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Michi FF:One Sensous Night (complete) (Page 5)

Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by may268

Siya update soon!!!!!!!!
thanks mayHug will cont soon

rosie111 Senior Member

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thanks  for  the  nice  update    prachi  had  crush  on  milind  and  they  meet  accidently  after so  many  years    the  ending  was  sad  he  left  without  even  asking  her  name  i  feel  bad  for  prachi   pl  cont  soon  thanks  by  the  way  the  whole  update  was  written  beautifully  thanks
Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by rosie111

thanks  for  the  nice  update    prachi  had  crush  on  milind  and  they  meet  accidently  after so  many  years    the  ending  was  sad  he  left  without  even  asking  her  name  i  feel  bad  for  prachi   pl  cont  soon  thanks  by  the  way  the  whole  update  was  written  beautifully  thanks
thanks rosieHug...well yes, they met like that and Milind left without saying a word, he has his wil all be explained further in the next update :D thanks alot...wil try to cont soonHug
Mukhzan Senior Member

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thanx dear for nice updatesClap
Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 June 2009 at 1:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mukhzan

thanx dear for nice updatesClap
thanks mukhanHug
Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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a biiiig thank you for those who has liked my updateHug

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Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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Part 2


Two months later.

Milind walked numbly into the hotel and scanned around. For the past two months, he have not been able to take his mind off her. he felt guilty for leaving her like that. but that time, he was too into his own problems to think about anything else. He clearly remembered how she has expressed her love to him after their union. That very moment, his heart swelled with joy and holding her close he watched her as she slept. As time passed, reality slowly began to creep in. he has completely forgotten about the outside world. The world he has left behind, a world he doesn't wish to go back.

Being the eldest of the Mishra family he has tried to live up to the expectations of his father. He fought hard to become the perfect son his father wants him to be. But nevertheless, his father was never satisfied. When he won the second highest in his class, his father would scold him for not getting first and Milind would again work hard. Ever since his father, Lalit Mishra married to his step mother who was a decade young than his father, his criticism started to increase even more. there was not even a single day that he was being scolded for what he did. The worst happened when his step brother Neev was born. He was a total ignoramus at his own home. And Milind fought harder to gain his father's attention and more importantly his love. The only person who cared for him through out was his grandmother. Though she cant lift herself from her bed due to the paralysis attack she got when he was seven, his grandmother has always supported him teaching the valuable life lessons she has experienced in her own life. Though with all the efforts, his father was never satisfied with him and instead comment on how perfect Neev was which made Milind's blood to boil more. but he didn't tell anything as he knew how perfect neev was. he was perfect in every way. Being the number one womanizer and wasting his father's money over parties and usless stuffs. he couldn't believe that his father don't see how 'perfect' neev is and yet, criticizes him.. once he tried to tell him about Neev but instead his step mother has stepped in defending her son shedding crocodile tears. It angered milind and henceforth didn't speak of Neev after that.

With each passing day, he felt suffocated to hear his father's accuses of him not being perfect/ he wondered how perfect can he be to make his father love him. At times, he wished he could just leave it all. But he didn't, he loves his grandmother too much to leave her like that all alone.

The real blow came when his father one day announced that he has fixed his marriage with Mallika Raichand.

"Dammit father, I am not going to be a part of the business deal, it's the matter of my life" Milind has shouted at his father for the very first time and Lalit Mishra was taken aback to hear his Milind's voice which almost shook the entire mansion.

"I am not requesting Milind, I am ordering you, or else, you wont be given a single penny from this Mishra fortune" His father has threatened him. Milind had no choice, he didn't want to be deprived out of his right and he certainly didn't want to get married either. Not knowing what to do, he has aimlessly drove and it was when he met her.

He didn't know what made him lose all his control and crossed the boundaries that he vowed never to cross. Perhaps it was the way she spoke to him. The way her eyes danced and the glow of her face that made him do so. He didn't know what, there was something unspoken within him that made him to yearn for her. When she has expressed her love, his happiness lied no boundaries, it was the first time someone has said that to him after his grandmother. Though she was a stranger to him, he didn't know why he felt as if he had known her before too. There was something in her eyes that made him want to hold her, to love her.

