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Kyun: Episode 26 - Page 21 (Page 20)

Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Kyun - Episode 23

"Tanisha? What are you doing here?" Sameer said with a shocked expression.
"Yeah? What are you doing here Tanisha?" Priyanca asked curiously.
"Sameer, I've been meaning to tell you this for a long time..." Tanisha said between tears.
"Yes, what is it Tanisha?" Sameer said calming her down.
"Sameer I... I love you!" Tanisha gasped between tears.
Priyanca and Sameer's eyes widend. Priyanca smiled.
"Sameer, go with Tanisha. It's about time she spoke up about her love." Priyanca chuckled.
"What" Tanisha said in a confused manner.
"Tanisha, you silly goof. I'm your best friend. I know you. I've known you have loved Sameer all this while. Your eyes speak of your undying love for Sameer." Priyanca said smiling.
"But I just don't get it Priyanca." Isha said sitting down next to Priyanca.
"I'll explain." Sameer said putting his arm around Isha's shoulder.
"See Tanisha, both of us knew you loved me. But you being you never spoke up. In November, around a month ago, me and Priyanca were chatting. We came to the topic of who we like. I told Priyanca of who I like, you. Priyanca told me that you like me too, and how you would never have the guts to tell me and come between me and Priyanca. We wanted you to speak up about your love, so we came up with a plan. We decided to pretend to like each other, and go on a date. We knew that you'd come and follow us, and I would pretend to propose to Priyanca. We were sure you would stop me in time, and you did. Sure, we are good friends, but there's nothing like that between us." Sameer said laughing.
"So... Do you love me as much as I love you Sameer?" Tanisha asked.
"No." Sameer said coldly.
"WHAT? But you said..." Tanisha said clenching her fist, with tears in her eyes.
"Arre Baba, I love you more than you love me." Sameer said wiping Tanisha's tears.
"Ahem." Priyanca said motioning to Sameer.
"Right." Sameer said.
Sameer got off the bench, and bent down on his knees.
"Tanisha, in full view of everyone surrounding us, will you, Tanisha Gupta, marry me?" Sameer said as he took out a dainty diamond ring.
With tears falling from her eyes and landing on her shirt, Tanisha chocked a yes. Tanisha and Sameer hugged, and Sameer slipped the ring on Tanisha's slender finger.
"Decorate the entrance with flowers, and we'll be set!" Tanisha's mom chirped.
It was Tanisha and Sameer's engagemennt day, and preperations were in full swing. Tanisha's parents were busy preparing the house for the engagement day, a troublesome task indeed. It was already 6:30, and Sameer's family and the guests would arrive in half an hour. Upstairs, Priyanca was helping Tanisha get ready.
"No, I like this necklace set better." Priyanca said to Tanisha from across Tanisha's bedroom. Dressed in a sky blue salwar with a pink churidaar kameez and a matching dupatta, Priyanca looked gorgeous. Bright blue and pink bangles adorned Priyanca's arms, and a simple blue and pink beaded necklace set covered her ears and neck.
Priyanca took the necklace set over to Tanisha. Tanisha was dressed in a beautiful green lehnga with silver embroidery. A pair of  green and gold bangles adorned her arms. Priyanca readied Tanisha up all by herself, and she good. Priyanca opened up the bright red box, revealing a beautiful gold necklace set. Priyanca took the earrings and put them on Tanisha's ears. Next, Priyanca took the heavy gold chocker-necklace and out it on Tanisha's neck. After that, Priyanca took the maang tikka and fastened it onto Tanisha's hair, and made sure it stayed in place. Priyanca smiled. Tanisha looked beautiful!
"I'll be right back Isha. Stay here!" Priyanca said while hurrying out of the room.
Priyanca went to Tanisha's mom's room, and opened the cupboard. As per directions, Priyanca opened the smallest drawer and took out a small box. She closed the cupboard, and rushed to Tanisha's room.
"Here, these are for you. From Sameer's mom - your Mummy Ji." Priyanca said as she opened the box, revealing to thick and diamond-studded golden bangles, a pair of kangans if you will.
Priyanca slipped the heavy kangans onto Tanisha's wrists. She fastened Tanisha's dupatta onto her blouse, and checked her outfit from every angle.
"Perfect!" Priyanca said, and helped Tanisha up off her chair.
"It's 7:00 now. Sameer should be coming anytime now." Tanisha said smiling.
-End of Chapter 23- 

