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HAPPY BDAY DMG 5 yrs from now-Kiran di writes pg 3

KaranShilpa:) IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 10:45pm | IP Logged



This goes out to someone very, very special for all of us :)




When Armaan comes out of the bathroom, he couldn't see Riddhima in the room. He looks around for her, and opens the terrace door. What he saw was the most beautiful scene ever.

His small, beautiful wife was sitting on a one-seater sofa that she had dragged out. She was wearing her PJs and an old shirt of Armaan's which was very loose and large for her and it made her look even smaller. She said she was most comfortable in it. Her hair was still wet from the shower, and she had not a speck of make-up on her face. There was a large shawl and a blanket wrapped around her, as she held a cup of hot coffee and looked over at the beautiful scenery that stood before her. The moon-light made her skin glow. She had never looked more prettier to him.

Riddhima doesn't hear when Armaan opens the door to the terrace and when he walks up to her. She looks up in surprise as she sees him standing before her, looking down at her so affectionately and those dimples flashing at her. She looked up and smiled too, and felt his hand lightly caress her cheek.

Armaan saw Riddhima budge over on the sofa to make a space for him to sit too. He smiled, and within an instant, he was sitting on the sofa himself and she was sitting on his lap, her head leaning against his chest, with the blanket still wrapped around them as they looked into each other's eyes and then their eyes drifted to the beautiful scenery around them. Riddhima settled down against his chest, her head perfectly fitting under his chin and his arms protectively around her. A cold breeze was blowing, but neither of them felt cold as the warmth from each other's bodies kept them warm.

This was how life had meant to be. This was what they had dreamt of when they had thought of their happily-ever-after. They need not have rip-roaring passionate romance everyday, though they did enjoy it too, they still preferred the quietness of the night like this one, the moon-light, a cool breeze, with them sitting together and just feeling the love around them. That was romantic enough. Armaan sighed as he thought of how many sleepless nights he had spent and how many tears had been wept for these beautiful moments to take place. As both Armaan and Riddhima gazed into each other's eyes with love, they took a trip down memory lane of how hard they had fought against the odds of the world to get here.





Your story made us believe into another world...your writings led us to believe that people like you...talented, intelligent, humorous, wise, exist in this world...DMG 5 years from now on, became our lives !!


Today, one year n four threads later, we just want you to know, that despite the late updates n the short ones, the hours n hours that you kept us waiting for, we still love you for all that you have written for us, right from our heart n the soul. Words cannot describe how fortunate we consider ourselves to be reading your story...Each new part makes us wonder in awe about your talents, n makes us want to aspire to be as good a writer as you...this has encouraged many a reader to start with their own created a new trend of fanfics here in I-F...people call yours the best of all fics, n sure it is :D


After this much dramatic n emotional para that took me an hour n some mind boggling, I just want to let you know in the simplest of all forms,


We love you Kiran di :)


You have no clue how grateful we all are to you for writing something as good, original n beautiful a story as DMG 5 years from made us imagine a totally new world, fictional characters had never seemed so real n lovely, you made us all fall in Dil Mil Gaye, you just...


Thank you so much !!


So here we go:



Happy Birthday DMG 5 years from now :D


n well, now that it has completed one year, shouldnt it be 'DMG 4 years from now on...'? :)






We love you di! This is for you







....::::: ~*   "You know  you are  in  love  when you see  the  world in her eyes, and her eyes everywhere in the world."   *~:::::....



...::::~* "In  the  arithmetic of love, one  plus  one  equals  everything, and  two minus  one  equals  nothing." *~::::...









I just want to congratulate you on the work that you have done so far on the story and wish you all the best for the future!...Cant wait for you to get back to IF! =)


Good Luck







OMG its 1 yr!!!!!!! soooooo long!!!!!


by dmg_crazy :)




Hi Kiran...

Congratulations first of all for one year completion of ur FF which i dearly love....

1st time i came to know about India forums i landed on the FF forum and ur FF that time was on top of the list...ur title attracted me to read, i was just wondering what an FF is all about, n i started reading urs, u at that time had only completed abt 27 parts...n i read everything in one go....then i saw ur other FF Green-Blue Hues which again i read in one go....u had just begun that FF i think....Tat time....abt 2 parts u may have written...i would check everyday for updates wen i got back from college...!!!

u were that inspiration for me to start my own i joined IF just to pen down my FF and now soon IF has become a home for me....all...only becoz of u...!!!

I really honour u...!!!

Thanks for a lot of things u unknowningly may have done to me...n u never knew at all....!!

