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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 December 2008
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Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:00pm | IP Logged

Divider.jpg Divider image by sasukerules950
Karan Protection Squad

Divider.jpg Divider image by sasukerules950


Thank you for your interest in KPSBig smile Please note

THIS CC IS INVITE ONLY. Anyone posting at the CC whose name is not in the SQUAD LIST will be blacklisted. Please PM a KPS Core Member and wait to post at the CC till your name is added to the list. PM approvals do not count. Kindly scroll below for detailed rules. 

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

After Shradha Acknowledge
d the KPS aka NUTSLOL.. we have become quite the hit
Thanks Shradha!!!

Now presenting Your Very Own KPS!!!


Share here your madness, undying love and support for KSG with fellow KPSians...whether you're going gaga over Dr. Armaan, whistling and blowing flying kisses at the television for KSG's Jhalak performance or pretty much having a heart attack after looking at this Greek God


From DMG to Jhalak to Bollywood........its KSG heaven right here

You're My Love

(credit: Dhruvi @Youtube)

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 Scroll till end of Page 1 for
    KPS Alerts
    KPS Tribute to our First Lady, Rambo, DMG and our Dil Ka ArmaanDay Dreaming
    KPS Creative CornerStar
    Armaan ki masti ki PaatshalaLOL
    Dedications and Messages
  • Links to previous CCs

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie
2doveszd5yu6.gif divider image by marzie5900

2doveszd5yu6.gif divider image by marzie5900
After JDJ... our focus is back to our original love..
Dil Mill Gayaeee....

Sign I Love You

DMG and all about DMG..
Why do we love DMG..

Because we love the Interns..

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We love Atul..Heart
We love his unexpected love for Angie..
His Brotherly love for Armaan.. He is Armaan's champ..
His love for environment..
And for him being such a loving person..

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We Love Angie... Heart
for being a loving sister..
a good doctor..
having good hair (this one is for Anu!!LOLL!!)
And for still sataooing Atul... and not feeling the way he feels for her..
(ok.. for this we are still waiting..... hurry up Angie!!)

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We love Muski..
for her being so spunkieee..
and fataa faaatt!! LOLL!!

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We love Rahul..
haai.. because he is cute..
because he is Armaan very good friend..
understands Armaan..
and his punjabi is tooo dieee for.. hwaaat maannn!!!
and he is a hawttiee !! LOLL!!

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We love Niki...
for being Armaan's friend..
for being there for Ridz when needed..
for being confused with Abhi right now.. LOLLL
but over all a good friend...

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We love Abhi..
for being a good doc..
loving Niki.. he does love her.. becharaaa...
for he is a good person..
lets give it to him..

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

We LOVE Ridz..
for being Ridz..
for being Armaan's love..
for loving him...
for making Armaan happy..
for making Armaan's day..
for being there for Armaan..
for being with him thru thick and thin
for being strong.. for Armaan..
(yaa.. yaa.. it is all about Armaan!!! LOL!)

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

Now for the main part...
valentine_divider_09.gif divider image by srjcooldude

valentine_divider_09.gif divider image by srjcooldude

HeartHeartWE LOVE ARMANN!!!HeartHeart

Burning Heart

For Armaan is OUR ARMAAN!!!
we love him because he is KG.. muuahh..

love him for making us believe in love..
love him for showing there is undying love..
Love him for showing .. how to fight for love..

Blow Kiss

Love his..
beautiful smile..
his awesomeee dimples..
his hair .. long or short..
his beautiful gool gool eyes that express without saying a word..
his tears..
his laugh..
his lips.. omggggg to die for..
they make a heart shape when looked from the sideee.. ck it out..
his dance..
his nose.. 
his ears..
his hattaaa kaataa body
his shirt with buttons down
his chappals.. muuuuahh..
his clapping of hands..
his frustration
his anger..
his loveee.. did i say that...
his way of wanting Mithai... uufff.. i can do it right now KG just ask!! LOLLLL!!

he makes our world go round.... that is what DMG is for us ..
Armaan and every thing that comes with it..

