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DMG 5 years from now #5 UPD PART 83 PAGE 37 :) (Page 37)

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plz pm me when u update..........

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hey plz do update sooooooooooooooooon.....have been waiting for so longConfused....atleast plz tell us when u ll be updating coz we come to check everyday and hope its updated but r only left disappointedCryCry.... plz update na kiran...............plzzzzzzzzzSmile
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'Dr. Riddhima, come to Dr. Gupta's office...Dr. Riddhima.'

The announcement of her name over the PA system made Riddhima smile widely, and putting on her lab coat, she walked out of the resident's locker room and headed towards the said office. Looking around, she couldn't stop herself from smiling, and greeted all the people she met on her way, the people she had known since what she now called, the better part of her life. Reaching the head's office, she nervously adjusted her lab coat and the stethoscope around her neck, just like a new intern and knocked on the door. Hearing a 'come in' in the familiar voice, she smiled and opened the door. On the chair in front of her sat her father, his hair slightly grayed at the sides now, with spectacles on, looking at some random file. She got his attention after clearing her throat, and he looked up, with a smile that reached his eyes.

'Aah, Dr. Riddhima..back on duty, huh?,' he grinned, and Riddhima rushed over to give him a hug. Shashank hugged her back and made her sit in front of him.

'Riddhima, main bata nahi sakta hun ke tumhare is decision se mujhe kitni khushi hui hai...after all, aik doctor ko apni responsibilities kabhi nahi bhulni chahiye, right?,' he rose his eyebrows at her and she nodded back.

'Right, Papa...yehi to ap ne humain humesha sikhaya hai!,' Riddhima, his little young princess, was such a grown up woman now; Shashank mused.

'Okay, so...yeh rahi tumhare pehle case ki file. Hope you flourish and reach the ultimate heights of success, God bless you beta!,' He wished her good luck, handing over the file to her, which Riddhima took and sighed happily.

'Thank you, Papa!!'

With that, she walked out of his cabin, now a resident-in-charge, back on duty after 2 whole years. She couldn't believe it had been so long, for she had taken off since she ha gotten pregnant with Emaan and had not come back since, as a doctor. Now that Emaan was 1 and a half years old, she had decided, along with the consent and happiness of Armaan, that she wanted to be back at Sanjeevani. They had worked out an arrangement for Emaan; she would be at the hospital day care center for the time they spent in the hospital, and both Armaan and Riddhima would keep checking on her from time to time. They had worked out their working hours too, accommodating time according to Emaan's. Riddhima had just arrived at the hospital, after dropping Emaan at the day care while Armaan had been here for a couple of hours already.

As she turned the corner of the cafeteria, she peeked inside to see whether he was around, but couldn't find him anywhere. So engrossed was she in her activity, that she didn't realize when she tripped over her own dupatta and made herself ready for a fall. However, she landed into a pair of arms she could recognize anywhere in the world, and smiled even though her eyes were closed. When she opened them, she found Armaan grinning at her, holding her really close. Winking at her, he said, 'Attay hi girney ki practice shuru? Not a bad start at all, Riddhima!!,'

She smacked him playfully and then stood straight, moving out of his hold, flustered as ever; putting her dupatta in place and trying to hold on to her file too. Armaan looked at her, his head a little tilted, and smiled ever so sweetly at her, with a look in his eyes that made Riddhima blush slightly. He put her hair, customary as it was, behind her hair and lightly caressed her cheek with his fingers. Riddhima suddenly came to her senses when she saw the people passing by them in the corridor, snickering at them. With a slight push, she moved away from Armaan and glared at him.

'Armaan...log dekh rahay hain!! Kia kar rahay ho?,' her remark made him grin impishly, as they started walking down the corridor to the nurses station.

'Ridddhimmaaa....yeh to main pichlay 5 saal se ker raha hun...tumhain abhi takk samajh nahi ayi ke main KIA kar raha hoon?,' she blushed profusely at his crass comment and elbowed him slightly in his ribs to make him move away as they reached the nurses station where his interns were waiting for him. Riddhima greeted Sister Lovely and started looking over her file, standing a few feet away from Armaan, who was now instructing his interns.

'....aur Dr. Neha, ap aj OPD main hongi,' as his interns started scuttling away, he stopped them. 'Aik second, interns! I have to make another announcement..,' the interns turned around again and Riddhima looked up from her file, curious to know what the announcement was.

'Aaj humain Sanjeevani ke aik bohat puranay member ne rejoin kia hai...and I want to introduce her to you all..,' he said, smiling widely as Riddhima looked at him surprised, 'She's a very competent doctor, one of the best, and I am sure ap sab bhi bohat jald unke fan ho jayenge, like me...,' he turned slightly and winked at her as she gave him a scandalized look, 'She's none other than our very own, Dr. Riddhima!!'

His interns looked at him, surprised, for they were well aware of Riddhima being his wife but had no clue of her joining back. Riddhima now turned, pleasantly surprised at this welcome, and thanked all the interns who now greeted her. Armaan pulled her arm slightly to make her stand closer to him, and when the interns had dispersed, he moved his head down a little, so that his nose was grazing her ear as he spoke, sending shivers down her spine.

