Happy Wedding, Nallu

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HugHugHello Friends!HugHug

Today, JuLy 2nd, is a very special day for a special sould here in IF...Today is the big day for a special girl here on IF as its the turning point in her life...a new chapter starts  in her life todayTongue

She doesnt need any intro as most of us knows let us directly introduce her...the one and only...



Weddings are the sacred union of two soulsEmbarrassedand it's a time for celebration not just for the couple but also for their family, relatives, friends and us IFiansBig smileThats we thought of brining the Ifians to Nallus wedding ritualsBig smile  Everyone is dressed up in their party wear and ready for the big day.....Wink


Lets start the wedding.........


Varuga..Varuga..Emathu Iniya IF Nanbargale to Nallus big dayTongue

avalukenna ambasamuthira ayar hotel alwa maadhiri
thalambuvena thala thala thalavena vandha vandha paaru

avanukenna aalwarkurinchi alaguthevaru aruva maadhiri
burma thekana pala pala palavena vandhan vandhan paaru

kummi adi kummi adi kummi adi ho
kothu pada satham poda kummi adi ho

kummi adi kummi adi kummi adi ho
konda poovil vandu aada kummi adi ho

adi raasaayee rosaayee raasaamani
namma raasaaku raani vandhutta

romba sokkanadhu indha sodinu thaan
antha aatha thaan sethuputta
omal varaama thaan namba suthipodanum
sudala maadarathu kadai nenthu vudanum
nalla ponnaana naal idhu thaan


The beautiful decoraded manavari where the  the groom and the tholan are seated in the manavarai (decorated dais) the priest starts the ceremony, with the worship of lord ganesh, who is the remover of all obstaclesSmile The rituals is done ..time to bring the bride..!Tongue



Upstairs in the brideroom...we sees a beatiful brideEmbarrassed


pennalla pennalla oodha poo
sivandha kannangal rosapooEmbarrassed
kannalla kannalla alli poo
sirippu malligai poEmbarrassed


siru kaivalai konjidum koiya poo
avaL kaiviral ovvondrum panneer poo
mai vizhi jaadaigal mullai poo
maNakkum sandhana poo
sithira maeni thaaLam poo
saelai aNiyum jaadhi poo
sitridai meedhu vaazhai poo
jolikkum shenbaga pooTongue




Malai Chatthinal, Kothai , Malai Matthinal,
Maladainthu Mashila RanganMalayavar than marbile,
maiyal aai,Thaiyalal Malarkarathinal Poo (Malai...)
Rangarajanai, Anbar - thangal nesanai,
Asi koori, bhoosurargal -pesi miga vazhthida,
Anbudan- Inbamai,Andal karathinal Poo (Malai...)

sItA kalyANa vaibhOgamE rAma kalyANa vaibhOgamE
pavanaja stuti pAtra pAvana caritra ravi sOma pavanEtra ramaNIya gAtra
bhakta jana paripAla bharita sharajAla bhukti muktida lIla bhUdEva pAla
pAmarA surabhIma paripUrNa kAma shyAma jagadabhi rAma sAkEta dhAma
sarva lOkAdhAra samaraika dhIra garva manasa dUra kanakAgha dhIra
nigamAgama vihAra nirupama sharIra nagadha vidhAra nata lOkAdhAra
paramEshanuta gIta bhava jalAdhipOta tarani kula samjAta tyAgarAjanuta


 the couple walk seven steps together to pledge their commitment towards the seven goals,  

1st for health, wealth and prosperit,

2nd to flourish through righteous means,

3rd for physical, mental and spiritual strength,  

4th for happiness and harmony through mutual love and trust,  

5th for blessing of progeny,

6th to remain in a lasting union with peace and tranquillity.

7th for spiritual union and merger of souls.


Namma bride Nalz places her feet on a grinding stone. The groom Ganesh jiju places silver toe-rings on his bride's feet symbolising that henceforth he will look after and protect herTongue. The grinding stone signifies that the couple's union will be as firm and steadfastTongue

aha..where is the popular song from the serial Metti oli? ammi ammi mirithu..araunthai paruthu..vidukule....!LOLLOL 





Everyone joins in and sings

Aanandham Aanandham

Aanandham Aanandham Aanandhame

ParaMAanandham Aanandham Aanandhame

Sri Ramanum Manamagahan Aanaare

Namma Janaki Manamaghal Aanale

Vandhavarkkum Paarthavarkkum Aanandham

Seethaikkum Ramanukkum Aanandham

Naam seiytha Pooja palamum
Inru Palithadhama - Aanandham

By this the new wedded couple, Mr & Mrs Ganesh thanks everyone for coming to the their wedding  and hope to see everyone on the wedding reception later on the nightTongue

