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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar

Written Update- June 26th

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Little Champs- Written Update- June 26th

Written By: Navii Dhesii
The Show Starts:
They show the title song in which everyone is introduced. They then show Kailash Kher singing one of his own  original song. Everyone is enjoying it and singing and dancing along. Dhairya says," Clap for the most AMAZING performance and welcome to Little Champs 09". While he is doing that Kailash Kher is amazed by how small Afsa is and asks for a hand shake. Dhairya says," I will introduce the teachers to you, this is the girls teacher Alka didi and this is the boy's teacher Abhijeet da". Dhairya then asks Afsa, " Why are you standing there looking around". Afsa replies," Because , I am trying to  figure out who he is". Dhairya says," YOU don't know HIM!". Afsa says," I don't know him that is why I am trying to figure out why he is singing on our stage". Kailash Kher says," Because I ammm a sinngggerrr". [ He says it in a very wierd sort of way LOL] Dhairya says," Because he is a singer!". Afsa says," I'm a singer too". Kailash Kher says," Then sing". Dhairya replies," HE IS KAILASH KHER!". Afsa says," I AM AFSA MUSANI!". Everyone laughs very hard. Especially Alka Yagnik. Dhairya then complains that he is tired of Afsa and they can try to contain her. Kailash Kher then says," Can I show you some clips of my new album??". Afsa replies," Yes../ What is the name of the album???". Kailash replies," Kailasa Chaadan Mein". Afsa replies," Then this album will be a SUPER HIT!". [ They show clips of the new album videos] Kailash Kher then gives Afsa and Dhairya a copy of his new album. They thank him and Dhairya leads him to his seat. Dhairya then says," Today is the first day of competition so, the boy's will start!". Afsa says," No, the boy's can't keep starting. Tell us Alka Didi who will come on first??". Alka replies," The girl from Lucknow, Farah Naaz!".
Farah Naaz
She is introduced and welcomed. Afsa then wishes her good luck. She starts.
Song Selection: Piya Tose Naina Laage Re ( By: Lata Ji )
Kailash Kher: You sung very MINDBLOWING! I am really impressed, loved it.  
Abhijeet: When we hear a recorded song. We know that there is no problem so, we don't even look for them. You sounded like a recorded song. I don't know if I should stand up or not because you are the first one. I have made that promise but.../ Everyone pressures him to stand up/ He stands up. This is all because of you not because they pressured me.
Alka:You opened this show  wonderfully! I just wan't you to sing like this from now on and even better than this now.
Farah promises to always keep Alka Ji AT THE TOP with her head held HIGH!  
Afsa says," See all the boy's are hiding! Is there anyone now that can beat MY Farah Didi?". Dhariya then says," Come on Abhijeet show them the boy's are tough too!". Abhijeet then welcomes," Yashodhan Rao Kadam"!
Yashodhan Rao Kadam 
He is welcomed on stage. Dhairya wishes him good luck!
Song Selection: Sapno Se Bhare Naina ( From: Luck By Chance)
Kailash Kher: After seeing the standard of this show I am really shocked. You really touched our hearts with that song.
Alka: I won't stand because my legs would get tired. There were some places where I thought is this real. Very good! Mindblowing!
Abhijeet: We made a promise in the begginning that we would stand up if someone sang well. If Alka ji is not standing up. Then I apoligize to you. I will put my collar up to remind you that you have put my head up high/ He also gives standing ovation. [ He is very MAD at Alka - It is visible from the way he is acting]
Afsa says," Here is medicine.". Dhairya says,"Why? ". Afsa says," Because after you hear our next girls song you will go mad!". Dhairya replies,"I need to water and then we need to call a BREAK!". They then call a BREAK ! 
Afsa and Dhariya have another fight about who will win the GOLDEN MEDAL. Afsa then asks, " Alka didi call the next girl". Alka says," The revoulitionary Priyanka Maliya!" 
Priyanks Maliya
She is welcomed and stage and Afsa wishes her good luck.
Song Selection: Dil Nai Lagda
Kailash Kher: I thought you sung it very well and the song was very good too. You sing very openely.
Abhijeet:  I had alot of expections. HAD. In the first few lines I thought I must have to stand up again but, it didn't happen. From last week this is a drop.
