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Zindagi Ban Gaye Ho Tum (AR:FF) =) *Part 2 updatd* (Page 7)

wardahere IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2009 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ar_loveneverfad

hey lovely promo! cud u plz pm me wen u update? mii name iz bani!



yes offcourse ii can definatliiee PM you wen ii continue..

just stayy tuned..!!

glad too meet you

HI ii am warda..<3

love yhu

wardahere IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2009 at 8:59pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zaynoo2320

This seems really interesting!! Do update soon!! Can't wait to read more!! If you have a PM list, feel free to add me!




ii will definatliiee update sooonner than SOOOOOOOOOn..!!!

yes yes offcourse ii have a PM LIST!

adn your ADDDED...!!!


thankyou once again

love warda<3

Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 June 2009 at 11:16pm | IP Logged
Warda update soon naa...
i'm actually up just to read ur part..
btw r u updating today???!
aarora IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 June 2009 at 12:00am | IP Logged
waiting for update honey!!!!!
kajenlover4ever Goldie

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Posted: 29 June 2009 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
cmonnn warda!!! update soon.. waiting for ur update!!
flaming_saphire Senior Member

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Posted: 30 June 2009 at 4:48pm | IP Logged
hey.. came across ur ff.
n it seems 2 b very interestin.
n if u can plz pm me.
n continue sooooooooooon.
wardahere IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 June 2009 at 10:20pm | IP Logged

"what was that Armaan..?!?! Riddhima is kinda girl whom you wouldn't even look at for 30 have been married to her fr past month and what was today..?!? what happened to you..?!?"
Leaving a confuse Armaan

Riddhima head down to the party giving herself the

She headed down to the party..steping down the stairs she could feeel most of the eyes on her..she felt insecured..but she couldn't do anything she had to do this in order to get her husband on she was on the last step she saw a guy with his head bowed infront of her and offerening her hand..she loooked back at armaan who still seemed pissed so she immediatliee accpeted the unknown hand..

"Thankyou" she said politly

"The pleasure is all mine...ii must say your very preety.." he said kissing her hand..

"Ohh thankyou soo much.." riddhima said trying to act normal.

Armaan who was watching everything from the top was boiling up with anger..

"May i get the pleasure to dance with this beautiful lady tonite.." he asked

"sure..." Riddhima replied..

Armaan wanted to go away from there as he saw Vivek's hand around riddhima'z waiste..Armaan wanted to Kill vievek right know fro touching his wife..But he was left with no option but to lieave riddhima on her own..after all this was all happening because of HIm..
Vivek took riddhima to the dancing floor and was dancing..riddhima wasn't enjoying the dance cauz she was not able to spot armaan..

"Hey babes looking for someone.."

"No..just scaning around.."

"ohhh..your very beautiful..ii must say..are you single..??!?!"

"Actually No! ii am...(she finally spotted armaan dancing right behind him with some girll) ohh ii mean ii have a boyfriend..but we'll have a broke up soon.."

"ohh that lucky guy...umm you want something to drink.."

"sure..a vodka would be fine.."

Armaan listening to the entire conversation wanted to punch Vivek and
felt a pain deep inside on BOYFRIEND..she married for god sake..but then he gave himself a thought..
GOD! why is this happeneing to me..!!?? WHY WHY WHY..?!?! why she gotta start acting like that wHen ii realized that ii was in LOVE with her..but this is what ii wanted rite..!?!? too let her live her life and let me live mine...i ineed to make everything l0ok normal

after havving this thought armaan wen back into dancing with all the girls around him..Riddhima who looked at this got angry and went to the bar..where vivek was getiing their drinks..

as Vivek saaw her coming he licked his lipss and checked riddhimaa out..

"hey baby" he greeted..

"hi.." riddhima said feeeling unsecure as his actions which were noticeable by her..

" you goo your vodka.." he handed her the glass

"thankyou.." she drank it all down in one sip..

DAMN! she is soo sexy...her curves are driving me krazy...she is half drunk..i should totally make my night with her..

"Waiteer one more.." vivek said..

"no ii am good.."

"just one.. baby..ur in the club party hard.."

RIddhima looked at vivek then at armaan who was dancing with the gurll as if they are having s*x on the floor..she almost had tears looking at her husband that way..

"hey riddhima babes..your vodka.." her thoughts were intrupted by vivek offering her drink..

"thankyou but ii am good...." she said putting it aside and ..looking at armaan

"Vivek lets goo dance.." she said in flirting voice

"sureeeee..." vivek again grabing riddhima by her waist took her too the dance floor..

Riddima was actaully enjoying the dance since she noticed armaan's eyes on her the entire time she was dancing with vivek..

"riddhima hold on my phone..i'll be back.."


Riddhima was enjoying herself as she saw armaan'z eyes on her ..while dancing she felt a hard hold on her ..

"What the hell is this vivek..!?!"

she TUrned to slap him..but it he held her hand..and held it behind her back..

"Armaan what are you doing..?!?! lEt me go.."

"No! ridhima your drunk and vivek is not a nice guy.."

