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Tuesday June 23 2009 - Episode 17

credit to Isaitamil.net
Pictures by Atina


As Gayu opens the document under the folder which had both brothers' name, Mugndhan panics and asks what they are doing, with a slightly surprised voice.  Gayu gets up and both girls turn towards Mugundhan as the letter typed in Tamil pops up on the screen (hmm... Payal lucky fellow Angry.  Thappichaan).  Mugundhan appadhiye veratchu poyi ninnutaaru seeing the letter on the screen Shocked.  Luckily without turning back to the screen D'oh, Gayu explains that she was teaching Chitra how to operate the laptop, and excuses herself from their room.  Chitra also apologizes while Mugundhan calms her down and asks her for a coffee.  After she leaves, Mugundhan rushes to the laptop to delete the document.  He grins once he was successful, showing his relief (eppo maatuvannu kaathukittu irukkean Angry)


At the hospital, Ranjini feeds Parvathy amma, who is still undergoing IV treatment and made to bed rest.  After a few morsels, Parvathy says she can't eat anymore.  Since she has just undergone an operation, with a lot of blood loss, Ranjini advices her to eat a lot as she is on a strict diet (adviced by the doctors).  Parvathy takes a few more.  Just then Gayu and Chitra come to visit her.  Parvathy welcomes them.  Chitra asks how she is doing.  Parvathy says she feels a little better and that she this seems like a reincarnation Smile.  Gayu adds "summavaa athai!  Evlo periya kandathila irunthu thaandhi vanthirukkeenga."  Parvathy agrees and says she is lucky to be around to play with her grand kids they are going to give her Embarrassed.  Both girls smile, with a bit of shyness Embarrassed


In the meantime, Gayu flips through Parvathy's medical report.  She informs that Parvathy is improving as per  doctors' report, and asks what medication they have prescribed.  Ranjini directs her and Gayu looks through them, and is impressed with the medication prescribed.  A nurse comes and asks if Parvathy Amma has taken her medication, and Gayu replies that she will take it shortly after since she just had her meal (hmmm.... is Gayu a doctor Confused??). 
Parvathy is very pleased and tells Gayu how intellectual she is and that it makes her (Parvathy) very proud.  Chitra adds that Gayu is not only very educated, but she is also a pannpaanaval (Chitra is really amazing... she is full of love and dedication for others ClapClap).  Parvathy spills her worries about Krishnan saying, "I'm not worried about Mugundhan, but am about Krishnan.  You must support him."  Ranjini has a worried look on her face (a very protective sister indeed Smile).  But Parvathy continues "he used to be adamant about not going to school. Shocked"  Gayu is slightly confused, and right away, a panicked Ranjini tells Parvathy Amma not to talk too much in this state and asks her to rest after taking her medication D'oh.  Gayu and Chitra look on confusing seeing Ranjini speak all tensed.  Ranjini soon asks the girls to leave since Appa will have visitors at home despite Parvahty's request to let them stay for a little longer.  Gayu and Chitra bid bye. 


As soon as they leave,  Ranjini strictly tells Parvathy Amma not to mention anything about Mugundhan's education to Gayu.  Parvathy feels that it is their responsibility to let the girl know about her husband (this is very true...but how will Gayu react?? Confused).  Ranjini quickly adds that it'll only make Gayu upset.  Just then the doctor comes to check on Parvathy amma, who says she is feeling much better.  The doctor cheerfully says she'll get better soon.  He then requests Ranjini to come see him.  Outside the doctor tells her to take care of Parvathy Amma carefully without letting her get hurt physically or emotionally, and asks her to treat Amma like a kid.  Ranjini agrees but with a worried look on her face. 