Alka: From you're face you seem a tense. If you have a problem tell me. Don't keep anything inside and then let it project in you're performance. You're yound you're suppose to be having FUN!
Dhairya then asks Priyanka's mother how the performance was. She says," If you all liked then I liked it too". Alka says," Did you have a problem with her coming here ?". She replies," Well, our society was not happy". Alka says," I wan't you guys to support her and see the difference that will happen in her performance.
Dhariya tells Abhijeet to call the next boy and show the girl what a Little Champ is like ! He calls," Yatharth Ratnam Rastogi"[ With a Banaras Accent because that is where he is from]
Yatharth Ratnam Rastogi 
He is welcomed on stage and he is wished good luck.
Song Selection: Kaise Mujhe ( From: Ghajini)
Kailash Kher: Everyone is talented here. You were VERY GOOD! I'm very impressed because this composition was very hard in the first place.
Alka: Abhijeet why were you looking at me in the start of the song??? Abhijeet cracks a joke that is not funny. Alka continues: Abhijeet thinks you are going to win and get the gold meal and that you sung very well. HE IS RIGHT! You sung very well and it is very hard for anyone here to beat you. My teacher is from Banaras she will be very happy to see you.
Abhijeet: WONDERFUL, MIND BLOWING, FANTASTIC! [ To sum it all up and translate it LOL]
Afsa says," Alka did welcome the next contestant to show the boy's". Alka says," From Kolkata, West Bengal... Debolina Halder!
Debolina Halder
She is welcomed on stage and wishes good luck!
Song Selection: Kajra Mohabbat Waala 
Kailash Kher: Veryyyy Well Sung! Just everything you did was Magnificent! 
Abhijeet: I think you are challenging the people in the older shows.    
Alka:  Your best quality is you're tone. You have a very sweet voice and make sure you make ful use of it.
They then call a BREAK!
Afsa is on the stage and is wondering where Dhairya is. She thinks he has become a ghost. He replies," I am here to talk to Hemant's father!". Afsa replies," Then why are you looking at my face talk to him!".
Dhairya asks Hemant's father what they have brought. He replies," I have brought pure water for Alka Yagnik and Abhijeet Da". He asks Hemant to give it to him. Abhijeet then asks," May I spread it everywhere???". Hemant's father says," Yes,Why not?". Abhijeet sprinkles the PURE water around the studio. Hemant goes on stage.
Hemant Brijwasi 
He is welcomed on stage and Afsa tells him not to sing BAD!
Song Selection: Maa Da Laadla ( From: Dostana )
Kailash Kher: The way he sings it feels like someone else like a mature man is inside of him.
Alka: When  someone sings so well wether a girl or guy my heart goes towards them.[ Hemant's father request's she stands up for him] Alka ji gives him a STANDING OVATION*** ALKA'S FIRST STANDING OVATION BY HERSELF***
Abhijeet: On this episode till now YOU ARE THE BEST!  
Afsa says," Welcome the next girl". Alka says," The next girl is the sweet, chubby and cute Antara Nandy".
Antara Nandy
She is welcomed on stage and wished goodluck. Afsa says," Sing a chorus that makes the go WOW!"/
Song Selection: Saiyaan Beimaan ( By: Lata Ji)
Antara is Crying! ( She thinks she hasn't sang well - The Judges Differ)
Kailash Kher: Very Good!  You deserve a very LOUD APPLAUSE ! Mindblowing! Smile!
Abhijeet: Very well sung. We will be the judge of the taal, notes ... etc. OK! Or else you will have to sit in our place. 
Alka:  NO COMMENTS Confused ( She only asked what's wrong!)
Dhairya asks," Let's ask her mother how it was". Her mother replies," I am very emotional, she is the first one to sing in our family so , I get very happy and emotional when she sings. I can't stop the tears". [APPLAUSEClap]
Dhairya says," The next boy that will come will kick you out of the ball park! Abhijeet call the next boy!". Abhijeet says," The next boy can't come alone he says he wont come until I bring him on stage". Dhairya says," Then bring him!". He brings him on stage and says," From now on he can walk by himself!". Everyone laughs.
Swarit Shukl  
He is welcomed on stage and is wished good luck by Dhairya.
He is about to sing when he put's his pinky up. He runs off stage. HE HAS TO PEE! LOL 
Everyone is suprised at the timing. He comes back.
Song Selection:Tujhe Pe Qurbaan Meri Jaan 
