~*Happy Birthday Trina*~

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*Courtesy Tumhari Khushi*

 ~* TRINA *~


Salaam Namastey IF'ians

Today We've gathered here to put up Birthday post to One Our Real Sweet, Dear, Warm, Innocent and Special Friend
I Know Most Of U'll must be wondering whose this person with so many nice qualities.....

But before letting her Name Out lets know more about her

~~~Her Top 10 Qualities~~~

She's One of the real nice person's at IF.
She's Genuine and good at heart
She's a Creative person who loves to make ppl laugh through her posts
She loves to attend people who come to her place(Section / Thread).
She's a total Party person and just finds reasons to party(with oasians at Oasis).
She loves her Friends.
The Cologne and Perfumes she creates become the latest trend on the forum
She's an entertainer and loves to entertain ppl.
She's now an Abhimaan Fan Too
She's an Oasian and Loves Atul aka Pankit Thakkar.

Well the List is endless but am sure ppl must have by now guessed who it is

Its None other than
Trina aka trina1

Everyone please help me wish Trina
A Very Happy Birthday!!!



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Messages collected By Preeti Embarrassed Thank you!

Dmg07 aka Veena
I95107122.gif Dividers image by classyladytwo

I95107122.gif Dividers image by classyladytwo

Trinaaa love

Happy Birthday..
Many many more to comee.
wishing you all the happiness in this
world, good health!!
Loveee you hun..
and have a wonderful day..

Thankyou for all that you do for us..
and the DMG forum!!!

mmmmuuahhh.. Lovess

I95107122.gif Dividers image by classyladytwo

Sheronia aka Sherrr



ROFLThinGs To Remember On your BirthdayROFL

It's ok to light the candles on your birthday cake now; I've already alerted the fire department.ROFL

*LOL"Smile while you still have teeth!" LOL

*ROFLDont Get to much drunk otherwise Who will dream about Abhimaan

Never Take a cake from stranger other then Atulians.Who knows cake is Bhaagi
I mean bhaag LOL

*Dont tell us to Drink and dance otherwise earthquake chances are highLOL


LOL*******Two tips on your birthday:********LOL

1) Forget the past, you can't change it.
2) Forget the present, I didn't get you one.

I should become more serious Before I am Kicked out of the party  ,Ok sorryLOL
HugSis Just trying to make you laugh...Hug

SmileEmbarrassedMy message SmileEmbarrassed

Trinzi !Embarrassed

My dearest sis,

 I am so thankful that i have you and many Atulians,with them we can discuss about our favorite  Pankit and sunaina.And the fact that my friends are very few on I-F does not upset me at all, Coz I have you  sis, and having YOU makes me  pleased.HugI am thankful, for your friendship, for your sisterhood, for the bond that back at some point in our life was about to break, but thanks to you, to your insistence, your patience,
I still feel sorry for that day.
You are my true Friend on I-F ,A lovely sister who always makes everyone Happy by creating Topic's On AbhimaanLOL.

I wish you lots of happiness in Your Life ..I wish that all Your dreams comes True.

HugWith lots of Love and blessings Your sis Sheronia...Hug
Have a Blast On your Birthday!!!!!!!


PartyBirthday GiftDancing
I made a Siggy For you it's not very nice but as It's Abhi everything is Forgiven.

Here is my Bhaag Wally DrinksWinkFor all Atulians...

Bhaag Cake....


Day DreamingAwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww  What a pretty dressDay Dreaming

Have a wonderful day..

Lets Dance

All Atulian after having Bhaag drinks and cake.


Leena aka Leenasmg

Happy Birthday Trinsssss!
Many many happy returns of the day! May all your dreams and wishes come true! I got to know when i first joined the Oasis, you made me feel so welcomeee coz you were and still are sooo sweet..and thats something i truly love about you! Hug..i think i've known you for over a year now and i've loved every moment of knowing you and talking to you!EmbarrassedBig smile..i don't think i'll ever forget the random convo's in the oasis about Atul - how cute he is and how much we love him or about TACO's!WinkLOL I miss those convo's since i haven't spoken to u for agesss..miss you!OuchHug..You're an amazingg person Trins and im glad to have you as a friend coz you're just soo special!EmbarrassedHug..hope your day rockss!
Loveee you!HugHug
Leena xx
P.S - you'll get ur prezzie soon!

Preeti_285 aka Preeti

Happy Birthday Trinzyy!!