He kept stroking her hair till the first ray of light hit the bars of the window. All night, he kept thinking how his life was to change after he leaves the room. he already promised his father that he would marry the girl he chose for him. But what will happen to the silent promise he made to the woman in his arms? He has no idea. He wanted her. She was like no other. So simple yet so elegant in every way.

His eyes refused to close and after a long time, he decided that it was best to leave for the moment. he wanted to be alone for the moment. gathering his clothes, he wore it silently watching her. Kissing her temple for the last time and pulling the duvet over her, he left the room and cottage.

He drove aimlessly, not knowing where to go, he headed back home. He numbly walked to his grandmother's room where she was as usually lying staring at the space. She was only from her abdomen and down. She smiled as she saw her grandson enter the room and he too gave a small smile before sitting down beside her. He helped her lift and sit upright putting a pillow behind her back making her comfortable to sit, he too sat back. Milind's grandmother, Sumithra Mishra never missed the expression on her grandson's face. She was quick to notice that something was highly disturbing him. "What is it child? You seem upset?" she asked and he smiled and laid his head on her lap like the way he did when he was small. Sumithra gently stroked his hair and asked him again.

"Why is life so complicated dadi? Till now, I lived to get a bit of love from dad, but he is not willing to give me any, and now, when I have finally got the love, I cant seem to accept it"

"What are you saying child? What love are you talking about?" She asked confused. She knew that it was no point in talking about his father as she knew that he would never give the love Milind deserved.

"The love I experienced last night dadi, she loves me, but I cant love her back, I'm helpless" he said getting up. Sumitra watched his grandson surprised. She can very well understand that her grandson was in dilemma, whether to choose between the life he has been living now or to choose the life he has met.

"Milind, I cant help you with this, its all up to, you have to take the decision from here" She said touching his heart. "It will never fail you, but remember, this one decision is for the life time"

"But I'm so confused dadi, back there, she must be waiting for me, and I don't want her to think that I am a kind of person who will have a one night stand and leave just like that, I want to tell her'tell her she means a lot to me, the moments we spent together is so special that'" milind paused and looked at his grandmother and he saw her smiling at him.


"You are still confused?"

"what do you mean?"

"You still don't know that its she that you want to spend your life with?"

"dadi.." He paused again when realization struck him. he has got the answer he was looking for. But still he cant think of disobeying his father.

 "Why do you care so much about him when he himself don't care about you?" Milind got up hearing so and went by the window and stared out blankly. "Milind, you have made it here alone all by yourself, and I'm sure you can make it alone afterwards too" she added and Milind turned and smiled at her.

"Thanks gran, I think I better go and tell her---"

"Tell who?" they turned as they heard his father ask. Milind looked away not wanting to look into his eyes. he bent down and kissed Sumithra's forehead and turned to leave when his father stopped him.

"I asked who?"

"The girl I met last night" Milind blurted out finally. "Father, I cant marry Mallika"

"You cant?" He gave a cynical laughter. "dont ever say that you cant and I didn't request you, I ordered you to do so"
"But I'm not going to marry her and you cant force me"
Milind gritted his teeth. For the first time, he felt good to disobey him. he felt light, all the burden in his heart seem to have lighten.

"It's done, Milind," his father said sharply. "And it has to be you. Neev is the heir, and I can't have him running this empire all alone Besides," he added with pursed lips, "I wouldn't subject him to this, anyway."

"But you would me?" Milind whispered. Was this how much his father hated him? How little he thought of him? He looked up at his father, at the face that had brought him so much unhappiness. There had never been a smile, never an encouraging word.

"Why?" Milind heard himself say again. he still cant believe what he was hearing. His father wanted him to be sold off.

"Why?" he cried out. "How can you hate your own son so much that you'"

"Son?" Lalit's hands flew and his voice shook the entire house. "you are not my son! You have never been my son! You are nothing but a mistake whom your mother has got off from another man while I was away"

LALIT!" Sumithra shouted at him. her worst fear has finally came true.

The words hit Milind like a wave, he fought for air still unable to digest the fact that he wasn't a Mishra. "No, it cant be" it wasn't true!

"I could have thrown your mother and you on the streets but I didn't, and now, you owe me. Owe me all" Lalit Mishra has said in a low but hard voice.

