16th June Written Update

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Quick Recap : Tapu asks Icha to promise her that she would never try to snatch her Maa-Papa from her. Icha promises her this. Tapu gets angry with Icha when Jogi swings Tapu as well as Icha in his arms. Damini explains Icha that they must always keep Tapu happy and to do this even if Icha has to make any sacrifice she must to do it for Tapu's hapiness. She also explains Icha that she must never think that she is equal to Tapu.
Icha  is sitting with Tapu in her room. Jogi comes and Tapu hugs Jogi. Jogi has a bag in his hand and Tapu is excited to know what is in it. Jogi loves Tapu and gets a Barbie doll for Tapu. Tapu shows her Barbie doll to Icha who is standing in a corner aside. Jogi tells Tapu that even your Barbie doll needs a friend, just like Icha is your friend. He asks if Icha's doll becomes your doll's friend, then how nice it will be.. Icha smile in the coener. Tapu gets excited and says that then they all four can play [Tapu, Icha and their respective dolls] . Tapu becomes happy and says that they both will decorate their own dolls and then see whose doll is better. Icha is in the side and becomes happy. Jogi take another Barbie doll out and gives to Icha. Tapu insists Icha to take the doll as Icha is a bit hesistant to come forward and take the doll. Icha is happy seeing the doll and takes it.
Jogi tells Tapu that he is leaving so that both Icha and Tapu can play with their respective barbie  dolls. Jogi leaves. Tapu removes the doll from the packet and tells Icha that her doll is so beautiful. Tapu shows Icha a design book and asks Icha that if she does this hairstyle to her doll, then her doll will look really nice. Icha happily nods her head. Tapu asks Icha to sit next to her while she decorates her doll. Tapu is brushing her doll's hair and decorating it. While doing that Tapu cuts her doll's long hair and make them short. Icha gets up and tells her not to cut them. Tapu asks Icha to keep quiet as she wouldnt' understand all this and tells her to sit quietly. Tapu tells Icha that her doll will be the most beautiful. Icha says this is wrong as the hair are unevenly cut. Tapu cuts Icha and says not to disturb her. Icha tells Tapu again that she is cutting her Barbie dolls hair in the wrong way. Tapu cuts her and says that her doll will look beautiful that Icha's doll. Tapu tells Icha to just watch her. Meanwhile Tapu cuts the hair further and spoils them further.
Tapu is in tears looking at what she has done with her doll. She says that her doll is spoilt. Looking at Icha's doll Tapu comments that her doll is so good. Tapu cries and says now she cant' play with this spoilt doll. Tapu throws her doll away. Tapu remembers Damini saying to do anything for Tapu's happiness. Tapu is crying inconsolably saying that her doll is spoilt and that now she cant' play with her doll.
Icha tells Tapu not to cry and tells her that her doll is not spoilt and gives Tapu her own doll. She tells her that even that is her own doll and asks her to keep it. Icha starts smiling and becomes happy. She thanks Icha. Tapu gives the spoilt doll to Icha. A sad song comes in the background. Icha takes the spoilt doll from Tapu. Icha is happy to see Tapu smiling.
Icha is in her room packing her school bag. Icha looks at her spoilt doll and combs her hair. Icha tells the dol that her hair will grow soon. She tells the doll that she is unhappy that Tapu has cut her long beautiful hair. She tells her doll not to be angry with Tapu as she is not well and that Ammu as asked her to always keep Tapu happy. Icha tells the doll once she comes back from the school she will play with the doll a lot. She tells she will ask a name for her from her Ammu, till then she will leave her doll with "Pakkiya --- the fish". LOL
Ammu arrives there and asks Icha to hurry up. She asks Icha where she got the doll from and asks her if it is Tapu's doll. Icha says that Jogi had got two dolls, one for Tapu and one for Icha. Then Damini asks why her dolls hair are so bad and whether she cut them. Icha says no and says that Tapu did it. Then she instantly replies to defend Tapu that Tapu accidentally cut her Barbie doll's hair in excess and so to make her happySo Icha explains Ammu that they exchange their dolls.  Icha smiles and tells Ammu, seeing her doll's hairstyle, she starts laughing. Ammu tells Icha not to worry as she will make a good frock for her doll. Icha hurries to go to school.
-------------- ADVERT------------------
Icha is walking with Tapu holding her hand towards the school. Some girls run towards Icha and talk about some wild animals play. One of the other school girls ask Tapu, how she is back to school as she was sent to the hostel. Tapu doesnt' answer and tell Icha that she is going inside as she has to do her homework. The other girl tells Tapu that the teacher wont' check her homework as she was absent. The girl asks why she was sent to the hosetel. Tapu replies that none sent her to the hostel and that she went their with her own wish.  Tapu tells the girls that her dad wanted her to do well in studies and that is why she was sent to the hostel. The other girl then asks whether she would be going back to the hostel.  Icha replies that Taou wont' go back and that she would stay here only. Icha tries to cover Tapu by saying to the other girls that Tapu's other school was very big and that they were also taught horse riding over there. Icha tells the girls that Tapu didnt' want to come back but her Ma-papa couldnt' stay without her and also she herself felt very lonely without Tapu, thats why they called Tapu back. The other girls agree to that by saying that even they miss their Dad when he is out of town.
