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Hi, everyone!

Over the last year, we had posted discussions on the Ramayan in
twoforum threads on a wide range of issues not just restricted to the serial itself, and had covered topics as diverse as the Ashwamedha yagnas to Karkati LOLLOL  The fact that it went into 2 threads shows how successful it was ClapClapClap

In the past, we did sometimes segway into Dwapar Yuga, but got ourselves back on track so that we could be in sync w/ the serial.  However, now with the Ramayan over, and all discussions probably being epic related, it's probably a good time to have this thread about similar questions one may have about the Dwapar Yuga - both Krishna and Mahabharata.

If all of you think this is a good idea, I'd suggest that any such discussions be posted here.

Update: See this post on pg 5  Also, here is the corresponding thread in the Mythological Masti forum, if one has inquiries about other mythological events.

Given that DBSK forum is closing, any future doubts & discussions re: this thread can go to either the above forum, or if relevant, to the Pandava Parivar and Krishna's clan threads that have been moved to mythological masti.

Note that since the Ramayan forum is frozen, so is the Doubts & Discussions threads there.

Also, a new thread dedicated to Mahadev has opened in the DkDM forum - all discussions about Lord Shiva can go there

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Thanks Vrisha Bhaiya for opening this thread. Now I can learn Mahabharat too Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed
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thanx 4 opening it ......
will be very useful
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thnx for opening this thread. it will be very useful in the coming days.
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Thanks Vrisha. I would like to know more about the Dwapara Yug. I don't know too much about it. I know my Treta Yug well thanks to my grandparents but not too many details of Dwapara Yug. The discussions will be very useful to learn the details of this Yug.
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As suggested by Vrisha, I'm continuing here:

Originally posted by Vibhishna

Originally posted by Vrisha


That's such a morbid story.  At any rate, it answers my question - Barbarik and Anjanparva are not one and the same, since the latter fought and died on the Pandava side.

And no, I don't like Barbarik from what you wrote - not only should he have defaulted to the Pandava side because they were righteous, but also because they were his family (for this discussion, please don't say the Kauravas were also his family)

And even if I did, Krishna comes out as so evil - demanding the head of the bravest kshatriya.  Where did that come from?  Sounds as twisted as the tale of Rama asking for Sita's severed hand or ears. Dead

But wasn't it the same with Aravan, Uloopi's son? Didn't the Pandavas (that too Arjun) ask him to sacrifice himself for the war?

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No, Iravana died in normal fighting.  On day 8 of the war, Iravan killed 5 of Shakuni's brothers.  Following that, he was engaged in a battle w/ the rakshasha Alambusha, and in course of that battle, Alambusha cut off his head w/ a sword.

Arjun was majorly depressed on seeing that, since that was the first of Arjun's sons to die.  Ghatotkacha was outraged at his death as well, and ravaged the Kaurava army.  Even Bhima, who had killed Hidimb, Bakasura, Kirmira, et al was unable to defeat Alambusha - the only  one who could was Abhimanyu.  Finally, on the 14th night, Ghatotkacha killed Alambusha in combat.
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Thanks Vrisha. Smile I will copy-paste my last post from the other thread:

Originally posted by Kal El

Originally posted by Vrisha

And no, I don't like Barbarik from what you wrote - not only should he have defaulted to the Pandava side because they were righteous, but also because they were his family (for this discussion, please don't say the Kauravas were also his family)

And even if I did, Krishna comes out as so evil - demanding the head of the bravest kshatriya.  Where did that come from?  Sounds as twisted as the tale of Rama asking for Sita's severed hand or ears. Dead

His story can be found in various puranas. BTW, as I mentioned in my "Why not something different?" thread, the stories of Barbarika and Babruvahana were shown by BRC in Mahabharat Katha a sequel to his original serial.

Also, Barbarika was supposed to be the reincarnation of a Yaksha. There was a time when the Devas were being tormented by the Danavas and asked Vishnu for help (as usual). Now, a Yaksha, who was also there, declared that there is no need for Vishnu to do anything as he himself is capable of defeating the Danavas on his own. Brahma was angry at his arrogance and cursed him to be killed by Vishnu in his next life. And he was reborn as Barbarika.