Next morning at the Mill, the kannakku pillai is surprised to see Gayu bring food for Krishnan.  She clarifies "due to workload, he won't be able to come home for lunch, so that is why I brought it".  She goes off to see her husband.  Inside, Krishnan is unloading rice sacks in his usual work attire.  Gayu happily goes and stands near and calls "Ennenga" EmbarrassedHeart.  Krishnan turns and is elated to she her there ShockedBig smile.  With a big smile on her face and happiness in his voice he asks "Gayathri, nee enga ingee?  Saapadhu vera kondu vanthirukaa".  Gaythri smiles on and says "this was your wish right, so that is why I brought food for you." HeartHeart Krishnan smiles as Gaythri says "enne oru korai, ennaku kandaangi selai katta theriyaathu."  Krishnan says bringing food itself is a great thing, and as he goes off to wash hands, he proudly tells his co workers about his wife (aahaa.. super Krishnaa... kalakureenga thaan StarClap)


Further inside, Gayu is waiting with the tiffen carrier.  Krishnan goes and sets the table, but Gayu suggests they eat in his room due to the dust (uh oh... Confused).  Krishnan says "there is only one room, which belongs to Appa and further more, it'll be a great sight for others as they see me eat as my wife serves me."  Gayu happily serves him and Krishnan enjoys.  As he eats, Krishnan asks if she has already had her lunch.  Gayu nods and says" I just finished having my lunch prior to coming here" (Shocked.... ennathu already did vaa... i thought you would have your lunch along with your hubby Wink).  Krishnan is very appreciative of this and says "A wife should not wait for her husband.  I don't have a set time as to when I have my lunch.  Nee ennakkaha wait pannina, onn odambhu thaan kettu poyidum.  Onn odambhu thaan mukkiyom..mmm"    (awww... he is totally an understanding and a very caring husband ClapClap) Gayu lovingly looks at her husband.  Krishnan smiles and enjoys his lunch. 


Gayu wonders if she can ask him something and if he'll get mad at her if she asks.  Krishnan says "on a normal day, I never get mad.  Moreover, will I ever get mad at you?"  (awww how sweet of him Embarrassed).  Gayu asks "you and your Anna are equal in everyway right?"  Krishnan nods a yes.  Gayu continues " your Anna always leaves like a professional in the morning and arrives the same way in the evening, but you come home like a labour.  Rather than working elsewhere for a monthy salary, having your own business is better, but why do you do all the work like a labour?"  ( I think Gayu is slowly getting confused about his work/ education Confused)

Krishnan explains "there shouldn't be a gap between the employer and the employee.  If we work with our labours, then they too will work with enthusiasm.  In fact there is a great feeling working along with them"  (well said Krishna Clap) Gayu smiles and as Krishnan continues to eat, he stops and stairs at his cloths before asking "Gayathri, do you dislike me for being dirty".  Gayu dismisses and asks "ongalukku pudichirukka" Embarrassed.  Krishnan says "very much, the food my wife cooked for me".  Gayu asks "saapdhu mattuma".  Krishnan shyly says "onnaiyum thaan! Heart"  Gayu vidama asks "can you share with me any other wishes you have so I can try to fulfill"  (aww that is so sweet of her too Embarrassed)   Krishnan cheekily says "Rathiri sollatumaa" Day Dreaming.  Gayu blushes and looks down with a smile (a wonderful moment between Gayu and Krishna Clap)


At Annamalai's house, Senthil reads a news paper sitting on the swing.  An auto arrives.  As Senthil goes to see he is elated to see Chitra's mother and brother.  He welcomes them in and calls Chitra.  Chitra happily goes, they inquire about their wellbeing.  As Chitra goes to put her fruits they brought inside, Senthil scolds his Chithi for bring up her daughter like a yemaantha sonagiri.  Chithi is shocked and asks what does he mean.  Senthil tells "despite being the first daughter in law of the house, she serves the second marumagal by making her coffee tea and even massages her leg" (Saguni velaiya arambichutaara Ouch??).  Chithi and Murugan are shocked.  Senthil further adds "in addition to making Chitra doing all the work, the china marumagal calls her by her name too" 

