~*~Happy Birthday Shifali~*~

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Guess what! It's June 12th! You're all probably wondering what's so special about it being the 12th right? Well the topic title gives it away but let's pretend it's not there and continue with thisBig smile 

Ok so where were we? Oh right! *clear throat* On this day 17 years ago a sweet little pari was born. We all know her as the sweet mod who keeps things in order, blasts at us when we don't listen, writes amazing one shots as well as FFs that she never seems to get around to updating and also is the record holder of not only the most number of FFs but the most number of incomplete ones as well. There's more then 15, after that I lost countLOL

Happy Birthday *Shifali*

We love you!!!


Happy Birthday!


To not only to a crazy person or the best mod this forum could have but to a very special girl who has proven to be one heck of a friend!


Gosh, I was trying to remember where (on the forum) we first met and honest to god (PREET!) I can't
remember. LOL Was it Chatties? No you were mod before that, I knew you since before you were mod. Maybe it was the andalons.

If I could think of one work to describe you it would be determined. Like in all aspects of life that I've seen you in, you are one determined person and for that I admire you more then you can imagine. If its to keep the forum together, get that new fanfic posted, make a VideoMix or just make me feel better, you always go out of your way for everything!

On your birthday, I'm wishing you joy, success, love, fun and laughter because I can think of no one better who deserves it more.

Happy Birthday.

As for your present:

--lots of love


Hi Shilfali!Hug

Though we have never conversed, I have know from everyone's great comments, you are a fabulous Moderator! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, filled with loads of love, presents, and CAKE!LOL



Dear Shifali,
Yoyo! A very happy birthday to one of our dearest mods! Guess what? You're older! LOL But that also means that you're cooler, funkier, smarter and just all-round awesomer than you were last year! Star Hope you have a totally rocking, and may the year ahead be the best year you've ever had!
Loads of love,
Bhav (:
P.S. Attached is a telepathic birthday cake (black forest with cherries and vanilla buttercream frosting! Big smile) that I really hope you get, because I worked really hard on it! EmbarrassedLOL



PartyHappy Birthday Shifali!! Party
Hope you have an awesome day and many more beautiful years to come cause you truely deserve it. Though I don't know you much but I know you're an awesome person. Hope all your wishes come true and hope you get everything you want and need. I hope you achieve success in whatever you do and wish you all the best in the future. Enjoy your birthday with your loved ones and don't forget to eat a lot of cake. Wink 
Enjoy and Love you Hug



Dearest Shifali,

Wishing you a very very Happy Birthday!! May you always be successful in life and may God bless you with all the happiness in the worldHug
You are an amazing moderator and the KDM forum and its members are lucky to have you,both as a mod and as a gr8 friendHug

All the best for the future!! May you have an awesome birthday!! Smile

Loads of love,


Happppyyy birthday Shipo, seems like AGES since i've said that. LOL  Oh well, anyway hope you have a fantastic day in whatever you do...have fun in life and yeah just keep being who you are...ain't talked to you propely for a long time, but yeah happy birthday...celebrate GETTING OLDER LOL

lots of love from anshu.


Hello ShifaliHug
wish you \many many many happy returns of the day,may godji keep bestowing his blessings on youEmbarrassed



Hey Shifff

wish u many happy returns of the day dear hspace5

For your birthday, I'll send you a gift
that money can't buy.
I wish you love, courage, and strength
faith and wisdom. and a day of happiness
and peace, beneath the sun,
and lasting contentment
when the day is done.

God bless you dear and just wish u loads and loads of happiness
keep rocking




Dear Shifali,

This is Nonee and I'd really like to wish you every happiness on your special day! Your birthday!

Here's a wish for happiness
and many dreams come true
Not only on your Special Day
but always - all life through!!!
Have a wonderful birthday!

