~*~Happy Birthday Kimmu~*~

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Once upon a time, well June 9th 1990 something (too much work to do the mathLOL) a girl named Kiran was born. She grew up into the witty little girl who creates amazing VMz, writes awesome FFs (which she needs to continue) and creates (well used to) beautiful siggies, bosses everyone around (not really LOL ), makes her brother chase cars so that she can read the license plate, is terrified of dogs even though everyone on her street has one

But we still love her and know her as the sweet person that she really is. I think we all know who I'm talking about and who's birthday it is. Plus the topic title gave it away didn't it?LOL

Happy Birthday

kimmu a.k.a Kiran



Gimme a K!
Gimme a I!
Gimme a M!
Gimme a Z!
What does that spell?!?!

KIMZ! (I was going to go with your full name - but then I got tired of writing out 'gimme') LOL

Now what's so special about today huh? LOL Nothing in particular except its your BIRTHDAY! *squishygushytacklehug* Happy 15th Birthday Kiran! HugI have a song to dedicate to you on your birthday - courtesy of youtube. *moment of silence for the love we all feel for this site*

*60's dance steps* WILD THING! YOU MAKE MY HEART SING! Silly

Now *stern face* Just because you are 15 doesn't mean you can do whatever you want - unless of course no one is watching - then go ahead! LOL *sigh* My nanad (ROFLI LOVE YOU VIKKI!) is growing up! LOL You better not change - keep replying to my PM's late - cringing whenever you see Meet and most important of all - remember, practise makes perfect. Wink

Happy Birthday! Blushing

--shabz aka mrs.vikki



Hey Kimzie!

Happy Birthday!

Hope you have a fabulous day and come back to I-F soon when you get time! Been long time and the SMAKRRRSZ are missing you!

Take care,



kimz. kimmu. kimmie.
in how many ways can i describe what i know of thee?

when i first saw your replies
at my bt,lts,
i thought -- hmmm, here's philosopher,
deep thinker,
yet someone who's mischievous and naughty,
and bold and sassy.

plus she's founder first member of the phhandooh at,
as well as innovator and key contributor to the phictionary.

didja know she's the scientist creator of
       ''the rules of (ph)ysics'' and  ''phemistry'',
who gave us the brilliant discovery of phenotypes that showed,
    exactly what lay within the phhandooh genetic code?

and she is not just a ph-oooh geek.
no! this chick's far too sleek!
'cause she can be quite a phrebel, starting phights
at the phhandooh-at polls, by taking no sides, neither left or right!

another avatar of kimz is vm-maker extraordinaire -- matching songs she knows,
with the most apt scenes from the shows.
'cause one of my phavourite vms ever-ever,
is her jaaniya ve vm that so beautifully captures what causes a phhandooh fever.

so when i think of kimmie,
my mind's eye can't help but see,
laughter: bubbling over, unstoppable, frothy,
rebellion: irreverant but friendly, inhibition-free.

i guess i could go on and on,
but that would make this another estee-post, boring and long! LOL

on kimmie's b'day, i thought i'd be,
just as merry, and care-free,
as kimmie, who i'd like to wish, a whole lot more
laughter, fun, deep thoughts, great phooh scenes, phhandooohs galore

as also anything your heart can wish,
flowers? chocolates? boys who will sweep you off your feet with a preet-like flourish? LOL

may you get any wish.
and every wish.
and much much more. today, tomorrow all through the year.
happy b'day, kimz. kimmu. kimmie .... er .... dear?



Today seems to be something special... Let's see... Its Tuesday.... another hectic university day... another lab external ...O ya!!!! its your BIRTHDAY!!!!

PartyParty  Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!PartyParty

Though we havent talked much, still we are friends coz friendshi doesnt need wordsEmbarrassed... I pray to god that you taste every possiblr success in your life in this coming year and always keep smiling, fir dekhna "Problems ki chutti"Big smileLOL
Ok enough of bhashan...Here I have got something for you. Its a VM..well VM on the same song you had made once and that was beyond outstanding. I know its not good like yours but still I couldnt get a better song than this one to present you. Here you go.. and dont forget to taste the chocolates....Big smile.. Happy Birthday once againHug
Love ya loads
PriyoBig smile



Dear Kimz,
Hi! So I don't think we've met before, so hi, I'm Bhav! I heard it was your birthday, so I figured, hey, let's wish you! Big smile So happy birthday! Hope you have a totally awesome year ahead!
Bhav (:



Dear Big smile Kimz,

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to dear Kimz!
Happy Birthday to You!