'Welcome back, Dr. Mallik,' Riddhima gasped as he planted such a light kiss on her earlobe that she herself wondered whether it actually happened or had she imagined it. However, even before she could react, she saw Armaan walking down the corridor, smiling at the nurses and the ward-boys as he went. Riddhima looked at his retreating figure and smiled contentedly, speculating how they had come so far; from the day Shashank had nearly brought them close to a break-up to now, when they were a blissfully, happily married couple



The knot of their hands slightly loosened as Armaan heard the two words that had left Nikki's mouth, and he gaped from Nikki to Riddhima to the guy standing motionless, facing the door where his best friend stood. Riddhima, confused by the turn of events, turned to look at Armaan and saw his eyes frown, as if he was trying to figure out something he couldn't quite understand. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu and Nikki stared at each other, the former in utmost shock of finding HER here, of all the people, and the latter following suite. It was like a scene picked right out of a Hindi film, a sudden twist of events.

'Abhi?,' His name now fell from her mouth like a gasp, and the person in question took a step forward, towards her, while all eyes followed him. He stood in front of her now, only a few inches away, and moments passed as he looked into her eyes. Then suddenly, he quipped around and looked at his parents.

'Mom..Dad, mujhe Nikki se baat kerni hai....I need to talk to her, alone.'

The sudden revolving of focus from Armaan Riddhima to Abhimanyu Nikki was something his parents couldn't digest well. His father was about to speak up when Abhi turned back towards Nikki, not caring to hear a word of what he was saying and looked at her intently. Without a word, as if she had no control over any action of hers, she quietly followed him to a room at the side of the hall, and everyone else was left gaping. Now that they had left, everyone's focus returned back to the former couple.

Shashank, who was by now shaking with fury, looked at Riddhima and said, in a dangerously low tone, ' Yeh yahan per kia kar raha hai, Riddhima?,' his gaze shifting to Armaan. Riddhima gulped and was about to answer when Armaan started talking.

'Main yahan khud aya hun Sir, mujhe Riddhima ne nahi bulaya hai,' he replied, in a tone that matched Shashank's.

'Dr. Mallik, ap jante hain ke apka mere ghar mein yun meri permission ke bina dakhil hona, ap ke liye kitni barri problem kharri ker sakta hai....I would recommend,in fact, I would want you to leave this very moment.' Shashank ordered with a finality in his voice. However, Armaan stood adamantly at his spot.

'Sir main Riddhima ko chor ker kahin nahi jaunga,'. His comment awoke more fury in Shashank, who stepped forward as if to throttle him, only to be held back by Padma.

'Dr. Mallik...,'

'Armaan, Sir. Mera naam Armaan hai, aur iss waqt main yahan aik doctor ki tarah nahi aya hun,' Armaan replied, his eyes looking up at Shashank, and he felt Riddhima's hand shake in his.

'Yeh sab kia ho raha hai Shashank...yeh larka kaun hai?,' Jai Modi spoke up at last, bewildered at the events taking place before him. Shashank turned an apologetic face towards him and said, 'I am so sorry Jai...can you give us a few minutes? We will just be back.'

Trying to save some face of his family in front of his friends, he moved away to another room, followed by his wife, Armaan and Riddhima. Anjali and Atul, who had followed Nikki, now stood in the hall, astounded by whatever had taken place. They decided to stay in the hall, to at least provide some company to the guests, who were in a misery of their own by now.


'Riddhima, yeh kia badtamizi hai?,' Shashank had spoken up as soon as they had reached the room, to which they had excused themselves to. Riddhima looked into his eyes, her eyes now swarming with tears as she tried to speak up, but Shashank wouldn't let her. 'Tumhain meri izzat ki zara bhi parwah nahi hai?'

'Papa, apko meri zindagi ki zara bhi parwah nai hai kia? Ap jantey hain ke main Armaan ke siwa se shadi nahi kerungi, phir ap kyun mujhe iss torture se guzaar rahay hain,' Riddhima spoke up, agitated at her father's behaviour. Armaan pressed her hand quietly, as she started to say something more. He was stopping her? But why?

This time, Armaan interrupted the conversation.

'Sir, main janta hun ke ap mujhe aik acha larka nahin mantay. Mera behaviour, meri harkatain, mera appearance, apko kuch pasand nahi hai...yahan takk ke mere parents bhi. I know all that Sir, but I just want you to know how much I love your daughter. Sir, yeh sab maine apko sharminda kerne ke liye nahi kiya, but I want you to realize what we mean to each other. Apko lagta hai ke ap Riddhima ki shadi kisi aur se kar dainge to woh khush re payegi? Ap khush reh payenge? Sir, aap...'

'Armaan, mujhe matt batao ke mujhe apni beti ki life mein kia karna hai aur kia nahi. Riddhima ki shadi tum se harr giz nahi hogi.'