Kailash Kher: Where have you found such kids. I never knew there were so many wondeful young singers 
Abhijeet: The things you do you don't even notice. Very Good!
Afsa asks Alka to introduce the next contestant. Alka says," The next person singing is Shreyasi!"
Shreyasi Bhattacharjee
She is welcomed on stage and wished good luck! The song is about to start when all of a sudden Alka stops the music. She tells  to take in a good breath because this song has no place to take a breath.
Song Selection:  Dil Mein Jaagi Dhadkan
Kailash Kher: GIVE ME YOU'RE LUNGS! Abhijeet was asking if this is possible and yes it is !
Alka:  There is no point of saying anything everyone can see it !
They ask Shreyasi's father how he liked the song. He replies," What can I say. I enjoyed it to my hearts content!".
Dhairya then says," Do you know what the top Little Champ will win???". Afsa says," Whhhattt?" Dharya replies," Fruit Juice Top Prize Pack and a Hamper!". Afsa says," When?". Dhariya says," After this BREAK!". They come back and you see Afsa on Alka's lap and Dhairya on Abhijeet's. They have another small little fight. They call the next boy!
Abhijeet Srivastava  
He is welcomed on stage and is wished good luck by the boys!
Song Selection:Guzarish ( From: Ghajini)
Kailash Kher: Both the boy's and girls are good. You have a lot of confidence, sincerity and very good song selection. This is VERY big competition.
Alka:Very good, smooth and in confidence.
Abhijeet: The Abhijeet I picked out of so many. Is a bit missing. Abhijeet is not so happy with Abhijeet.
Dhairya then says," Remember this is the third phase!". Afsa and Dhairya fight about who is going next. Afsa then tells Alka Ji to call the next girl. Alka says," The next girl is the little musical power house SHALINI MUKHERJEE!".
Shalini Mukherjee
She is welcomed on stage and wished good luck!  
Song Selection: Raat Baaki
Alka brings a gift for Shalini. She is very happy it is a MAKE UP KIT! Abhijeet does not look too happy.
Abhijeet: NO COMMENT
Kailash Kher: NO COMMENT 
It feel's like they are rushing now because they are out of time. Dhariya tells Abhijeet to call the next boy. He calls," ABHI GYAN DAS!".
Abhigyan Das  
He is welcomed on stage and is wished good luck.
Song Selection: Yoon Shabnami( From: Saawariya- Ranbir Kapoor & Sonam Kapoor Debut)
Kailash Kher: The start was very good and you ended it good. I am very impressed. God Bless You! I think the boys are going to be hard to beat by the girls.
Abhijeet: I think if you sang this song a little bit better then we could have been hard for the girls to beat. The girls had 2 VERY good performances. If only you gave one very good one we could have been tied. I guess everyone thinks differently ( He is hinting to Kailash Kher) Well, it's ok we will try harder for next time. 
Alka:  NO COMMENT Confused 
Dhairya then asks them to crown the Champ Of the Week. Kailash Kher says," None of us will tell you we have a remote control car that will stop on the winner". The car goes around and around the
CHAMP OF THE WEEK:  Shreyasi Bhattacharjee!
She is awarded the powerpack and congratulated! They then end the episode by Kailash Kher singing a song !
This concludes the episode!

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Thank you sooooooo much for the lovely update Navi.

omg the pee thing looks fakeLOL
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hey guru ji !LOL

yeah, duniya mein sab kuch drama hai !LOL

btw- wonderful update !Big smile thanks !

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Hey Gur

nice to see u

long time no see

hope ur having fun Big smile
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is this Punjabi QT our GURia???? Shocked Confused Embarrassed
Thanks for sharing updates...
Antara was the weakest along with Debolina....Antara was not good last week either...Dunno why she was given so much hype...Antara should be elinated instead of Debolina...
In boys Abhijit and Swarit were weakest...Swarit's urge to Pee was scripted and Dead
In girls Farah was the best followed by Shreyashi & priyanka
Boys Yashodhan, Yatharth, Abhigyan and kid from Krishna country was awesome...
Boys are bit stronger team than girls...

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the episode was amazing....I especially loved the song selection..and the kids are doing great...Yashodhan is back in formSmile

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