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Welcome dear IFians...Hug


How was the wedding ceremony...? Wink


Dear Nalz and jiju,

On this very very special day of your life...
US members in Tamil IF take a pleasure to wish you our heartiest congratulationsHug
 We have waited for this day...really happy for you and jijuEmbarrassed The new weded couple most be
tried after the wedding ceremony but the day is very long and a lot of things to be done...I
hear some trip to Hawai tooShockedShocked 
Well..well....before the trip...lets start with the reception 
 party as the couple have arrived.Cool
A toast for the couple
A toast to all of the assembled Ifians and the guests, who have honored the happy couple

today with their attendance here and with their kind giftsWink. May all of you share in the

happiness and promise of this day. May you all stand behind this newly wed couple through
the years with your love and support.Tongue


One Woman, one Man
with hearts so true
come before you
to say I do...

A love so fair
A dream come true
A couple shares
what they are destined to do

He takes her hand
to have and to hold
Their hearts embrace
and never let go...

A touch so pure
A smile so real
She closes her eyes
so she may feel

The love of one man
The love of her life
They join as one
as Man and Wife...

- Gretchen Gould -


Its time to cut the cakeTongue
Wedding msg for the couple from some of the ifiansEmbarrassed



Congratulations Nallu and Ganesh!!!

Love, trust, and forgiveness are the foundations of marriage.
In marriage, many days will bring happiness,
while other days may be sad.
But together, two hearts can overcome everything...
In marriage, all of the moments won't be exciting or romantic,
and sometimes worries and anxiety will be overwhelming.
But together, two hearts that accept will find comfort together.
Recollections of past joys, pains, and shared feelings
will be the glue that holds everything together
during even the worst and most insecure moments.
Reaching out to each other as a friend,
and becoming the confidant and companion that
the other one needs, is the true magic
and beauty of any two people together.
It's inspiring in each other a dream or a feeling,
and having faith in each other and not giving up...
even when all the odds say to quit.
It's allowing each other to be vulnerable,
to be himself or herself, even
when the opinions or thoughts aren't in total agreement
or exactly what you'd like them to be.
It's getting involved and showing interest in each other,
really listening and being available,
the way any best friend should be.
Exactly three things need to be remembered in a marriage
if it is to be a mutual bond of sharing, caring, and loving
throughout life: love, trust, and forgiveness.
by Regina Hill



Dearest Nallu Kutty,


At the outset , please accept our
heartiest congratulations and blessings  - Hubby joinsEmbarrassed
(aanalum romba samathu - drafting will be done by
Roja and he joins happily !!! Talk about marriage and its
advantages !!)
I still remember the poll you created -
Nice girls get nice husbands " - So, now I guess you qualify
for  the " NICE" girl - mind you, this is based on your gushing about
Ganesh -Embarrassed The IF ians may beg to disagree -
"she belongs to
the evil  trio , after all" !
  Jokes apart, I hope you remember my
answer for that poll -  Just be smart enough to let hubby think that
he is the smartest - you win hands down !!! I know that you have
come a long way from all those days - you have become a writer,
wiser, more mature and  to top it all, survived mad Roja !! keep
smiling . That will be my prayer for you both. God bless you both .

And to Mr.Ganesh - You got lucky  !!! Nallu is a very sensitive ,
genuine girl . Please do make sure that she smiles always .
She has the backing of IF Tamil lounge which actually is a
force to reckon !!! God bless.





Dear Nalz,

All my happiness goes out to you:
Pride and pleasure, joy, sweet tears, and love!
Reason, hope, and faith together move
In harmony to bless all that you do.
Let this beginning be the golden dawn
At which all dew-drenched nature sings its glory!
Nor should the darkness shrouding every story
Dim the blue-eyed beauty of this morn.
More of life will come than you can hold:
A flood no mortal witness can withstand.
Rest, then, within a quiet, gentle hand,
Knowing where love is as you grow old.

(Author : Unknown)

Congratulations to the most happiest & luckiest bride Big smile ...

Ella valamum petru inbuttru vaazha vaazhththum ,
Anbu thozhi





While everyone is partying....the bridegroom carries his bride and runs out to before the Ifians can see them....Shocked



It seems they took of too....



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Friends Hug... Surprise!!!




..... to meet our newly wed

Mr. & Mrs. Nallu

Star July 2nd 2009 Star

Welcome to Hawaii!!!
The birds chirp away as the curtain cracks slowly reveal the sun lit clouds that dance across the sky.  A pair of eyes keenly observe a couple walking along the soft sand, hand in hand, murmuring sweet nothings to each other HeartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.  The magnets within the eyes attract as the heart beats race BlushingBlushing.... fog blanks the moment and the vision zooms away into Egypt ......