Valentine paper cutout

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

Lets not forget to mention...
Lovee.. Shank.. Padmaa.. Vicky(oyyee what would we do without him!!)..
 Billy.. Annie.. Omar bhai,.. Sister lovely.. the nurses.. the other
interns.... all the other extras..
Pappu Da. .the spot boys.. the makeup people.. and ll othersss.....

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie

With this being said.. ALL this Makes DMG....
The DMG we love
The DMG we are so passionate about...
DMG rocks..

THanks to the Creatives to give the best 30 mins of our day,...
loveee u DMG!!! DMG ROCKS!!!

You Rock
(Credit @dmg07..Veena, for so beautifully portraying our love for DMGHeart)

dogleash.gif RED~LEASH image by Shltie
Armaan & Riddhima


The couple that makes us believe in true love everyday
KILBLBV.jpg divider image by carrikite27

(Credit @Preeti_285)

KILBLBV.jpg divider image by carrikite27

bearheartsdivider.gif tedy hearts divider image by 2seecamygarden

Our First Lady!!
Our Darling Shradha, who KSG calls 'HQ' or 'Jaana' with love
Day Dreaming
Thankyou Shradha for being KSG's greatest supporter
and such a sweetheart to all his completely passionate and crazy fans.
We love you for everything you do! Bless!!

Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai..
(credit: Dhruvi @ Youtube)

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

KPS Leader:
The KPS leader title goes to Ram Kapoor aka Rambo aka KSG's darling Fatty
who holds the copyrights to protect KSG eternally...
sorry Shradha, you're too thin for that job
Embarrassed hspace5


You're my love....
(credit: @rani1224patel:Youtube)

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

Our Motto

To encourage KSG all the time against all negativity
Thumbs UpClap hspace5Hug hspace5.
We defend him in a fun way at IF
refrain from engaging in unnecessary bashing and arguments
because that only spoils the situation and brings a bad name to KSG fans
and we want Karan and Shraddha to be proud of us their fans!

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

Our Anthem

karan jahan kps wahan sang sang yun chale tere jaise tera aasma
jo bashing ki dhoop nikli KPS teri protection ban jaye gey
jo tum hoye akele KPS tumara saaya ban jaye gey :)
jo haters aye KPS une bhagaye gey
tum aa gaye ho tau jeena aya hai
addiction ka tumne yeh jal bhechaya hai
koya khud ko ya sub kuch paya hai


From KPS to Karan
(Composed by @gia0005) 

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

And finally at the risk of sounding's a shout out on behalf of the entire KPS



Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Day Dreaming

Welcome and Enjoy!!!!!Big smile

With lots of love to all the NUTS
(Scroll below for regular KPS Alerts, Rules and Squad list)
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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 December 2008
Posts: 3355

Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:02pm | IP Logged
Thursday, June 25th 2009

Your generated text image

Today KPS has many reasons to celebrate and smile .......the NUTS officially celebrate :
1) KSG confirming to TIMES OF INDIA that he is not leaving DMG for movies. the NUTS are excited beyond words today.
Muah KSG, thank you Hugwe'd die without our daily Armaan doseDay Dreaming. And yes you're our Superman, you can rock Tellywood and Bollywood at the same time. We promise to be there to watch your movie first day first showHug

2) Our Sani baby coming third in class and Shalu for being an A grade student ..........Muah to our mutitasking queens who can handle their 24/7 love life aka KSG and KPSLOL and their professional lives with a perfect balance. GIRLS ROCK!!!!!!!

Congratulations on behalf of all the NUTS....We love you

3) Our darling NUTCRACKER coming back from her holidays. Somzy ke bina yeh CC soona soona and aik dum adhooraCry. Welcome back're our keep us all ROFLing

Alongside Somzy, we've also been missing our darling KKBB, hope you're having fun in India. We miss you jaldi waapis aaja

4)  We are worried about our darling Nautanki Queen and Gabbar....Giu  who went MIA on us two days back and landed up at the hospital in emergency. Also, her Nautanki partner in crime Mona, who was down with pain and fever

Thank God both are fine now. The NUTS  had a panic attack worrying about them. 