Loads of big hugs:)



~~~Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more to come.

I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes come true.

Not just a year older, but a year better.

Here's to another year of experience.

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends; here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip~~~~

Wishing you all the great things in life,
hope this day will bring you an extra share
of all that makes you happiest

Hello Ships! Thanks for being such a wonderful human being... and asince you are so wonderful you deserve all the wonderful things in life and that is what i am wishing you on this birthday .... wish a you a long, happy, healthy and prosperous life ... in which you see all your dreams coming true
A very Happy Birthday and many Happy Returns of the Day



Dear Shifali

You are one of the coolest and friendliest moderator in I-F. Being part of Kis desh forum and being under your regulation has been nothing but fun. You always manage to regulate members properly without refraining them to keep their not-so-positive opinions to themselves. The amazing thing about you being the moderator is that you have always encouraged and joined us in criticising the serial (as long as the criticism stayed healthy), giving funny names to the characters and also supported all the andolons that we carried out. Simultaneously, you maintained the peace among members in the forum.

You are truly a fantastic moderator and a great person. In this special occassion of your birthday, I hope all your wishes are fulfilled. Lastly, have a very Happy Birthday. Enjoy it to the fullest.




Shifuuu!!!! Happy Birthday My Sweetu!!!!Hug
I hope you have A FABTABULOUS time on this dayy!!!Party
I wish this day is totally becomes very special for a special person!
and you really are!! I'm really really really glad to be friends with you!
Ur a really sweet girl who has a ALOT of talent, when I mean Alot, Then I mean ALOT!!
Ur innumberable fanfics are totally filled with your speciall talent!
That's what makes u unique from the others!!! and thats why ur a great person!
and you deserve a WONDERFUL birthday!!!

Happy Birthday once again Shifali!!! Luv you!!! Embarrassed

Best Wishes,
Big smile




Hey Shifuu..Embarrassed

Many Happy Returns of the dayTongue.

Happy birthday, who would have thought?
Inside the box, guess what I brought!
I'm sure you'll like it, more as you age,
You are the focus, on center stage.

All these years, memories created,
I did not choose, we're simply related.
Knowing you, like the back of my hand,
Remember the time, we played in the sand?

I picked it myself, decision was clear,
Once you see it, I'm expecting a Cheer!
I know you will need them, on your Adventures,
Inside the box, a new set of dentures!

Shifu I can still remember of first meeing on IF.. the talk we had, the pm's I send to u... I am soo glad that IF gave me such a great oppurtunity, gave me a way to find a special friend..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Today is your day, and you're wished the best,
I hope you celebrate it, with a lot of zest.

For today though you are a year older,
Store away your many wishes, until you feel bolder.

So let the drums roll and horns toot,
Now make a wish for a lot of loot.

I hope that our friendship never end, as it is one of the most Valuable thing I have in my life..

Lots of love And Happiness from NadzEmbarrassed


We are gathered here today, because it happens to be the Birthday of a very special young, beautiful, caring, witty, smart, charming...... (you get the point!!! LOL) women! That is....... *drum roll* SHIFU!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!! Dancing
Clears Throat (Everyone close your ears if you want to be able to hear after WinkLOL)
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday to you!!!
Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! Party *woot woot*
You are so ancient now!!! 17 already!?!?!? Shocked LOL They grow up so fast! *wiped away imaginary tear* WinkLOL On this special day i wish you all the happiness in the world! