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Special Squad Update ( 24th October 2005)

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Posted: 28 October 2005 at 3:34pm | IP Logged

A police man was shown driving alongside a deserted road. He was injured
all over and was bleeding. With great difficulty he manages to reach where
there was a board declaring it was Mangeshwadi Police Station and faints.

With his head pushed to the driving wheel and horn, the sound alerts the
cops and they come out to see the fellow and take him inside. After some
time, the man comes to senses and informs the local police that he happens
to be ACP Kundan and he was on a mission to bring safely with him Ganesh
Mogre, the government witness due to testify agaisnt Anna Kartoos, the
notorious criminal, to Mumbai . On their way, he and Ganesh were attacked
by Anna's men and he somehow escaped them, but now Ganesh is missing
from since the accident. He asks for help - they have to contact the Mumbai

The Mumbai Police is contacted immediately. The Commissioner of Police
sends for Aryan to discuss the matter of urgency. Aryan arrives looking
serious and apprehensive. After he takes his seat, the Commissioner
begins by saying that he has a tough job at hand and for that he needs
someone very efficient, commited and honest and Only Aryan fits the
descriptionClap and he is sure he can trust only Mr Aryan Khanna in this matter.

He elaborates on the thing to the curious,charming and always-ready-for
- anything AryanThumbs Up... Anna Kartoos, an arm smuggler is a bigshot in crime
world. For the first time ever, someone who worked for him and knew
about his operations has opted to testify against him. The mystery
about Anna is no one yet has seen him and so any information about
his real identity or how he looks is in dark.

Ganesh was along with Acp Kundan and they were coming from Nasik
To Mumbai but in the way were attacked and Ganesh went missing.
The trial in High court is due day after tomorrow, so Special Squad has
to ensure Ganesh reaches and arrives in the court safely by that time.
Aryan nods as he tries to grasp the subject, just to be certain he
inquries about a possibility of Ganesh being dead or killed by Anna's
men. But commisioner points out that if that was the case Anna Kartoos
would have proudly flashed the news to the whole world alarming people
to the consequences of going against him. The Commissioner says this is
a question of their prestige and whole Special Squad and police Deapartment's
good name depends on it. Aryan gets to his feet, announces his unfailing
promise to keep the name and trust that has been confered to him, shakes
hand with the commisioner and leaves.

Once in Special Squad, this young, restless and foucussed investgator
puts every member on their toes, they make full preparation for the
task at hand and leave for Mangeshwadi from where they have to begin
and operate. Aryan, Ajay, Boxer, Neha make a team and Dipika stays
in  Mumbai at Special Squad Head Office to mind things there and
keep a co-ordination between the Mumbai and Mangeshwadi Police.

Outside some fellow , telephones Anna, whose face wasn't shown,
secretely and informs him about special squad leaving for Mangeshwadi.

The cop incharge at Mangeshwadi welcomes the Special Squad team
and after introduction and fomalities allocates them a place from
where they can make their set up and operate. Aryan asks everyone
to get to work and Shutgun sets up his small forensic lab there and
Neha gets busy with the laptop computer and setting up the internet
and necessary network. Ajay and Boxer see to the Arms and ammunition part.

It was Neha from whom Aryan wants to know every bit of information
available on Anna Kartoos and gang. Neha finds out by searching
on net. Gokak was the right hand man of Anna Kartoos and Ganesh
worked under Gokak. Once for a small mistake Gokak was killed by
Anna. Ajay guesses Ganesh who was very close to Gokak hates Anna
for this and decided to become the sarkari gawah against him. Neha
again informs that Ganesh was a fireman before who suffered some
lung illness and was fired from job on account of his illness. The
compensation he got wasnt enough so he had joined the crime world.
Most of the information was available on account of Sushma Reddy,a
reporter gal who wrote and published the information on Anna Kartoos
and related things.

Aryan recieves a call on his cell and the look that boxer gives
 him and Aryan blushes and nods tells us its Dipika.Smile   Both subtle
 and open indication of romance when these people  actually leave
 Aryan alone to talk with her.

A very fresh, happy and lovely looking Dipika is at the other end
and Aryan lets her know that they have arrived safely and started
working on the job at hand and that every thing is under control.
He was in a hurry but hangs up with the promise to keep in touch
frequently and update her on things.

After that the team goes with the local police in chage to the place
where ACP Kundan and Ganesh was attacked. it was a deserted
area with dense and thick bushes and jungle on either side.It was
evident that Ganesh must have run inside jungle to escape the
attackers. Aryan finds bloodstains on a tree trunk signifying Ganesh
was shot and injured .He must have leant or rested his back there.
They also find a piece of cloth falling there which was blue in color.
Shutgun is asked to comment about it and he examines the cloth,
finds bloodmark and it appeared burnt on edges. Ganesh was bleeding
a lot. In that condition he could not have gone far.