Dil kho gaya,
Ho gaya kisi ka,
Ab raasta mil gaya,
Khushi ka..
Aankhon mein hai khwab sa,
Kisi ka..
Ab raasta mil gaya,
Khushi ka..
Rishta naya rabba,
Dil chu raha hai,
Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba
Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore..

Swaying from the soft tunes to the foot tapping melody of Yuvan Shankar Raja Big smile, the feet make rapid movements on the soft mattress DancingDancing, while the eyes remain shut ShockedShocked
ShockedShockedShocked BAAAAAAANG!!!!! OuchOuchOuch

"Ammaaaaaaaaa.....aathadhiiiiiii.......Preeet Help me!!!"  a sweet voice is heard from what appears to be the wreckage of a broken bed ROFL.  With cotton flying all over, a lean bodied lady makes her way up (who could this be Ermm)..... She is none other than soon to be tellywood fame Meli Shocked ROFLAs she recollects the past few moments, she realizes that she was in a dreamland with her crush, Preet Junja Blushing(yenna meli kannu.... dancing in your sleep vaa ROFLROFL.... ithukku poyi ivlo build up naa LOL... hmmm... ippo bed gaali thaan michom LOL)!   

Hearing the big thud, a beautiful lady in an off green designer sequin saree, with a pink chiffon halter strap blouse comes out of the washroom and rushes out the door ShockedWinkEmbarrassed.  A still sleepy Arjun remains spell bound Shocked by his Mehooba, Juliet, Asin, Sneha BlushingBlushing(according to Eljaymaa Tongue).  "Kolluraalee kolluraalee Blushing... ippo poyi intha getup la varanumaa Confused...aaahhh.... beauty Embarrassed!" mutters Arjun, as he runs his hands through the hair and sighs.  He had always wanted to dedicate something very special to his Mehobaa and he decides today would be the day (hmm...athu ennava irrukum ErmmEmbarrassed??... whatever it is, namma Meenu is lucky illa WinkLOL
In front of Meli's room stands Meenu nervously waiting for her to open it.  Momentarily, a lady wearing a light blue pure georgette saree that is well crafted with zardosi work arrives there.     This is none other than Laksh who joins Meenu and wonders what might have happened (hmm...Mr. Laksh Anna thaan paavom.... he never got the chance to see his better half since he was already out in the Lounge Ouch)
Laksh says "Meenu, namma melz wanted this giant windowed room.  Naan appavee sonean!  Ippo enno aachoo....Wacko Bhavagavee Ouch .... intruder kindruder vanthu Shocked.... ayooo.... Meli kannu seekirom thoramma kathavai Confused "
Meenu replies "che che namma ponna Vijayasanthi madhiri Wink... onnum panna mudhiyathu Big smile..." (athanee....namma Killadhiye yaaralaiyum onnum panna mudhiyaathu Tongue)
Just then the door opens but Meli is not seen Confused.  Both Laksh and Meenu walk in hesitantly and are shocked to see the wreckage.  As they look behind, they see an embarassed Meli Embarrassed.  They rush to her and wonder what happened.  Meli makes an excuse and rushes to the washroom to get ready Silly (aahaa...yenna Esss aa melz??.... LOL)
Many rooms away, a gorgeous woman clad in a maroon pure georgette saree designed with sequins, zari, stones and beads braids her hair Clap.  Suddenly the door opens and a man stands there still out of shock Shocked.  The lady goes up to him and snaps her fingers.... he comes back to reality.... looks into her eyes and sings Embarrassed...
Roja malare Rajakumari Tongue
Aasai kizhiye azhagiya raani Wink
arugil varalaamaaaaaa hOi Embarrassed
Varuvathum sari thaana Shocked
uravum murai thaanaa Confused
Our one and only Roja akka without her usual gleam in the eyes, replies as Maamoi looks on ...
Vaarai arugee mannavan neeyee
kaadhal samamandroo hoi....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Maamoi couldn't believe his eyes ShockedShocked "Naan kaanpathena kanava?? nanavaa?? Shocked" (Nangalum shock agitomilla ROFLROFL)
Even before Maamoi could finish his setence, he hears Roja Akka saying "Appadhi nnu naan paaduveenu mattum ethirpaarkaatheenga Wink.  Innaiku en chellom Nallu voda wedding reception.... evlo velai irruku... aahaa onna rennaa Shocked(ahaa... enna Roja akka ippadhi aapu vetchiteengalee CryROFL)
Suddendly, Roja Akka gets a call from Eljay maa wondering what saree she should wear.  The reason is Eljay maa would be singing a song at the event today ShockedTongue..... the underlying reason remains a secret Wink.  But being the smart lady, Roja akka figures it out herself and suggests Eljay maa to wear her off green with blue pure satin bandhej saree designed with sequins - kundan work and cutdana work along the border.  Eljay maa thanks Roja Akka and gets ready (athu sari...enna secret vaa irukkum Ermm... oru velai, a dedication to LJay uncle vaa irukumo Embarrassed??).  
Near the lounge by the kid's zone, Netra enjoys watching her kids play Tongue.  A sudden thurst of wind draws her attention toward the front entrance Shocked.  There she sees a man in black Taxedo...... Her heart does a few flips at the sight EmbarrassedDay Dreaming..... a song plays in the background.....
Vinodhanae vinodhanae
un paerai sollum vaeLaiyil
uRchaagam koLLuvaen
kudaiyai maRandha neaerathil
kottum mazhaiyai poalavae
manadhilae kaadhalin saaral adikkiRadhey
she is astonished seeing her husband EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.... Mr. Netra on the other hand feels a magnetic attraction Heart.  As he turns he sees his beloved Netra in a light green and pink pure georgette saree with sequins, beads, resham and cutdana work all over the in floral motifs.  He slips into a dream land along with his lady love HeartEmbarrassed.
Sitting near them is Chandini (aka Nishi) enjoying Regina spektor's latest Album, which she only got a hold of a couple days back Tongue!  She soon gets up from the sofa and steps carefully not wanting to trip on her pink pure crepe lehenga choli LOLLOL.  As she slowly makes her way down the stairs outside, she is startled by the screeching noise of a 2009 BMW 3 serires that comes to a halt, just a few meters away ShockedOuch.   
ShockedShockedShocked Yaaraa irukkum........
Continued on the next post Wink!!!!