Many many happy returns of the day. May you have many more to come! Hope you have a great Thumbs Up day. May your birthday be filled with nothing but excitement and laughter Party and may the coming year bring you immense joy! Besides, your birthday only comes around once a year so make the most of it Wink Kimz. You're such a sweet person and a lovely Embarrassed friend indeed. I still remember how you used to encourage with your beautiful comments on my FF.

Wishing you all the success and happiness in the world!

Lots of love Hug




Happy birthday Kimmu! :) You're an amazing person, and a great friend. I don't remember how we got talking, but I do remember that our PMs didn't stop! Big smile Hope you have an amazing day (: and your birthday is just as great as you!

Here's your giftt -




KIMZYY!!!!! My sweetieee piee!! LOL! LOL I hve no idea why i said that!

H-A-P-P-Y  B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y!!!!!!Hug
have a great, wonderful, smashing, awesome, amazing, happiest birthday everr!!!
this wish is trully from my heart for a wonderful and joyous person like you!!
I'm sooooo glad to meet you on I-F and become really great friends!Embarrassed
I miss you alot nowadays since ur kinda inactive on the forums, but thats okay, i understhand that school's probably keeping you busyLOL But when you come back, we're gonna do loadss of masti!! and we TOTALLY have to drool over House! lmao!!LOLLOL *sigh* good times, good times!
Happy birthday once again hun!! hve a blast!!!! oh and leave some cake for me! heheheLOL
Luv yaaa!!




Happy Birthday Kimz!!

Hi! Hello! Kimzz, kaha ho?  I haven't talked to you in ages. Hope you have an awesome birthday and many more beautiful ones in the future. May you get all the happiness in the world cause you truely deserve it. Hope all your wishes come true. I hope you enjoy your special day and get lots of presents. Miss you. Have fun and come back soon!

Loads of love,
Anza *hug*



Happy Birthday Kimmu!! Big smile


Eee you're getting older! Tongue And yes I know...not as old as me, whatever it's still old! Big smile I don't remember exactly how we met, probably on one of your vm threads or the CC, but I'm definitely glad we have since we got closer! Big smile

You've been such a great friend throughout the months that we've been friends and I really appreciate that! Embarrassed I love whenever our pm's start cus they go on forever and ever about the stupidest things sometimes! Big smile Although all the talks about music is always fun specially when we disagree and then end up agreeing on it! Wink But now recently...I miss you!! Unhappy But Ravs told me she already pm'd you that last night so I'm not going to waste time talking about it! Big smile

I know you deserve more of a gift, and I was thinking of making you a vm, but I know that I'd never be able to match up to your amazingness, and so I wrote this one shot! Embarrassed I just hope you like it! Big smile

Happy Birthday again! Big smile HugHugHug

Love you loads and loads and loads,




Happy Birthday Kimz!!!!
Hope you have an amazingly wonderfully awesome day!

I remember when we first met. It was in the chatties thread (funny how I meet everybody there LOL ) Anywa, there I got to know you and found out how crazy you are and then we formed SMAKRRRZ and made Meera do pooja for each new thread (though we kinda haven't for like the last 3 or 4 threads...) And then you teased me with Shabo and thought of names and nicknames which cracked me up. Oh and before I forget, Satipal says Happy Birthday. And so do Usman and Farhan LOL

Remember them? Usman's the guy I always argue with Farhan is well...Farhan LOL I think we mentioned them when we were talking about how we have friends with the same name. Not sure why I remember that but I do LOL

Yeah so I should stop going off topic. And now I forgot what I was gonna say. Oops LOL Oh yeah! ILY!!!! I missed you so much! So much that I PMed you saying Meera misses you LOL I haven't talked to you in so long (well I did today but still) and I just wanna let you know how cool you are and you always made me smile with your interesting comments, you bossing Vikki around, looking at dreamy eyes, tripping Farid for me and making up songs. You're a sweet little child (you gave me permission to call you that remember? LOL ) and hope you never change. Keep smiling and hope all you dreams come true.


