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Conditional & Unconditional Love-1..RA- One Shot..

MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 3:33am | IP Logged
Hey Guys... I'am posting one more one shot fanfic of Rajeev-Aamna..Some of my readers have already read it.....This time i'am posting it in a separate topic...Hope all of you enjoy reading it...

Conditional & Unconditional Love- 1...
Sujal – Rajeev  Khandelwal

Kashish – Aamna Shariff

This  story  is  about  sujal , kashish.. it's  about  their  hatred , their  enmity , their forced  marriage  , their  differences  &  finally  their  love  which  wins  over  all  the  odds  to  become  the  unconditional love…so here it is....

Conditional & Unconditional Love…….

Sujal garewal ,kashish sniha belong to rich households.. they are strangers to each other but they have known, seen each other but then they are enemies.. sujal is a business man & he does not believe in marriage , wants his freedom & has a loads of attitude but will never do anything against his mother's wishes……
Kashish on the other hand is also a business person &   she is a kind of person who lives for her mother & her business ..she has a hatred over marriage as her father divorced her mother when she was very young for some other woman & they had to face a number of difficulties to come up in life …
Sujal, kashish study in the same college.. but they belong to different gangs.. the gangs members were always at logger heads with each other…thus whenever sujal, kashish meet they ended  up fighting.. the college finished.. life moved on for both of them.. sujal & kashish became business persons at different places… they never thought that life would make them meet again nor did they want to meet again… but life had it's   own twist & turns… after 3 years   sujal, kashish meet up in a business meeting.. they meet as business rivals this time… in the meeting again both their ego's clash.. both are unable to forget their past enmity….this time again they part ways not as business associates but then as business foes…
Life carries on for two more years.. & in kashish's house her mom is asking her to get married.. kashish refuses… sujal is undergoing the similar kind of case from his family.. sujal's mother tries to tell him to get married but this time sujal is adamant on his stand that he wouldn't get married… now sujal's family puts a condition forth him.. they say that if sujal does not get married with in a period of one month then the whole garewal property will be handed over to the trust.. sujal forcibly agrees for the marriage & the family starts looking out for girls…. Kashish along with her mother comes to Shimla {sujal stays there } to attend a conference .. in the conference   sujal , kashish meet up again & their rivalty increases further..
Accidentally   when kashish & her mom go to the Temple. In the Temple sujal's family see kashish & think that she would be the apt bahu for their house.. kashish leaves the Temple as she has a important meeting to attend.. sujal's family then meet kashish's mom.. they become good friend's & then they   decide that why don't they get sujal , kashish married.. at sujal's home he is told that they have got a girl who would marry him.. sujal is least interested in the matter & says that as long as his family is happy he is happy & he does not want to know anything more about the girl….. & he leaves the place… in kashish's home kashish is not ready for the marriage.. she & her mom have a heated up argument & then   kashish's mom convinces kashish to get married…kashish finally gives up as she knows that her mother wouldn't listen.. both sujal & kashish put forth a condition that the marriage will be a low profile… sujal , kashish don't meet.. they directly meet on the day of their shaddi in the mandap.. that is at this point of   time that of them realize whom are they getting married too… the marriage ends…all the rituals take place..

