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Monday June 1 - Episode 1

Credit to Isaitamil
Special thanks to prabhu...for uploading complete title song upon my resuest.
Please click here for the title song Sound Track

Gayatri who is dressed up as a bride is praying to Amman," amma I need your help unnai nambithaan amma I am going to do such a big thing" At this point her door was knocked by her friends. When Gayatri opnes the door, her friends start teasing her for being alone. But Gayatri is in no mood to enjoy this and she scremas ,"why did you all come here....there is a separate room given to you right? please go there" The friends felt bad and insulted. Gayatri again shut the door and starts crying," Sorry dee....what can I do...mu situtation made me talk to you like that...sorry" 
Her cell phone rings," hello Vivek...solluppa" From the other end Vivek sitting on his bike tells," Hello Gayatri I am ready...are you?" Gayatri replies," I am also ready...nee what time coming here?...ok then 3 am..I will wait for you...please be careful" She cuts the phone and hears some noise outside her room and she opnes the door and notices a man is giving instructions to the workers where to keep stuff etc. She closes the door and again goes to the Amman picture," Thaaye....please be with me and unite me with Vivek without any problems" After that she starts walking up and down and feels very restless.
It is almost 3 am and she gets a missed call from Vivek as planned. Immediately she grabs her bag and leaves from her room. Slowly step by step she reaches the gate and runs towards Vivek. They immediately they from there. But someone notices this and shouts," Shankar anneh...you sister is going with someone anneh" Hearing this Shankar and a few men jump into a car and follows them. They block the bike. Vivek is beaten up and at one point Shankar brings a aruvaal from his car and swings his ahnd in the air.....next we see is ...blood splashing on Gayatri's face..
Then we see two eyes...covered by a Kungumum book and the book is slowly lowered down....and there Gayatri looks so sad reading that story. At this point Sudha her sister comes and calls her. But Gayatri tells," no...I can not come down now...I have to read three more thodar kathai" Then she narrates the story she just read to Sudha....and sudha teases her," ayo akka....yeah next week they will start that the hero is admitted in ICU.....nee vaa   ammma is calling" By this time their mom Rajeshwari ( Raji) reach there and tells," Gayatri why cann't be like your sister helping in kitchen and in other work...always reading some book"
Gayatri replies," Amma I do not like doing any of this...ippo enna kettu pochu amma...I have finihsed my MA and going to do M phil...I simply to study as much as I can...more over what is wrong in reading these books amma....Look at appa...we both can discuss about literature and other stuff for hours...but you..." Raji  tells," athuthaan...your dad only is spoiling you like this" Gayatri chellama tells," Amma dont blame appa...by the way.. women are good enough to do house...work? all time time has changed already amma" Her mom replies," what ever be a woman...she still needs to know how to cook....I have no idea when are married what is going to happened to you and to your poor husband!!"
Mugunthan is on his bike approaching a rice factory and asks the workers whether they have seen Krishna and they say NO. He goes inside and a man tells," chinna ayaa vaa...I saw him in the rice godown aya"  Mugunthan rushes and notices that Krishna is helping an old lady in doing some owrk...he is dfressed like a labourer too. Muguntha calls him and tells that he for that Government Job and asks Krishna to change his dress and go with him so that they both can buy some sweets and go home to tell this happy news to others. After Krishna cahnges into his shirt and pants they both leave by Muguntha's bike.
Bike is sliding on the road meantime we see ( Vincent Roy) Thanikasalam (TK) holding his fish bowl with his pet fish happily swims in it ...walking on the same road. The bike approaches this man and he got panick and drops his fish bowl....without realising any of this these two brothers pass by. Two onlookers come there and tell," ennaga ayaa.....avunugalukku ithe vellai yaa pochu...everyday they pass by this road....same like this in full speed.....yes we know them...they are the two sons of that Rice Mill owner Annamalai...Mugunthan and Krishna....why Sir are you goin to talk to their dad?"  That man angrily replies," Ofcourse...I can see things happening like this and close my eyes...I am an ex Military man...where is his house...tell me I will go there and avangali undu illainu aakki podaren"
Next we see is .....this man is approaching a house...which is so beautiful and majestic. He goes to the entrance and rings the calling bell....and a young girl comes out and asks who he is. He tells," My name is Thanikasalam...is this Mugunthan's house" That girl ( Gowri)replies," aamaa sir, he is my annaa..please come inside...he will be here soon...ammmmaaa see here someone has come for Mugunthan annaa...please vaanga sir" Thanikasalam actually hesitates to go in as he has come to point out Muguntha's mistake ...instead he is being treated with respect in that house.....as he was thinking this....Mugunthan's Periyamma Parvathi comes there and asks him to sit...as he was trying to tell something angrily....she turns inside and tells,"Visaalakshi...please bring coffe ma" Another middle aged woman says," iotho kondu varen akka" ( She is Mukunthan's mom Visalatchi)
He walks to her and tells," inga paarunga I am not here to have your coffe....I just want to teel about your son Mug..." She stops him and tells," so waht...it is ok to have a sip of coffee nga...sari sollunga what you have to tell about my first son?" As he tries to narrate his story he hears some one talking and coming inside. We see Ranjani ( Mukundan's sister) and her husband Senthila  coming in....Ranjani  asks," itha paarunga...you came to temple to pray only right...then why like this?" Senthil replies," athu illa Ranjani.....ellaarukkum they gave so much pongal and for me....only ...so little....I got so angry theiryumaa?" Ranjani scold him," ayo.....just keep quiet for a minute ok? always thona thona nu" They come inside and  Senthil tells," Athai we both prayed and did archanai also for Mukunthan's job...we are sure he will get this job " Ranjani asks her mom to take the prasaadam and the mom tells her son in law that Thanikasalam is there to see Mukunthan.
He asks Thanikasalam to take Prasadam...and TK tells," If you all know for what I am here...you will not be asking me to take prasaadam etc" Senthil says," so what sir....just take a the prasadam" Without any other option he takes the viboothi and applis on his forehead.
Meantime a car comes to a stop and two elderly men get down and walks in discussing some Rice Mill matters. Senthil introduces TK ," he is here to see our Mugunthan....ivar Mugunthan's dad and this one is his annaa" Mugunthan's dad  Azhakesan( Amara Singamani) asks the ladies whther they gave Tk coffe. Once again TK tells," inga paarunga..I need to tell you...som....." Periyappa Annamalai( Peeli Sivam) tells, " Sir we will talk but now please coffe...." Once agin...TK vere vazhi illame...drinks that coffee. Now periyappa asks him to tell what he wanted to tell. TK is ready to tell but Krishna and Muguntha happily come in and tells," appa.....appa....annan has got that Government Job appa" Everyone becomes very happy and  Mugunthan starts distributing sweets to everyone. And he comes to TK and asks him also to take the sweets...as usual TK refuses but once again he was forced and he takes.( Paavam TK) at this point Gowri comes  and grabs the sweet box and runs away....Mugunthan and Krishna chase her. The whole family was watching them happily.
Senthil comes and calls," maapilai...you please come here ...sir is here to see you only" Mugunthan is surprised and comes there but by the time TK is already stepping out of the main entrance. Mugunthan says," who is that I don't even know him periyappa" Periyappa tells," It is ok pa...if he wants to meet you he will come agin...just leave it"
TK reaches his house talking to himself," che ennaa kudumbam athu....evlo othumai..ippadithaan irukkanum" He comes in and Sudha asks," appa...what is this .? what are talking to yourself" TK replies," aamaa amma....intha kaalathila ippadi oru familyaa? Raji please bring some water" Gayatri hears her dad's voice from her room. Sudha asks her dad," ennappa where is the colour fish?" Tk replies," colour fish aa...I bought that...but someone made be drop the jat down...and" Sudha asks," appa....accident? are you ok...ennappa ore pudir podareenga?"
TK replies," aamaa amma life itself is a big Pudir" At this point Gayatri also joins them," correct pa..even this writer wrote that many times...appa please sign this M phil application" Raji brings water and gives him as he goes thru the form.
TK asks ," yemma Gayatri...you really want to study amma further....why cannt you stop with MA and get married...? " gayatri is surprised to hear this and shouts," apppppaaaa" TK continues," ammaa...even I never had this idea until I met this Annamalai family ammaa..after seeing them I have decided to send you as that house Marumagal" Gayatri s shcoked......
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Monday June 2 - Episode 2