I hope you have an amazing birthday and an even better year ahead! May all ur dreams come true and you achieve lots of happiness & success in life!

Enjoy your day...remember to partyyy hard....Looove you! Hug

Lotsa love from, Preeti xx

Sano88 aka Sano

Some like Sunday Some like Monday, But i like Your Birthday.Happy Birthday my sweetheart

Sending birthday blessings
Filled with love and peace and joy
Wishing sweetest things happen
Right before your eyes !


Happy Birthday




OM_Peace aka Shanthi

Hey Trina,
   Happy Birthday to you
   Happy Birthday to You
   Happy Birthday dear Trina
   Happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday Trina - I hope you have a great day today and a lovely year ahead of you. I love your Scenes and your comments on AbhiMaan so much.. you make it lot of those threads... Keep them going. Also thanks for the links that you send out that i would enjoy.. they keep me in splits..I hope all your wishes come true and you have success in whatever you try your hand at. Bye!  

hamsee_18 aka Hamsa

Dearest Trina,

Wish you a very happy birthday...Keep smiling always and hope this
year brings you lots of happiness, luck and success..
Take care and keep rocking...
You are one of the nicest people I know on IF. Love your posts
and your humor...Lots of Love

P_shal aka Shalu

Dear Trinzie,
  Happy Birthday. Wishing you love, success and happiness. Hope your day is as special as you. Hope this Birthday is a great start to a wonderful year ahead.

Thank you for everything you do around the forum and I am soooooo glad to have you as a friend. You are one of the sweetest person I know just like Atul..You make my day with AbhiMaan topics..lollllll..Love you hun and keep smiling..

Now, hurry up and teach us some French Galiyaas..lolllllllll..

Lots of Love


"Kick off ur shoes,
take a break,
Crank the tunes,
Dance & Shake,
light the candles,
cut the cake.
Make it a day,
that"s simply Great
Happy B"Day Trinzy!!
lots of luv atma x "
atma x

gia0005 aka Gia


Happy Birthday
Happpy Birthdayyy To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dearrr Trinzieeee! Happy Birthday To Youuuuuuuuuu! Muahhhh babyyyBlow Kiss! Welcome to your birthdayyy bash! we knoww u are excited god! jus let it out already! ROFL! .. love you trinzie ... i jus want to tell you dat JBS love youuu from the bottom of their hearts! We love you for everything you have done for us! you were always always there when we needed you! and you honestly did everything to help us out when things werent going soo well for us! Thank you babyyThank You! love youuuu! Big Hugand love your dostana little scripts you keep doing on DMG forum! okie i know you have some fans who dont approve of them but who cares na?ROTFL hspace5 rofllll i love you and i love how u always jus ignore and continue doing your thing! muah dats the way too go! dont let them affect you in anyyyyyyy way! you know what they want and i say we wont allow them to doo anything like dat!! its a NO NO! rofl ! muah babe have a blastttttttttt! Love youuuu for the ten million time lmfao! Happy Birthday Againn! MUahhhhhhhhhhh Spray I Love You


Your generated text image

anithamalik aka Anitha

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Trins!Hug

Wish all your dreams come true and you are successful in everything you do! Its been almost a year I've known you and we've gotten so close to another that I really do consider you my older sis!!! I love all our phone convos, our PM exhanges, FB chats!! Im so glad I met you sis...Life wouldn't have been the same...Wishing you all the success, happiness on this special day of yours as you turn another year older...and as the saying goes, another year older = another year wiser...Love you sis and all the best with everything in life...HugEmbarrassed

Party hard!! : )Party

Love, Anita

desi_baby07 aka Aisha

Happy Birthday Trinzie!!! Hug
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!
May this day bring you all the happiness and warmth you deserve as well as success in everything you do in life! Smile
You are a special part of my life-- one of the bestest and sweetest friends I've met on I-F.
I thank you for giving all of us Atulians a home like the Oasis. What better place to have fun and drink to our heart's content. Embarrassed
Lolz you are the best bartender there is! Thanks for being a great friend! Big smile
Hope you have the best birthday ever hun! God Bless You Always! Clap
Love you!
A special something from me:
Hope you like it! Embarrassed

smartleo_walo aka Walo


Happie Birthday Trina Sis ~!
Many Many Happie Returns Of The Day ~!

May God Bless U With Success ~!
And Every Kinda Happiness That U Need In Ur Lyf !~

May U Live Lo0o0o0o0nnnggg And Always Remain Our Aweso0o0me Mod !~
May U Get All Thing In Lyf According To Ur Desire ~!

