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Pavitra Rishta
Pavitra Rishta

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~~~Pavitra Rishta~~~

Character Sketch + Story Till Now

Scroll down this thread and here we will have:

Post 1: Character Sketch, will contain descriptions and pictures of all Characters.

Post 2: The summary from Day 1 till now!

Post 3:Games, MOTW's, Contests etc. Archive Mansion


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Pavitra Rishta focuses on the life of Archana who belongs to a middle-class Maharashtrian family based in Mumbai.Being the eldest daughter of her family, Archana chooses to take responsibilities of her siblings rather than focusing on education.

As Archana grows up to a marriageable age, her mother realizes that Archana was deprived of all the good things in life during her growing up years. Hence, the mother vows to get her married to a well-educated and sophisticated man.

But destiny has something else planned for Archana...

Are Manav and Archana's destinies written together? Manav is a mechanic who earns enough to support his family of six. He is not well-educated and rich, the kind of guy Sulochana is looking for Archana. Will Manav and Archana fall in love? Will Sulochana be ready to get Archana married to Manav?



Archana Karanjkar (Ankita Lokhande): Archana is the eldest daughter of Karanjkar family. She is very close to her mom. She does all the house work for her family. She is only 8th pass and she sacrificed her studies for her family. .She is yet to be married. Good at heart, Archana is always worried about others well-being.

Manav  Deshmukh (Sushant Rajput):Manav is a mechanic by profession. He supports his family by working day and night in his garage.He can do anything for his family.He could not complete his studies because he had to earn for his family.


Karanjkar Family

Sulochana Karanjkar (Savita Prabhune): Sulochana is a former head-mistress and is a mother of one son and three daughters. Her biggest wish is to get her eldest daughter Archana married to a well-to-do guy. Sulochana has some illness due to which Archana had to leave her studies and take care of her family. Her one dream is to get Archana married to well-educated, well-to-do guy so that Archana gets all the happiness she couldnt get earlier.

Manohar Karanjkar(Old ) (Ajay Rohia)


Manohar Karanjkar ( New ) ( Played by Kishor Mahabole) : Mr.Karanjkar is a retired TC of railways. He is a very practical guy and often disagrees with his wife over their children's future.

Vinod Karanjkar(Parag Tyagi): Vinod is the eldest and only son of Karanjkar family. He is also a TC in railways. He loves his family especially his sister Archana. He is married to Manjusha and has a daughter.

Manjusha Karanjkar (Swati Anand): Manjusha is the daughter-in-law of Karanjkar family. She is Vinod's wife and has a daughter with him. She works in income tax department. She doesnt get along well with her mother-in-law. Since she is from a rich family, she has problems adjusting to middle-class life.

Varsha Karanjkar (Priya Marathe): She is the second daughter od Karanjkar family. She works in a publishing firm and is independent in her thoughts. She is outspoken and often has fights with her mom. She often feels that she is neglected by her mom for Archana but still she has good realtionship with her elder sister Archana.

Vaishali Karanjkar (Prarthana): Vaishali is the youngest daughter of Karanjkar family. She is studying in college.

Purnima Karanjkar (Pearl Shah): Daughter of Vinod and Manjusha, she is the baby of the KAranjkar family. She is fondly called as Punni by the family. she is very close to her aunt Archana and Archana is the one who mostly takes care of her.


The Deshmukhs

Savita Deshmukh ( Played By Usha Nadkarni ) - Manav's mother is a very loud woman but she loves her kids a lot. She is struggling with the fact that her hisband does not bring home any money and constantly has figths with him over this. She has 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 daughter.

Damodar Deshmukh(Played By Ajay Wadhavkar): He is an out of work theatre actor. He has taken to alcohol due to his failure as an actor. He wife keeps nagging him because he doesnt do any work.

Sachin Deshmukh ( Played by Raj Singh )
:  Sachin is the younger brother of Manav. He is deceiving his family by showing that he is studying when actually he is just wasting his time. He also sells movie tickets in black.

Vandita Deshmukh : Vandita is the younger sister of Manav.She studies in college and helps her mother in house chores. She is very close to both her brothers.

Vishwas Deshmukh :  He is Damodar's elder brother who owns the house in which the Deshmukh's live.  Everybody treats him with utter respect. Manav, Vandu and Sachin call him Kaka.He is very understanding and always helps Manav with his problems.


The Lokhandes

Rashika Lokhande (Smita Oak): Rasika is Manjusha and Ajay's mother. She is a rich woman who is arrogant about her wealth. She tries to meddle in Manjusha's family life and is hated by everyone in Karanjkar family. She doesnt care about other's feelings and often insults Sulochana and her family.

Ajay Lokhande (Prabhat Bhattacharya): Ajay is Manjusha's younger brother. He is rich,  spoilt brat who does not do any work.


Shravani (Pooja Pihal)
:  Shravani is Manav's boss Girish's daughter. She helps her father by looking after the garage and also teaches in night school. She falls in love with Sachin and gets engaged to him.