Credit to Isaitamil
Pictures by atina
Starts off with TK telling Gayu "I'm planning of getting you married."  Gayu is shocked.  TK continues "Don't feel bad that Appa is talking like this.  The idea just clicked in now for me too..... that too after meeting Annaamalai's family, and I wanted to send you as their daughter in law."  Raji is curious and asks what he means by this.
TK decides to tell them what happened early on and starts with "as I was coming back with a tiny fish tank on my hands"..... and goes into a flashback.... TK dropping the fish tank as the boys speed by, two men telling him who they are, and him dropping by Annamalai's house and seeing the happy nature of the joint family. 

Back to the present, Gayu, Raji and Sudha all listen, somewhat shocked and confused.  TK then asks Gayu "it is not wrong of me to wish to see you as as the daughter in law of a family of their caliber right?"   Hearing this, Gayu retorts back "It is absolutely wrong Appa!  Wanting to make a place, where you had gone to fight with, my in laws absolutely wrong."  TK clarifies that he doesn't take decisions that easily, and that he has inquired about Annamalai's family background.  Furthermore he says "they are our kind too, and the atmosphere of the joint family attracted me the most.  I'd be really happy to see you as their daughter in law."  An angered Gayu declines and rejects the idea of her getting married now. 


Taking the chance, Raji scolds her daughter and asks why she doesn't want to get married.  Gayu says she wants to continue studying further.  Raji replies "You've studied enough.  Just now only your dad came up with a good idea.... so consider getting married now."  Gayu tries to get her mom to understand but Raji further adds, "we've already let you study enough.... it is high time you get married now because you have a younger sister waiting to be married."  Suda sports a funny expression hearing this.

 Raji continues "innum onnai padikka vatchu, athukkapurom onnaku kalayaanam pannivaika, onn appavukku enna vayasu thiribhutha?  Politely accept to get married and move on."  Gayu doesn't leave it there and tells them the reason for why she wants to further study, "so I can support you guys economically."  Raji fires back and says "you getting married and going off to the in laws in itself will be a support, economically".  They continue to argue as Raji tries to explain their struggle in wanting to see their daughter happily married, while Gayu wants her parents help in making her a lecturer.  After a heated argument, Gayu finally tells her parents she will NOT get married, and asks them not to bug her anymore regarding this matter. 

At Annamalai's house, Azhagesan  bids bye to Visaalatchi and on his way out he spots Mugundan coming in.  As Azhagesan inquires about how the matter went, Mugundan remains silent and walks off to the side in dejection.  A worried Azhagesan keeps asking his son to tell how it went, wondering if there were any problems.  
Mugundan hesitates and walks off to his room.  In the meantime, Ranjini brings coffee for her dad, who asks her if anything is wrong with Mugundan.  Ranjini is clueless as to why Mugundan is so silent.  Just then Senthil walks in and informs he's paid the electricity bills.  Seeing the two confused, Senthil asks what is wrong.  Ranjini informs him of Mugundan's usual habit of keeping silent.  They decide to go ask Mugundan what is wrong. 

In his room,  Senthil asks why he is down.  He still remains silent but shows some frustration.  But as his father and sister compel, he finally opens up and tells them "I can't leave you guys and go."  All are confused and ask where he was planning to go.  Mugundan replies" Thindukkal."  Not understanding the seriousness of the situation, Senthil jokes "enna maapillai, kootu viyaapaaram panna poreengala?", but gets scolded by Ranjini.   As Azhagesan further inquires, they get to know that Mugudan has been appointed that government job in Thindukkal.

Azhagesan is confused as to why his son got a posting in Thindukkal when he wrote the exam in Chennai.  Senthils clarifies that the place where examination is written doesn't matter.  So Azhagesan wonders if Mugundan definitely has to go to Thindukkal.  A dejected Mugundan tells them how much he will miss them if he goes. 


As Azhagesan suggests Mugudan to talk to an officer and get transferred to Chennai, Mugudan explains "Appa, like you said I did go an talk to that officer and he too said they can transfer, but the problem is.... it'll cost a little."  All wonder how much it'll cost and Mugundan hesitantly reveals it to be "2 lakhs."  Shocked, Ranjini suggests Mugundan to go to Thindukkal for his job.  Just then Krishna walks into the house and hears Ranjini from outside.  Ranjini further adds "Annaamalai appa has already spent a lot on your education.  Now if we go and ask him for more, it'll not be nice.  Senthil barges in and wonders why they can't ask for more money.

Ranjini explains "Annammalai Appa pulled Krishanan out of school and made him go to work at Rice Mill after he completed 10th grade, but he spent a lot on Mugundhan and allowed him to complete MA.  Rather than going off to work, now he wants to ask for more to get this transfer."  Krishna stands outside and listens while both Senthil and Azhagesan wonder what she is trying to say.  Ranjini explains that it is alright if Mugudan goes to Thindukkal, and that for the past 7 years Krishnan has been working at the Mill, while they've all been spending on Mugundan for his studies.  Taken aback, Mugundan says "lets drop this..... I'm not quite sure why you're talking all this, but one thing is confirmed.  You don't like me being here.  Fine i'll go to Thindukkal." 
Surprising all, Krishnan walks in and says "I will not agree to this!  What are you talking about Akka?  Appa will never count the money to spend on Anna for his studies.  Appa pulled me out of school because I couldn't study well, but Anna studied well, hence dad encouraged him.  You wait Anna, i'll get you the 2 Lakhs.  Lets go talk to Appa now."    Even as Rajini tries to stop him, Krishna grabs Mugundan and walks off to see Annamalai. 