Loads of Love and Hugs




All I'd like to say to her is that never have I come across such a wonderful story, I guess its one of the bestest FF's ive ever read related to Dil Mil Gaye . The FF's which I love the most, I store them in my cell phone, and I do have hers in there, it travels with me everywhere .. So, even if she doesnt update, I open that up and start reading it all over again . This FF of hers should have actually been the real story, way way better than the drama . To end, I'd only like to request to her, not to end this one so soon, but then again, you cant drag the story which doesnt make sense anymore .. Okay, cut it then .. Do write us a beautiful end Kiran, and really, Love you for writing such an awesome FF




 just wanna thank you for giving this FF to's always always been a great pleasure to read it...its just so emotional and so right in its every form...i dont have words enough to appreciate what you've done..i jsut wanna tell you the FF is  special and so are you...




  hey kiran
I have read the story from the very beginning and i just cannot tell you how much i love it...when you used to update every weekend i remember getting up in the morning and taking my cup of tea and sitting next to computer to check ur update  and i used to read and re-read ur updates about 3 times ....... At this occassion i want to tell you that you are one of the very gifted and talented writers who has the ability to bring the characters alive... i mean i could almost imagine the actors performing the act in front of me while i read your FF...
On this special day of your first anniversary of DMG 5 years from now I want to tell you a BIGGGG

May you keep writing in the similar amazing and mindblowing way and may your story keep getting more and more interesting  keep it up and once again congratulation ... here's a congratulation cake for u..(Hope u'll share it with all of u)
Lots of Love



hii kiran di...!
i know today is a very important day for you....and for all of us here...!
its the first anniversary of one of the most loved ff on IF.....!
a very big congratulations from my side!!
happy anniversary to ur ff, DMG!
its a rocking ff....!
and ur a wonderful writer!!
thnx a lot for writing this for all of us.....!!
reading ur ff, always makes my day!!
plzz continue writing ur ff..!!
and ur very special to all of us here!!
love u loads....!!
-love sanjana(Tanyarox)



Dear Kiran,

Wow, its been a whole year you have started this fanfic and with god's grace and your absolutely wonderful writing, its has come all the way here....You have PURE talent Kiran and I think I've said this to you like 98989989098 times and you always refuse to believe it... but thats the truth! You have made ALL of us readers fall in love with your writing, the way you display Armaan-Riddhima's emotions, the ease with which you make us imagine the scenarios in front of our eyes..thats the true meaning of talent and you make us do all of this! Hope we get to see more of your writing ventures in the form of fanfics and girl you better continue writing!!

Love you!


Dear Kiran Di...

So....1 year..??????
How r u feeling???
Isn't it great that we all together...U THE WRITTER.........and.........WE THE READERS finally completed ONE YEAR of our Fav. FF "DMG 5 YRS. FROM NOW".......
First of all a BIG   " CONGRATULATIONS " to u di....

I really Miss those days When u used to gave us 3 updates a weak......Wow...those were the golden days...I really miss pampering u for ur updates.....I really Miss ur late replies......Really Speaking Di..Those were the golden memories of my life....
Anyways U r a Wonderful Writter, as I hav already mentioned Far better than J.K. Rowling......Ur FF is DMG to Di continue soon....I m missing those 3 updates a weak...I know it is just impossible..but just 1 update a weak...Please Di...
Once again Congratulations for completing 1 year........


Love U  Kiran Di...



Hey Kiran Di,
Congratulations and i want to tell you that your FF is one of the things which i most look forward to at IF. Cuz of your FF i started loving the FF section. Your an absolutely outstanding writer. I can literally feel what is written by you and imagine that. Can feel the emotions! Though i have really not been that much active on your FF thread cuz of some problems but i still try and go through it. Just wanna say, continue the fab, work and yes, undoutedly your a superb writer. Love ya!
  Hi Kiran Di....congrats on 1st anniversary for ur fan fic....hope u write more ff for us...and all the best to u in the future...we love u soo much...and keep writing DMG 5 years from now!!!..ur the best....we miss u and plz start writing DMG 5 years from now soon....thank you!!
Love Reshma



Congrats dear  Kiran

Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you!

This calls for a celebration!

