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Kyun: Episode 26 - Page 21 (Page 9)

Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Kyun - Chapter 9

After finding out the directions to Priyanca's house, Sakshham dropped her home. They exchanged awkward "Good-Bye's," and parted. To that day, Priyanca and Sakshham's friendship had blossomed, and months later, they had became unseperablely close friends. They did everything together; do work together in the campus library, go out for coffee after that, and Sakshham always dropped Priyanca straight home after the coffee. Priyanca's life became a kind of routine; go to college, hangout with Isha, Sameer, and Sakshham, do homework, eat dinner, watch tv, sleep. But now, he had other plans.
As the two piled into the car, Sakshham smiled at Priyanca. She smiled at him.
"I'm going to drop you home Priyanca, but after that put something nice on.  Maybe a dress or something." Sakshham said with a sly smile.
"But why?"Priyanca said, confused.
"You'll see - now go." Sakshham said.
Though incredibly confused, Priyanca ran up to her room and went to her closet. She pulled out a bright pink dress, and a sequined blue shawl. She took out a pair of dangling turqouise earrings, and a matching bracelet. Next, she ran to her shoe rack, and picked out a pair of her favorite shoes - strappy blue high heels. Priyanca undressed and put on her outfit. She combed her hair, and looked in the mirror. She smiled at herself briefly, and rushed out the door.
"Ready?" Sakshham said.
"Yup, now tell me - what's going on?" Priyanca said with a sly smile, knowing something special was going on.
"Oh nothing, you'll see."  Sakshham said with a grin.
The two drove through an upscale part of London, until they reached a beautiful house. Made of brick and sandstone, Priyanca saw a huge front yard at the front, with a huge birdbath in the middle of everything. Flowers were at every window ledge, and as Priyanca walked up the front steps to the main entrance, she saw rangoli adorned the floor. Sakshham led the way, and rang the doorbell. A well maintained man answered the door, and smiled immediatley.
"Dadu?" Priyanca said, shocked.
"Hi Beta! I knew we'd meet again. Please, do come in." Abhinav said, graciously welcoming Priyanca into the house.
Before entering, Priyanca pulled Sakshham aside, and said, "Sakshham, you should have told me we were coming to your house. I would have worn something more traditonal... Tum Bhi Na!"
"Kya Khusar Phusar Ho Rahi Hai Vahaan Pe? Andaar Aao Na!" Abhinav said.
Though words cannot describe the house's beautiful insides, Priyanca was shocked. The house was perfect, like a dream house for her. A woman stood atop the staircase, wearing a bright yellow sari, with silvery embroidery. A man stood behind her, wearing a striped tuxedo and thick-rimmed rectangular glasses. They both gracefully walked down the steps, hand in hand. The sound of Lata's 3-inch high heels filled the room, with a sharp click-clack with every step she took.
"Please come in beta. It's so nice to finally meet you." Lata Oberoi said with a large grin, showing off her pearly white teeth.
"I'm sorry aunty, I didn't know where Sakshham was taking me, otherwise I would have worn something a bit more Indian... you know." Priyanca said with a sigh.
"It's alright Beta, now come, lets eat."
The dinner presented to Priyanca at the dinner table was astounding; Buttery Garlic Naan, Fluffy Jeera Rice, Chicken Makhani, Palak Paneer, Tadka Daal, Aloo Baingan, Chicken Tikka, Rasmalai, Moong Dal Halwa, and Kheer. Everyone ate until their stomachs were content, and chit-chatted for a while.
"So Priyanca, when did you and Shamu decided to get married?" Lata said with a sweet smile.
"Sorry?" Priyanca said, shocked.
-End of Chapter 9-

*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh Shocked
saksham is a bad boy... they are getting married now haanROFLROFLROFL omgggg.. oooo hahhahahaROFL
please post next chapter fastBig smile
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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maybe u can post the next chapter now.. i see you're online Embarrassedhehe
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Perhaps... My brother stole my laptop so I'll see.
lovely_lady IF-Rockerz

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they are getting married ?!?!
so fast?
ps, thanks for the update )
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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You shall see Isha... You shall see. By the way hey! I'm back.
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Woohoo! My FF goes double digits! All thanks to your help and support, of course. Because of that, today's update will be special. I think you will all enjoy it.

