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This has what happened in each episode...just a small part..it's like a SSF just shorter
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Couldn't get episode 1 to 4
It starts from 5

Episode 5
Aired on : 2009-02-23

Sudha has caught Sandeep gambling with Jyoti's hard earned money and is very angry but she cannot gather courage to question him about this. He warns her against talking of it at home. On the other hand, Jyoti is trying to deal with a tough situation at Shishu mangal where there is not enough money to provide food for the orphan children ' Jyoti is feeling extremely helpless. Sudha feels suffocated at the irony of contrast between Jyoti and Sandeep's attitude. Sudha comes home to the terrace with tears in her eyes and spots Devika. Devika asks her about the interview. Seeing Sudha's disappointment, Devika senses that it would not have gone well and suggests Sudha to look for a desk kin dof job that would suit her personality. Again a feel of humiliation appears on Sudha's face' Later, Sudha sees her reflection in the mirror and acts super confident, unties her hair and starts dancing like Devika, closes her eyes and starts a monologue connected to the interview, but this time her answers are full of confidence' Jyoti knocks at Sudha's door but Sudha remains in her trance' Jyoti hears Sudha talking to someone but wonders why she is not opening the door. She panics'

Episode 6
Aired on : 2009-02-24

Sudha finally opens the door and doesn't seem to remember herself talking to anyone and looks normal again. Jyoti is puzzled. Later, Sushma is seen completely mesmerized with Jyoti and she seems to idolize Jyoti in every manner. Jyoti is like Sushma's hero ' she feels pride when her friends appreciate Jyoti and look up to her. At the dance class, Brij broaches the topic of marriage with Jyoti again, to which she says that she will have to wait as she has responsibilities to complete at home before she starts out on her own life. Brij seems a little put off by this. At home, Padma comes to know that Dadi is coming to visit them. everyone except for Sandeep is tensed and irked because every time Dadi has come home, it has been an unpleasant experience. But the most affected by this seems to be Sudha ' she seems to be completely petrified by the thought.

Episode 7
Aired on : 2009-02-25

Jyoti is very concerned regarding the toll Dadi's arrival will take on the economics of the house and even more so what this visit might do to Sudha. Kamal Kishore feels bad and guilty to an extent about the family's anxiety regarding his mother's visit but can't do much about it so he quietly leaves from the room. Jyoti tries to make him understand that it is not that she doesn't like Dadi coming over, but she does not want Sudha's progress to get hampered by Dadi's constant taunts' Kamal Kishore is helpless' Jyoti tries to comfort Sudha also, who is looking extremely scared but to no avail' When Sudha is alone, she goes into a long trance, into the past, reliving the nightmares of her life that have left her in this state'

Episode 8
Aired on : 2009-02-26

Jyoti is about to leave for office when Sudha stops her. Jyoti comforts her saying tat there is nothing to worry about and that she will be back from work soon and will make sure that Sudha doesn't suffer at the hands of Dadi. Padma asks Jyoti for some money for all the extra expenses that Dadi's arrival will bring along. Jyoti is stuck ' she has very little money left and no choice but to give the money. At the dance rehearsals, Brij tries to act fresh with Jyoti ' she is shocked! She had never expected this from Brij ' she is at a complete loss of words' she feels broken. She goes to Shishu Mangal but cannot concentrate on work as she is very disturbed. Meanwhile, at home, Dadi has arrived and is already making everyone feel like they're living a very low life and that she knows best. She starts taunting Sushma and Padma for not taking enough care of her son and her grandson. She then starts criticizing the fact that Jyoti dances to earn a living. She is still cribbing when Jyoti walks in'

Episode 9
Aired on : 2009-03-02

Dadi seems very happy to see Jyoti and welcomes her home with open arms but soon shows her true colours and reminds Padma very sternly that she needs to eat food at 7pm sharp, not like everyone else in the family who eat late in the night. She tries to control everything, much to Jyoti's irritation but she refrains from retaliating. Jyoti goes back to her room and is again reminded of her ugly encounter with a side of Brij that she never knew existed. Just then Sudha comes in and seems very disturbed so Jyoti tries to calm her down and asks her not to be scared of Dadi. But Dadi's ways don't change and she once again insults Sudha in front of everyone. This really shakes up the already timid Sudha and she goes into a trance' we once again see the other, mysterious side of Sudha. She is seen dressed in western clothes and interacting confidently with people at a discotheque! Next morning, Jyoti notices Sushma's western outfit in Sudha's room and is puzzled'

Episode 10
Aired on : 2009-03-03

Jyoti asks Sudha as to what Sushma's dress in doing in her room ' Sudha has no clue about this and looks equally baffled. Jyoti then notices that the back door of the house is open early in the morning and she questions Sudha about it as she had specifically asked Sudha to close it the previous night. Sudha says she had closed it and she doesn't know how come it's open. Dadi hears this and gets another opportunity to poke fun at Sudha ' she again starts calling Sudha 'dheeli'. Jyoti finally has had enough and tells Dadi that Sudha will not be called by any other name in this house. Dadi is shocked'

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Episode 11
Aired on : 2009-03-04

Dadi creates a huge scene at home about how Jyoti is trying to teach her how to behave just because she is the one who runs the family. She screams and yells and calls everyone, asking them to pack her bags to leave ' she says she will not stay in this house anymore. All this, only because Jyoti had asked Dadi to not address Sudha as 'dheeli'. Jyoti is mum about this. Kamal Kishore pleads with her to ask Dadi's forgiveness and to ask her to stay as it won't be nice if she goes away from their house like this. Meanwhile, Sudha is seen in a different avatar another time ' there is something hugely mysterious about her behavior. At the dance class, Kalpana, Jyoti's closest friend is seen for the first time ' she is a doctor and had been away from the class to study for her medical exams. While coming back from school, Sushma meets a boy and there's a strange twinkle in her eyes'