Milind numbly walked out and went into his room with Sumithra calling his name. the words still echoed in his ears, he wasn't his son, was nothing to him. it now all made sense why his father has rejected all his efforts. He hated him so much not because he was imperfect; he hated him because he was not his blood. He dug his fingers in his forehead and sat down on the bed as he broke into tears.

Milind hit off to the bar and drank through out the night all the while thinking what his fault was. he was indebt to his supposed father and he cant deny the fact that he was not a Mishra yet his 'father' is willing to let him be a part of his empire and life. He drank and drove home and passed out at the drive way.

The next morning when he woke up, his head began to throb like anything. clutching his head, he got up and realized that he was in his room. When he got up, his eyes caught up on something that was glittering out from his Jacket pocket. Taking his jacket, he pulled out it out. it was an anklet. The sudden remembrance of her made his heartache even worse. He was too occupied in his own misery that he has forgot about the girl who must have waited for him to return. How low she must have think of him that he has left her after a one night stand. He slumped on the bed holding the anklet tightly. He still remembered how he has slid the anklet off her soft ankles. "I'm sorry" he whispered to it, wishing that she could hear him.

"Milind?" he heard his grandmother's voice and turned to see her wheeling herself into his room. Milind looked at her, his eyes puffy red. She wheeled near him and placed a hand over his shoulder and Milind unable to hold back dropped on his knees burying his head on her lap and cried.

"I am not your grandson dadi, its all a lie" he wept.

"Don't you dare say that you aren't my grandson" She told him angrily as tears streamed down her face. She made him look up to him. She still remembers the time when his mother has given him to her and told her the truth about him. for a moment, she hated her for that but seeing the tiny life in her hands, she has forgiven her and Milind's mother has left the world in content that her son was in safe hands. It was after milind's first year that she came to know who exactly Milind's father was. he was milind's mother's childhood friend who has filled her loneliness. Sumithra has called him and he was more than glad to discover that he has a son and insisted on seeing him the very instant. He was on his way to see him when he was hit by a truck and died the very moment. from that point on, she decided that Milind will remain a Mishra, the eldest son and will always be a part of the family. she made sure that the truth didn't come out until now.

"You are my grandson and nothing can change the truth" she told him and he smiled through his tears. After a moment, Milind got up and Sumithra caught hold of his hands which held the anklet. "who's this?"

"Its hers" he replied.

"Arent you going back to her?"

"No dadi, I cant go back now, she wont be there, I was too worried about myself last night that I forgot that I have left someone behind me" milind said sadly. "she will hate me now dadi, I didn't ask for her name also"

"You do love her don't you?"

"I'm not sure that its love dadi, I have never been showered with such love" he sighed and added. "but she means a lot to me"


Milind was sitting in the restaurant waiting for Neev who wanted to show him the girl he has chosen to marry. Milind knew very well why Neev, the ultimate womanizer was suddenly planning to settle down. It was all because of their grandmother's will'

"excuse me?" Milind came out of his  thoughts all of a sudden when he heard a familiar voice say behind him. he got up and turned and felt like as if he has been walked flat into a plate of glass window and found himself staring at her.


Prachi too stood staring at him unable to believe that she has once again come face to face with him. she closed her eyes briefly thinking that she might be day dreaming. But as she opened them again, she saw him standing right before her. Suddenly her heart found it too small for the emotions and all that she has kept buried deep within her began to flow out as tears.


Milind kept looking at her as her eyes welled up. her hazel eyes, the ones he has so adored was now filled with tears, all because of him. he began to hate himself even more. after that night, he wished to meet her once more to apologize and then move on in his life. The life he was so indebt to his 'father'.

"I'm...'" he tried to begin but she hurriedly turned her heels and ran into the washroom. Milind saw many eyes turn on to them but he didn't care and followed her.

He waited outside and heard the soft muffles of cries. His heart bled even more. not knowing what to do, he looked around to see if there was anyone else and pushing open the door, he went in and locked it behind him. he saw her standing near the wash basin with her face buried in her hands. Milind walked upto her and took his hands off from her and she stood staring at him shocked.


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TwinoooooooooooooooooooooooooClap I just loved the first partBlushing blushing excessively and highly pissed with MilindAngry.. how dare he leave like thatCry. Twinoooooooo right here waiting for uBlushingHug.. Loveeeeeeee u twino Heart and now i am going to read the second part and post my comments Big smile

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