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Kyun: Episode 26 - Page 21 (Page 5)

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Posted: 11 July 2009 at 12:26am | IP Logged
Will try to update tomorrow. I was busy tonight as I went to some lame Indian party. All that people do here are eat chicken and consume alcohol. Very un-traditional.
I might include that in my story - who knows.

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^ Ahh I see. thats too bad... where do you live btw? Embarrassed it would be funny if u did add it.. heheLOL
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I live in Texas,USA.
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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I'm home here with my dad who's taking a nap. I'm listening to some awesome radio station from U.K. on iTunes! What's a better time to update, than this? I took some birthday quiz on Facebook and it was created by "astrologers." I took it, and by god Mayank, it knew me so well!

December 17, 1994
Lucky Color: Amber
Personality Strengths: Talent, Compassion
Personality Weakness(es): Impatience
Successful Career Path: Fashion
Sense of Humor Style: Slapstick
Adjectives to Describe You: powerful, enterprising
A hip non-conformist who truly stands for his/her beliefs - you are out to make a difference in this world, and you have a realistic chance of success. You have always been self-driven and derive your inspiration from those close to you. Ambitious - and why shouldn't you be - the sky is the limit for you!
Yeh Hui Na Baath!
Kyun - Chapter 4:
"Hello Priyu Beti, Kaisi Ho?" Anu said nervously across the line from New York.
"Hi Mama, I'm great. I arrived here safely, and I'm taking a taxi to find my hotel.
"Accha beta, call me every weekend. Your dad is asleep after working - you know how he is."
"I know mom. Okay, I'm reaching my hotel. I'll call you later - bye."
Priyanca opened the door to her taxi, and took out all of her belongings. She stared at the hotel, The London Inn. A deep brown brick building stood in front of her, with lights surrounding a large soft carpet, leading to the entrance. Priyanca slowly strode across the carpet, and went inside the building. Inside she saw a posh display of plush sofa's, armchairs, plasama tv's, glass tables, and a multitude of ornate chandelairs.
"Hello Maam, Welcome to the London Inn. My name is Jane, and you can address me anytime you need. Room for one, right? Right this way."
Priyanca was quickly led to her one-bedroom hotel room, which was as posh as the lounge area in the main entrance. A large hand-crafted ornate bed was against a pink wall-papered wall, surrounded by dazzling lamps at each side. A desk with a comfortable-looking armchair was in the corner, and a coffee table with an assortment of foods in another. Across from her bed was a well-sized television. The room was finished off with a large and spacious bathroom.
"Hai Ram, how will dad pay for all of this, I wish he had booked me into a much simpler room. Alas, only the best for my daughter is his policy."
"Will that be all maam?" Jane asked with a sweet smile on her face.
"Umm...yes. Thank you so much for all you have done for me." Priyanca said, almost embarrassed.
"No, no maam, Thank You."
"Oh God, it's so hot in here. Let me open the windows." Priyanca thought to herself.
As Priyanca opened the windows, she noticed the window-sill was decorated with elaborate vases, each filled with a couple roses.
"How beautiful. This is the life. Ha, just wait until I go to my new apartment. It'll be nothing compared to this. " Priyanca thought to herself with a laugh.
"Oh Meine To Manga Tha Saheli Jaisa Saiyaan, Saheli Jaisa Saiyaan." Priyanca sang out loud, acting like a full of energy 5 year old.
As Priyanca danced around the room, she was care-free, and free-spirited. Something she hadn't been in years. Minutes passed, and Priyanca grew tired. She lugged the chair to the window, and gazed outside at the beautiful view.
"Maam, here are your towels."  a staff-member said.
Awoken from her day-dream, Priyanca turned around in hurry, knocking over one of the vases. She watched it fall, and land on the head of a young man.
"Oh My God, what have I done?"
"Leave the towels on my bed, I have to go." Priyanca told the staff-member.
Priyanca ran down the flights of stairs as the elevators were occupied, and sprinted outside to see a crowd surrounding the man. She pushed and shoved, until she stood right beside the man. His face was facing the concrete sidewalk. As Priyanca lifted up his head ever-so-slightly, she saw the face belonged to a man she once met. A man who rudely told her off. A man who she had came to hate after their first meeting. A man, named Sakshham Oberoi.
-End of Chapter 4-

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lovely_lady IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2009 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
hahaha, lol, priyanca and S..why do they alwasys meet at the wrong time? lol?
anyways, awesome update =)
anyways, nikasha, ur 14?
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 July 2009 at 5:45pm | IP Logged
Thanks Isha!
Yup, I'm 14.
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Background Tunes:

A serial is nothing without it's background tunes, from a gaudy vamp tune, to a heartwarming couple milaan tune.
I wanted this to be some-what modern, but with a sense of traditonal-ness. I love this song so much, and I think it'll suit Priyanca very much.
Stop laughing! I know you are!
Yes, I have christined this couple's nickname as Priyam. I heard this on an Indian radio station in iTunes, and I fell in love with this. I picked this particular video because it's high-quality and has Premeer. *Blushes* Meera made this? I have to go praise her to the core.
The name of this song is Kyun and I love it, but it's a bit sad. I was looking for the Shreya-only version, but all of them are gone. If someone finds it for me I'd be very happy! I might include you in this story. [As a vamp.] *Cough, Cough* Covers up the word vamp with frequent un-realistic coughs.

