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#3 kya Pyar Aisa Bhi Ho Skta Hai?(AR)note:151 (Page 33)

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isha.....thia was rocking and again surprising....

with new twist,,,,,,

and ya plz pm me.........

whenever u update next lovely one

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haye this sanjana....errrgghhhh....
i knw they will manage.....
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such a lovely part. continue soon
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Armaan felt as if someone is calling him, he came out of thoughts and turned back, smilled when saw riddhima standing in front of him, may be needs some help coz her hair got entangled in her chain and she was feeling irritated when found that instead of detangling, her hair got more and more entangled with in the chain… armaan shaked his head and moved towards her…

A: lao mai nikal deta hun… (riddhima as if waiting for these words, she quickly dropped her hands and stood straight…)

R: to nikalo na, maine kab mana kiya hai…. (armaan smiled again and started detangling her hair very lovingly, riddhima was continuously looking on his face, armaan after freeing her looked her and asked with eyes what happened) tum kuch soch rahe ho kya??

A: nahi to….

R: sure???

A: are haan baba… ab jao jaldi se taiyar ho jao, aaj hume malls dekhna jaana hai…

R: kitna boring kaam hai, jab kuch lena nahi hai to hum jaa kyu rahe hai???

A: kyu lena kyu nahi hai???

R: coz nahi lena bas, armaan please hum malls jaakar time waste bilkul nahi karienge waise bhi sirf 3 days aur reh gaye hai, aur mai waha jaane mai bilkul interested nahi hun…

A: riddhima aur koi jagah nahi hai ghumne ke liye, challo bas 1 mall mai jaienge, the most famous mall, uske baad..

R: uske baad park mai… (she said this very extingly)

A: okk baba, taiyar to ho jao na..

R: par armaan mai pehnu kya????

A: tum aisa karo jaldi se jao taiyar hone mai tumhare kapde nikal deta hun, aur please time mat lagana.. (riddhima nodded, armaan turned back but soon hugged from back tightly… he smiled again and turned back) I luv you 2 jaan…. (and cupped her face, gave her a lovely kiss on lips, riddhima smiled and turned back making her way towards bathroom singing in heart, she was back in 5 minutes and was surprised to see saree on bed..)

R: armaan ye???

A: kyun towel mai ghumne ka iraada hai kya???

R: par..

A: ridddhima itna time nahi hai jaldi se change karo… (riddhima turned as if a small innocent kid who does everything as said by her parents… armaan just keep on admiring these innocent acts of her, after 5 minutes he again heard her sounds as if she is irritated by something) ab kya hua???

R: yaha koi long mirror nahi hai, mai saree kaise bandhungi armaan???

A: to inti ajeeb si aawajein nikalne ki jagah agar tum directly keh do ki tum chahti ho mai tumhari saree bandhu keh deti to jayda better na hota???

R: jab pata hai to khud hi aa jaana tha na, wahan khade khade time waste kyu kar rahe ho.. (armaan mumbled god ye ladki sach much paagal ho chukki hai… riddhima thanked him for the compliment… armaan started making pleats of her saree, after getting ready they moved out of the room, locked it and moved down the stairs, riddhima placed her head on his shoulder and both were walking slowly slowly…. Soon they reached in mall,

it's 1 o'clock in noon and riddhima felt the urge to eat, she asked armaan, armaan said theek hai tum waha restaurant mai baitho, mai bas 2 minute mai aa raha hun, tab tak tum order place kar do… riddhima nodded saying jaldi aana….after having lunch, they kept on roaming in mall, it's quiet big, armaan and riddhima collected many gifts, their hands was full of bags, he asked riddhima to buy something for herself but she pulled his hand saying I didn't like anything nor I want, while walking on last floor, riddhima saw one ice-cream parlour and her eyes started shinning… armaan said wait I'll bring ice- cream… she nodded….

15 minutes passed armaan still was standing in token's line for getting token, he turned back and passed smile to riddhima, riddhima also passed a little smile as she was feeling uneasy, feeling that she can't stand here anymore, her legs was quivering, from her eyes little water came out.. she felt as if her head is very heavy… she some how moved towards armaan mumbling armaan armaan, holding her head…. As she felt her head swaying…. It's armaan turn for getting token, when he gave money he felt slight touch on his shoulder…he turned back and found riddhima almost fell on him, armaan mumbled riddhimaa…

when she didn't replied he felt slight nervous, he again called her.. but no reply, then quickly lifted her up as from back everyone was asking him to get aside… he looked her face, she was unconscious and from her eyes water was coming out, still he felt her legs was shaking, he hugged her tightly and rushed back towards their room, then made her settled on bed, checked her pulse rate, then body temperature, every thing came out normal, he covered her with quilt..

armaan felt uneasy with the cell's ring, then opened his one eye and put cell on his ear..
from other side voice came thank god tumne aaj to apna cell on kar rakha hai, agar aaj bhi off milta to jab mujhe tum log milte to sabse pehle tumhare cell ko aur uske baad tum dono ko paani mai dhakka deti… waise tum dono ne cell kyu off kar rakha hai???

A: chipkalli tu kabhi nahi sudhregi na… hamesha galliyan deti hai pehle uske baad kuch bolti hai, shukar kar aaj on kar rakha hai cell, nahi to wo bhi na karta…

Ri: agar aisa karta na to bach ke kaha jaata, aana to waapis yaha hi hai bache.. waise aap ko aapki 4th marriage anniversary ki bahut bahut badhai ho…

A: thanku very much ji, rishab, chirag, ritika kaise hai sab???

Ri: yaha sab bahut badiya hai, tu bata Europe kaisa lag raha hai??? 14 din ho gaye hai tumhe gaye hue ko, waapis aane ka iraada hai ki nahi???

A: europe is quiet gud, bas 1-2 dino mai waapis pahunch rahe hai…

Ri: hmm.. party na deni pade isliye tune inn dino jaane ki planning ki thi na….

A: don't worry aakar party karienge, riddhima ki tabiyat theek nahi thi , isliye hi itni jald baaji mai saari planning kari thi, nahi to aaram se December ki end ya jan ki starting mai aana tha…

Ri: are I was just kidding idiot, tune to saari ramayan hi pad daali… waise meri nanad hai kaha uski aawajein nahi aa rahi???