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*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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oooooooooh hahahaa i cant wait ROFLROFL
great chapter Big smile
wow yaar u always have somethin planned
cont soon.. and if you do decide to end this fic you can always write another one and post here.. Embarrassed
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Kyun - Episode 24:

The doorbell rang. Tanisha's mom smiled widely and gracefully ran over to answer the door. The door was opened soon-after, and Sameer was standing in the front, with his parents behind him. Dressed in a dark green sherwani with a silky creme pyjama, Sameer truly looked ravishing. He entered the engagement venue, and was greeted by Isha's parents. Sameer's nicely dressed parents entered after him, with his mom dressed in a pink silk sari and his dad in a black suit.
Soon guests piled the engagement party's venue. Each guest was greeted graciously by Priyanca's, Sakshham's, Isha's, and Sameer's parents respectively.  Everyone chit-chatted, snacked, and enjoyed the time they spent with each other.
During this time, Sameer looked around the house for Tanisha and Priyanca, but couldn't find the two. Despite the fact he was not allowed to look upstairs, Sameer looked here and there, everywhere.
A sound of a jingling anklet was heard as a girl stepped at the top of a stairwell. Tanisha, with Priyanca following shortly behind her, was shyly walking down the steps, her eyes moving around in search of Sameer.
Sameer was busy looking in the garden at the time, which was far from the living room. While Tanisha greeted some guests, the doorbell rang. Priyanca's mother ran to go answer it. It was Sakshham, dressed in a blue sherwani with a cloudy white pyjama. He strode across the room to meet the parents, and accidently bumped into a well-dressed lady, causing her to nearly fall to the floor. He caught her just in time, and she swung her hair around to get it out of her face. It was Priyanca. Sakshham felt strange as he helped Priyanca up, and the two exchanged awkward hello's.
As time passed, it was time for Tanisha and Sameer's ring ceremony. Both Tanisha and Sameer were literally dragged to the center of the living room, where everyone watched the couple intently. Sameer's mother gave the ring to Sameer. It was a gold-banded diamond solitaire ring. It was simple, and yet sheek, as per Tanisha's taste. Sameer took the ring out of it's box and smiled at Tanisha. He lunged his hand forward to put it on tanisha's hand, but took his hand back, leaving Tanisha shocked. Looking around at the room, he did the same thing again. At this point, Tanisha was nearly in tears. Seeing Tanisha's worried face, Sameer laughed and exlaimed that he was only joking. He quickly slid the ring onto Isha's ring finger, and the group of family and friends broke out into applause. It was Tanisha's turn to put the ring on Sameer's finger, which she did quickly. Everyone applaused once more, and the dinner table was set.
Everyone enjoyed the feast of food; Palak Paneer, Paneer Parathas, Malai Koftas, Vegeterian Biryani, Jeera Rice, Naans, Rotis, Aloo Parathas, Butter Chicken, Shahi Paneer, Lassi, Rasmalai, Ladoos, and Rasgullas.
The Journalism Course-going quortet had arranged a dance segment where as Sameer and Tanisha were partners, and much to the dismay of the other two, Priyanca and Sakshham were partners.
The lights were dimmed, and the stereo was turned on. Priyanca, Isha, Sameer, and Sakshham took their positions, and danced to the song Gunji Aangna Mein Shehnai from Life Partner.
After their performance was done, everyone clapped for the four friends, leaving Priyanca, Isha, Sameer, and Sakshham smiling.