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true!!! You are a very special young women and have a very special place in my heart.......... sounds like i'm talking to my boy friend!!!!! ROFL!!!! ROFL Anyways, back to what i was saying! EmbarrassedLOL You are an incredibele human being. When i was new in this forum, you were the first preson that talked to me, welcomed me very sweetly, helped me out! You basically took me under your wing! Embarrassed *hug* Ducky (Ravz) may have adopted you, but you kind of adopted me!!!! LOL It was through you i made so many special friends, met so many other people!!!! You are an amazing person, and i look up to you for guidance and and really admire you! Even though you are only like............ 2 months older than me LOL, you are like an older sister to me!! Embarrassed I don't know what i would do without you on this forum!!!!! Embarrassed From your Mods dadagiri LOL, to your twenty fanfictions, to your special surprise one-shots to everything else you do for this forum and the people, I have come to love everything about you!! You are like a candle or ray of sunshine bringing light and happiness into our lifes. Big smile Thank you for being such a fabulous person, i know you will never change being so sweet!!! Once again, happy Birthday and i hope this happens to be your best birthday ever!!!!

Love you forever!!!! *truckload of hugs*



Hi Shifu!! Happy Birthday Yaar!! I would sing for you sure...tum daar ke bhag jate LOLLOL...and im completely serious...i hope that you have an awesome day with all of your loved ones...i hope that the day is filled with lots of good times, laugher, good food, cake and of course...tons of presents you yaar!!! Embarrassed



Dear Shifs,

Happy Birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true and you have a awesome Birthday. I have always admired how you have been so matured and yet so fun loving as a mod. Handling Kis Deshians is not as easy as a pieLOL and I am in awe in the way you handle us, sometimes with a danda and sometimes with a hug. I pray to God that the innocence, fun loving and the matured aspect of your personality remains unchanged always. Happy Birthday again. Have a great day.




Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day, Shifs Dear !!! Hug

Isnt this a day to celebrate for all of us on KDMHMD forum as it is our sweetisi, cute isi, pyarisi, bolisi mod Shifs bacha ka 17th B'day...She joined us at a tender age of 15LOL to take care of us, to smile with us , to cry with us, to scold us, to love us, to keep us positive and happy, AND to keep us waiting for her to continue her FFsLOL...From the day she joined us she has made this place a beautiful, attractive, fun-filled, homely one...* 'kay I'm stopping ur taareef there*
But seriously,this forum wouldnt have been so wonderful without you !!  I have been a silent member on this forum from day1...and when you took over as the moderator I liked the way you organized things here....then I started loving this forum, thanks to you and the members...loved the games  and other activities you introduced, the archives , galleries, updates, topics , discussions everything became perfect and satisfying....Later when I got to know you are just turning 16, I was amazed at your talent...truly impressed by your work...And your FFs ,not to mention , very creative concepts, only thing you dont continue themLOL 

Shifs, We are lucky to have you as our Mod and I'm glad to have you as my lil' friend....Hug

Here's Wishing You A Very Happy B'day !

May all you wishes, dreams and ambitions come true....May you be blessed with a wonderful life with each and every moment being simply beautiful and memorable....

Keep Rocking,

loads of love and best wishes

Angie & Junior ( yeah, Junior too wants to wish you)



SHIFALI! Oh wonderful and all inspiring moderator, who keeps us all entertained (and on our toes) with her many FFs, and who has even ventured into the world of VM making!


I hope your day is filled with much joy and laughter, and your year ahead is filled with the same. Of course, some of that joy would come in the form of our PMs. Wink I've enjoyed chatting with you, discussing FFs, VMs, and other random things, and I hope that this friendship will continue to flourish.

Unfortunately, my gift will be late. I'm a bit stuck. And I think Vegas is annoyed with me. Part of it will be up, should be up. LOL

Anyways, once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!





Me thinks that I missed your last birthday, so just in case, a Very, Very Happy Birthday from moi!Party

Would have loved to buy you a card and some chocolate fudge cake but I'm broke.Stern Smile

Sooooooooo; I'm going to do a bit of advertising for I-F and Meme4u!Big smile

Enjoy your card!WinkLOL

Lots of love, Nibbles!Embarrassed



Dearest Shiffs bacha....

Many Many Happy Returns Of the Day!!!Hug

You are such a mature and awesome girl that it was so easy to start liking you at the very word go..and then there was no looking back only...We have gelled in really well and have crossed some of the best as well as the worst times together...