Episode 12
Aired on : 2009-03-05

Sushma talks to Jyoti about Aayush ' the boy that she met while coming back from school. Jyoti tells her that though there's no harm in meeting boys, she should know where to draw the line and with whom to draw it faster. But Sushma still goes to meet Aayush and is shocked to see Jyoti there. At the dance class with Brij, Jyoti seems to be extremely happy and when asked the reason, she tells Brij that a child has been adopted from Shishu Mangal today and that's why she is feeling so content. Brij says that this calls for a celebration and they go out for lunch, taking Kalpana along. While coming back from the outing, they get quite late so Brij drops Jyoti home on his bike. Dadi, who has been getting restless while waiting for Jyoti to return, sees the two together and screams out to Jyoti' Dadi is furious.

Episode 13
Aired on : 2009-03-09

Dadi shouts at Jyoti for returning home so late. Jyoti tells Dadi firmly to go in. Dadi senses the rebellion in Jyoti's voice. Brij tells Jyoti not to spoil her good mood by getting into any kind of a tiff. Jyoti feels good about Brij's calmness and maturity and they part on an understanding note. At home Padma shares with Jyoti her concern and doubts about Brij. But Jyoti pacifies her saying that he is the best man for her as he understands all her liabilities and is ready to wait till she feels relieved about her responsibilities. Padma however tells Jyoti to be careful before taking any decision. After Padma leaves Jyoti remembers all nice things about Brij and slips into a fantasy world with Brij. On the other hand, a couple is shown heading towards physical intimacy and it is revealed that it is none other than Brij who is with another girl!

Episode 14
Aired on : 2009-03-10

The girl who is with Brij asks him his plans for marriage and Brij cunningly makes her believe that he loves her and only her. Next day, when Jyoti goes to the dance class, she forgets to take her ghungroos along and asks Sushma to get them for her. Sushma, who worships Jyoti, is only too happy. At the dance class, Sushma gets mesmerized hearing Brij sing ' she is completely taken in by this whole atmosphere. Brij notices Sushma, studies her body language, his eyes reflect lust for her young and sensual body' Sushma, while copying a step of Jyoti's dance, bangs into Brij and loses her balance' but realizes that someone has held her in his arms... it is Brij who is shamelessly smiling at her'

Episode 15
Aired on : 2009-03-11

Brij calls Sushma on stage and starts singing her praises and keeps looking at Sushma with lust in his eyes. At home, preparations are being made for Holi and everyone is in a light mood ' even Dadi! Brij comes to Jyoti's house to wish her and play Holi with her but it seems like he is more interested in playing with Sushma'

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Episode 16
Aired on : 2009-03-12

Sandeep sees a girl on the road who meets with an accident. He takes her to the doctor ' not with the intention being nice to her really, but more with the idea of befriending her through this. Meanwhile, Brij is lost in Sushma's thoughts' He later tries to convince Jyoti to let Sushma also join their dance group. Jyoti is thoughtful and at home, she sees Sushma dancing secretly. She thinks that Brij might be right about getting Sushma to join the dance group ' if she can focus her excess energy on something creative; it might help her to study better as her attention would not get diverted in other things for recreation. Kalpana brings a translation job for Kamal Kishore to which Dadi reacts negatively citing the fact that he is handicapped and Jyoti still wants to make him work for a little bit of extra money. But Kamal Kishore, who knows that Jyoti and Kalpana are doing this only so that he can feel happy and useful, for the first time takes a stand against Dadi and tells her that he is with Jyoti on this issue.

Episode 17
Aired on : 2009-03-16

Brij asks Jyoti if she has thought about Sushma coming to the dance class and she tells him that she has decided to bring her, Brij is excited. Jyoti asks him to keep their relationship a secret from Sushma ' she doesn't want Sushma to know yet. Jyoti asks Sushma if she would like to join the dance class ' Sushma is surprised as till yesterday Jyoti was so against it. Jyoti tells her that it was Brij who brought out this point that Sushma should be involved in something creative. Sushma is elated and goes and announces this to the entire family. Padma and Dadi react very strongly on this and Dadi accuses Jyoti of trying to shift her responsibilities by trying to get all family members to work. Jyoti is taken aback but makes everyone understand that it is for the best. Finally, everyone agrees. Sudha, who has again been a vistim of Dadi's bad temper and taunts, once again takes on Devika's avatar and steps out in the night. A tonga driver sees her slapping a boy who was trying to act fresh with her and is impressed by her courage. When Jyoti, Sushma and Sudha leave from home the next morning to go to the dance class, the same tonga driver spots Sudha and stops her to applaud her for her courage. Jyoti is stunned!

Episode 18
Aired on : 2009-03-17

Brij is extremely happy to see Sushma at the dance class. He comes with a rose towards Jyoti who is worried as she had clearly asked him to not let their relationship be known to Sushma. Brij suddenly turns towards Sushma and hands her the rose. Sushma gets ready for the dance test but is not able to perform out of nervousness. Bhagya says she needs to take time to practice, they can't keep her in the group. Brij insists that she is a good dancer and she should get another chance. When she is practicing, Brij takes Bhagya to Sushma and shows him secretly how well she dances. Bhagya is truly impressed and keeps Sushma in the group. Meanwhile, Sandeep, who is pretending to be a rich boy to make a good impression in front of Panchhee, is thinking of ways to get money to take her out to lunch the next day when Kamal Kishore mentions that someone needs to go the publisher's office and talk money with them'