At TK's beautiful house, Gaya stays on her bed and cries.  As TK walks in, she gets up and wipes her tears.  TK asks her softly, "what is this maa.... why did you fight with amma?"  Gaya replies somewhat surprisingly, "Naan sandai poteenaa?  It was her who scolded me."  TK says "I understand that maa, but you should not have argued with her.  I can feel your emotions maa, but it is all unnecessary"  Gayu questions back asking if her desire not to get married now is an unnecessary thing.  TK explains, "I really liked that Annamalai family and wanted to see you get married into that house.  But we don't know if it'll happen naa.  After all there are a lot of formalities.... both our families have to like each other and most importantly the groom has to like you, and vice versa.  Hence there are a lot to be taken care of, but even before then you and Amma started arguing over this." 


An adamant Gayu asks if they'll drop this marriage if she says "No" to the groom.  A smart TK says he will only drop this sambantham, but not her marriage.  Taken aback, Gayu tries to put another tantrum, but TK calmly tells her that as he gets old he can face death any time, and wants to complete his responsibilities.  Gayu tries to point out that his responsibilities will not be over even if he gets them married.  Not wanting to argue anymore with his daughter, he politely tells her "you're an intelligent woman, but I wish to see you married" and leaves saying that this is his Vendugol. 

At the rice mill, Annamali talks to his workers about packing the rice, as Krishna and Mugundan arrive on their bike.  As soon as they get to Annamalai, Krishna quickly tells his father to lent 2 lakhs to Mugundan for the transfer purposes.  Annamalai with a sturn face scolds Krishna for being so illiterate and tells him off saying he doesn't have to give the money upon his request.  After asking the workers to leave, Annamali goes up to Mugundan and softly asks why he didn't come up to him earlier, and instead went to this Krishna.  Mugundan explains what happened at the house and how Krishna brought him here.  After inquiring when the money had to be submitted, Annamalai assures him about lending the money within 2 days. 

During dinner time at Annmalai's house, Parvathy serves Annamalai.  Just then Gowri walks in..... Annamalai pets his daughter so much and feeds her upon her request.  They have a fun time as Gowri teases her mother.  After Gowri leaves, Annamalai asks if Parvathy had supper yet, and forces her to sit down as he serves her.  Ranjini adorably watches them. Knowing her husband well,  Parvathy wonders if he needs anything to be done.  First Annamalai hesitates, but soon tells her about Mugundan needing 2 lakhs and how the vasul from the mill won't reach till another 2 weeks, therefore he asks if they could withdraw the money in Parvathy's savings account, and deposit again once they get the vasul.  Ranjini is shocked.  Parvathy agrees, and Annamalai thanks her.  An angered Ranjini walks off. 


In the balcony, Senthil opens a bottle of liquor (madu arunthuvathu, veetukkum naatukum kedu).  Mugundan, who doesn't drink sits across him and offers water, but Senthil wishes to drink it raw.  Soon Senthil starts to praise Mugundan, "Maapillai, you're great.  Be it in studies, getting good grades and now getting a job..... you're super!"  Mugundan asks Senthil to talk a little quietly since Appa Annamalai is eating downstairs.  Senthil doesn't seem to care and says "Mama knows what I do at night times..... and after 9 pm, I can do whatever I want".   Mugundan agrees with his rights, but says he doesn't have to yell.   Senthil says how he can't even hear himself talk. 

Just as Mugundan tells him how the whole street can hear him, Ranjini walks in and scolds both her husband, for talking non-sense, and Mugundhan, for sitting along with her husband as he drinks.  Then she tells Mugundhan how Annamalai Appa has asked for Paarvathy amma for the money they had saved for her heart operation.  She further adds, "The operation should have been done when Paarvathy amma got the heart attack, and the doctors want to perform it asap.  Now if they give you the money....."  Mugundhan tries to justify that he had only asked for the money, not the money they saved for Paarvathy amma.  Senthil supports Mugundham, but Ranjini says it'll take time for the vasul from Rice Mill to come, hence it is better for Mugundhan to go to work in Thindukkal.  Mugundhan is shocked, and screen freezes on him. 
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Wednesday June 3 - Episode 3

Credit to Isaitamil.net
Pictures by atina
Ranjini strictly tells Mugundan "if Annamalai Appa withdraws the money from the Bank account and brinks it here, politely refuse it and go to work in Thindukkal".  Even before Mugundan could try and convince her, Senthil tells her "You don't worry!  The vasul money will reach here in 2 weeks and more over, Atthai is perfectly fine so we can perform the operation later on" and proudly laughs.  Taken aback, Ranjini scolds him "Don't you dare talk about Parvathy Amma.  We can't play with her life.  Next time you talk about her like this, kattina purushannu kooda parka maataen..... konniduveaen."  Saying this Ranjini leaves and Senthil keeps quiet telling Mugunthan "his time is not right". 

The sun slowly rises at the beach side with birds cooing.  TK and Sudha are at the guarden, as Gayu walks out.  TK asks Gayu if she isn't going to the library today, to which she says no.  Upon being required for the reason, she says she doesn't feel like going and grabs the water pot to water the plants (Wow..... Shocked may be she is changing naa...Big smile).  TK keeps silent for a minute and asks Gayu, "What have you decided maa.... regarding your marriage?".  Gayu is shocked, but keeps quiet before walking off to the next plant.  Both Sudha and TK look on.  Gayu stops by a plant with a beautiful red rose and smiles, telling her dad "oh my god, the plant is blooming.  Naan pathiya vetchathaye maranthitaen.  Here let me cut it".  Sudha tells her, "don't worry sister, that is what I'm doing here.  Preparing a pot for it". 

Gayu wants to cut it, and with the help of TK, she gets the scissors from Sudha and goes near the plant.  But prior to cutting she pauses and remembers one of the novels.  TK asks her if she is referring to how Seagull, once realizing that he can live on his own, leaves his mother.  She wonders if he is thinking along the same lines and ask "why we can't follow the freedom we give to the plant in our lives too?"  TK is not sure what she means by this.  So Gayu explains "once we realize that the chedhi (cutting of a plant) is capable of living on its own, we separate it from its mother chedhi (original plant) and we plant it separately."  TK just silently looks on.  Gayu continues "but in human life, parents don't give the same freedom to their kids."  TK finally understands what she means and requests her to ask him directly. 