In sujal , kashish's room :-
Sujal :- so miss kashish u wanted to get married to me , then why did you act as if u hated me oh may be that is because u wanted my attention .. u girls..silly girls.. I'am telling you   na.. { he say's sarcastically } .. but   get one thing straight u mean nothing to me.. I have got married to you only because of my family.. & my property it was just     a compulsion    to get married to you &  I'am  stuck  with  you.. ya u don't even think you  will  win  over my hearts feelings.. I   have   & will always hate you & nobody can change that.... do u understand that { he clicks his fingers in front of her }
Kashish :- mr. Sujal garewal   I think you are totally mistaken I have married you just because of my mother.. if I had got a chance I would never have got married.. it just because of her.. & do u think I want to win over your heart stop dreaming sujal garewal.. it's high time you stop   dreaming.. & ya I agree with u on one matter.. even I hate u & will   always hate you from the bottom of my heart… welcome to hell…. { kashish gives him a evil smile }
Sujal :- { sujal smiles in the same way & says } welcome to hell to you too…
This is how their new   life   starts they get married on condition basis.. now sujal , kashish being married but are still on two different paths.. there views , ideas never combine , they are always on opposite tracks.... though married kashish & sujal work separately    as rivals.. they live in the same home but know nothing about each other they just act like strangers to each other… sujal , kashish decide to get divorced very soon as they can't live like this.. they try to surpass each other in every deed they do…
One day sujal's mother falls sick kashish nurses her back to health.. this gains sujal's attention.. he is moved that though kashish does not like him she has not shown her disliking to his mother.. sujal wants to thank her but then his ego does not let him to..  sujal , kashish  relationship  starts  improving…
Sujal & kashish go to attend a party.. in the party a girl comes   who happens to be sujal's ex-girlfriend .. she is unaware of the fact that sujal is married    and that too to   kashish.. sujal , kashish are standing at different corners when this girl comes to sujal.. kashish sees that sujal is talking to the girl she unknowingly starts feeling jealous.. she walks over to sujal..
{ think the girl is archie – Urvashi Dholakia}
archie   sees kashish.. coming towards them & then says to sujal :- sujal    see there kashish.. I think she has got married & I'am wondering how her husband is tolerating her… I think he would    be dieing daily   living with her..
kashish hears all this & she is waiting for sujal's reaction.. sujal who sees kashish just to irritate her says :- ya archie you are right { both archie & sujal laugh }
kashish now comes to sujal then says :- sujal I'am going home.. & she leaves   { sujal just sees a glimpse of tears in kashish's eyes }   
archie is confused as to why kashish told sujal that she was going home she asks sujal :- sujal   why the hell did she tell you she   is going home ??    
sujal :- actually archie.. actually { he hesitates }
archie :- I think she has gone mad sujal.. anyway  leave it..
{archie starts walking off   to get    herself a drink when sujal   holds her hand & pulls her back }
sujal :- no archie she is not mad.. she is my wife.. she is Mrs. Kashish sujal garewal ..
archie :- what ??????????????????
sujal:- yes archie she is my lawfully   wedded wife..
archie was shell -shocked & sujal felt good calling kashish   his wife.. this was the first time he did that but he felt good.. sujal left the party & went home .. he goes to his room & sees that kashish is standing in the balcony.. sujal just goes to her.. he sees that kashish's eyes are red something like she had been crying.. kashish sees that sujal is there & begins to   leave the place..
sujal :- { slowly calls out her name } kashish…
kashish just stands there without turning around waiting for him to continue..
sujal :- kashish why have you been crying { he has the concern in his voice }
kashish :- no I   haven't been crying…
sujal :- ok..
 kashish starts walking again when she hears sujal say :- I'am sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you kashish.... kashish   turns back & there are tears in her eyes….
Sujal continues :- kashish I was just joking.. that's all.. 
sujal goes close to kashish & says :- please stop crying   , I don't know why but I can't stand you in pain… I'am  sorry  if  what  I  did  hurt  you…. {he  has  a  apologetical  face}
kashish tears keep flowing & she says :- no you have not given me any pain.. … it  is  just  that   I was just reminded of my father who left me & my mother for some other lady.. that's all.. you don't have to be sorry..
sujal :- ok.. but still I can't see you in pain.. please wipe off your  tears..
kashish just wipes her tears & smiles & says :- thanks sujal for the concern....
sujal :- kashish I'll definitely have concern for u  afterall  you are married to me.. you are my wife..
sujal & kashish just look at each other..
sujal :- kashish till today we have been like strangers , can we forget the enmity between us    & get to    know each other better….kashish can we be friend's { he puts his hand forward }
kashish just smiles puts her hand forward & says :- done , friend's………
this way sujal & kashish became friend's. even now they worked separately but both respected each others work.. they began understanding each   other.. archie was the one person who never liked sujal & kashish being together.. she worked with sujal & always tried to create some misunderstanding   & create hatred in sujal's mind for kashish.. but she   did not succeed.. sujal & kashish lived their life peacefully .. slowly but steadily   both started gaining feelings for each other.. but both of them were not ready to come forward & accept their   love for   each other… both wanted the other person to accept their feelings… both of them pretty well knew that the other person had  feeling  for  them.. sujal  knew  that  kashish  loves  him  &  the  same  way  kashish  knew  that  sujal  had  feelings  for  her…. Days  pass  by  &  all  was  going  smooth between  them....
