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April 1 (Wed):
Rekha warns Ram no to associate with Soma, otherwise they will have to go separate ways  Kasthuri is feeding Kavya who had just returned from school.  Kavya wants to speak with her father and Kasthuri tells her that her father would be busy right now and for her to call later.  Jothi enters and tells Kasthuri she heard the good news from Masil.  Kasthuri wants both Masil and Jothi to live with her and Jothi says they will talk about it after the wedding.
Rekha is thinking and sits down on her bed and writes something on a piece of paper.  Goes downstairs and when Ram comes she tells him they need another  building to be used as administration office.  She asks Ram if they can use the building used by Kasthuri.  Ram says why not.  Rekha says that she knows is heart and that is why she had prepared some documents to change the property to her name without asking.  Ram asks why and Rekha says that her properties are not enough as collateral for the loan she has applied at the bank and with this property she will definitely get the loan immediately.  Ram has no choice but to sign the documents.  Rekha thanks him, takes the document and leaves.
Ram and Rekha travelling in the car.  Ram asks where they are going and Rekha says she is taking him to see a josiar to see their good time to open the business.  Ram asks her to see a good time to start their new life.   Rekha agrees.  At the josiar's place - Josiar says Rekha's time is very good and she can start the business but Ram's time is very bad.  Rekha says Ramis her partner in business and her husband.  Josiar says Ram can be her advisor for the time being but all important documents must be signed only by Rekha.  Josiar also says that all properties in Ram's name should be transferred imemdiately because there is a chance that he will lose them.  Josiar says it has to be done before they start their new life.  He also says they will have another child.  Ram thinks to himself that he just got the property and Rekha has takenover the office which was formerly Kasthuri's and looks like she will take everything from him.  Then the Josiar says he has something else to say and tells them in muted dialog.  Rekha and Ram are shocked.  THODARUM.

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April 2 (Thurs):
Continued from yesterday.  The josiar tells Rekha and Ram that his life will be in danger if all his properties are not transferred to another person.  Rekha and Ram both shocked and leave.  At home Rekha paces the room very worried.  Ram asks what is wrong and Rekha tells him she is worried about what the josiar said and asks Ram to transfer all his properties to his mother's name.  Ram says not to believe the josiar but Rekha is adamant.  Ram says he cannot transfer to his mother's name because his father will take it and return to Kasthuri.  Ram then says he will transfer everything to Rekha's name. Rekha objects at first by as Ram insists, she agrees.  Ram leaves and Rekha smiles.  Rekha visits the josiar and pays him money for saying what she had told him to say.  Josiar asks for more money but Rekha threaten to report him to the police and leave.
Kasthuri bring Kavya home from school.  Jothi give coffee to Kasthuri and takes Kavya in.  Thiru calls from Singapore and tells Kasthuri he misses them both and cannot wait to return to India.  He then asks to speak with Kavya.
Radha is with Santhosh when a lawyer and his para-legal come in and ask for Rekha.  Rekha greets thema nd asks them to wait while she goes in to get the property documents.  Radha goes in and asks her what she is doing.  Rekha tells her about the josiar and that they are now transferring all of Ram's property to her name.  Radha asks if Ram has agreed to this.  Ram enters and says he agrees with Rekha and is willing to do anything that Rekha wants.  Rekha gives the document to the lawyer and tells him to prepare transfer papers to the name she has specified and also to prepare a will as requested.  The lawyers tells her it would be ready the next day and leave.  After Rekha goes in, Radha asks Ram to take Rekha somewhere for their honeymoon but Ram says Rekha is not wantingto go anywhere as she has other work to do.  Radha promises to talk to her daughter.
Rekha tells her mother that the documents are ready and she has to collect and send it to the person.  Radha is confused and ask return to whom.  Rekha says she has to take it to the Registrar to check.  She then tells her mother to take careof Santhosh even if she is not there.  Radha is worried that Rekha is talking and behaving weird since she re-married Ram.  She asks Rekha where she is going.  Rekha says she might go to jail and Radha is shocked.  Rekha says she had to avenge her father's death and anything can happen.  Radha tells Rekha she is leaving with Santhosh to Bangalore to attend a wedding.  Rekha says she knows and has arranged for tickets and leave. 
Rekha goes to see Jothi and asks her how Kasthuri is.  Jothi tells her Kasthuri and Thiru are to marry.  Rekha is very happy to hear this.  Rekha gives the documents to Jothi.  Jothi asks what it is and Rekha tells her it is her wedding gift for Kasthuri.  THODARUM.