You might also want to check out the story of Iravan, son of Arjuna and Ulupi. Here is the Wiki entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iravan. I'll try to locate the exact sources when I have the time.

About the various Yadu branches, the following verses from the Srimaad Bhagavatam should be helpful:

SB 9.23.1: Sukadeva Gosvami said: Anu, the fourth son of Yayati, had three sons, named Sabhanara, Caks?u and Pares?n?u. O King, from Sabhanara came a son named Kalanara, and from Kalanara came a son named Sr?jaya.

SB 9.23.2: From Sr?jaya came a son named Janamejaya. From Janamejaya came Mahasala; from Mahasala, Mahamana; and from Mahamana two sons, named Usinara and Titiks?u.

SB 9.23.3-4: The four sons of Usinara were Sibi, Vara, Kr?mi and Daks?a, and from Sibi again came four sons, named Vr?s?adarbha, Sudhira, Madra and atma-tattva-vit Kekaya. The son of Titiks?u was Rus?adratha. From Rus?adratha came Homa; from Homa, Sutapa; and from Sutapa, Bali.

SB 9.23.5: By the semen of Dirghatama in the wife of Bali, the emperor of the world, six sons took birth, namely Anga, Vanga, Kalinga, Suhma, Pun?d?ra and Od?ra.

SB 9.23.6: These six sons, headed by Anga, later became kings of six states in the eastern side of India. These states were known according to the names of their respective kings. From Anga came a son named Khalapana, and from Khalapana came Diviratha.

SB 9.23.7-10: From Diviratha came a son named Dharmaratha, and his son was Citraratha, who was celebrated as Romapada. Romapada, however, was without issue, and therefore his friend Maharaja Dasaratha gave him his own daughter, named Santa. Romapada accepted her as his daughter, and thereafter she married R?s?yasr?nga. When the demigods from the heavenly planets failed to shower rain, R?s?yasr?nga was appointed the priest for performing a sacrifice, after being brought from the forest by the allurement of prostitutes, who danced, staged theatrical performances accompanied by music, and embraced and worshiped him. After R?s?yasr?nga came, the rain fell. Thereafter, R?s?yasr?nga performed a son-giving sacrifice on behalf of Maharaja Dasaratha, who had no issue, and then Maharaja Dasaratha had sons. From Romapada, by the mercy of R?s?yasr?nga, Caturanga was born, and from Caturanga came Pr?thulaks?a.

SB 9.23.11: The sons of Pr?thulaks?a were Br?hadratha, Br?hatkarma and Br?hadbhanu. From the eldest, Br?hadratha, came a son named Br?hanmana, and from Br?hanmana came a son named Jayadratha.

SB 9.23.12: The son of Jayadratha, by the womb of his wife Sambhuti, was Vijaya, and from Vijaya, Dhr?ti was born. From Dhr?ti came Dhr?tavrata; from Dhr?tavrata, Satkarma; and from Satkarma, Adhiratha.

SB 9.23.13: While playing on the bank of the Ganges, Adhiratha found a baby wrapped up in a basket. The baby had been left by Kunti because he was born before she was married. Because Adhiratha had no sons, he raised this baby as his own. [This son was later known as Karn?a.]

SB 9.23.14: O King, the only son of Karn?a was Vr?s?asena. Druhyu, the third son of Yayati, had a son named Babhru, and the son of Babhru was known as Setu.

SB 9.23.15: The son of Setu was Arabdha, Arabdha's son was Gandhara, and Gandhara's son was Dharma. Dharma's son was Dhr?ta, Dhr?ta's son was Durmada, and Durmada's son was Praceta, who had one hundred sons.

SB 9.23.16: The Pracetas [the sons of Praceta] occupied the northern side of India, which was devoid of Vedic civilization, and became kings there. Yayati's second son was Turvasu. The son of Turvasu was Vahni; the son of Vahni, Bharga; the son of Bharga, Bhanuman.