'Aur Riddhima ki shadi meri siwa bhi kisi se nahi hogi, Sir.' Armaan replied, with a dangerous adamance in his voice. Shashank looked from him to his daughter, and moved forward in a fury to break the knot that was formed by their hands. But he was stopped mid-way, surprisingly, by Padma. He looked at her in surprise.

'Shashank, ap ghalat kar rahay hain....please aissa matt kijiye! Yeh donon sach main aik doosrey se bohat pyar kerte hain. To kia hua agar Armaan ne kuch ghaltian ki hain...hum barray hain, humain mauf ker dena chahiye!,' Padma spoke up and Shashank looked at her, shocked out of his wits by the sudden change in his wife. Padma now stood next to Riddhima, who was crying silently.

'I can't believe this..Padma tum...,' Another interruption came in the form of Anjali, who now stood at the door.

'Dad....Jai Uncle ap se kuch baat kerna chahte hain!,' she said, looking uncertainly from her father to Padma and then at Armaan Riddhima. Shashank puffed out a waft of air, stressed by the events taking place, and strode out of the room. As soon as he did, Riddhima collapsed into Armaan's arms, crying bitterly. Armaan looked at her, worriedly, as he lead her towards the bed and made her sit there, his arm around her as she cried into his chest. Padma and Anjali both hurried towards her, all three of them trying to soothe her down but she wouldn't stop crying.

'Riddhima...Riddhima, please, rona band kero!! Nothing's wrong...kuch nahi hoga, I promise! Main hun na...Why are you crying? Ridddhimmaa!!,' Nothing he said could make her stop crying. She just looked at Padma, held her hand while her other rested on Armaan's chest and cried even more loudly.

Padma looked at Anjali, with a tense expression on her face, and the latter ran to get her a glass of water. She looked at Armaan helplessly, who blinked at her reassuringly.

'Auntie, you should go out...I will take care of her...Dont worry!,' Padma nodded at his comment, knowing that she was wanted outside, whatever was happening, she needed to witness it herself. As she left the two alone in the room, Armaan hugged Riddhima tightly and calmed her down.

"Ssssh...Riddhima! Please rona band can not break down right can NOT...please, for me..stop crying!,' Maybe it was his words that finally effected her or the hug, he didn't know, but he felt her sobs subside a little and she looked up at him, her face tear-stricken.

'I am....I am sorry Armaan..I shouldn't have...,' she breathed, hiccuping through her words. Armaan smiled at her affectionately, and wiping away the tears from her cheek, he whispered, 'It's's okay..,'

The glass of water Anjali brought her helped her regain her composure again, and Armaan smiled at Anjali thankfully, while she just nudged his shoulder comfortingly.

After a few moments, that had seemed like a decade, they stopped hearing the soft murmur of voices that had been coming from the hall and there was complete silence now. Armaan looked from Riddhima to Anjali, and they both gave him unsure looks. He nodded at them, as if words were no longer a need to communicate, and they all simultaneously walked out of the room, Armaan's hand still holding Riddhima's.

To their surprise, they found the hall empty this time, for the Modis had left; when, they weren't aware of that. However, Shashank and Padma did fill the room with presence, especially because both were so silent; the silence before the storm, they call it? It was, more like, after one. The only other person in the room apart from them was Atul, who stood behind the sofa, aimlessly looking around, a troubled look on his face. On their entrance into the hall, Padma looked up at them and gave them a small smile. A hopeful one. Armaan's spirits lifted, ever so slightly.

'Shashank...,' Padma whispered, making her husband look up, first at her, then at the trio that had entered the room. As if all the energy had gone out of him, he looked back down, his hands clasped together, his eyes focusing on them. He looked like a man who had lost all battles. Seeing her father for the first time in a state like this, dejected, defeated; Riddhima pulled her hand away from Armaan's and on an instinct, ran towards her father, not even aware of her own actions. Throwing herself into his arms, she broke down yet again.

She herself wasn't aware how many times she apologized to her father; for she had done to him what she had promised herself never to do. It was as if she had fallen in her own eyes, committed a mistake she wouldn't ever thought herself capable of; for she held her father in the highest esteem. To have broken his heart, injured his pride; she couldn't bring herself to accept the fact that she had been the one who had done it, so she apologized. Not for loving Armaan, but for breaking her father's heart, his pride in her. Soon, she found her father englufing her in a hug, patting her hair, and she knew she had been forgiven by him, that very moment. Yet she was also aware of the fact that it'd take years for her to forgive herself for what she had done.

Armaan looked at her, and for the umpteenth time he found another reason; why he loved her. She was this epitome of perfection when it came to relationships; she had this perfect image of herself as the exemplary daughter, sister, girlfriend or friend; whatever role she was playing. He knew how hard it was for her to accept that she had flawed one of her most cherished relationships; but he also knew she would do it again if need arose. His heart melted as he looked at the only girl he had ever loved.

Padma held Shashank's hand as he hugged Riddhima, and as he looked at her through wet eyes himself, she nodded at him. After a moment's hesitance, he nodded back at her too and Padma smiled genuinely. Pulling Riddhima away from himself, he looked at her as she cried, hiccuping. Armaan shifted in his place, unable to see Riddhima like this but knowing it wasn't his place, right now, to say anything.