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April 3 (Fri):
Continues from yesterday.  Rekha give the documents to Jothi and tells her to give it to Kasthuri.  Jothi asks if Ram know about it and what he will do if everything is given to Kasthuri.  Rekha says Ram knows and she will give him what he deserves.  She also tells her MIL that she does not want Ram living in sin and leaves.  Jothi takes the papers to Kasthuri and give it to her.  Kasthuri is surprised and asked why.  Jothi says Rekha feels it belongs to Kasthuri and should bee with her.
Rekha at home alone and recollects how she met Ram, her wedding, Kasthuri in her house as maid and everything else.  Ram returns and asks her whey she returned everything to Kasthuri.  He tells her he gave her the property because she is his wife and why should she give it back to Kasthuri.  Rekha says because it belongs to Kasthuri .  Ram argues he had worked hard at getting theproeprties.
Rekha tells him about how he had threatend to kill his own father if Kasthuri did not give the property to him.  Rekha then tells him that she has pretended to accept Ram back into her life.  She then tells about how the inspector had told her that Ram was involved in her father's murder.  Ram tells her it is not true and that someone is trying to separate them.  Rekha refuses to belief and both start arguing.  Ram finally admits to killing Rekha's father and pushes her on the bed and tries to strangle her but Rekha pushes him and takes out a gun.  As usual instead of shooting him immediately, she talks and moves towards Ram.  Ram manages to get the gun from Rekha and pushes her ont he sofa and tells her he did what he did because of his love for Rekha.  He then says he will not do that anymore and wants to do something for himself and shoots Rekha.  Rekha falls dead and Ram sits by her.  THODARUM.
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April 6 (Mon):
Ram shoots Rekha and she dies.  Ram carries Rekha's body and puts it in the trunk.  Kasthuri comes and asks for Rekha.  Ram lies to her saying Rekha has gone to Bombay on business matters.  Rekha walks towards the house and Ram stops her again asking why she is going into the house when he has told her Rekha is not in.  Kasthuri wants to meet Radha.  Ram tells her Radha and Santhosh have gone to
Bangalore for a wedding and will be back the next day.  Kasthuri is doubtful and Ram's behavior but is unable to do anything and leaves.
Ram drives the car out of the house.  He is stopped by the police check post.  The inspector asks him to open the trunk but Ram says he has lost the keys.  The inspector then asks his men to break open the trunk.  Ram tells them not to.  While the police tries to open his trunk, the inspector gets a call saying they have found the terrorists they have been looking for and everyone leaves, much to Ram's relieve.  Rams drives off.
Ram stops at a secluded place and recalls the shooting incident.  Soma, Balu and another man come there and Ram shows them Rekha's body in the booth.  Soma asks why kill Rekha.  Ram says she found out he is behind her father's murder and was going to report him.  HE had no choice but to kill her.  Soma asks Ram to bury Rekha in their guest house compound as that is the safest place. 
Ram buries Rekha and turns around and hears someone driving in.  He quickly enters the house gets a drink of water and opens the door.  THODARUM.

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April 7 (Tues):
Ram opens the door to see Radha and Santhosh return from Bangalore.  Radha asks for Rekha.  Ram says shehas gone to Bombay on business.  Radha is confused as she said Rekha spoke to her at 4pm that evening.  She asks Ram why he allowed her to go without him.  Ram says he could not stop her.  Ram tells Radha he is going upstairs and leaves.  Radha calls Rekha's cell and the phone rings.  Ram picks it up and disconnects.  After Radha tries several times, she goes up to tell Ram.  Ram tells her not to worry.
Soma meets with the bad lady and tells her he wants her to do a job for him and to be ready.  The lady tells him she will do anything for him at any time.  Soma is actually planning to do something to Kavya so that Kasthuri and Thiru would separate. 
Kasthuri is at home thinking.  Jothi asks what is wrong.  Kasthuri tellsher she is confused why Rekha should return all property to her and had done it legally.  She wonders what Ram would do about it.  Jothi says maybe Rekha had changed his mind but Kasthuri is not buying that.  She calls Rekha's phone but no answer.  She then tells Jothi she is going to Rekha's house to see her and leaves.