In the mean time, Gayu takes the plant cutting and goes to plant in the new pot without uttering a word.  Upon being asked again, she says "I don't want to get married now.  Despite all the reasons you're giving, I'm not able to accept regarding this matter.  Because I wish to take care of you guys with my earnings."  TK shows opposition, but Gayu strictly tells him "if you decide to further push me, i'll have to go to hostel.  Please forgive me appa.  This is my vendugol."    


Coming out of the bank, Krishnan gives the money (2 lakhs) to Mugundhan and tells him to go pay.  A relieved Mugundhan tells "I'm really happy that I don't have to go away from you guys."  Krishnan assures "as long as I'm here, nothing like this will happen Anna."  While they are talking 2 guys observe them.  Mugundhan offers to drop Krishnan at the Rice Mill, but Krishnan tells him to first go and pay the fees.  Hence Mugundhan tugs the money to the cover on his motorbike and goes off.  The 2 guys follow him on their bike. 


A dejected TK walks along the street during mid day (with sad BGM).  There is an opened man hole..... but TK doesn't notice this.  Walking from the opposite site, Krishnan notices TK and the opened man hole.  Krishnan tries to tell him..... But TK gets really close and one of his feet nearly goes into the hole.  Krishnan rushes and catches him, calling for more help.  TK happens to hurt his foot and Krishnan takes him to the nearby hospital on an auto. 


At TK's house, Sudha tells her mother what happened that morning.  Raji blames TK for Gayu's stubbornness and says "let her come.... i'll deal with her."  An auto arrives at TK's house and Krishna carefully brings a hurt TK in.  Sudha sees her dad hurt and freaks out.  Hearing the noise outside, Raji also goes.  Krishnan explains what happened and they all bring him in.  Raji thanks him and offers to pay money for all the expenses, but Krishnan says that this is out of goodwill and they need not offer him money. 


He takes leave, but stops at the door way and asks "Amma, yesterday sir dropped by our house but left without telling us anything.  Do you know the reason?"  Sudha happily tells him "to fight!"  Raji scolds her and tells him the fish tank story for which he had come to fight for, but how upon later seeing the togetherness of the family, he walked off.  Hearing this, Krishnan says "Yes maa, everyone say that about our family.  We're extremely sorry for breaking the fish tank, but we weren't aware of it" and leaves.  Raji tells "what a polite boy he is...."  TK agrees, while Suda says "Amma, ivarayee namma akka vukku pesi mudichidalaama?"  Raji asks her to keep quiet and takes care of TK. 


Mugundham goes on his bike, while the two guys (thieves) follow him on their bike.  A long ride it was!  At a four way junction, Mugundhan's bike comes to a halt as another bike from the perpendicular direction suddenly appears.  Luckily an accident is prevented, but Mugundhan and the other motorist get into a verbal fight which becomes somewhat physical.  The two guys (thieves) on their bike stop near them, and one of them goes to break the fight, while the other guy stands by the unattended bike of Mugundhan.  Soon the guy takes the money as the other guy solves the issues between the two motorists.  All go off.  Mugundham gets on his bike only to realize his money is missing.  Shocking time!!!!!


At Annamalai's house, Mugundhan wonders around the front patio.  Krishnan walks in and asks if he's paid the money.  Mugundhan says "no", and upon being inquired he tells Krishnan that he's miss placed the money.  Krishnan is very shocked.... but Mugundhan just remains silent and walks to the side.  


In the living room, an angry Annamalai askes Krishnan "did the money really get miss placed or did you lose it?"  Krishnan remains silent, while others surround Annamali.  As Annamalai inquires further, Azhakesan chips in and asks softly what happened.  Krishnan hesitantly says "as I was walking out of the bank with the money, two thieves came and stole the money".  Annamalai slaps Krishnan and scolds him, "who would take the money out openly.... that too 2 lakhs, which was saved for your mother's operation.  Now you've lost it and come.  You must be punished for this!" 


Hence he takes his belt and starts beating Krishnan, who stands still.  Others are really shocked and as Azhagesan tries to stop him, Annamalai asks them not to stop him, further adding "ivanai ellam aditchaa thaan puthi varum".  As he continues to beat Krishnan, a hurt Ranjini comes in between and gets hold of the belt, asking Annamali, "Appa, please stop it!  You're beating him as if he is an animal."  Annamali requests her to let go of the belt, but Ranjini refuses and says "no one likes seeing him getting beaten, but are not able to stop you since they are scared of you."  She drops the belt and adds "Appa he didn't purposely lose the money.  It was all because of the two rowdies.... what can he do Appa?".  


Annamalai walks off to Paarvathy and tells her "Parvathy give Mugundhan all your jewellery tomorrow so he can play!".  He then looks at Mugundhan and asks him to collect the jewellery from Paarvathy and pay off the fee.  Mugundhan (man he looks like a self centered person....AngryAngry) says yes!  All, including Mugundhan leaves from their except Ranjini and Krishnan.  A crying Ranjini tries to console Krishnan and the screen freezes. 