The future is a rainbow of beautiful tomorrows when you hold a dream in your heart!
Great job!
You're a star in our eyes!
from: arlove :)

Congrats Kiran...Im so happy that toda is ur FF's one year is a song for FF:
Happy Birthfay to u
Happy Birthday Dear FF
Happy Birthday to u
Hey Kiran it is such an amezig day for u and for today is ur ff one year birthday...i just want to say that ur FF and u Rocks...ur one of  my favorite writer and ur ff is one of my favorite FF...i just cant get enough oof it.....whenver there is an update i get really excited and impatient to read it and once i finish reading i get sad as i cant get enought of it...ur FF is the one which have everythin that a reader wants...for example: story line, character, romance,suspence, it...Happy birthday ff once is party time... 
Once again Congrats and Party Hard.
Lots of Love


 hey kiran....

u have been doing a WONDERFUL  WONDERFUL job...
i completely adore the AR that u have portrayed...
one of my cousin being a non dmgian...but had a fair idea of the characters...
i made her read all the 4 threads of urs...
n u wont believe she actually started watching the show now...n is eagerly waiting for u to continue...

hope ur done with ur exams soon so that v get to read ur fic now...
its been i don noe how many months....
but once again...
a heartious congratulations to you and ur thread...
u've been writing gr8 stuff...
hope u keep on growing better n better ahead...



Omg!! I seriosuly don't believe that its been a year since u started this fanfic Kiran di!! I love it so much!! Nd ii hope we celebrate this anniversary in the more upcoming year for all ur ff's including this one!!!



Hey Kiran..
well...i have been following this fic of urs from the very start and every line, every part has been my favourite...the concept and storyline is just amazing...and i am sure that even after a decade or so i will never be bored of reading it :D
armaan and riddhima's past and present were so beautifully written that i hav become a fan of ur writing...
great job kiran :)
and now its two years since this beautiful story started... and i never realised it..the time has flown away in a blink...but one thing is for sure, i will always always cherish this story...
so thanks a ton for penning this down...
A Big Big Congratulations to u hun
Luck n Love


Hey Kiran,
Congratulations,dear for successfully completeting one full year of running a story which has been,I feel, the best among all the writings on IF.
I have followed both you FFs and I'm definitey a fan of your writings and the way you express each and every character,their emotion & their personality
You,for me,are among the finest writers on this forum and this FF,''DMG 4 years from now''..has indeed been a pleasure to read and learn.
I wish you all the best in whatever you write and I'm sure you would complete many more years of running stories...succesfully and directly from your heart!
Thanks for sharing with us your immense talent through your writings.


love you sooooooooooooo much di for such an lovely FF
Ur FF is one of the BESTFFs in the world
when ever i read ur FF it felt like as if i was watching it, instead of reading it- ur discribtion is awesome and so r u

for completing the 1st year of UR FF
Di don't even think about finishing this FF O.K.
because we won't be able to handle that much heart break

 soooooooooo much for the mindblowing FF
love Princess
hei kiran is da day when v fell in luv wd ar....thanks for creatin da magic again...god bless

Hey Kiran!!!!!!
Its been one year for this Fanfic..And I jus wona let u know that i absolutely love it!!..I actually have it book marked..and read all my fave parts again and again..and i nver get bored of it.
You're an amazing writer..and i knw u have been told this by many..but seriously..we really do mean it when we say it!!Love Your Fanfic!!
You'e a star!!
Great Job..I Hope to Read more of this Fanfic & May God Bless you!!!!
CONGRATULATIONS!! It's been a WHOLE Year!! You're one of the few  FF writers who have accomplished this..many people just give up or leave their FF incomplete before this celebration occurs! Hands off to you! You're an AMAZING FF writer and for this whole year I've been a true fan of you and your writing! I hope you have many many more of these successes later on. Congratz once again and KEEP IT UP!! :]

Zeba :)



hi kiran congratulations on the anniversary of the best fanfic i have ever read n am glad to be  a part of all are a wonderful writer and there is defintely no doubt about it i wish if only the actual DMG story line was somewhere near to what u protrayed...thanks alot for entertaining us with ur wonderful story and writing skills and hope to get more of this sort thanks  and congrats once again
Irrum :D
Dear Kirzzz,

So finally we've completed nearly two years... Well I've known you just for a year or so but you've been one of the persons I've cherished the most in this one year at IF... Not because you are a GREAT FF writer, but because you've been a superBB friend as well.... Can't say how its been awesome talking to you throughout....

DMG 5 years from now was the first FF I'd started reading, and believe me for quite a few weeks it used to be the only FF I read, I loved it, still do, and will always love it.... I've saved all parts of DMG 5 years.... Because each character, each dialogue, each scene of it used to be so special.... Moreover, we used to see AR married, something that all of us so wish for to see in the real DMG.... You had written the characters and their plots, but I could see it all happening in front of me...