Now Its Tym For Having The Cake Cut ~!

No0w Its Tym For So0me Presents Sis ~!

Hey No0w Sis !~
Its Partyy Tymmm !~

Enjoy The Day To The Most As Its Ur Day Sis ~!
Have A Blast ~!~!

Keep Rocking I-F . Especially DMG Forums ~!

Loads OF Care !~


AshiYuvi4life aka Komal

Happy Birthday to my PYAARI DI! Well... honestly I have no idea what to say to you. It's almost been 2 years since we've "met" and you are definitely my best friend on the forum. You've been the best older twin sister I could ever ask for. Being an only child, I never wanted any siblings, but if I had known that I would have Di as sweet and loving as you, I would have prayed that we met sooner. You inspire me in so many ways Di and you're one of the most genuine people I'll ever know. It's our birthday and I just want to say I love you sooooooo much! Thanks for being my support, strength, and sister. I'll always cherish our hour long phone convos and YM chats, and I'll always be here for you no matter what you need me for. Just like always. Today, on our birthday, I'm giving you a promise. A promise to always be the best younger twin sister I can be and to stand with you no matter what happens. Happy Birthday to us.
Hot Comments
birthday-sister.gif image by commentsjunkie
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Sister!
Happy Birthday Sis I Love You
294909456_1003326.gif Happy Birthday Sis! image by lanariddle1

kanak1309 aka Kanak

Dear Trina,

These words say everything I feel, everything I want to say. Although I've become extremely busy nowadays that I have come on I-F after such a LONG time. But It's only because of my love for you. I really want your birthday to be very very special. I want to do everything that would help make it special.
Hence, here I pray for your success, good health and happiness in all forms and person. I pray that everybody in your life makes you smile and love you as much as you love them, even more!

Since, the time I've known you, you've been not only a great friend, but a sister I've always wished for. You've filled that gap so completely that I feel complete knowing that I have a sister, who's caring, sweet and really amazing.

Oh btw,  your's is THE BEST bar on EARTH!! Maybe, the WHOLE UNIVERSE!!

And may you have a great bar at your birthday too!

Lots and Lots and LOTS of LOVE


My dearest Trinzie,

Hug I LOVE YOU, T! Hug
Very very happy birthday to you, sis!
You deserve all the happiness in the world because you give so much to all those around you - whether it be drinks, fashion tips, cheerful words, or smiles, everyone at the Oasis has been touched by your sweetness. I will always be thankful that I stumbled upon the Oasis long ago...It is thanks to you that I am a proud Atulian and an ardent Pankit fan! Thank you for putting up with my looooong and never-ending posts about PaNa and Atul-Anjali (I know it must be hard reading my rants every day). I love you for being a wonderful hostess, a caring friend, and most of all, a loving sister to me.

Love you, Trinzie! Wish you all the best for the year ahead...
May it be full of Atulian and AbhiMaan moments! Wink

here's a VM
Just For You

Your ever-so-crazzy PaNa fanatic sister,

Borna Embarrassed


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRINS! HugHugHug Many, many happy returns of the day. On your special day, I hope you receive all the love and all the affection you deserve.  May you get all that you've always wanted.  I just want to say that you've always been there for me and I really want to thank you for that.. Hug You're very special and unique. I love our chats whether we talk about Atul or Fashion.. it's lovely talking to youu.  I could just open up with you and tell you how I feel and I think that's what makes our friendship so great. Big smile
I'm really sorry sis, couldn't make you a sig even though I really wanted to give you a gift. I promise you that I owe you one. I'll make you one as soon as exams are finished. Embarrassed You're an awesome person and you should have an awesome birthday. Haveee a great one, Trins! Love you Hug

- Shelly


Happy Birthday...Trina


Hope you the best in all you do.
Have a great day today, it's your day to shine.
You are truly one in a million.
Love, TanyaEmbarrassed
Here is a little gift from meEmbarrassed
I hope you like it:


Hey Trinssss
happy birthday!!!
i hope you have the most fantasticly outstandingly amazing birthday ever!!!
with loads and loads of presents and cake!
Lovee, NishatTongue

This is for you! its really bad, cos i couldn't get the effects right, but i hope you like it!