Next morning Radha is still trying to call Rekha's phone but no answer.  Ram takes Rekha's phone and hides it under the bed.  He comes downstairs and Radha asks if Rekha had called him.  Ram says she has not.  Radha then wants to go to the airport and check which flight Rekha had taken.  Ram tells her no need to go to the airport as he will call and check and goes upstairs.  In his room Ram wonders what can be done to solve this problem.  THODARUM.
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April 8 (Wed):
Masil and Jothi asks a josiar to look at both Thiru's and Kasthuri's jathagam and see about a date for their wedding.  Josiar reads and says it is better to postpone the wedding plans for 6 more months as the time is not good for Kasthuri now.  Masil refuses saying it took them a long time to make Kasthuri to agree and wants him to find a good date soon.  Josiar says he will and goes back.  Kasthuri comes in with coffee and Masil tells about his plans for the wedding.  He also tells her he will be returning to the village and will come back once he has taken care of things there.  Kasthuri tells Masil about the property and says she will return it back to Redkha.  Masil says Rekha will not accept it.
Amirtha meets with Sanjeev and asks why the police is looking for him and why he has been accused of taking $20,000 from his former employer.  Sanjeev tells her that his employees daughter wanted to marry her and he refused because of the girls bad attitude.  And because he refused and left, they have made a false complaint against him.  Amirtha asks him to go to the police and explain but he refuses.  Amirtha asks him to take her to his former employer and he again refuses.  Amirtha then asks if he returns the money will he be left alone.  Sanjeev says sure and Amirtha gives him her ATM card and PIN # and tells him to take the money and pay her monthly.  Sanjeev refuses at first but takes it anyway.  After taking the money Sanjeev meets his friends who acted like the police and pay them $4000 and keeps the rest for himself.  He tells himself that Amirtha will be his "Maha Lakshmi" for the time being and laughs.
Kasthuri recalls Jothi telling her about Rekha giving the papers and saying that the property belong rightfully to her.  The courier ocmes and gives her a letter from Rekha.  Kasthuri reads the letter and is apprehensive.  She goes with the letter to see Radha.
Radha tells Kasthuri that Rekha has not called her and it is not like her.  She is afraid for Rekha.  Kasthuri tells her not to worry.  Ram walks in.  Kasthuri tells about the letter and asks Radha to read it.  In the letter, Rekha tells Kasthuri that she always thought highly of Kasthuri and the property rightfully belongs to to her.  That she will always think of Kasthuri as her sister.  Kasthuri tries to call Rekha but  gets switched off message.  Radha is so worried and Kasthuri tells her she has some friends in Bombay whom she can ask to check about Rekha.  Ram looks worried hearing this.  THODARUM.
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April 10 (fri):
Kasthuri tells Jothi it has been 3 days since the call from Bombay saying Rekha had throat infection and cannot talk.  Kasthuri continues saying she feels something is not right.  Jothi tells that only now her son and Rekha had united and why did Rekha want to pursue her business instead of enjoying life at home with husband and child.  Kasthuri explains that Rekha is very educated and good in business adnshe cannot stay at hoe.  Also she is independent and that ladies must be independent these days.  She then says because she was very depended and naive, Ram cheated her easily.  Jothi keeps quiet hearing this,  Kasthuri leaves saying she will get to the bottom of this mystery.
Radha tries to fees Santhosh but he refuses to eat and keeps asking for mummy.  Ram comes there and pretends to be on the phone asking someone for Bombay Commissioner's number.  He tell Radha that he will call the commissioner there once he gets the phone.  Kasthuri arrives and tells Radha she had checked at the airport about all flights to Bombay and Rekha's name is not on the list.  Ram is shocked.  She also says that Rekha's cell is still in Chennai and the call that came from Bombay actually came from Chennai.  Radha gets worried and asks Ram what is this.  she asks him how did he know that Rekha went to Bombay.  Kasthuri tells Radha not to be afraid as she had made appointment to meet the Police Commissioner at 4 pm and she will come get her.  After Kasthuri leaves, Ram calls Soma and tells him about Kasthuri's visit.  Soma tells him not to worry as he has already arranged for a bigger problem for Kasthuriand hangs up.
