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Kanika's Scenes: MayUr: Our First Date- Pg 18

Kanika05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 June 2009 at 7:51am | IP Logged

Pg 1- One Mistake- MayUr One Shot.
Pg 9- MayUr Confession- A Scene
Pg 10- PM LIST
Pg 18- Our First Date- A Scene
A One Shot- MayUr

*~One Mistake~*

"Even a Single Mistake Is Enough To Break A Beautiful Relationship"

Mayank: Kya hai Samrat? I told You That I Dont Wanna Talk About Her Anymore!
Samrat: Just Shut Up Mayank And Listen To Me!! Do You Realize what have you done to her? Do you realize how much pain she has gone through since the day you left her? It has been 5 years Mayank! 5 YEARS!!...
Mayank: And the Pain She gave Me? Is it Nothing?.. I waited for hours just to meet her once a day. I waited for days to spend some quality time with her. And She just cares about her god damn Image & her career. Huh.
Samrat: Gosh Yaar! You dont know anything. You just sit down and listen to me then only you'll be able to understand the truth.
Mayank: I dont want to.
Samrat: Please Mayank.
Mayank : No..
Gunjan (enters & sits beside Samrat-her husband): Please Mayank Just Listen To Us Once. You Dont Know The Truth.

Mayank relented. How much he hated to do this but Samrat & Gunjan were his friends and Gunjan was almost like his sister.

Samrat: Mayank Just Dont Interrupt Me. I really want you to know the truth. I know that not only Nupur but you have also gone through a lot of pain.

Mayank nodds. He can listen. May be something good came out of this. How much he hated to except but he knew that he hadnt forgotten Nupur ever.

Samrat: Mayank Nupur wasnt ignoring you neither was she so busy with herself that she forgot you. She was busy with the arrangements of your new house. Yes Mayank (looking at Mayank's shocked face). You have no idea what all she was doing to make you happy. Since the day you told her about about your wish to have your own house after you guys marry she had been working on it. All the advance money she got for her movie she invested it into the new flat. She knew that you were an independent guy and would never like that. So she decided that she will give the rent for the first 6 months while you will give the rent for the next 6 months. After searching for one month she got the Perfect Flat. That day she came to you to tell the same thing and you just blasted over her. You called off your wedding which was due for the next month. Do you realize how much pain she has suffered all these years just because of you!!!... She was devasted.

Gunjan (emotionally): Yes Mayank. I have seen Di sufferring all these years. She thinks its her fault. We had been trying to convince her but you know how stubborn she can be. After you went she stopped eating, drinking, going on her shoots. But after one week she realized that she has more priorities. She resumed her acting career. But she was more like a Robot. Doing & Saying things people want her to stay. The only time she has genuinely smiled was when I told her about my decision to marry Samrat. She immersed herself in the wedding to overcome her sorrows but... As soon as wedding was done the sorrows were back. She spends all her time shooting for her films or else she is at the flat she brought. She is not the same Bubbly Nupur now. I lost my carefree & bubbly Di.....(Sobbing)

Samrat: Sshh Gunjan! Bas Bas... Mayank its not too late. You can still change the things.

Mayank was staring at nothing. His pain was too much for him. A tear rolled down his cheek. All these years he had been consoling himself thinking he did the right thing but now... All because of his rash decision He & Nupur have lost 5 years of their life which could have been so beautiful. His Nupur had suffered so much because of him. NO! He would make everything all right again. He would give everything he can to her to fill up the pain of these years.

Mayank slowly: Samrat....Vo...Vo Nupur abhi kahan hogi???
Gunjan smiles a bit: Abhi to flat mein hogi...Address deti hun.. aur haan ye lo duplicate keys. Di kabhi bhi doorbell answer nahi karti.
Mayank: Thanks Gunjan...Main...Main chalta hun...

Mayank had no guts to say anything to Samrat & Gunjan. They had also suffered a lot because of him as well.

Samrat: Bro...She'll forgive you. She loves you very much even now...

Mayank hugs Samrat not able to control his emotions. He cries on his shoulder- on the shoulder of the guy who was once his best friend.

Mayank: Im really sorry guys. Im an Idiot. Not only Nupur, you both also have suffered the worst pain ever because of me. Im really sorry..

Gunjan: We forgive you Mayank....Only if you promise me that you'll never hurt my sister ever again.

Mayank smiles: I promise Gunjan. Thanks &...Bye...
He runs outside.

Gunjan smiles and hugs Samrat indirectly thanking him for bringing Mayank home.


From Mayank's Point Of View(he was thinking all this on his way):

Dam*it!! Whyy?? Whyy? First I behaved like a total jerk...And then all this traffic.. Uff So Frustating. I so badly want to see Nupur. I dont know whether i'll be happy or sad to see her. Happy because i'll be seeing her after so many years. And Sad because it was my fault that im seeing her after years. I cant believe I said all that to her. Thank God I banged into Samrat today morning otherwise i would still have been in the dark.