SB 9.23.17: The son of Bhanuman was Tribhanu, and his son was the magnanimous Karandhama. Karandhama's son was Maruta, who had no sons and who therefore adopted a son of the Puru dynasty [Maharaja Dus?manta] as his own.

SB 9.23.18-19: Maharaja Dus?manta, desiring to occupy the throne, returned to his original dynasty [the Puru dynasty], even though he had accepted Maruta as his father. O Maharaja Pariks?it, let me now describe the dynasty of Yadu, the eldest son of Maharaja Yayati. This description is supremely pious, and it vanquishes the reactions of sinful activities in human society. Simply by hearing this description, one is freed from all sinful reactions.

SB 9.23.20-21: The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kr?s?n?a, the Supersoul in the hearts of all living entities, descended in His original form as a human being in the dynasty or family of Yadu. Yadu had four sons, named Sahasrajit, Kros?t?a, Nala and Ripu. Of these four, the eldest, Sahasrajit, had a son named Satajit, who had three sons, named Mahahaya, Ren?uhaya and Haihaya.

SB 9.23.22: The son of Haihaya was Dharma, and the son of Dharma was Netra, the father of Kunti. From Kunti came a son named Sohaji, from Sohaji came Mahis?man, and from Mahis?man, Bhadrasenaka.

SB 9.23.23: The sons of Bhadrasena were known as Durmada and Dhanaka. Dhanaka was the father of Kr?tavirya and also of Kr?tagni, Kr?tavarma and Kr?tauja.

SB 9.23.24: The son of Kr?tavirya was Arjuna. He [Kartaviryarjuna] became the emperor of the entire world, consisting of seven islands, and received mystic power from Dattatreya, the incarnation of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Thus he obtained the mystic perfections known as asta-siddhi.

SB 9.23.25: No other king in this world could equal Kartaviryarjuna in sacrifices, charity, austerity, mystic power, education, strength or mercy.

SB 9.23.26: For eighty-five thousand years, Kartaviryarjuna continuously enjoyed material opulences with full bodily strength and unimpaired memory. In other words, he enjoyed inexhaustible material opulences with his six senses.

SB 9.23.27: Of the one thousand sons of Kartaviryarjuna, only five remained alive after the fight with Parasurama. Their names were Jayadhvaja, Surasena, Vr?s?abha, Madhu and Urjita.

SB 9.23.28: Jayadhvaja had a son named Talajangha, who had one hundred sons. All the ks?atriyas in that dynasty, known as Talajangha, were annihilated by the great power received by Maharaja Sagara from Aurva R?s?i.

SB 9.23.29: Of the sons of Talajangha, Vitihotra was the eldest. The son of Vitihotra named Madhu had a celebrated son named Vr?s?n?i. Madhu had one hundred sons, of whom Vr?s?n?i was the eldest. The dynasties known as Yadava, Madhava and Vr?s?n?i had their origin from Yadu, Madhu and Vr?s?n?i.

SB 9.23.30-31: O Maharaja Pariks?it, because Yadu, Madhu and Vr?s?n?i each inaugurated a dynasty, their dynasties are known as Yadava, Madhava and Vr?s?n?i. The son of Yadu named Kros?t?a had a son named Vr?jinavan. The son of Vr?jinavan was Svahita; the son of Svahita, Vis?adgu; the son of Vis?adgu, Citraratha; and the son of Citraratha, Sasabindu. The greatly fortunate Sasabindu, who was a great mystic, possessed fourteen opulences and was the owner of fourteen great jewels. Thus he became the emperor of the world.

SB 9.23.32: The famous Sasabindu had ten thousand wives, and by each he begot a lakh of sons. Therefore the number of his sons was ten thousand lakhs.

SB 9.23.33: Among these many sons, six were the foremost, such as Pr?thusrava and Pr?thukirti. The son of Pr?thusrava was known as Dharma, and his son was known as Usana. Usana was the performer of one hundred horse sacrifices.

SB 9.23.34: The son of Usana was Rucaka, who had five sons ' Purujit, Rukma, Rukmes?u, Pr?thu and Jyamagha. Please hear of these sons from me.