Kasthuri in the car and gets a call from the doctor who says they have a donor and need Kavya at the hospital immediate for the transplant surgery.  Kasthuri tell him she will go to school and take her to the hospital.  Doctor says it isokay as he has sent an ambulance to pick Kavya from the school.  Kasthuri calls the school and informs the headmistress and she agrees to send Kavya with the hospital personnel.  Kasthuri calls Thiru and informs him and he tells her will will return immediately.  Kasthuri goes to the hospital and asks about Kavya.  Another doctor there tells her that the doctor she is asking is not in Chennai now as he has gone for a conference in Australia.  Kasthuri is shocked and show s her cell with the number she got the callfrom.  The lady doctor looks at it and says it is not the doctor's number and asks Kasthuri to call the number.  Kasthuri calls.  THODARUM.
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Just chipping in for Patraj.
[[[[[[Hi Patraj...hope u dont mind me updating it ..]]]]]
Kasturi ( Monday 14 April)
The lady docter advises Kasturi to call back the number from where 
received the call.She tried the number but didnt get respone.Kasturi
more shocked and worried about Kavya.She immedialtely left the hospital
and we see her racing her car to Kavya's school.She  frantically rushes to
see the principal of Kavya's school and the principle told Kasturi that
some people arrived  in ambulace and  had already brought Kavya to Hospital.
Kasturi, in tears, reveales to the principle ,the call she had actually thought
was coming from the National Hospital , actually wasn't.The principle too gets
shocked.She also told that she was informed that actually Dr was the person
who gave the instruction to bring Kavya for heart transplant but she found
that Dr is not in town.The Principle asked Kasturi then who spoke to her earlier.Kasturi says she too has no idea.Kasturi tells that some drama was put
up to kidnap Kavya from the school.Kasturi really worried about Kavya's
situation and the principle advised Kasturi to lodge a complaint to the police
about the missing Kavya.Kasturi says , first she will check her house and if
Kavya is not in her house, she will go to the police.
Kasturi rushes back to her house and calls for Kavya.Jothi comes out and
Katuri asks Jothi if Kavya had come.Jothi informs  Kasturi, Kavya is not in
and reminds her, she told earlier that she will fetch Kavya in the evening
from the school.Kasturi tells to Jothy that Kavya is missing.Jothy is shocked
too.Jothy asks Kasturi how come Kavya can go missing as in the morning only
she had brought Kavya to school.Katuri then relates to Jothy the cell phone
conversation from the so called Hosptial staff.Jothy asks, who could be that
person who fetch Kavya in the ambulance.Kasturi says she dont know and she is totally confused.She tells Johty she came confident that Kavya will at home but now she really worried about Kavya's whereabouts .She tells Jothy, she and Amirtha will go to the police to lodeg a complaint.Jothy ask is it really a big
problem so much so that they need to report it to police.Kasturi replies what if some person for sake of money had  kidnap Kavya , so if she made a police complaint,the police could prevent the kidnappers from leaving the town.Jothy tells Kasturi she will accompany her to the police station but Kasturi refuses and ask Jothy to remain in the house incase Kavya turns up.Kasturi then leaves to see Amirtha.
In the ambulace, Kavya realises that hospital had already passed and ask the
bogus surgeons why they are not stopping.The bogus surgeons try to samalichify Kavya but kavya refuse to listen to them and starts to cry.The ambulace travels in some dusty remote street and we see the Somas
setup lady( forget her name ) and her driver waiting.The ambulance stops near
the car and they transfer Kavya to the car and the car leaves the place.
At Amirtha's working hospital.Amithra passes a list to Sanjeevi and ask 
him to prepare the medicine and send it to the Operating Theater.Sanjeevi says
OK.As Amirtha is giving instructions to the clerk lady, she sees Kasturi rushing in and ask her what happened she suddenly coming and Kasturi replies that
Kavya is missing.Amirtha is shocked and ask what happened.Katuri relates ( in
mute scenes ) what happened earlier. As both ladies were talking we see sanjeev
listening to their conversion and same time preparing the medicine.Kasturi tells
Amirtha that she had informed Thiru about Kavya's operation and he too is
coming to India immediately.Kasturi says she totally confused and worried about Kavya and request Amirtha to accompany her to the police station.Amirtha says OK and all the time this Sanjeevi listening to the converstion.Amirtha and Kasturi leaves the hosptial for the police station.
In the car , Kasturi is more worried about Kavya as he is not like ordinary girl
but a heart patieant.Amritha ask Kasturi not to worry and assures Kasturi
Kavya will be safe and sound.In the somas setup lady car, Kavya keeps on crying and ask for mummy.The lady asks to her keep quiet.In Katuri car.