Another girl comes over there and asks the girls to come and write their name for dance.  Icha tells Tapu that even they both should go and write their names for the dance competition.  Tapu is reluctant to go n write her name. Icha tells Tapu that she loves dancing with her and reminds her the "basti" dance. Tapu replies rudely by saying that this dance is not a "basti" dance. Tapu tells Icha that she wont' be able to do it. Icha tells Tapu, that since Tapu is a better dancer than her, so she can teach her dance. Icha insists Tapu by saying "please" but Tapu just goes away from there!!!! Angry
Meanwhile in the Haveli Nani is sitting on the couch and reading a magzine. The phone keeps on ringing and wonders where everyone is. She reluctantly gets up to pick up the phone. Anjum Nani is calling from the basti, she tells Nani that she is Icha's Nani calling rom the basti. Nani murmurs "chuhiya ki Nani" Anjum Nani tells Nani that she wants to speak to Damini as she has some very important work with Damini. Anjum Nani requests Nani to call Damini. Nani rudely tells her that she is Damini's servant so she will surely call her. Anjum Nani tells her that the work is vey important.
Meanwhile Thakurain and Damini arrive. Thakurain asks whose phone it is. Nani irritatedly says some "Anjum Panjum". Divya tells Nani that she knows it that she is the basti waali Nani. Damini picks up the phone. Anjum asks Damini how she n Icha are. Damini says everyone is fine. Anjum Nani tells Damini that there is letter on her name that arrive at the basti address. Anjum Nani tells Damini that the "Daakiya" refused to give her the letter and told her that it would be only given to the person, whose name the letter is.  Damini gets surprised and tells that noone haa ever sent her a letter. Thats what Anjum says that the Daakiya told her that he can only give Damini the letter. Anjum advises Damini to go the main post office and take her letter, which is a registry letter. Damini agrees and Anjum reminds that the Daakiya tols her that when the person comes will have to sign and then only he will give that letter. She tells Damini to go there before 10a.m. Anjum Nani tells Damini to take care as she doesnt' have more money to keep talking to her [as she was calling Damini from a PCO]
Damini keeps the phone down. Nani rudely comments that once this phone and on top of that this letter. Divya asks Damini which letter. Damini tells Damini she doent' know who could write her a letter and doesnt' know why her signature is required. Divya tells Damini that it might be a registered letter that requires her to sign before she collects it. Damini tells Divya that she wonders who could have written her a letter. Damini worries that hhope it is not a bad news. Divya tells Damini that it might be some "Sarkaari" letter aur someone from her village might have written. Damini tells Divya that only Icha's dad used to write them letters and that now he is no more she wonders who could write her a letter. Damini asks Divya whether she could go now. Divya explains that it is a registered letter and that she could go and get that early morning and that she doesnt' need to worry about it. 
Divya tells Damini that she is hungry and advises Nani to also join them. Nani comments "Ab to Raam hi Raakhe"!
The teacher asks the students who all want to do the performance. Students stand up one by one who want to do the dance performance. The teacher notes down all the names. Then immediately Icha stands up. The teacher tells Icha that she must participate. The teacher asks whether she wants her to note down her name. Icha says "no taecher". She says she doesnt' want her name to be written but wants Tapu's name to be written. Tapu becomes happy hearing this. Icha says Tapu dances very well. The teacher tells Icha that Tapu's name will definitely be written as she has been the best dancer since the past 2 years.
The teacher asks Tapu whether Tapu doesnt' want her name to be written this year. Tapu says she wants her name to be written and becomes happy. Icha holds Tapu's hands. Tapu thanks Icha. They both become happy. The teacher asks Icha if she wants her name to be noted down. Icha tells the teacher that she has to study hard as she is weak in English. The teacher insists that she must give her name and as it is the teacher says that she has promised her that she would take separate English classes for her. The teacher says that she is good in studies and can grasp and learn things faster than others. The teacher explains that by participating in all this Icha can learn a lot about team work. All the students agree with the teacher.
Tapu gets really angry and tells Icha "Congrats" very angrily!! Tapu is fuming with anger.Angry Angry
PRECAP : Again no precap is shown (I think they have stopped showing precaps Cry )
Personally I think the story is not moving Cry !!! Tapu is negative and treating Icha back like a maid's daughter only!!!! Angry  Hope some new twists and turns come up soon, like something to do with the letter that Damini is going to recieve, might bring in some twist---- I do hope, else Tapu- Icha's interaction is getting rly annoying seeing Tapu ill - treat Icha Ouch 
Ok Guyz m off, sorry about posting this update a little late, tried to make it in a lot o detail..... Do leave your views !!!!!
C u tomorrow, the update will be much earlier for tomorrow Star!!!

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Tnax a ton Priya

Beautifully writtn... n no issues wid ur late

U take ur own time
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Thanks fruit_n_nut!!
I always love reading your comments on my updates Embarrassed
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Thnax a ton Priya
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tapu ko thapad maro
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Yes gobikaphool I agree with you LOL

Agreed its hard to see you parents giving their love to a maid's daughter but yes her parents should have slapped Tapu long time back ---- She is just a spoilt rich girl and her attitude is even worse Angry

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