How I love this tune! I used to always sing it to myself while I was in India. Sorry for the bad quality. It's the only long version I found. Again, if a long version is found... *Snickers to self* 

Well Everyone, that's it for me at the moment. Please do listen to all of them if you have time. Feel free to comment/critisize/give suggestions.


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Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Kyun - Chapter 5

"Tum?" Priyanca said, horrified to see the man she had accidently injured was Sakshham.
"Maam, please stop talking in your wacko  language and take this poor man to the hospital." said an angered old lady.
"Umm, yes of course." Priyanca mumbled.
Priyanca called for a taxi, and with the help of a mind man, rushed to the nearest hospital with Sakshham's bleeding head resting on her lap. Priyanca gently stroked his hair on the way to the hospital, and prayed to herself that everything will be ok for her and the newly aquainted stranger. As the taxi pulled up the the hospital's main entrance, Priyanca gulped. How would she  pay the expense of Sakshham's treatment? The kind taxi driver helped Priyanca take Sakshham on a gurney, to be taken to a hospital bed where he would get stitches. A nearby nurse called for Priyanca, and took her away to sign some forms.
"Maam, do you know if this young man has any relatives near by?" the nurse asked patiently.
"No, I don't." was Priyanca's reply.
"Then I'm afraid that you will have to pay for the man's treatment. It's the law."
"Um, yeah... sure I will." Priyanca grumbled.
"Lets see, it'll be 350 Pounds Maam." the nurse said.
"Oh gosh, I was going to use that money to rent an apartment. Oh well, here." Priyanca said with a sigh.
She slowly rummaged through her purse and took out her wallet.
"Here you are madam. All 350 pounds - in cash." Priyanca said some-what sarcastically.
"Maam, you can sit in the waiting room while we operate on the man. We'll inform you when you can see him."
Priyanca slowly walked to the waiting room and slumped down in a rough armchair. She flipped through a couple of magazines, and tried to read a book, but nothing.
"What a great day in London Priyanca. First that insolent man yelled at me, and now I'm here - paying hundreds of dollars I had saved, and converted into pounds, on that very man. What a great day indeed." "Why did I have to come here, why couldn't I just have___"
Silent snores filled the room, as an exhausted Priyanca fell asleep. Minutes passed, then hours, and before Priyanca knew it, she was awaken by;
"Maam, you can go see him now."
"Huh, what? Oh him... I'll be right there..." Priyanca said after yawning.
Priyanca rushed to the ladies room, washed her face and combed her hair with her hands. As she walked to the room where Sakshham was, she felt nervous.
"What am I going to say to him? He will probably think I did it on purpose, to get back at him... Hai Bhagwaan!"
Priyanca pushed open the the door to room 307, and put on her best smile. Sakshham was not impressed.
"Tum? What the heck are you doing here? You did this to me? You idiot. I could have you sued! Do you even know who I am? If I could, I'd__" Sakshham said angrily.
"Look, I'm sorry. It was an accident, really. I was dancing around in my hotel room, and was gazing outside my window. A staff-member startled me, and out of clumsiness I knocked down the vase. If I wanted to, I could have left you there to rot, but I didn't. I did it for the sake of humanity. If you have any respect for me after what I did, you will tell me the name and number of one of your family members so they can take you home." Priyanca said defensively.
"Yeah, sure. Whatever. Like I'll believe you. Just call my dad and get the the heck out of here. My home number is 5891712." Sakshham said, with in a slightly calmer tone.
"Alright. Just stay here and keep quiet." Priyanca said with a sigh.
Priyanca dialed the number, and the phone was answered by a familiar voice.
"Hello, Abhinav Oberoi speaking. Who is this?"
"Dada Ji, Aap?"
"What?" Sakshham said from the bed. "You know my grandfather?"
"Ek Minute Dadu Ji. Priyanca said hastily.
"Yes, I know your grandther. I met him on the plane. He's a really nice man"
"Oh God, so your that girl who my grandfather was praising. Who knows what kind of spell you cast over him, your a witch."
"Oh Shut Up, I'm on the phone." Priyanca said with a smile.
"Haamn Dadu Ji, your grandson..."

"What's your name?" Priyanca asked Sakshham.
"Sakshham met with an accident, and I took him to the hospital. Please come and get him immediatley, he wants to go home." Priyanca said.
"Kya? Don't worry Beta, I'll inform the rest of the family, and we'll be over soon. You go home, you must be very tired."
"Accha, Bye Dadu."
"Bye Priyanca Beti."
"What Rubbish? An accident? Yeah right! Wait till I tell my grandfather about what really happend." Saskshham said with a smile.
"I'll be gone by then." Priyanca said giggling.
"What? No, you can't just leave!" Sakshham said with a frown.
It was too late. Priyanca left the hospital, and went back to her hotel room. 2 months had passed by since the event, and Priyanca had settled into a cozy apartment. She was on her way to the first day of her Journalism Course. If only she knew what she would face on the very next day, or maybe - who she would meet.

-End of Chapter 5-

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