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A handsom man clad in a maroon jaquard embroidered kurta dhoti with spiked up hair steps out Wink.  A curious Nishi thinks who this IFian could be Ermm.  He walks up to Nishi and introduces himself as Jagdu Shocked!  Nishi exclaims "ada namma Jagdu vaa ShockedShocked.... puthu styl(e) u.... puthu car uuu..... pramaatham Jagdu Thumbs Up.... hmm.... a date mattum thaan mitchom ROFLROFL".  Jagdu blushes a bit and says "actually....ummmm..... I have a date for today.  She will arrive later on EmbarrassedEmbarrassed(aahaa...Jagdu sollave illai TongueROFLROFL)

Nishi teases him and wonders if Namitha will come to Nallu's wedding reception ROFLROFL.  Jagdu out of shock says "Namithaaaa vaa" out loud Shocked, and adds "Yeppo varuvaa... ShockedShocked Nallu is very popular naa ShockedShocked"  .  Hearing this, a gorgeous woman wearing a green pure crepe saree beatifully embellished with resham, sequins and stones walks up to them (ithu yaaru Ermm... silenerom Namitha fan vaa iruppangalo Wink??) Nishi and Jagdu greet Atinamma happily and inform her that Namitha may be coming to the reception Shocked.

Just then they see some people gathering around a car.  Some fans chant "Nammi matchee Vaazhga... Namma Namitha matchee Vaazhga" ClapClap(confirmed Namitha thaan pinna Shocked) Atinamma, along with Nishi rush up to see if it was really Namitha.  The back door opens Shocked..... silence engulfs the moment Silly.  All look on keenly.  A lady adorned in a deep peach pure kanjiwaram silk saree with self zari print, stones and zari work steps out Shocked.  Even before they could look at her face, Hema yells out "illai....illavee illai...ithu Namitha madame illaingo.... MM4 le avanga nighty thaan potukittu varuvaanga.... inge.......chance ilali" and starts ROFLROFLROFL.  Hearing this the lady out of the car too ROFLROFLROFLand in between her laughter says "yennathu... Naan Namitha vaa ShockedROFLROFL.... athu oruvaram SOTW thaan...... naan yeppavume Eclat thaan StarWink".  Some dejectedly leave not being able to see Namitha Broken Heart, whiile others ROFL on (this is a recollection of this week's event at Kolly section LOLLOL)

After ROFL ing lots, Atinamma decides to go relax a little in her room at the hotel Tongue.  She paases by Atina Uncle, but doesn't notice him ShockedBroken Heart.  Seeing this, Atina uncle decides to follow her.  When no one was around the hallway, he gets a hold of Atinamma's hands and goes on the knees and sings EmbarrassedEmbarrassed....

KaNNamma kaNNamma Wink
meenu vaanga poalamma Shocked (pakkathilee thaan beach Tongue)
meenu vaanga poalaama, beachu thaan poalaama
sollamma sollamma enna vaenum sollamma
athamma athamma petha poNNae muthamma
vaadhi potta puLLae vaLanchu neLinchu poaRa puLLae
kaNNadichu paarthaalum kendai kalai hoay....
maaman ingarukkan nee enga poaRa puLLae
sonna naan vaaraen piNNaalae.... Dancing

Atinamma stands still for the longest time.... she never expected this from her husband and thanks him with her eyes and smiles EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.  Atina uncle smiles on Big smile.  Atinamma says "ayoo ponga.... ennaku vekkama irukku" and walks away Embarrassed.   