-End of Chapter 24-

lovely_lady IF-Rockerz

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this was a sweet part =)
but why is tanisha so insecure?
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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I dunno. Just because she is. Not that you are, of course.
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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As you all know school/college/university is coming up. Because of this, I will be taking a break from updating Kyun. If I do continue this FF, you all will be informed.
I will might be updating this every Saturday or Sunday, so stay tuned!
I want to thank each and everyone one of you for supporting me throughout this time, and I hope you all have a great remainder of the summer.
If anything, I'll post 1/2/3 shots every once in a while - maybe a continuation or something linked to this  this saga.
Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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Kyun - Episode 25 

It was 11:00 p.m. Priyanca parked her car in the parking lot, and got out of the car. She quietly walked up the steps to her apartment building, not meaning to wake up her neighbors. The engagement ceremony was over, and Isha and Sameer were happily engaged.
She turned the lock to her apartment's door, and carefully opened the door. She put her purse down on the kitchen counter, and walked over to her room. She took off her necklace set, bangles, rings, and dupatta. She walked over to the closet where she got a pair of cozy pyjamas, and walked to the bathroom. She changed her clothes, brushed her teeth, removed her make up, and washed her face. As she opened the bathroom door, she heard the noise of footsteps coming from the kitchen.
She was not alone.
Grabbing a lamp, she walked over to the kitchen, nearly on tip-toe, in an attempt to be as quiet as possible. She saw a man in black trousers, a black sweater, and a black ski mask over his face - a robber. An armed robber, with a fully-loaded gun. Priyanca almost screamed, and tightened her grip on the lamp. His back was towards her, and he was busy snooping around the kitchen, we he spotted Priyanca's purse. Reaching over and grabbing the purse, the robber started taking out Priyanca's wallet, full of money and credit cards. Priyanca swung her arm around, as if the lamp was a baseball bat. She swung the lamp at the robber with all her might, leaving the robber nearly unconsious on the floor. Nearly unconcious. She slowly took the wallet out of his hands, and put it back into her purse. She grabbed a hold of her purse, when she felt something grab her ankle. It was the robber. In attempt to break free, Priyanca accidently kicked the robber in the face, ran over to her bedroom, and locked the door.
"What should I do? What should I do?" Priyanca wondered.
"Should I call Isha? No... She must be asleep. Should I call Sameer? No... He must be exhausted after the engagement party. What about Sakshham? Maybe he's awake?" Priyanca thought to herself, reaching into her purse and taking out her iPhone.
"Hello, Sakshham? I-It's Priyanca. Look, there's some hooligan in my house. Can you please come over and help me? I feel really scared!" Priyanca said through tears.
"Yeah sure. Just sit tight and don't move from whereever you are. " Sakshham said yawning.
Priyanca sat tight. 20 minutes passed, 30 minutes passed, and no sign of anything or anyone. Suddenly, Priyanca heard a sharp noise coming from her door, as if someone was banging on her door. Priyanca screamed, and ran over to her closet. The noise got louder, and after some time Priyanca heard a big boom! She peeped out of her closet, to find her bedroom door completely off it's hinges, broken on the floor. A sudden chill ran down her spine, as she knew the robber was in the room with her. She heard the closet door open, and closed her eyes in fear. Priyanca felt a tight grasp on her arm, and found herself being dragged out of the closet. Priyanca screamed the whole time, keeping her eyes closed.
"Priyanca! Shut up! It's me, Sakshham." Sakshham said putting his hand over Priyanca's mouth, and wiping her tears.
"Sakshham, I - I, I thought you wouldn't come." Priyanca said slowly, through tears.
"Of course I'd come Priyanca." Sakshham said smiling.
"But you hate me." Priyanca said blowing her nose into a tissue.
"I don't hate you. Infact I, I__" Sakshham's sentence was interuppted by a loud boom.
Priyanca turned around, to find the robber very much alive, sneering with a gun in his hand. She looked at Sakshham, who was laying down on the floor, blood coming out of his back.
"SAKSHHAM!" Priyanca scream, kneeling down next to Sakshham and sobbing.
"Priyanca." Sakshham said smiling.
"I've never told you this Priyanca, but I love you." Sakshham said slowly, with his time coming to an end,
"I love you too Sakshham." Priyanca said between sobs, hugging Sakshham.
It was too late. Sakshham was no more.
"YOU!" Priyanca began, glaring at the robber. "How could you? How could you even__" Priyanca's sentence was interuppted by another boom. Seconds later, she was no more.

They say that true lovers will unite, no matter how long it takes. Maybe in their next life, Sarrika and Karan - or Priyanca and Sakshham, will re-unite...?

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Nikasha. IF-Dazzler

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No comments?LOL

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