23rd June Written Update

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 Smile Wink Tongue Quick Recap : Nani spoils Icha's makeup, such that the teacher asks Icha to go back while Tapu comes in the front for the dance performance. The leap takes place. All kids grow up. Grown up Tapu goes to inaugurate Kuki's flower shop. Kuki and other ask Tapu to wait until Icha arrives.




Icha arrives. She apologises Kuki and says that she is very happy and congratylates Kuki.  They both are in tears. Bajju teases her not to cry. Icha asks Nani for sweets for the happy occasion. Icha says now she is very happy and just wants that Bajju and Taklu open their own shop.


Tapu interrupts and says that you all have forgotten me. She says that once you all are done just give me a buzz and I will come. Tapu is about to leave. Icha runs towards her and apologises. She says that coz of her she has delayed everyone. She also says that Ammu and Thakurain had asked her to go to the Mandir, early morning. Tapu and Icha smile.


Icha gives Nani the Prasad. Nani asks Icha about Ammu and Thakurain, if they will come. Icha replies that they both will come tomorrow. Tapu interrupts and says that they should now listen to the chief guest and that if she keeps standing in the sun her complexion would get dark. Tapu says that she is getting late. Icha says that she knows that Tapu has her rehearsals so she tells everyone tyo start the function else "babyji" will get late. Icha is about the say something about babyji that Tapu stops her and says to get the scissors.


Before Tapu inaugurate. Bajju breaks a Naariyal then Tapu cuts the ribbon. All enter the flower shop. Tapu congratulates Kuki after entering the shop. Kuki gives a bouquet to Tapu and hugs her. Anjum Nani gives Tapu some "Prasad". Tapu says "No way". Icha says "Tapu"!! Tapu tells Icha just look at the ghee. Icha tells Tapu that she knows there are some extra calories in this but this is Prasad and she must have some of it. Tapu makes a face. Icha tells her that she will remove some calories from her dinner. Tapu agrees. Kuki says that for today your dieting amd this God's Prasad and you should not say "no" to this. Tapu has some of it. She tells Granny that she should leave now. Tapu tells Icha that she is getting late and that she will meet her tomorrow. Tapu says that it is a very important day and that she will need her help.


Tapu says "bye" to everyone. Tapu asks Icha if she can leave her anywhere.  Instantly Tapy says that she forgot thar wherever Icha wants to go her car cant' go there. She says that she will meet her now in the evening. Tapu leaves.

Icha tells Anjum Nani that even she will leave else she would get late. Kuki tells Icha to wait for some more time. Icha requests that she has to leave. Anjum Nani tells Icha that she may leave and also says that God has sent her for some reason and wishes that she gets all the success. Icha leaves. Sleepy

Tapu sits in her car. Icha waves at her while she leaves.



Tapu is in the dressing room. She is talking to Divya on her mobile phone. She tells Divya that she will come back home on time and says that coz of Kuki she has already got late. She keeps the phone by saying that here the network wont' come.

Tapu sits down in the dressing room. A girl comes ther and shows her a green colored gown. Tapu looks at that and asks sarcastically if that gown is for her or my mother. All the other girls in the room start laughing. The girls show her another red colored gown. She rudely tells the girl that Tapasya doesn't' wear such things. Tapu asks them to leave and take them away. Dead


Another girl (Rohini) comes there and tells Tapu that she is late again and that she is sure that Tapu hasn't' done any preparations. Tapu rudely replies saying whats her problem and asks her to concentrate on her work. Rohini gives her the list. Tapu reads the list and makes a big face.


Tapu calls Icha who is getting down from the bus. Tapu asks her how much time she takes to pick up the phone. She asks Icha to come there quickly as she has to do preparations for the Question/Answer round.  Icha says that it is hard for her to come now. Icha says that those people would be waiting for her. Icha tells Tapu that she need not worry as she is a born winner. Tapu says that therez no doubt in that and she is confident about all the rounds. She tells Icha that this is the Ques/Ans round and she cant' answer them. Icha tells Tapu that she knows that she doesn't' like giving exams. She asks her to tells her the questions and that she would prepare her through phone only. Tapu agrees.


The first Question is to name one lady from whom you get inspiration. Tapu asks Icha the meaning of "Prerna". Icha replies saying Prerna means Icha. Tapu says that she knew that. Tapu is about to say Mother Teressa. Icha cuts her in between and asks her not to say Mother Teressa as 9 out of 10 people would say that. LOLTapu agrees with Icha and says Thanks. Tapu tells Icha to quickly tell her the answers while she will note them down. Icha replies by saying that she should write Thakurain. Tapu reminds her that it is a beauty contest. Icha tells Tapu that "maa-beti" is the most beautiful relationship in this world as a mother only teaches us how to live in this world, also she gives us values and true love. Tapu becomes very happy and says that it is the perfect answer and thanks Icha.