It is almost 11 am and they still had a couple of hours to kill before Mr and Mrs. Nallu would arrive Tongue.  At the Arattai munnai Launch, Ambi, who is wearing a mustard faux georgette fish tail lehenga with lots of zari and sequins work, is being compelled by Sue chechi to do her famous dance Wink (Go chechi go.... ClapClap I also want to see it Day Dreaming).  Ambi is too shy to do it since Mr. Ambi was only a few distance EmbarrassedEmbarrassed (awww ithuthaana reason EmbarrassedEmbarrassed).  But Jaz and Giri, both clad in light orange and pink pure satin bandhej saree designed with kundan, notes and cutdana work, convince Ambi at last Party.  

On one end, Jas stands in a sthanaka pose, while on the other end, Giri stands in a aayata pose.  Sue Chechi slowly cranks up the volume of the stereo system..... and the sound waves spread....

Ah aadi vaa... Paadi vaa Dancing
Aan azhagai theadi vaa
Pear inbam kaanalaam vaa...
kannileeey meen adi
nenjileey thean adi
komagan naan adi
sorgathai theadi vaadi 
Ah aadi vaa... Paadi vaa
Aan azhagai theadi vaa
Pear inbam kaanalaam vaa....Dancing

Ambi, along with Jas and Giri dances beautifully enacting Vadivelu here and there ROFLDancingDancing.  A pair of eyes watch her movements.  As Ambi claps her hands with Jas and Giri, she spots Mr. Ambi there EmbarrassedROFLROFL.  Her cheeks turn into tomatoes BlushingBlushing.  Noticing this, Mr. Ambi claps Clap.  Not able to face anyone, Ambi runs to him to hide LOLLOL

In pretext of welcoming the newly wed, Atinamma requests everyone to be seated and informs them of the plans for the day.  Mr. Arjun decides that this would be the right time to execute his plans Shocked.  Meena while talking to Anjali hears......

Oru paarvai paarkirai...
pudhidhai naan pookiren...
Idhayam idam maarudhe..
idhu kaadala...

Suddenly Meena realizes that this lovely voice belongs to none other than her husband Arjun Embarrassed.  She turns around and looks at him, as he continues....

Nilavodu theigiren...
Ninaivale karaigiren...
sugamana vedhanai..
Idhu kadhalaa...

Engeyo engeyo...
ennule engeyo..
vinmeengal sidharudhe yaenadi....?

Tears trickle down her eyes....CryCry (aanandha kanneer ROFL)

Anbe vaa... anbe vaa...
anbe vaa... anbe vaaaa...... (Meenu go maa... he's calling you ROFL)

Arjun goes on his knees and kisses her hands after slipping a diamond ring Shocked.  All are awed seeing this sweet moment Embarrassed.  Laksh casually tells Ambi "awwww...... that is so sweet illai.... it reminds me of our Switzerland trip EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"  Spotting her husband right next to her, she bites her tongue and tries to run, but is held strongly by Mr. Laksh Anna EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.  He then whispers,

Vizhigalil vizhigalil vizhunthuvittaai
ennakul enaiye olithuvaithai...
chinna chinna siripinil sidharadithaai
sithariya ithaiyathai thirudikondai...

Laksh soon becomes tomato cheeked as well ROFL

Anjali and Usha, who have just been introduced to each other, wait outside for the bride and the groom to come Tongue.  It's almost 3 pm in the afternoon, and the couple is yet to arrive Confused.  Usha tells Anjali "have you ever seen Nallu daa.... I wonder if Nallu went elsewhere, thinking this was the wrong hotel nnu Shocked... since we've never seen eachother naa Confused." 

Anjali exclaims "OMG Shocked... OMG.... I see something there..... are we going to be attacked??? ShockedCryCry... Krishnaaaa.... nee thaan paa ennai kaapaathanum Cry..."  (yaarai daa koopidureenga Anj WinkLOLLOL)

Usha looks in the direction and is astonished Shocked....

A hot air balloon floats in air, with a nicely decorated baskat connected to the balloon with ropes made out of gold ShockedEmbarrassed.  On the sides are the speakers, and the following song is heard....

