kulasekaran replies to make it clear to Ayya that he won't give groom to his daughter .. Also warns Pazhani that if he doesn't obey his words , then he'll be an orphaned dead man Angry & leaves .. Pazhani thinks deeply ....

District Collector Office ... Selvakannan is informed that Ayya is on his way to meet him .. Selvakannan is happy .. Ayya arrives & SelvaKannan stands outside & welcomes him ShockedShocked ... Ayya says he is happy to see him as a collector in Thanjavur & puts a garland .. Selvakannan stops him & puts back to Ayya .. Also takes his blessings Smile .. Selvakannan takes Ayya inside his cabin & feels bad as it's not ok for Ayya to come there & meet him .. Ayya says he is a district collector & he should give respect for his postition .. Ayya also apologizes for being late to wish him & enquires abt his father , Rathnavel , a retired IAS officer ... Selvakannan says his father is doing fine & also abt his father kept telling him like Ayya only educated him as an IAS officer ... And to take Ayya's blessings first when he got designated as a collector for this district ... Ayya feels proud & says his desire to meet his father ... Selvakannan replies his father left to USA to meet his sister Malarkodi ... and his sister is studying there residing in Aun'ts place .. Mother is staying with him .... Ayya invites him to come home with his mother ... Selvakannan agrees & enquires abt Ayya's family members well being ... Ayya says all are doing fine & he'll introduce his family members when he comes home ... And Ayya further says they are planning to keep a statue for Thillayadi Valliyammai & requests him to open it .. Ayya asks for his available dates & gets a diray from Pillaivaazh to note it down .. Ayya opens the diary & Ganga's picture drops down on the table .. Selvakannan takes the picture & is surprised to see Ganga in it .. He recollects the class incident & smiles Tongue .. [Looks like he has a soft corner for GangaWinkTongue] ... Ayya asks what he is seeing & Selvakannan shows the photo .. Ayya says she is his eldest daughter , Ganga & his life too ... She too wants to become an IAS officer & attends some classes for the exams ... Selakannan says to Ayya , When he was 10 years old , he has come to his house in chennai , with a little girl & asks if she is the one ... Ayya replies he remembers right & that little girl is this Ganga .. Selvakannan recollects the little girls face & now Ganga's face .. Returns the photo to Ayya & says she has the same face as he saw her as alittle girl ... Ayya reminds abt the date & he replies to attend the function on any day he says .. Ayya takes leave & Selvakannan goes along to send off him .. Ayya asks him to inform when his father returns & Selvakannan agrees .. And invites him home with his family [ Appa Kanna , sariya sollu paa entha family nu Wink .. Appuram Ayya first family yai koottittu vanthuda poraaru LOLLOL ] .. Ayya too invites him home & leaves ... Selvakannan comes back to his cabin , says himself " Ganga , do u remember our childhood first meeting ... I used to go late to school everyday .. My father punished me .. Made me kneel under hot sun .. And do you remember what you did .. I do " ..

A small flashback .. Kutty Selvakannan is on knees , cries daddy it's hot , hot .. Little Ganga comes there with a cloth & asks him to keep it beneath his knees .. Adds no one will know abt it .. Little boy looks around , takes it & places below his knees .. Little Ganga asks why he has been punished & he replies he goes late to school .. Eventually his teacher complained abt it to his dad .. Little Ganga goes to have a talk with his dad .. Comes back & says his dad has forgive him , asks him to get up .. He does & both go inside .. He calls Ganga & she turns around to give him a good smile .. Flashback  ends .... 

Selvakannan again says himself " Ganga , You have come very closer to me .. The moment i saw you , my heart is filled with you .. I'm sorry Ganga .. I made you wait for 2 hrs , just b'cos you are 5 mins late ... I'm sorry " ....

[hmmm , ini collector Sir olunga velai paarpara nu doubt thaan WinkLOL] ... 

Ganga goes in bike with Vishwanathan .. Jeyachandran sees them both & gets angry ....

Thodarum ....


Wednesday, 8th July 2009 - EPISODE 8

SK (Selvakkannan) informs his mother about Ayya coming to visit him. Amma asks him as to why he didn't invite Ayya home. SK replies that Ayya said he'll come home when dad returns. Amma asks whether the sweet if for seeing Ayya. SK says it is not for seeing Ayya, but for seeing his daughter, Ganga. He further adds that he didn't know that Ganga was Ayya's daughter and he told her to get out and it was her sisters who called him the other day. Finally he adds that he likes Ganga and his mother want to see ganga. SK asks her to come his course class and he'll introduce her to Ganga. Amma wants her to come home and see her. SK is unsure as to how he's going to invite Ganga to meet his mother.