Very Nearby, in fact the nearest, was a small village called Katul,
Aryan assumes Ganesh might have first gone to the village
dispensary for his treatment. They ask a villager about the direction
but upon reaching there, they find the dispensary ( dawakhana in
local langauge), closed at that time. While everyone thinks about
where Ganesh might be at the time being Aryan wonders how Ganesh
came so far in that condition...he must have taken a lift from someone
as its not possible that he could have walked that long considering
he was critical.

Again the same fellow calls Anna Kartoos and updats him about
the team's whereabouts.

They head for this tea stall called "More Tea stall". Aryan asks the
stall owner if he has seen a wounded man who was bleeding anytime
recently but he denies. On inquiring about what transportation is
available in the place, Aryan gets the answer that a postal
van/daak-gaadi carying drugs and needed instrument for the
dispensary and/or letters etc arrives there each day afternoon and
stays for about 1 pm to 3:30 pm.

Luckily its that time of the hour and they spot the daakgadi parking
there with the post man gone for his usual routine work. The team
examines every part of the big van, the back seat, front seat but
Ganesh wasnt there nor any blood stains. However Forensic science
makes things easy as Aryan instructs Shutgun to use his expertise
and look for hidden or cleaned blood that might be once there. The
no-nonsense man Shutgun who certainly knew his job well, sprinkles
and sprays some chemicals everywhere on the seats, driving wheel
and at every possible place and on the front seat traces of wiped blood
shows as it changes color from black to red at a place where again
Ganesh had placed his back or hand which was bleeding profusely.

The postman comes and Ajay brings him to Aryan and asks him to
answer him but he was reluctant, after knowing it was the police
he willingly co-operates and tells them the story. He had given lift
to a person whose right hand was injured and bleeding, but the
hospital/daakkhana was closed at that time. He offered to drop
that man to some city hospital that falls on his way but the man
had simply disappeared while he came back after his daily duty,
god knows to where.

Meanwhile the dispensary opens and Special Squad checks in to
see blood on floor every where inside. Its clear that Ganesh had
come here after he fled from the postal man because he wanted
to keep as low a profile as possible to escape danger. Going further
inside there was a room where Surgical spirit, alchohol, blood
drenched cotton, match box and and a burnt white cloth wrapped
around a knife or stick was found. Ganesh had operated himself there.
Aryan desribes what must have happened. Ganesh was a fireman so he
knew first aid. He tore his clothes at his right arm where he was shot,
applies alchohol to the area...then with the help of the scisor and left
hand, he pulls out the bullet from his body with great pain, again tears
the piece of cloth and wraps it around a stick or knife, pours enough
alchohol to it, with left hand fires up the match stick and sets fire to his
wound on arm before bandaging it...the physical pain must have been
utterly unbearable for him at that time but keeps him from further infection
and danger. ..

At that moment a man comes and shoots at them, they pursue him
but he disappears and manages to escape. On their way back Aryan
and Boxer talk things about how desperate those people are and Aryan
says - "dekhna yeh hai ke jeet kis ki hoti hai" and Boxer with a bindas
smile mouths - Of course "Special Squad" and Aryan smiles engagingly
...looks sizzlingly handsome. Hug

On the instruction of Aryan Shutgun analyses the blood and announces
it must have been three hours since it was shed. Aryan is little disapointed
as that means a long time and no one knows in that time span where
Ganesh might have gone.

Suddenly something strikes him from blue. He recalls the commisioner's
words which said Kundan and Ganesh were coming from Nasik to Mumbai
but Mangeshwadi doesnt fall in between. He spreads a map before the
team to explain things and they see that Mangeshwadi lies three hours
in the opposite direction from Nasik-Mumbai route. So now the mystery
before the team was why were those two, ie Acp and Ganesh in Mangeshwadi?

The Mangeshwadi police in charge appears then to break the news
of Acp kundan's partial recovery who is now again back to consciousness,
at state government hospital. Aryan obtains the permission of the doctor
to have a few words with Kundan and then introduces himself to the
bed ridden man...he asks about how come kundan and ganesh were at
Mangeshwadi. Kundan tells Aryan that since they were attacked by Anna
Kartoos 's goons they lost track and to mislead the attackers they had to
head towards Mangeshwadi . But their actual destination was Rajapur
where Gokak has kept the proofs agaisnt Anna which they were to collect
before going to Mumbai.

Aryan decides not to bother him anymore and wishes him a speedy
recovery, he assures Kundan that meanwhile he'll be taking care of every thing.

