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AK-KaSu-RM FF: ~TUMSE HI~ EPILOGUE:Pg117 (7/01) (Page 3)

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Originally posted by nehasfan

SUPERB INTRO!!!!!!!!!!

cont soon.....

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Awww im so happy you think it was superbEmbarrassedEmbarrassed!

Will doWink


Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 June 2009 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by deeya123

nice concept
start soon

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

ooooh im so excited such nice responseEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed im glad u liked it!

will doWink


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Originally posted by arvanu

hey Nadz,
amazing intro,dear.....just fab.......cant wait to read this one continue soon and do PM me if u could!!!!btw,love the title used.......its my too........heheheBig smile

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Awww im glad u like itTongue! aww thanksEmbarrassed im glad u wanna read itWink will do!

me toooo im sooooo in love with it! it was actually on Rankan thats why the song but then muskaan looked more hooked to the role of kanya so i changed her. LOLLOLLOL


Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by Riddss

heyyy dear,
continue soon


HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Awww im glad u like itTongue!

Will doWink


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Originally posted by sameira-90


great  intro... can't wait to read more..

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Awww im glad u like itTongue!


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Originally posted by Radhika Shah

Awesome concept!!!!!

please continue soon and PM me!!!!!!!!!!

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Awww im glad u like itTongue!

Will doWink


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Radhika Shah

Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by imane568

I am adoring my fav couple even more..Rahul Muskaan sound awesome!!! they are obberly cute in this love it!
CONTINUE SOON...i am waiting by ur fic..literally...

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Awww im glad u like itTongue! awww im just glad u like them hereWinkLOL there funny tooLOL

JanuableEmbarrassedEmbarrassed nice word to decribe themLOLEmbarrassed

awww thanks for waiting heres the next part!!!!


Nadz_YuNalover IF-Addictz

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Part 1- Reaching out for Dreams


"good morning sir" everyone stands up and greets him as they see him walking in.

"morning everyone' Vijay please come to my cabin"Angad  tells his assistant as he goes into his office.

"vijay aaj koi appointments hain mere?" he asks the young man when he enters his office.

"yes sir, nine thirty you have a appointment with Mr. Trivedi regarding the AK project, then at eleven o'clock you have a appointment with Mr. Thakkar regarding the concert and at 3 o'clock you have a flight to delhi with Mr. Kartik for the Sa Re Ga Ma project." He explains and Angad gets a shock "DELHI' I knew I was forgetting something, CRAP is it already 10th?" he looks at the calendar to confirm' "Okay thanks vijay, kal ke mere kuch appointment the, just cancel them" Angad tells him handing him the diary.

"Man, time flies! Oh no tomorrow is Samz birthday, let me call her" he thinks and dials a number.

A: hey love, whatsup?

S: Angad, how are you? nothing at all just missing you!

A: hmmm, good good, missing you too, babez I gotta go to delhi today so I wont make it to the party tomorrow

S: you cant be serious" she says shocked.

A: sorry love cant help it work, work!

S: but aunty said she was gonna announce the engagement!

A: I know babez but sorry, mum cant do anything about this, I have to be there tomorrow or we'll lose the contract.

S: okay I understand, but I'll miss you" she says pouting.

A:Me too, when I'm back we'll fix a date, okay, now I gotta go, speak to you later. Love u!

He tells her before hanging up and she blushes.

Sameera '

angad's childhood friend, long time crush and now girlfriend, she is in the air force, they had been going out from two years and now decided to spend life together, Naina and sameera's mom were best buddies so Angad-sam were childhood friends, naina had decided that on sameera's birthday which was kept at khanna house they would announce the engagement.



Next morning, at her apartment;

Kripa was smiling to herself, while making coffee and toast. She has her coffee and toast, and then she washes her dishes, makes her bed.

She sits and watches the news channel on TV;

"Aaj humare saath hain Mr. ANGAD KHANNA the rockstar! So Mr. khanna, aap humein batayye, aapki success ka secret kya hai?" kripa's eyes widen as she hears the news reporter interview Angad, she was a huge fan of him, although from the outside a person would think she's very serious and boring but from the inside she was fun and rocking!

"meri success" Angad starts in his husky voice

She was totally mesmerized by his voice' she loved all his songs!

"Well mere hisaab se meri success ka shre mere fans ko jaata hai, I'm here because of them today" he tells the reporter' Kripa watches the whole interview as Angad talks about his concert and all other casual stuff.

"arre kripz tu uth gayi?" her friend harshini asks as she comes out from her room, still in pyjamas and kinda sleepy.