Episode 19
Aired on : 2009-03-18

Sandeep takes Panchhee out for lunch with the money that he extracted from the publisher. Sudha sees him coming out from the restaurant with Panchhee and wonders what he is up to. Meanwhile, at Shishu Mangal, one of the kids' birthday is being celebrated during which Dayal mentions about how nice a person Pankaj is and that he is looking for a life partner for Pankaj. It is clear that he feels Jyoti would be the best partner for Pankaj. On the other hand, at the dance class, Sushma has come alone and seems very nervous. Brij says a few words of encouragement to her through which he actually talks badly of Jyoti and makes it seem like Jyoti has not let Sushma come to the dance class so far as she might be scared of Sushma becoming a better dancer and better known than her. just when he is telling Sushma all this, Jyoti enters and is shocked to see Brij talk like that'

Episode 20
Aired on : 2009-03-19

To Jyoti, Brij makes it look like he was telling Sushma that she is better than Jyoti only to encourage her. Jyoti, who has always seen only the fake side of Brij, believes him. At home, Sushma sings high praises for Brij in front of the entire family and suggests that they call him over for a dinner. Padma gets very angry about this but Kamal Kishore says that there's no harm in doing this. Later, Padma expresses her concerns over Jyoti's friendship with Brij to Kamal Kishore. Meanwhile, Sandeep finds that the money he had got from the publisher has disappeared from his room and he remembers that only Sudha had seen him with the money so he accuses her of stealing the money. Jyoti is stunned ' she asks him where he got so much money from. Sandeep is speechless.

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Episode 21
Aired on : 2009-03-23

Sandeep expertly turns around the entire issue of the stolen money and tells Jyoti that the money was his friend's money and had been given to him to organize a birthday party. He pretends to be completely lost as to what will he answer his friends about this. Jyoti is worried. At the dance class, Jyoti discusses this with Brij who tells her to take it easy and explains to her how in this age, boys tend to be very moody. Sushma is mighty impressed with his lecture and invites him home to dinner ' she requests him to talk to Sandeep and is confident that his advice will affect Sandeep. At home, Padma is extremely angry about this decision of Sushma and despite everyone's efforts to make her accept it, she doesn't. she tells Sushma and Jyoti that if they have so decided, she will not be a part of any of it and will not play host to Brij. Everyone is upset ' especially Jyoti. At night, when Brij comes home, Padma surprises everyone by being present and talking nicely to him but Dadi drops a bomb by addressing Brij as a 'Bhaand'. Jyoti is speechless'

Episode 22
Aired on : 2009-03-24

Brij breaks the silence and offers to sing a song for the family. He sings a bhajan which happens to be Dadi's favourite and immediately gets into her good books. Padma pretends to be enjoying all this but drops a bomb immediately after that by asking him of his plans to get married and also telling him that for Jyoti, they're looking for a boy who has a stable government job. She goes to the extent of asking Brij if he has anyone in mind for Jyoti. Jyoti is dumbfounded by this and so are the other family members. Later, Brij again asks Jyoti to establish physical relations between them, pretending that he wants this so that nobody can separate the two of them. on the other hand, when Sushma is coming back from school, lost in Brij's thoughts, Aayush catches up with her and tells her he wants to be friends with her. Sandeep finds them at this moment and beats Aayush up.

Episode 23
Aired on : 2009-03-25

Sandeep creates a huge uproar in the house over Sushma's friendship with Aayush. Jyoti takes up for Sushma and tells Sandeep that he should not have beaten up Aayush like that. Kamal Kishore agrees with Jyoti and tells Sandeep that his sisters can take care of themselves and have grown up with the right values so they will never let the family down. Kamal Kishore later talks to Jyoti about whether she likes Brij. Jyoti is extremely awkward but admits. She tells him that she is not thinking of getting married until the last installment of the home loan gets over and the responsibilities of the house lessen. Kamal Kishor seems to be thoughtful about the last installment of the house. At the dance class, Brij gives Sushma a gift and indirectly asks her to not show it to Jyoti and even asks her to come a little early to the dance class so that she can make up for the classes that she has missed. Again, he asks her to keep it a secret from Jyoti but Sushma, being her nave self, doesn't see through Brij's ulterior motives. Jyoti, for the first time excitedly tells Kalpana about the possibility of her getting married in the near future ' she tells her of the conversation that she has had with Kamal Kishore the previous day. There is so much happiness and excitement on her face but the same excitement is seen on Sushma's face when she stealthily looks at the gift given to her by Brij.

Episode 24
Aired on : 2009-03-26

Bhagya wants to throw Brij out of the dance school as he feels that Brij is ignoring his job too much lately. Jyoti talks to Brij about this and he behaves very rudely with her and asks her to leave him alone. Jyoti is taken aback by such an outburst but takes it in her stride and talks to Brij of the plans for their marriage. She tells him that she plans to continue to support her family by the earnings that she gets from Shishu Mangal. Brij is extremely irritated with this and another facet of Brij's evil personality surfaces ' all this while he was Jyoti only so that he could get married to an earning woman and enjoy his life thereafter. But now that this won't be the case, Brij decides that whatever he has been doing secretly will now be out in the open. He decides to clearly tell Jyoti that he is not interested in her!

Episode 25
Aired on : 2009-03-27

Bhagya tells Jyoti that he will no more tolerate the Brij's callous attitude towards work. Jyoti asks for another chance for Brij. Sandeep asks Panchhi to meet him alone. Jyoti tells him that even after marriage she will want to take care of her family and her responsibilities towards them so she will give the salary that she gets from Shishu Mangal to her parents. At night Brij tells his friend that he thought after marrying Jyoti he will enjoy his life on Jyoti's income but now he will have to start a new game.