SB 9.23.35-36: Jyamagha had no sons, but because he was fearful of his wife, Saibya, he could not accept another wife. Jyamagha once took from the house of some royal enemy a girl who was a prostitute, but upon seeing her Saibya was very angry and said to her husband, "My husband, you cheater, who is this girl sitting upon my seat on the chariot?" Jyamagha then replied, "This girl will be your daughter-in-law." Upon hearing these joking words, Saibya smilingly replied.

SB 9.23.37: Saibya said, "I am sterile and have no co-wife. How can this girl be my daughter-in-law? Please tell me." Jyamagha replied, "My dear Queen, I shall see that you indeed have a son and that this girl will be your daughter-in-law."

SB 9.23.38: Long, long ago, Jyamagha had satisfied the demigods and Pitas by worshiping them. Now, by their mercy, Jyamagha's words came true. Although Saibya was barren, by the grace of the demigods she became pregnant and in due course of time gave birth to a child named Vidarbha. Before the child's birth, the girl had been accepted as a daughter-in-law, and therefore Vidarbha actually married her when he grew up.

SB 9.24.1: Sukadeva Gosvami said: By the womb of the girl brought by his father, Vidarbha begot three sons, named Kusa, Kratha and Romapada. Romapada was the favorite in the dynasty of Vidarbha.

SB 9.24.2: The son of Romapada was Babhru, from whom there came a son named Kr?ti. The son of Kr?ti was Usika, and the son of Usika was Cedi. From Cedi was born the king known as Caidya and others.

SB 9.24.3-4: The son of Kratha was Kunti; the son of Kunti, Vr?s?n?i; the son of Vr?s?n?i, Nirvr?ti; and the son of Nirvr?ti, Dasarha. From Dasarha came Vyoma; from Vyoma came Jimuta; from Jimuta, Vikr?ti; from Vikr?ti, Bhimaratha; from Bhimaratha, Navaratha; and from Navaratha, Dasaratha.

SB 9.24.5: From Dasaratha came a son named Sakuni and from Sakuni a son named Karambhi. The son of Karambhi was Devarata, and his son was Devaks?atra. The son of Devaks?atra was Madhu, and his son was Kuruvasa, from whom there came a son named Anu.

SB 9.24.6-8: The son of Anu was Puruhotra, the son of Puruhotra was Ayu, and the son of Ayu was Satvata. O great Aryan King, Satvata had seven sons, named Bhajamana, Bhaji, Divya, Vr?s?n?i, Devavr?dha, Andhaka and Mahabhoja. From Bhajamana by one wife came three sons ' Nimloci, Kinkan?a and Dhr?s?t?i. And from his other wife came three other sons ' Satajit, Sahasrajit and Ayutajit.

SB 9.24.9: The son of Devavr?dha was Babhru. Concerning Devavr?dha and Babhru there are two famous songs of prayer, which were sung by our predecessors and which we have heard from a distance. Even now I hear the same prayers about their qualities [because that which was heard before is still sung continuously].

SB 9.24.10-11: "It has been decided that among human beings Babhru is the best and that Devavr?dha is equal to the demigods. Because of the association of Babhru and Devavr?dha, all of their descendants, numbering 14,065, achieved liberation." In the dynasty of King Mahabhoja, who was exceedingly religious, there appeared the Bhoja kings.

SB 9.24.12: O King, Maharaja Pariks?it, who can suppress your enemies, the sons of Vr?s?n?i were Sumitra and Yudhajit. From Yudhajit came Sini and Anamitra, and from Anamitra came a son named Nighna.

SB 9.24.13: The two sons of Nighna were Satrajita and Prasena. Another son of Anamitra was another Sini, and his son was Satyaka.

SB 9.24.14: The son of Satyaka was Yuyudhana, whose son was Jaya. From Jaya came a son named Kun?i and from Kun?i a son named Yugandhara. Another son of Anamitra was Vr?s?n?i.

SB 9.24.15: From Vr?s?n?i came the sons named Svaphalka and Citraratha. From Svaphalka by his wife Gandini came Akrura. Akrura was the eldest, but there were twelve other sons, all of whom were most celebrated.

