Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

YRKKH 18th June 09 - Written Update [1hr SpL]

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Hey guys! Its Payal with Today's update! My exams are finally over and I will be updating for Mon/Wed/Fri from now on. First I would like to thank Roku for doing excellent updates for me while I had exams! thanks yaar! Hug
Second, sorry for not updating yesterday, me and Roku had a confusion, she thought I was going to update and I thought she was going to update. heh. sorry about that Ouch
Thank you to Sanwak who posted some hightlights of yesterday's episodes.
Heres a detailed update and highlight of today's episode. hope you like it!


- Gayatri / Nandini scene where Gayatri explains to Nandini that Bhabhi ma thinks of only her best because she loves her
- Nandini and Bhabhi ma apologize to each other
- Rituraj and his mom stay back home with Nandini
- the ghoomer celebrations begin, everyone dances
- Akshara bumps into Rituraj while dancing who came to the celebrations with his mom and Nandini
- Everyone is shocked to see Rituraj, Gayatri introduces Rituraj and family
- Akshara scared goes leaves and goes to her room
- Rituraj's mom tells Badi ma that they won't say anything about the past, Badi ma is greatful
- Rituraj doesn't tell Naitik anything about his and Akshara's rishta
- Akshara is scared, she is worried, what if her rishta breaks because of this?


Everyone is crowded around Nandini in her room. Gayatri tells everyone she needs to talk to Nandini in private. Everyone leave. Bhabhi ma is teary, she too leaves with RR's mom. RR's mom closes the door behind her. Gayatri goes to Nandini and sits down. She asks Nandini if she is okay. Nandini says yes, she just lost her balance and fell. Gayatri tells Nandini that she knows what she is talking about. What happened between her and bhabhi ma? Nandini starts crying, she says "mom keeps on talking about something that I have kept in a dark corner. She keeps making me realize that my life is incomplete. Just because I haven't got married, because her wishes weren't completed, because Im handicaped. Gayatri tells Nandini not to take these things at heart. Nandini says that but when she sees her mother's tears she looses her own courage. It hurts. Her mother doesn't understand her. Gayatri makes Nandini understand that her mother doesn't realize that it hurts. She must feel hurt too right? Your the only one she has. behind her words are her worries, wishes and dreams. She doesn't do wrong write? She just wants your love, understand it. She is probably still at the door. Gayatri smiles. Nandini smiles too. Gayatri tells Nandini that she is going to call Bhabhi ma. Gayatri opens the door, bhabhi ma runs in everyone following her. Nandini and Bhabhi ma are in tears. Gayatri nods at Nandini. Nandini gives Bhabhi ma a hug. Bhabhi ma and Nandini hug and cry. Everyone smile. Nandini apologizes to Bhabhi ma. Bhabhi ma says that it was her fault. They hug again. Rituraj asks about Nandini's leg. Nandini says that she is okay. nandini tells everyone that they should go now. Bhabhi ma says that she will stay with Nandini. Naitik says that he will stay too. Nandini says no, you have a perfect oppertunity to see Akshara. Rituraj tells Naitik to go, he will stay back. Nandini says that bablu is right. Naitik starts to argue but Nandini stops him. Nandini says that she will stay with Bablu and masi (bablus mom). Masi says that they will take care of Nandini. Bhabhi ma agrees. Everyone leave.

At Akshara's house. Nani is yelling at the players to play louder. Daadi and Gopi Dadi laugh. Naitik's family arrive. (Rashmi, Gayatri and Bhabhi me) they greet each other. Everyone is looking really pretty. Naitik comes in. Daadi greets him. Nani whispers to Daadi Who called him? Everyone looks tensed. Rashmi tells Nani that Naitik came to meet her. Nani gets happy. Nani tells Naitik to come sit with her. Nani leads Naitik away. Badi ma asks about Nandini. Gayatri says that Nandini fell. Everyone is worried and asks if she is okay. Bhabhi ma says that she got a little sprain, they called the doctor, bablu is with her. Everyone sits down. Naitik is sitting with Nani. Nani asks what Naitik did. Naitik says MBA. Nani starts her questioning. Naitik says he'll be back, he starts to get up but Nani pulls him back down. She tells him to sit, he hasn't stayed still since he came here. Everyone smile to themselves. Daadi tells Bhabhi ma that she has some Oil for Nandini. Badi ma tells Rashmi to come sit with her. They praise Rashmi saying she is looking very pretty. Rashmi smiles Happily. Gayatri says that Rashmi is waiting for her bhabhi. Naitik is looking upstairs. Nani pats him and asks "who are you looking for?" Naitik says no one. But looks around. Nani says look at me when Im talking to you. Everyone is smiling to themselves. Naitik gives Rashmi a look.

