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Monday 29/6/09

Thiru is happily reading the newspaper - Commissioner office kku
poniyaa?? illatta Sandhya vai paarthiya?? urupadiya yethanum seythiya
nnu naanga inge 1000 questions kekkarOm, nee paper padikkare??!!
Ganesh calls and informs about Maasu kicking the bucket. Thiru is
shocked and wants to have company - goes to meet vaathu - "oru bad
news.... shock aagathe...." after much dilly dallying tells Vaathu that
Maasu left the vaathu kulam - kuduthu vaicha manushan, intha kashta
kaalam thaangame jolly aa joot vittuttar.....
- Vaathu cries ( this girl cant
act for nuts and so Thava.karthik resorts to graphics - minnal moonjile
varra mathiri graphics le pannittar !!)
After some kanraavi crying and that
famous azhu moonji BG music Vaathu says that she has to see Maasu
boy - " pls get me out for that " - has visions of Maasu asking her to do the
final rites -" I do not want a murderer to do that, ok?"

Thiru goes and meets the jailor who agrees to let vaathu pay her last
respects to maama - conditions are : No outstation visit, must return as
soon as the rites are over...- Thiru agrees for every thing. The hospital
says that they have to do a post mortem . Creep wants to take Maasu
boy to Rekha's house but Jothi says that he has to be buried in the village -
" in our garden, that is what he wanted.." RKO happens with Radha
obliging Jothi. Ganesh says that he will make the arrangements for
transportation. Vaathu comes out of abacus school - Mangai and Bharath
are in attendance - all go to the hospital.

Maasu's body is brought. Jothi does an 'ennanga // ennanga?"  Well Maasu
boy goes back to the village. The Vaathu entourage reaches Rekha's house and the
servant says that Maasu is off to the village. Vaathu wants to go as well but the
police inspector says that the Superintendent has to agree - ' we are not allowed
to cross the city limits !!!" The entourage goes to meet the Supdt. - so they can
get permission for the village visit.

June 30 (Tues): Update by Pat
Kasthuri, Mangai, Bharath and Thiru are at the Police Inspector's house to ask permission for Kasthuri to pay her last respects to Masil.  The Inspector tells them it is impossible because the rules have been changed and the jailors are more strict now.  Kasthuri falls at hte Inspector's feet and begs him. 
The Inspector tells her to wait while he checks with his superior and goes in.  His wife comes there and tells him to send Kashturi to pay her last respects because and she will return soon after.  She says Kasthuri seems like a good and innocent person.  Inspector asks her how she knows and she says that a women knows another.  The Inspector comes out at tells her she can go but to return soon after the last rites.  Kasthuri and Mangai are taken in the Police jeep while Thiru and Bharath follow in a car behim them,  On the way the car breaks down.  Thiru stops a car passing by and gets a ride there.  Bharath stays behind to repair the car. 
Vishu comes to pay his last respects and another opari.  Ram is kadu kadu with Visu's visit.  Ganesh calls Thiru and asks where they are.  Thiru asks him to stall until them arrive and they will be there in an hour.  The police jeep arrives and Kasthuri gets out with the police.  Ram sees her and stops her telling her to go away and she cannot see her.  Kasthuri at first begs him to let her see MAsil but Ram tells her off and shoves her.  Kasthuri says no one can stop her and walks forward.  Vishu and Ganesh come there and try to get KAsthuri in but Jothi too comes there and says Kasthuri cannot see Masil.  All this while the police are just watching without doing anything.  Thiru arrives and tells Ram he cannot stop anyone who wants to pay their last repsects.  Kasturi tells Jothi about Masil's wish that she does the last rites but Jothi tells her off saying that cannot be because Masil is not an orphan and has a son.  Kasthuri says no matter what Jothi will not believe her but it is the truth
A senior citizen comes there and asks who she is and why all the commotion.  He says Masil is a very respectable man and his last rites must be carried out without any problem.  Kasthuri tries to tell him she is Masil's DIL but the man says he knows Kasthuri well.  Ram tells the man that he doesn't know who she is.  Vishu tries to explan about the facial transplant but the villager doe not believe him.  Ram pushes everyone out and tells her to get lost and goes in to prepare for Masil's last rites.  Kashturi cries because she cannot fulfil Masil's last wishes. Thiru tells her that Masil knows about her and his family and that she will always has her blessing.  Kasthuri still cries and her father tries to console her.  THODARUM.

July 1 (Wed): Update By Pat
Kasthuri back in jail.  Thinks about not being able to see Masil for the last time and cries.  Jothi sitting in her house looking at Masil's garlanded picture and cries.  Ram sees this, comes to her and asks her to live with him.  Jothi refuses saying she wants to stay there.  Ram says for her to at least stay with Jayanthi and again Jothi refuses.  She asks him to go and that she will be okay.  Ram leaves.
Thiru meets Kasthuri in jail and tells her his decision to marry Sophia so that Kasthuri will be released.  Kasthuri objects saying it will spoil his and Kavya's future.  Thiru says it is okay he can manager and he wants to marry Sophia for two reasons.  One to release Kasthuri from jail and another to make Ram pay for all his sins especially murdering Rekha.  Kasthuri tells him to think again but Thiru says his mind is made up and leaves Kasthuri who as usual looks at the camera with no expression what so ever.  THODARUM.