5) We also continue to pray for Ambi's dad and thank God that he is feeling much better now. Don't worry Ambi...Hum Saath Saath haiHug

6) KS updating their blog.......although a lot of us tubelights went ahem... whatConfused at the high funda books and non romantic moviesLOL.....but still we love every opportunity to get to know our darling Groverz better

7) A special thank you from the CMs to all the KPSians who look out for their KPS home when the CMs are not around especially Manoo, Dhruvi, Rinks and Somzi for their warnings to outsiders 

KPS Gabbars, Raina and Giu: Arey oh Sambha kitne fans the CC par
KSP Sambhas, Manoo, Dhruvi, Rinks and Somzi: Tttttteeeenn SarkarROFL

Muah, Keep it up....the KPS Gabbars are proud of youBig smile

With lots of love to all the NUTS...keep rocking!!!!!


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Wednesday, June 19, 2009


Your generated text image

Yaaayyy the weekend is here...are we ready to party KPS????

LOL as if we don't everyday

Since we all spent way too much time in lalaland, why not put our crazy imaginations at work here


So the theme for the weekend is....


Describe how would you react if, when least expected randomly ran into....

KARAN SINGH GROVER The man himself
a) How do you think you would react...scream, faint, jump etc etc etc

b) How would you actually react...maybe too shy and awe struck to say anything


1)Shradha, our angel, is not with him in this situation, so yeah you have to talk to KSG directly

2) You are only spending a few minutes with him at the Mall/Park or something...wherever you imagine to run into him.

DO NOT plan a whole day/date with himLOLLOLLOL.


Which ever top 3 NUTS come up with the craziest and most creative descriptions, we'll post those on the first page

Come on NUTS...I know you guys are pros at this stuff



Your generated text image
So here's what we're gonna do...same as last weekend
1) Keep requoting this message (just remove each persons name from the quotations, so by the end of Saturday, this message only has Originally posted by Raina_luvDMG with it),
2) Add your name
3) Answer both part (a) and (b)
The idea is to have all the answers in one post at the end...get that?? I know my Technologically Tubelights Club is still confusedLOL KSG ka naam lo aur ho jao shuru. You guys did a fantastic job last weekend as wellClapClapClap. PM the CMs if still in KSG lalaland. Muah
KARAN SINGH GROVER The man himself

a) How do you think you would react?

b) How would you actually react?

1)Shradha, our angel, is not with him in this situation, so yeah you have to talk to KSG directly

2) You are only spending a few minutes with him at the Mall/Park or something...wherever you imagine to run into him.

DO NOT plan a whole day/date with himLOLLOLLOL.
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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes yes yes...........KPS Mission Accomplished

We managed to make our darling Nicole smile with our tributes.


Nicole said:

hey u guys im bac an absolutely overwhelmed with all ur msgs, texts and all the stuff u guys have posted on india forums too... still readin thru most of it but jus wanted to sincerely thank u guys for all ur love n support !!!12 hours ago

KPS'S Tribute to KaNic

KPS Tribute to Nicole at CC # 4

Rock on KPS!!!!!!


Congratulations NUTTERS............Lets Celebrate


(Can't do without Mahezy's dancing bananas, can we Wink)

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Results for the Weekend Armaan Dialogue Marathon

Wow...did we have fun doing that....ate up two entire CCs

Drooling over KSG's romance ki intiha


 ROFL over KSG's fantastic comic timing


And like Trinzi said yesterday...since we haven't had a KPS shout out in a while (but this is on our minds 24/7LOL)



So here are to top 8 Ammy Dialogues per KPS votes

LOL the chapad chapad NUTS couldn't agree on top 10
We love them allBig smile


(Special thanks to DhruviHug....Muah)

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027
Monday, June 1, 2009
Yyyyyaaaaayyyy KPS.........Shradha saw the KPS tribute to KaNic.  We really hope KSG did too.
Shradha said

"I had tears in my eyes, yes again! Thank you all for this wonderful wonderful gesture :) it means a lot.."


Claps on a job well done........Goooo KPS..........Keep Rocking



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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:07pm | IP Logged


 In Jenni's words....A few of us fans who are close mates were having trouble dealing with some 'Anti Karan fans', and we were all together trying to handle the situation and we called ourselves the KPS... i.e. Karan Protection Squad LOL hspace5... it was VERY much out of the blue... but we thought we should give ourselves a name, just like we have police officers protecting us, we KPS's protect Karan and his fanbase!

