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mayur sajan ff- close youer eyes part 1 pg 3 (Page 3)

nicky_4_u Newbie

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Posted: 06 June 2009 at 2:25am | IP Logged
dis is something amazing yaar i hope u'll update soon ASAP d next part i m wondering wat will happen next!!!

iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2009 at 7:50am | IP Logged

thnks guys...

here goess...

Chapter 1- you bring a smile to me


(mayank- m, nupur- n)


m-jaldi karo guys. They would be here any minute.


n- pata hai mayank. Tum zyada smart banne ki koshish mat karo.


m- main smart banne ki koshish nahi kar raha hoon. Kyu ki main pehle se hi bahut smart hoon. Aur haan, maine tumse baat nahi ki hai, so please.


n- dheko-


m-  dheko nupur, jab do bade bat kar rahe hote hai to chhote beech mein nahi bolte hai. Got it!


At this nupur felt a strange pang of mixed emotions. On one hand she wanted to slap mayank and on the other hand she just wanted the party to get over. She shook her head and went back to what she was doing. Mayank seized the opportunity and said- chalo finally ms. Know-it-all  chup to hui. Gosh.


Nupur ignored is comment and continued doing what she had been doing.


Gunjan who noticed her sisters sudden sulkiness turned to mayank and said- mayank!


m- what? Ye chup hi thik hai. Ab agar maine galti se sorry bol diya to phir se apni chapad chapad shuru kar degi.


Nupur looked at him in disbelief, her mouth wide open, when suddenly she heard someone calling out her name---


'-NUPUR???- NUPUR????-'


n- aa rahi hoon.

She said looking skywards.


And then she looked at mayank and said- lo tumhaari ye ichha bhi puri ho gayee. And she angrily ran off upstairs.


Meanwhile mayank went back to what he had been doing. But his mind was helplessly hovering over nupur. This girl is so impossible. Pehle khud ladayee start karti hai and then khud ruth ke chali jaati hai. Samrat thik hi kehta hai, ladkiyon ko samajna mushkil hi nahi impossible hai. Pata nahi apne aap ko samajti kya hai ye nupur. Jahaan jati hai, apni chalati phirti hai.  God!



Nupur quickly went into akritis room. Akriti being   nupurs best friend and mayanks sister.


(akriti- tiya of remix/ nikkita of dmg)


n- kya hua?

She said as she quickly came in. Nupur was wearing a purple flowy saree alongside matching jhumke and churiyaan and payal which made a hummy chan chan noise everytime she walked. She had left her hair open and was not wearing her spectacles instead she had put on her lenses.


a-yaar samaj nahi aa raha hai ki kya pehnu!


n- koi bhi suit ya kurti wagera pehenle.


a-yaar tu samajti nahi hai. Main kurtis mein moti lagti hoon.


n- oho to koi bhi dress pehenle, jo tu pubs wagera mein pehenti hai!


a-chal tu yaheen rukh main apni achhi waali dresses le karke aati hoon. Phir tu unme se choose karna.

Saying this she quickly ran off to the other room.


Meanwhile nupur sat there wondering why mayank was becoming day by day more rude towards nupur. And she thought- ab dhekti hoon ki chhota kaun hai aur bada kaun. Ab maafi mangke dheke, ab ki baar use maaf nahi karoongi. Mujhe for granted leta hai na.


Just then akriti came in with 6 dresses in her hand which she carefully laid on the bed. Then she turned to nupur and said- chal choose kar.


-no response from nupur-


Akrit shook her head and poked nupur hard on the shoulder.


n- owwww...

saying this she scowled at nupur.


a-achha chal choose karna.

She said in a whimpery tone.


n- achha chal.

She said and quickly approached the dressed, and without any hesitation she quickly said- blue waali pehenle.


a-black waali kyu nahi??


n- black waali mein na tu bips ki tarah lagegi. Aur wo to tujhe pasand nahi hai. Par blue waali mein tu bilkul katrina kaif ki tarah lagegi.


Akriti looked thoughtful, then she picked up the blue dress and started approaching the loo saying-  chal thike main pehen ke aati hoon, tu yaheen rukhna. Kahin jayiyo mat!