~ Thodarum ~
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Thursday June 4 
Episode 4
Credit to Isaitamil.net
Ranjani ( Sivakavitha) acts very well too......Gb Thambi please tell this to her......
Gayatri comes home and she looks tired. Sudha comes to her and screams at her," Now are you happy? because of you only all this happened to appa...? Gayatri gets confused and asks what happenes to their dad. But without even replying her Sudha goes upstairs with a cup of coffee and gives it to her dad. Meantime Raji comes there and asks the same thing to Gayatri and she continues," your dad was healthy and fit....but you made him as a sick person now....that man just wanted to give you a nice life.....and you on other hand threatened him that you would go away from here to some hostel....yei...pessaadeh....look here I beg of you...just because you don't like to get a thaali for you...please don't remove my Thaali from me....." Hearing this Gayatri is shocked and runs upstairs to her dad's room.
She enters the room and asks," am I the reason appa? amma and Sudha are telling that I am responsible for this condition of yours...please tell me appa...is that true?" TK replies ," no...no...It is me amma...without noticing the bumps and holes ...I only was walking on the road carelessly thinking about some other matters" Gayatri answers," Illapppa...just to make me happy you are telling lies...probably you were thinking about me...appa...." TK feels bad hearing this and he tries to manage the situation by asking some stupid question like," it is ok amma...go sleep....hey you went to the library right...?what book did you take amma?"
Gayatri stares into TK's eyes and here comes her stern answer," enakku sammatham appa.....kalyaanam pannikka naan sammathikiren...." TK asks her whether she is telling this just because of his present condition. But Gayatri replies," Illappa...when I went to the libraray I was thought about my marriage and I took a decision that I woulkd agree for the marriage and came here to tell you all the good news...but........yes appa....I am telling this with my whole heart...ha...you were talking about some good family right....go and talk to them appa" She leaves from there and TK smiles happily.
In Krishna's house, Ranjani is gving hot water massage to Krishnan. She and her mom keep crying looking at his condition. His mom goes on crying...and he asks Ranjani to tell their mom to go away from there. Ranjani...turns to her mom and tells," amma...this water is no more hot...please bring some hot water"  After her mom leaves from there Ranjani cries and asks," yenda.....you normally can manage four people at a time...then how come you simply gave that money to those rowdies and came  da?" Krishna replies," ayo akka...where they ask me for that money...they simply grabbed it and ran away"
At this point Mugunthan comes there with the money in hand and asks," dei Krishnaa...by pawning amma's jewells got this money....I want to go and pay to that officer...can you also come with me da...we have only half an hour left"  ( This Mugunthan never even asks him how he is feeling...or sorry ot not even a please can you come with me...????too too too muchAngryAngryAngry) Immediately Krishna bounces from the bed and grabs his shirt while Ranjani scolds him and asks Mugunthan..," yenda....do you have any brains at all...?why should Krishna come with you...his whole body is aching...and he is not feeling well da....you please go alone da...leave him here" But Mugunthan insists on the same thing again and again. Ranjani asks again," saridaa...athaan yennu kekkaren?"
Mugunthan instatntly replies," adaan...yesterday I went alone and lost that money to those rowdies.....that is why I need Krishna to come with me today"....Ranjani is shocked to hear this and Krishanan tries to stop Mugunthan...but...the cat is out already. Ranjani...asks," apadineena...?" Krishnan consoles her,"
Akka please leave it akka....according to appa...I am just a "thar kuri" and anna is so educated unlike me and I did not want him to get scoldings from appa...so I only made up this story akka" Ranjani stands there toungue tied and all says says is," ada paavi"  Mugunthan asks," can you come now da....time is running" They both leave from there......leaving Ranjani......suddenly Krishna comes to her alone and requests her not to tell this to appa and quickly runs to join Mugunthan.After they left Ranjani's mom comes there with hot water and asks where is Krishna and Ranjani says that he has left.
A marriage broker comes and asks for Azhakesan to a worker there. He comes to Azhakesan and tells that he is there to see him with a good marriage proposal for his son Mugunthan. Azhakesan ( AZ) tells that he is not even looking for a bride for his son. But the broker tells all the good things about this girl that she has done MBA and her dad is an ex military man...etc and he tells," this proposal is actually brought to me by the bride''s dad himself as he has such a good oinion about your family aya" AZ tells that he will discuss this with his anna and let him know soon. The broker leaves. Senthil comes there and asks AZ why the broker was there. AZ tells him about that marriage proposal for Mugunthan...and Senthil asks," enna maama....I am the mooth maapillai...and how can you start this topic without even discussing with me?"
AZ tells him that he told the broker that he will discuss this matter with his anna ....hearing this Senthil asadu vazhichals....Az also tells," you are here to see the cashier right...? he has gone to the bank....and he will be back soon....so just have your seat maapilai...." Senthil penaathals starts," ayo...is it written on my face that I have come here for money only..???"
Annamalai is at the dinning table and Parvathy is serving dinner. He asks about Gayatri and Parvathy says that she is already sleeping. At this point Krishnana comes there and says," amma...enakku romba psikkuthu,.....please serve food for me too....I went with annan today to pay that money,....and that officer made a big fuss and I talked to him and told him anna  must be posted in chennai only ...finally he agreed amma...so everything is settled..." Hearing all this his dad becomes angry and tells his wife," tell him to leave from here nowwww"
Mean time Ranjani comes there and asks annamalai to stop shouting...and Ranjani tells," appa...please what did he do ?" Annamali says," what he did not do.....lost that money and useless fellow.....thar kuri....thar kuri" Ranjani was about to tell the truth but Krishnan drags her hands and takes her to kitchen. He tells it is mok....and without any worries he asks her to serve food for him. Ranjani serves food with a heavcy heart.
Gayatri's house....night time....Raji comes and takes away the book TK is reqading and asks him to srink the milk and go to bed. Gayatri also comes there...and they started talking about books but Raji puts a stop to that topic and asks about the marriage broker.
TK informs that the broker has already talked to AZ and he is waiting to discuss the matter with his annaa. At this time the lights goes off due to power cut. Raji feels bad as it is some " aba sagunam" or something. But TK teases her and asks archana to light the candle.
A candle is lit and we see a new face. Chitra...who is the step sister of Senthil. Senthil is there too talking to Chitra's mom ( chithi). Senthil also has a brother. He is there with a marriage proposal for Chitra and it is for Mugunthan.
Chithi feels that Mugunthan family is way too rich for them to give her daughter...but Senthil consoles er telling," ennaga chithi...you took care of me since my childhood and this is my time to pay back....they accepted me as their maapillai right....so they will defenitely accept Chitra also " At this time the lights come back to life....and they take it as a "subha sagunam" Finally his mom agrees to this, followed by his brother and then Senthil asks Chitra and she tells," whatever you decide it is with me anna...." Senhil becomes very happy and Chitra smiles happily.
Uravugal Thodarum
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Friday June 5th update

