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AK-KaSu-RM FF: ~TUMSE HI~ EPILOGUE:Pg117 (7/01) (Page 7)

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 June 2009 at 1:59am | IP Logged

Recap: We find out that Angad is in love with sameera, kripa is a fan of Angad, Angad goes to delhi and meets kripa at the airport they have a fan-rockstar meeting and leave.

Kripa has to convince her family to allow her to go to Mumbai!

Muskaan and Riddhima receive approval letters aswell Riddhima is ready to fly and muskaan needs permission, but before she could ask her dad overhears.

An aage'

Part 2- The beginning of a new Life



Muskaan's dad overhears her and gives her a murderous glance and shoots to his room. Muskaan gulps and looks at her mother who gives her a stern look then at her sisters who do the same. She understands shes all alone on this'

"masi, main aapke saath hoon" rohan tells her and she smiles.

"thank you!"
"chalo papaji se baat karein" he pulls her to the room, muskaan is dead scared but decides that if she wants to live her dreams she has to do this, 'its now or never'

after several arguments "papaji, main bas ek baar apni zindagi khul ke jeena chahti hoon apne sapnon ko choona chahti hoon, please papaji bas ek baar phir aap jahan kahenge, jab kahenge main shaadi karloongi" she promises with tears in her eyes and her father gives it a thought and looks at her full of love, he hated to see her cry after all she was his ladli, just being in this cruel world he had to protect her and for that if he had to be strict he was. He pulls her close and kisses her forehead. "jaa, apna sapna pura karle" he tells her smiling.

"sach?" she says excited and hugs her dad "I love you papaji"


finally they reach at the airport after her mother nazar utarna and blah blah' they tell her to look after herself, her bro-in-laws and sisters are also there, happy for her!

She sees rohan standing and crying silently she goes to him "hey champ, kudi ki tarhan ro raha hai?"

"nahi to" he lies rubbing he's tears, she gives him a fake boxing punch "I'll miss you champ"

"Me too" they hug!

Muskaan leaves chandigarh with tears of happiness and sadness mixed.



Kripa reaches home and her mother informs her that mehul thinks she wont come and is in his room upset.

She goes sneaking "happy birthday to you' happy birthday to you" he hears this and jumps up with happiness looking for her but finds a gift and tape on his table "aap phirse nahi aayi na? I hate u! kabhi aapse baat nahi karoonga" he says looking at the tape and she smiles behind the door "lekin yeh gift aur tape kahan se aaya?" he thinks and goes out.

"BOO" she scares him.

he's excited to see her "DI!" he hugs her and they have a casual bro-sis talk. She gives him he's gift then they party.

At night she decides to strike the news since they were all so happy.

"mom' Dad' I need to talk to you"

"haan bolo na beta'" surya tells her.

"dad' mujhe offer aayi hai ke main Mumbai ke India times mein jaa ker kaam karoon" without looking up or waiting for her answer "aap to jaante hain mera bachpan se sapna tha ke main Mumbai jaoon, please dad mana mat karna, please" she looks up at him innocently her eyes filled with dreams.

Her mother and father share glance "beta humne tujhe delhi jaane ki manzoori di lekin Mumbai' nahi tu jaanti hai na wahan sab kuch alag hai, wahan ki zindagi, tor tareeke, log sab alag hai hum tujhe wahan nahi jaane de sakhte" her father tries to explain.

"kyun dad? Please ek baar agar mujhe problem hui to main lot aaoongi, please mujhe jaane do" she requests but after several arguments also they don't agree.

She locks herself in the room not eating, but actually she had a stock of chocolates and drinks in her room because this was the way she always got her ways, at first her dad didn't agree but after gayatri made him understand he comes to see her, they knock the room and kripa quickly hides the chocolates and crisps, quickly swallows the bite in her mouth and opens the door making a puupy dog face.

"dekh kripa' okay I'm not going to give lectures" her father starts but stops seeing the expression on her face, "you can go" he smiles and she has a huge smile, she gives him one tight hug "thank you papa" she says and looks at her mother behind, giving her a flying kiss cause she knew only her mother could make him understand.

In no time kripa was on the flight, she didn't get much time to pack so hardly any suitcases, she decided to shop there she had enough saved for shopping.


Riddhima was all set to go, she does her goodbyes to nani and her dad, she has tears because she was going to miss her family but luckily anjie-atul were there for her. Finally they were in Mumbai, atul-anjie go through the crowd and start getting there luggage while Riddhima just admires the place with amit in the pram, just the feeling to be back in Mumbai made her smile, she breathes in the air to feel it and she's excited, this was the place she spent the most precious times of her life, her school, her house, her mom's memories and death, this place had it all. She sees a huge crowd in the center of the airport, she tries to look through and realizes it was the president.