"I am sorry Papa...I am so sorry! Maine apko...,' she was crying so badly that she couldn't speak now, and Padma patted her hair, while Shashank looked at her affectionately.

'It's okay beta...Abhimanyu ne wese bhi shadi ke liye inkaar ker dia hai!,'

His statement made Armaan jolt back into his senses, and he mumbled 'Nikki...' to himself, knowing things would have worked out between them.He smiled; he was happy for his best friend. Meanwhile, Riddhima looked at Shashank in shock and asked, 'WHAT?'

'Haan beta...aur mujhe lagta hai mujhe aur isharon ki zaroorat nahi hai...Armaan, come here...,' Shashank looked at Armaan who was yet again taken by surprise. Shashank held onto her shoulder and made her stand. Armaan walked upto them, thinking how this seemed exactly like some Indian film he would have had it become his story?

At that very moment, as Armaan walked towards her, Riddhima knew they had won their battle...she knew the worst was over. And sure enough, the need of some high point climax wasn't required; her father had given in, after seeing the relentless support of her mother towards them, and the undying love they both shared. Not surprisingly, Shashank put Riddhima's hand in Armaan's as he stood close to them, and Riddhima closed her eyes, heaving a sigh of relief. They had won, they had gotten nothing could separate them, ever. They were to be, now and forever, together.

What happened in the next few weeks wasn't unexpected. Riddhima and Armaan officially got engaged, much to the glee and happiness of the whole hospital that was invited, and soon after that, Atul gathered the courage to ask Anjali's hand for marriage. Unlike Armaan, Atul had always been in Shashank's good books, and it didn't take a lot of persuasion from everyone to make him agree. Armaan, meanwhile, was on the ninth cloud, having gotten everything he had ever wished for. He was on his best behaviour in the hospital now, trying to impress Shashank, who would see right through his efforts but still appreciated him for his hard work.

As it came to be known later, Nikki and Abhimanyu sorted out their differences that very day, for he had made her aware of how his family had been going through the most tumultuous time and he had to come back due to financial and personal crisis. Acknowledging the fact that he had been wrong at having left her like that, he apologized fervently, and even though Nikki knew it would take a lot of time for her to fully forgive him, she wanted to give him a chance.

Riddhima and Armaan got married at the end of the year, only a week after Anjali and Atul did. Since then, life couldn't be more beautiful and they couldn't wish for anything more....for they have each other and that was all that they wanted. Their love strengthened over the years, and when their daughter was born, it was Riddhima who decided to name her Emaan. Armaan was so touched by this action of hers that he had been rendered speechless, and had just hugged her for the longest time ever.

Now, as Riddhima stood looking at the photograph in his office, tired after the long day at work she had had, she thought of the years that had gone by and smiled to herself. Lightly caressing Armaan's face in the picture, she thanked God for the trillionth time for having him in her life. He was, in every way, in every part of her life; a son to the Guptas, a perfect husband, the father of her child...what else could she ask for?

The door of his cabin opened and she turned, putting the photo frame back, as Armaan entered the room with Emaan in his arms, talking to her endlessly, holding her back-pack and water bottle. Riddhima smiled and stepped forward; taking her daughter in her arms, she kissed her head and nuzzled in her neck. Armaan, meanwhile, took off his lab coat and stethoscope, and put it on the table.

'Long day, Dr. Mallik?,' she asked him in a cheerful tone, and he grinned at her.

'Yes, sweetheart...All I can think of now is a hot bath and a sexy massage by my very sexy wife...,' Armaan replied in a husky tone, hugging her from the back and nuzzling her neck as she laughed. Pulling away from him, she frowned.

'Yeah right! Your sexy wife stinks of blood and surgeries...tum Muskaan se milne gaye?,' He shook his head at her comment, and her eyes widened.

'ARMAAN! Its been 3 hours...tum AB takk nahi gaye...?,'

'Riddhima...yaar, I was in surgery..back to back! Chalo na, abhi chalte hain...!,' He put an arm around her and they walked out of the office towards Muskaan's ward.

As they entered the room, they saw Muskaan lying on the bed, her eyes closed peacefully as Anjali, Rahul and Atul crooned over the baby crib lying next to Muskaan's bed. A smile spread on both Riddhima's and Armaan's face as they saw the scene in the room, and Riddhima moved first towards Muskaan, who opened her eyes at their arrival, with Emaan in her arms. Armaan, however, moved towards the crib and looked down at its beautiful little inhabitant with awe. He breathed in lightly with wonderment as his eyes landed on the little bundle of joy lying in the crib, sleeping peacefully.

'Isn't she beautiful?,' Rahul mumbled lightly, caressing his 3 hour old daughter's tiny fingers.

'She is...she's....beautiful!,' Armaan breathed out, lightly fondling the baby's head. 'Can I pick her up?,'

His answer came, this time by Muskaan, who spoke, in a tone lower than her usual, 'NO you can't! Not unless you congratulate her mother and apologize for you very late arrival!'