Episode 5

Senthil returns back from his village and run into Azhagesan who is on his way to rice mill. He ask whether he have told Annamalai about marriage broker coming to see him at the rice mill yesterday with a jadagam?
Azhagesan have forgotten that and decide to tell today. Senthil quickly says he reminded him about that so that he wont tell Annamalai, before Azhagesan can ask why, Ranjani comes there and wonder what her husband is up to now. Her dad tell her about the brokers visit with a jadagam for Mugunthan. Ranjani agrees with her husband, Mugunthan have just got a new job so there is no hurry for his wedding now. Senthil feel she will change the plate so he says why looking for a bride outside when they have one in the family.
Ranjani and her dad wonder whom he talks about when he says his chithi ponnu Chitra. She is not well educated like Mugunthan but she is a good hearted girl and knows this family very well. Ranjani feels it is not right cause Mugunthan have just finished his studies and already expended 2lakh so why more expense on his wedding too? (they have spent 4 lakhs on himOuch) Senthil thinks for himself, he doesn't need any enemy from outside , when he have one inside the houseLOLLOLLOL..Ranjani knows what he just thoughtLOLLOL
She tell her father not to talk about the wedding to Annamalai, but if he feels he want to do any good deed then do something for Krishna.Clap Both her father and husband is surprised to hear that, she says why not? Everyone seems to care about Mugunthan and praises him cause he studies wellAngry, but no one thinks about KrishnaCry. He is working in the mill and does a lot for the family. Senthil wonder how they can go ahead with thambhi's wedding when anna is not married yet. Ranjani ask why not? Didn't Annamalai appa got you married first before he got married??Shocked She begs her dad to convince Annamalai, Krishan is innocent and nobody is there to take care about himCry, everyone's attention is on only at  Mugunthan but still krishna loves them all. She also tell about the money matter and him taking the blame on himself to save Muguntan... Senthil and Azhagesan is shockedShocked Dad agrees to talk, they can hold the both marriage on the same muhurtham. Everyone is happy with his decision while this Senthil thinks why he didn't have another sisterLOLLOL (ivar nallavara?? Kettavara???Ermm)
Thanikachalam comes to Annamalai at the rice mill. Annamalai recognizes him as the man who come to see Mugunthan that day and wonder why he came there and left without saying anything.
Thanikachalam admit he came that day in anger to fight with Mugunthan, but he was stunned to see the families unity and love for each other so he left without saying anything. He is a very straight forwarded person who doesn't keep anything side him so he hope Annamalai don't mind to hear what he have to say. Annamalai tell him to go ahead. Thanikachalam says ever since he saw his family, he got a wish of getting his daughter married into their family. That's why he sent broker to talk with his brother but his brother had told  he need to discuss with you. He thought about this last night and decided to came here to talk directly instead of through the broker.
If he agrees to get his elder son married to his daughter, they can see whether the horoscopes matches, if so then they can disuses further, but if he doesn't agree, then its also fine. Annamalai smiles and says he likes his straight forwardness and hope he have brought up his daughter like that too. (Shockedachacho..Gaya is one step ahead dadLOL...poor KrisnhaCry)

Annamalai comes home from the mill and send Gowri to get the jadagam from the car. He tell his brother about Thanikachalams visit to rice mill. He is a retired military man and after seeing their family, he liked them so much that he want to give his daughter to Muguntham. What should we answer him? Annamalaais wife thinks it's a good idea and the rest nodes their head too.Confused Gowri returns back with the jadagam and he gives it Azhagesan to see whether the horoscope match with each other.

Ranjani returns back from temple and Annamalai ask for her opinions. She wonder what Mugunthan have to say about this? Periyamma thinks it's a good idea and ask Gowri to bring her anna there. Annamalai ask Senthil what he tried to say earlier on? Senthil is scared and keeps quite..Ranjani push her hubby to say about the two weddings. Senthil is scared and wonder what more confusion his wife will create. Mugunthan comes and they ask for his opinions. He feel why hurry with his wedding now?
Ranjani quickly says okay dad..fix that alliance for Krishna..Annamalai is not happy and wonder if she knows what she is talking about? Ranjani ask why not? Chiti too support her daughter and feel there they have to think about Krishna too when they talk about Mugunthans marriage. Annamalai say okay, but do you think they will give such well educated girl for this Krishna? Periyamma replies why not look for another girl who suits him? Senthil add they can fix the educated girl for Mugunthan and another for Krishna..Annamalai seems to think and Mugunthan finally for once talk in favour for his little brother. Until now they haven't done anything for Krishna so at least lets fix this marriage. Annamalai finally agrees and wonder whom to see for Krishna? Senthil happily says they have his sister Chitra, she is exactly like Krishna. Annamalai tell them to go head and see the horoscopes.

Its late into the night, Ranjani folds her cloths when Krishna come into her room and ask why they want to get him married. He is not educated or have any job..he is a vetti officer..who will give ponnu for him? Ranjani stops him and ask who said you are a vetti officer..from the morning into the evening you work so hard in the mill. Your BIL have decided to fix his sister for you and here you wonder who will give you ponnu? You need someone to look after you and take care, nobody have be like a wife.

Azhagesan and Senthil arrives back from the josiyar and seems like both horoscopes matches well. Josiyar have also wrote date and time next Friday. They wonder how they can go to both placed within so short time? Azhagesan tell his brother go to Chitras place to see her with Krishna while they goes to see gayathri. Annamalai doesn't like that idea cause he want to see the bide for Mugunthan.
They changes the plan, Annamalai goes to see bride for Muguntan while Azhagesan for Krishna. Mugunthan doesn't want to go for the ponnoparthufies..he is very shy..Annamalai gives a angry look on Krishna who quickly says he too doesn't want to see the bride. Periyamma have another plan, thambhi can see the ponnu for annan while anna sees for thambhi..they all agrees(I guess this Mugunthan will fall for ChitraAngry and hence Krishna will come to his rescue again and get the bad name in front the familyOuch) FREEZE
So friends...what do you think will happen next? What is your thought about this serial so fare???Wink

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Tuesday June 9 09 -  Episode 7

Pictures by Atina
credit to isaitamil.net
An angered Krishnan stands in front of Mugundhan and tells him "Take me there Anna... let me talk to him, otherwise he'll try to cheat you!  What does he think.....  2 lakhs naa"  Mugundhan tries to calm him down but Krishnan insists he  take him there.  All of a sudden Senthil reminds Krishnan about their visit to see Chitra.  A shocked Mugundan looks up with his eyebrows raised, while Krishnan tells Senthil, "Anna's matter is more important right now Maamaa, we can go see her later".  Mugundhan hides his smile by turning to the side.  Krishan then grabs the keys and request Mugundhan to come with him.  Senthil seems worried. 


Krishna parks the motorbike outside a registry office and both of them get down.  As Krishna prepares to go inside, Mugundhan stops him and asks him to stay outside, but Krishnan says "Anna these people stay in AC departments and they don't know the worth of money, only those who work hard know the worth of money."  Mugundhan explains that the  officer is highly educated and they must speak to him polity with much respect.  Krishnan agrees and Mugundhan goes off to talk (hmm... seyirathey poi pthalaatam Angry, ippo yaarukitta pesa vanthirukaaro).  

Mugundhan first stands outside a workplace staring at Krishnan, then goes and brings someone out.  The person asks "dei Mugundha, ennadaa ithu, ulla vaadha, ula vanthu pesalaam."  Sporting an angry body language, Mugundhans says "I'm not here to visit you but to fight with you".  The person first apologizes for not calling him, and then says "being my close friend, why did you not tell me about your job"  (ShockedShocked Ada Paavi... athu friend aah... Mugundhan is too much Dead).  Mugundhan pretends to be angry, pointing his finger at the friend, while Krishnan keenly observes his brother fighting with supposedly 'the officer'.     After telling his friend to meet up on Sunday in a rude manner, he walks off Krishnan.  The latter inquires what the soda potti kannadhi potta officer said, and Mugundhan samaalichufy saying that vethu veattu was officer's assistant and that the officer is at the head office.   Krishnan suggests they go visit the officer, affirming that no one can cheat them. 


