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Judwaa FF: ArMan MEET: prt 3 pge 4 ArMan Meet LOVE (Page 4)

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oh kewl.. so meher n archu are best frenz now.. thats interestingg

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wow ..................awesome part ...............i love it ..................
weldone ..............................
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SORRY for the late update just have been really busy, next part will have alot of twists.
Preet who is in his room thinking about what is in Harman that Meher is getting really attracted to him, then he starts to think that he is a intelligent guy who is responsible and is taking care of his dads company, what if he also joins the office, as PB has been telling him to join the office but he has been avoiding it, but now he will join it and he will win meher to.

Next day everyone at the chawl is getting ready for the karwa chaut function and also preparation are happening at the Juneja house prem is getting to go to the office, when preet comes all ready telling prem he will be coming to the office from now on which makes everyone happy, even meher smiles.

Archana and the others are decorating the chawl, while Archana is giving everyone orders on what to do, when she bumps into a latter and Manav who came to drop off his sister ends up bumping into Archana at the same time, Archana is looking at Manav, while Manav is looking at Archana, while tere ore is playing and all of the flowers are flowing and falling on them, Archana's hair is blowing, Manav wants to stop looking at her but he cannot stop looking at her, Varsha and Jyoti both see and talk to each other about what if Manav becomes Varsha's Jiju and Archana becomes Jyoti's bhabi.

Archana: Aap Yaha

Manav: I came to drop Jyoti off, was just about to leave for work.

Archana: please do come tonight

Manav: for sure i will come.

Both look at each other and Manav smiles.

At the office Prem and Preet are discussing some important files, prem is impressed by preet, and tells him that he is really smart in all third but he doesn't understand is when he was telling preet to join before, he didn't want to join and all of a sudden what made him change so much, preet tells prem he wont understand.


Later that night everyone is getting ready, meher is in her room and is trying to call out for heer, who is busy helping gmom and kulraaj, preet passes by her room, and see's meher struggling with her lace in the back, meher thinks heer has come and asks her to help her and preet not saying anything decides to help her, preet is hesitating to touch meher but he does so, meher hears heer's voice from the other side, she starts to think that if heer di is there then who is behind her,she turns around to see preet behind her, preet doesn't say anything turns her around and helps her tie her lace, meher and preet have a real passionate moment, meher closes her eyes, while preet is walking away meher turns around and ends up tripping over one of tannu's toys, preet ends up catching her meher and preet have a eye lock moment while kudya khair is playing in the background, preet can see that meher is kind of mesmerized by preet, so he takes an advantage of it, he starts to help her get ready, while getting her ready, heer comes to see preet putting meher's dupatta around her waist and meher just leaves from there.

Back at the chawl, Archana comes out wearing her lengha, everyone starts to praise her alot, all start to leave for the function, Archana's Aai comes to her telling her that all of the sweets are gone and they need more and she should go and get some more, and Archana agree's.

As she is walking some guys see her and she starts to get scared, the guys start to follow her, Archana starts to run more and someone grabs her, Archana gets scared but then is releved to see that it is Manav, Manav saves her and takes her with him, Manav makes her sit in the car and he goes to get the sweets and they both go back together to the chawl.

At both places the custom are getting fulfilled, preet looks at meher and she smiles back and manav looks at archana and she smiles back.

Next Night

Archana is coming back from a meeting with her crew in kausali, when she goes to the bathroom to come back to find out her bus has left along with her crew, Archana starts to get scared and starts to cry as she doesn't know how she will get home. She calls meher who tells her she is coming to get her, preet see's her and tells her he will come along with her as it is late and she doesn't know how to get to kausali and she agrees, Archana is really scared and goes near a dhaba and sits there, while a guy comes and asks the guys for some tea, he turns around to see A girl crying he goes to her to see it is Archana, and Archana turns around to see that it is Manav, Manav asks her what she is doing her, Archana narrates the whole story, while Manav tells Archana he had come to visit a friend and was just heading back and tells her that she doesn't have to worry as he is here now, and puts his hand on top of Archana's hand, they both drink tea and start to leave, while getting to the car, Manav realizes that one of the tires are flat and ask someone for help, the guy tells them it will take three hours, Archana gets worried as she needs to get home on time, Manav tells Archana they will have to wait for a while until then they should go and eat something as he is very hungry, he makes Archana laugh and they go back to the dhabha.

Preet is driving and meher ends up falling asleep, as back home heer wakes up tp see that meher and preet are not in there room's. Preet is glazing into meher not realizing that there is a big pole infront of them, preet ends up hitting it and meher wakes up to realize that preet has gotten the car into an accident, meher gets mad at preet, both get out meher starts to hit preet, calling him blind, that he couldnt look ahead when he was driving, preet tells meher that it wasn't his fault but meher's, meher is telling preet how is it his fault, preet was about to tell her because he was staring at her but doesn't say anything.  Both decide not to fight and to get help, they find a dhabha near by asking for help, the guys tells them it will be made but he wont be able to finish it until tom, meher gets shocked as they will have to spend the whole night here, preet tells her to relax, but meher is thinking about everyone at home, and that there signals are not even working for them to call home.  Back home everyone is worried, along with Archana's family, and Jyoti Rani and there Aai are thinking about how come Manav hasn't come home yet.