Armaan grinned and moved over to Muskaan, and took her into a big bear hug, kissing her temple affectionately. 'I can't believe you are a mother now...our Muski?,' he chuckled and she frowned cutely.

'Yeah, kind of takes more than nine months for you to get the idea in your head, doesn't it?,' she shot back at him and they both laughed. Then he congratulated Rahul, and asked again, 'NOW can I pick her up?'

'NO! You will drop her...exactly like you were about to with Emaan...wait, let me show you!,' Riddhima said, and putting Emaan down who followed her mother to the crib, she stood next to Armaan. Very carefully picking up the baby in her arms, she settled her in to the crook of her arm and the baby turned her head to rest it next to Riddhima's bosom. She smiled, and turned towards Armaan, who, instead of taking the kid himself, put his arms around Riddhima's, which were holding the kid, and rested his head on Riddhima's shoulder. Emaan clung to Armaan's leg playfully, and he smiled down at her.

Both of them looked at the baby affectionately, in awe at the miracles of nature, and after a few seconds of blissful silence, Armaan whispered into her ear, slightly nibbling onto it, 'What say, Dr. Riddhima?'

He didn't even need to complete the sentence, for she looked at him and gave him such a blushing smile that he couldn't help himself but kiss her on her cheek tightly, which made her chuckle. Moving away from her, he picked Emaan in his arms and twirled her around, laughing gleefully. Turning to look at his friends, and then at Riddhima, he said, 'To a lifetime of happiness...and love'

And to that, all of them replied, with a loud whoop of laughter, 'Cheers!'.

here we go then! Finally, the end. Yes, and this is it! I can write more ends and epilogues, but there can be nothing that would be different from this, from, whatever it has come down to. Thank you, everyone of you, who has made this fic such a dramatic hit and made my first fic so special to me :) I can not thank you guys enough! It just goes to show how much I have grown as a writer and how much you guys have helped me out in thanks a ton! This was never a fic I had planned to go on for so long, but it has :) and well, I know you will ask for an epi and then other updates...but this, for me is THE END for the fic...for the journey began with how they confessed their love to how they got married...and here we are, at the end of the road!

I had never thought of writing a wedding part, or any such thing ever for this was just the journey of AR i would have liked to see in DMG, but alas, it never happened! SO this was my way out, and now it comes to a closure, DMG ended for me the day Karan stopped coming in it, the story of AR ends for me here :) Thank you, thank you everyoooonnneee for all your comments and love!!
Thanks once again!

Bye, for now..I will see you around, hopefully, on my next fic too! Thanks again!