I know you've been super busy lately, but I just miss DMG 5 years because you are not updating it so very often.... And please, its an order.... Don't even think of finishing it in the near future.... Please don't do that, we don't mind if you are not able to update too soon each time, but yaaar if you finish it off....

Congrats on these two years.... Congrats on reaching soo far off in the FF....And thanks, for giving us a wonderful story to read, and wonderful friend in you.... Love yaaa.....


Congratulations, its great to read your creation
Whenever there is a cute sweet moment in ur ff it brings a smile tht too with 32 teeth
love, Mudita
Hey Kiran!!!
Never ever thought that its one year since I came to know you. I can never forget the day you started this Fic on " DMG". I remember telling you this before as well.

Well hun! Let me congratulate you for completing one year of your sweet(hard) work on this.

Hearty Congratulations!!!!

Looking forward for many more to come from you.
Luv N Care
Prasanthi (ur FF's Fan... remember this??  lolzz...)


Hey Kiran!

A very big congrats to you for the anniversary of this wonderful fanfic that you started. It truly deserves every bit of the appreciation it got...and even more! While I do not comment on every part of yours, please do forgive me,...but often you just leave me speechless with your fabulous parts, that I feel that no amount of words would describe the different emotions I feel then. The characters in your fic are so realistic, and still continue to have the same touch of the original Armaan and Ridhiima...I absolutely adore your fanfic, and want to give you a BIG CONGRATS once again!HugClap




Hey Kiran di ,
Umm this is most probably the first time I'm commenting on this fic..But kya karoon just read the whole thing a few days back :) ...I mean once I started reading...I got soo hooked to it that everyday one thing which I used to look forward to was reading the next part of this fic !
So I'd like to say a BIG Thanks to you!! Big big thanks!! For writing soo beautifully and making me read it !! I mean whenever I read it...I had one of the most wonderful times of my life !!
Hats off to you ....Your writing style is beautiful, amazing, fantabulous...Awesome..... I'll seriously go short of words!
So...Many many happy returns of the day Kiran di.. !
Congratulations..! All the very best for the future.. :D
Thanks again :)
Lots of love and hugs !
Sunaena :)

heya Kiran aka Zia aka Kiz aka Pebbz aka Kiddo ~

I heard you getting old...some days/months/years (i didnt bother to read and register :D) and your darling buddiesLOL are making this ..umm...awesome Cool thread and for which i got a PM to say something in regards toShocked...and sooo here goes....Approve

*Kameeeniiii....kaha chali gai hai tu...teri MMY ko tere DDY ke sath....akela chod ke...samajhta ni hai tereko*
(trust you to interpret that rightly yeah) Censored

*Seriously....its been forever we talked...and someone (*ahem) misses you L.O.A.D.S*
(thy shall know...for the i-don't-do-this-often times) Blushing

*Hugs and Kisses for the nutter who-lost-her-head-at-birth..tons!*
(wwuuuuahh.....hee-haw) Hug

***Congratulations! Keep yourself grounded to this place...and keep giving us those wonderful (:)) things you all these varieties...forever...likhteinnnnn rahoooooo***  Thumbs Up

# guess who #



Finally 'To sum it all up'I would once again wish you all the very best for the future!
Here are these VMs which we would like to share with you'They are very nicely put together...Hope they remind you of the good times of your fic 'All credits go to the VM makers.. (Zgerl and InLuvWithKSG) 
Just remember...We all love you loads!! :D
Thanks again,
Lots of love and hugs,
Spriha and Sunaena :D

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pickytg Goldie

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reserved * OMG nobody told me nothing about this....D'oh*

Edited by missypatel - 18 June 2009 at 10:54pm
smriti.tweety Senior Member

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 10:52pm | IP Logged
hey kiran!
Congrats! one full year of keeping us entertained!!!!ClapParty
Clapthanks for this wonderful fan fic! the first one that i read on IF and the first that i felt compelled to comment on.
gr8 work! hope that you keep us entertained with many more fics! congrats again!!!!!!
spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
hhhhhhahhhhhhhhahahahahah ... ziaaaaaaaa.... you BETTER INTERPRET NOTHING from that message ... the anonymous one i mean :D

muahhhh kid.... miss ya itaaaaaa sara *sachi... pinky!*

lov n hugs hamesha!
Prasanthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 11:20pm | IP Logged

Hearty Congratulations Sweetheart!!!

R1U2K3 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
*Congratulations Kiran ....*
sunaena Goldie

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 11:36pm | IP Logged
Congrats di ! Hug
dmg_fanatic IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 June 2009 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
congrats kiran di
hope it celebrates many more birthdaysssssssss

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