Jeyachandran questioning his mother about what he said. Muththarasi tells him to forget Ganga, but JC is adamant about getting married to Ganga. He reminds his mother that he always thought of Ganga as his pondaati and or otherwise he'll be unmarried. Muthu's shocked. JC suggests Muththarasi to talk to her brother. She reminds him of dad insulting ayya and how does he expect her to talk to her brother after such incidence? He tells Muthu that Ayya will agree if she talked to him.

Ayya and PizhaiVaazh arrive at PazhaniManickam's house. They are welcomed inside, talk begins regarding Ganga's wedding to PM's son. PM seems uncomfortable discussing the issue and Ayya asks him why he's uncomfortable? PM suggests about getting Ganga married to Kulasekaran's son, Jeyachandran, because they are more closely related to Ayya. PizhaiVaazh is unsatisfied, but Ayya is thoughtful about the suggestions. He finally agrees to the suggestion and decides to talk to Kulasekaran. They leave. PM's wife questions his suggestion. PM tells her about Kulasekaran miratufying him and he decided to turn the plate towards him.

Will be completed soon!Big smile


Updates by Meli

Thursday - July  9th update

Ayya ask for Ilavanji's opinions as its her anna. She respond she doesn't like Ayyas idea of asking her anna as groom for Ganga and tries to stop him. She smartly point out Ganga is soon to be IAS officer while her brother is taking care of the mill so how will their jodi match? Ganga will be forced to travel a lot around so her brother cant just go after her leaving his job behind so they may get ego clash in between and end up with divorce. Ayya says at first he thought she was against his idea but he never thought from that angle. Natchaya doesn't agree with her daughter in law as Ganga is a nice girl who knows how to behave without hurting others feelings. Secret of a good relation understanding and give up for the other part. Ayya too agree Natchya and goes to talk with Kulasekaran. Ilavanajii looks worriedConfused( She looks like a greedy character..she seems to be have her eyes on Ayyas money...I guess her anger is justified if it was feeling bad for her athaiConfused.)

Ilavanji calls up her dad and inform him about Ayya coming there to ask her brother for Ganga. She doesn't want that to happened any cost, so her dad better disagree and doesn't accept this proposal. He is scared her dad will give up cause how much one dislike Ayya, they will forget the enmity seeing his face as its very sandham. Kulasekaran replies he will take care of it..he didn't wanted Ayya to find a groom on their caste so how will he agree to let his own son marry Ganga? He still haven't forgot how Subbulakshmi trapped his little sisters husband and now with getting her daughters into their caste..she think she will earn respect? He wont leave any of them get away with it.

 Ganga along with her sisters goes to Selvakannan IASs house, he welcomes them and pretend like he is still angry and hurt by their prank phone callLOLThey want to see his mother but he want to settle few rule before they can meet his mother. He grabs Rama's bag and checks her bag..he finds a knife and mulagaipodiShockedShocked'he accuse Rama for brining those things to use it on him and attack himLOL. Ganga is not pleased with her sisters act and scold them..she also begs Selvakannan to forgive her sisters as they are just kids. Selvakannan introduce his mother Karpagam to the sisters and a good understanding between her and them occurs. Selvakannan is still angry with them and want them to do a archanai on his mothers name the next morning and give her the presadam..sisters agrees and leaves quickly from there. Karpagam ask her son why he is still punishing them, he says its just for fun and ask about the ponnuEmbarrassedmother also like Ganga and promise to talk with his dad and fix the allianceTongue. (so funny.mother looks like the elder sister of him...hahahaLOL..anyway...i guess he will come forward to marry Ganga..Wink the promo most be misleading us...i guess Ganag slapped him for a prank he didConfused)

Ayya goes to Kulasekarans mill to talk with him'his son Jeyachandran welcomes his uncle. Ayya ask Kulasekaras son for his daughter, Kulasekaran reject the proposal and insult Ayya's 2nd wife and her kids. Ayya remind him Ganga is his daughter but Kulasekaran replies he will never accept his daughter as his daughter in law. Subbulakshmi crossed his sisters life and ruined it, Ayya should have avoided her long time back but instead he kept contact their caste/community have decided to not accept Ganga and those who come forward will be ignored and sidelined from the community. Ayya feel insulted and screams. for him Natchaya and Subbulakshmi are the same and equal. Kulasekaran have forgot he once upon time eat his food and whatever he has now is his pitchai.he will find a suitable groom and get her married and not just Ganga but his two others daughters too.He will witness it and also serve good on her wedding panthiKulasekaran challenges "lets see'" ..FREEZE (hm...Kulasekaran seems to be worried about the caste too and looks down on people under their casteDead...whats so big deal about his community/caste/samuthayagamWacko How can a highly respected man like Ayya get a 2nd wife...where is his moral?Confused What if Gangas husband also marry will he say about it na?Wink)