Loads of love

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reserved :D
Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Kiran!!!
Here goes my longest comment till now on IF! Are you ready for it?
Never did in my life I had ever thought that a TV Serial can bind so many together. And, also leads me to a land where I can see so many "me"s all around. Hehehe... jokes apart...don't you agree with me? And then this paved the way to a fic which has an equal preference to me with the show. DMG 5 years from now!!!
I don't remember telling you my favourite scenes till now. I am going to list them all and add a few comments here and there :D. Here you go!
But tonight was special. Tonight was different. Tonight, at 12, the day would change to the day he had met Riddhima Shashank Gupta, now Riddhima Armaan Mallik, for the first time. And they were going to celebrate it. It was their night, their day, their celebration.
- From here the journey started and I am glad to be a part of it!
He was such an amazing person. She had been married to him for 3 years, they had had a beautiful daughter together, she had known him since 5 years and yet she was amazed at how she got to know something new about him every day.
Atul: kia yaar'hum jab bhi attay hain who so rahi hoti hai'
Armaan: Champ who bachi hai'.6 mahinay ki'soye gi nahi to kia tere tarah pura din bakk bakk kerti rehey gi??
Atul: acha yaar dantata kyun hai'
- I had laughed so much after reading this.. this is so typical Armaan-Atul. :D
She heads over to the kitchen, and Armaan follows, holding Emaan.
Armaan: par yeh tumhare pass aker to chup ho gai thi'mere pass atay hi ronnay lag jati hai'(making a face)
Riddhima: (smirks) han Armaan'kyunki mein uski maa hun'who pehchanti hai mujhe'
Armaan: kia matlab? Main bhi to uss ka baap hun'.mujhe kyun nahi pehchanti'
Riddhima: Armaaaaaaan!! Kyunki who pura din mere pass rehti hai iss liye'aur abhi to bohat choti hai'jese jese barri hogi tumhain pehchaan jayegi'
Armaan: hmmmm'lekin mujhe yeh samajh nahi ata ke bachon ko pata kese chal jata hai ke kaun uski maa hai'
Riddhima: Armaan..tum adhi raat ko paglon jese sawal matt karo'
- a very cute scene of AR
Padma smiles and puts up a hand to his hair to flatten them down'.Armaan smiles and then puts his head in Padma's lap. She is surprised, but still smiles, patting his head lightly.
Padma: kia baat hai Armaan'koi pareshani hai kia?
Armaan: hmmmmm'..(very seriously)
- cute bonding of Armaan-Padma. Love it!
Rahul: matlab jisse hum larki samajh rahay tay who koi murjhai hui jharri hai??
Atul: ay Rahul'.meri Rhea ko esa na keh..woh to itna pyarir hai'harray harray paton aur rangeen phulon wali'
Armaan and Rahul straighten up, looking forwards, giving each other the exasperated 'ye kabhi nahi sudhrega' look
Atul: arey tum logon ko kia hua?
Armaan: harray haarray patay'forget it (shrugging)'Champ tu sach main'.champ hi hai'(snickering)
Atul: lo! Ab maine kia kar dia?
- hahahahaha.. an unforgettable TACOS scene!!!
This was how life had meant to be. This was what they had dreamt of when they had thought of their happily-ever-after. They need not have rip-roaring passionate romance everyday, though they did enjoy it too, they still preferred the quietness of the night like this one, the moon-light, a cool breeze, with them sitting together and just feeling the love around them. That was romantic enough. Armaan sighed as he thought of how many sleepless nights he had spent and how many tears had been wept for these beautiful moments to take place. As both Armaan and Riddhima gazed into each other's eyes with love, they took a trip down memory lane of how hard they had fought against the odds of the world to get here.
- such a beautiful scene!!
Armaan, sitting in the labs, taking down notes of a biopsy report of a patient, smiled as the ward boy gave him a note that Dr. Riddhima had left for him. He excitedly opened it, and this is what it read:
Itna pamper kero gey to iss janam main to kia, kisi bhi janam main tumhain dobara chor ke nahi ja paungi. Sorry, mille beghair ja rahi hun. Yaad se khud bhi kuch khaa lena aur please time per ghar chalay jana. I missed you today, wese. Ajeeb hai na, jab pass hote to tumhain khud jannay ko kehti hun, jab chalay jatay ho to dil kerta hai tumhain wapas bula loon. Pagal ho gai hun, hehe. Apna khyal rakhna. Main tumse kal milti hun.
P.s. I love you!!
Your Basket
He read it about 5 times. Her love and care just radiated out of the small letter. He smiled, reading aloud YOUR BASKET many times. He pocketed the note, he meant to keep it with him forever.
- hayee.. very very sweet na!
Armaan: hmmm'sirf best friend??
Riddhima: uh-hhuhhh'(shakes her head) best friend hi nahi'you are everything to me'.my guardian, my saviour, my shield, my soul mate'.my love'my life'
Armaan's face breaks into e genuine and huge smile as he hears those words from her mouth. The amount of honesty in her eyes told him that every word carried a lot of  meaning in it.
- Love this scene to the core!
When Armaan takes her to his house.. all the scenes that follow...surrprise, gussa, Riddhima not eating..
hah!!! Enjoyed reading it all along.
Then comes Karwachauth.. that was simply superb!!!!!! Just Love it the core!
Riddhima tries to manaao Armaan... on his bday she arranges a quite surprise and they both get back
together. That was just toooooo beautiful!!!!!!Lovely!!!! Romantic!!!!!! :D
Armaan's bday date out with Riddhima-- awesomely written by you.
Riddhima: Armaan…mujeh tumhain aik aur baat batani hai….
Armaan: hey bhagwan!! Aj mujhe zinda salamat ghar puhancha dena…(looking up) warna yeh madam to
mujhe surprises de de ker maar deingi…(laughs, then looks at her) haan bolo…
Riddhima: (puffs her cheeks, and pouts) (speaks in a childlike manner) I love your dimples!!
Armaan stares at her for a second, surprised, then they both start laughing.
- Dimples... hayeeee... sweetie sweet one!!!
Armaan: Riddhima….iss dunia main hum bohat baar different references se jannayy jattay hain…jaisay ke
tum…Dr. Shashank Gupta ki beti….(with his hands apart and his eyes wide, trying to imply something big)
….Head-Nurse Padma ki beti…..Dr. Anjali Gupta, the most competent intern, ki behen…..Dr. Armaan Mallik,
the most good-looking guy, ki girlfriend….(chuckles a little)
Riddhima giggles.
Armaan: par iss sab ko chor ker tumhain ye prove kerna hai ke tum in sab rishton se hatt ker bhi bohat kuch
ho…you are an individual…you have your identity…to tum uss identity ko banao, aur aissa banao ke sab
tumhain Dr. Riddhima Gupta ke torr per yaad kerein…tumhare reference se dusray logon ko link kerein…
- A perfect AR scene! Awesome couple!
RM's confession scene - Out of the blue it was.. muski's reply is the highlight!!
Riddhima: Armaan…?? 12 BACHAY?? Humne market nahi kholni….ke aik ke saath, aik free….(making a cute
Armaan laughs out free
Armaan: arey aik ke saath aik free kyun….i believe in individual cost of product…to aik time per aik hi baby…
Riddhima: haan haann…(sarcastically) bachay to bass paida ker ke rakh dene hain na, aissay ghar ke konnay
main….unhain pallna posna to hai nahi na…