Evening is descending and Aryan and team( except Neha) with the
Mangeshwadi Police inspector again head for Katul....the road unlike
the city roads were completely free of traffic and deserted. not even
a sound was heard in that utter silence except the sound of their jeep.
Suddenly Aryan asks the inspector  if  this road is  usually so empty and
the inspector says that excpet for some bullock carts and bicycles its
usually so. Aryan points to a truck behind them and the inspector is bit
surprised, but Aryan is not. He alerts the team to danger as the truck is
there on sole purpose of shadowing them . Aryan is driving and he
increases the speed. The truck comes to a close range and just when
it was about to hit them Aryan changes direction and goes inside a
narrow untrodden route which leads towards jungle.The truck heads

Aryan wonders how every bit of plan which is only known to Special Sqaud
team is getting leaked and their movements are monitored.At that time
a milkman/doodhwala in typical villager get up is heading towards Katul in
a bicycle. They stop him to do few inquiries. Aryan asks about who he was
and where he was going at that time. The fellow answers that he is a milkman
who delivers milk to Mangeshwadi. Each morning he goes from Katul to
Mangeshwadi then in the evening returns from Mangeshwadi to Katul.

Aryan then asks him if he has recently seen a injured man on his way
who doesnt belong here and the man is quite surprised as to how
Aryan might have guessed it.

He tells Aryan that he had seen a very injured man whose arm was
burnt when in the after- noon he was going to deliver milk to Mangeshwadi.
The injured man asked him for a lift in his cycle to Mangeshwadi and he took
him there but the fellow was him only till from where Mangeshwadi started
so he doesnt know where he went afterwards. Boxer tells Aryan that so
now they know Ganesh is in Mangeshwadi from since after- noon.

Aryan asks the inspector about the bus timings on the route of
Katul-Mangeshwadi and its 8 :00 pm in evening so they still have time.
When they are back, Neha gives them further information about Rajapur
that Gokak is a native there whose father's name was Kishan. Aryan
concludes Gokak surely must be having his own apartment/place in
Rajapur then and Ganesh and Kundan were going there to collect

Walking side by side Ajay tries to rekindle his love and relationship
with Neha who seemed open to the idea though she didnt say
anything aloud. Ajay says though what happened wasnt in good taste,
they can start afresh.

They discuss about where Ganesh must have gone after he reaches
Mangeshwadi. When Ganesh was shot in arm he did operate on himself
beacuse if he had gone to any hospital then, Anna's men would have gotten
the information about a patient who is shot, injured and was bleeding
and they would have guessed its him. On the other hand he needed
treatment too, so first he burnt his wound so the case would be registered
as burning of body part patient and no body can guess its Ganesh Mogre
by description. After Aryan, Shutgun and  Neha elaborate on this point
Ajay, boxer and Neha guess that So after everything Ganesh must be
either at a hotel or a a treatment center and Aryan adds a government
hospital as there no body would be too bothered to know him privately.
They zero down on State Govt Hospital where ACP Kundan is
also admitted now.

On the reception Aryan asks some nurse as to who was on duty in the
after noon and if someone burnt in arm is admitted and she gives
him the general ward location. Ganesh is resting there. At that time
someone in a doctor's disguise is pointing a gun towards Ganesh
who is asleep. However when Aryan enters the room he escapes
through the window. Probably Anna Kartoos gang have come to
know things. So without further delay Special Squad shifts him to
the Mangeshwadi Police station for safety reasons.

Once there, after the introduction part Aryan tells Mogre that though
now Ganesh is not too well, they have to make a journey to Mumbai
tonight only...the hearing in highcourt is due tomorrow morning.
Once Ganesh has testified and Anna's client's are caught it'd lead to
 Anna Cartoos being caught and thats the end of case. then Ganesh
 has all the rest and relaxation in the world.

Ganesh smiles in answer...he says to Aryan that as no body,
even those who worked with him, have seen him, it would be
of no use. Anna's clients can not lead to him. Aryan nods in
agreement and asks if the Rajapur proofs could help. Ganesh
 Mogre is surprised but quickly recovers after Aryan tells him
that he had the info from ACP Kundan. He agree its the only
way out.

Aryan discusses with the team about the Rajapur issue. Though
their mission was to bring Ganesh with them safely to court, now
Rajapur has become significant in solving the issue completely.

He comes outside and calls Dipika.. Dipika is wearing a floral and white
suit and is inside a white car, driving. Aryan informs her about their
success in finding out and locating Ganesh Mogre and she is glad
and smiles. She asks Aryan to come back to Mumbai. Then Aryan
explains to her about Rajapur and the reasons why he wants to
go there. After knowing its only 10 km away from the Special Squad
Team, Dipika amicably agrees and considers it a good idea. She says
she would atlk to the commissioner and inform him and that Aryan
may go ahead. She advices on taking good care of Ganesh .