Manav and Archa hear some villagers dancing and they decide to go and see, along with meher and preet who hear some music and decide to go and see, as all four sit to listen and see the dance, not knowing that both are in the same place, both Manav and Preet can feel a connection, both cant see each other, as the music plays Archana is busy looking at the dance while Manav is busy looking at Archana, Meher is smiling while listening to the music and preet is just glazing at her.

Pyaar Nahi Karna from Kache Daage is playing all four are looking at them both two from different corners not able to see each other, Manav imagines dancing with Archana, While preet imagines dancing with meher, while imagining archana gets manav out of his imagination and so does meher, someone calls arcahan and manav telling them that the car will not be able to get fixed until tom and that until then they can stay in the log house overnight and both agree as they have no other choice, while preet and meher go back asking someone if there is a place near by that they can stay in and one lady tells them to stay in the old house near the jungle, preet agrees, but meher seeing the old house gets scared but preet tells her to relax, both go into the houses, and both end up falling asleep, before doing that manav lights up the fire, manav imagines touching Archana's hair but then gets out of it, and both fall asleep on different sides, meher tells preet to stay on his side but gets scared later and end sup sleeping right besides him.  Next morning Archana gets to the chawl, where her family is worried, seeing Archana coming out of the car with Manav, everyone is the basti thinks Archana was doing something all night and start to raise fingers on her, Archana's Aai and family is telling them all to shut up, but no one listens saying Archana was doing something with this guys all night and where was she and why did she come at this time, Manav gets mad and tells them all to shut up. As Archana is still crying, he is telling them how sick they are and there thoughts are, Archana is pure as a devi, Archana is amazed, Manav tells them all noting happened between them at all, and all get ashamed  and leaves from there, Aai thanks Manav for everything and Manav leaves from there, he tells Archana to take care of herself and she agrees and keeps on looking at Maanv while he is leaving, Archana's Aai is talking about how good Manav is and Varsha starts to give hints to her Aai about Manav and Archana.

Back in the Juneja house, everyone is worried about meher and preet, meher and preet come in and all are relieved to see them, but Balraaj gets mad at meher asking her what was this all about, preet tells them what happened and heer takes meher in and preet goes to his room to, some ladies in the back start to talk about them being alone together, Balraaj hears it and thinks that it is time for meher to get married and that he will talk to Harman.

Archana is at home in Manav's thought, Varsha and Vaishalli come and start to tease her, Meher is in her room and realizes she forgot to pick Archana up, she starts to panick, when Archana calls her and tells her that while waiting for her Manav was also there so she came back with him, and Meher starts to make fun of Archana and Manav, and Archana tells meher to stop, and tells her that she will meet her tom.

Next day Balraaj brings Harman with him, telling everyone about meher getting married to Harman, everyone is happy about it except for Heer, as she knows Preet likes meher.

Meher on the other hand goes to see Archana, preet volunteers to come along and she agrees, Archana is looking for a cab and Manav who was passing by offers her a ride and she agrees, both preet and Manav stay in the cars while meher and archana go to see each other, both start to talk to each other, while Preet is busy talking to someone on the phone, Manav is busy reading the newspaper, so close to each other cant see each other, a wind blows on them both and they both can feel something, Meher starts to tease Archana about Manav while Archana is teasing Meher about preet, both promise to tell them about there feelings and both leave, Meher is walking while Manav is who was waiting for Archana decides to go in and see what is taking her so long, Meher is about to see Manav when Preet takes her along and both decide to go to the park.

Meher is dropped be preet to college and preet comes home to find out about Harman and meher's marriage, later that night meher comes in looking for preet, she asks heer where preet is not knowing what is going on at home. Heer is trying to speak to meher but meher leaves, leaving heer sad not able to tell meher anything, She goes to preet while talking about something preet just walks off and leaves meher confused.

Archana is at home, when she receives some flowers and she reads the card, it tells her to come to Ocean Club at 7 tom, your's truly, your special person who had fallen in love with you from the very  first moment he saw her, Archana thinks it was Manav who sent it and goes to her room very happily, and goes to call meher, Meher on the other hand is in her room confused as she doesn't know what is going on with Preet, receives a call from Archana who tells her about Manav and Meher congrats Archana and tells her she talk to her later on, Archana thinks that there is something wrong with Meher.

Meher who is in her room recives a boquet, and she reads the card telling her, every moment that he has spent with her meant the world to him and now he will like to tell her about his feelings, meher is thinking who it might it be, when she goes ot Ramu Kaka who tells Meher preet had given him the flowers, Meher thinks preet likes Meher and goes into her room hugging her teddy bears.  

Next day in the evening both Meher and Archana are getting ready pehla nasha is playing and both think about meher and preet and starts to sing, while the two guys who sent the flowers are shown, who turns out to be Prashant and Harman who also are thinking about Meher and Archana and thinks that they are dancing with them.