In the hilarious "Koena was checking Karan out! =p" thread ROFL we ended up appointing Ram Kapoor aka Rambo aka KSG's darling Fatty as the KPS leader..... especially after he told Shweta "Keep your hands off him, don't touch him"ROFL and "This is my property" to Mona ROFL. Love you Ram.....nazar naa lage iss dostane koHug


KPS Core Members
Veena............ @dmg07
Raina.... @Raina_luvDMG
Gia..........    @gia0005
Preeti....... @Preeti_285
Anita......... @anitamalik
Mira............. @..Mira
Jenni..... @prettyasjen
Zainab.......  @znbhusain

 divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

 ~ KPS Credits ~

(Muah Mahezy.Hug...KPS lyricist at her best, all songs done in record 1 hour!!!)


 Chat Club Creative Brains 
 @dmg07Hug, @MiraHug & @Raina_luvDMG
New CCs, images, write ups, formatting everything.

"Din shuru hota hai KSG ke naam se, shaam bhi dhalti hai KSG ke naam se. zindagi jaise aamanat ho unki, doobe rahete hum unke hi pyaar mein"

KPS Concept 
Standing ovation for our very own JenniClapClapClap

"Dekho meine dekha hai yeh ek sapna, IF ke kissi kone mein ho KSG fans ka ghar apna"

KPS Spokesperson:
"Pyar ke kagaz pe dill ke kalam se, paheli baar salam likha meine post KSG ke naam likhaBig smile"

KPS First Publicist
For mentioning KPS on the KS Blog and Shradha's acknowledgement

"Aaj Kal KSG ke liye mere pyaar ke charche har zubaan par, sabko maalum hai aur sabko khabar hogayi"


KPS lyricists

"Mein shayar to nahin...magar KSG jab se dekha maine tujhko mujhko shayari aa gayee"


KPS smoochworthy Siggi and Caps Specialists
@Preeti_285 Hug @AnitamalikHug

"Thuje dekha toh yeh jana KSG..pyar hota hai deewana KSG..ab yahan se kahan jaaye hum teri aankhon mein koh jaaye hum"

KPS VM Specialist
@dhruviarmaanfan Hug

"Bholi si surat aakhon mein masti door khada dill churaye, ek aankh maare kabhi toh kabhi muskurake dill dhadkaye, cham se khaash nikal kar mere VM se ek roz mere pass woh aajaye"
( I know all you JBs are on the floor right nowROFL)

KPS Chughalkhor Padosans
We all know who they areHug...yeh andar ki baat haiWink
We refuse to stress over any rumors till we confirm from our very reliable sources

"Hoton pe aisi baat mein chupa ke chali aayi"LOLLOL
KPS GabbarsLOL
@  Raina_luvDMG & @Gia0005 Hugand all CMs

"CMs told me don't be talking to a stranger"
"Every breath you take, every move you make, I'll be watching you"

And ofcourse all the
Jin ke bina yeh paghal khana adhoora hai

"Hum toh bhai KSG fans hai sirf unpar marenge
Ab iss baat se koi kush ho ya ho khafa
KPSians nahi badlenge apni aada
Koi ab kuch bhi karle hum to KSG KSG hi karenge"Wink

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 December 2008
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Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
divider.png divider image by Silverswish
KPS Rules:
A proud KPSian always follows rules:
divider.png divider image by Silverswish
*This CC is now by INVITE ONLY from Core KPS members*
Please check the squad list (scroll below) before posting
* No inappropriate comments keeping to Forum rules.
* Please do not discuss any Forum matters , members or threads on this CC
*Be Respectful and sensitive when commenting to other members there are members of all ages on this CC


KPS Core Members
Veena............ @dmg07
Raina.... @Raina_luvDMG
Gia..........    @gia0005
Preeti....... @Preeti_285
Anita......... @anitamalik
Mira............. @..Mira
Jenni..... @prettyasjen
Zainab.......  @znbhusain

** KPSian Special Rules**

 This CC belongs ONLY to
Any Negative comments/criticism against Karan or Shraddha will not be tolerated.
Anyone breaking the rules will be reported to the core members of this CC and the Mods, will be blacklisted and asked to leave this CC!