Armaan was there, he was taking pics of him while riya (his colleague) was asking questions and recording answers, after he had enough of the pictures "ri im done, I'll see you tomorrow" he tells her before making his way out. Armaan had a awesome job, he just had to take pics of the ones he was told then he was free to do what he wanted' so now he was free, sometimes rahool could be nice he thought while checking out the babes. He starts taking pictures of the air hostesses and the girls around, then he sees 'HER' she was so beautiful and elegant, dressed in a green and yellow churidar, she was looking beautiful, her hair loose, and she was laughing at something, her smile OMG he could die for, her eyes' his eyes were stuck on her beautiful eyes' he could drown in them forever he thought.

He started taking pictures of her, amit woke up so she started playing with him trying to make him keep quiet since he was a mummy's boy and wouldn't stay if he didn't see her, she was trying to show him things and pouting her lips, talking in baby language, she was a beauty. Finally she puts amit to sleep and notices Armaan, she makes a angry face, tells anji-atul to go, she'll be back in a moment, she goes upto him.

"excuse me" she calls trying to get his attention while he was trying to act innocent.

"yes?" he acts innocent.

"aap meri tasweer kheech rahe the?" she asks blowing her nose.

He smiles in anger she even looked prettier.

"hello main aapse kuch pooch rahi hoon" she says annoyed.

"nahi to, why would i?" he acts.

"natak band karo, main jaanti hoon ke tum meri hi tasweer kheech rahe the, camera yahan do" she asks politely but in a rude way.

"nahi doonga! Kya karlogi?" he starts acting funny, she gets annoyed and tries to snatch it but he keeps moving it here then there, she almost looses balance but controls but he looses it in her eyes, she gets annoyed and snatches the camera before he could realize and takes out the role.

She smirks "thanks" and goes away.

"arre, mera roll, please suno" but she was gone.

"oh shi* ab main kya karoon? Wo rahoool to meri jaan le lega!" he thinks annoyed by that time the president had sat in his car and gone, he gets worried.


India Times Office, Mumbai Branch;

Armaan was still annoyed "wo ladki kahin dhik jaaye to uske kher nahi! Meri poori mehnat par paani phir gaya" he was telling his friend bhasker.

"galati to teri bhi hai, kisi anjaan ladki ke photo khiche ga to yehi hoga na? tu to shukr mana ke usne tujhe sandal se ya thapar nahi maari, warna to teri izzat ka kachra hojata" bhasker tells him the possibilities and Armaan dreams of that girl slapping him and everybody laughing "NAHI" he gets back holding his cheek, "thank god man" anyways, aaj Richa ka birthday hai so I've made some arrangements, he winks.

"tu nahi sudhrega" bhasker nodds his head.

"sudharne ki zaroorat hai" he winks and leaves.

All arrangements are ready and bhasker sees richa coming, he comes and informs them.

Armaan gets the flowers ready and they start falling when Riddhima enters, she smiles and looks up looking beautiful (see the VM below, this scene is in) and Armaan sits on his knees presenting a flower but looks up and sees her, she also see him and they both look at eachother in disbelief.

"TUM" Armaan blurts and ridzi gets worried, she gulps and looks around for help.

"tumhe to main! Ek to mere kaam par paani pher diya aur ab yeh, yahan kya karne aayi ho? hun? meri complain? mera rol lekar dil nahi bhara? tumhe to main" he says shouting annoyed and she gets scared and looks down, everyone stops him and richa enters and Armaan goes to greet her, ridzi feels insulted and bad she runs to the ladies and cries a little, then she goes for her interview.

Kripa and muskaan also arrive, three of them sit outside rahul's office and smile at eachother.

"Miss Kripa sharma, please go in"

Kripa goes and Rahul is pretty impressed with her, he hands her the key for her flat and a car but she says she'd prefer to share the apartment since she promised her parents she wouldn't stay alone and she also would get bored alone. He tells her to wait outside then he'll show her the cabin and her flat mates.

Riddhima goes in and he's also impressed with her, he tells her that she'll be sharing the apartment with two other girls, and he'll introduce them in a bit. She also goes out and muskaan goes in.

She straightens up and prays to babaji the boss is nice' she was wearing a skirt and poloneck top with a scarf, hair tied up in a high pony, she goes in'

"miss. Muskaan chadda right' please have a seat" he tells her, she sits and looks at him in disbelieve.

"haaye rabba, aap to Rahul nanda hain' nahi nahi, aisa kaise hosakhta hai" she pinches herself and he blushes he loved female attention.

"haayo rabba yeh to aap hi ho, OMG meri dost to aapki bohot waddi fan hai, actually aapki nahi aapke fashion ki" he gives her a stern look but she doesn't stop blabbering "haaye asli mein to zyada acche lagte hain, photo mein to mujhe bilkul kharoos dikhte the aap, lekin humare magazine ke har edition mein ek page to aapka hona hi hona tha kyunki editor ke jo favourite the, mujhe to bohot ghussa aata tha'" she continues blabbering then more and more for half an hour.