one day archie   creates a wrong notion in sujal's mind that kashish is going to divorce him very soon for some other guy .. she even says that   she has seen kashish going out with some guy often….. sujal is   angry he does not want to loose kashish at any cost as  he  loves  her .. he feels that he should confess his love to  kashish at any cost… sujal  decides  that  he  would  confess  &  thinks  that  after  that  it  would  be  kashish  decision  whether  to  accept or reject  his  love…..kashish is at a business party.. sujal comes there sees kashish & he goes to her holds her hand & then just drags her out of the party takes her home.. kashish is not able to understand why sujal is behaving like this.. sujal takes kashish to their room..  he  does  not  even  give  her a  chance  to  speak…
kashish :- sujal.. what's with you.. why   are you behaving like this..
sujal :- what do you think of yourself..   do you think you can play with my feelings whenever you like… you came into my life when I hated you.. but today when I have started to love you,you are planning to leave me for some other guy..{ he holds her hand very firmly  says  all  this  very  angrily }
kashish :- { just couldn't believe her ears sujal had just told her he loves her } :- what did you just say ? {surprised}
sujal :- yes I love you.. don't you understand it..
{ kashish could see the anger in sujal's eyes }
kashish  just has tears of joy in her eyes.. she just sees sujal & then goes into his arms slowly.. both stay like that for some time & then sujal separates her & then says...
sujal :- kashish   I  don't  know how, when, why, where  this  happened  but  the  truth  is  I  can't  imagine  my  life  without  you.. you  mean  the  entire  world  to  me….You  are  my  life , my  soul…. I  love  you…. I  really  do… {kashish  just  keeps  looking  at  him  &  tears  of  joy  are  rolling  down  her  cheeks  &  also kashish  is  blushing  a bit}
sujal  touches  the  tears  on  her  cheeks  &  then  says :-  so do  you  love  me ??? would  you  like  to  be  with  me  all  my  life ?? I  promise  I  would   stand  by  you, be  with  you  always….
Kashish  does  not  reply… she  keeps  shying… sujal  waits  for  his  answer.. but  kashish  instead  giving  him  a  answer  hugs  him  tightly…..  sujal   wraps  his  hand  around  her  & let  her  be  like  that  for  sometime...
then  again  sujal said :-  kashish how about telling me I love you too..
kashish just  nods  her  head  in  a  no  still  hugging  him..…
sujal :- common kashish I know u love me… please for my sake tell it once..
kashish just   goes near his ear & whispers in his ear :- I love you too sujal.. she says this &  again  goes into his arms…
both are in each others arms  lost  in  each  other's  world when archie barges in & is shocked to see sujal & kashish hugging.. sujal & kashish look at archie..
sujal :- archie.. what are you doing here..
archie :- sujal I actually came to check if you are ok.. I thought kashish was going to..
sujal cuts her in between & says :- you were mistaken archie.. but it's ok today because of you I was able to win over my love.. thanku so much archie..
archie is just shocked she leaves the place  confused  without   even uttering  a  word…...
sujal & kashish stare at each other & kashish says..
kashish :- sujal may be archie did all these with an intention to separate us but then she has brought us together.. we have to really thank her for that..
sujal :- I think you are right.. but then at  present  I have better things to discuss  rather  than  archie… {he  gives  a  mischievous smile  &  pulls  her  closer  by  her  waist..}
Kashish :- better things like..{she says this with a purposeful  meaning} she plays  with  his  shirt  buttons…
sujal :- like….He  just  pulls  are  even  more  closer  &  then  kisses  her  forehead , her  cheeks… & again takes her  in his arms.. &  then  lifts  her  of  her  feet  &  carries  her away……
Both sujal & kashish leave their dark past behind & promise each other to start a new life which has trust , belief & love for one another & nothing else…
archie   then   left the country as all her efforts of winning sujal's heart went in drain.......  
one year passes by sujal ,kashish now work together they have merged their business & their love is growing day by day & nobody in the world had the strength to separate them..may be sometimes they had different opinions about things but they never tried to show that the other person is wrong .. they never let each other down…. though they fought they completed each other & complimented each other… thus both sujal & kashish got the love they deserve in life " THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE " which  neither will  nor  can be   changed in any circumstance……….&  they  lived  happily  ever after….

I  hope  all  of  you  liked  it…Will wait for your comments....Smile

take care….. ……………


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togepe30 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 3:54am | IP Logged
Nice !
cute_samrah Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 4:01am | IP Logged
so cute and shot.................loved this..................first they fight..........then they got married.................and after that love.................really superb wirting.....................
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 4:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by togepe30

Nice !

MysticRiver IF-Addictz

Joined: 16 October 2004
Posts: 79057

Posted: 25 June 2009 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cute_samrah

so cute and shot.................loved this..................first they fight..........then they got married.................and after that love.................really superb wirting.....................

thanku so much.. me glad that you enjoyed.Smile
ranbir_lekha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 4:14am | IP Logged

 hey surya  nice one shot...

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pinky901 Goldie

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 4:16am | IP Logged
grt stry
keep up the gud wrk
waiting for more of these kind of stories frm ur side
it's just superb
bi tc
MysticRiver IF-Addictz

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Posted: 25 June 2009 at 4:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ranbir_lekha

 hey surya  nice one shot...

thanku dear....Smile

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