"OHHHH!! SHUT UP armaan malik..! ii know how to take care off myself..stop being my baby sitter..and please stop acting like a husband.."

"RIddhima ur not in your senses its four..lets goo we'll talk at hOme."

"Armaan leave mE! ii said just let me go! ii am in my senses ii know wats going on ii am not a little baby" riddhima yelled..

"riddhima but."

"But what armaan..!?!? okk do me a favor and MAKE up ur mind on what you want to do...?!?!? two weeks agoo you treated me like trash..ignored me like ii don't exsist...FINE! ii planned to stop being ur pet and live my life the way ii want then why do you care know HUH..?!?!"

"Riddhima can we talk about this later.."

"NO! Armaan look we'll just be wat we have been for the past month..ok.."

"Heyy riddhima soorry ii took for-e..." he was muted as he saw riddhima in arms of armaan..

"ii am soorry.."

"NO No don't be vivek he just wanted to dance i don't even know himm.." riddhima said getting out of arman'z grip..

Armaan was hurted as riddhima introduced him as a STRANGER..armaan immidetaliie left from there..looking at this riddhima smiled to herslef saying..

"Yes! its working.." she whispered to herself

"You said something.." vivek asked taking ridhima in his arms..

"No! ummm OMGOSH! its four i'll leave c u later.." she said as she pretended to look at her watch

"atleast give me your number.." vivek yelled after her..but too late riddhima was already gone..

Its working..he went home with full anger..YES! Armaan Malik..Let c what will you do next..

she gave herself a thought as she came outside the club and saw armaan'z car fly away..
Armaan went home staright to his room..he closed the doorr behind him and threw his key all the way across the room..he threw all the books on the floor which were on his book sheleve..he threw his phone on the floor..and went to the balcony kicked chair and table..
AHHHHHHH..ridhhimaa Why why..!??! Why you gootta do this too me when ii am in freakin LOVE with you..!! GOD!
armaan went towards his resting chair and sat there for a while..

"Where the hell is she?!?! its FIVE in the morning and she is still not home yet..! is she still in that club..wat if vivek..NO!NO! riddhima is a smart girl..but she is too innocent to know whats gonna happen next..!! BUt why didn't she just came along with me..Is she still partying..?!?! MAN!She have started hating me and thats what ii wanted rite..!
Armaan while resting closed his eyes and
gave a thought on how all this started.

*Flash back STARTS*

" can you do this..put a contract upon a realationship.."

"Look Mr.Malik I had a rivary issue with riddhima'z father..ii adopted her and grew her up only because ii wanted a pay back..ii wanted her to go through what my sister went through.."

"ii am soorryy do you mind me asking what did your sister went through?"

"Offcourse ii trust you..well..this is 18 years sisteer was married to riddhima'z father sister Hina sincerley loved Amir ii was her caretaker and since ii loved her more than anything i got her married to Amir..After 3 months of their wedding..Hina came running to me..telling me how Amir used her and now wants a DIVORCE from her after ii did my inquiry on this sudden attempt from amir.. ii got a new story of AMir infront of me on how he was already married and have a baby too..Hina was shattered on hearing the entire truth of y Amir wanted a divorce..My baby Hina commited sucide and she didnot blamed anyone...two days later of her death ii heard that amir and his wife Anita got into a car accident are in very critical state..Amir called me to meet him 4 the last time..ii still remember Amir's last words..ii am soorry shashank bhaisaab the reason i married Hina was because she had power and money which caused me to maarrry her and ii told her the truth when ii entirely used her ii am soorry if you can soo please forgive me..ii have one last request..please please take care of our riddhima..ii have noone else except you..please take care of her.."

"Oh ii am soo soooorrry Mr.Gupta.."

"Oh don't bee.."

"But ii thought you really loved riddhima ii mean she is the world most famous doctor..and the person who she dedicate everythign is you.."

"ii know and that is cauz..she does'nt know that truth yet..ii grew her up waiting for this day..ii want you doo exactly what amir did with hina..adn then at the same time i'll tell her she is not my daughter she is Amir's daughter..she should feeel the pain her dad gave to my sister.."

Armaan was shocked by shashank'z gupta's words..he didn't knew wat to say...a GAME for jus ta piece of land..but that land was his dream..he wanted to make a hospital there for poor people who can get three check up done for entirely no cost..and this would be the gift of nikita bhabhi and abhimanyu bhaiyah 5th aniiversary..

" ii..??"

"Ohh Armaan ii trust u..thats y after talking to abhimanyu ii wanted to talk to u..ii know you are a player and you have no feeelings for gurls..thats why ii think you can do this..and the land will be urz on the day of ur wedding"

Armaan went in deeep thinking of what to do..should ii use this gurll..but wait that is not the first time..ii am using a gurll..soo there should be no regret right..

"soo should take this as a yes!"

"yes it is.." armaan said accepting the extended hand..