Episode 26
Aired on : 2009-03-30

Jyoti tells Kalpana that Brij's behavior towards her is changing and there is some reason behind this. Sushma is lost in Brij's thoughts and on the other hand, Jyoti is not being able to understand the reason for Brij's rough behavior with her over the past few days. In the dance class Brij persuades Sushma to come to his house in the evening'

Episode 27
Aired on : 2009-03-31

Sushma reaches Brij's house. She is a bit nervous but at the same time excited. Brij charms her with his sweet talking and is successful in fulfilling his evil intentions. Unaware of all this, Jyoti is constantly worried about why Brij is behaving so rudely with her these days. At Shishu mangal, Dayal puts forward Pankaj's proposal to Jyoti and she refuses. On reaching home, Jyoti, who troubled about too many things by now, ends up sharing her pain with Sushma and in the process tells her that she is in love with Brij

Episode 28
Aired on : 2009-04-01

In the dance class when Jyoti asks Brij the reason for his changed behavior, he evades the topic making an excuse that he needs some time to think about some major decisions of his life. At home, Sushma is devastated with the fact that she has established relations with a man that her beloved sister Jyoti is in love with'

Episode 29
Aired on : 2009-04-02

Jyoti trys to console Sushma and puts her to bed, not knowing the reason behind Sushma's pain. In the morning, Sushma tells Jyoti that she is feeling ill and will not go to the dance class from now on as it is affecting her studies. Jyoti is happy that Sushma is taking care that her studies don't suffer. Brij gets irked when he comes to know about this decision of Sushma's. He cannot tolerate being rejected by any girl like this. Sushma at home is wondering whether she should tell Jyoti the truth. Bhagya gives some extra income from a dance show to Jyoti as it was her major contribution that made the show a huge success. Kalpana also gives Jyoti her salaray saying she doesn't need it and that Jyoti should finish off the installments of the house. When Jyoti reaches home she shares the happiness of having finished the house installments with the entire family. Kamal Kishore tells Jyoti that she should get the house transferred on to her name. Sandeep overhears this'

Episode 30
Aired on : 2009-04-03

In the morning when Jyoti gets ready with the house papers to get it transferred on to her name, as per her father's wish, Padma tells her that Sandeep will do this job, she doesn't need to unnecessarily run around in government offices. Dayal apologises to Jyoti for talking about the marriage proposal of Pankaj when Jyoti tells him that the reason she refused was that there is someone in her life with whom she will soon get married. Jyoti goes home and is delighted and surprised to see Brij at home. What she doesn't know is that Brij had actually come to meet Sushma'

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Episode 31
Aired on : 2009-04-06

Brij comes to Padma in private and tells her about a marriage proposal for Jyoti, which makes Padma feel relaxed as she thinks Brij genuinely is a nice guy and not how she was thinking him to be. Jyoti tells Brij that Kamal Kishore has asked for the house to be transferred on to her name. Brij is shocked and thinks he is doing the wrong thing by avoiding Jyoti ' she could prove to be a golden goose. Sushma, sees Jyoti very happy with Brij and feels terrible that she has come in the way of her sister's happiness. She calls up Brij at night and Brij once again traps her into coming to his house...

Episode 32
Aired on : 2009-04-07

Sushma lies to Jyoti that she is going to school and goes to meet Brij who poisons her mind so cleverly against Jyoti that she starts believing him and hating her own sister. She gives in to her advances once more' on the other hand, Jyoti thinks she should go and pick Sushma up from school since she was not feeling well but when she reaches there, she comes to know that Sushma never came to school! When she comes back home, Jyoti asks Sushma where she was and she is stunned to see a different Sushma ' this is not her kid sister anymore, this is the poison speaking that Brij has planted into her head. Sushma is very rude to Jyoti. Later in the night, Sudha goes to sleep and Jyoti goes to her to give her a glass of milk. She is stunned to see Sudha in a different avatar ' she is seeing Sudha's Devika avatar for the first time' When she goes out from her room, she immediately hears a loud sound from Sudha's room'

Episode 33
Aired on : 2009-04-08

Jyoti comes to Sudha's room on hearing the loud sound from her room. Brij once more manipulates Sushma when he comes to know that Sushma had been rude to Jyoti the previous day. He tells her that she should behave normally and not say any such thing to Jyoti which could make can make Jyoti suspicious. Bhagya gives a huge bonus Jyoti for being the top performer of the group. Brij thinks that Jyoti would be the best golden goose and that he should only pursue Jyoti rather than running around Sushma. They go to a restauarant to celebrate Jyoti's bonus. Sushma, who is unaware of this, is calling Brij on his mobile continuously and in his absence, Jyoti takes the call...

Episode 34
Aired on : 2009-04-09

Jyoti is suspicious that Sushma is calling Brij. But Brij tactfully changes the topic and starts talking about their wedding. Sushma is jealous about Brij spending time with Jyoti and she goes to Brij and asks him to get married to her! Bhagya is angry about Brij being away from the class too often. Jyoti calls him up and asks him the reason for not coming to class and he gives an excuse of not being well. Brijs gifts Sushma a mobile phone. As Brij opens the door of his house to let Sushma out, he finds Jyoti standing in front of him. Somehow Brij manages to hide Sushma from Jyoti. At night, when Jyoti opens Sushma's almirah, she sees the mobile phone...

Episode 35
Aired on : 2009-04-10

Sushma lies to Jyoti that the phone belongs to her friend Bindiya. Brij gives his kundali to Kalpana. Meanwhile Sushma realises that she is pregnanat and she goes to tell Brij about the same who somehow convinces Sushma for abortion. In the hospital when Brij leaves Sushma in the operation room, he sees Jyoti right in front of him...

Episode 36
Aired on : 2009-04-13

Jyoti asks Brij why he is at the hospital and he lies to her about coming to visit a sick friend. Somehow Brij manages to meet Sushma without letting Jyoti know. At home, a boy's family has come to see Jyoti for marriage. Padma says everything against Jyoti but all efforts go vain. Her last effort of giving the fake Manglik Kundli also goes futile when Dadi gives Jyoti's real kundli before her...