Just then Chitra comes and wonders what they are talking without her.  An angered Chiti asks Chitra why she is serving Gayu like a servant and both advice her to be strong at the beginning, or else Gayu will start bossing her around.  Watching this from inside is Visalatchi.  Chitra asks her relatives to stop and says "please do not talk without knowing the truth.  I treat Gayu like my sister and in this joined family, we all are equal and we help each other."  Visaalam is very happy to hear this.  Chithi and Murugan are a little ashamed of themselves.   Chitra further adds as human beings we must help each other before asking her mother to take back all the seer.  Chithi is shocked and asks if there is any flaws in it.  Chitra says in a joined family, wouldn't it feel awkward to use the utensils with my name engraved in it?  Gayu's name isn't engraved on anything she brought, but on all of mine you have engraved my name.  Please take them back Amma".  All look on surprised (Well said Chitra ClapClapClap...).  Screen Freezes. 

Uravugal Thodarum...
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 Wednesday  June 24 2009 - Episode 18

Pictures by Atina:
credit to Isaitamil.net

Continues from yesterday.... Chitra firmly tells her mother to take all the seers, which have her names engraved.  In a jointed family like theirs, such name engraved paathirangal will not be of any use, since each time when someone wants to use it'll only remind them that it belongs to her (Chitra).  Chiti and Murugan are a little surprised and saddened.  Just then Visaalam walks out giving a scornful look at Senthil, while the rest are a little terrified to see her there (of course, they'll feel bad that Visaalam saw it all Wink, and I'm very glad she did.  They never dare to do such a thing Angry)

Visaalam praises her daughter in law and says "I was a little worried you might fall for your amma and anna's advices, but truely you're amazing!  Just like how me and Parvathy amma have been living like siblings, I'm excited to learn that you two (Chitra and Gayathri) also consider each other like siblings."  Chiti approaches Visaalam to apologize, but Visaalam comforts her and says "Don't worry sambanthi.   Like any mother you were worried about your daughter's life, but we'll never ill treat anyone in our house, because this is like a temple."  Visaalam then without looking at Senthil tells him "I never expected this from you.  If you had considered Gayathri as your own sibling, you would not have done such a thing" and warns him.  She soon requests Chiti and Murugan to talk to their daughter, while she'll bring coffee.  Chiti and Murugan give a cold stare to Senthil.  (Great job Visaalam ClapClap..... Senthil definitely needed this LOL)

At the hospital, Annamalai and Parvathy talk, with the latter sitting upright on the bed.  Annamalai shares how painful it was for him to see her go through this, such to the extent that he couldn't eat or sleep.  Parvathy comforts him and says "now I'm perfectly alright.  The nurse takes me walking, and things are getting normal.  I just have to keep a pillow for support against my chest."  Annamalai is relieved and says "Naanga seitha puniyathinaaleyo, illanna Kadavul karunaiyo thalaikku vanthathu thalaipaavoda poyidichu" (both seem very saantham.... it gives a feeling of reality there Clap)

Ranjini walks in with coffee and wonders if Annamalai wanted some coffee.  Soon Parvathy reminds Annamalai about their kids' saanthi mugurtham, since she is perfectly alright now.  She further adds that today itself is a great day based on what Visaalam told her and hence suggests they carry on with the mugurtham today.  Annamalai agrees since he also had the same idea.  He tells Ranjini to go home and prepare since Chithi and Murugan are already at their house.  Ranjini agrees with it and says that Chitra's family members were curious to know about when mugurtham would take place.  Annamalai agrees to inform TK family.  Parvathy in the meantime tells Ranjini to get the girls ready herself (Ranjini), and tells her she will no longer be able to take all the house responsibilities and hence wishes to only play with her grandchildren.  She gives blessing to her daughter in laws on this auspicious days (will everything go ok Confused..... hmmm...... i bet all will go well with Mugundhan Angry...but Krishnan?  Paavom CryOuch.... ) 