A: (looked at riddhima who was still sleeping , he caressed her hair, then bent down and slightly kissed her on forehead) so rahi hai…

Ri: to jaga na, mujhe uss se baat karni hai….

A: thodi der baad baat karwa deta hun…

Ri: kya hua armaan pareshan sa lag raha hai, is everything ok?? Riddhima theek haina????

A: haan theek hai, bas kal thodi tabiyat kharab thi, still very week from inside.. isliye..

Ri: uska dhyan rakhiyo armaan…. aur ab agar tu usse akela chodkar gaya na to mai teri watt laga dungi, tere kaaran kitni problem ho rahi hai hume, na tu Singapore jaata, na riddhima ki aisi haalat hoti, na tujhe itni jaldi Europe ka program banana padta aur naahi hamari treat cancel hoti (armaan smiled and shaked his head) agar jaana hi tha to usse saath le jaata …

A: mai pehle bhi kaha chodkar jaana chahta tha wo to at a time niki… acha bata niki ki beti kaisi hai?? Kya naam rakha hai uska???

Ri: aakansha….

A: waooo acha naam hai…

Ri: chal ab mai phone rakhti hun, thodi der mai call karti hun…shaadi ke 4 saal successfully complete karne ke liye bahut bahut badhai…

A: dhnayawaad ji.. (he smiled a bit… then cuts the call… again looked at riddhima, and mumbled in her ears) happy marriage anniversary jaan… riddhima smiled in dreams… her heart was beating fast, armaan gave a quick peck on her cheeks, then sits on bed taking the support of wall… when raised his pillow he found one envelope, he opened the envelope and found one card , he found that it's not ready made it's made by her… one beautiful picture of them with each other standing with his body pressed by her's body, his hands on her waist.. and one side it's written happy marriage anniversary armaan… I love you… and he turned the card at the back it was written…

Kuch bhi nahi tha, kuch bhi na hoga
Aapse pehle, aapke baad…
Pyar nahi tha pyar na hoga
Aapse pehle aapke baad…

Jindagi ho tum, meri jaan ho tum
Chahat ka meri armaan ho tum…
Pyar nahi tha pyar na hoga..
Aapse pehle aapke baad…

Armaan eyes filled a little, he again looked at her, then lightly pinched her face so as to wake her up… she makes a face in sleep..he smiled then did little tickly in her tummy to which she started laughing and opened her eyes…

A: to madam aap jaagi hui thi huh…

R: (putting arms around his neck) happy marriage anniversary…

A: (overlapping her body, then nuzzling his nose against hers) same to you 2…(then showing her card and praised her with eyes as he's finding difficult to give words to his feelings….) ab kaisa feel kar rahi ho????

R: better… waise mai raat ko hi theek ho gayi thi, par jab uthi to tum so chukke the isliye mai bhi so gayi….

A: haan tumne socha iss se acha mauka kab milega sone ka, agar tumne mujhe jaga diya to tum so nahi paogi,isliye mujhe bataya hi nahi….

R: aur kya itna acha mauka kaise jaane deti..

A: aur mai jo itna pareshan tha wo….

R: jhut na bolo, tumhare kharatto ki aawajon se hi to mai theek hui thi… (armaan smiled at her answer) armaan can you imagine aaj hamari shaadi hue ko 4 years ho rahe hai, lagta hi nahi ki..

A: ki 4 saal beet gaye, kabhi lagta hai jaise pyar ke ehsas ne abhi abhi chua ho, jaise abhi abhi hamare pyar ki shuruwat hui ho, aur kabhi lagta hai ki jaise sadiyon se hum 1 dusre se bndhe ho….

R: pata hai armaan mai bachpan se kabhi bhi kissi ke uppar dependent nahi rahi thi, tum meri jindagi mai aaye, tumhare uppar tumhare pyar ke liye dependent hona acha laga, mujhe lagta tha ki mai bas itna hi dependent hun tumpar… par jab tum Singapore gaye the tab mujhe pata challa ki mai to apni har saans, har dhadkan ke liye hi dependent hun, tumhare bina na mar sakti hun, na jee sakti hun… ye lines kabhi mai tumhe kaha karti thi par inn lines ko mehsus kiya unn 10 dino mai, actually pata challa ki…. (she stopped..)

A: ki mujhe kiss hadd tak pyar karti ho????

R: wo to shayad mai kabhi bhi nahi jaan paungi, pata nahi apne pyar ki haddein jaan ne ke liye pata nahi kitne janam lagenge…. Tumhe pata hai kya tumhare pyar ki haddein kahan se shuru hokar kaha khatam hoti hai??? Kitni mohabbat hai Mujhe bhi batao na…

A: wo ishq hi kya jisme deewangi ki hadd pata chal jaye, asli maja to tabhi aata hai na jab pata hi na challe ki hamari haddein kaha khatam hoti hai.. jis din lage aaj yaha par hadd khatam hai agle hi pal pata challe nahi abhi aur gunjaiysh hai paagal hone ki, deewana hone ki… har roj 1 nai hadd pyar ki…. Kitni mohabbat hai, kitni deewangi hai, kitna paagalpan hai, kitna pyar hai, mujhe kuch nahi pata….

R: thankgod tumhari bhi same 2 same feelings hai, warna mujhe laga tha ki mai hi budhu hun jo apne pyar ko kabhi samajh hi nahi paati, agar tum bhi yehi sochte ho to means mai budhu nahi hun… (armaan laughed… riddhima was looking him continuously)

A: hamara pyar bhi kitna alag sa hai na, kitna pyara sa ehsas hai hamare pyar mai, magical love.. magical flower jiski fragrance kabhi khatam hi nahi hoti, hamesha aise mehkta rehta hai jaise abhi new new khilla ho.. haina… (riddhima did touch wood by touching her forehead quickly)

R: tum bhi karo na touchwood jaldi se… (armaan smiled and bends down first kisses her forehead and mumbled touch then slightly brushed his lips with hers and mumbled wood.. riddhima smiled)

A: waise tumne abhi tak gift nahi maanga apna??