Later that night preet see's meher leaving the house happily and thinks about where she is going and follows her, Archana see's a car infront of her house and thinks how Manav could afford something like this but leaves anyways, Manav who was coming to Archana's house see's Archana leaving and follows her.

Meher happily goes to the guy who is showing her back and meher goes to him and hugs him thinking it is preet and tells him she loves him to and preet sees this and leaves depressed.

Archana comes into the restaurant to see no one around but a guy in the dark, while walking in flowers are thrown on her, Archana is about to say I LOVE YOU but realizes it is Prashant, Manav from far see's and leaves from there mad.

Harman turns around to shock meher who thought it was preet, and Harman tells meher he loves her tom and hugs her, after 5 minutes meher tells Harman to let her go and she doesn't love him but she loves preet, Harman is shocked, Harman tells meher about there marriage, but meher tells Harman she cannot marry him as she loves preet and no one asked me if i wanted to marry you, she tells Harman she is sorry but she cannot marry him and leaves from there leaving Harman depressed.

Prashant tries to hold Archana's hand but Archana lets go telling Prashant that he is wrong, she doesn't thinks about him in any such way, Prashant is devastated, Archana tells Prashant she always thought of him as a friends and her boss and noting else, and that she cannot love him as she loves someone else, she never thought of him in any other way then a friend, she tells Prashant she is sorry and she leaves from there leaving Prashant in tears.

Archana thinks that it is time to tell Manav how she feels so she goes to his garage, where she sees Manav yelling at the workers and telling them all to get out, Manav sees Archana who is waiving at him but avoids her, Archana goes to Manav asking him what is wrong, Manav be's rude and tells Archana to mind her own business, and tells her to get lost, Archana starts to cry asking him why he is behaving like that, Manav is telling Archana why does she care so much and tells her to go back to her rich boyfriend Prashant, Archana realizes Manav saw everything and tells Manav he is wrong, Manav gets mad and tells Archana he is not wrong, but he was wrong about him thinking she would like him bur instead she goes for rich guys he ends up grabbing her really tightly and corners her but realizes what he is doing and lets her go , which hurts Archana alot. Archana leaves but ends up hitting her self and cuts her hand, which Manav sees and goes to her, Archana tells him to let her go, Archana gets mad and starts to yell at Manav for him thinking wrong about her and ends up telling Manav she likes him to and Manav gets shocked, he apologizes and they end up hugging.

Meher goes back home and also thinks she should talk to preet and goes to his room to see him boxing, meher goes to him and tries to talk to him but Preet who is mad and angry doesn't say anything, Meher tells preet she needs to tell preet something, preet tells her what is it, Meher gets shy and tries to tell preet she loves him, but before she could say anything, preet tells meher he knows what she about to say and that is that she is getting married to Harman, which shocks meher, meher who is trying to explain to preet but preet is not ready to listen, meher gets mad and tells preet that he is sick and always think wrong and that he will not understand anything and is about leave where preet grabs her and corners her and tells her what will he not understand and starts to get aggressive with her, meher is telling preet to let her go but preet doesn't listen, telling meher to make him understand, meher doesn't want to talk to him and is telling him to let her go but he doesn't listen and meher tells preet she loves him, which makes preet let go of meher, meher tells preet that he didn't even ask her how she feels and just because her family decided to get her married to Harman that she will agree to it, Preet feels bad and ends up hugging meher.

Manav lets Archana go but ends up kissing her on her forehead, and ends up kissing her on the lips.  While preet ends up cornering meher and ends up kissing her on the lips to.

At the same time Harman who is all lone ends up breaking wine glass and scream, at the same time Prashant breaks all of the glasses and starts to cry.

Meher and Preet are with the family, Balraaj goes to meher telling meher that she should of told him how she felt before she talked to Harman, meher who thought that her dad would get mad is relieved to find out that Balraaj is actually happy, both preet and meher get happy, heer hugs meher telling her that with being her little sister she will become her devrani.

Archana and Manav go to Archana's Aai while  everyone is there, Manav goes to Archana's parent telling them he wants to marry there daughter, Archana thinks that her parents will not agree but they end up agreeing to it.

Archana gets happy and goes to her room to call meher, whil meher does the same, both talk about there marriages.

And it ends on there happy faces while it splits into four along with preet and manav.

Precap: Archana takes meehr along with her to a swami ji, where archana tells him that both meher and her are getting married and they want him to bless them, bot kneel down to get his blessing, where swami ji has a vision of the problems that will happen in archana and meher's lives. In his mind he says, both will have problems in there married lives and it will be because of both archana and meher.

All in Amabala when a storm happens both Archana and Meher are calling out for Manav and Preet while preet and manav are hit on the head and are on the ground unconscious.

WRITTEN PROMO: Happiness as started to blossom in meher and archana's lives.  Where meher and archana get married to preet and manav and go into there room for there honemoon, where manav and preet are asking meher and archana who they are, which leaves meher and archana devastated.

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..............Fab Work
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haila mast FF hai baap     PM me when u update
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i just started reading. omg beautiful!!! this is different then waht i read mostly.. plz pm me when u continue.. btw did u put this in the kdm forum or even ff sure u'll  get more readers cuz this is truly different..

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