Episode 37
Aired on : 2009-04-14

Seeing that prospective groom's families have started coming over, Jyoti feels that it is high time that she talks to her family about marriage with Brij. Kalpana's mother tells Jyoti that her Kundli matches with Brij's Kundli.  Jyoti is ecstatic and talks to Kamal Kishore about this who gives his consent and asks her to go and tell Brij this happy news immediately. Meanwhile, Kalpana come to know that Sushma has got an abortion done. Jyoti reaches Brij's house expecting him to get ecstatic on hearing what she has to tell him but what she sees there is beyond belief... She sees Sushma and Brij in a compromising position...

Episode 38
Aired on : 2009-04-15

At last Jyoti has come to know about the truth of relationship between Sushma & Brij. Jyoti cant accept that her sister who was always with her on every step can ditch her this way. And Brij whom she loved so much will break her trust so badly. Kalpana takes jyoti home and to escape the questions of family members, she tells them that Jyoti is not well. Everybody is worried for Sushma as she has been missing from home since morning and suddenly Sushma and Brij enter the house in wedding attire!

Episode 39
Aired on : 2009-04-16

Confrontation with Brij-Sushma and family after their wedding, Brij says he never loved Jyoti, she kept coming on to him. Jyoti is in pain, everyone's trying to take care of her. Sudha tells her that Sushma is going, everyone supports her, she breaks down in front of Kamal Kishore and entire family that Sushma was a baby whom Jyoti has seen growing up in front of her own eyes, how could she do this? Padma suggests that it must have been jyoti's misunderstanding, Brij had even got a rishta for her. Sudha takes Sushma's place in Jyoti's room. Everyone in the house is very upset. Jyoti wakes up in the morning and as a habit starts to wake up Sushma when she remembers all that happened last night and again breaks down. Kalpana comes to know of the wedding, she is furious, wants to report to the police, but Padma stops her saying badnaami hogi. Jyoti also comes and says the same thing, say let it be, Kamal Kishore also agrees ' he tells her that from now on they will think that they have only 2 daughters, Jyoti and Sudha ' all ties are cut with Sushma and Brij.

Episode 40
Aired on : 2009-04-17

Kalpana takes away Jyoti's mobile and asks her to take rest and not take any calls, Bhagya and Dayal are calling continuously, Kalpana tells them that Jyoti is ill and cannot come to work. Everyone is taking care of a shattered Jyoti. Padma looks worried as money is about to finish. She asks Jyoti is she is going to work as it is her salary day. Jyoti says she will have to go, Bhagya is very upset with her for not having come to the dance class. Jyoti tells Kalpana that she will not be going to dance classes from now on as she cant face it and she is going to tell bhagya the same thing. Jyoti goes to shishu mangal and finds out the girl is blinded, she is shocked and momentarily forgets her own pain. Dayal is in deep thought as to how the child will be taken care of now. Kalpana and Jyoti go to the dance school and tell bhagya the truth when Brij and Sushma turn up with sweets'

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Episode 41
Aired on : 2009-04-20

Brij and Sushma are chucked out of the dance school. Sushma is sarcastic with Jyoti and says mil gayi thandak? After they leave, Jyoti dances a dance of fury. At home, Jyoti is in pain, Kalpana covers her with a sheet and asks Sudha to come out with her. Kalpana tells Sudha what Sushma did at the dance school and told her that though Sushma doesn't deserve it, Jyoti still misses her and Sudha will need to fill that void for her, she will have to take Sushma's place. Jyoti has painful flashes of the happier times with Sushma and also the bitter ones. Dayal calls Jyoti and asks her to come to Shishu mangal anyhow the next day to take care of the child. Jyoti is determined, she thinks others' pain is bigger than hers. Padma is cooking ' the oil is smelling funny, since there is nobody else to go and get it changed from the shop, Sudha volunteers to go. Sudha is at the shop and gets the oil changed, realizing how easy a task it was and it build her confidence a little. Jyoti is leaving for Shishu mangal and Sudha asks her to smile just as Jyoti used to do to Sudha. Jyoti is emotional. Dayal tells Jyoti at Shishu mangal that he has called a teacher called Sachin to come and teach Pooja ' the blind girl. Jyoti tries to make Pooja eat food but she is too upset to want to eat and other kids laugh at her, she feels even more upset. Jyoti decides she needs to do something about this. She tells the kdis that Pooja needs special attention and asks them not to ever make fun of her, instead, to care extra care of her, they decide to help her make clay things which she used to like doing. Jyoti takes Pooja to make clay things. Pooja starts making, everyone encourages her. Pankaj starts walking towards them and steps on the clay house that Pooja had made.

Episode 42
Aired on : 2009-04-21

Jyoti yeels at Pankaj (who has come as Sachin) and he says sorry, Jyoti doesn't realize that he is blind. Jyoti goes to Dayal's cabin where she realizes that Sachin is the same teacher that Dayal has called for Pooja and she apologises to him and he says it's okay but the point is that I should have been more careful. He gets slightly offended when Jyoti calls him 'majboor/ lachaar'. He asks to meet Pooja. He is taken to Pooja's room and he asks everyone to stay out. Jyoti is bit uncomfortable to leave Pooja alone with him as she is very moody these days. In between Jyoti comes to give sandwiches and Sachin makes a little fun of her which makes Pooja also smile and sachin makes friends with Pooja and she is more comfortable with him by the end of the scene. Jyoti shares her concern with Dayal about Sachin when he also comes in and again there is a bit of nok-jhonk between them. Dayal gives Jyoti her salary. Jyoti goes home but without any gifts in contrast to how she used to come home on salary days earlier. Dadi asks why she didn't get mithai for prasad (she used to always get gulab jamun as Sushma loved them), Jyoti irritably says make something at home and use it as prasad. Sachin gives a walking stick to Pooja, tells him that this stick will be his best friend from now on. Sachin is trying to make Pooja learn to count steps and walk but Jyoti sees this and panics and when Pooja is about to go towards a ditch, Jyoti yells out to her to stop, Pooja loses her balance and falls down.