R: coz mujhe tumhara gift mil chukka hai, ab meri baari hai… (armaan gave her confused look)

A: tum galat bol rahi ho basket.. tumne mujhe gift de diya hai, aur mai as usual phir se late ho gaya, par iss baar mai tumhare liye cake nahi bana sakta, maine restaurant waalo se baat ki thi ki 1 din ke liye wo mujhe apna kitchen udhaar par de dein, mujhe cake banana hai, par unhone mana kar diya… aur kuch gift samajh hi nahi aaya kya dun…

R: (smiling at his innocence) armaan mujhe tumhara gift mil gaya hai, wo bhi advance mai, iss baar shayad mai late ho gayi…

A: acha maine kab tumhe gift diya???? Mujhe kyun nahi pata iss baare mai kuch..

R: diya to hai hamare pyar ka tohfa, hamare pyar ki nishani jo iss waqt….i mean tumhara pyar, tumhara saath is se badhkar mere liye aur kya gift ho sakta hai…kitne precious ho tum aur tumhara pyar jisse tumne mere andar bahut ache se bhar rakha hai…. Batao iss se acha gift aur koi ho sakta hai???

A: not convinced, pyar to mai tumhe 5 saalon se karta hun, har roj karta hun, to ye gift thodi na hua, gift to wo hota hai jo kabhi kabhi kissi occasion par diya jaata hai alag sa, daily life se alag, aur ye kaha se advance gift ban gaya???

R: (thinks a bit) budhu tum mujhe advance mai Europe nahi le aaye kya, yehi to tumhara advance anniversary gift tha… (before armaan could say nything his cell again start ringing, riddhima took the breathe of relief… and turned towards bathroom as soon as attended the call, armaan then talked to rohit, prachi their son yash, who calls him chachu, and also listened the crying of their sweet little daughter who's 6 months old and her name's ananya… he smiled and after sometime he cuts the call… riddhima's singing in bathroom, and armaan was getting lost in thoughts…)

sthinking pyar ki raahon mai hum kitni aage aa gaye hai, kitna kuch ho gaya hai in 3 saalon mai, asli saffar to inn 3 saalon mai humne tye kiya hai, kaha aur kis hadd tak hum pyar mai nikal sakte hai ye to inn 3 saalon mai pata challa hai… 7 vachan to le liye the phero ke saath par unhe nibhana to inn 3 saalon mai seekha hai.. theek kehte hai sab ki sukh mai to sab saath de dete hai par jo tumse pyar karta hota hai wo kabhi nahi dekhta ki tum kiss state mai ho,

hamesha tumhare saath saaye ki tarah khada rehta hai chahe kuch bhi ho andhera hone par bhi nahi saath chodta… in his mind many thoughts came, many reflections of his past 3 years came… riddhima cleared her test, her crying face when heard that armaan was not able to clear his test, then trustees giving him one more chance as rohit, nikita did requests them, riddhima pleading in front of armaan and asking him to give test properly, he's not getting ready for it, then some how she made him understand her point of view,

and she too understands what he wants to say and understands his tensions, his fears, his problems, their way of living changed entirely, some days they'd to skip eating too coz they didn't have enough money, but still they didn't loose patience, they just don't want to run and wants to prove that they are right…they're eagerly waiting for the day when their patient sheekha came back in to senses…. riddhima's accident, then riddhima's confrontation with dr. shashank when he tried to give her check of rupees 10 lakhs as he'd seen him buying vegetables from mandi,

in between their relation with the staff, and one day sheekha came back in senses and she told that she was not medicated by armaan riddhima, she was medicated by sanjana last time when she was in senses making all the staff shocked, trustees and everyone repenting for their behaviour, sanjana's rusticated, trustees declared to gave them the total amount from which they were deprived from last 2 and a half years, and also added that this year armaan will be going to Singapore for taking award and riddhima will accompany him,

at the last moment niki's labor pain, riddhima's program cancellation, he asked her to promise that she won't drop even a single tear if she misses him, riddhima's saying jab tak mai tumhe miss karna shuru karungi tab tak to tum aa hi jaoge, 3 days ki hi to baat hai, I can easily tackle.. his way to Singapore, on the day of his returning sanjana meeting him, in front of everyone she knelt down and asked him to forgive her from heart, armaan's saying wo kabhi naaraj hi nahi tha uss se to maaf kiss ke liye kare,

time hi nahi mila usse uss se naaraj, nafrat karne ka, riddhima aur uski yaadein uska peecha chode tab to wo iss baare mai sochega… uske dil-o-dimag mai riddhima ke alava kuch nahi hai, unhe just ye prove karna tha ki wo dono sahi hai aur wo prove kar diya, uske alava unhe aur kuch nahi chahiye, kisne kiya kyu kiya, kya mila usse wo sab karke na hum interested the jaan ne mai aur na hai, kyunki hume kuch khokar bahut bahut kuch mil gaya, so better tum kissi guilt mai na raho aur apni aage ki life ache se spend karo… he made surprised her by his words, she told that transferring money was her plan but she seriously didn't played with sheekha's health, it's just a mistake.. she again repented and told him that she'd tranfered money back to his account…

by the time he returned it started raining heavily, then heavy snow fall, all flights cancelled for next 7 days his unability to contact riddhima, and when he returned back riddhima's condition, she got freezed when he touched her face, she purely became a stone, then he realized his mistake, then he realized he'd done blunder by taking promise from her of not to drop a single tear…

her dairy how she spend her 10 days without him which if read by anyone would surely make him/her cry… then the way he loved her and bring her back to normal, made her cry somehow by sucking her eyes, by giving his physical support, by involving his soul with her to give her mental assurance that he won't leave her again… her crying and holding him tightly, then his decision to fly to Europe as she surely needs his time entirely, from last 14 days they were together, riddhima was fine but still sometime sways due to weekness….