Just then they heard someone from behind say- blue waali se zyada achhi hai white dress.


Mayank who was sitting downstairs blowing the balloons, heard the doorbell ring. He quickly got up and went to open it. And to his suprise it was none other then his old school best buddy, samrat saxena.


m- hey dude, welcome back.

He said, as they both hugged.


s- so dude kaisa hai?


m- main to awesome dude. Tu bata?


s- well samrat to hamesha hi rocking hota hai. Right dude?


m- right.

He said giving him a hand punch on his shoulder.


s- aur dude aki kahaan hai?


m- uh dude. Wo to upar kamre  mein hai. Ruk main usko bhulake aata hoon.


s- chal okay


Samrat said quickly scanning the room. Then he turned to mayank and said- yahaan pe to bahut saari hot babes hai dude. Please time laga ke aana okay?


Mayank and samrat grinned. Then mayank left samrat and started going upstairs to akis room. As soon as he reached he heard nupur giving a why to wear blue dress explanation. Hearing her out made him grin from ear to ear.


m- blue waali se zyada achhi hai white dress.


They both stopped in their tracks and turned to him. Seeing him nupur scowled and turned.

Seeing this mayank got irritated.

m- listen aise faces banane ki koi zaroorat. Main yahaan apne behen se baat karne aaya hai, na ki tum jaise....


n- mujh jaise?

She asked in voice so low that it made her feel dangerous. Her eyes had started watering, it always did when she talked to him.


m- mera matlab hai tum jaise—sweet caring ladki se nahi.

He said. He had felt the shivers going through his spine when she had spoken right now. It made him feel creepy.


n- sorry. Baat karlo apne behen se. Main ja rahi hoon.

She said leaving mayank scowling.


m- jao. Mujhe tumse waise bhi baat karne mein koi interest nahi hai!


Akriti who had seen and heard what mayank had said, pounced on him like he was a long lost prey of hers.


a-kya zaroorat thi usse aise baat karne ki. Wo kya koi jaanwar hai? Usne tumse kuch galat kahaa? Hun?


Mayank stood there silent, scared of saying a word. He knew his entire family pampered nupur and hit him black and blue if he said anything that hurt her. Speacially maa. She acted as though nupur was her long lost daughter.


a-answer me mayank sharma.


m- sorry.


a-you know what mayank, nupur thik hi kehti hai, you are a complete JERK!

She said leaving him alone in the room.



Nupur quickly ran into the terrace, and sat down beside the terrace railing and started crying.

She hated mayank from the core of her heart. He was so sweet and charming towards the other girls, but towards her he was always mean and rude. It was as though she was some dirty scum picked up from a lowly gutter. It pained her everytime he looked at her with eyes filled with pure loathing. He was always so selfish around her, as though she was the worst thing ever on earth. It was sick. It disgusted her when he gave her one of his- 'some people never grow up'looks. She wasnt half as bad as he thought. She always tried to be sweet to him, but he, he always made sure her gestures went in vain.


She cried out to herself- I HATE YOU MAYANK SHARMA, I HATE YOU.



Akriti ran downstairs looking for nupur.

Akriti said to herself- ye ladki kahaan gaye.. mayank bhi na. Kabhi bhi kuch bhi bolta rehta hai.... ufff.


She said as she crashed into someone.



Mayank couldnt help but feel bad. He knew his behaviour towards nupur was bad, but some how, everything about nupur reminded him of trisha, which was the main reason for his behaviour. Everytime he talked to nupur, he saw trisha in her, and he would behave and talk with her like she was trisha.


Trisha was his girlfriend or rather ex- girlfriend. They had been together since 9th and in 11th suddenly trishas dad got a tansfer order and they shifted to california. For 3 years he had been trying to contact her but no replies. He mailed her, messaged her on fb orkut, but to no avail.


And finally when he had come to college 2nd year he had given up trying. Although he still loved her, yet the pain of her leaving him exceeded the love in many ways.


And in the 2nd year when nupur had joined college, he had seen the similarity. The same face, same smile, the same cute shaking of the head whenever anyone teased her. But there was somethingh different. Something different about the way she talked, she dressed, what she ate. And that was when he knew that this was not his trisha.  Although he had never said anything to nupur about this. He felt strange jolts of pain everytime he saw her. He would have asked her if she had any sibblings. But way before he could she had already told him about his sister isha,  who was in lorenzo college.