1) Please report any "Anti Karan" comments.
2) Kindly do not post other CC/Thread links on this CC. Informative is ok but discussion links could be controversial. 
3)Any KPSian seen bashing KSG will be removed from the Squad
4) DMG: No comparison between the three Riddhimas allowed or how the DMG storyline is weak etc etc. This is purely an appreciation thread, all the rest is to be discussed at the DMG forum.
5) Please refrain from bashing or cursing other members.

We follow the values that dear Karan has shown..
of being Respectful that is what makes us Hard Core Karan fans!!
Kindly PM a MOD or a Core Member ASAP!!

Dealing with Non KPS Members
For KSG Bashers: Do not quote, reply or react to any KSG basher coming to the CC. Instead PM a core member ASAP. We will report the matter to the Mods
For KSG fans who post at the CC:If you see a new person at the CC, please do not start chatting with them. 
1) Kindly check the Squad list
2) Inform visitors to PM KPS CMs and wait.
3) PM a CM yourself to let us know
If you know the visitor from around IF, please take the discussion to the DMG forum not here at the KPS CC.
Any KPSian not adhering to the rules will be removed from the Squad after 3 warnings from KPS Core members

This CC is INVITE ONLY. Anyone posting at the CC whose name is not added in the Squad list will be black listed
If you are a hard core KSG fan and want to be a part of KPS
Thank you for your interestBig smile. Please PM a KPS CM and kindly wait till your name is added to the squad list on the first page (PM approvals do not count).

Approval is at the discretion of KPS Core Members and the KPS selection criteria. There is a cap to the number of new members accepted each month.We are not obligated to provide an explanation for disapproval of individual requests.

KPS has a specific mindset towards KSG, DMG and the Groverz. If your attitude at the forum does not match the KPS family's style of thinking and handling things.....even if you are a KSG fan....
 Your INVITE request will not be approved.

Our sincere apologize to all those who we cannot approve....especially Newbies.

Please continue your KSG mania at the forum that is open to all KSG fans.
KSG Bashers and his "True friends"
Please DO NOT post here if you don't agree on any Pro Karan comments
This is our Home. Please take your 'constructive criticism' elsewhere.
However if any Non member is seen bashing or being rude to a member or a celebrity, they will be asked to leave immediately by a Core KPSian or Mod.

In all this ... This is our Home.
We want Karan and Shraddha to feel the same.
Lets show them how much we love , appreciate and support them

Groverz U Rock!!! Bless!!!

divider.png divider image by Silverswish

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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
(By invite only from Core Red Font Color)


@Dr. KaranSG.......Doc
@karan05....... Somya
@.:.MONA.:.  ....Mona
@Sweet Mermaid......Praptz

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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 December 2008
Posts: 3355

Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 December 2008
Posts: 3355

Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:18pm | IP Logged
Your generated text image

We're all GAGA over Armaan so new KPSians.. join the Maasti Ki Paatshala!LOLEmbarrassed

Disclaimer: Dearest ShradzHug..this post has got nothing to do with KPS line maroying on your hubby. This is purely for our dream man Dr. Armaan MallikDay Dreaming.
KSG aapka, Armaan humara (no pun on words intendedLOL)

Primary level 
 JBs (Ammy's Jing Bang)Thumbs Up

KPS (Karan Protection Squad)Clap

Oye Hoye!!! Armaan's BasketsStar


High School


"Armaan nose admiration" Society Tongue
"I know I'm hot when I flash those dimples" Armaan killer smile clubBig smile
"Yeh neeli neeli ankhen....jin mein dubki lagane ka mann karta hai" ClubWink
"I wanna run my hands through Ammy's hair" ClubTongue
"Shorts, Chappals, Tatoos:-Ammy the ultimate surfer dude" ClubCool

"Technologically Chellenged Baskets...How the hell do you make a siggy & VM" ConfusedClub


"Ghussa Ammy turns me on" clubDay Dreaming

"Don't you dare wear buttoned shirts" club Day Dreaming

"Actually never mind the shirts,  the vests are rocking" clubEmbarrassed


And finally for all Armaanology graduates........PhD level

(PhD=Phira hua Dimaagh)





For all ALUMNI

"Sanjeevani Mental Ward Reunion" ClubSilly

Dear GL Committee,
I know its tempting but please refrain from having the  "No shirt, no vest, simply  Ammy"  and "Ammy staring at Ridzi's lips" Club Board Meetings on this public forum, we respect the fact that some acha, sharamsaar bachas also visit this thread LOL
Terms and Conditions:
The PhD clubs are just for us executive  board members of GL have to get straight As in  all other clubs before you get promoted to the highest level. LOL  


divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027


KPS sing this to the tune of Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani.....and Buck Up!!!!!!!