Armaan thought money ke bina bhi life kitni achi hoti hai, kabhi mai darta tha iss phase ko dekhne se, par jab riddhima ke saath iss life ke phase mai enter kiya to pata challa ki hum dur hone ki jagah aur aur bahut paas aa gaye, today again we are so rich, par koi excitement nahi hai, jitna dukh paise khone par hua tha shayad utni khushi usse pane mai nahi hui kyunki hamari life bahut bahut achi chal rahi thi aur chalti rahegi, waise hi saath
saath din ki shuruwat,

phir saara saath saath kaam karna, breakfast banana, phir walk karke hospital jaana, lunch time par ghar aana, lunch banakar, khaakar phir hospital, aur dinner ke time par phiir waapis aakar dinner karke, uss jhulle par pyar se 1 hi cup mai coffee peena, dher saari baatein karna, koi raju nahi, koi ramu nahi… kaam karte waqt fulltus masti karna.. (he smiled) Sunday ko saare kapde dhona, riddhima ki wo mere nigt suit ko kaat kar apni shorts banana and wo dheela dheela sa kurta daal kar ghumna,

kabhi uska armaan ban na aurr mera riddhima, kabhi uski tummy par sketching karna aur uska mere muh par painting karna.. (he laughed to himself when remembered his photo after being painted by riddhima) occasions par 1 dusre ke liye cake banana chotta sa, jayda paise nahi hote the bada cake banana ke liye, kitna sochna padta tha, bajaar jaana sabji, daal, aata khud lekar aana, bargaining karna, and aate waqt wo po po waali raedi se ice cream khaana 5 rupye waali,

surely inn 3 saalon ne hamari jindagi ko aur jayda khubsurat bana diya hai, he still remembered her expression when trustees declared that they'll be paid their total salary which they deserve to get, her first question was ab kya hum raju ko waapis kaam par rakh lenge???? He noticed the heaviness in her words, and he's relieved in heart that time thinking thankgod riddhima bhi interested nahi hai raju ko bulane mai, means ab bhi hamari life aise hi challegi…

(armaan felt some drops of water on his face, he came in present and turned, saw riddhima drying her hair, wearing white capree, with red top, having strips on shoulder, looking gorgeous as usual) kaun kaunsi moments yaad karun, har moment mai naya ehsas nayi feeling hoti hai, nayi khushbu hoti hai pyar ki… kitna pyar karun iss ladki ko, har baar kam kyu pad jaata hai… he moved towards her…

pyar ki raahein kabhi aasan nahi hoti par riddhima jaise khubsurat saathi ke saath inn raahon mai kadam rakho to shayad raahein to wohi rehti hai, par unn raahon par chalne ka alag hi maaja ban jaata hai, hamesha proud feel hota hai ki humne iss pyar ki difficult road ko pakda, pata nahi kab turn aa jaye, par ek vishwas hai jitney marji turns aa jaye raheinge hum saath hi, bina kisi compromise aur sacrifice ke, kissi bhi mod par koi samjhota nahi…. Iss vishwas se bhadkar aur kuch nahi hota…

he again came in present when riddhima very politely pulled her hair back that touched his face, 2-3 strands remained pasted on her face, but she kept on looking him asking with eyes what happened, armaan was so much lost in her that he didn't understand her question, soon reached near her and slowly removed her hair strands back, then entangled
her fingues in his, both kept on looking each other in continuation,

praising each other's love with eyes, when did their lips meet both don't know, and they didn't apart till they feel ache in their lips, both laughed in heart at each other's madness…Riddhima's head was slightly swinging, she quickly holds his arm, then settled on bed before armaan could know that she's again feeling like this and placed her head on his tummy, after 2-3 minutes she felt normal… after 10 minutes their room was knocked, armaan asked her to open the door, as soon as riddhima opened the door 1 waiter bought beautiful booke and 1 trolley on which beautiful cake was lying, decorated with marbles, waiter handled booke to riddhima and left… riddhima looked at armaan…
armaan came to her and pulled one rose from booke and gave it to riddhima, kissing on her cheeks and mumbled happy anniversary…

R: armaan ye booke mere liye hai kya???

A: nahi sirf jo rose maine diya hai tumhe wo hai tumhare liye, don't worry tumhe iss booke ko pack karne ki jarurat nahi padegi, sirf ye rose hi tumhe India lekar jaana hai…
(riddhima grinned, both cut the cake, then played with it, making drawing of cream on each other faces, then did photo shoot.. making funny faces, after some time both goes out and did window shopping, then made their way towards park, where they did swimming, but soon get out from water as riddhima feel she will vomit in water, she rushed in wash room and after sometime came back and saw tensed face of armaan, as soon as she came, he rushed to her…

R: are baba mai theek hun, paani mai itna chlorine tha, iss wajah se thoda, but ab theek hai..

A: to kissne kaha tha chlorine waala paani peene ke liye, ye paani peene ke liye nahi sirf swimming ke liye hai, peene ka paani dusra hota hai….

R: ohhh thanks for your kind information, mujhe to pata hi nahi tha ki ye peene ka paani nahi hai… anyways ab hum waapis chalte hai, packing bhi to karni hai…

A: haan challo, waise bhi tumhe Europe bilkul bhi suit nahi kiya, har roj kabhi kuch ho jaata hai kabhi kuch…

R: ab to India bhi suit nahi karega…

A: kya matlab???

R: matlab… matlab ye mujhe tumhare alava aur kuch suit nahi karta.. ab challo..(she smiled very sweetly both made their way towards room, start doing packing…. And then both fell on bed, was lost in dream world as soon as closed their eyes, next day at the same time they're at airport, riddhima took some medicines…

A: ye kisliye???

R: raaste mai agar tabiyat kharab ho gayi to kya karoge???

A: tumhe nahi lagta ki tum aajkal jayda hi bimar rehne lag gayi ho??? jab mai uss din keh raha tha ki doctor ko dikha dete hai to mana kyu kiya.. ab India jaakar sabse pehle..

R: sabse pehle tests karwaungi okk.. khush..

A: haan, airport se nikalte hi sabse pehle yehi kaam karienge… (riddhima looked him and shaked her head.. both took their seats..)

It was a beautiful day, armaan riddhima had almost unpacked their luggage, still no one knows that they're back as first they wants to fresh up, then wants to meet their friends, now when they finished with their work…armaan changed his clothes..

R: kahi jaa rahe ho armaan???