 Mugundhan in his fully decorated room waits for Chitra.  The door opens and Chitra walks in slowly.  They have an eye lock session, while Chitra smiles with shyness Embarrassed.  Mugundhan walks up to her and asks if she is shy or scared, and then locks the door before walking back to the bed.  Chitra remains by the door side.  Mugundhan calls her near him.  After Chitra takes blessings from him, Mugundhan says "naan rombha lucky" (aama nee rombha lucky thaan paa for all the things you've done, you're yet to be caught AngryAngry)
They share the milk and the scene shifts over to Krishnan's room.  He too is waiting for Gayu, who happens to walk in.  Both look at each other and smile, with a bit of shyness EmbarrassedHeart.  Soon Gayu walks up to him and Krishnan gets her to sit down on the bed.  Room is englufed in silence, with Krishnan looking at her and smiling, while Gayu looking down with shy Embarrassed (i was kinda LOLLOL seeing them like this).  Krishnan breaks the silence and says "Gayathri, let me share with you my wishes right now".  Gayu happily agrees and says "we shall never hide anything from each other". 


Krishnan takes out an envelope and gives it to her.  Gayu wonders whether if this is his list of wishes (hmm me too Confused), but Krishnan requests her to open it.  Gayu opens it and is shocked to find an MPhil application.  Krishnan explains "One of your wishes was to do MPhil hence I brought this application.  I too would love to see you do it.  Gayathri, MA, MPhil Professor nnu veetila oru board iruntha, we'll all be happy and proud.   You don't need to ask anyone about this, including our parents" 
(Krishnan truely is a great husband..... he is very considerate...... Bravo Krishnan ClapClap).  Gayu is happy to hear this and says "I did wish to do MPhil, but after marriage I've forgotten about it, because it wouldn't look nice for a wife to surpass her husband's education level, and you've also done MA.  So I wish to leave it at that."  Krishnan is amused to hear this and bursts into a laughing riot ShockedShocked.  Gayu seems very confused.  In between his laughter, he asks "Naan MA padichena".  A shocked Gayu asks "neenga MA padikkalayaa?"   Krishnan while laughing says "I failed 10th standard, and my dad hit me with a belt and made me to join the Mill.  Since then i've been working there."  Gayu's eyes pop out in shock (Oh noooooooooooo Cry.... I'm glad atleaset Krishnan told her the truth... but how will Gayu react????ConfusedOuch).


Gayu stands up and asks "are you telling the truth?"  Krishnan agrees and casually says "Ennaku padippu mandaila yerala.  In my family, only my brother studied really well and hence he got a government job."  Gayu questions "why did you not tell me about your education till this date?"  Krishnan casually says she never asked him.  Gayu further asks about him speaking in English when they came to see her.      Krishnan explains that his brother was in line with him through Bluetooth, and hence he spilled out whatever he was told to.  Gayu then angrily asks about Ranjini akka saying he was an MA to the registry people.  Krishnan calmly tells her that Ranjini Akka is always playful like that, and tells her to sit down.  Gayu doesn't let him touch her and says "So your entire family lied to me!  You being an illiterate...want to help me study further?"  Krishnan is shocked and asks why she is behaving like this.  Gayu doesn't let him talk and says "You've all ruined my life.  Everything is over.  I will not live with you any longer!"  She rips up the application form and throws it on his face, before walking out of the house
(this was a bit too much on her part Angry...... she can't insult him like that Angry.... her parents also had the responsibilty to inquire about Krishnan's education .  Where did they do then Confused?  They were the one who asked if they could get Gayu married to Krishnan.... now why all the blame on Krishnan's family.... Gayu Angry).  Krishnan follows, calling her name out.


It is really late into the night.  Krishnan catches up to her and begs her to come inside since it wouldn't appear nice to the outsiders.  Gayu refuses to go inside and says she is least bothered about the reputation of a family who lied.  She refuses to come live with him.  Krishnan begs her to listen to him for a second, but Gayu says "the moment I found out you lied to me, I've thrown you out of my heart!" 

Krishnan tries to explain that he was not aware of anything, especially the problem with the education.  Gayu is least bothered and blames his family.  She goes off to find an auto, and gets in.  Krishnan tries to blocks the auto from taking off, and warns Gayu (slightly angrily).  Gayu says why should he be mad, when the fault was entirely on him and his family.  The auto driver inquires Gayu who he is, and the latter says she doesn't know him.  Auto driver pushes him away and takes off.  The screen freezes on Krishnan's face. 