I hope you stay just as how you are now...THE BEST!!!!

I know God will bless you with a propersous, healthy, peaceful and a fulfilling life....

Have a great day today and everyday....Big smile





Happy Birthday Big smile and many many happy returns of the day dear. Hope you have an absolutely lovely day and make the most of it! You're an amazing Mod Thumbs Up and I honestly appreciate all that you do Clap but you're also such a sweet person Embarrassed and so friendly. Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world. Enjoy your birthday.....after all it is your 'special' Wink day and may you have many more to come.

Lots of love Hug

Shafaq Smile



Shifaaaaaaaaaaali!Big smileBig smile Haaapy birthdaaaaaaaayBig smile hope you have a great day and party loadz!LOL lool i can jus see u stressing out on msn coz u think evry1 has 4gtn ure birthday but we cant 4get evaLOL its been a pleasure meeting yuuu ure a great person to chat toooLOL have lots of cake and save me some tooo hahaEmbarrassedLOL

Lots of love AsmaHug



Happpppppppppyyy Birthday Tweetuuuuuuuuuu!!
*Squiiiiiiiiiiishyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jhappis*

Today is the birthday of one of the sweetest, most sincere, hard-working, adorable, sensitive yet sensible bacha eber...
Its been a pleasure knowing you... *sigh* time flies..
Your oh so cute posts and your warnings and your honesty to your mod duties..amazes me...

You have always been such a sweet-heart... I still remember how we met in this grilling post and then anshu was there too... Tho we havent been able to talk as regularly.. Just seeing ur name on the forum and your posts bring a smile on my face..... Seeing tweety always reminds me of you!!!

On your Birthday..
I want to let you know
How special you are..
How much you mean to us..
What we do without you!

I hope your life is filled with happiness, love, success, health, fortune and bliss!
May all your dreams and wishes come true...
May you always be the amazing person you are...
May you world be full of smiles and sunshine...
May you suceed in every endevour of your life.....

Keep Shining, Keep Smiling and Keep Rocking!!

Lots of Loveeeeeeeeee and loads of prayers and warm wishes
Dhair sariiiiiiiii squishyy Jhappis and shoftttt wali kisshies

Zainab :-)

PS: I need my piece of the cake :D



Hey Shifali! Embarrassed I'm tempted to actually not send this message and let you believe that me and Ravs honestly forgot your birthday...when infact....we've been talking about it for atleast a month I think? Confused Anyways....part 1 of your gift is attached after my message but the second part will be posted probably by the name Ravs posts this entire message for your bday! Embarrassed

I want you to know that in the last 4 ish months...I'm honestly SHOCKED Shocked That we've become so close, the days I don't see pm's from you or don't talk to you on msn I feel weird--as if I forgot to do something today. The way you always encourage my writing and even tell me whenever something SUCKS in my writing I can't tell you how much it means to get that kinda creative criticism! *hugs* I know you like to believe that since you're a mod people are scared of you...but guess what? Shocked I'm not! Big smile *preens* You shud be happy about thatTongue

All in all Shifu I just want to say thank you for being such an awesome awesome friend, and for always being there when I needed to talk and always wanting to cheer me up, even by telling Maddy to write me a one shot or anything--just the concern you have means the world to me! Hug Anyways I hope ALL your dreams and wishes for this birthday come true and you remain happy and healthy throughout the whole year! Big smile

Love you loads,


^^ Ravs is the one who told me which song you loved and so I merged them, I just hope you liked it...*hides face*


I don't know you well, heck you could say that I don't even know you at all.LOL But I DO know that you are an awesome friend who cares about everyone. What I've learned from like what?... a five sentence convo with you is that everything that I'd heard about you previously was a hundred percent true!Embarrassed You make each and every one of your friends feel special, feel loved by not only yourself but by all. Baffling really!Big smile

To such an extraordinarily kind person, one simple Birthday Wish is not enough and if I could make amazing siggies or avis I would lol...but then I'd scare you awayOuch, so here is a poem that I got off of the internet that completely describes how I see you, THE amazing Mod.Tongue other words, (the poem I made turned out to be a something completely off and weird lol...could've turned it into a rap song but oh wells, enjoy!!!!) And here is hoping that you have the best birthday you've ever had!!! Party