A: sanjeevani…

R: mujhe bhi jaana hai, sheekha se milna hai…

A: to challo… (riddhima got ready and in next 30 minutes they was standing at sanjeevani's door)

It's 7:30 in evening, armaan entered in general ward, sheekha was sitting on bed…

A: hii sheekha, ab kaisi tabiyat hai tumhari???

Sh: (surprised) dr. armaan… aap kab aaye?? Aap log to ghumne gaye hue the na?? dr. riddhima kaha hai, kaisi hai???

A: riddhima??? Riddhima tumse milne nahi aayi???

Sh: nahi abhi tak to nahi aayi…

A: pata nahi wo to keh rahi thi tumse milna hai, isliye to wo sanjeevani aayi thi…

Sh: aap log yaha kab se aaye hue ho???

A: 2 o'clock…

Sh: pata nahi wo to milne nahi aayi, kya pata jab wo milne aayi ho, mai so rahi hun…

A: hmm ho sakta hai, challo tum rest karo, hum kal milte hai.. okk.. (she nodded and he left, first goes in locker room for collecting his cell and other things, when saw his cell he found one message from riddhima: armaan mai ghar jaa rahi hun, sheekha so rahi hai, tum dr. keerti ke saath meeting mai ho, niki, rohit koi bhi nahi hai… bye, shaam ko milte hai… armaan as soon as read the message made his way to home…

On other side riddhima was preparing dinner, lost completely in her thoughts, armaan from back came very quietly and placed his chin on her shoulder, she smiled.. but as soon as he locked his hands on her tummy, she shivered deeply, and took a deep breathe locking her breathes in so that her tummy was slightly in…. armaan was surprised with her body reaction, her breathes was so fast that he could listen it from a distance… no doubt she still shivers with his touch but today's sumthing different, he could not make out what's the difference… but then taking it normal he plants a kiss on her neck then..

A: oe mera kyun nahi wait kiya, hum dono ne saath saath prepare karna tha dinner…

R: ( very low in tone) waise hi… jaldi ghar aa gayi thi, time hi nahi pass ho raha tha, 1 1 pal 1 ghante ke barabar lag raha tha, to socha cooking hi kar lun…

A: (turned her towards his side, wants to say something but forgot when saw the shining of her face, her eyes was full of unknown expression, or may be mixed expression, her lips was slightly shaking, cheeks was red, basically her face was glowing, armaan was looking her deeply, riddhima in between raised he eyes looks him for a second then again start looking down, fiddling with his shirt buttons… she was looking slightly nervous) kya hua basket???

R: (still looking down) kya hua??? Kuch bhi to nahi…

A: (dragged his hands from her tummy to her waist which again raised her heart beats, she looked him, armaan tried to read her eyes) riddhima batao na kya hua hai.. tumhari aankhein, tumhara chehra… tum itna khush kyu ho?? batao na…(like a kid)

R: (controlling herself, and detangling from armaan) guess karo…

A: no guesses…

R: guess to aapko hi karna hai, mai to nahi bataungi…

A: tumhe phir koi surgery mili hai??? (riddhima gave him THE look, then shaked her head) kya tum sanjeevani ki head ban ne waali ho??? (riddhima hit her head) oe mujhe nahi pata, kuch hint to do…
(she moved closed to him and take his hand and placed on her tummy..)

A: ye chuhe bhi na.… par agar tumhe bhuk lagi hai to isme itna khush hone waali kya baat hai??? (riddhima looked him)

R: wo aaj maine nayi cheezein banai haina khaane mai isliye khush hun…

A: aur nervous bhi ki mujhe pasand aayegi ya nahi.. are don't worry basket tumne banaya hai khaana to acha hi bana hoga… tumhe bahut bhuk lag rahi haina, mai bas 2 minute mai fresh hokar aata hun, okk…

Riddhima nodded, she took hold of freeze thinking control riddhima.. control… (she took a deep breathe) then again thought jab tak khud hi stable nahi hoyegi usse kaise batayegi.., you need to control…. Then listened armaan calling her from outside, she placed all the bowls in tray and went outside….settled on table… she's not feeling the need to eat, somehow she took 1 chapatti…

A: riddhima kya hua??

R: bas meri tummy full ho gayi hai…

A: 1 chappatti se????

R: haan, aur mann nahi kar raha..

A: par..

R: armaan sachi mann nahi kar raha..

A: okk challo room mai chalte hai…. (armaan turned when riddhima holds his hand, armaan asked with eyes what happened, she raised her arms, armaan lifted her up.. while going up, armaan acted as if his breathing is very fast…)

R: kya hua???

A: itna jayda kha khaake itni moti ho gayi ho, aise lagta hai jaise kissi haathi ko utha rakha ho…. (he smiled thinking now she'll react on this but…)

R: (not irritated at all like she does, putting arms around his neck) hmmm… moti to hoyungi na, 3-3 logo ka wait jo sambhaal rahi hun…

A: (surprised) wo kaise???

R: 1 apna, 2 tumhara coz tum bhi mere andar ho, (he nodded) 3.. (she stopped)

A: 3?????

R: hamare pyar ka… (she opened the door of their room)

A: wo to 1 hi baat hai, mai tumhare andar hun matlab hamaara pyar tumhare andar hai..

R: (her heart beats was again loud… she looked at his face) hamara pyar… (very slowly she was speaking) jo iss waqt… jo iss waqttt…..(armaan tried to read the expressions and tried to read what she wants to say…)

A: jo iss waqt???? (riddhima looked him, then asked him to move near computer table, and picked up one file and gave it to armaan..) ye kya hai???

R: khud dekh lo… (armaan asked her to open as he's holding her, riddhima somehow opened the file and placed it on her face, armaan just read it's first line and he stopped there only where he was standing…)

Mrs. RiddhimArmaan Malik.

Result: +ve
Conclusion: Pregnancy confirmed, congratulations.