Uravugal thodarum as the a heart is broken CryCry.....

Oh man..... that was a sad episode indeed CryBroken Heart.  While Mugundhan is enjoying his night Angry, poor Krishnan has to go through all of this Ouch!  Gayu, in my part over reacted a little.  Her anger is justified, but her leaving then itself is too much.  Further why did her parents not inquire about his education before marriage if education of the groom was a huge thing Confused.  Now all the blame will go on Krishnan... haiyooo... poor Krishnan.   
But ennaku oru nappasai Wink..... could Ranjini be dreaming about this Shocked?????..... I would be happy if it was just a dream Embarrassed..... what do you folks think? 
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Thursday - June  25th update

Episode 19

Gaya goes to her parents house and knocks on the door. TK wonder who is knocking so late in the night and are stunned to see his daughter standing there. Whole family didn't expect her there and ask what happened. Gaya replies they are have been cheated by her in laws, Her parents are stunned. She then continues say he is not educated like they thought, he is a 10th drop out and whole family cheated them by hiding the truth. You have destroyed my life dad...
Krishna arrives there He beg her to hear him out but she says he and his family have cheated her. Krishna try to make her understand he haven't lied to her and she ask why he didn't told her truth he is uneducated? Krishna says he never got the chance and circumstance never come either.
Gaya is not in any mood to listen to him and accuse him and his family. His brother cheated by using bluetooth while his sister lied that previous day about him being a MBA. Since his mother was admitted at the hospital so her parents couldn't enquire either. Krishna warn her not to talk bad about his family but Gaya just for the argues sakes talks bad, he gets angry and raise his hand up to slap her but hold his hand back and TK warn him not to do that and tell him to get out now.
How dare he raise his hand to slap his own daughter in front him?? Krishna tries to say something but TK tell him to go now, they can talk further tomorrow morning. Krishna looks at everyone. Only his MIL seems to gave sympathy for him and gives signals to leave now. Poor Krishna leaves very sadly.
( If they had told her the truth from the beginning, maybe she would have clamed down a little bit?? ConfusedThere were no need for Gaya to talk bad about the whole family..on many occasions she got the chance but it didn't ring any bell around her ears na. I have a feeling TK will be angry and support Gayas decision while her mother will try to change her mind to go back to her in laws )

Its early in the morning, Ranjani makes coffee when Chitra comes there very shyly..Ranjani tell her not to be shy in front her and gives her coffee to give Mugunthan. Chitra blush a lot toEmbarrassed

Ranjani goes and gives coffee to her husband who in a jolly mood and says her elder brother have woken up, but her younger haven't woke up yetDead...Ranjani is annoyed and warn him not to talk like thatLOL

Chitra wakes up her husband who is still in romantic mood and she tell him let her go as its morning now. ( grrr'.everything happened cause of him and here..he enjoys his life very happily---ithu romba too muchAngryAngry)

Senthil wait for the tiffin to be served but Ranjani replies he have to wait...he ask why? Ranjani replies Mugunthan have to eat first, only yesterday they had FN so they maybe want to have some privacy and it wont look nice of he sits there with him.LOL Senthil understand the point. They hear Chitras telling them Mugunthan have already eaten his tiffin as she served him that in the room itselfShocked Ranjani blabbers, they think something while the youth does something elseLOL A man from the mill come and ask for Krishna's lunch, Ranjani is confused and wonder when he came there?? Man replies last night. She send that man back and says she will take care of it. Senthil and Ranjani goes to Krishna's room and open it. The room is decorated and nothing been touched..Ranjani tell Senthil to call Gayas parents house and ask if she have come there while she will go to the mill and talk with Krishna.