SB 9.24.16-18: The names of these twelve were Asanga, Sarameya, Mr?dura, Mr?duvit, Giri, Dharmavr?ddha, Sukarma, Ks?etropeks?a, Arimardana, Satrughna, Gandhamada and Pratibahu. These brothers also had a sister named Sucara. From Akrura came two sons, named Devavan and Upadeva. Citraratha had many sons, headed by Pr?thu and Viduratha, all of whom were known as belonging to the dynasty of Vr?s?n?i.

SB 9.24.19: Kukura, Bhajamana, Suci and Kambalabarhis?a were the four sons of Andhaka. The son of Kukura was Vahni, and his son was Viloma.

SB 9.24.20: The son of Viloma was Kapotaroma, and his son was Anu, whose friend was Tumburu. From Anu came Andhaka; from Andhaka, Dundubhi; and from Dundubhi, Avidyota. From Avidyota came a son named Punarvasu.

SB 9.24.21-23: Punarvasu had a son and a daughter, named Ahuka and Ahuki respectively, and Ahuka had two sons, named Devaka and Ugrasena. Devaka had four sons, named Devavan, Upadeva, Sudeva and Devavardhana, and he also had seven daughters, named Santideva, Upadeva, Srideva, Devaraks?ita, Sahadeva, Devaki and Dhr?tadeva. Dhr?tadeva was the eldest. Vasudeva, the father of Kr?s?n?a, married all these sisters.

SB 9.24.24: Kam'sa, Sunama, Nyagrodha, Kanka, Sanku, Suhu, Ras?t?rapala, Dhr?s?t?i and Tus?t?iman were the sons of Ugrasena.

SB 9.24.25: Kam'sa, Kam'savati, Kanka, Surabhu and Ras?t?rapalika were the daughters of Ugrasena. They became the wives of Vasudeva's younger brothers.

SB 9.24.26: The son of Citraratha was Viduratha, the son of Viduratha was Sura, and his son was Bhajamana. The son of Bhajamana was Sini, the son of Sini was Bhoja, and the son of Bhoja was Hr?dika.

SB 9.24.27: The three sons of Hr?dika were Devamid?ha, Satadhanu and Kr?tavarma. The son of Devamid?ha was Sura, whose wife was named Maris?a.

SB 9.24.28-31: Through Maris?a, King Sura begot Vasudeva, Devabhaga, Devasrava, Anaka, Sr?jaya, Syamaka, Kanka, Samika, Vatsaka and Vr?ka. These ten sons were spotlessly pious personalities. When Vasudeva was born, the demigods from the heavenly kingdom sounded kettledrums. Therefore Vasudeva, who provided the proper place for the appearance of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kr?s?n?a, was also known as Anakadundubhi. The five daughters of King Sura, named Pr?tha, Srutadeva, Srutakirti, Srutasrava and Rajadhidevi, were Vasudeva's sisters. Sura gave Pr?tha to his friend Kunti, who had no issue, and therefore another name of Pr?tha was Kunti.

SB 9.24.32: Once when Durvasa was a guest at the house of Pr?tha's father, Kunti, Pr?tha satisfied Durvasa by rendering service. Therefore she received a mystic power by which she could call any demigod. To examine the potency of this mystic power, the pious Kunti immediately called for the sun-god.

SB 9.24.33: As soon as Kunti called for the demigod of the sun, he immediately appeared before her, and she was very much surprised. She told the sun-god, "I was simply examining the effectiveness of this mystic power. I am sorry I have called you unnecessarily. Please return and excuse me."

SB 9.24.34: The sun-god said: O beautiful Pr?tha, your meeting with the demigods cannot be fruitless. Therefore, let me place my seed in your womb so that you may bear a son. I shall arrange to keep your virginity intact, since you are still an unmarried girl.

SB 9.24.35: After saying this, the sun-god discharged his semen into the womb of Pr?tha and then returned to the celestial kingdom. Immediately thereafter, from Kunti a child was born, who was like a second sun-god.