He was standing still for 2 minutes then came in present and holds riddhima tightly fearing ki kahin wo gir na jaaye uske haatho se…. he was actually not getting how should he express his feelings, nor he too dared to remove the file from her face… her hands was holding the file, he bends down and slightly kisses on her hand, then slightly kisses on her tummy, to which she closed her eyes and turns her face to other side… and due to this file fell down from her face… armaan could see her cheeks from one side which was totally red….. he mumbled just 1 word in her ear thankyou… riddhima hides her face in his chest… and said thanku 2 you 2 armaan, hamare pyar ne mere andar saasein leni shuru kar di… armaan felt the unknown excitement in him, he felt as if getting goosebumps in his tummy… he very carefully placed riddhima on bed…. And kept on looking her face, riddhima slightly opened her eyes, then placed her hand on his face…

R: I love you armaan… (Armaan blinked his eyes)

A: (he remembered her words which she said in europe on their anniversary) tumhe Europe mai pata chal gaya.. (riddhima cut him in between by nodding her head) mujhe kyu nahi..

R: (again cut him in between) pata chal gaya tha, last day tak saare symptoms bhi clear ho gaye the par phir bhi confirmation ki jarurat thi, koi risk nahi lena chahti thi, tumhe just confirmed news dena chahti thi that's why..

Armaan was still in daze, he's still thinking if he's not dreaming.. he's waiting 4 this day but he was not known that it came so unexpectedly… their baby… armaan riddhima ke pyar ki jeeti jaagti nishani… he closed his eyes….

Around 2 o'clock at night riddhima opened her eyes when felt some tic tock on her tummy… and was surprised… seeing armaan sitting on bed… bending down and again getting up, she opened her eyes fully and noticed armaan mumbling knock knock by knocking on her tummy politely… then bends down and placed his ears on her tummy and mumbles koi hai… baby babyyyy… hellooo.. I'm your father, he again got up and again did knock knock… and again bends down and mumbled tum sun rahe ho na… welcome to our family… jisme aapki mumma aur aapke papa hai… aapki mumma jiske andar abhi aap saasein le rahe ho, aur aapke papa jo aapko dekhne ke liye betaab hai… tum kaise ho???? riddhima was smiling, and 2 tears dropped from her eye… riddhima settled on bed…

A: oe tum kab uthi???

R: jab aap kissi ko introduction dene mai busy the… (placed her head on his shoulder)

A: par baby to kuch bolta hi nahi hai…

R: armaan tumhara baby abhi pata hai kitna hai???

A: means size mai ???

R: han.. (she nodded, armaan asked kitna, riddhima took one pen from side table)

A: iss pen ke jitna?? Itna chotta???

R: (removing it's cap) iss pen ki tip jitna… ye jitni aapko iski ball najar a rahi haina aage ki utna… ab khud socho itna sa aapka baby kaise reply karega apko???

A: jhutti… maana mujhe knowledge nahi hai jayda par iska matlab ye nahi ki mai tumhari har baat maanunga…

R: mat maano, tumhari marji…

A: mujhe bhi baby ko dekhna hai..

R: kyaa???? (surprised)

To be continued….

Precap: cute questions from armaan to riddhima for their baby and riddhima's promise..

Will pm you next time whenever do update… if you don't get pm please kindly tell me or pm me… I'll add your name in pm list….

Richa: sorry yaar pm isliye nahi kiya kyunki mujhe nahi pata tha ki tum story pad rahi ho ya nahi, tumne ab bata diya to ab se surely pm kar diya karungi…

Sonia: still one more part for you… (means reply to your comment, which is the longest reply… agar koi aur bhi read karna chahe to kar sakta hai, may be kahi na kahi aapke questions ka bhi answer ho iss reply mai..)
dear no sorry, please yaar maine agar part update kiya hai to mai tumhari uss par genuine feelings expect karti hun jo part ko padte hi tumhare mind mai aayi, chahe phir wo achi ho ya buri, bas jo bhi mind mai aaya usse type karke post karne ka, agar tumhe kuch doubts hai to mujhe pata hona chahiye tabhi to mai unhe clear karungi, hamari friendship, tumhari soothing apni jagah, par part padte waqt mai ishanki jo tumhare liye story likhti hai wo hun aur tum readers jo part padke apne comments post karte ho, jinke basis par mujhe pata chalta hai ki mai kya likh rahi hun aur kaha meri writing lie karti hai…. Mai bilkul bhi nahi chahungi ki meri problems ki wajah se, meri pareshani ki wajah se tum apne true comments na likho, wo seriously banawati ho jayega, jo dil mai ho likha karo agar mere pass tumhare question ka answer hoga to mai reply karungi ki maine kya aur kaise sochkar likha tha, aur agar koi answer na hua to apologize karungi tumhe galat update dene ke liye… that's it.. hamesha aise hi true rehna apne comments ko lekar, mujhe bhi acha lagega aur tumhe bhi jab ff khatam hogi… so..No need to say sorry sonia, actually I'm happy that you've asked these questions,

Reply to your questions…

first of all maine ye part half complete kiya tha 15th days pehle aur half after that to may be uski wajah se writing mai farak aa gaya ho, touch mai nahi thi bilkul bhi story ke… secondly may be one of the reason is maine 1 hi part mai sab explain kar diya punishment and all, aage se dhyan rakhungi….

1. sonia sanjana ne ATM se direct transfer ki thi, jaha tak mujhe pata hai to ATM card ka form fill karne se pehle usme hum amount mention karte hai ki hum at a time kitni transfer chahte hai, baaki agar aisa nahi hota to I'm deeply sorry, but I just want to show how there life turns out when they didn't have money with them, mera main motive iss track ko start karne ka yehi tha, isliye mai jayda deeply nahi gayi, blank check sign karwana aur phir transfer karna wo typical k-serial ho jaata aur lamba procedure bhi….