Ranjani finds Krishna sitting sadly in the mill..she ask what happened? He says Gaya left him last night as she didn't wanted him..Ranjani ask why, what will people say when they come to know his wife left him on their first night? Krishna replies he is not a educated guy and she felt cheated cause of it. He tried his best to stop her and even begged her, but she didn't wanted to hear him out. His dad scolded him when failed on his 10th and from that day, he scolds him for being dumb, idiot, useless but why didn't he for once mention he is a unlucky fellow too?
Ouch He had dreams about his life with Gaya but now everything is gone. Until now, he thought education was important only for work and salary but not for marriage or for the relation bond shared between a wife and husband. He was wrong, Gaya is a well educated woman while he is a dumb and doesn't suit her.Ouch He thought being a nice person with good heart and his character should count.(it still count na..wait n seeWink
He is such a unlucky person, he have finally understood one should be a well educated man to get married. His dad beat him up with belt when he failed for the 10thShocked, his dad always scolding whenever he does something wrong, she lied to the government guys he was a MBA etc, only now he do understand the meaning behind it. Gaya asked him enna thaguthy he has to live with her?Cry When he heard that, he felt his whole body was shattering. CryCryHe never wanted to get married, but did cause Ranjani told him it will be good for him to have someone around and take care of him, now that person has gone..Ranjani doesn't have a word to say and just criesCryCry FREEZE (good acting by Shree here when he express his feeling over the incident'I think Krishna have lost his self-confidence cause of the usual scolding from his dad and now Gaya too not wanting him..poor guy'with the time, Gaya will realize his good qualifications and understand education itself is not the only one required to be a good husband. Mugunthan has a the education while Krishna has the good heart. )