Then after a pause, her voice becomes soft from bubbly
 and professional and she requests Aryan dearly to take
care of himself. She appears really worried about him. Aryan
becomes naughty and smiles romantically - "Haan haan bhai
mein apna khayal rakhunga" ( i'll take care of myself).

Dipika pleads again..."HeartPlease Aryan, please apna khayal

And then he becomes soft and sentimental Hearttoo and tells her
- Dipika, main apna pura khayal rakhunga. Jab mere sath
tumhare devi maa ka ashrvaad hai toh mujhe kya hoga?
Tum tension mat lo.Tum bas Commissioner saab se baat karo.
 ( when i've the blessing of goddess durga nothing can happen
 to me. You Dont worry , just talk to Mr Commisioner).

 Then  he hangs up unwillingly but urgently. Dipika is shown
 brooding over his words.

At that moment a girl storms inside the police station and she
is in a hurry to meet Ganesh. Neither the inspetor, nor Boxer,
is willing to give her the permission as they don't want to take
a single risk when Ganesh Mogre is concerned. However inspite
of their strict prohibition, the girl rushes to the room where Ganesh
was changing his shirt. The lady goes and hugs him straight, he too
in return squeezes her to himself and then they start their sweet
lovey dovey talks. Ganesh addresses her as Sushma and she tells
him that as soon as she heard about him, she rushed here and she
missed him too much , they again hug.

Aryan enters and sees them in each others arms and his expression
was typical. Very boyish but perplexed and  curious...also the
expression was like he felt a bit shy and odd with the scene
 that met his eye. Ganesh and Sushma let go of each other and
Ganesh gets back to changing his shirt...Aryan is still standing looking
 both surprised and conscious and Ganesh sort of whispers to him
 that here is his girlfriend.

Aryan asks what she was doing there and he says now after making
sure everything is allright, he himself had telephoned her and called.
Aryan akss the girl if she is the same reporter who writes a lot about
Anna Kartoos since five years from now. She confirms the news.

But Aryan is in a hurry and he isnt exactly approving of Sushma or
any outside presence . He urges Ganesh to get up and get ready to
leave for Mumbai but to his surprise Sushma reacts. She is admant
that she can not let Ganesh go anywhere in that sick condition and
that she doesnt care about police job and is most concerned about
her lover. Aryan, a bit irritated, says he doesnt need her approval for
his job and that she is trying his patience. But she is still on...in that
case she wants to accompany Ganesh and Aryan refuses flat out, as
this is confidential police job and he can not risk outside presence.
Sushma reminds Aryan that she too has a contribution to the case
as all her articles about Anna Kartoos has helped them, so she is no
outisider...she is press and she has the right etc. Aryan doesnt argue
but look at her intensely(  looks hott)..Boxer picks up that no
way its possible, they are not on a picnic ..its too dangerous for a lady
as they have to deal with bullets not a pen now as far as press is
concerned. Ganesh Mogre interferes and supports Sushma...according
to him leaving her alone there would be dangerous to her life and that
if they take her, he too can remain worry free. After much pleading
Aryan gives the green signal but with a cold warning to Sushma that its
going to be tough and she is on her own. Boxer isnt happy about it.
Sushma and Ganesh are too glad and again hug...

The show ends and its to continue to second part...



Let me know how you liked the update frens. I'd love it if u loved it.

To be continued.....

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Ninelives IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2005 at 4:38pm | IP Logged
loved it...it was so accurate...thnx so much
aditigill Senior Member

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Posted: 29 October 2005 at 1:34am | IP Logged

This reminds me of the khakee story where ash is planted in by ajay devgan. Lady on a cop trail!!
Lovely-Maiden IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 October 2005 at 9:23am | IP Logged

only ronit fan liked it?

no one reads updates here?
vidu Groupbie

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Posted: 29 October 2005 at 11:54am | IP Logged
wow...nice update...

i loved it...

hetal IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 October 2005 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
wonderful updates....and very detailed too....thanks alot...
it was funny when dipika called...shotgun and ajay whistled seeing deepika calling aryan....i like this case...but the precap kinda scary...aryan falls down...i hope he's not going injured alot....
Prenz~13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 October 2005 at 12:50am | IP Logged
gr8888 update!!!! Clap thnx a lot!! can ne one post d precap 2 coz i missed dis weeks epi coz of my exams!! thnk god dey r over now!
luving_gal_neha Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2005 at 2:03am | IP Logged
hey thnx a ton!! I dinn c it i was out!!!

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