Kyun - Chapter 10

"When are you and Sakshham getting married?" Lata repeated.
Priyanca and Sakshham gave each other awkward looks, and Priyanca motioned for him to say something.
"Mom, we're not getting married. We're just good friends. What made you think we were getting married?" Sakshham asked.
"Well beta, the way you invited her over to meet us personally, I thought you two might be... But I must say, Priyanca is a fine girl, and I would love her as the daughter-in-law of this house." Lata said with an embarrased smile.
"Oh Mom!" Sakshham said, rolling his eyes.
Priyanca and Sakshham glanced at each other, and their eyes met. But why? Were they really in love, or were they just good friends?
"Look at how they're eyeing each other - anybody would say they're in love." Abhinav said laughing.
"Nahiin Dadu, there's nothing like that between us. We're just good friends." Priyanca said with a smile.
"Really? The way you two have been meeting for lunch everyday, spending time with each other, having coffee together - anybody would say there's something between you two. Alas, you two probably haven't realized it will. When the time comes, you both will be so madly in love, you'll be screaming the fact from the top of London's highest building." Abhinav said with a chuckle.
"Excuse Me." Priyanca said, quietly pacing towards the bathroom.
Priyanca quickly opened and closed the door. "IS there something between us? I mean we're just good friends, right? But then again, the way we spend time together, and look forward to seeing each other..."
"Priyanca Beti, are you alright?" ... It was Lata.
"Umm yeah, I'm fine." Priyanca said, flushing the empty toilet.
Priyanca opened the door and went back out to the dining table.
"I have to go now - it's getting late. There's classes tomorrow anyways, so I should get a move on." Priyanca said with a nervous smile.
Priyanca said her good-byes to everyone, and Sakshham went to go drop Priyanca off. The two sat down into the car and put their seatbelts on. The car ride was long, and awkward, until Sakshham broke the silence.
"What Dadu and Mom were saying... You don't think there's anything between us, is there?" Sakshham asked curiously.
"Well, I dunno. I mean..." Priyanca said.
"Do you think we should give it a try?" Sakshham asked.
"Give what a try?" Priyanca asked naively.
"You know...' Sakshham said.
"No, I don't know..." Priyanca said.
"Go on a date sometime!" Sakshham blurted out impatiently.
"What? A Date...? You mean you and me, together, alone..." Priyanca said.
"Yup, on a date." Sakshham said with a smile.
"Well I..." Priyanca said.
"Well I think it's a great idea. That way we can see if Mom and Dadu were right... You know."
"Well..." Priyanca said, unsure of what to say.
"How about Friday night? Or if that doesn't work, we can do it do it another day... As long as your comfortable with it..." Sakshham said.
"Fine. It's a date." Priyanca said with a straight face, doing her best to hide all the shock and happinness without displaying it on her face.

-End of Chapter 10-


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Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Kyun - Chapter 11

The days seemed to go by as slowly as can be, with each day seeming like years.  Both Sakshham and Priyanca were anxious about their date, and tried their best not to show it. They some-how managed to act normal in front of each other and their friends.The frequent car rides, study sessions, and coffee meetings were still there, but they didn't seem anything compared to what the date would be like.
As the due date arrived, college seemed to take forever! Even lunch, which went by in a breeze for both Priyanca and Sakshham seemed to take ages. Yet, finally, once the last class was over, Priyanca and Sakshham were free to go. Priyanca had Isha drop her off though, so Sakshham could have all the date preperations done.
"I knew it." Isha said with a big smile.
"What?" Priyanca said, confused.
"That you and Sakshham were made for each other" Isha said.
"Oh be quiet! What about you and Sameer?" Priyanca asked teasingly.
"What about us Priyanca? There's nothing between us. If only there was..." Isha said with a sigh.
"What do you mean Isha? Are you hiding something from me?" Priyanca said, worried for her best friend.
"Well, it's just... Nothing... Look, here's your home! You go get ready and I'll wait here." Isha said, thankful Priyanca didn't question her any further.
"Ooooh No! You have to come with me Isha! It's my first date! What will I wear?" Priyanca said, breaking out into a nervous fret.
"You Egg! Come, lemme get you ready!" Isha said, laughing as she got out of the car.
Priyanca and Isha quickly ran up the steps to Priyanca's apartment. They opened the door, and closed it quickly. Priyanca ran to her room, with Isha right behind her. Priyanca opened one end of her her closet, and looked. Isha opened the other end of her closet, and looked. After 10 minutes of searching, Isha found the perfect outfit for Priyanca... A shimmery creme salwaar-churidaar with silver embrodiery. Priyanca rushed off to her jewellery box, while Isha went to find Priyanca some matching shoes. Priyanca picked out a pair of simple diamond set, with two ear studs and a silver chain with a circular diamond pendant in the middle. Next, she opened her drawer filled with neatley hung bangles, and took out 10 white and silver glittery bangles. She arranged them on her arm, one silver and one white, etc. On the other arm, she put a simple diamond studded bangle. Meanwhile, Isha had picked out the perfect pair of shoes; white sandal high heels with a 5-inch heel. Isha quickly left the room, as Priyanca changed. Isha was wowed once Priyanca opened the door to her room! Priyanca looked gorgeous!
Isha and Priyanca quickly rushed out of the apartment, and piled into Isha's car. Isha drove Priyanca to Sakshham's house, from where he would take her to the date venue. The drive seemed to take ages, but Isha killed time by popping in a CD of the much-awaited Prachi Desai and Tusshar Kapoor movie, Life Partner. Though the songs were outrageously american-ized and rap-like, they were nice. Finally, Isha's car arrived in front of Sakshham's house. Priyanca hurriedly said good-bye to Isha, and slammed the car door shut. Priyanca hopped up the steps to the house like an eager bunny, and pushed the door bell. Who was to approach the door, but Sakshham, wearing a white t-shirt, a suade blazer-jacket, and jeans. With a colorful boquet of aromatic flowers in his hand, Sakshham had looks to kill!
-End of Chapter 11- 

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