Please use the "LIKE" button and do comment about the episodeEmbarrassed


Updates by patraj

Jul 10 (Fri):

Ayya walks out of Gunasekaran's house dejected.  He thinks about his challenge and also how Ganga agrees to marry Ayya's nad her mother's choice of groom.  Ayya returns home and sits on the swing.  Subbu comes out and sees Ayya and asks if something is wrong.  Ayya tells her about what happened nad Gunasekaran's harsh words.  Subbu apologizes for not stopping Ayya from going to Guna's house.  Ayya refutes saying he did not listen to Subbu asking him to think before going.
At Gunasekaran's house, his son is mad because his father rejected the proposal by Ayya.  He feels his father is destroying his dream of marrying Ganga whom he loves very much.  He wants to tell  his father about his love for Ganga but is afraid of getting killed.  He then decides to call his mother and tell her about it and dials her numher but his father comes there and warns him not to tell his mother and leaves.
Ganga and her sisters are at the temple.  The Collector comes there and asks them to pray for his mother.  Ganga gives the offerings to the priest and tells him to make archanai for Collector's mother and everyone prays.  The three sister then go around to pray and two ladies walking by talk about the collector.  First lady says the man behind looks like the district collector but second lady says cannot be because Collectors would normally come with security and the village elders but this guy has come alone.  The second lady says the man is not a District Collector but a Mavattara Collector.  Collector who is behind the girls listens to this.  Both Ganga's sisters go to them and say he is actually the District Collector and they are in trouble just like they are.  Ganga hears this and smiles while the ladies go awya in a hurry.
PV goes to Nathia's house and calls for her.  Natchia comes out eager to know if her brother, Gunasekaran had agrees to Ayya's proposal.  PV tells her about Gunasekan insulting Ayya.  Natchia gets angry and hearing the noice, her two sons and Ilavangi come out.  Natchia wants to go to her brother's house and confront him.  Both the sons say Ayya deserves it because he should never had proposed Ganga for his BIL.  Natchia tells them to shut up and she is adamant.  Ilavangi tries to stop her but Natchia pushes her hands away and tells them no one has the right to stop her except Ayya and leaves.  Ilavangi is worried about what would happen.
Natchia arrives at her brother's house and calls for her brother.  Her SIL comes out and asks what is wrong.  Nathia asks her for Gunasekaran.  Gunasekaran comes out and Natchia immediately asks him how dare he insult Ayya.  He should have fallen at Ayya's feet for the proposal and sent his son with him but instead he had insulted Ayya and challenged him?  Gunasekaran says he would have agree readily if it was a proposal for her daughter but it is for Subbu's daughter.  Gunasekaran's wife is shocked and also question her husband.  Natchia stops her brother and says Ganga is her daughter too because she is Ayya's daughter but her brother is not accepting this.  Natchia reminds Gunasekaran that all the wealth and status they now have is given by Ayya and he should not forget that.  Gunasekaran is unrelenting.  Finally Natchia tells her brother to go fall at Ayya's feet and apologize and give consent for the proposal.  Gunasekaran asks if Ayya is more important to her than brother.  Natchia says it all depends on Gunasekaran, listening to her or not and leaves.  Gunasekaran is shocked.  THODARUM.

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Thanks for the updates Sri..
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thanks sri
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Thank you for the update Thamizha...Clap

I'm trying so hard to confuse teh names...but man... the names sound so similar....Confused

smlaksh IF-Rockerz

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Thanks for the update Thamizha ... Were both families together earlier ???
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Thanks da Sri for the update.
Felt bad for Rama who pins for brothers love but I guess its very difficult for her brothers to really accept Ayyas 2nd can one want to share ones fathers love with another whole its kind of wrong of Ayya to expect his sons n wife to accept his 2nd familyConfused
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I hate this serial already. Two wives!!!! Angry  Angry Angry Angry
BIGAMY IS ILLEGAL, you fools. Ramya, I had so much respect for you - you call this creative???  Intellectual dishonesty used to insult the intelligence of the viewers all for the distasteful aim of making huge profits. Ask your uncle, the advocate Cho. Maybe he'll stop his diatribes against LTTE and put his legal brains to good use. Why oh why? Demeaning both women and men.
Thanks Sri.

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Originally posted by aisha_muka1984

Thank you for the update Thamizha...Clap

I'm trying so hard to confuse teh names...but man... the names sound so similar....Confused

ShockedShockedShocked , Really daa Aish ... But i love the character names in this serial .. These names are most popular in the Sanga kaalam & above all they are pure tamil names Wink .. It's quite different from the same Sekar , Shanthi , Uma , Sivagami , Rajasekar naa Tongue  ..

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