2. shashank mai ye to nahi keh sakti ki unka negative role hai iss story mai, par haan unki ego aur unka apne experience par ghamand unhe negative bana raha hai, and I think unhone kuch jhoot bhi nahi bola sabke saamne, unhone 1 baar bhi ye nahi kaha ki wrong medicate kiya tha par unhone medication dete hue dekha tha, jis waqt wo rounds par the tab armaan riddhima ward mai hi the, but unhone ye sach bhi nahi bola ki armaan riddhima se pehle unhone sanjana ko bhi ward se nikalte dekha tha, but he'll feel guilty later on for this…

3. AR dumb to nahi hai, actually this is what I think but haan dono ke hi dil mai kissi ko lekar koi kadwahat nahi hai, wo shayad isliye kuch nahi kar paa rahe kyunki unhe lagta hi nahi hai ki koi unke saath jaan bhuj kar ye sab kar raha hai, unka sirf main motive apne aap ko sahi prove karna hai, aur ye hota bhi hai par bahut lambe intejar ke baad shayad 2years+ 8 months ke baad… sonia tum khud kabhi soch kar dekhna agar tum kabhi kissi ke baare mai kuch galat nahi sochte ho, koi challaki nahi hai tumhare mann mai kissi ke liye to saamne waale ke liye bhi waisa hi sochoge hamesha… basically hum jaise bhi hote hai waisa hi auro ko soch kar chalte ho, same with armaan and riddhima, both are intelligent, smart, can tackle any problem but dil unka bahut hi saaf hai like new mirror… armaan shararti hai pranks khelta hai, pareshan krta hai dusro ko, aur apni smartness se dusron ki problem bhi sought out karta hai, par smartness uski positive way mai hai, isliye shayad dono ko lagta hi nahi ki koi unke saath game khel raha hai…ya jhut muth kissi ne fasaya hai unhe, tum jo mai likh rahi ho ussi ki najar se dekhne ki koshish kar rahi ho, par armaan riddhima ki jagah rakh kar dekho, unki tarah feel karke dekho to shayad samajh aa jaye ki wo dumbs nahi hai bas sabko apni tarah hi sochkar chalte hai jo apne aas paas sabko khush dekhna chahte hai, kissi ko problem ho to jaise bhi karke uska solution nikalna chahte hai… that's' it…

Sonia tumne last comment mai ek aur question pucha tha ki kya armaan itna rich hokar bhi 1 hi atm ya credit card rakhta hai… uska character sketch hi aisa hai, uss se 1 card hi sambhal jaye wohi kaafi hai, rich to wo hai par itna nahi ki 500 crores tak ka maalik ho like in other serials, rich wo hai in the sense ki kuch bhi kharch karne se pehle usse sochna nahi padta….and that's all one needs.. par wo kabhi bhi extra rich nahi tha, uske pass hamesha se itni hi money rahi hai jo unki basic necessities ko bahut bahut aaram se puri kar sake + wo luxurious life aaram se spend kar sake, waise bhi best interns the dono best hospital mai to unki combined monthly salary bhi 250000-300000 mai lie karti thi, aur iss se jayda I don't think unhe chahiye hoga, ab ye question mat puchna ki agar wo itna earn karte the to uske hisab se bhi unke bank account mai 40-50 lakhs se jayda ki savings honi chahiye thi…hee hee hee…. Mai khud hi bata deti hun, tumne last parts mai dekha hi hoga ki koi bhi occasion aata tha to wo dono being the first occasion after their marriage bahut hi ache se celebrate karte the, gifts alag hote the, to again unhe saving karne ki aadat nahi thi, hardly in a year unhone 4-5 lakhs deposit karwaye the, baaki jo amount thi wo shaadi se pehle jo galti se bach gayi thi armaan se wo thi…. Bas yehi tha mere mind mai aur yehi soch kar ye sab likha tha….

Aur tum chinta mat karo ye track filhaal mai continue nahi kar rahi hun, waise ye track bilkul bhi sad nahi tha, enjoyable tha with respect to AR, coz again unhone apne pyar ke kuch new aur high standards set kar diye the, agar mai kabhi wo track likh saki to I'll surely write it and don't know why my heart's saying if you get the chance to read that track you will surely enjoy it.. but filhaal tum iss track ko enjoy karo.. after all AR ka baby aane wane hai, jiski pata nahi tum sabko kab se wait thi………

Hope maine har cheez ka reply kar diya ho, agar phir bhi doubt ho to again anytime you can ask… okkkk….

Ritu:mai theek hun ab, mind hatane ke liye hi story likhna start ki hai, shayad unhe to kabhi nahi bhul paungi par koshish rahegi ki kabhi bhi mere kaaran unki aatma ko takleef na ho, tum sab ka saath bahut hi acha raha hai, tum sab sach mai bahut supportive ho… really lucky to have you all in my life… thanks a lot for always being there… love you all…


pata nahi tum sabko aisa kyu lagta hai ki AR dumbs hai, unke part par rakh kar socho na, shayad hum sabne bahut serials dekh rakhe hai to ye problem bahut hi common si lagti hai, par aise tum sab kyu nahi sochte ki ye sab cheezein unke liye bilkul nayi hai, tum sabko to pata hai ki ye sab sanjana ne kiya hai kyunki maine bata diya par armaan riddhima ko to nahi pata na, unke saath kitne colleagues kaam karte hai aur kissi ko bhi blame karne ke liye unhe strong proof ki bhi to jarurat hogi na, bewajah wo kaise kissi ko blame kar sakte hai, armaan kabhi tricky tha hi nahi to kaise samajh sakta hai ki koi unke khillaff planning kar raha hai, aur sheekha ko wrong medicate chahe sanjana ne kiya tha par usne jaan bhuj kar aisa nahi kiya tha, it was just an accident, otherwise usme itni insaniyat to thi ki atleast kissi patient ki jaan ke saath khilwaad nahi kar sakti thi, hope tum AR ke point of view se clear ho…


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hai dear Heart

                     awesome part yaarHeart for me it's THE BEST part in this ffHeart loved each n every word of itHeart      u know at first when I read the starting lines of this part , i felt like whether i have missed any part beforeHeart but after reading it , i feel like this part fullfilled the whole ffHeart                       u r simply amazing yaar in expressing AR's intensity of loveHeartn about that Armaan words to their coming baby is simply amazing Hearti never heard such type of amazing cute wordsHeartcontinue sooooonHeartnow i can't wait anymore for the next part yaar  Heart  continue sooonHeart                 

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Hey Ishanki..
how are you..?
Sorry didn't comment on the last part yahan power cuts ne pagal kiya hua hai..
I was really sad to see Armaan's reaction in the last part..
but I was really Happy to see Ridhhima's POV..