Mayank couldnt help but feel guilty of treating nupur badly and giving her the pain which some one

else deserved, but somehow it was impossible.


He quickly go up and started walking around the house unaware of where he was going. Before he

Knew it he was entering the terrace, and as soon as he entered he saw nupur crouching over the

Terrace edge crying. He slowly went towards her and took a seat. Seeing him nupur quickly wiped of

Her tears and started getting up when he slowly went closer to her and put his hands on her shouler and lifted her chin gently up. Kisi aur ki saza kisi aur ko mat de mayank he told himself and slowly wiped away her tears with his fingers. He lifted her chin gently up. He slowly pushed back the bangs coming on her face and started fiddling with her hair. 


n- tum yahaan kyu aaye ho?

She asked her tone seizing to stay calm.


m- nupur im sorry. Main bahut bura hoon.



And nupur like a little kid nodded her head cutely.

m- mujhe pata hai ki main itna stupid aur uncontrollable hoon ki poocho mat, aur main ye bhi jaanta hoon ki main tumhhaare maafi ke kabil nahi hoon, but please nupur apne aap ko ye saza mat do. Please roo mat. Kyu ki jab bhi tumhe rote hue dhekta hoon na to aisa lagta jaise puri duniya mere kaande par aa giri hai. Par tum jab muskuraati ho na, apni us pyaari si hansi ko jab mere saamne jab  hansti to mushkil se mushkil cheezein aasan ho jaati hai.


n- tum kitne bade jhoote ho. Agar jo tumne abhi kahaa hai wo sach hota to tum kabhi mujhe rulaate nahi, aur mujhse itne rudely nahi baat karte.


He slowly pulledd her towards him, resting her head on his chest and her hands curved around his shoulders. He slowly crept his hands onto her bare waist. And as he did he felt a strange spark inside him, as though it was the first time he had ever touched her. He closed his eyes, and gently crept his hands along the soft skin of her bare waist. As he did he felt her grip loosen over his shoulder. He gently kissed her on her flowy straight hair and held her tightly not wanting to let her go.


Mayanks maa who had just come into the party quickly approached akriti who was standing with two other people, one guy and one girl.


a-maa tum aa gayee.


m- wo to main aa gayee. Par tum yahaan akele kya kar rahi ho


a-maa, tum bhi na. Main akeli kahaa hoon. Mere saath mere saare dost hai.


m- acha baba sorry. Acha tumhaara bhai kahaan hai.


a-kaun wo saddu! Wo hoga upar nupur ko pareshan kar raha hoga.

As she said this she suddenly remembered that she had been looking for nupur.


a-o my god. Main to bhool hi gayee thi, main to nupur ko doond rahi thi. Woh mayank ne usse kaafi rudely baat ki, aur wo bura manke chali gayee thi. To main ussi ko dhund ne neeche tak aaye thi.


Maa- chal saath dhundte hai. Lekin pehle tere bhai ko ye mithhaai khilaani hai.


a-acha chalo wo mere kamrre mein hoga.

Saying this they quickly started going upstairs.



After a few minutes when they finally pulled away, nupur had calmed down completely. She breathed slightly unable to meet mayanks eyes, her hands still on mayanks shoulder, and his hands still on nupurs waist.


He slowly crept towards her and tilted his head such that their foreheads touched and whispered- im sorry nupur for everything that ive done thats hurt you and your feelings. Please forgive me.

He said and looked at her reproachingly.


n- its okay mayank. Tumhari galti nahi hai, mujhe thoda jaldi bura lag jata hai. Im sorry. Tumhe mera ye drama dhekhna pada.


At this mayank sweetly smiled at her and felt a strange desire to pull her close to him, to feel her soft skin on his chest, the ticklish feeling when her hair brushed over his neck, to feel her in his arms again.



Akriti and mayanks mom were nearing the top step when they heard someone call out to them-

Shilpa maasi? Akriti?


They both turned to see samrat.