Episode 43
Aired on : 2009-04-22

Jyoti gets very angry with Pankaj about this and makes up her mind to complaint to Dayal. Dayal supports Sachin and tells Jyoti that Sachin knows what he's doing, Jyoti is a bit taken aback ' first time Dayal has gone against her. Jyoti comes out to see Sachin again with Pooja, trying to make her walk on her own. Jyoti is trying to start her scooty here and it doesn't start in 2-3 kicks, Sachin makes a little fun of her here and again a bit of nok-jhonk between them. she is very irritated with this man and even vents out her frustration on passersby on the road while going to dance class. Even at the dance class she's irritable and a new boy singer has come in place of Brij and she ends up yelling at him also, Kalpana tells him not to worry as Jyoti is going through a bad phase, otherwise she is very sweet buit Jyoti again snaps at him for something. At home, a phone call comes, Kamal Kishore attends and looks very happy. Bhagya asks Jyoti to take rest and not get tensed about anything. Kamal kishore tells everyone that the boy's family has said yes and kundlis have also matched and that Jyoti will need to go to US in 15-20 days after marriage. Padma is tensed. Jyoti talks to Kalpana that why is she overreacting. Kalpana says it's okay, it's only human to be irritable when you're going through a bad phase. Jyoti tells her about the new teacher Sachin and how he is also very irritating. Jyoti comes home and there are a lot of preparations that dadi has done ' sarees, jewellery etc. and as soon as she comes, Dadi puts mithai in her mouth and when Jyoti comes to know why it this, she gets furious and breaks down and padma heaves a sigh of relief.

Episode 44
Aired on : 2009-04-23

Dadi asks Kamal kishore to make Jyoti understand that nobody is pressurizing her but she needs to move on and if she gets married, she will be able to forget everything. Jyoti is crying in the room and sees Sushma's school bag, goes into a flash of how Sushma was ' her kid sister. Then flashes of how she behaved so rudely and she gets very upset, kamal kishore comes in and tries to make her feel better and tells her that it is his right to want to see Jyoti happy and that she should try and forget the past and move on. Jyoti is leaving for work, Dadi hides the box of sweets that she had earlier brought, Sudha asks Jyoti to smile. Jyoti at the dance class apologises to the new singer boy for her behavior on the previous day, the boy is relieved and Jyoti even gives him a few tips. He admits ti Kalpana that Jyoti is indeed sweet. Jyoti tells her about the new teacher Sachin and how he is very irritating. Kalpana tells her that maybe due to her state of mind, she is finding everything irritating and negative. Jyoti says she needs to pack up early as she wants to go home before going to Shishu mangal. Bhagya agrees. Jyoti goes home, we see Sandeep is feeling a bit guilty about how he has been fooling everyone when PAdma asks him to drink milk so that he can concentrate better. Jyoti has brought gulab jamun for prasad but she also explains to dadi that if she gets married to that guy, she will have to go to US which means breaking ties with family which she doesn't want to do. PAdma relieved, dadi admires Jyoti. Sushma-Brij scene where he is getting very irritated with her expenses and demands, he's going out to look for work and Sushma is left teary eyed at this sudden change in him. Shishu mangal ' Sachin has made a structure out of clay and kids laugh at it, light scene when Jyoti comes in and again some nok-jonk between them, he gets to know that she dances very well and starts calling her miss runjhun. He asks to inspect Pooja's room. He instructs to get a few things placed differently in the room, sharp objects etc and asks to add a few things. Things are bit normal between them for the first time and they're talking cordially when Jyoti ends up helping him with something and he flares up again. Jyoti is confused at this sudden mood swing. Sushma comes home and everyone is shocked. She tells of how she has been thrown out of the job etc and asks to convey her message to Jyoti that nothing will separate Brij and her. When Sushma leaves, PAdma follows her secretly and gives her some money and Jyoti sees this.

Episode 45
Aired on : 2009-04-24

Sensing Sushma's financial problem, Padma gives some money to Sushma for her household expenditure. Sushma was just about to leave when Jyoti sees Padma and Sushma together. Padma, feeling cornered, reprimands Sushma only so that Jyoti doesn't suspect anything. Sudha tells Jyoti that Sushma's financial condition is not good and Jyoti is a bit worried. Later, there is a call from Sushma's school for submitting the fees so that she can sit for the final exams. At Shishu Mangal, Sachin once again gets angry with Jyoti and tells her that neither he, nor Pooja need any sympathy from Jyoti. Jyoti is taken aback with these sudden mood swings of Sachin. Sandeep proposes Panchhee for marriage.

Episode 46
Aired on : 2009-04-27

Jyoti gives Sachin instances and tells him that it seems that  "independence" seems to be a major issue with him and that he's the one who never forgets that he is blind and that's why keeps getting offended at everything she says or does to help him out. Sachin accepts that Jyoti has a point as he is fair-minded. Padma is missing Sushma and worrying about how she must be managing' Sushma meets Padma in the market and tells her that she comes here at this time everyday so Padma can come and meet her here whenever she wants. Panchi calls Sandip to her place to meet her father' Sandeep is stunned by the opulence of Panchhee's house. A nervous Sandeep is asked to sit down by her father and the interrogation starts' Panchhee's father sees through Sandip and knows that there is something not right about this boy.