KPS ko samajh sako to samjho dilbarjaani
Jitna bhi tum samjho ge utni hogi heraani

Humein Armaan chahiye aur KSG bhi
Hum pagal bhi hain aur Shradha ke NUTS bhi

Aankhon mein kuch aansoo hain kuch sapne hain
Ansoo aur sapne dono hi apne hain

[Ansoo=Not seeing KSG in Jhalak every week
Sapne= KSG all set to rock Bollywood now!!!!]

Dil dukha hai lekin toota to nahin hai
Umeed ka daman choota to nahin hai


divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027


KPS ki jaan ke hazaaron naam
(Credit: Combined KPS EffortSmile)


(Actually with KPS....its more like every day, every minute, every secondWink)

Day DreamingTu hi subha hai meri tu hi meri shaam haiDay Dreaming

Superman****Armaan****Ammy****Mr Supercool****CK****KG****Born Winner****Rasagulla****Dilo Ka Raja****Singh is King****King of Tollywood****King of Hearts****Super Star****Muscle Guy****Cute Sardar****Baadshah of Tellywood****Shenshah of Tellywood****Mr Muscle****Body Builder****Lover Boy****Dil Ka Doctor****Prankster

divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027divider.jpg divider!! image by bEa0027

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Raina_luvDMG IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 June 2009 at 5:19pm | IP Logged

Thanks KSG for giving us our KPS Family 



Originally posted by dmg07

Bouquet vspace5
Dearest KSPians....
we are done with JDJ.... what an amazing ride..
Loved the Show (because of KG.. of course!!!)
And specially loved the journey with KG..
His ups and downs... all felt like we were in it together with him..
Bless him!!!
He did an amazing job...working hard and keeping the show going
for us his fans!!!
Love him for that!!!

SO now with the amazing memories we have we have to
move on..
Move on with more respect and love we have for KG..
Kudos to him..
And double Kudos for Shraddha for being the pillar of strength for all of us!!

AND of all.... KUDOS... to KPSians.. without whom KG wouldn't get the
support he did.. for all the Alerts and boost\ by Rainu... and all the boost!!!
For all the votes by Indi KSPians.. WE love you girls..

THANKS for everything ..
LOVE you and lets keep it all together..
We are a family..
We will be one.... and keep supporting KG.. because that is what got us together!!!
Kisses vspace5

Muuahhh.. Loves


Originally posted by anitamalik

Dear Karan,

No matter who won, YOU are and WILL REMAIN our winner! You fought through all odds to get to the top three!! Instead of cribbing over your loss, we just want to thank you for all the entertainment you have given us in this whole journey of JDJ! The awesome performances you gave which continuously roam through our minds...the dil khush hone waale smiles ...the "suniyes" you gave in you're vote appeal..and most importantly, you gave us an insight to Karan Grover himself, and not Armaan! You showed us in this show that YOU CAN DANCE and we couldn't agree with you more! Thanks for giving us all this and much more through this might have not won, but you will forever be our winner..Harke jeetne waalo ko baaazigar kehte hain!Hug

Love youuuuuuu, Anita
Originally posted by ..Mira..