Maa- arre samrat beta. Tum kaise ho?


s- maasi main to bilkul rocking hoon. Mujhe to poochne ki bhi zaroorat nahi hai. Aap to ab bhi 25 saal ki hi lagti hai. Mayank aur aki ki maa to dur aap to shaadi shudha bhi nahi lagti!


Maa- dhuth!

She said smiling playfully.


Maa- tu bilkul bhi nahi badla, wahi shararati bachha hai tu ab bhi


s- wo to main hoon hi.

And he playfully winked at akriti.




 Mayank slowly inched closer to her, as he felt her try to pull away. One hand on her waist and the other ruffling her silky brown hair. He looked deep into her eyes, reaching the depths of her eyes, a depth he had never known before. He had never felt this way about anyone since trisha.


He inched closer to her till the tips of their noses touched.


Nupur didnt know what was happening, she tried to pull away, but even then she didnt want to. She wanted to stay in his arms forever. As he inched closer to her, she could feel her pulse doubling, her breath slowing and herself losing in his eyes.


She could feel his warm breath on her lips as he slid closer to her.



Akriti and maa quickly trampled into akritis room to find it empty.

a-arre mayank kahaan gaya? Main to usko yaheen chod ke gayee thi.


Maa-wo kahin neeche to nahi chala gaya?


a-nahi mom. Mujhe dhikta na neeche aata to.


a-aap yaheen rukho main ek baar jaake terrace pe dhek aati hoon.


Maa- acha jaldi kar.


Sayint this akriti left her mom to go to the terrace.



Mayank slowly lowered his lips and slightly rubbed against her lips with his. It felt so good. And before he could control himself he pulled her by her waist and they were lost in a passionate kiss.




Akriti was approaching the corridor leading to the terrace when suddenly gunjan came out of the nearby room looking shaken. Her hands loaded with 12-14 boxes of sweets.


a-kya hua gunjan? You okay?


g- ya wo darasal sweets nikaalte nikaalte gir gayee thi, isliye.


a-oh. Chot to nahi lagi na?


g- nahi nahi. Not really.


a-to ummm...


g- sun meri madad karde, in sweets ko neeche tak le jaane mein. Please.



she said taking half the pile in her hand.



Mayank and nupur stood up. Nupur straightened out her saree and her hair. Then she quickly looked at the railing, as though she had just found something highly interesting in it. Following which there was an awkward pause after which mayank quickly cleared his throat.


m- ummm.. neeche chalte hai?



n- ummm haan. Ch-cha-chalo.


And they both went outside, only to find samrat standing in the corridor looking as though he was living a dream.


Seeing him they both straightened out.


m- arrey dude, tum yahaan? Celebrations to neeche chal rahi hai na?

He said as he stood beside a dazed samrat.


s- waise ye sawal to main tumse bhi kar sakta hoon?

then he turned to nupur and looked almost dumbstruck.


s- trisha???


n- nahi main-




s- sorry, no trisha. Hi im samrat aur aap hai?


n- hey main nupur. Trisha darasal-


m- dheko guys, change the topic.


n- lekin-


m- nupur!


n- sorry!


Some one approached them from behind- mayank, nupur?


m- kaun?


Suddenly maa came up from behind.


Maa- arre tum log yahaan ho! Akriti kahaan hai maine use tum logon ko dhoondne ke liye beja tha


n- pata nahi! Aki to yahaan nahi aayi.


Maa- khair chodo. Wo log neeche aa gaye hai, chalo chalet hai.


n- haan chalo.


And they all walked downstairs. Mayank kept trying to hold her hand, or he played with her sarees pallu.


Meanwhile samrats blushing went unnoticed.

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Wow... Thumbs Up ....gr8 start.....especially Mayur scenes......supreb... Clap ....nywz really looking forward for d next part......... Smile Big smile
sugar.n.spice14 Goldie

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omg! great job! update soon!   im luvin it!
Nishithini IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2009 at 9:10am | IP Logged
wow sindhya! it was simply superb.
I loved the MN scenes. great part.
do update soon.
iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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thnks guys...

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great job sindya....................awesome yaar.......mayur scenes toh hatke the......aur samrat-mayur trio toh aur bhi superb tha............please update soon and pm me.Smile
iwantitall IF-Sizzlerz

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thanks piyu...
luv ya!

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