Episode 47
Aired on : 2009-04-28

Panchi's father asks Sandip to leave the house and Sandip realizes that he has been caught. Sushma is very hurt and fearful because of Brij's changed behavior towards her ' she cant understand how a person who loved her so much can be so rude and violent with her. she blames jyoti for being the cause of all her miseries. Jyoti decides to stay at Shishu Mangal for the night as Pooja is very ill. Pooja gets very disturbed by one of Jyoti and Sachin's arguments and makes them promise that they will be friends from now on.

Episode 48
Aired on : 2009-04-29

Jyoti's parents and especially Dadi are very angry about the fact that Jyoti is staying out for the night ' they have still not recovered from the shock that Sushma gave them so they're being over protective. Meanwhile, Sushma dresses up elaborately before Brij comes home to look good for him but he doesn't even so much as look at her. she feels bad about this but thinks of uplifting his mood by bringing some noodles to eat. Brij flares up at her extravagance and violently shakes her up, warning her to control her ways. Sachin asks Jyoti about her family, how many siblings does she have' Jyoti stiffens as she is immediately reminded of Sushma.  Sachin senses that something about her family has pained her. on the other hand, Brij comes back home drunk forces himself upon Sushma who is left feeling digusted, helpless and scared.

Episode 49
Aired on : 2009-04-30

Sushma comes to know from her friend that Jyoti has submitted the fees for her exams. Sushma is very angry about this as she thinks that Jyoti is trying to mock them and show them down by submitting her fees. She goes to Jyoti's house and throws some money at her, warning her to stay away from her personal life from now on. Jyoti is very hurt and Kamal Kishore is angry that Jyoti is still trying to help out Sushma ' he doesn't want his family to have anything to do with her. Jyoti meets Panchhee accidentally and learns that Sandeep is in love with her. she promises Panchhee that she will help them out by meeting Panchhee's father and convincing him that Sandeep is a nice boy. Ironically, jyoti still doesn't know the truth about Sandeep.

Episode 50
Aired on : 2009-05-01

With Kamal Kishore's permission, Jyoti goes to meet Panchhee's father and leaves a good impression on him. He agrees to come and meet her family for Sandeep, accepting that he might have made a mistake in judging Sandeep in the first meeting. At home, everyone is happily preparing to welcome the gusets but they keep it a secret from Sandeep, wanting to surprise him. At Shishu Mangal, Sachin seems a bit disappointed till the time he realizes that it's not that somebody is coming to ask Jyoti's hand in marriage, it is in fact Sandeep's rishta. In the evening, Sandeep freshens up and comes into the living room to find Panchhee and her father there!

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Episode 51
Aired on : 2009-05-04

Sandeep is shocked to see Panchhi and her dad in their house... Panchee is very upset with Sandeep for having lied to her about his financial status and family background. Jyoti sees the results of the entrance exams for engineering students and she doesn't find Sandeep's roll number in it, following which she goes to confront the administrator of the coaching class that SAndeep studies in. she then comes to know that Sandeep had never enrolled in any coaching class! Meanwhile, at home, Panchhee's father is impressed with the values of Jyoti's family and agrees to get his daughter married into this home, they decide to fix a date for the engagement. Kalpana, who had gone to the publisher who employs Kamal Kishore, gets to know that Sandeep had been all along taking money from him and never giving it to anyone at home! Jyoti marches home hurt and furious and lands a tight slap on Sandeep's face.

Episode 52
Aired on : 2009-05-05

Jyoti scolds Sandeep for betraying the love, support, trust and hopes of the family. Everyone is still too stunned to react to anything, they cant believe that their own blood could do this to them. Panchhee and her father are also shocked by this revelation and leave from in anger and pain. Sandeep desperately tries to go to everyone in the family, asking forgiveness and nobody wants to listen to him anymore. Finally Dadi asks to leave the house and never come back till the time he's made something of himself.

Episode 53
Aired on : 2009-05-06

Everyone at home is in shock and nobody has the courage to console anyone else. They're all equally in pain, equally traumatized' Sandeep, on the other hand, wandering aimlessly on the streets. Dadi remembers all the times when she favoured Sandeep over the daughters of the house and she feels ashamed and guilty ' she realizes how wrong she was and now she understands completely how great a daughter Jyoti is ' how she single handedly takes care of the family. Sandeep realizes who are his own and who are the ones who pretend to care when his friends turn a blind eye towards him as soon as they learn that he's been caught and has nowhere to go' At Shishu Mangal, Jyoti bleeds her heart out to Dayal as she cant control the pain within her. Sachin hears all of this and tries to console her. Meanwhile, Sandeep, who now has no money, no shelter, nowhere to go to, nobody to talk to, is walking on a lonely road aimlessly.

Episode 54
Aired on : 2009-05-07

Sandeep's friend refuses to let sandeep stay at his place citing the reason that his parents have also come to know of the reason why Sandeep has been thrown out of his house and have disallowed him to keep friendship with Sandeep. Sandeep is on the streets to fend for himself once again. He finally goes close to home and thinks to going in but then cant gather the courage to do so and sleeps outside the house. Sudha sees him there in the morning and feels pity for his condition, she gets some food from home and gives it to Sandeep who melts at this gesture of Sudha ' he remembers with guilt all the times when he had been rude and harsh with Sudha. At home, when everyone sits for lunch, they find some food missing and Dadi starts scolding Sudha as she was the one who was cooking and might have goofed up. Even Padma, who by now is very angry with Jyoti and Sudha, thinking that it is easy for them to stay without Sandeep, yells at Sudha and rebukes her for not being able to do anything properly. Sudha confesses to Jyoti that she gave the food to Sandeep and Jyoti confronts Dadi and Padma about this, tells them what the truth is, leaving Dadi feeling ashamed, but Padma shows no signs of remorse. Sudha, meanwhile, once again feeling cornered and belittled, takes up Deika's avatar and starts dancing to the rhythm of music coming from outside when Jyoti enters the room and sees this avatar of Sudha'!