Kripa was staying with harshini, who was also a journalist in India Times.

"waise kripa, tu kitne baje jaa rahi hai kolkatta?"

kripa gets surprised "kolkatta?? Aaj??" she's surprised and harshi gives her a 'you forgot again' look and kripa remembers "OH CRAP, I just forgot, Oh my god, tu nahi hoti to kya hota? Agar aaj main nahi jaati to mehul to mujhse baat hi nahi karta, damn, thanks yaar' I need to go get a gift, I'll see you later" she runs out of the house taking her car keys and purse.


Finally she decides on a PSP for mehul, he'll surely forgive her for last weeks promise.

Kripa was very busy and it's difficult for her to go to Calcutta but mehul didn't understand and always fought with her to come and she literally made promises and forgot, last year she forgot he's birthday and he didn't talk to her for a month, she couldn't remember dates and stuff, she didn't have time to, she tried but always forgot'

"lucky iss baar harshi ne sahi waqt par baat ki' god aaj nahi jaati to meri to kher hi nahi thi" she entered the airport.

She gets her ticket there was still thirty minutes before boarding, so she decides to do some duty free shopping. "ghar jaa ke mom dad ko manana hai, yahan aane keliye itna fuss kar rahe the ab Mumbai ka naam sunke to unke peron tale zameen hi khisak jaayegi" she thinks how she'll convince them.


Angad and kartik arrived at the delhi airport'

"bhai Mr. Mathur se meeting kitne baje hai?" Angad asks.

"abhi do gante hain" kartik tells him looking at his watch.

"cool, I just want to get a gift for sam, I'll be back"

"okay but quick!"

Angad rushes and looks through the duty free shops' Angad was wearing a cap and trying to hide his face, he put the hoody on top aswell, looking down' he finally finds a very cute teddy bear saying I LOVE U, he goes to get it but someone elses hand is also there and he touches it [its kripa] they both look up and see eachother.

"Angad khanna?" she asks excited.

"sshhh" he puts a finger on his mouth "warna abhi bhir jama ho jayegi"

She just smiles "I'm such a big fan of yours, Oh my god, can I get a autograph"

He looks up at her, she was pretty young woman, dressed in a casual jeans and long dress topped with a short denim jacket' slim and slender, eyes were really attractive, he couldn't get his eyes off her eyes, they were so beautiful, but topped with glasses, he smiles.

"Of course, but I can please take this teddy bear" he asks and she smiles

"Sure, I don't have anyone to give it to yet" she blushes "so you can take it!"

He smiles "thanks" and signs the diary she was holding in her hand with a pen.

"thank you!" she tells him excited and starts to leave'

"excuse me" he calls and she turns "could you please pay this for me? Actually I'm running late and don't want to gather a crowd out here" he tells her handing his credit card and teddy to her.

"sure, it'll be my pleasure" she goes and pays for it while he tries best to hide his face.

"thanks once again" he tells her as they leave the shop.

"my pleasure!" they both leave to there destinations.




Rahul was sitting in his office going through few pictures.

He dials a extension to his secretary "Mona, Armaan ko ander behjo please"

"yes sir"


"come in"

"good morning sir" Armaan greets him.

"morning Armaan, please have a seat"

"thank you sir" he says with gritted teeth.

"Armaan I am certainly not happy with your work, what is this?" he asks handing the pictures to him, Armaan just grimaces and takes the pictures.

"I told you I want pictures on common people and this is what you bring" Armaan is confused 'if this wasn't common people what were there?'

"samjhe nahi? Look by common people I mean the actual middle class people, people looking for jobs, orphan children etc etc.. not some people with business suits, or hotel owners or Mercedes owners, I want the rickshaw drivers, the bicycle riders, the Mercedes drivers etc' do you understand" he explains to him and Armaan nodds his head.

"okay so get me these pictures by 3pm tomorrow" Rahul instructs him.

"yes sir'" he gets up and leaves. [will show his version below]

he sees a file "oh yes, these applications'" he goes through them.

"kripa sharma, oh yes prithvi sey baat hogayi hai, so she's in'" he tells himself then goes through many others and short lists five more, then goes through them again "Muskaan chadda' kaafi accha likhti hai, yup I think we should try her out, and oh yes Riddhima gupta, she's quite good aswell and she's done medical studies for a year that's really good....okay then these three girls final!"

He puts three of the biodatas in a file and goes to see Ranbir at the Nanda industries'

"sir, mr. Rahul has come to see you" his secretary informs him.