Armaan: (frowns) kia matlab…??
Riddhima: pehli baat to 12 bachay paida kerna, out of question hai….i mean, SOCHO bhi matt….aur secondly,
hypothetically speaking, agar aissa ho bhi…to unko barra tum keroge?? Tum to conveniently chalay jaoge
kaam per, aur main ghar per pagal ho jaungi…specially agar bachay tum per gaye to…
Armaan: (shifts his place, puts his head in Riddhima's lap, half-lying down, looking up) mujh per gaye ka kia
matlab…..mere bachay mere jese gi honge na….aur btw, yeh tum 12 bachon ke itne khilaaf kyun ho??
Riddhima: Armaaaann!! Tang matt kero na….(fingering his hair)…3 bachay, not more than that...that's final…!!
Armaan: acha baba….jese tum kaho…3 kids it is then….Armaan, Riddhima aur unke 3 bachay…wah wah, what
a happy family….(looking up at her)
Riddhima giggles.
Riddhima: wese Armaaan….tum yeh socho, ke agar mere 3 bachay ho gaye, to mein tumhain to bilkul time
nahi de paungi na..
Armaan sits up straight
Armaan: kyun??
Riddhima: kyunki 3 bachon ki dekh baal kerna…unhain khilana, nehlana, kapre pehanana, unka khyal rakhna…
iss sab main to mera sarra time nikal jayega na….
Armaan thinks over this and looks at her, his eyes wide
Armaan: Riddhima…tum mujhse 1 minute ke liye baat nahi kerti ho to mera haal burra ho jata hai…aur pura
din meri ankhon ke samne hote huay bhi agar tum mere pass na hui to mein kia karun ga??
Riddhima raises her eyebrows and purses her lips, nodding.
Armaan: (thinks for a while, then claps his hans together) Idea….
Riddhima: kia??
Armaan: tum pura din unka khyal rakhna…aur jab main ghar aya kerunga, to hum unhain Padma Auntie ke
pass bhej dia karainge…aur phir sirf tum aur main….kia kehti ho??
Riddhima: flop idea!! Humare apne bachay honge….koi karaye per nahi layen honge Armaan ke jab dil kia ghar
se bahar nikal dein…
Armaan: acha to phir kia karainge…?? (biting his nails, deep in thought)
Riddhima looks at him and smiles. He was such a kid. She takes his face in her hands and makes him look at
Armaan: Riddhima…(pouting like a baby)
Riddhima: Armaaaan….tum bilkul fikar matt kero…tumhain time dena, mera problem hai…aur phir chahay
humare kitne bhi bachay ho jayen, tum to mere sabse pehle aur sabse pyare baby ho na…?? You are my first
- Reading this whole scene i was like.. from where did the conversation start and where did it end? But then
is this not the cutest AR scene?? hmm??? :P
Riddhima topping the exam and then the scenes afterwards on the beach side... hayeee... fida!!
Revealing the truth of Armaan's past in front of Riddhma..Armaan's parents .. Emaan.... and AR bonding
growing more n more.. - I just like to read this n number of times though its quite sad and emotional without getting tired. lol
The perfect Valentines day for AR!
Armaan: Riddhima'you are the biggest part of me, I love you and there isn't a second I don't think about you..or about us'or how our kids would be
like.(he grins at this, and so does Riddhima) I have dreamt of my whole life with you'.and today, I just want to say..
With that, he went down on his knees, looking straight in Riddhima's eyes and then bowed his head for a second. Riddhima's eyes watered, she
couldn't imagine how anyone could do so much for her, how anyone could love her so unconditionally.
He sat on is knees, and one of his hands travelled to his pockets from where he took out a ring box. Riddhima gasped, as he opened the box which
had a beautiful, shiny emerald ring lying on it, surrounded with little diamonds.
Armaan: will you marry me, Riddhima'??
The tears that she had been holding back fell loose of her control and rolled down her cheeks as she pursed her lips together. This had to be one of
the most beautiful moments of her life. She just looked down at him, as he waited with bated breath.
Armaan: come on yaar….I wanna build a house with you, I wanna live every day of my life with you…I wanna have kids with you, I want to die when I
am 110 in your arms….i just..want to grow old with you man…come on…say yes…commeee onnn…
Riddhima controlled her tears and smiled a little at his nonsensical banter, and just nodded her head. Armaan's eyes lighted up…
Armaan: yes…?? (Riddhima nodded again…)….Yes??....(she nodded again)….YES??? (Riddhima nodded vigoruously nodded)
He said it this time, shocked, as he stood up, nodding his head too, as if asking a question. Riddhima laughed at his shocked expression and saying a
loud YES, threw her arms around him.
Armaan hugged her tightly, as Riddhima cried with happiness and he swirled her around. They both rejoiced in the beautiful moment, perhaps one of
the most memorable of their lives.
-- I truly adore this scene.
Armaan walked out of the room and then made his way to Riddhima's. If he was lucky, he would find her in there, and he would be able to clear out
all her questions and ambiguities. He knocked on the door once and walked inside the room, closing the door behind him.
Sure enough, Riddhima sat before the dressing table, clad in a green-colored saree, her hair dried yet her face still devoid of any makeup. She was
staring into the mirror, and as Armaan made an entry into the room, she turned to look at him. They both stared at each other quietly, for some
minutes, and then Riddhima got up steadily and made her way towards where he stood, a few feet away.
Standing before him, she just looked into his eyes once more and then put her arms around his neck and clung closer to him, embracing him as closely
as she could. Armaan was not surprised by this act; it was something he had wanted to do since a long time. Putting his arms around the small of her