At the head office, Krishnan once again waits outside while Mugundhan talks to the officer inside.  The officer asks "did you not receive the GO yet".   Mugundhan says he got it and that he had come to thank him.  Officer says Mugundhan is a lucky fellow to get a job as subregistrar post in Chennai, and that he need not thank him.  But Mugundhan praises him by saying this posting was possible only because of the officer.  Both are happy, and the officer takes leave after telling the pion to bring coffee for Mugundhan (Yappa..... paavom anga oru jeevan veyila waiting.... inge AC potikulle ivarukku treat AngryConfused).  As expected M takes his sweet time to drink the coffee, keeping an eye on the watch. 


After coming out, K inquires M as to what happened inside.  M lies that the officer was on holidays (avavava...ShockedShocked  in less than few minutes this man has lied a number of times....aaa odambhu poora poi Dead.... just to make his wish come ture...how  selfish).  K wonders what they should do next.  M suggests they take off now and that they can think of something on their way.   K dejectedly starts the motorbike.    On their way, both remain silent with M staring at his watch now and then.  K breaks the silence by saying how M should have been careful and not allowed them to cheat him like that.  M asks him to control his anger and ride the bike safely.  M takes his cell phone out and soon the ringer goes off.  He informs K that the officer has called him and asks K to stop the motor bike on the road side.  He pretends to talk to the officer showing some disappointment regarding his job order and then pretends to be excited upon hearing the news of his job.  After hanging up, he informs K that his job position is confirmed.  K wonders why he confused them all then.  M samalichufies that the officer's assistant confused them.  He successfully convinces K (He is such a devil Angry). 


Raji is cooking in the kitchen and Suda goes to tell her that TK is waiting to eat.  Taking this chance, Suda overly praises her mom (ayyaa...just like us LOLLOL) about her cooking.  Raji kindly requests her daughter not to put ice and gets her to bring the dishes out.  As Raji prepares to serve them, TK asks where Gayu is.  Raji informs that Gayu has been in her room since the morning, and doesn't really care about helping her mother, further adding "how will she manage once she is married".  TK assures she will do everything once "thaali yerina", and asks Suda to call Gayu down.    Suda tells him that she won't come down now and asks what he will do once she is married off.  TK feels uneasy hearing that and Raji scolds Suda not to talk and go call Gayu.  Raji then tells TK "enge, that is why they say you shouldn't shower paasom on daughters and trust on sons."


In Gayu's room, Suda asks Gayu to come down and eat.  At first Gayu refuses but as Suda makes noise (calling her parents), Gayu agrees to go down.  At the dinning table, as soon as Gayu took a seat, Raji advices her to learn to cook before the marriage.  Gayu remains quite while TK asks Raji to be quite and gets them to eat.  Suda too joins her dad in scolding her mom, and as they all laugh, TK notices Gayu to be very down.  TK tells her not to mind her mom but Gayu says she is not worried about that.  Suda tells her dad, Gayu is thinking about something else... Gayu calls her a kutty pisaasu and asks her to keep quite. 

But Gayu doesn't reply TK, hence Suda speaks up and tells him "akka has not seen her varungaala husaband, even in a photo naa WinkBig smile..... athanaalae thaan..... akka kku aasai irukkatha yennamo EmbarrassedLOL?"  A relieved TK assures her that they'll bring a photo when they go to visit her in laws.  Gayu tries to samalichufy, but in vein (awww ponnu veka paduraa EmbarrassedLOL).  They all smile. 



Senthils holds a picture of Chitra and waits for his Maapilainga, somewhat impatiently.  As soon as he sees Mugundhan and Krishnan walking in, he hides the picture behind and smiles.  He enthusiastically calls Krishnan and tells him that he has a surprise for him, and asks what he will give in return.  Krishnan requests him to say what his suprise is first.  Senthils says "Maappilla, just for you I went to Pallipattu Big smile".  At first Krishnan confusingly asks ethukku Pallipatuku Confused, then gets the point and excitedly says "Palllipatttukkaa Big smileBig smileEmbarrassed."  Both Senthil and Krishnan are very happy, but Mugundhan looks worried.  Krishnan wonders if Senthil has brought a picture, but the latter wants to know what he'll get in return.  Krishnan right away says that for the next one week, he'll get him quater bottle Wink.  Senthil decides to play a little and Krishnan chases him to get a hold of the photo (that was so funny LOLLOLLOL).  In the meantime, Senthil stares at the floor wondering what to do. 

Just then, Annamalai walks and sees Krishnan playfully fighting with Senthil to get the photo.  Annamalai scolds him for not respecting his Maama and playing with him.  Krishnan tries to explain that it was just for fun, but Annamalai keeps scolding him.  Seeing Annamalai like that Senthil hides the photo inside a magazine and tells A that Krishnan wanted to know about the girl.  Not sparing this chance, A further scolds that Krishnan need not know how his future wife loos and asks him to go to the rice mill (grrr...paavom Krishnan CryCry, he is being treated really badly by annamalai appa Ouch).  
After Annamalai leaves to the room, Krishnan is slightly upset and Senthil tries to console him. In the meantime, Mugundhan steals the picture from the magazine.  Before walking to his room with the photo, Mugundhan also says a few aaruthal words.  To make K feel better, Senthil goes to get the picture.  But he is not able to find it.  Mugundhan keeps the photo in between a book and pretends to read, while smirking.  The screen freezes on the photo of Chitra in between the books. 

Uravugal Thodarum

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Wednesday June 10 09 -  Episode 8

Pictures by Atina
credit to isaitamil.net


At Annamalai's house, Mugundhan is on the swing reading a news paper, while Gowri stands next to him and teases him for waking up late, and calls him a somberi (Somberi muttum illai.... mega master minded person).  Mugundhan playfully warns her and starts chasing her around the swing when she says "appo en kai mattum enna poo parikkumaa".   A car arrives at the front.  TK and Raji get out of the car and walk inside (hmmm.... don't people normally wait outside to be received by the owners Confused....). 

Seeing Gayu's parents in the living room, both are surprised.  Mugundhan appadhiya veratchu poyi ninnaru, while Gowri welcomes them and goes to call her mom.  Seeing Mugundhan there, TK tells Raji that he is 'Maapillai Mugundhan'.  The two greet each other, and Mugundhan asks them to sit and leaves.  Raji seems unhappy with something (hmm.... i bet she is unhappy seeing Mugundhan's behavior Angry )Rest of the family members come out and welcome their Sampantheengal. 
After being seated in the living room, Annamalai tells them how it was the maapillai side's responsibility to come to them, but they've come before them.  TK doesn't mind that and says "we were the ones to approach you with the proposal, so it is all good."  Raji looks around looking for someone (hmm....may be she prefers Krishnan over Mugundhan naa Confused??).  Azhagesan informs them about the horoscope matching, and tells them that the coming Friday is an auspicious day to carry on the nitchayathaartham.  TK is all the more happy! 