"oh yes behjdo unhe aur peon se kaho ek black coffee aur ek cappuccino le aaye"

"okay sir"

Rahul goes in "aao Rahul, kuch kaam tha?"

"nahi bhayya bus aapko yeh teen profiles dikhane the, in teeno ladkiyon ko maine chuna hai to replace our old staff"

Ranbir goes through "im very impressed Rahul, I believe waqt ke saath purani chozein bhi badalni chahiye and the decision to hire new staff is really good, we want young and talented people who'll go a long way with India times' and I'm leaving all the decisions in your hands! You don't have to ask me anything" Ranbir assures him and Rahul gets happy.

"thank you bhayya, I just hope these girls are good, ek mahine ka contract draw up kiya hai maine in teeno ke liye then if we are happy we'll increase it, by the yeh Kripa sharma, shes very good delhi branch mein she's the chirf editor but she wants to join our Mumbai branch so I'm making her the assistant editor"

"hmmm, good" Ranbir goes through her profile. "lo coffee bhi aa gayi teri favourite" he tells him and they both have coffee.


Two days later;

Muskaan is sitting in the garden swing with her best friend mandi (dr. sapna)

Breaking flowers "main Mumbai jaoongi, nahi jaaoongi, jaaoongi, nahi jaoongi' jaaoongi, nahi jaoongi??" she makes a said face.

"mandi maine applications to kitne bheje, ek bhi approval nahi aaya, kya main kabhi Mumbai jaa paaoongi? Yahan se kabhi nikal paaoongi?" she asks breaking a flower.

"tu worry kyun karti hai, dekhna agar tere naseeb mein likha hoga ke tu Mumbai jayegi to tujhe koi nahi rok payega" she gives her usual philosophies.

"tu aur teri philosophies, main naseeb apna khud likhna chahti hoon' aur mere hisaab se mere naseeb mein Mumbai jaana hai" she just finishes her sentence and the post man comes looking for her.

"sachme, mereliye chiti hai?" she asks excited, takes the envelope and signs.

"oh babaji please please yeh chitti Mumbai ke liye hi ho" she closes her eyes and opens the envelope' she opens her half eye and sees India Times, and gets confused and opens the whole letter "India time? Maine kab apply kiya tha?" she starts to think.

"oye duffer bhool gayi na? yaad hai jab woh happy paper le ke aaya tha aur uss me ad thi ke ek fashion journalist ki post khali hai, tune fill to kiya tha" she reminds her and muskaan recalls'

"oh haan, lekin woh to bohot pehle kiya tha' anyway" she gets back to reading.


27th January 2009


Dear Ms. Muskaan Chadda,


We are delighted to inform you that you have been selected and hired as fasion journalist of Mumbai times.


Your job description and times will be explained to you when you arrive to Mumbai.


Please find attached your ticket to Mumbai dated 30th January 2009.


If you have any queries or problems please inform us before the 30th.


We hope to see you soon.


Good luck,

Ranbir (signature)

Mr. Ranbir Nanda


Muskaan has a happy and confused expression "jo job chahi nahi hoti wo miljaati hai aur jo chahiye thi'" she makes a sad face.

"tu bilkul pagal hai, muskaan ek baar tu Mumbai pohonch gayi phir samajh tujhe vorgue ya ellette mein kaam milgaya, ek baar waha pohonch to jaa, apna kaam unhe dikha, India times ke zariye hi saahi wo bas tera kaam dekhle phir to tujhe kahin bhi nokri miljayegi" she explains to her and muskaan is convinced.

"oye aaj date kaunsi hai?"

"aaj to 29th hai" they both look at eachother shocked.

"babaji' ab ki hoga? Papaji ko manana hai packing shacking karni hai ek din mein? Haaye main to gayi kaam se" muskaan says.


Muskaan is listening to her favourite daler paaji's song and dancing on her bed, her mother comes in and off's the radio "haaye yeh ladki kab sudhregi?"

"mummyji tussi yeh dialogue din mein kitni baar maroge?" muskaan laughs and falls straight on the bed.

"mummyji tussi jante ho aaj ki hogaya? Mainu to yakeen hi nahi Honda" [guys please forgive me, I don't know Punjabi just writing what I've heard on tv. LOL so forgive my Punjabi]

"aisa kya hogaya hai?"

"mummyji, mera sapna pura ho gaya" she says sitting up and leaning on her elbow "mujhe Mumbai bulaya hai" she tells her excited.