My heart will go on - Indian style ROFLROFLROFL

A couple is seen enacting the most famous titanic pose.... EmbarrassedTongue

Everyone gather outside to watch this never before real life scene.  As it closes in, Nishi yells out that the man is none other than the modern Tarzan ShockedShocked - dressed up in a designer golden brocade silk sherwani with reham and debka work.   He looked rather dashing!! Next to Tarzan is a beautiful young lady.... persumed to be Jane Embarrassed.  But what surprises everyone is her costume - a maroon and off white faux georgette fish tail lehenga elegantly adorned with beautiful zari resham and sequins work and gold floral motifs Shocked.  The balloon reads in bold letters 'Just married'.  ShockedShockedShocked...  Silence engulfs the moment yet again!!!  The blazing heat from the hot air balloon strikes everyone!  The curious spectators look on, forgetting that they are waiting for Mr and Mrs. Nallu ShockedOuch.

"Oh my dear Jane.......... chellom........vanthituyaadaa......." screams out an elated Meli as she pushes through the spectators, startling just about everyone Angry.  A faint anguish gleaming in Roja Akka's eyes could be seen.  Meli tells herself "Route a maathu Tongue" and adds "yeye.....vanthachu namma nallu ClapClap".  Shocked out of their wits, some confusingly look on while some slowly start cheering in excitement.  (Ada namma nallu vum Maamz vum vaa??? ShockedShocked... awww..........Nallu kutty, your dreams of being a Jane has been fulfilled ClapClapClap ROFLROFL) 

Nishi with her mouth open looks back and forth between Tarzu-Jane (aka Mr & Mrs. Nallu) and the hot air balloon.  Ambi and Netra go up to her and close her mouth saying "kutty ponnee........ fly kei vaikula poyidumma Tongue LOL".  Nishi soons mutters "haiyooo.... namma Maamz vaa Modern Tarzu ShockedShocked.... nallu sollavee illai Confused....Tarzu land ukku pora chance miss panniteanee Ouch.  Innoru chance varumaa ShockedROFL

 In the meantime, Roja akka and Atinamma greet them with an aarathi.  Jagdu looks at the groom and says "Kalakiteenga paa....... titanic pose.... my heart will go on.... aahaa enna maa entrance StarClap..... so romantic Day Dreaming."  Mr. Nallu smiles on Big smileEmbarrassed, while Mrs. Nallu Blushing

Just as Jagdu finishes, a bombay beauty clad in a halter neck dress with flares lands at the door.  A spell bound Jagdu tries not to Embarrassed..... but surprise mela surpise for the fellow IFians!!!  After all, Jagdu's date is none other than Actress Shreya ShockedShocked(Kalakureengapa Jagdu Clap) 
As people slowly come out of their shocked states (First namma Tarzu-Jane jodi, apporom namma Jagdu's date Silly)  , all are asked to gather at the launch.  All of them, bless the married couple a "pathinaarum pettru perfu vaazhvu vaazhga."   Eljay maa gets on the stage wishes the marriage couple a happy married life and dedicates a song to them.
En veettuth thoattaththil poovellam kaettuppaar
en veettu jannal kambi ellaame kaettuppaar
en veettuth thennangeetrai ippodhae kaettuppaar
un paeraich chollumae....
L Jay Uncle kku theriyaama Eljay maa dedicating a song to him Wink.  Roja Akka gets Maamoi to push L Jay Uncle onto the stage to join Eljay maa, and as per her wish, all goes well.  The couple gracefully finish the song.  Nitti thoroughly enjoys everybit of this celebration, and is thankful that her baby shower is over now LOLLOLLOL
The time arrives for Nallu to give her thank you speech.  She walks up to the stage and thanks each and every IFian for their warm wishes Smile.  Finally, she spills out her love for her G man Heart, making him float in cloud nine EmbarrassedLOL  (ada ponnu thairiyama paaduthu....athuvum BlushingBlushingBlushingpaanama.... aacharyama irukkeee WinkLOL)
Thode badmaas ho tum...thode naadan ho tum...
Thode badmaas ho tum...thode naadan ho tum...
Hah magar yeh saach hai... hamari jaan ho tum... 
Thode badmaas ho tum...thode naadan ho tum...
Hah magar yeh saach hai... hamari jaan ho tum...
Meri saanso ki jhankar ho tum... mera sola singar ho tum....
Meri aankho ka intezar ho tum, mera emaan meri shaan mera maan ho tum...
Thode beyimaan ho tum.... thoda shetan ho tum... Aahh
Thode beyimaan ho tum.... thoda shetan ho tum...
Hah magar yeh saach hai, mere bhagwaan ho tum
Thodee ummm, aan naadan ho tum...


The above short CK is dedicated to our beloved Nallu and Maamz on their wedding day, as per her wish to become a Jane LOLLOL.  Paavom maamz thaan namma Modern Tarzu agittaru....LOLLOL......  

