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Judwaa FF: ArMan MEET: prt 3 pge 4 ArMan Meet LOVE (Page 3)

preetmeher Senior Member

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Posted: 22 June 2009 at 6:13pm | IP Logged
Great Work!!!!!!!

mitzi11 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 June 2009 at 6:14pm | IP Logged
fantastic  update thank you so much i cant wait for the next episode
stunninstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 June 2009 at 2:05am | IP Logged
hey... great update,,,.. do update soon..
noneeM Senior Member

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Posted: 24 June 2009 at 4:31am | IP Logged

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jamune Goldie

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Posted: 02 July 2009 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
Meher is walking down the stairs, and she ends up tripping when someone catches her.
Guy: A re you okay while smiling at her, but face is not shown

Meher: yes i am fine and thank you, as if you didn't catch me then  i would of broken something.

Guy: It's alright.

While talking preet see's them and kind of gets jealous, Lali calls meher and he see's the guy.

Lalit: Tum

Harman: yes me, I was called by Balraaj uncle.

Lalit tells the guy that Balraaj is at the breakfast table and they all go.  Meher is still mesmerized by the guy, but preet from the corner is not happy. All at the breakfast table, Balraaj see's the guy:

Balraaj: Harman, Beta you have come .

Harman: ( Face is shown), Yes uncle

Balraaj makes them all sit and Meher tells them all she has to leave for college, Heer thinks this is a great opportunity for meher to solve her problems with preet.

Heer: preet, you take meher to college, preet is smiling.

Meher: Di, it's okay i will go on my own.

But Heer doesn't agree and meher is forced to go with preet, preet winks and thanks heer, and heer just smiles.


Manav is in his room thinking about Archana while layed on his bed, his sister comes in talking about some problems that happened at college but Manav is to busy thinking about Archana.


Manav: Huh, Jyoti, Tum, when did you come.

Jyoti: Dada are you okay i have been sitting here and talking to you for like 20 minutes non stop and you didn't know that i was in the room.

Manav: Oh Sorry, I didn't know that you were talking to me.

Jyoti: Dada, I wanted some money as in the evenining, her, Varsha and Vrasha's sister Archana are going to see Love Aaj Kal in the evening.

Hearing Arcahana's names Manav gets excited.

Manav: Archana is coming.

Jyoti: Hah, seeing her brother's excitement Jyoti could feel that something is up and she suggest that Manav should come with them to.

Manav who wanted to go but didn't want to make it look so obvious.

Manav: No its okay. 

Jyoti: Nahi Dada, you have to come with me.

Manav smiles and agree but thinkinh in his head that he will be able to meet Archana.

Meher and preet at college, meher leaves without saying anything to preet.

Preet: hello I gave you a ride and you didn't even thank me.

Meher: i only thanks people who do favours for me and him giving her a lift wasn't a favour as she refused.

And she leaves from there.

Preet: koi baat nahi.

( Later that night )

Archana is walking in the dark looking for a taxi or a auto as she is getting late for the movies.

Archana: i am getting late and Varshs is waiting for her at the movies, while looking for a auto in the rain with an umbrella when a car stops infront of her and Archana gets really scared.

Manav who is with his sister and Varsha are waiting for Archana. Archana who is scared as she doesn't know who it might be, the person rolls down his window and archana is relieved to see her boss Prashant.

Archana: Sir, Aap

Prashant: Hah, Mein, actually i just came back from a meet and was just heading home and he saw her walking.

Archana: actually Sir, i was looking for a cab as she has to go somewhere because her sister is waiting for her.

Prashant: Then i will drop you and i will not take no for an answer as he will not allow her to be out in the dark alone.

Archana knew that she will feel safe with her boss and agrees, while driving Prashant is just staring at Archana but when Archana looks at him, Prashant looks away.

Prashant: where were you heading Archana

Archana: sir, i was heading to the movies as I had promised my sister Varsha that I would watch a movies with her.

Prashant: I see that's nice, next time if you need a ride home den please do let me know as he doesn't want her to be going out this late at night alone.

They reach to the movies and Archana thanks him and she leaves, while Archana is walking Prashant is looking at her while smiling at the same time. Manav is standing with his sister and Varsha who is thinking in his head why Archana hasn't shown up yet.

Manav: why hasn't Archana shown up yet, i hope she is coming because if she isn't them what is the point of him here.

Archana walks in and Manav is happy to see her, Archana see's Manav and gets really shy. Jyoti  and Varsha can see the way both look at each other and think that something is up and they all get in.