SB 9.24.36: Because Kunti feared people's criticisms, with great difficulty she had to give up her affection for her child. Unwillingly, she packed the child in a basket and let it float down the waters of the river. O Maharaja Pariks?it, your great-grandfather the pious and chivalrous King Pan?d?u later married Kunti.

SB 9.24.37: Vr?ddhasarma, the King of Karus?a, married Kunti's sister Srutadeva, and from her womb Dantavakra was born. Having been cursed by the sages headed by Sanaka, Dantavakra had formerly been born as the son of Diti named Hiran?yaks?a.

SB 9.24.38: King Dhr?s?t?aketu, the King of Kekaya, married Srutakirti, another sister of Kunti's. Srutakirti had five sons, headed by Santardana.

SB 9.24.39: Through the womb of Rajadhidevi, another sister of Kunti's, Jayasena begot two sons, named Vinda and Anuvinda. Similarly, the king of the Cedi state married Srutasrava. This king's name was Damaghos?a.

SB 9.24.40: The son of Srutasrava was Sisupala, whose birth has already been described [in the Seventh Canto of Srimad-Bhagavatam]. Vasudeva's brother named Devabhaga had two sons born of his wife, Kam'sa. These two sons were Citraketu and Br?hadbala.

SB 9.24.41: Vasudeva's brother named Devasrava married Kam'savati, by whom he begot two sons, named Suvira and Is?uman. Kanka, by his wife Kanka, begot three sons, named Baka, Satyajit and Purujit.

SB 9.24.42: King Sr?jaya, by his wife, Ras?t?rapalika, begot sons headed by Vr?s?a and Durmars?an?a. King Syamaka, by his wife, Surabhumi, begot two sons, named Harikesa and Hiran?yaks?a.

SB 9.24.43: Thereafter, King Vatsaka, by the womb of his wife, Misrakesi, who was an Apsara, begot sons headed by Vr?ka. Vr?ka, by his wife, Durvaks?i, begot Taks?a, Pus?kara, Sala and so on.

SB 9.24.44: From Samika, by the womb of his wife, Sudamani, came Sumitra, Arjunapala and other sons. King Anaka, by his wife, Karn?ika, begot two sons, namely R?tadhama and Jaya.

SB 9.24.45: Devaki, Pauravi, Rohin?i, Bhadra, Madira, Rocana, Ila and others were all wives of Anakadundubhi [Vasudeva]. Among them all, Devaki was the chief.

SB 9.24.46: Vasudeva, by the womb of his wife Rohin?i, begot sons such as Bala, Gada, Saran?a, Durmada, Vipula, Dhruva, Kr?ta and others.

SB 9.24.47-48: From the womb of Pauravi came twelve sons, including Bhuta, Subhadra, Bhadrabahu, Durmada and Bhadra. Nanda, Upananda, Kr?taka, Sura and others were born from the womb of Madira. Bhadra [Kausalya] gave birth to only one son, named Kesi.

SB 9.24.49: Vasudeva, by another of his wives, whose name was Rocana, begot Hasta, Hemangada and other sons. And by his wife named Ila he begot sons headed by Uruvalka, all of whom were chief personalities in the dynasty of Yadu.

SB 9.24.50: From the womb of Dhr?tadeva, one of the wives of Anakadundubhi [Vasudeva], came a son named Vipr?s?t?ha. The sons of Santideva, another wife of Vasudeva, were Prasama, Prasita and others.

SB 9.24.51: Vasudeva also had a wife named Upadeva, from whom came ten sons, headed by Rajanya, Kalpa and Vars?a. From Srideva, another wife, came six sons, such as Vasu, Ham'sa and Suvam'sa.

SB 9.24.52: By the semen of Vasudeva in the womb of Devaraks?ita, nine sons were born, headed by Gada. Vasudeva, who was religion personified, also had a wife named Sahadeva, by whose womb he begot eight sons, headed by Sruta and Pravara.