Ahh well I'd known since last night....but I was waiting for some TB to confirm it! But one fact that will always remain unchanged is that YOU are and will always be the true winner of JDJ for us! Even though you had some pretty bad treatment in JDJ..I still want to say thank you soo much for participating. We got to see a Jhalak of the real Karan..not Dr. Armaan..and honestly after JDJ my respect for you has risen to a whole new level. The way you stood there and took everything..hats off to you truly do have a heart of gold! You not only make everybody laugh with your one liners...but you some how always rise above all the negativity that's thrown at're beautiful both inside and out! Muahh love you Hug vspace5 alignabsMiddle

So dittoo what Rainu said..I've been talking about booking a holiday for you for ages...if I was in India I would have definitely booked one for you two...LOL. The entire KPS is thinking about sending you two to Goa LOL vspace5 alignabsMiddle

I'm just glad you're done with JDJ walked out of that show a WINNER Karan. Seriously..last night yes I admit we were all somewhere a little sad that you lost because we knew you deserved to win... but then we thought "We already know Karan's a winner..and he doesn't need any trophy to prove that!"...soo we celebrated..your journey in JDJ...a journey where you transitioned from non dancer to a dancer....and well you deserve a standing ovation from all of us! Clap vspace5 alignabsMiddleClap vspace5 alignabsMiddleClap vspace5 alignabsMiddle

So just flash those gorgeous dimples..and knoww that for us Singh will ALWAYS be King! We'll support and love you...hamesha Hug vspace5 alignabsMiddle

Congrats KaNic...for being the true winners of Jhalak Hug vspace5 alignabsMiddleHug vspace5 alignabsMiddle

Love you Superman..dil se Hug vspace5 alignabsMiddle

P.S. Shradhzz I hope you're doing fine now! Now that your hubby is done with JDJ..I think you can finally get some nice long sleep yourself..take care of yourself hun! Love youuu Hug vspace5 alignabsMiddle

Love ,

Originally posted by Preeti_285

Heyy Karan,

you & Nicole are the true winners of JDJ 3...for many facts... The immense and clear improvement u showed as a dancer is obvious to anyone watching - n that is what JDJ is MEANT to be about... You guys always tried different/unique and interesting concepts, your performances were always worth waiting for! And above all...all that nonsense you had to face....The baseless and biased thrashing from the judges, the channel using you in any cheap way in attempt to increase their TRP's..everything they tried to do against you, you always handled it soo perfectly....Both you & Nicole managed to deal with it in a mature way worth idolizing....You've won our love & respect all the more through all this that happened!

Through JDJ, all ur fans got to see the real u as opposed to the characters you play onscreen..and its been soo much fun, we're gona miss our KaNic soo much, and seeing u dance n burn that stage week after week, n every week prove to us more n more why we love u so much for everything from ur hard work, talent n just the way u conduct urself..Youve worked really hard and we all really love & admire u for that...But now pleaase just take some time to rest!

Youve given us some amazing moments to watch in Jhalak which we will cherish forever....The less I say about the outcome of the show and the amount of drama that went on- the better, but one thing is for sure...JDJ has made all us fans of yours love/respect/admire/idolize you 10000000000x more than ever!

Karan, u say right that ur motto in life is to be a better u everyday...well thru Jhalak uve shown to be such an amazingg person...You should be really proud of urself because one thing for sure - uve made each one of ur fans REALLLLY PROUD...we love u,forever, n thank u for always bringing a smile to our face & making our day!