Update for Thursday, July 2, 2009:  By Eljay

Kavya is reading something and Thiru comes in and tells her that Kasthuri is in jail.  He tells her that they have to help her come out of jail.  Kavya wants to know why Kasthuri is in jail.  He tells her that she has to be away from there so that he can take care of certain things, so he is going to send her to a school in Ooty.  She doesn't want to go, but he tells her that it will only be for a few days, and once he is done with his tasks, he will bring her back.  He spouts philosophy at her, saying that they must learn to adapt to their circumstances.  She seems to understand all this philosophy and agrees.

The rascal is reading a newspaper, and his son is sitting on the couch.  Radha comes down, so he hurriedly puts away the paper and wears a sad expression (don't come in front of me, or I will bash your face in!).  He regrets not having been by his father's side at the end.  He blames Kasthuri for Rekha's murder, and when Radha says she deserves this punishment and more, he smirks from behind.  He says that if it were not for Santhosh, he too would have died when Rekha died.  She advises him to be strong and says that ippo thaan neenga concentration pannanum (I guess there is some dish called concentration!).  Radha says she plans to go and meet Sandhya and make sure that Thiru does not get a chance to rescue Kasthuri, but Ram dissuades her and says he is meeting Sandhya regularly.  He will make sure that Kasthuri gets the fitting punishment.  He then goes to his room and gloats in front of Rekha's framed photo. He says that her father kicked him out, now he is gone, she tried to get rid of him, she is gone, and his father supported Kasthuri, now his father is dead and Kasthuri is in jail.  He also tells her that there is a new girl in their office now, and he is going to work on her now and this is disgusting, but he makes a kissy noise and .. Yuck!

Bharath and Thiru are talking about Kasthuri.  T tells B that he has decided to help Kasthuri, so he is going to marry Sophia. Then he will go away from Kasthuri's life altogether, so she can have a life of her own. Idiot, why didn't you read what I have been saying all along, connect Soma and Sandhya and Ram and Sophia. Bharath advises him against it, and tells him to think about it carefully.  He says that they will go to other police officers, the commissioner, or even the Home Minister.  Thiru says that he does not care about his life, so he is going to tell Sandhya tomorrow that he is ready to get married to Sophia.

Sandhya is playing billiards in a ghastly outfit that reminds me of traffic lights.  Thiru tells her that he has decided to marry Sophia, on the condition that Kasthuri is freed first and then he will marry her sister.  She says that she was awaiting this all along but Kasthuri can be released only after certain procedures are done. He insists that he will tie the thali only when Kasthuri is released.  She tells him not to renege on his word once Kasthuri is released, and he says that he doesn't go back on his word.  She says that she has all the evidence needed for Kasthuri's release, and he says that the sooner she gets Kasthuri out, the sooner he will tie the thali around Sophia's neck.  Maybe he did read my message and is pretending to play along with Sandhya, so that Ram can be identified as the murderer, and then Sandhya's role in the cover up will come to light.  The camera freezes on a thoughtful Sandhya.  THODARUM

Update  - Friday, July 3rd 2009  - . By Eclat
Thiru meets kasturi in the prison and tells her of his decision to admit  kavya in  a boarding school in Ooty.   Kasturi feels sad and reminds him that Kavya is an heart patient.  Thiru justifies his action so that the child does not get to see all that would be happening, he cant explain to the child if Sophia comes home after their marriage.  Kasturi makes a request -  if and when she comes out she would like to take care of Kavya.  Sophia can be Thiru's wife but only she can be Kavya's mom !
Somasundaram waiting for someone.  The kadukkann clad Ram meets him and says that if Sophia gets married to Thiru, then Kasturi would be out.  If all that happens he would have to go to the abacus school.  Somasundaram says that all this while Ram being out itself is a great thing.  Ram tries to group Soma into his wrong doings but the shrude Soma says Ram murdered Rekha for his personal gains, and Soma helped Ram murder Annamalai which again was for Ram's personal gain although Annamalai was his arch business rival.   His family is more important to him now... bades bye bye to  a scheming looking Ram.
Insp. Sandhya goes with a tiffin carrier to the mental hospital where Sophia is admitted.  meets the doctor and tells about Thiru marrying Sophia.  The doc says Thiru is a nice man, he had met him once, and he said to do all that  that can be done to cure Sophia.  Also mentions that this marriage cannot be registered because Sophia is mentally unstable.  Sandhya meets Thiru and tells him of the confidence that she has in him.  Thiru gives some agni satchi dialogue and says he will take care of Sophia.  Sandhya is happy.
Kasturi in prison pushing a wheel barrow.  Inspector sandhya comes there and feels bad.  She calls Kasturi and says that she is to be released soon.  As usual Kasturi has a blank look - Sandhya asks if she is not happy going out.  Philo Kasturi says, she did not do anything wrong, so does not make any difference to her.  Sandhya is happy that Thiru is marrying Sophia, she had to do it to cure her sister.  Her intention was not to hurt Kasturi and promises all help to Kasturi when she gets out of the prison.  kastuir asks for Kavya to be under her care because Sophia cant take care of her.  Sandhya wants kasturi to go back to the village, so that she can be out of Thiru;s sight and life.  Kasturi justifies that her look alike face of Simi would heal Kavya - Sandhya refuses to give kavya for the same reason...

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Thanks for the updates Roja..
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Thanks for the updates ...... getting boring day by day
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Pat, my sympathies to you for updating this episode.  I couldn't stomach the useless dialogs and finally I turned off the TV.  Ugh! 
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Thanks Patsy - hmmmmmmmmm
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Thanks for the updates, Pat
grrr Jothi,,,,, such a useless characters,,,,, hope kasturi do the last rituals for Masil
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Pat dear thanks .  another round of oppaari.. idhu enna oppaari vaarama?

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Thanks for the updates Pat

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