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Friday, June 26, Episode 20
ClapClapExcellent acting by Sree ( the last scene when he cries out his heart to Annamalai) ClapClap
Ranjani and Krish are still in the rice mill. Krish asks Ranjani," akka...yuou only told me that I need a companion so I should mary and I did listen to you but now this Gayatri left me and gone...what will I do akka....I think I have started loving so much and I feel some heaviness in my heart akka...illa akka...I can not come to the house as I can not face anyone there....akka.Azhakesan apa always asks me whether this rice mill is my wife since I am always here.....working...now I am telling you akka...yes this rice mill  is my podaatti ...I will live and be here only akka...you please go home" Ranjani after pleading him to come home with her leaves from ther helplessly alone leaving Krish alone. After she leaves Krish jumps on the rice bag stacks and sits there.....
In gaytri house, her mom Raji is looking for her in her room and finally she finds Gayatri standing in the balcony and staring at the garden plants. Raji comes there looking worried and starts talking to Gayatri," We have to think twice and take any decision...if we take decision in a haste this is what will happen...the other day when we received that annonymous letter about Mugunthan we should have totally avoided that family's connection ...instead your dad made another wrong decision that annanukku badil Thambi will be your maapillai nu.....I knew it that time itself...."
Gayatri stops her and asks," then why didn't you tell that time itself amma?"
Raji sarcastically answers her," mm..in .which matter you and your dad would listen to me ...you both will behave as if you both only know everything and others are fools...if at all I tell my opinion ...you both will start teasing me.....amma dee...I have to talk now...since I am so much worried and concerned about my daughters life dee...there is saying " padichavaan Paatai keduthaan ezhuthinavan ettai keduthaan....nu..in this matter that has become very true...both father and daughter were running behind all the books...look now what happend to your life?"
Gayatri becomes angry and asks," so...are you tellin me that I have to go and live with those people who cheated me?" Raji cries and replies," Illadee..at least from now you should be disappointed with your life....what ever eductaion you have...you are that man's wife...and you have to obey him and be with him dee....he may be uneducated or even without any good character...but still as our elders had said "Kallanaalum Kanavar...nu adangithaan poganum ma"
Gayatri stops her and replies," amma podum, stop your old panjaangam ..like this only in this society women are made to feel as slaves and it is hard for them to come out of their nutshell...Kallaanaalum Kanavanaa?...mmm...the whole men gang up together and made this slogan so that the innocent women will be their slaves for ever...can you tell any of these men to tell this new slogan " mannaanaalum Manivi..." and let them lead a normal life with this in their mind?"
Raji gets furious and scrams at her," Thimiru....intha thimiruthaandee  I do not like in you...that is why you have left your husband and have come here that too within a week" Gayatri answers," This is not called "Thimiru amma...but thannambikai"...if  every woman has this self confidence...this men will be under their feet for ever" Raji comes strong now," mmmm go ontalking about these useless things only...yei try to understand me dee...just sit and think what oters will talk about our family.....Just within a week you have left your husband and they may even compare our Suda with you...telling that she may be also like her akka......just think about all this?"
Gayatri asks whether she is worried about her or suda. Raji replies," Of course I am worried about you dee but I also scared about Suda's life too...you better think about all what I just told you and take a good decision...if you decide to live with your uneducated husband this whole society will praise you and admire you...on the hand if you decide not to then the same society will name you as a "vaazhaa Vetti",,,so Gayatri please dont be hasty...just think and take a good decision" She goes inside leaving confused Gayatri to think.
Ranjani is announcing to every one about Gaytri. She tells Azhagesan," appa as soon as Gayatri cqame to know that krishnan is not educated she left this house" Azhagesan is shocked and Annamalai who just steps in also happens to hear this and he is shaken hearing this. Ranjani asks what to do next. Evryone looks worried and Mugunthan tells," che..that girl made so much confussion like this? hearing this even I can not take it...that is why I took permission and came home... what about our poor Krishnana....we have to do panchaayaatu only for this matter"
Rangani tells about Krish going to Gayatri's house and still she refused to come with him. Visalaakshi tells," That girl was so quiet and I can  not beleive she behaved like this?" Hearing this Senthil, where she was good? she never respected others here...since day one she behaved bad?" Gowri tells her opinion that the fault is with them since none of them Made gayatri aware of the real truth. At this point Chitra very politely tells," I am sorry to interfere when you elders discuss this matter...but I wiould liek to tell that Gayatri may be short tempered but she is a nice girl. We have to handle this sensitive matter very carefully" Ranjani tells taht Krish is all shattered and he cries like ababy.
At this point Annamali comes there and Ranjani was about to repeat the whole thing but he stops and tells," I have been hearing all ...as Chitra told we have to tackle this matter carefully...let me tell everyone here...please see that this news will never reach PArvathy's ears...if so then she will die and ofcourse I will also follow her so please be careful in this matter. Evryone feels bad to ear this and Ranjani comes forward and tells," sari appa....one more thing our Krihnan is sitting in the rice mill and refusing to come home I tried to cosole him appa but no use.....so.."
Am immediately asks Az to go to the mill and bring Krihna back hom. But Ranjani insists," appa....please...what so ever who ever oes and consoles him he will not take it appa...but if you go to him hee will really be happy and will feel also adikaara kaithaan anaikkum  nu....please appa you go and bring him" Am agrees to do that and leaves from there.
Am comes to the rice mill and looks for Krishanan and finds him sitting on the rice bag stacks. Am goes and stares at him ...but Krishnan does not notice anything at all as he is crying still....and Am goes to him touches him with so much paasam ... Seeing him immeidately Krishnana jumps down and tries to wipe off his tears. AM asks him what happend. Krish quickly answers," athu vandu.....kannule some thoosi...pattu.....athu...nellu...." He can not hold anymore and bursts out crying like a baby...seeing this Am becomes heart broken too but he tries his best to control his feelings. Krish tells," appa....Ga...Gayatri left me and went away appa....she does not like me as I am so uneducated appa......apppa you always tell me that I am a Thar Kuri?....that is correct appa.....she does not like this thar kuri appa.....I even brought all the form for her higher education appa...but ava...ava poitaapaa....I am sorry appa...I do not want cry in front of you but...but i can not appa...."
AM feels so bad for his son and simply leaves from there without telling him anything. Krish once again sits there and starts crying. Meantime Am gets in the car and asks the driver to drive to Gayatri's house. He gets down and goes inside the house and screams," Thanikaasalam....any body home.....arume illaiyaa.....naan Anna Malai vandu irukken" Tk comes out to the hall and Gayatri, Raji and Suda peep down to the hall from upstairs.....AM stares at TK

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