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Hey guys, Im back with another FF' I know I have some unfinished ones but I'm planning to end two of them that's why I posted this one' actually this idea I had from last year, actually I made it when Kuch Is Tarah just ended' it was basically about Rankan & two more couples, I made three updates of it as well, but then never posted it when scrolling through my hard disk I found it and it all came back so I decide to post it but now I have new favorites as well and I thought it would suit these couples more so I changed the characters.


I just Hope you like it!



Tumse hi is a story about dreams, passion, media, fashion, fame, friendship and LOVE. It's a story of six individuals wanting the most of there life's, finding success and living there dreams. But will there dreams come true?



The capital of India' fondly known as dilli, kehte hain dilli dilwalon ka sheher hai, and that's not wrong people in delhi usually like to stay together and help eachother. It's the city which witnessed immortal love and a symbol of that love still stands in agra "Taj Mahal" the pride of India.



you see the name outside a huge building.

"hello sir" all the staff greet a young man in his late twenties as he enters the office, he moves urgently to a office;

"'Yes we do understand that you are not happy with this fact, but im soo sorry sir we only publish the truth and no one can stop us from doing that" a tender voice tells the person on the phone.

"You bloody journalist' I'm going to finish you' I promise you that" the voice over the phone shouts.

"you may do what you want sir, have a nice day" she says in a mocking voice.

"kaisi hain miss. Chief editor?" the guy questions and she turns on her chair.

It's a beautiful young woman, slim and slender, dressed in a black long skirt and a white shirt with a suit jacket' her hair was pinned half way, her tender, pink lips forming a grin, her eyes dark brown doe like eyes but covered with a rimless frame [like the tag heur SRK wears in KANK but little bit smaller and black in colour]

She smiles at the guy on the door, still holding the cordless phone in her hand, showing him and raising eyebrows, he gives her a appreciative look.

He nodds his head and smiles "You are too good, Kripa" he walks in and you see the board outside the door.

"Miss. Kripa Sharma"

"Chief Editor"

She gets up "I know prithvi, Im simply the best" she winks

Kripa Sharma:

22year old young woman, she always wanted to fulfill her dreams but her parents never believed that she could' but she did, hailing from Calcutta she had lived all her life in a conservative society where 'SHE' being a girl should sit at home not go out working with men' because that's what men were for, she was told at every path in her life, but she was a dreamer and a dreamer who knows how to fulfill there dreams, she studied journalism in delhi after several arguments with her dad she left home and stayed in a boarding, three years back when she was a qualified journalist no newspaper, channel or any media form wanted to keep her without experience, sifarish or rishwat' she was disheartened and started to believe what her parents said but then prithvi came as a light in her dark life. Prithvi Bose a partner in India times and manager of the Delhi branch, he met kripa on the road giving this guy a lecture and telling him how she can get media to put a article on him, he just smiled at her and the next day got a letter, it was a article that she had written for them to publish, he loved the way she wrote, she was a true, passionate journalist who loved her job, he called her and interviewed her, he gave her the job. Starting form the lowest post she made her way up and today she had become the chief editor! The people who had told her she wont be able to do anything when she came to delhi were now proud of her, her parents who were upset with her leaving home were now proud of her! But still there was one thing she wanted to do'. Go to MUMBAI, she herself didn't know why but her heart pulled her to Mumbai' maybe her destiny was there.

Passion: singing and rock music.

Hobby: Gyming, skating and hockey!

Phobia: cats' she was dead scared of cats.

Love: her life didn't have place for the person yet but she knew one day he will come!

Dream: to be famous and make her parents proud.

Family: Gayatri (mother)Surayabhan (father) Mehul (10yr old brother)

She gets out of her office and sees the whole office was decorated, flowers all over and 'Congrats Kripa' written all over' she looks at prithvi with confusion written all over her face, he smiles and hands her a letter' It was a approval letter from India times, MUMBAI, she was going to Mumbai! She looks at prithvi in disbelieve and he nodds his head. Everyone congratulates her and wishing her good luck. She was so excited she didn't know what but something in Mumbai was pulling her, her soul wanted to be there, she had to go! It was her destiny!