"haaye main to pagal ho jaoongi" she says falling back on her bed.

Her mother nodds her head "chal zameen per aaja, tere papaji kabhi nahi maanenge, to sapne dekhna band kar'"

"mummyji please kuch karo na, papaji ko sirf tussi hi mana sakhte ho' please" she begs her mother.

"mujhe beech mein mat ghaseet tu khud jaa ke unse baat kar aur bahar aa ja, soni aur raji aayi hain" her mother says walking out.

"mummyji!" she makes a face then remembers "raji di aur soni" she smirks.

"hello, mele bache chinky kahan hai" she asks rohan as she gives him a tight hug.

"masi maine aapke liye yeh banay hai" rohan hands her a picture with her on the stage [although it was ugly but the thought was so sweet, she got along very well with rohan, she always told him her dreams although he hardly understood]

"awww, its so cute! Thank you" she gives him a kiss.

She hugs raji, soni, harpreet and kisses a sleeping chinky.

She tells them what just happened and they both burst out laughing "aur tujhe lagta hai papaji haan kahenge?' they both start laughing again and muskaan gets annoyed, "yahan to mere sapne koi samajhta hi nahi" she turns her face.

"muskaan, hum samajhte hain, humare bhi sapne the lekin' sapne sirf dekhne keliye hote hain, pure hone ke liye nahi, aur hum ladkiyo'" she cuts soni before she could complete.

"ladkiyon ke liye nahi? Kyun? Hun, aaj bhi yeh double standards, auratein chand par pohonch gayi hai aur hum aaj bhi yeh dhakhiya nusi baatein leke behte hain, I don't care what main Mumbai jaa rahi hoon matlab jaa rahi hoon!

She says and notices her dad walking in, she gets scared.



"Hey beautiful" he greets his fellow colleague raima.

"armaan' kaise ho?"

"cool, rahooool agaya kya?"


"cool, hey mona darling, watsup? Tera boss kaise mood mein hai aaj?"

"aaj to theekh hi lag rahe the, patanahi tum dono ko ek doosre se kya dushmani hai warna sabke saath to bohot acche hote hain!"

"haan, haan mujhe pata hai tumhara Rahoool sir bohot acche hain, anyways see ya"

"unhone bulaya hai tumhe"

Armaan goes in and Rahul tells him the pics are not right.

"bloody idiot, pehle kehta hai logon ke pictures lo, kal saara din maine liye aura b kehraha hai ke common people garib logon ke pictures lo, kal nahi keh sakhta tha? Sala.." Armaan blurts loudly.

"kya baat hai? Aaj bohot gusse mein lag rahe hai sahib" simone another collegue says.

"Rahoool se milke aaya hoon to gussa to ayega hi' anyways I'm off to taking pictures again! Bye" Armaan leaves.

He starts taking pictures of everyone he sees.


Riddhima is sitting in the garden feeding her puppy some food mixed with medication "aapko bhi buzo ki tarhan strong hona hai na? dekho kitne kamzor hogaye ho' come on tommy eat this" she talks to the puppy and makes his eat.

She looks at him and starts writing about him, she feels him, touches him, plays with him and completes yet another article on looking after a dog.

"ridzi' ridzi" anjie comes running and panting [she was here for holidays]

"kya hua di, aap itna bhag kyun rahi hain?"

"yeh dekh" she hands her the approval letter.

"kya hai yeh?" she opens it and has tears in her eyes.

They both look at eachother and smile with tears in there eyes, they hug.

"im coming to Mumbai?"


dinner time;

"nani, mujhe Mumbai mein nokri milgayi" she informs her granny.

"main kal Mumbai jaa rahi hoon" her nani just stares at her in disbelieve "haan nani mujhe Mumbai bulaya hai" she hugs her nani.

"jaa bachi, jaa ke apne papa ka sapna pura kar' unka naam roshan kar" her nani hugs her back.

Riddhima smiles she cant sleep all night thinking how her new life will be and how she'll live without papa and nani? She had already decided that she wasn't going to live with anjie. Anjie and her had a big argument aswell but at last they understood her point.

Next day she sits on the bench and looks at the letter once again. She was dressed in a white chudidar' shivering slightly she covers herself with her dupatta, she was ready to leave her beautiful cold Shimla' to the busy warm Mumbai! She was going back to where she belonged, she was going back to get her father's life and prestige back! And she aint going to back out on that!


Next part: the girls reach Mumbai, and meet the boys' oohEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


That's it for now! I hope liked itWink!





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