While watching the movie, Manav ends up sitting by Archana, seeing something scary on screen Archana holds onto Manav's hand, Manav looks at her but then Archana takes her hand off after realizing what she is doing. On the other hand 6 rows down preet prem heer and meher are sitting watching the movie, preet keeps on trying to make moves on meher, meher gets mad and pinches preet on his arm and preet says ouch, and so does manav, manav thinks archana must of gotten mad and decided not to bug her anymore. After the movies ended all strated to walk out, Manav and preet end up bumping into each other but don't see each other as before Manav could turn around to see him Jyoti took him alone, both preet and manav could feel a connection.

Later that night both Manav and Archana were thinking about each other, Jyoti and Rani go into there Dada's room to see him glazing into the sky, and Varsha and Vaishalli go into Archana's room to see her singing and hugging her teady bear which she has kept with her for 21 years.

Meher went to the mall with a couple of friends she tries on a nice lengha which she likes as Karva Chaut is coming up something she has never seen in her life but was told by her sister that it will be a big celebration tom and as she doesn't have any Indian clothes she went to do some shopping, as she saw a really nice lengha, Archana who has come with two of her friends are also looking at lengha's, Archana didn't want to come as it is a big mall for rich high people but was forced by her friends, both meher and Archana end up wearing the same lengha which they both like, meher decides to buy it but Arcahna seeing the price decides to put it back, Meher see's it and feels bad so she decides to buy it and tells the lady to lower the price and tells her its not for 600 but 250 in which Archana gets happy and buys it. While walking Archana hears one of the casher talking about meher giving money to her and Arcahna goes to ask her who it was and Arcahna follows meher, Meher who is having problems carrying her bag ends up dropping the bags and Arcahna helps her, Meher see's her.

 Meher: Thanks

 Archana: No I should be the one to be saying thanks

 Meher: is looking all puzzled

 Archana: the lengha and paying for it.

 Meher: oh yeah its noting

 Archana: it's noting you paid for my lengha that's a lot for people like us, I need to pay you back.

 Meher: no it is okay, I don't want any money but how about we become friends and when ever I need favor I will ask for it.

 Archana: sounds good, Hi I am Archana

 Meher: Hi I am Meher Mann and I just came from London and I am living with my sister in her in laws house, how about I drop you home and before that how about we get some coffee.

 Archana: sure why not that would be nice

 For a while both Archana and Meher started to see each other and got to know each other much better.

 One day Archana came over to the Mann's house, preet who was coming down the stairs was about o see Archana but Meher took Archana with her.


Meher at the chawl waiting for Archana, as she got out of the car, people around the chawl are shocked to see her as she is wearing short western clothes, meher is walking and all the guys of the chawl are just staring at her and some are even getting beaten by there wives for staring at her, meher gets into the house and drags Archana out of the house as she is walking out, Archana's Aai comes and tell both to take there Aarti and both do and leave, half way driving Archana tells meher to stop by her office as she has some important files to pick up and meher agrees.

 While waiting meher gets thirsty and decides to get some water, she realizes she doesn't have a bottle with her so she goes to the small little store right beside the office to get bottle of water, while getting some water, two guys come and start to harass her meher tells them to back off but they don't listen, until Archana comes and tells them get lost before she calls the cops, and both of the goons leave.

 Meher: thanks

Arcahan: no problems, but it wasn't there fault.

 Meher: what do you mean

 Archana: I mean if you wear clothes like these then guys here will harass you, this isn't London but India

 Meher: but I have never in my life weared Indian clothes I mean I have always weared western clothes.

 Archana: but I have Indian clothes, lets do a make over

 Meher: Huh

Archana: come with me

 She takes meher's hand and they both go back to Archana's house and makes meher sit, while Arcahna, Varsha and Vaishali give her a make over, while giving her a make over.

 All look at her but she isn't shown yet, Aai see's her and says Kissi ke Nazar na lage, meher looks at herself and thinks if it is really her and Aracahn tells her it is her and Meher leaves from there.

 Back at home everyone is waiting for her, preet who is talking on the phone, heer is giving tea to everyone and prem is drinking tea, as meher who is walking in, her hair down straightened, as payals on her leg, wearing a nice fitted pink suit, with a very deep back and is tied with a ribbom, as meher who is trying to handle her is walking in and heer ends up dropping all of the tea, prem drops his cu, everyone is just shocked as what they are seeing, and preet who siw alking on the phone and just has a wide mouth open, all of the servants stop what they are doing, and meher who is handling her hair is shown as sheis walking in and everyone is just looking at her and preet is juts mesmerized seeing her and can imagine them married funny little scene.