All these years i was living like dead. When i broke up with Nupur, Maa was the saddest. She loved Nupur so much. She liked Nupur since she met her 7 years ago when me & Nupur first became friends. She never asked me a question about why were we shifting to Delhi. She knew i wouldnt be able to live in Mumbai after what happened with Nupur. I had even stopped reading newspapers as almost all the newspapers had news about 'The Pretty Actress Nupur Bhushan'. But I had to come to Mumbai after all these years because of my job.

I had met Nupur almost 7 years ago. We Fell in Love Soon After & we had been together for 2 years. After college Nupur went for a movie audition and was selected. Why wouldnt she? She was beautiful, smart, modern yet had indian values. I also got a steady job but i wasnt satisfied. Nupur was satisfied with her career. She had all she wanted ever. I think i was never satisfied as i thought that i was less successful than Nupur. How Meaningless & Idiotic of Me!!

When we decided to marry, our parents had no objections neither did Nupur's director have any objection. We had thought that we'll get married next month. Until THAT day. I had already thought that i would break up with her. I used to think that she career minded. I remember that day so clearly..


Nupur shouting: MAYANK!!!! Kahan HO?? Mayank...

Me: Kya hai Nupur?..Why the hell are you shouting?..And what are you doing here?

Nupur shocked at my ourburst: Im...Im Sorry Mayank...I just came to tell you that my director has agreed for our giving me a leave for a month for wedding preparations.

Me: Nupur...Please I Dont Want To Talk About The Wedding...

Nupur: Why Mayank?..You know we have to get married next month..Nahi to i wont get a leave then.. You know naa how my schedule is..

Me: Please Nupur I Dont Want To Get Married next month..

Nupur: WHAT? You were the one who decided this and you are saying you dont want to...

Me: Haan to!! Its my wedding also...not only urs..

Nupur sensed that im irritated. She decided to tell me her good news about the house: Okay...Leave That..You know all that money i got as advance. I have invested it into....

Me: I Dont Care Nupur....Please..

Nupur: Mayank?..Whats with you? Why are you behaving like this? I want to tell you this. Im sure you'll love that.

Me: I wont Nupur... I wont... Nupur i wont love anything which tells me that you are more successful than me. I wont love anything that tells me that you get 3 times the pay i get. Nupur i dont care about your money. You know what? I dont think that anything is left between us. All that you care about is your career, your image and your money. What am i to you? An old Boyfriend who earns half of my pay. Nupur please i cant live with someone.......(takes a deep breath)...with someone like you...I dont think we are made for each other. I dont think we were ever made for each other. Nupur Its Over.. Everything is Over...

Nupur stared at Me with disbelief written on her face as i walked out of the room. She was shattered. She loved me. I could see that. But we werent meant to be......

*Flashback Ends*

Phew...This is the building Gunjan has written...Flat 535...Come On Mayank...Its high time i mend the broken fences..Nupur, here comes your Mayank...

- Thinking this Mayank walked into the Lift..


Still Mayank's Point of View:

I opened the lock and entered the flat. Now i know why Samrat said the 'Perfect House'..  The walls are done up in my favourite colour- white. And the curtains are in Nupur's favourite colour- pink. Everything is so simple yet elegant. Just like Nupur. Even the open kitchen is beautiful. The view is magnificent. You can see the Beach and the Ocean where Nupur & I had our First Date. There are three rooms. Lets see whats in those. I walk into one of them quietly.

As i enter the first room tears come to my eyes. Its the room Nupur has made for my mother. She knew how much i love my mother. She knew that i wont live away from her. There was a bed and a side table with my mother's favourite books. It looks as if no one has touched them since days. The room is neither quite big nor quite small- just as my mother likes. I move out wiping the tears from my eyes.

The second room was a guest room i guessed. And i figured out that all the rooms had personal Baths attached to them. I never made even a small noise.

Now the third room. Phew. Nupur must be in. I hope she forgives me- saying this i enter the room.

I looked at the room. It was done is white mostly with pink curtains again. It had mine & Nupur's pictures since are college days. Each picture had its own meaning. Then i looked at the bed and saw Her sleeping on it..

I looked at the beauty in red who was sleeping. Her hair all over her face and her hands on her lap. I notice something on her lap. I slowly took it out from her hands and saw it. It was a picture of Mine & Nupur when we won the 'Best Couple Contest' in college. Those days were beautiful. I bend over and kiss Nupur's forehead. She stirrs a little but doesnt wake up. A smile comes on her face. Looks likes she was dreaming about pleasant things. I thought of letting her sleep. I move out of the room to get a glass of water for myself.

As I enter the room im shocked. Nupur was standing there looking at me with disbelief.
I smile hesistantly. She is still shocked.

She walks towards me & touches my face to make sure im real. She is shocked to know that it is real.
Nupur: Mayank???...and then she faints..

I catch her in my arms & lay her down on the bed. I sit beside her and shake her. She openes her eyes & looks at me again with the same expression....


Nupur's Point Of View:
(From 2 mins ago)

What is this? Whats happening to me? I never saw a dream like this? Infact i stopped having dreams since He left me. But why does it seem that he IS here. But he left...
I was having a same dream where Mayank was with me on the beach. He moved foward and kissed my forehead. The kiss however seemed tooo real.