Kasturi asks Amirtha will it  be OK to inform thiru about Kvaya missing  news butAmirtha suggests they do a thruogh check for Kavya before telling thiru lest they will be giving un-necessary tension for thiru Sir.Kasturi worried someone had neately planned Kavya's kidnap and blames herself for not bringing Kavya to the hospital personally.Amirtha consoles her no need to  blame herslef because she was only doing for well being of Kavya.
Before Kasturi car , a motorbike was trevelling.When the motorbike guy cuts into a steeet, he stops his bike ,gets down from his motorbike and starts to fight with the other guyin the  middle of the street .Because of this guy, Kasturi's car is jammed and the same time the soma's lady car too travelling nerukku ner with Kasturi car and also jammed becase of the motorbike standing in the middle of the road.While waiting for the fighting to stop, soma's lady
spots Kasturi from her opened window of her car.She quiclky bends down Kavya in her seat and winds up the car window screen.Soma's lady tells her car driver not to wait for the fight to finsih and ask him to go  straight.
Kasturi too tells her car driver to do the same.So finally we see both cars travelling  in opposite direction.
In Radhas house.Radha sitting in the sofa also worried and she recalls Kasturi
earlier findings regarding Rekha.While Radha sitting in the sofa worrying and crying to herself , ram opens his room door and approaches Radha.Radha tells
ram after hearing what Kasturi had said earlier about Radha, she is more  worried.She says how come ,Kasturi says Rekha never travelled to Mumbai but
when he  enquired, he found out Rekha was indeed in Mumbai.For this Ram replies something but he  mumbled to himself ( so I could not hear what he said)
Radha wondering why Kasturi still havent turn up and she uses her cell to call
Kasturi.But Kasturi didnt pick up her call.Ram suggests maybe kasturi is busy but radha says Katuri always keeps her word and she knows that she is worried
about Rekha so believes she will definetely turn up.Same time Ram recalls his
earler conversation with Some , with Soma  assuring Ram that Kasturi wont turn up as promised.Radha again  tries to call Kasturi but Kasturi dont respond.Radha then tells ram for once she was at peace after the reunion between Ram and rekha but then problems after problems came surfacing up.She angry with Rekha why she cant call back .She says Rekha not concerned with her or Santhosh.
Ram Sappukattufying , rekha not like she is thinking , maybe she is in problem, thats why she couldn't contact her.Radha then tells Ram to take care Santhosh
who is upstairs while she visits the Police commissioner with Kasturi.Ram volunteers to go to see the commssioner himself and ask Radha to stay in the house.But radha insists that then they go together to visit the commssioner to
tell Rekhas matter.Ram tells radha she better to stay in the house as commissioner maybe in meeting and not meet them immediately and further more Santhosh will be lonely in the house.He says he will go to the commssioner  but Radha says only Kasturi have appointment , will they allow him to meet him.Ram samalluchifies saying it doesnt matter becaue they are going to tell the same thing.Radha looks unconvinced.Then aftersometime, Ram tells he will visit the commissioner together with kasturi and Radha says that is a good idea.Ram before going out , tells radha not to worry and inform him
immediately if Rekh turns up and Radha says OK.After ram leaves, Radha thinks about Rekha and starts to cry.
At the Police station.The inspector asks Kasturi if she suspect anybody regarding  Kavya missing. Kasthri says they dont have an enemy that will
kidnap kavya,Inspector asks if she has recently terminated any housemaid
from her house.She thinks for a while and says nothing happened like that.
She says that before they used to run a big IT company but now it is not
fuctioning.She concludes no connection with the IT company of hers and Kavya
missing.Inspectors then says some thugs were recently captured but it seems they have start to do their work again.Inspector then asks Kasturi if she received  any phone calls fron the Kidnappers.She says so far she didnt receive such calls.Inspector then asks Kasturi to make a complaint and the he will forward it  to all the police stations in the city and same time alert all the checkposts in the city.Kasturi starts to write the complanit.Both Kasthuri and Amirtha worried.Inspector promised them he will take actions immediately and he ask both to return back.Kasturi begs Inspector to find missing Kavya.Inspector says no need to worry about Kavya as kidnappers will not do any harm until they get the ransom they wanted.He says no need to worry.Freeze on Kasturi's worried face.
Oru eposiode elutharuthukkulla , nakku thallidichu.
My KUDOS to all updatersClapClapClap
Sorry for a bit elobarate eposide writing but hey this is my first update..
Sorry if there is some mistakes.

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