Episode 55
Aired on : 2009-05-08

Jyoti is stunned to see Sudha dancing in her room' hair loose and wild' a trancelike look on her face' when Sudha comes into her own, she is confused as she doewsnt know what has happened. Padma is refusing to eat any food ever since Sandeep left the house. Sudha takes up the responsibility of feeding Padma ' Jyoti is touched to see Sudha being so assertive and confident. Padma meets Sushma and tells her what happened with Sandeep at home and how he was asked to leave. Sushma, who needs to provocation to bad mouth Jyoti, poisons Padma's mind against Jyoti by saying that Jyoti could have done the same thing behind closed doors also and the matter would be sorted and it would not become such a big issue. Padma seems to see sense in Sushma's words. On her way back from there, Padma sees Sandeep being beaten up by his friends as he can't give their money back. She calls out to him but he doesn't respond and goes away. Padma is in immense pain and misses Sandeep terribly. She feels very bad at Sandeep's condition as he is having to beg for morsels of food and for shelter. She comes home furious at having to be separated from her son like this and in a fit of rage, collapses on the floor!

Episode 56
Aired on : 2009-05-11

Padma has collapsed in a dead faint. She is taken to the hospital. When Jyoti is told about this at Shishu Mangal, she rushes to the hospital, Sachin chooses to come along and helps out a lot in the hospital. The doctor tells everyone that Padma seems to be in shock and is constantly asking about Sandeep so they should try and contact Sandeep and bring him here so that she feels better. Sandeep, who has nowhere to go, takes refuge in an autorickshaw, trying to sleep for some while till the driver is away just when Sudha, who's coming out of a disco in her Devika avatar, taps on his shoulder, thinking he is the driver of the rickshaw. Sandeep is shocked to see her in this avatar but Sudha/ Devika keeps looking at him blankly'

Episode 57
Aired on : 2009-05-12

Sandeep is stunned to see Sudha in her Devika avatar ' it is a completely new avatar for him. Padma has now regained consciousness in the hospital. She is still worried about Sandeep and starts hallucinating again. Brij tells Sushma that he has been offered a job in a five star hotel but he needs a partner who can dance otherwise he will lose the job' Sushma is stunned at Brij's suggestion that she dance should dance in a hotel. He tells her that if she is too snooty to dance in a hotel, she should go back home to her parents. The doctor advices Jyoti to call Sandeep so that her mother's health improves as she is constantly asking for him. Jyoti comes to know Sandeep is working as a courier boy. She brings along to the hospital and Padma is ecstatic to see him ' it is as if miraculously she has recovered. Sushma comes to know that Padma is hospitalized and she rushes to meet her with Brij, who thinks that this could be profitable in some way and hence agrees to go with her. When Jyoti comes to Padma's room, she is stunned to see Sushma and Brij with her'

Episode 58
Aired on : 2009-05-13

Padma pretends in front of Jyoti that she doesn't want Sushma and Brij to stay there any longer and rudely asks them to leave. Sandeep feels bad that Padma is still playing these games with Jyoti. Jyoti and Padma ask Sandeep to come back home but Kamal Kishore is not ready to accept this but ultimately can't do anything as Padma insists that he stay. Uday is missing Devika and wants to meet her again. His mother also sees her picture and seems to like her. with her permission, he tries to meet her one last time but gets very angry when he doesn't find her at their regular hang out place. He leaves a not efor her never to meet him again. At home, everyone is very happy to see a positive change in Sandeep's attitude and approach to life ' he seems to have become a lot more responsible. On the other hand, Sachin confesses to Dayal that he has fallen in love with Jyoti and another truth about Sachin, apart from this is revealed'

Episode 59
Aired on : 2009-05-14

Sachin has realized by now that he is in love with Jyoti. He showers her with gifts through the children at Shishu Mangal. Panchhee comes to meet Jyoti and tells her that she saw Sandeep toiling in the sun. Jyoti assures her that Sandeep is on his way to becoming a better person. He will definitely change. Sudha in her Devika avatar, comes to the disco once again and the manager gives her a note from Uday. She gets furious and goes to meet him at his home. Uday's mother seems to like Devika and helps get them back together. Uday takes Devika for a drive and proposes to her. When Sudha comes home, she is still Devika and Dadi is shocked to see her this way. She gets furious and raises her hand to slap Sudha but Devika stops her'!

Episode 60
Aired on : 2009-05-15

Dadi is still recovering from the shock that she got on seeing Sudha like this. She tells the entire family how Sudha came in late at night, clad in western clothes. Funnily, nobody believes her and passes it off as hallucinations due to old age. Dadi also thinks for a moment and gets convinced that it couldn't have been Sudha. Jyoti later sees the gift that Uday had given Devika, fallen on the aangan floor and she gets confused. Padma goes out on the pretext of exchanging something from a shop and secretly gifts Sushma a pair of gold earrings and some money as it is Sushma's birthday. Jyoti also celebrates Sushma's birthday in her own little way ' she distributes sweets to children in Shishu Mangal. Sushma tells Brij that it is her birthday and he harshly tells her that he is not in a position to celebrate any occasion and she should not keep any hopes from him. Sushma is upset and remembers the past when her birthday used to be celebrated at home. Jyoti informs Padma that she will spend the night at Kalapana's place and Padma happily agrees as her ulterior motive is to call Sushma over for dinner so that she can celebrate her birthday. Meanwhile, Jyoti learns from Kalapana's mother that she is not manglik'

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