P.S. I'm still working on the story for you which I'll post on the Kis Desh forum later on. I'll PM it to you =)



Kimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmz! Happy birthdaaaay hope you have a great day and do tons of mastii haha...its been great knowing you i dnt think ive ever met any1 so crazy and paagal llike yuuu but dw its all good ;)... haven't spoek to u in a while now i miss yuu =( but still party likeee a rockstarrr and have loadzza cake don't 4get to leave me a slice
Lots of Love AsmaHug



*walks down the room humming to herself when her gaze falls upon the calender* haila, what it tht i see? it cant be! there is no this can happen, *shivers* its....its...its KIMZ B-DAY!! i am not ready for this...i havent even decorated the room, gotten the cake, sent out invitations, or gotten the boys ready for their dance! *shakes head muttering to self* oh wait a minute...*snaps fingers* i dont have to! i dnt live nxt to ya, lmao! wht am i stressing for? i jst gotta wish ya, write tht shot, make sure the boys are being nice to ya, akki proposes, farii stops being a perve, vikzie lets off the protective side for a sec..oh shit, thts still a lot, well i can do tht, its nt tht hard, coming frm me, *roflmao*
now lets see...have i babbled enough? apparently not, as i see you are still smirking and shaking ur head at my crazyness, u knw u love me! now let us go back to the old times, relive a few memories. We first met thru my fic, one pm and we become besties like tht! nxt thing i knw, im telling u everything and we're having these twinnie moments, haha, we become diaries for one another and then sisters in different places, we were still able to read one another thru the IM mssgs though. I dont think i've ever been so close to someone this quickly and prolly never wont. ur my bestie and ily tons and tons!
Then i met the boys thru you, remember the first time i talked to vikki, my sarcasm had him laughing and u asking me why i chose tht day to be so damn sarcastic, but then again, when aint i sarcastic? *smirks* come on now! lmao And then me talking to farid and the rest of the boys, angelina jolie, california girly and a flirting chick..*shakes head* months have passed since then and our friendship is still going on strong...we've gone thru some tough times, you knw wht they are, one was just last week. *grins* but ya knw wht? in the end, it only makes us stronger buddies, and im glad farid is there to kick my ass when im being too bitchy and make me realize how stupid i can be sometimes, but shush, i didnt say tht. *winks*
I want ya to knw, tht no matter how rude i can be, i love ya, cuz ur my twinnie/daughter/bestie, now come on, wht wud i do w.o u? =] i wud prolly go crazy with my wacko ideas and pranks with no one to share em with, and then our crazy new things we start, like the *dms*, *gibbs-style girlie smack*, our nicknames...and the pranks we pull on the boys, haha, their so hilarious to watch *roflmao* and remember this, no matter what, when, where or why, im here for ya, cuz thts wht we do. *hugs*
now lets talk abt some lighter choco, starbucks, chipotle, mocha, our boys. OMG! Like oh my gosh! *rofl* i jst felt like sayin tht...lmao now lets see, Westlife! dont ever forget em, and oh yah, as soon as u can, go to youtube and look for their concert, watch em shake their booties to "sexy back" *roflmao* tht was the most hilarious thing they cud do, lmao. Now i shud stop tlkin, my time to turn this message in is running out, so better move on, and tell the rest to ya when its midnite! *muahaha*
Luv ya
 - Rinki..


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And you have 1 more msg from RadzBig smile
Dearest Kimmu,

First and foremost, Happy Birthday! I hope the day is filled with joy and laughter, and that you have loads of fun. I miss talking to you about random things, and pretend stalking your brother (how's that going by the way?). I miss talking to you, end of story.

I'd go on about how knowing you has been fun, and entertaining, and how you are an awesome friend, but knowing me I'd probably get distracted and start praising myself half-way. I'm very tempted to start now. LOL

So sweetheart, I'll end with another simple Happy Birthday. May all your wishes come true!

A little gift from me to you.


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my spot! Big smile Will be edited tom! Big smile

But Happy BIRTHDAY KIMZ!! Big smile
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Happy b-day loveyy!
*hugs and cuddles*
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Happy birthday KiranHughope you enjoy your day to the fullestEmbarrassedTongue


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Happy B'day Kimz!! Big smile
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Happy Birthday Kimmu, have a great one =]]
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Happy Birthday Kim!!...Hug

will edit..

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