Finally about this part..
I was initially confused when I started reading this one coz I had last part in my mind but as it proceeded I realised Its the New track..
I loved it really..
OMG..! AR's baby is in the picture now..
My My just can't wait to read further..
Armaan nd Ridhhima's reaction on the realisation of being parents was just outstanding..
the way you've portrayed is Perfect..
To be honest when I read the part I was really smiling..
I've read many AR scenes with their Baby to be born but none of them was this beautiful..
the love nd happiness was very well portrayed in their dialogues..

Afew lines that you wrote Stole the show for me..:

1. theek kehte hai sab ki sukh mai to sab saath de dete hai par jo tumse pyar karta hota hai wo kabhi nahi dekhta ki tum kiss state mai ho, hamesha tumhare saath saaye ki tarah khada rehta hai chahe kuch bhi ho andhera hone par bhi nahi saath chodta…

hamare pyar ne mere andar saasein leni shuru kar di…

Plz add me to ur PM list too..


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 Ishu har bar ki tarhan ye part be lajawaab ,bemissal.
love u .Pata hai main tujhse 123 baar pyaar kar chuki hoon .I mean pyaar 123 guna ho gaya .I know tu soch rahi hogi ajeeb multification hai .But main kya karoon har bar tujh se phir pyaar ho jata hai.Embarrassed
Suniye-------> ye 4 saal ka leap kuch jayada lamba time period nahin ho gaya but nice bickering with Ritu [me naehhhhh]Wink
oyye hoyye mere AR hamesha ki tarhan apne pyaar mein them.
Akanksha welcome to our pagal family.
yaar tu sare songs wahi kyun likhti hai jo mujh ko dil se pasnd hote hai.I know dil se dil ki rah hoti hai .Tongue
A: wo ishq hi kya jisme deewangi ki hadd pata chal jaye, asli maja to tabhi aata hai na jab pata hi na challe ki hamari haddein kaha khatam hoti hai.. jis din lage aaj yaha par hadd khatam hai agle hi pal pata challe nahi abhi aur gunjaiysh hai paagal hone ki, deewana hone ki' har roj 1 nai hadd pyar ki'. Kitni mohabbat hai, kitni deewangi hai, kitna paagalpan hai, kitna pyar hai, mujhe kuch nahi pata'.

yaar mar sutya tu te.hai mar jawaan .sachhi .i swear.Dead

kitne precious ho tum aur tumhara pyar jisse tumne mere andar bahut ache se bhar rakha hai'. Batao iss se acha gift aur koi ho sakta hai???

ullu ko samagh nahin atta kya .I know ladki nahin hai na.
Akhir tumne Neha ko chhoti maa bana hi diya
Ab tu badi ho gayi hai.hey hold on plz
koi mujh ko be congrats do yaar .ofcourse main b to chhoti maa hoon.yessssssssssssssssss love u.[neha kahan ho tum .miss u kiddooooo]
pyaar ki itni aazmaeish par phir be ek doosre ka sath unke liye amrit ban gaya yaar .kitni jaldi sab kuch gujaar gaya.

he asked her to promise that she won't drop even a single tear if she misses him.

BLUNDER usko be pata nahin hoga ki vo usse kya maang baeitha hai .ro kar uska man to halka ho jata .

kitna pyar karun iss ladki ko, har baar kam kyu pad jaata hai'

umar  kum padegi par pyaar khatam nahin hoga.agar pyaar sacha hai to kai janam be kam padenge .

mujhe bhi baby ko dekhna hai..
same with me ------------->
mujhe bhi baby ko dekhna hai.

2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)    2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)     2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)
weddingttl.gif (13757 bytes)
2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)    2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)    2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)



On your glorious wedding day
As handsome groom and lovely miss
Standing before all, your vows you say
And thus enter into marital bliss

2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)

May caring be the pattern
May joy be the theme
And you will be together
Forever living your dream


bridegroom1x1.jpg (16417 bytes)


"For marriage is truly a divine gift,"
The preacher says 'tween that and this
And then the veil the groom must lift
To seal the union with a kiss

2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)

May patience be your virtue
May love be your guide
And you will be together
Forever side by side

Have a wonderful wedding...


2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)    2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)     2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)
marriagettl.gif (11806 bytes)
2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)    2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)    2ringsCLR.gif (7574 bytes)

Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Mere liye tum kaun ho
kaise bataaoon
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Tum dhadkanon ka geet ho
Jeevan ka tum sangeet ho
Tum zindagi tum bandagi
Tum roshni tum taazgi
Tum har khushi, tum pyaar ho
Tum preet ho manmeet ho
Aankhon mein tum yaadon mein tum
Saanson mein tum aahon mein tum
Neendon mein tum khwaabon mein tum
Tum ho meri har baat mein
Tum ho mere din raat mein
Tum subah mein, tum shaam mein
Tum soch mein, tum kaam mein
Mere liye paana bhi tum
Mere liye khona bhi tum
Mere liye hasna bhi tum
Mere liye rona bhi tum
Aur jaagna sona bhi tum
Jaaoon kahin, dekhoon kahin
Tum ho vahan, tum ho vahin
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Tum bin to main kuch bhi nahin
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Mere liye tum kaun ho
Haalat dil-e-betaab ki
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Mere liye tum kaun ho
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Mere liye tum dharam ho
Mere liye imaan ho
Tum hi ibaadat ho meri
Tum hi to chaahat ho meri
Tum hi mera armaan ho
Takti hoon main har pal jise
Tum hi to voh tasveer ho
Tum hi meri taqdeer ho
Tum hi sitaara ho mera
Tum hi nazaara ho mera
Yadon mein meri rehte ho tum
Jaise mujhe ghere ho tum
Purab mein tum, pachhim mein tum
Uttar mein tum, dakshin mein tum
Saare mere jeevan mein tum
Har pal mein tum, har chin mein tum
Mere liye rasta bhi tum
Mere liye manzil bhi tum
Mere liye saagar bhi tum
Mere liye saahil bhi tum
Main dekhti bas tumko hoon
Main sochti bas tumko hoon
Main jaanti bas tumko hoon
Main maanti bas tumko hoon
Tum hi meri pehchaan ho
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Devta ho tum mere liye
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
Mere liye tum kaun ho
Kaise bataaoon main tumhe
tum mere Armaan ho
tum  'janu ki jaan'ho.

love every bit of this part .
thanks for these lovely moments .
thanks for pm

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