PartyBecause today's your birthday,Party
And because you're extra nice,
One wish is not enough for you
And so here's wishing twice'
Hoping your Birthday's wonderful
In every single way
And next year brings happiness
For you day after day

PartyHappy BirthdayParty

PS: I know it's a short birthday wish but hopefully by next year, I'll write a huge freakin' essay! don't run away! Anyhoo, enjoy your birthday!!! *hugs! Hope to get to know you myself soon! -Avi





Bet you thought I forgot didn't you? LOL Remember how I said you never told me your b-day? Well you should've known that was a lie because when we were talking about Asma's last month I fully said that yours  is coming LOL Oh and if you actually think everyone else forgot or didn't know, well I made Shabz, Nadia, Asma and others people play along =) Meera and I actualy thought you didn't believe us but then we were like oh...she actually thinks we forgot. You dunnoh how close we to actually telling you LOL

We'd never forget your birthday! It's a special day cuz we get to celebrate your birth! On this wonderful day you were born and I dunno what I would do without you. You're an awesome friend =) I remember the first time we talked. Technically we met through your many FFs (you should really think about finishing one LOL ) and then when you PMed me about the pages on the Kis Desh forum cuz you couldn't believe the increase in like 1 day. But I think we actually became friends when i got promoted and you started looking out for me, being protective of me cuz I was a member of your forum, kinda part of the family. I'll never forget that day. It meant a lot to me and I thought that was really sweet.

I actually had a lot to say but now I can't remember any of it LOL Btw you have too many friends. It's so hard finding them allLOL

Anyway, here are some presents from me. Hope you like em =)

and a VM

I had the whole JTYJN theme going onLOLOh and the avi and siggy and the main writing are blue cuz well that's your fav colour, unless you lied when you were DOTW and were being grilled. And yes Meera and I read all the answers to find important stuff =) Oh and theres one more gift which isn't quite ready yet so look out for that.

Happy Birthday Shifali!!! Hope you have a blast! May all your dreams come true




My dearest dearest omnipresent Shifu Sherni Modji. *BIG BEAR HUG* Numerous returns of this day for you my dear. And wish you loads of sweet stuff, warmth, love and best wishes. May all the joy you spread around come back you. Wish you health and happiness. May you always be surrounded by people who love you and make you feel very very special.Tongue
My only gift to you today is below. you can thank Ravz for telling me who your favs are.. if they are not then you can send some angry emots in her direction too. LOL

Not everyone has a friend like you' just lucky people like me!
Have a Very Happy Birthday Shifs!


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So Bhav had this really cool idea to put all your oneshots hereBig smile Enjoy your gifts. This will continuously be updated =)

When We Met by Radz
Ye Lamhe by Shabo
Make A Wish by Tina

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YAY!!! Its up!!!!!! Happy Birthday Shifu!!! *does a little jig* My message should in there somewhere!!!! LOL

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mine! Embarrassed


I'm not going to post some super long message here since mine's already in the super long awesome post that Ravs put together (claps for Ravz)

But I just really wanna thank you for becoming such a special person to me in such a short time! Big smileEmbarrassed

Love you loads,


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Many many happy return of the day Shifali Clap PartyDancingMay you get all the happiness and success you deserve in life and always be happy. You are a very special person in the lives of everyone in this forum. without you, this forum wouldn't be what it thank you for making it happen and have a great happy birthday. Big smile

Love and hug

Here is a cake and some presents:

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will edit this later.


-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

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many happy returns of the day Shifali.......
may god bless you and all your dreams and wishes come true
keep smiling
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Happy Birthday!!Party

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