Tapu asks the second Question, if you are made the Prime Minister for one day, then what would you do? Tapu replies that she would go to Switzerland and would never return back. LOLIcha says that the country's future will never change like this. Icha is walking and her chappal breaks. Tapu asks what happened. Icha tells Tapu that her chappal broke once again. Tapu tells Icha that she has told her so many times not to wear Ammu's old chappals but she never listens to her. Tapu asks her that she doesn't' know what those old chappals have in them. Icha replies they have her Ammu's love. Angry Ouch She finds a cobbler and asks her to repair those chappals.


Icha replies to the second Question that in one day she would resolve the problems of children education and women welfare. Tapu becomes happy.


The third Question (last Question) : One wish, with which the whole country's face would change.

Tapu replies that she knows that she knows the answer that if every girl gets their prince charming the whole face of the country would change.

Icha says the answer should be free education for every child. This wud change the whole country's face. There is nothing bigger than education. It is so sad that still so many children are unable to go to school, they sell flowers at signal and polish shoes and their childhood is snatched from them. Sleepy

Tapu interrupts Icha and says irritatedly that wherever education topic starts, Icha starts her lecture.

Tapu thanks Icha and calls her a sweet heart. She says she will talk to her later, Icha wishes her all the best. The girl comes and asks Tapu if she is ready. Tapu rudely says that she wud get readu when she is required.








Divya is shown sitting in front of the mirror putting a bindi. Jogi comes and sits down in the room. While looking in the mirror, Divya gets shocked seeing a "safed baal". Jogi laughs at that. He says how dare the hair go grey and comments that our daughter is just 21yrs old and your hair are turning grey. Divya says if Tapu sees that she will tell her to dye her hair. Jogi says that he will expalain Tapu that her mom is still young. He jokingly says that her Dad has grown old and will soon get reading glasses. Divya says that he is always joking and tells Jogi that she just doesn't' like too see "safed baal". Jogi tells Divya thast even if her hair are turning grey their love can never become old. He says that whenever he closes his eyes, he remember the picture when he saw Divys for the first time. He says that she still looks beautiful just like before. Disapprove Divya smiles.

Damini comes there and Divya tells her about the "safed baal" and says soon she will grow be counted among oldees. Divya remembers old days when Damini came to look after Tapu in the haveli and now she takes care of the whole haveli. Damini modestly says that coz of their trust only all this happened and that Icha educated her a bit.

Jogi says that Icha is like this only and she always does whatever she says. Damini tells Divya the menu of the food prepared today. Divya says that no one better knows their likes and dislikes apart from Damini. Divya requests Damini to prepare special food for Tapu. Damini says she just cant' understand Tapu's calorie chart. They all start laughing. Damini says that she wud ask Icha to take care about Tapu's food.

Divya says that she doesn't' understand about the diet chart of this girl.Ouch

Jogi jokingly tells Divya that she doesn't' have to become a model like Tapu. Jogi tells Damini to make that special food for him as well so that he looks like Tapu's father. They all laugh.







Icha enter "Damini Paathshaala" where free education is given, and does pooja there. She distributes books to children. Icha takes the attendance. She calls Pinky. Another child replies that Pinky wont' come to study. The other student says that Pinky's house is going to have a child so her mother has asked her to stay home else no one will be there to look after Bubloo. Icha says she will speak with Pinky's Maa. Icha starts teaching. She asks children what words can be made from the akshar "Va" in hindi. One child says "Warrant". Icha remembers the incident when a lady came with the police to the haveli and told the police that Ammu was a theif and had stolen something. Icha explains the importance of education to the children.


One boy (Sagar) asks Icha what will happen if they study. He says that his father is educated but didn't' get a job anywhere, so his father says there is no use to study.  Icha says education is for everyone. The boy says that his mother says that all this is destiny. He tells Icha that even she is educated but she isnt' rich. Sagar asks Icha how he can change his destiny. (Flashback comes, she remembers Damini explaining her about destiny. Icha explains to Sagar that we all can change our destiny by our deeds. She says that even she used to stay in the basti. But her Ammu sent her to the school and educated her. Icha says that money is important but the most important thing is how we earn money. She says all this comes by "Vidhya". Education is the biggest wealth.Sleepy She encourages Sagar to keep asking Question as those who ask questions will only get all their answers in life. Icha continues to teach by telling all children to say "Va" se "Vidhya". Icha smiles as all children say this.





LOL So it was really funny seeing Jogi and Divya just the same, hardly any change.... LOL Big smile , n same with Damini...... hope that evil Nani Angry has gone back to Saharanpur!!


Also guys I was getting really bored hearing those boring "Vidhya" dialogues from Icha.... all that was really annoying... Angry........hope the makers dont' bore us more!! LOL


Anyways take care n see you all tomorrow Wink










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Thank you dear

i i'll b watin for ur update
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o priya o priya priya priyaaaaaaaa bahut acha tumne likha..

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Thnk u!!

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i am hoping for evil nani for not to go to saharanpur but up and away  in hell rotting for all her sins.:))
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your comments after the update are true and funny
as always
thank you

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Thanks radash, rly glad that you all are liking my updates Smile

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