Chandigarh, Punjab the city with most colourful lifestyle'

Loud music was playing "tunak tunak, tun tarara"

The room was a mess, clothes, socks, magazines lying on the floor, posters of Shahrukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor and Imran khan all over, in one corner posters of ashwariya rai, Katrina kaif and kareena kapoor were next to the mirror. The bed was messy!

The Tv was switched on and a girl was glued to it, it was the India fashion week.

"MUSKAAN" he mother shouts in anger "kab sudhregi yeh ladki" she says as she enters and looks at the room.

She turns smiling, it's a beautiful girl with curly hair, hazel brown eyes, dressed in a green patiala salwar kameez, no scarf, hair tied up in a ponytail, few locks of her hair were on her smiling face!

Her mother offs the TV "kab sudhregi tu? Kya karoon main iss ladki ka? Kamre ki halat to dekh" her mother says annoyed picking up the clothes from the floor.

"kya mummyji? Mujhe dekhna hai" she insists

"koi zaroorat nahi, chal khadi ho, tere pappaji ke dost aa rahe hain thodi der mein, aur unka larka bhi" her mother informs picking her scarf and putting it on her.

She grimaces and throws the scarf out "mainnu nahi milna! Pappaji ki bhi achi zidd hai bas meri shaadi ke peeche hi par gaye hain" she says annoyed.

"Tu bais (22) saal ki hogayi hai to shaadi ki fikar to hogi hi na? teri dono behno ki shaadi atrah(18) saal mein ho gayi thi aur ek tu hai ke'" she nodds her head and sees something on the floor "yeh yahan hai?? Main teen dino se doondh rahi hoon, chal abhi tera karma saaf kar, bohot hogaye tere nakhre" her mother says annoyed, she looks and gets embarrassed gets up and hugs her from the back "meri pyaari mummyji! Main jaanti hoon aap mujhse bohot pyar karti ho! Please pappaji se kaho na ke mainnu shaadi nahi karni" she requests.

"main nahi parti tum baap beti ke beech mein, tu khud baat karlena, samjhi? Lekin abhi jaldi tayar hoja" she orders while leaving from the room.

Muskaan Chaddha:

the youngest daughter of retired colonel Kuljit and harjit kaur, she was the dreamer in the house, she always dreamt of making it big in the fashion field. She studied fashion and journalism against her fathers wishes and two years back she got a job at a fashion magazine "Punjab fashion" she really didn't adore that, she wanted to do the real fashion! But for her to get a job in a big magazine she needed experience, so she took the job at "Punjab fashion" it wasn't that bad after all she thought when she joined, and plus having her, she made the magazine look more colourful and lively! It only came out every two months so most of the time she was home. Her dream was to work in magazines like Ellette and vorgue. She had applied for them but no answer! She wanted to go to Mumbai and live her dreams but' the biggest hurdle between her dreams was her Pappaji! A very strict father, it wasn't easy to be the retired colonels daughter.

Passion: Modelling'

Hobbies: tennis, sleeping, eating, troubling her family, watching TV.

Phobia: her Pappaji!

Love: not interested, she was keen on living her dreams, she didn't pay attention to any guys.

Dream: to touch the sky! Reach at the peak of fame, become a model!

Family: mummyji, papaji, biji and two sisters; Raji (26yrs) married to veer khurana and has two children; Rohan(6)&  chinky(3)! Soni (24yrs) married to jeet khurana and has one son Harpreet aka happy (5)



The capital of himachal Pradesh, it's the most beautiful city on earth according to some and heaven on earth according to many!

***** Restaurant (don't want to name any)

"yeh aap kya kar rahi hain ma'am? Nahi aap aisa nahi kar sakhti" you here the manager telling a girl, taking pictures of how unhealthily the food was being made, so much dirt all around, cooks not washing hands, the kitchen was filthy!