 Heer: is that really you.

 Meher:  com'on Di of course it is me, how do I look.

 Gmom: like a pari

 Meher: thanks

 Meher goes to prem who is telling her she is looking nice, preet is just following her when heer pulls his ears telling him to come with her.

Next morning

Meher calls Archana up, thanking her for her new look and Archana tells her it is okay as she did it for her. Archana realizes she is late for work and tells meher that she will talk to her later on.

Archana is leaving the house when a big silver car comes in front of the basti, Archana goes and is puzzled as she doesn't know who might be in the car and what it is doing here, a guy in a white suit, who looks like a driver comes out and tells Archana that this car is from the company as from now on every employee will be getting picked up from there house to work, Archana smiles and thinks about Prashant and how wonderful he is, and she leaves.

She gets to work and starts to work, while working on some papers, Prashant is looking at her from his cabin, and he thinks to himself she is the one, and also that it has been two years and still he hasn't been able to tell her how she feels.

Archana is invited for lunch by Prashant, they both go a restaurant, Prashant orders Aloo Chaat with Puri's which is Arcahana's favourite.

Archana: sir you like Aloo Chaat to, this is my favourite.

Prashant: I know that is why I ordered it.

Archana: but how did you know that.

Prashant: I heard you telling it to Roshni last time

Both smile at each other and start to eat, Manav who is dropping a customers car that way see's them both and gets really mad and kind of jelous.

Next morning at Juneja Mansion

( Sorry guys i am stealing this part from K3G)

Prem is sleeping and starts to hear bajhan, which annoys him and thinks its Heer again, until he finds Heer sleeping next to him and then both realize who is singing, along with the other, Preet also wakes up thinking who is singing so early in the morning, all get out of there rooms and start to walk towards the puja room, they all see Heer getting out of the room and think who might be singing.

When the girl turns around and all see it is Meher, preet smiles, and gmom is shock and thinks about how much Meher has changed from the day she came to now, meher goes to preet for him to take his arti, heer see's them both an thinks in her head that they are just made for each other.

While walking Harman walks in and see's meher in a totaly different avtar and gets mesmerized, meher who got impressed by Harman from day 1 smiles at him and gives him parsad, all the ladies are talking about what they will be wearing tom for Karwa Chaut, meher tells them about the realy nice lengha she bought for tom and also that Archana bought the same Lengha.

Heer: who and Archana have the same things i common.

Meher: that is why she is my best friend.

Heer: just hope that everything you guys will like will not be the same then there will be problems, and both laugh.

Manav who is driving fast and is thinking about Archana with Prashant, gets really mad and starts to drive much faster, in anger he stops the car.

Meher comes down after getting ready and is about to leave for college, she leave when she realizes the car's tires are punctures, when Harman comes telling Meher he will drop her, and Meher agrees, meher stops Harman telling him that they were ever formally introduces so how about now they get formally introduced, Harman agrees.

Meher: Hi i am Meher, Balraaj and Teji Mann's youngest daughter.

Harman: Hi i am Harman Singh, Singh Empires, owner and also the only son.

Meher gets impressed by that and they both sake hands.

Preet who is talking on the phone see's it from far back, and puts the phone down, Meher leaves with Harman.

Preet is talking about how he cannot lose Meher, On the other hand Manav gets out of his car and starts to talk about not losing hope as he will not lose Archana at any cost.

Screen splits, both at the same time saying that there love will win.

Precap: Meher who is getting ready for the Karwa Chaut function is having problems tying the lace o the back of her lengha, when preet comes and helps her put it on and they have a very passionate moment.

Archana who is at the basti function is told by her mom to go to the near store and get some more parsad, while walking some goons start to harass her when someone grabs her from the back and holds her.

Meher and Archana are at a coffee shop when both Manav and Preet are in there cars waiting for them.

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P.Kamaljit.Sean IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 July 2009 at 3:29pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
thankz for pm
.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 July 2009 at 3:31pm | IP Logged
thank u so so very much dearSmile
I promise to read it soon and post comment after reading it just pray for me to  remember to come back hun.
preetmeher Senior Member

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Posted: 02 July 2009 at 4:00pm | IP Logged
Luved it ..............Fab Work........waiting 4 MEET moment on KARVA-CHAUTH!!!!!!

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