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Story Till Now

Archana's day starts before the sun rises. She completes all her chores before anyone form her family has woken up. She prepares their tiffin, makes tea/coffee for them. Sulochana, Archana's mother gets worried looking at Archana working like that. But for Arch, its her way of life. Varsha and Vaishali are Archana's younger sisters. They like to wake up late but Archana wakes them early so that they don't get late. Varsha goes to work while Vaishali goes to college. Manjusha is Vaishali's sister-in-law. She always wakes up late and doesn't bother about getting her daughter Punni ready for school. It's always Archana who gets Punni ready for school. When everyone goes to their respective destinations in the morning, its Archana who is left home with her retired father and mother.


Sulochana's only dream is getting Archana married to a well-educated, well-settled guy. A family is going to come home for Archana's rishta. Sulochana has advised everyone to come home early. Manjusha reaches her office and tells her friend that she wont take yet another half-day because she has planned to go to Jaipur with Vinod and Punni. And she needs leaves for this vacation.  


Archana has gone out and she meets her friends in train. One of her firend informs her that she is getting married. Other friend asks Archana when she is getting married? Archana informs her that a 'roshta' has come for her and the family is coming to their house to see her.


Archana comes home and Vinid asks her if she wants tea which he has made. Archana says she will drink later. Sulochana asks Archana to get ready soon since those people might come anytime. She is worried that Varsha, Vaishali, Manjusha have come. Archana is getting ready and the family of the boy comes home. Vinod,Manohar and Sulochana exchange pleasantries with the guests. Sulochana tells them about their family. Just then Varsha and Vaishali come home. Sulochana is embarrassed with their late coming. She tells them to get ready. Punni asks them to feeed her but they are busy. Archu takes Punni with her to feed her but some of the food drops on Archu's sari. Sulochana comes and wipes and takes Archu out to meet the guests. The boy's mother says that Karanjkar's is a good family and they will be happy to have relations with such a family. They ask if Archana is working but Sulochana says Archana doesn't work but she is very good at house-work. They ask how much Archana has studied. Then Sulochana says that due to some problem, Archana couldn't study much. She has studied only till 8th. The guests are shocked. They boy's mother says that their son has studied till M.Com. How can he get married to a girl who has studied so less? Nowadays a house doesn't work on only one member's income. IF they want, they can consider Varsha's rishta for their boy. Sulochana gets angry and says that a girl is not a money earning machine. She is not against a girl studying or working. But its ok if the girl hasn't study much because she can always make a house. Archana is very good at house-work and she takes care of everyone very well. To this the boy says that whatever she has said about Archana can be done by any maid. Sulochana gets angry hearing this and tells them go since, she is not interested in any kind of relations with such people.


After they are gone, Sulochana breaks down and says they will never know the true value of Archu and to top it they asked for Varsha's hand. Varsha says what if they asked for her hand, she would have never said yes. It was fine for Arch, but the boy will someday earn very less than her. Sulochana tells her she is thinking about how much she is earning without giving a thought to what sacrifices Arch has made for them. She left her studies when Sulchana became ill. She took care of everyone in her family. IF it wasn't for her, none of them would be standing where they are now. Manjusha come home from office and Vinod angrily asks her why she did not come home early. She lies that she could not get a holiday.


Like normal, Archana gets herself busy doing work. Sulochana comes and tells her that this Tuesday even she will go with Arch to Ashta-Vinayak mandir. Arch tells her she cant go walking like her since she is not well. Sulochana tells her she will come by train. Archana goes walking and Sulochana goes by train and waits for Arch at the temple. There is rush at the temple and they both go in. Sulochana prays that Arch should get her match. Somebody who will take very good care of her. Just then the flowers in Arch's hand fall and are caught by someone. He gives the flowers back to Arch but both did not see each other's face. Sulochana prays that Arch should get a well-educated guy who should also be rich. If not his own, then he should atleast have company given car and house. Arch is praying and right next to her, Manav is standing. Both of them shower flowers on Lord Ganesha. The flowers fall right on Lord's idol. Sulochana says that Arch flowers fell on God; it means that her wish will be full-filled.


Sulochana is standing out and waiting for Archana when her friends meet there. Sulochana sees a guy whose car has broken down. One of her frends goes to meet that guy and talks to him. When she comes back, Sulochana asks her who that guy was. That woman tells Sulochana that he is her sister-in-law's daughter. Sulochana asks her what he does and she says that this guy is a manager in I.T. and has company given car and house and also earns well. The guy is getting his car fixed by a mechanic and we get to know that the mechanic is Manav. Archana is coming and Sulochana can see that gyu and Archana and is very happy. She tells her friend to talk to her sister-in-law for Arch's rishta with that guy. See again sees that guy and Archana but we see Archana and Manav. So who is in Archu's destiny?

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Character sketch and Story so far have been updated by devashree for all of us.

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Thank you Big smile
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can anyone plz update whole story?

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