SB 9.24.53-55: The eight sons born of Sahadeva such as Pravara and Sruta, were exact incarnations of the eight Vasus in the heavenly planets. Vasudeva also begot eight highly qualified sons through the womb of Devaki. These included Kirtiman, Sus?en?a, Bhadrasena, R?ju, Sammardana, Bhadra and Sankars?an?a, the controller and serpent incarnation. The eighth son was the Supreme Personality of Godhead Himself ' Kr?s?n?a. The highly fortunate Subhadra, the one daughter, was your grandmother.

SB 9.24.56: Whenever the principles of religion deteriorate and the principles of irreligion increase, the supreme controller, the Personality of Godhead Sri Hari, appears by His own will.

SB 9.24.57: O King, Maharaja Pariks?it, but for the Lord's personal desire, there is no cause for His appearance, disappearance or activities. As the Supersoul, He knows everything. Consequently there is no cause that affects Him, not even the results of fruitive activities.

SB 9.24.58: The Supreme Personality of Godhead acts through His material energy in the creation, maintenance and annihilation of this cosmic manifestation just to deliver the living entity by His compassion and stop the living entity's birth, death and duration of materialistic life. Thus He enables the living being to return home, back to Godhead.

SB 9.24.59: Although the demons who take possession of the government are dressed like men of government, they do not know the duty of the government. Consequently, by the arrangement of God, such demons, who possess great military strength, fight with one another, and thus the great burden of demons on the surface of the earth is reduced. The demons increase their military power by the will of the Supreme, so that their numbers will be diminished and the devotees will have a chance to advance in Kr?s?n?a consciousness.

SB 9.24.60: The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kr?s?n?a, with the cooperation of Sankars?an?a, Balarama, performed activities beyond the mental comprehension of even such personalities as Lord Brahma and Lord Siva. [For instance, Kr?s?n?a arranged the Battle of Kuruks?etra to kill many demons for the relief of the entire world.]

SB 9.24.61: To show causeless mercy to the devotees who would take birth in the future in this age of Kali, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Kr?s?n?a, acted in such a way that simply by remembering Him one will be freed from all the lamentation and unhappiness of material existence. [In other words, He acted so that all future devotees, by accepting the instructions of Kr?s?n?a consciousness stated in Bhagavad-gita, could be relieved from the pangs of material existence.]

SB 9.24.62: Simply by receiving the glories of the Lord through purified transcendental ears, the devotees of the Lord are immediately freed from strong material desires and engagement in fruitive activities.

SB 9.24.63-64: Assisted by the descendants of Bhoja, Vr?s?n?i, Andhaka, Madhu, Surasena, Dasarha, Kuru, Sr?jaya and Pan?d?u, Lord Kr?s?n?a performed various activities. By His pleasing smiles, His affectionate behavior, His instructions and His uncommon pastimes like raising Govardhana Hill, the Lord, appearing in His transcendental body, pleased all of human society.

SB 9.24.65: Kr?s?n?a's face is decorated with ornaments, such as earrings resembling sharks. His ears are beautiful, His cheeks brilliant, and His smiling attractive to everyone. Whoever sees Lord Kr?s?n?a sees a festival. His face and body are fully satisfying for everyone to see, but the devotees are angry at the creator for the disturbance caused by the momentary blinking of their eyes.

SB 9.24.66: The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Kr?s?n?a, known as lila-purus?ottama, appeared as the son of Vasudeva but immediately left His father's home and went to Vr?ndavana to expand His loving relationship with His confidential devotees. In Vr?ndavana the Lord killed many demons, and afterwards He returned to Dvaraka, where according to Vedic principles He married many wives who were the best of women, begot through them hundreds of sons, and performed sacrifices for His own worship to establish the principles of householder life.

SB 9.24.67: Thereafter, Lord Sri Kr?s?n?a created a misunderstanding between family members just to diminish the burden of the world. Simply by His glance, He annihilated all the demoniac kings on the Battlefield of Kuruks?etra and declared victory for Arjuna. Finally, He instructed Uddhava about transcendental life and devotion and then returned to His abode in His original form.

Source: http://srimadbhagavatam.com/

There are some interesting legends connected to Iravan in South India. Check out the wiki link in my post above.

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