"will you shut up now!" he shouts a little when he noticed the annoying blaberring didn't stop, she looks at him stunned and starts crying "aapne mujhe shut up kaha, aap aisa kaise karsakhte hain' blah blah" another round of blabbering emotional one this time, he holds his head.

"im sorry meri maa, im very sorry! Please aap chup karengi to hum kaam ki baat kar sagein?" he tells her in a soft annoyed tone, he explains to her the work and she doesn't say anything. He was so happy 'that the contracts were only one month then he could decide if he wanted to renew or not and Ms. Chadda was a definite no, no!' he thought.

He then showed Riddhima and muskaan there desk outside with around eight more people and Kripa a cabin for herself. He asks Kripa if she would want to stay with these two and she agrees, he gives them the keys and tells the driver to show them the apartment.


The girls introduce themselves and leave for the apartment in kripa's car following the driver. Kripa has one small suitcase, Riddhima has a big one and one small one, and muskaan has one huge one but that's not all, a truck arrives, with around five more suitcases for muskaan and her scooty. Riddhima and Kripa give each other glances laughing about there new house mate. Muskaan had brought everything, from photo frames, to lamps to food and acchar, she tells the girls that they all could share and keeps it in the fridge filling the whole fridge and refrigerator up. LOL

At night after setting up everything they finally sit in peace.

Riddhima & Kripa:

"so kripa you are from delhi' kaisa hai wahan?"

"from kolkatta" she corrects "I've been living in delhi there both awesome but some unseen dream must have been pulling me here, over there I had been promoted to chief editor but when I think about Mumbai, it pulls me so im here as the new associate chief editor of Mumbai times" she smiles "what about you, hows shimla? I've always had a dream to visit shimla"

Riddhima thinks "shimla' hm, its beautiful, the snowy mountains, the cold weather, warm summer wit rainbows wow its beautiful' but you know I'm originally a mumbaikar" she smiles.

"really?" kripa asks confused

"yup, we just moved to shimla three years back"

Her face falls but she lies "just dad got a better job there" she smiles

"Oh okay' hey muskaan, yahan aao na" kripa looks at muskaan and calls her.

Muskaan also comes and they chat till late, Riddhima makes them amazing coffee aswell now she was caught with that, they had booked her for coffee everyday since that was the best coffee they tasted [because they didn't have to make it. LOL lazy]



That's it for now guys next part will be up pretty soon! From next part I'll try to include each couple equally but since this is the starting I'm just filling in now there all in Mumbai so they'll all have scenes from next part, some people wanted AR scenes since the last time I didn't have any, luckily this part had some. LOL didn't have to work on it just the editing; now next part I'll be typing from tomorrow so it might take a while! By the way I don't know why when I was writing it that time didn't put any part of Angad, but next part I'll definitely add some AK scenes.


Hope you liked it! Please comment/criticize or simply hit the LIKE button, below!




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hey Nadz,
amazing part,dear.....really very well written....loved AR......hehe..Armaan getting stunned by Ridhima's elegance and Ridhima being herself....they had to fight in their first meeting.......hehe......but RM were awwwwww......cute as usual......Muskaan being her usual self and loved the last scene too...between the three friends........very simple yet sweet...great update..cant wait to read continue soon!!!!!!!
k_anjali12 IF-Rockerz

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hey dearSmile

                  nice part......Clap                 thanks for the pm..........Smile                 continue soooooon...........Day Dreaming

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ksasi IF-Rockerz

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nice prt.
Thanks for pm.
Update soon.
AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 10 June 2009 at 3:48am | IP Logged
hey great part.. continue soon.
love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 June 2009 at 4:21am | IP Logged
LOVELY PART!!!!!!!!!
ar scene was gud....
wil wait 4 ak scene in nxt part...
cont soon...
angadluvkripa Senior Member

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Posted: 10 June 2009 at 4:53am | IP Logged
gr8 update!!!!!!!
ar scene was nice
cont soon....
Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 June 2009 at 6:43am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arvanu

hey Nadz,
amazing part,dear.....really very well written....loved AR......hehe..Armaan getting stunned by Ridhima's elegance and Ridhima being herself....they had to fight in their first meeting.......hehe......but RM were awwwwww......cute as usual......Muskaan being her usual self and loved the last scene too...between the three friends........very simple yet sweet...great update..cant wait to read continue soon!!!!!!!

Hey Hug

Firstly thanks for reading and commentingHug

Awwww im glad u liked it, and think it was well writtenEmbarrassedEmbarrassed hmmm armaan stunnedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed but they had to fightCryCry but not for longEmbarrassed muskaan lolLOLLOL and im glad u liked the three friends scene as wellEmbarrassed will definitely update soon !



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