On your wedding day, as you trade vows,
No ordinary moment hurries by.
You partake, as far as time allows,
Of something more than time and Earth and sky.
Unknowable, invisible, yet there;
Resplendent to the heart if not the face;
More than both of you, yet less than air;
A transcendental act conferring grace.
Reason might say, How can this be true?
Return then to the heart, for this is love.
In making vows, you make one out of two,
A mystery beyond what words can prove.
Go then as one flesh, one home, one heart.
Each still a whole, yet also now a part
by Nicholas Gordan

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smlaksh IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 December 2007
Posts: 5953

Posted: 01 July 2009 at 10:20pm | IP Logged
Dear Nallu & Ganesh ,


Wishing you both a Very Happy Married Life !!


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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 January 2007
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Posted: 01 July 2009 at 10:26pm | IP Logged
All the very best Nallu Kutty and Ganesh
May you live happily for a 100 years. (Roja kai
mattum theriyarathaa?? She wanted to show her face
but antha mad gleam is an integral part....Ganesh konja
naal bayapadaame irukkatume Embarrassed)

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anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 01 July 2009 at 11:13pm | IP Logged

Nalli Chellam , Nalli Chellam...Enga Ponaanga?Confused

Adada Enna Tamil IF le fulla thedarainShocked..Aalaye Kaanom?

Hmmm Romba Busy yo?Sari Avanga Veettukku Poyi PaapomSmile

Huh?ConfusedConfused Enna Idhu Edho Paattu Satham Kekkuthu?

Adada Nalli Kannu PaduthaaBig smile? Kettu PaapomaWink?
 Kalyana Kanavule Paatellam Paadareenga?

Enna Nalli Kutty Kalyana Kanava?

Aamam Yaaro Yahoo le Mail anuparain nu sonnangaTongue.
Hmmm Neenga anupale na, naanga varamaatoma?
Adhan Vandhutom Le.Wink
Ungala Kalaaika Idha vida oru nalla naal kidaikuma

Sari, hey Nalli ma, Podave Selection ku
shopping kootteettupoga Sonnaga

Namma KKK Gang fulla matha Arrangements panna
Veetle Iruppanga,Namma kelambalaam
Pogalama ille ...Thiruppi Kanava?EmbarrassedWink

Hmmm Enga Nalli Chellathodu Kalyana Podave

Idha Kalara?


Ellame Super a Suit Aagudhu..
Enga Athimbiar Avalothaan.EmbarrassedWink

Seekram Va ma, Marudhaani Podanum le
Aiyayo kavala padathe da, naan pottuvidaleLOLLOLLOL,

Adada Sariya sevvandhurikku
Jiju Romba Atishttasaali ThaanEmbarrassedWink..

Adada Vekkama.. Achacho
Avalo Cute

Sari Sari Namma KKK gang Kooda Marudhaani Potturkkom

PartyDancingHmmm Ippo Party TimePartyDancing.

Adada Enna idhuShocked ...

Kalyana  Naal le Thoongi VazhivomLOLLOLLOL. Sari Ini RestSmile.

Celebration Ini After MarriageEmbarrassed.

July 2nd 2009

IFians Ellarume Busy with the works

Sari Ippo Enga Style Kalyanam Paapoma?Embarrassed
(Andha oru style Kalyanam Thaan Naan PaathurkainLOLEmbarrassed)

Sari Modhala Ponnu Enga? Oh IF sisters Helping her Get ready

En Kanne Pattudum Pole Iruke..
Romba Azhaga Irukke Chellam
Sari Seekram Va ma Polam
Athimbiar Waiting

Om Shri Ganapathaye Nama :
Shri Vinayakar Thunai
Hare Krishna,Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

ClapCome Jijaaji You can do it.Smile

Malai Chatthinal, Kothai ,
Malai Matthinal,
Maladainthu Mashila Rangan
Malayavar than marbile,
Maiyal aai,thaiyalal
Malarkarathinal Poo (Malai...)

Rangarajanai, Anbar
Thangal nesanai,
Asi koori, bhoosurargal
Pesi miga vazhthida,
Anbudan- Inbamai,
Andal karathinal Poo (Malai...)