"Kal ke paper mein dekhlena!" she mocks

"aap aise nahi..n karsakhti" the man hesitates, "please, humari badnaami ho jayegi" he pleads.

"logon ko yeh ganda, baasi khana kilate ho tab badnaami nahi hoti! Kal ke paper mein to yeh zaroor ayega" she leaves.

She gets into a office;


She quickly types the article and prints it, she knocks a door.

"Come in"

"hello sir, good morning"

"good morning, kaisi ho?"

"yeh raha article" she hands him the article.

He reads it and smiles "great! Amazing, Good job Riddhima" he compliments and she smiles. Her lips glossy red, beautiful smile, her dark brown eyes, highlighted with the kajal, her hair was pinned back and she was dressed in a white chudidar looking extremely beautiful.

"im impressed" he tells her and she thanks him nodding her head.

Riddhima Gupta:

Dr. Shashank Gupta's younger daughter, she is a medical and environmental (animals, pollution) journalist working for India times, actually she was studying doctory but had to quit when her dad had a aweful experience. Her dad was a successful surgeon in Mumbai, Sanjeevani. He had dedicated his life to sanjeevani after the death of his wife Naina. Naina's mother was staying with them to look after the girls. Three years back dr. shashank had been framed for stealing kidneys and also blamed for the death of a patient. Nobody believed his truth and they threw him out of sanjeevani, he faced a lot of humiliation, to the request of Ridzi's nani they shifted to delhi so he didn't have to hear taunts, but it never stopped' one day when driving shashank had a accident and got paralyzed. Riddhima had to leave her studies due to financial crisis, she started working and stdying journalism part time, because that was the easiest thing she could think of, Anjali got married to atul just before they had to leave Mumbai. Two years back Riddhima managed to get a job at India times. Now Riddhima is just trying to save enough for the operation which could bring there father back, nani and ridz had refused to take any help from atul-anjie but still atul and anjie were saving money without telling them. Atul is a mechanic!

Passion: treating people.

Hobbies: Basketball, to do good for everyone, social work

Phobia: losing her father!

Love: she waits for her prince charming to sweep her off like atul-anjie!

Dream: to get her fathers operation done and to be a doctor.

Family: Nani, Father (shashank)Anjali married to atul and one son Amit (2yrs)



The busiest city in India' everyone in Mumbai is in a hurry to do something, so they don't get left behind, because if you don't learn to step ahead people crush you and move ahead, so you gotta keep up!
A huge mansion, it was decorated for some party or celebrations, people inside were running around, up and down. A huge room, it's dark, with a couch on the left, a plasma television in the front, indoor pool on the right, and a huge round bed in the center. The room was not so clean, there were shoes thrown on one side, clothes on the other, empty bottles of champagne, empty juice glasses all lying on the floor. You see a guy sleeping on the bed, he's muscular back is visible' a lady in her late forties, hair tied up in a bun, wearing a silk animal print sari, looking neat and disciplined, enters and sees him sleeping and nodds her head, she opens the curtains causing the sunlight to directly hit him' he gets irritated and turns the other side, she nodds her head and opens the other side curtains aswell, he tosses and turns then finally gets up' still holding a pillow on his face.

"Its 8:10am I want you down for breakfast in twenty minutes, Hurry up" she commands and leaves.

"yes mom" he says annoyed, he raises his strong muscular hands up and yawns, then turns, he has deep dark brown eyes, hot lips and a handsome face [sorry guys he's too hot to describe]

Just then a servant enters with a glass of fresh orange juice, Angad takes it and finishes the juice in two sips.

He goes for a shower, then gets out dressed in a black faded jeans and a black T-Shirt and Leather jacket, he puts on his shades, hair gelled and leaves the room.

"good morning dadi" he gives her a quick hug as he settles on the table.

"morning mom, morning dad"

Naina looks at the time it was 8:29am she smiles "good morning, to neend kaisi aayi? Acchi?"

"yup perfect!"