Lots of love,

Originally posted by gia0005

Helllo My Lovely KPSIANS! We surely are NUTS! Lets continue this wonderful journey Lipstick vspace5 alignabsMiddle
Okie so as we all know the results are out and our karan didnt win. I know there is alot of anger inside of us and we have been very depressed ever since this news was confirmed but guys honestly its enough!come on cheer upp we have no reason to be upset and walk around with our heads downNo vspace5 alignabsMiddle. We know how hard we tried and we know how hard our indi girls worked for this! all night missions didnt stop they were awake all night voting voting and voting! so proud of them seriouslyBig Hug!! . Instead of looking at the negatives i think we should focus of the positives na? Karan has given us so much through this show! he showed us the real KARAN! till now we all just loved him as ARMAAN but now we love him for what HE IS. Hes such a wonderful human being and it showedd in JDJ he got along with everyone and always took the insults with a smile! hats off to him seriously HES THE MEN! HES OUR MENBow Down! i know no other actor would take what our KG has takenClapping Hands. His wonderful performances like Your My Love ... Sholon Sey ... Khuda Jaane...  Kisna Hai .. Tere Bin .. Oh Hum Dum ... Zinda Hai Hum Tum ( i would never ever forget this one!!! OUR GHUSSA BABY ONNNN FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE) ... and even Main Laila Laila ROTFL vspace5 alignabsMiddlewere out of this world! Performances like these prove that Karan deserved to win this more then anyone esle! and we will never forget theses perfomances as they always left us memorized! Oh and how can we ever forget all his moments with our very own RAMBO that made our days/nights ROTFL vspace5 alignabsMiddle! All this will be cherished for life! He made us smile ... laugh .. cry and made us angry at the same time! He has worked over time and had a busy schedual for months! We cant let all his hardwork go to waste na? No vspace5 alignabsMiddleso cheer upp my ladies there is alot of reason to celebrateDisco Boogie! and for us  Karan was and will always be our WINNER! no one deserves it more then him and we know that! thats all that matters! we dont need to walk around with our head down thats exactly what the bashers/haters would want and thats exactly what we refuse to give themNo vspace5 alignabsMiddle! KPS is way tooo strong for this! no one can bring us down! NOT EVEN IN THEIR DREAMS! So Lets show them key HUM ABHI BHI KISI KEY KAM NAHI! As it is this show was rigged anywaysRolling Eyes and honestly wats more important to us? JDJ or KARAN? hands down eyes closed ITS OUR KARAN and i know its the same for you all. I refuse to belive that BB or GK can beat our karan in votes our Karu voted more then 200 times and she knows alot of people who went crazy and voted more then 600 times! so really this is imposible! Sony played their cards well they used karan till the very end because they knew the only way to make money is to keep him in the show so they can get votes (make money) and then bash him for their TRPs .. sick very sickSickly vspace5 alignabsMiddle! They were smart but we were smarter! they thought we would never catch up but unfortunately sony we are smarter then you! we caught up! and now watch out as KPS is after YOUR LIFE!!  GOOD LUCK FOR YOUR NEXT SEASON IF THERE IS ONE! lol ... i doubt any celebrity would want to participate after looking at the way you have treated them specially our KARAN!! You paid them you did not OWN THEM! time to learn that sony! We will never forget about how you treated our KARAN NEVER! its time to pay!.  We saw our karan battle and face hatred with a smile everydayyyyyyyyy! he did it for his fans and now we will do it for HIM! and only HIM! We will celebrate his journey and continue to cherish everything he has given us through this show! so chin up head high lets do this togetherBig Hug! and lets continue to say WE LOVE YOU KARAN AND WE PROMISE TO BE WITH YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! WE WILL CONTINUE TO SUPPORT YOU IN ANTYHING AND EVERYTHING YOU DO! LOVE YOU KARAN!! We have worked very hard KPSIANS! and its time to celebrate muahz group hug my ladies. AND Thank You soooo muchhhhhhhhhhhh my INDI girlss for everything that you guys have done! muahhhsssssss! .We stood my KG till the veryyyyy end unlike some people who kept on hopping and changing there minds whenever they felt like it because it was convient for them god some people will never learn anyways! i m in a party mood sooo lets ENJOYYYY!!!!!Valentine kiss We will definately be continuing KPS cuz KPS is always needed! there are way too many stalkers and bashers which we will be taking care of! lol... and plus we are shrads NUTS we dont want her to get worried and say where have my nuts desapperedLOL! muahzzz ladies Love youValentine I love you sign!
Non Members - like always the same rule ... dont post till you get the go ahead from one of the Core Member ... If you would like to join us jus PM one of the Core Member and if your a KG fan we will obviously be able to recognize you by the post all over IF Big smile
Members - Lets remember this is our HOME  and we want all the bashing/hatred to stay away from here so please refrain from discussing anything that goes on in JDJ or DMG forum obviously i m talking about the negitativity .. If something is really bothering you your more then welcome to PM one of the Core members or any member in the squad list to vent it all out! We are here to talk it out jus dont bring it here ladies muah! i know you all understand! and will follow the rules like alwaysAngel 2!
IMP NOTE - If you see any non member come here and bash KG/SHRADS or came here to spread negitivity pm one of the core members ASAP! and its your job to ignore it! dont take matters in your own hands we promise to take care of it! do anything BUT REPLY TO THAT MEMBER! Big smile  Just sing BASHERS/HATERS AAJ HAI KAL PHIR URJANIYA URJANIYA URJANIYAAAAA! LOLLOLLOL


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