Kannoonjal Aadi yirundaal
Kaanchana Maalai
Mana maghizndaal (Kannoonjal)

Ponnoonjalil Poorithu
Bhooshanangal Tharithu
Eswara naaridathil Aasaigal
Romba Vaithu (Kannoonjal)

Asaindhu Sangili Aada
Isaindu Taalangal Poda
Ugandhu Oorvasiyaada
Pankaja valli Kondaada(Kannoonjal)

Utthami Petra kumari
Nithyam Sarvalangaari
Padhmathala Oyyaari
Padhma mukha Singaari (Kannoonjal)

Evalo Azhaga Irukku. Sari Time Aaguthu Le.
Thaali Katta Maapla Sir Waiting

Thaliya Thottu Asirvadham Kudukkaname.
Let me get the Thattu FirstSmile.
GChellam Vandhu Help Pannu
Ketti Melam Ketti Melam

DancingDancingDancingHaiyyaaaa Thaali KatttiyaacheDancingDancingDancing

Annandham Aanandham Aanandhame,
Paramanandham Aanandham Aanandhame
Namma Jijuvum Manamakanaanare
Namma Nalli Kannu Manamaklaanaale

Naam Saitha Pooja Palavum
Indru Palithatamma
Naam Saitha Pooja Palavum
Indru Palithatamma
Annandham Aanandham Aanandhame,
Paramanandham Aanandham Aanandhame

Start Music

Aha Inda Oru Vishayam Mattum Marukkave Mudiyathu
Enna Paakkareenga. Muhurtham Over le.
Next Enna? Idhu Thaan

Bhojanam Saiyya Varungo....Raja
Bhojanam Saiyya Varungo

Bhojanam Saiyya Varungo....Raja
Bhojanam Saiyya Varungo
Meenakshi Sundaresha Kalyana Mandapathil
Bhojanam Saiyya Varungo

Kalyana Samayal Saadham
Kaikarigalum Pramadham

Poyidaadhinga Ini Nalliyum Athimbiarum
Velayadarthu Paakavendamo?

Enga Ponnu Ready

Mappilaiye Malangukku Koopdnam Ille
Paatu Paadarvanga Vannga
Paadi Avangale Azhaippom

nalangida vaarum raja naanayamulla dhuraiye (2)
muthizhaitha pandhalile rathna glogu maatiruku
vandha janam kaathirukka vaarum raja nalangidave (nalangida)
pattu jamakaalamethai pandhalile virithirukku (2)
naalu vidha vaadhyangalum naagarigamai olika( nalangida)
endha ooru endha desam engirundhu ingu vandhen (2)
moganapuram thannile manmadhanai kaana vandhen(nalangida)

Kshmanghal kori Vinaayakanai Thudhithu
Shankaranaiyum Gowriyayum Varnithu
SriRamanaiyum Janakiaiyum Varnithu
Gowri Kalyaana VaibOgame'
Lakshmi Kalyaana VaibOghame
Vasudeva dhava BhalaAsura kula
Kalasasivadhana RoopiniSathyabhama Lola - Gowri Kalyaana..
Kothoda VazhaimaramKondu Vandhu Niruthi
Kopaiyudaiya Pandhalukku
Mel Kattu Katti - Gowri Kalyaana

Aiyo Idhu Ah Aah Padathode Illusion Scene Ille
Actually Reception Theme vandu Blue le
Adhu thaan Blue flowers, lightings ellam

Hey Look all The T.IFians.Ellarume Matching MatchingEmbarrassed.
Naangalum Blue Theme Follow Pannarome,
Nalli Chellam and Jeeju also wearing Blue Ile
Enna Othume Ille?Wink
Kannu padama irukkanamEmbarrassed


Aha Nalli Chellam Nalli Saree Le Talking to Kutties?
Cho ChweetEmbarrassed

Okay Nalli Sweetheart I really had fun doing this as if i really was there with you attending
the very special occasion of my sweet friendSmile

So here is my wishes my dear. Its from both fo us
Anj and Ghoney.(She's the one who introduced You and Tamil IF)
Can Never Forget her and anyone of you hereEmbarrassed.
You all like my family darlingHug.
So these wishes come from us..

SmileWishing You Both A  Very Happy Married LifeSmile

HugHugLove You Nalli DarlingHugHug

Melly Darling, Aishu Kannu Thank you so much for this thread...

Edited by anjkhoney - 03 July 2009 at 11:58am

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Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 4486

Posted: 01 July 2009 at 11:53pm | IP Logged

Hi Nallu,


In this memorable moment, I would like to






I wish u both should be as intimate and the soul and the body. Never, think ur soulmate as another person. He is always in you.


There are so many things in life few of which may bring in thorns and when u withstand those along with your Partner, u will surely reach the beautiful roses.


Just always have in mind, he is always there for me and I'm the one to take care of him.



The showers of blessings From God,

From your parents,

From your relatives,

From your friends,

From your well wishers


From your fellow IFians

Sprinkle colors in your life

Bring all the health and wealth,

Gives the happiness

Wishes you both the best of all,

Just as you both found each other.


Marriages are made in Heaven,

This great couple make the earth a lovely Heaven.








Aish Dear,
Thanks for the song da. You made me blush really da.Embarrassed
Meli and Aish, StarStar ClapClapClap
I really enjoyed it.

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