back, he pulled her extremely close to himself and buried his face in her hair. She caressed the nape of his neck, as the slight tears he hadn't been
able to shed over the two whole days made their way down his cheeks.
After what seemed like the longest hug they had ever shared, Riddhima parted from him and wiping away the tears from his cheeks, smiled slightly
and simply said, "Thank you."
Armaan didn't need to ask her why or for what she was thanking him; he knew the answer very well himself. He just nodded very lightly, and then smiled back at her.
And then, for the first time ever in their relationship, Riddhima took an initiative and putting her hand around Armaan's neck, she pulled his head down, while standing on tip-toe herself and she kissed him. Very lightly at herself, a mere brush of the lips; and then she took his mouth with more fervor. While Armaan was taken aback in the beginning, he soon realized what was happening and then putting his arms to her waist, he pulled her closer to himself and kissed her back. What they both expressed with that one gesture was unexplainable; Riddhima thanked him from all her mighty heart for what he had done for her, she could never repay him back for it, while Armaan made her feel how damn important she was in his life, how truly he valued her. And they kissed for long, breaking off when the kiss turned passionate enough for both of them to be on the breaking point. It was Armaan who backed out first, knowing that if they continued, he wouldn't be able to stop himself. And as he stood looking at his beautiful
girlfriend turn different shades of red, Armaan smiled to himself and knew it was all worth it; every single thing he had done. They still stood pretty  close to each other, close enough to hear each other's heart beats. Riddhima still stood there, blushing, her head bent down.
Armaan smiled again, as he waited for her to look up and when she didn't, he put a finger under her chin and lifted her face up. As she looked into his eyes uncertainly, he bent down and brushed his lips with hers again; a soft, sweet kiss. And while his lips still rested against her, he whispered, " I love you."
Riddhima smiled against his lips, and with no boundaries known to her or nothing stopping her from doing so, she kissed him back the same way as he had done and replied, " I love you too…"
- this is the cherry on the top of my list of favs :D.
The ending part was so very well taken forward.. that not even one scene has fell out of place. I just wish the creatives would have read this before going for a leap.
End part:
Strong, almost action packed, not nervous since we know that they are together but excited how will they get together. You made me almost sit upright for the whole read. 
I liked so many things in this- Nikki.. you got her into a scene suddenly when she IS required and then gave her the space... and also a very Good role in getting AR together. I know you never thought about this but I felt her sudden appearance and disappearance was so apt.
Padma... strong support for the ones whom she believed in. Even her character never waver.. whether it is (not so)supporting shanky...or at the end making him realise whats the truth.
Shanky... shaky... A strong father.. but then goes weak when it comes to his children. His side is so well shown here.
Armaan... the strong.. nah.. the strongest...lover, son, and into all other roles.. he is the ONLY One to fi in that! :D
Riddhima.. wasn't she vulnerable for the start.. thats what she had and is now.
AA... they are there when they are actually needed. True Friends!!! :D
Riddhima joining back to work is so refreshing.. just got me back to those awesome hospital scenes. You really know well how to place the scenes.! And then BINGO.. as I told you reminded what happened to RM and then you gave them the required scene... AR-RM scene... that was so so so very well written that I could see it all through.
This is this!!  This is my memoir of DMG!!

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maaneet_crazy Goldie

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Posted: 01 December 2009 at 5:15am | IP Logged
heyy kiran!!!!!!!!
totally unexpected twist though, amazin part!!!!!!!!
amazin journey wid u kiran nd d ff.......
hope 2 c u around......
P.S. but dis does nt mean u dont upd d other ff. ok?

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riddhima1 Goldie

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hey kiran di.....its the first ff i read on IF...i just luv ur ff's
another awesome ff came to an end..blissful end dearParty
wonderful part dearClap
finally shanky accepted AR
luvd AR moments n blissful life
woww RM got a baby girlParty
very sad tat it ended...after AR r vanished in real dmg i used to see them here
now im gonna miss AR too
wish to see more awesome ff's frm u soon
plzzz try to write another ff for us dear

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ssh57 Goldie

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Fantastic concluding part to an awesome ff or should I say epic ??? (83 parts). Kiran u are an excellent writer especially the description of feelings, the humour, the chweet little things AR did for each other.........Actually everything abt this ff was fantastic. And this ff defnitely doesn't need an epilogue as the ff itself started as an epilogue and most of it was flashback. Kudos to a job brilliantly done.Thumbs Up Clap

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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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