After i woke up and look at the time. The cleaning crew was due at 5pm. It was just 3pm now. I move out of the bed and look up when someone enters my room. Its MAYANK!!!
I think im dreaming again.. How can it be Him? But he seems real... I walk towards him hesistantly. He smiles at me.

I touch his face to prove myself that he is just an imagination & will disappear when i touch him. But when i touch him, i realize that its not air im touching...ITS REALLY MAYANK!!!

Suddenly everything before me becomes black as the emotional stress wins over me.. Im aware that someone has caught me and is carrying me. But the hands and its touch is horribly familiar so i dont object. Someone shakes me & i open my eyes.

Mayank is sitting before me & looking at me with a concerned expression.. OH GOD!! My Mayank is back... It was No Dream. I flung my arms around his neck and i feel his hands wounding up around my waist.. Its so good to be in his arms again. Its so good to feel the sense of belonging to Him...

I feel him kissing my nape softly from the back. I tighten my arms around him. I dont want this moment to finish. I want the time to stop...
Mayank gently kisses my neck. My eyes close in bliss. My arms unwound around him as I settle myself on his chest. His arms were still around me. He kisses the top of my head.

Sigh!! Everything is Wonderful..

Mayank: Nupur.....
Me: Hmmm...
Mayank: Im Sorry...
I look at his face confused. Infact i had already forgotten everything about those 5 years. Then i realize what was he talking about. I move out of his arms and look at him.

We both stare at each other for eternity. Our eyes spoke volumes. There was no need to say anything. I looked into his eyes and knew that she got to know the truth. And from my eyes he knew that i forgave him.

He kissed my forehead thanking me for forgiving him. He moved to my lips and looked into my eyes. I closed my eyes allowing him. He kissed my lips as softly as he could. I started responding back to him. When we both were breathless we parted. He looked into my eyes and i blushed. I was really blushing after years. I only acted in movies. Nothing was Real. Neither my blushing nor my smiling. But now everything was. Everything was Real & True.

Me: You know Mayank I .... I missed you a lot...
Mayank: I Know Nupur...Me 2..We both are incomplete without each other.. I never knew the importance you had in my life until we parted.. I Love you Nupur...
Me: I Love you 2....and I kissed him on his cheek..

Mayank: Nupur, before I start behaving like an Idiot Again, Lets get married...
Me: Haan...Tum to Idiot ho hi..But you are my idiot...
I smiled..

I suddenly thought something..

Me: Mayank...I will have to talk to my director. Im doing just one movie right now. And it will also finish after two months. If you want i can leave the movie...

Mayank: What are you saying Nupur??

Me slowly: You dont like naa? My being an actress? I can leave it.. You are much much more important to me than my career.

Mayank (tears in his eyes): Nupur... I know i was rude that day.. But Nupur I Dont care about that now....I just care about you...I know how much you love being an actress.. It was your childhood dream Nupur...And...Your Dreams are My dreams..How can i break my Own Dream!!...Nupur, you can do anything like you...I want you in my life...not the interference of dreams and never stopped me from doing anything i liked...why should i?..

I was overcome by my emotions...I hugged him tightly...My Mayank was back to me with perhaps more brains..

Me: How come you are getting so emotional?

Mayank: Staying away from the one you love does that to people...Nupur, I dont want to loose you ever...I Love You too much...

Before i could respond he kissed me promising me a life full of love, dreams & passion....I kissed him back promising him the same....

Phewww I hope it makes sense!! Im writing after monthss!!!Embarrassed
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am i the first one to comment
it was oh
i was totally lost into it
i am having tears in my eyes
u deserve a standing ovation
beautiful is all i can sayClap
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dat was beatiful...wonderfully written....ClapClap

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awesome kanika...............lovely one shot.......loved the way nupur decorated their house.......mayur are tooooooooo cute........u r a superb write a ff.......keep it up.............Embarrassed
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Hey that waz awesome. I loved it!! Keep it upClap
karankritz Senior Member

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awesome!! soo sad u r relly creative!  

sanniya IF-Sizzlerz

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JUs Perfect ..i think PD shuld read it..   i really wann this scene of mayur..Tongue

"Mayank is sitting before me & looking at me with a concerned expression.. OH GOD!! My Mayank is back... It was No Dream. I flung my arms around his neck and i feel his hands wounding up around my waist.. Its so good to be in his arms again. Its so good to feel the sense of belonging to Him...

I feel him kissing my nape softly from the back. I tighten my arms around him. I dont want this moment to finish. I want the time to stop...
Mayank gently kisses my neck. My eyes close in bliss. My arms unwound around him as I settle myself on his chest. His arms were still around me. He kisses the top of my head.

Sigh!! Everything is Wonderful.."

i Jus LUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv this part alooooooooot ...i luv the way u clarify each n every emotion plus everythng is like happn infront of ma eyes ....MUSt say ur a Gr8 writer..Clap

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Oh my god its brilliant i was so touched. Keep it up. I would love to read more.

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