"maine kitni baar kaha hai jaldi ghar aa jaya karo to tumhe apni sleep ke saath compromise na karna pare, lekin yeh janab hai ke'" she advices.

"I know mum'" he starts with a bite of sandwich in his mouth she gives him a stern look [don't talk with food in ur mouth.LOL] he finishes the bite "I know mom, but I'm fine and I'll keep that in mind, yeah, I gotta go now' Bye everyone" he runs out with the sandwich in his hand and another glass of orange juice he drinks on his way out.

He jumps in his red sports car and drives off.

Angad khanna:

24 years old, the hot and happening rockstar of Mumbai, being a khanna he was already famous for his fathers doing but then he tried his luck with his passion SINGING and it worked, It wasn't even six months yet and his magic spread like a disease and everyone went crazy for him. He had shows booked throughout the year. And he was also helping his father with business at free times, because before he became a rockstar he was helping dilip and naina with business, he's a qualified business man, he done his MBA in America.

Passion: Singing and living life to the fullest.

Hobbies: soccer, discos, singing, working!

Phobia: nothing, he doesn't fear anything!

Love: His family, that's what he loves especially adi.

Dream: he's already living all his dreams.

Family: Mother, father, dadi, brother- Kartik married to mishtihas a son aditya (5yrs)


A guy is clicking photographs of beautiful babes at the beach'

"rina, please come this side" he says flirtishly and touching the girls pulls her to another position "sonia babe, please smile a little, Drashti could come a little closer babe' and Bips my darling show me the attitude babe" they all follow his instruction and he clicks.

"good, very good" he says clapping and the girls go in to change but one girl comes to him, very close "darling, yeh bikini mujhpar kaise lag rahi hai?" she asks.

"Bips babez everything looks good on you darling'" he kisses her cheek.

"oh Armaan, im so hungry for you, come here" she pulls him and kisses him' yes its Bipasha basu then you see him, eyes brown with a shade of green dreamy eyes, lips [oooh too hot] face extremely handsome, hair a little long and disheveled dressed in a blue beach shorts and T-shirt.

Just then you hear a bell **TRING**TRING**TRING and he falls of the bed [he was dreaming. LOL]

"what phirse sapna?" he looks at the time and his eyes widen "OH SHI*!" he rushes out of his bed and in the bathroom.

He has a shower and gets out, dressed in a casual khaki three quarter shorts and sleeveless shirt.

"good morning everyone'"

"arre beta aa gaya, chalk hale"

"nahi mom, im late, I'll see you guys later" he bolts out of the house, he sits on his bike but before he can start he sees his princess.

"alle mela antla baby uth gaya, kya hua?" he asks in a childish tone.

"tachu aap philse bhoolgaye na?"

he thinks and then cant remember "kya bhool gaye hum?"

"aapne.. plomish kiya tha ke aaj hum picnic ke liye jaayenge" she reminds him.

he hits his head "oh yes, im sho shorry but aaj hum zaroor jayenge okay, aap ready hojao aur mera wait karo hum yun gaye aur yun aaye" he tells her as he kisses her and hugs her.

"tata" he tells her

" Tata" she waves back.

Armaan Malik:

24 year old hot photographer, dreams of becoming the biggest photographer and meeting bipasha. He's hot and happening but not rich but still lots of girls loose there hearts to him, he's very well aware of that. He makes the most of his life and works at India Times.

Passion: Photography.

Hobbies: basketball, computers, PSP, games, 

Phobia or fear: his mother when she talks about his marriage

Love: he's never experienced it but believes true love exists.

Dream: to become the biggest photographer in bollywood and work with Katrina, bipasha, ashwariya.

Family: Mother, Father, Brother-Abhimanyu married to nikki has one daughter antra (3yrs) and a sister-Sapna married to amit has two kids, Ayushman(6) & Aliyah(3)



It's a huge mansion. Down in the basement you see a guy playing scotch alone, hitting the ball to the wall. He was running from here to there and sweating profusely. His handsome face was filled with sweat' finally he stops and looks at the time, he sips water from his bottle and wipes his face with the face towels. Blue deep eyes, cute features, wearing a white shorts and shirt, he takes off his shirt and runs up to his room bare chested [looking extremely hot]. His room was neatly decorated, nothing was a mess, it was neat.