Ranjini serves them coffee.  While they are sipping the coffee, Senthil excitedly asks them "adeengappa....neenga pora speed ai paartha, you must have bought all the jewelleries for your daughter.  Ponnukku oru 30 pounds pooduveengala Big smile?"  Annamalai glares at him, while TK and Raji take it sportive, and the latter explains "he is a retired military officer, so our family is farely well off, and for our eldest daughter we have already collected 100 pounds of jewelleries.  Senthil exclaims "nooru pounds" only to be warned by Annamalai. 

Annamali then clarifies "naanga nagai nattu seer athellam kanakku pottu vaanguravanga illai.  Maapilai is just kidding.  Please don't mind".   Azhagesan further adds "we only expect the girl to get along with our family."  Parvathy amma says they don't have any expectations as to how they'll send their daughter and it is entirely up to them, while Azhagesan's wife adds "enna we'll be splitting the marriage expenses in half".  TK is very delighted to hear this and tells them the respect he has for this family is increasing by the day.  Senthil apologizes for talking like that early.  Azhagesan requests that they hold a low profile nitchayathaartham and asks them to let them know how many will attend from their send.  TK agrees and tells them he'll let them know soon. 



As they are happily talking, Krishnan walks out and welcomes them all and inquires how they are doing and if they've seen Mugundhan.  Raji worriedly says "yes we did thambhi."  Gowri goes near Krishnan and secretly tells him Mugundhan left to his room soon after seeing them.  Krishnan goes to see him in the room.  Raji observes them.  Krishnan goes into Mugundha's room and compels him to come out and be cheerful.  M tells him that he has a headache and slightly pushes him out of the door before closing it (this Mugundhan seems very moody and adamant Angry).  Raji sees this.  Krishnan is confused. 


TK reminds them of the fast approaching nitchayathaartham and wonders if they've already booked a hall.  Annamalai inquires Azhagesan, who in turn asks Krishnan.  Krishnan says there is one hall that is yet to be confirmed, but suggests they'll definitely get it if Appa calls.  Annamalai rudely cuts him off and asks Azhagesan to go and finalize the hall!  Krishnan in the meantime goes upto Ranjini and tells her about Mugundhan's childish behaviour. 

Ranjini then goes to his room, while Raji looks worriedly.  Annamalai tells the rest that they should decide the marriage date during the nitchayathaartham it self, and all agree.  As Ranjini knocks on Mugundhan's door and pleases him to come out, Raji looks confused.  Ranjini gives up and walks back.  TK says Annamalai are much more faster than them and soon take leave. 



In the car, Raji keeps silent and TK wonders why.  Raji then opens up and tells him that their Maapillai might not be happy with this marriage.  TK doesn't get it since they've come thus far to nitchayathaartham.  Raji tries to explain Mugundhan's behaviour during their visit ' him leaving to the room upon seeing them, and refusing to come out when requested by Krishnan and Ranjini.  TK tells her this is all her imagination, but Raji politely tells him to be cautious and further inquire about the family, in case if Mugundhan is in love with someone else.  TK says it is not necessary since  he's already done that and Annamalai's family is good.  He further adds "don't tell Gayu that Maapillai didn't talk to us, otherwise ponnu will try to back off.  Instead, i'll go alone and inquire about Maapillai."  Raji agrees. 


At TK's house, Gayu is reading a book in the living room (yappa.....intha ponnu thodar kathaiyileyee moozhgi irukka since the beginning Geek).  Suda comes and tells her to stop reading thodar kadai, since their Parents will be hear soon with Maapillai's photo.  Just as they talk about how Suda's guess was correct, TK and Raji arrive.  In the living room, Suda asks both of them to tell whatever they have to now so that they don't find any faults later on.  Both TK and Raji seem down.  Suda wonders what happened, if they've seen Maapillai.  Raji cheers up and says "yes we saw him.  He is very smart looking, and is an ideal pair for Gayu Wink".  Gayu is happy hearing this.    


Suda doesn't spare them and asks TK the same question and wonders when the Nichayathaartham is (ponnu oru munthiri kottai pola ella visayathaiyum fast aa keekuthu  LOL).  Raji asks why Suda is too keen to know all this.  Suda adds "Naan ketkala amma.  Akka is asking this.  Avanga vetkathileye urugi irukkangala, athanaala naan dubing pesikittu irukaen LOL"  Gayu scolds her, while TK informs them of the date of Nichayathaartham ' coming Friday!  All are happy and excited, and Suda teases Gayu more.  Then Suda asks if they've brought a picture of Maapillai for her akka.  Raji and TK feel bad since they forgot to get a photo in their excitement.  Gayu feels down, but TK assures that he'll call Maapillai now and asks him to take a photo along with him so bride and groom can meet.  But Gayu stops her dad from calling saying " You've done everything with perfection up until now, and I'm sure you won't do any wrong in selecting a husband for me." (aahaa.... i remember hearing this somewhere.... in a real situation LOL).  Saying this she leaves. 


At Muthulatchumi Traders ' Pallipattu, Annamalai tests the wild rice/ rice at that mill and asks the owner how much stock he has, since it looks good.  He then requests him to send 3 tons of this good stock since it is for a government order.  The owner has high respect for him, and on his way out, asks about his son's wedding.  Annamalai (for once without kadu kadu on Krishnan Tongue) says yes, we've fixed the wedding with Maapillai's chiti's daughter.  The trader says good things about Chitra, and blesses the couple.  Annamalai is happy to hear this and then asks the driver to drop by Maapillai's Chiti's house to inform them about the nitchayathaartham date. 


At Chiti's house, Chiti, Chitra, and her brother are talking to Senthil, who passes on the message that TK and family plan to give their daughter 100 powns.  The rest are shocked and exclaim if they too will have to give that much.  Senthil clarifies that Annmalai's family is not like that and will never expect anything of that sort, but he personally feels that it may look a little bad if a girl from their relation goes with less seer than a non ' related girl.  He is afraid that their relatives and neighbours might say things. 

Just then Annamalai arrives in his car.  Senthils suggests to Murugan that they arrange something.  Murugan says ever since his dad passed away him and his mom have worked hard to save and buy 30 pounds, now the only way they'll get 100 pounds is by selling their land and house.  Annamalai hears this from the entrance and is taken aback, but continues to observe.  Senthils continues "even though we only drink kanchi, we should not let our gowravam down.  So please try hard Murugan.    Chitra is not only your sister mine too and i will also try to arrange something".  Chitra interrupts them and tells "Anna has worked hard for me, and I don't wish to see him suffer life long.  If it is a must for us to give 100 pounds, then I don't need such life."  Screen freezes on Chitra. 


Uravugal Thodarum....


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