*flash back ends*

He threw the pillow on the floor comign out of his thoughts..
HOw...HOw..!!?!? shud ii tell her that why did i got married to her...the first time ii saw her in that wedding dress ii fell in love with her adn then  ii promised my self..that YES! ii will give her a divorce but will not touch her and make her hate me soo she wouldn't have a broken heart wen she leaves me...BUT ii didn't knew that me myself would fall for yhu..!! HOLD ON BUT! but right now why isin she home yet! where is she..!??! is she okay.!?!

Riddhima was at the beach walking around with her high heels in her hands..and walking in wet sand and letting waves touch her feet and thinking about all the times she spent with armaan..

*Flash Back*

"Loook riddhima your a nice girl and i don't want to play with you soo i am going to tell you in easy words this relationship is a game to meh..and as soon as this game is over we are over...but while we are in thsi relationship i want to clear one thing that you can do anything you want ii won't stop you..and same goes for people'z eyes we'll be a happy couple but in this room we are strangers.."

"armaan tonit..e is our we..diing nite and your telling me that we'll have a DIVORCE..thankyou for the best wedding gift ever.." she said with tears and headed towards the bathroom

"Riddhima lisin to me.." he called her by grabing her elbow and spined her around and she was in her arms..

"What is there to lisin armaan..?!?! huh..?!?! you cleared up everything..thankyou soo much for that..what else do you want from..meh..?!?" tears roll down..
DAMN why these can't they atleast wait for five minute..

"Riddhima we neeed to do thiss..or else its going to be hard for you.." armaan said

"Did you just said hard for meh..!??! how easy is it for me now armaan..?!? ii agree that our marriage was a arranage commitment but look at you...the first night off wedding telling me that we are going to have a DIVORCE! Oh ii am soorry ii forgot that after all  your a GUY! these feeelings kind off things don't exist for you.."

"iTs nothing like that ii am doing it for your good riddhima.."

"well thankyou soo much Mr.Armaan Malik.." she said harshly geting out of his grip..and went straight to the bathroom closing the door behind her..

*flash back ends*

Since that day have never treated me like a wife..not even touched me once..or even look at me..Armaan ii have alwaz been there for yhu.. armaan..adn this is my Last Last way to make you realize that you have a wife..ii have started to Fall for you armaan..ii can't lie to my self anymore..she gave herself this thought while  walking on the wet she glanced at her watch OMG its seven ii should go home.

"DAMN! seven where is this gurll..?!?! Does she have any clue that ii am here going crazyy thinking about how is she doing..?!! armaan this is your shud have stayed there..that vivek..Riddhima GOSH why are you affecting me soo much..ii promised my self of not to show you the love of mine to you..!

 his thoughts were interuped by the footsteps..

riddhima  holding her sandals in her hand and headed towards her room..

Entering her room..she was shocked to c the lights open..

"Armaaan.." she said droping her shoes on the floor..

"Where the hell were you..?!?!" he said immediatliie grabing her in his armss..

"Armaan what are you doing..?!?! nd why do you care..!?!?"

"Because ii am a your GOD DAMN husband...And ii can do anything i want..!"

"Armaan your hurting me let me go..!"

"Riddhima the words "HURT" doesn't sound good from your mouth..because your the one hurting me the most.."

"Ohh really..ii would love to know what ii did that hurted my husband?!"


"Oh! so wait a mintue I am not giving you anykind of explanation..After all we have nothing between us.."

"you need to stop saying that..(he tightened his grip) i am your husband.."

"your HURTING me LET ME GO!"

"Riddhima ENTIRE WORLD know we are married..and your telling me we have nothing"

"ARMAAN! its hurting PLEASE let me go.."

Armaan immediatliee let her go realizing that he was twisiting her HAND which left marks on her wrist..

"ii am soorry riddhima.."

With tears.."ii HATE you ARMAAN! go to HELL" she ran away from him..

He held her again put her against the wall..and slide his hands around her waist and started nuzzling her in hair..

"Armaan..!" she closed her eyes


Hey GUYS warda here..=)

Okayy soo ii am FINALLAYY updating part 1
you guys don't even know how nervous ii amm
first ii am HEKKKKA soorrrrrry forrr LATE UPDATE!!
actually wat happpened was ii rote this part like five times..
cauz YIKES! ii was soo confusedd FINALLLLLLLLIEE ii got the tarack in my HAND
ii seriouslieee seriouslieee HOPE you guys like it..
leave your true
ii realllyy apprecaite every single word you guys write about my part..
realiiee do do do do do do
leave comments..
ii am sincerelyy sooooorrry if you guys don't like it..
ii PROMISE that next part will be better..Embarrassed
ii totaliie have my
*finger crozzed*


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Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 June 2009 at 10:25pm | IP Logged
lolzzz ME 1st!!!!
seriously.. itz not crappy at all...
I luved it form teh core...
So AR r married nd Armaan realzied his love for him...
Nd Ridhima is tryin to make him realize it..
Awwwww so cute...
loved the clubbing scene...
Man Ridhima is doin alot for her love..
nd da guy Vivek..
MAn he lookz trouble..
nd da ending... man
y did u have to end it dere
it was gettin to even a betta part...
So this tiem u betta cont. ASAP gurl...
plzzz cont. soon!
nd thnxxx for da pm..
Luv ya mucho SAZ!

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