In Akshara's room Divya (or is it Vidya?) finishes getting Varsha and Akshara ready. She says that they are ready. Akshara and Varsha look gorgeous. They tease each other. Dhaniya come and tells them that everyone is calling them. Dhaniya praises Akshara and Varsha. Akshara tells Dhaniya "tell them to wait, the dulhann will take a while. They all burst out in giggles.

At Naitik's house the doctor is checking Nandini's foot. The doctor writes down some pain killers for Nandini. The doctor says that the sprain is little and will get better soon. Rituraj walks the doctor out. Nandini apologizes that because of her they couldn't go see Akshara. Bablu comes and says will meet her when you are better.

At Akshara's house. Vish, Omi kaka and Shaurya come to where the women [and naitik] are sitting. They greet each other. Bhabhi ma asks abotu Akshara. Gayatri says there she is. Naitik looks up. Everyone smile. Naitik is staring. Akshara comes down the stairs with Varsha, Dhaniya and Divya. Shaurya stares at Varsha who blushes. Naitik is still staring. Rashmi and Badi ma go to Akshara. Naitik smiles and stares. Akshara walks to Bhabi ma and Gayatri and take their blessings. Naitik gives Varsha a thumbs up and Varsha smiles then Blushes at Shaurya who is smiling at her. Akshara looks at Naitik who smiles back. Akshara blushes.

The ghoomer start Everyone is dancing. Aksahra is dancing Naitik is smiling at her. All the women are dancing. Akshara looks at Naitik while dancing. Nani gets up and starts dancing with Daadi nad Gopi Daadi. The music starts getting faster. Everyone is dancing faster. Aksahra is dancing and bumpes into someone. Its Rituraj. They look at eachother shocked. Everyone in Akshara's family are shocked. Rituraj and Akshara look at eachother shocked. Naitik looks kinda ticked at the fact that Rituraj bumped into Akshara. Gayatri says "bablu you came?" Rituraj smiles. Bhabhi ma asks about Nandini. Nandini comes from behind with Rituraj's mom. She says that she is fine thats why she came. Rituraj's mom sees Akshara and Badi ma. Her face falls. Bhabhi ma introduces Bablu and family. Everyone look worried. They all greet at each other. Rituraj's mom tries to smile. Vish and Badi ma look at each other. Rituraj's mom says that it is really nice to meet them. Badi ma gives Aksahra a look. Aksahra is still shocked. Rituraj asks Rituraj if she liked Naitik's dulhann. Rituraj nods. Akshara says that she will be back. She leaves. Varsha smiles and goes after her. Gayatri gives a confused smile.

Gayatri asks what happened to Akshara. Badi ma says nothing, maybe.. Rituraj's mom says "she's the bride, she got scared meeting new people" Badi ma says yes greatful. Bhabhi ma says we should start dancing. Rituraj and Naitik look at each other. Badi ma is serving drinks. She goes to Rituraj's mom and gives her a drink. She looks worried. Daadi sees. Badi ma pleads silently. Rituraj's mom says that they have forgotten, Gayatri is really happy with this rishta, they will not tell anyone anything. Badi ma is greatful Rituraj tells Badi ma to bring Akshara. Vish and Badi ma look at each other. Vish consoles her silently. They music starts againa dn everyone starts dancing. Rituraj goes to Naitik and Rashmi. Naitik tells Rituraj "so you finally came to meet your bhabhi" Rituraj says that its his fate that brought her here. Daadi and Gopi dadi look on listening from a distance. Rashmi and Nandini tease Rituraj about speaking like an old guy. Rashmi asks Rituraj what he thought about her Bhabhi. Rituraj smiles. Naitik asks what happened, did you loose your senses? Rituraj says yes. Rashmi smiles and says she knew it, her bhabhi is beautiful.

In Akshara's room Akshara is teary. She tells Varsha that he is Naitik's cousin. She couldn't have even imagined. Varsha tells Akshara not to be scared. Every girl gets rishta's, you did you. Akshara says that Naitik doesn't know anything about this, she is scared. How will he feel after he gets to know this? Naitik will be really angry, you know. He doesn't like me talking to any other guy, what will he think about me? Varsha says that this was all before your rishta got fixed with him. Akshara is teary, she asks "what if my rishta breaks because of this?"


Shankri is at Akshara's house. She says to Rituraj's back "hey boy, listen" Rituraj turns around looking worried. Shankri looks at Rituraj. Akshara, Badi ma and Vish look on worried.

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Thanks for the update...........

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thanks fro the upd!!!!!!!!!! =)
amazing job, like alwaysss
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Thanks for the update
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thank you so much.....i liked how RR and his mom handles the situation!!!
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thank you
wonder what this shankari will get up to tomorrow!

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thank you so much with your amazing update thumbs up

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Amazinggggg updateeee=D
Thankss a lottt=D

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