Big smile

julle1234567890 aka Julllie

you are  a year older, a year wiser and a better bartenderLOLLOLLOL
ok, in all seriousness, i hope you have a great birthday and a wonderful year ahead! i pray you achieve all your dreams and ambitions!
how long have we known eachother? lemme answer that cause its not long enough! i have so much to thank you for, you have always been there for me, always took care of me when i was down and put up with me through my wierd antics. and to top it off, didnt ban me from the bar after sneaking drinks outLOL who else would do that for me? you are such a wonderul friend and im grateful that i have you~ thanx to you, i have a second home and a second family and although that family is full of lets say... sillypeople (understatement of the centuryROFL), i wouldnt know what i would do without you guys!
i pray that we stays friends forever or however long an ion is (too lazy for math right nowROFL)
have a very great bestest happiest bday!


Karan T. aka Karan

Happy Birthday Trinzi...Big smileBig smile
Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day...Clap
May God Bless YouBig smileBig smileSmile
You are Our Awesome Moderator & we Appreciate your Work.Star
Keep Working For UsSmileSmile
Enjoy Your DayBig smileBig smile
Have a BlastPartyParty



A very happy birthday to you Trina.. May your good times multiply this year and may all your dreams come true.. Wish you achieve success in all that you do!!

*Shifali* aka Shifali

Happy Birthday Trina!

Hope you have a fabulous day!
Take care,

smallwonder aka Sachin

Dearest Trinzie!!!

Its been a pleasure knowing you and interacting with you here... You are a gem of a person and deserve every happiness and confort in lifeEmbarrassed Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday... May the coming time bring you success, good health, happiness and may you achieve all that you aspire for...
With warm wishes, lots of love...

sweet_shagun aka Shagun

Dearest Trinster, Wishing You Many Many Happy Returns of the day... You are a wonderful person with a golden heart...Your frnds are lucky to have u in their life........You rock and we all Love you loads.... On this special day i wish u have an extra ordinary day filled with smile,happiness and lots of goodies which you always desired for

Something Special for you....


Love u Loads


*Shruthi* aka Shruthi

My Message

A simple celebration,
A gathering of friends;
Here is wishing you great happiness,
A joy that never ends.

Happy Birthday Trins


Wishing you all the best in the year to come. May your days be filled with sunshine and beautiful colors. And may your nights be filled with comforting dreams and wishes to come.

Click Here

In the end i would just say.

Count your life by smiles, not tears.
Count your age by friends, not years.

Loads of Love,


Bhaskar Bhai

Hi Trina,

Many Many Happy Returns of the day. May you get whatever you wish for today. I pray your Trinzi plant grows always stay hale and hearty. And soon it get a permanent place at Pankit's house. :))) And yes, I have an open offer for you. Will keep a table booked at, well you know where. Check out. Come over so that we both can have our Is-Special dinner just @ Flurry's. Happy Birthday again!!!! Love you loads!!! hspace5


-preeti- aka preeti

hey trinsy

wish u many many many many happy returns of the day

we've known each other for a year now and am happy to say that i have a frnd like you.The times that we've spent in DMG forum or Oasis or our Adda is really spl to me and one of my best times at IFLOL

The masti that we've done or our long Chats at Messenger has been so much fun .... that i still have a smile when i think of it.

A Joyous Birthday with Fun and Friends,
A Happier Day with gifts and grands,
Where wishing is a trend,
I simply pray for you my friend,
Be the HAPPIEST forever,
May you see this day,
Again and Again
Happy Birthday!

and here's my gift for youLOL

its from the whole of DMG PhamilyWink


Gaganjot.S aka Gagan

Lastly from me LOLLOLLOL
Happy Birthday Trina Sis HugHug
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day!
I wish you health, prosperity, and all the best for your future.
I am so glad to have a friend like you, who has always been with me through-out.
I am thankful to IF for giving me such a friends. In no time you became my best friend in the world! Hug I had no idea that someone, who I never met would become so close & dear to my heart. I wish you a very Happy Birthday once again.
May God Bless You!
*you can wait for your presentLOL
Love you dearly,


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-Gaganjot- IF-Stunnerz

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Happy Birthday Trina sis!!!!

I want to thank Preeti sis for collecting all the messages and combining them. Really appreciate it!!!

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.anjz. IF-Sizzlerz

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hey Trina....

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day...
Continue to moderate Dmg Forum.. like u always do...

n God Bless u...
Good Wishes to u..
Good Luck..


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Prietha Senior Member

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HAPPY B-DAY Trina.....May all ur wishes come true n Enjoy UR very special day....
26javey IF-Sizzlerz

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TerrificTina09 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2009 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
Happy birthday!! hope all your wishes come true and that you always be an awesome DMG moderator!

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