He goes for a shower and gets out dressed in a pink short-sleeved shirt and blue jeans. He goes down to the breakfast table "good morning Big D he touches his Big D(dadis) feet.

"morning everyone" he greets the crowded table.

The Nanda family was huge. Everyone greets him back.

"rahul, uss Rajeev mittal ki news ka  kya hua?" Ranbir asks him

Ranbir Nanda:

rahul's elder brother, he loves his bro and they own three press companies out of which one is handed to rahul to look after.

"yes bhayya, aaj ke paper mein dheklijiye, its there" he grins and ranbir check the paper and is impressed.

"good, very good' im sure aaj Rajeev mittal ke pairon tale zameen nikal gayi hogi" ranbir evilly grins.

Rahul Nanda:

24yr old, he is the chief editor of India times, Mumbai' rahul has always been a confused child, first about studies then about his career, at first he was interested in engineering, but when he finished college his choice changed to doctor but he hates seeing blood so decided on modeling, he became a model and won Mr. India in 2004 and also the hottest model of 2005. and also done a lot of big ads, due to his cute features girls were crazy over him, he was also offered films but his interest had faded on modeling and arts. After that his interest moved to law, but then he got over that aswell, then finally media caught up to him and he went into journalism last year, and he was satisfied till now about it and ranbir was impressed with his work aswell, so he decided to stick to it but lets see how long' LOL

Passion: Journalism at the moment.

Hobbies: scosche and gyming.

Phobia or fear: his brother Ranbir nanda

Love: he's so confused about everything, so love is a far way from him, he felt it or thought he felt it four times already but they all ended up disastrous.

Dream: to make his brother proud of him

Family: Mother (malika)brother ranbir Nanda, Big D, Two chahus, two chachis, 5 cousins, two married and two nephews and three nieces. Riya, diya, Alisha, avinal, and ravi.


Thats the intro, hope you liked it!

Please comment/criticise/suggest or simply hit the LIKE button if you want me to continue!



~:~:~TUMSE HI VM~:~:~




INTRO- Page 1

Part 1- Page 4

Part 2 - Page 7

Part 3 - Page 10

Part 4- Page 14

Part 5- Page 19

Part 6- Page 24

Part 7- Page 27

Part 8- Page 33

Part 9- Page 39

Part 10- Page 44

Part 11- Page 47

Part 12- Page 53

Part 13- Page 58

Part 14- Page 63

Part 15- Page 69

Part 16- Page 75

Part 17- Page 78

Part 18- Page 83

Part 19- Page 87

Part 20- Page 91

Part 21- Page 98

Part 22- Page 101

Part 23- Page 105

Part 24- Page 108



Cute gauri
Iqbal neha1
Love_Kyph- nehasfan
Radhika shah

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Yeyyy first to comment lol!!! Wonderful introClap. Kripa sounds interesting. Plz post the first part soon. Cnt wait!!!Tongue

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Originally posted by jessica18

Yeyyy first to comment lol!!! Wonderful introClap. Kripa sounds interesting. Plz post the first part soon. Cnt wait!!!Tongue

HEY Welcome to ~~~TUMSE HI~~~Hug

Thank you for being the firstEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Awww im glad u like it! and will post first part tommorrow i have it ready but lets see how many people wanna read itWink


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hey dearSmile Smile

                Heart CONGRATS FOR THE NEW FF  Heart    the intro is very nice.......Clap  plzz pm me if u can.....Embarrassed  continue sooooon.....Day Dreaming

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nice intro.

hope the jodi's meet soon.  
pls pm me wen u update.

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Wowowow Awesome Cool I love it Thx for Cool Intro
love_KYPH IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2009 at 6:37am | IP Logged
SUPERB INTRO!!!!!!!!!!

cont soon.....
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nice concept
start soon

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