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All About Love - 50th CELEBRATION CC- Invite only-

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Posted: 31 May 2009 at 2:04pm | IP Logged

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Dearestttt JB's

Wooohooooo.... here we are
50th CC!!!!

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Lets Celebrate ou
r friendship
and our love for each other and
love for good things in life..
for being positive..
for supporting each other in
good and hard times..
we are all here for each other..

We are all here for DMG..
our love that brought us together!!!
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Our Journey....
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2278m.gif picture by pixelsgalore2Our First CC Siggie...2278m.gif picture by pixelsgalore2

Our first love.....

When we think of Love..

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Our Current Siggie...

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Changes we miss dearlyyy....
Sukiiii we Miss You...

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Jen we Welcome you..!!!

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From Suri to Armaan!!!LOL
(Sooo had to put that in!!!! sorryyyy JB's!!!)

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Raaoooollll.. glad u are back!!!

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GL and plentyyyyyy of GL!!!!

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IPL Babieeee.... MI and KKR's rock!!!!!


MI's ROCK Too...!!!

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Life with MAC!!!

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Life with Osho Chappals!!!!LOL
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And to add..
the Bhukkkaadddsss...

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And the faltuuuu Chapaaadd chaapaadd...
that even Fans enjoy!!!!

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And last but not the least .. I have to close
by saying.... our Love ...
KG ROCKS... and with JDJ.. he has made us
bigger fans than we all have been!!!
Loveee you KG!!!

(maannn I can do a LD on this siggie!! lol!!)

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lets begin with the Awardsss and ROCK THIS PARTYYYYY!!

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(Credit :
All JB's for helping.. 
special muuahh..
to KaMe for siggies..
Anu for the JB siggies..
 Hamzie for the award script... muuahh!!!)

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Posted: 31 May 2009 at 2:04pm | IP Logged

Armaan: Hello Hello my dear JB's. Surprised? Don't be .. Everyday of the week you celebrate DMG and Me and of course my fellow TACOS like you guys call them..So today it is my turn to celebrate you. First of all I want to thank all of you. I love each and everyone of you.

So 50 CCs huh !!!! Awesome I want to tell you I want to celebrate it with you today oh and before I start let me invite Champ, our Senior Doctor Shubankar and Raaaaooooooooooool and ofcourse our sadooo Moody

Champ: Armaan kya yaar Modi ko Moody kyon bula raha hai Tumhe tho sada hua moody kehna chahiye na Aur waise bhi rahul aur shubankar sir kahan hai

Abhi: They both said they will be late BTW Dr.Atul sada hua moody?

Atul:  Nahi nahi aapko nahin main tho Dr.Shashank ke bare mein baat kar raha tha

Armaan:  Champp Shashank sir?? Abey woh mereI mean hamare hone waale sasur jee hai

Champ: arey yaar dheere bolna..anjali sun legi speaks to himself.sorry anjali..mein tumse bahut pyar karta hoon

Armaan: champ tu anjali ko chod ke kaise aagaya? Haan

Champ: Arey yaar maine bahut socha aaj main anjali ko chod raha hoon..lekinn sirf aaj aaj main yahan AAL mein JB's ko celebrate karne aaya hoon Haan Lekin mein in dono ko laya hoon

Abhi: Dono? Kahan? U mean Riddhima and and and Nikki?

Armaan: about to hit Modi tu hamesha riddhima ke peeche kyon pada rehta hai

Champ: Armaan armaan ruk na (looks at us)..sorry JB's in dono ka tho laga rehta hai aap ko tho pata hai na?? Armaan in dono means yeh dono (shows two plants)

Armaan: yeh dono kaun hai?

Abhi: paude????

Champ: (armaan gives abhi the abbey chup look) Nahi yeh hai "Trinzie" and yeh hai "Karishma" favorite plants maine sochaa ke AAL ke 50th bash pe inhe bhi lekar aaon..

Rahul and Shubankar come into the ceremony room running !!!

Shubankar: Dr.Rahul aapne tho kaha hai ke Keerti ne mujhe bulaya hai? Keerti kahan hai??

Abhi: Devdas ki tarah sitting in one corner and sulking arey yaar sanjeevani mein nikki ko tho dekhta tha..yehan in ladko ko kya dekhoon

Shubankar: Dr.Armaan hum sab yehan kyon hai who bhi Dr.Keerti Mera matlab hai sab ladkiyon ko chod kar..woh bhi Goa mein?

Rahul: Armaan bata naa kya baat hai

Armaan: Hum yehan JB's ke saath celebrate karne aaye hain JB's I hope you don't mind me saying RHRNNNNN celebrating JB's DMG style (winks!!!)

Atul, Rahul, Shubankar: Together yessss we r here to celebrate with the JB's.

Armaan: Abey Moody chal ut vahan se nikki yehan nahi hai Ok JB's lets begin the party? You all have given me such cute names..I think today it is time to give u some names too..Dont you think? Ab chalo sab JB's yehan aajao (Looks at the JB's in beach wear.)

Oyee Hoyeee !!!!!!! Ab tak mein Riddhima ko kehta tha..lekin oyeee hoyyyeee u JB's are wow !!!!


Armaan: Yeh pehla award haai haaii mujhe tho kabhi nahin mila..aur pata nahin milega bhi nahi

The first award is Miss. Mithaai maangta hai. And the award goes to someone who is always helping/wishing for me to get it lekin kya karein..woh basket tho maanti nahin and the award goes to Preeti !!!!

Congratulations Preeti..May be with your efforts I will finally get the Mitthai ki dukaan that rahul got..

Rahul:  Abey tu hamesha mere peeche kyon pada rehta hai...tere saath tho ladki hai..meri wala hamesha kaat thi hai..

Champ: Kaun kisko kaat raha hai...Duck yaar...anjali tho meri taraf dekhthi bhi nahin...

Abhi: Meri bhi yehi problem hai yaar...

Armaan: Tujhe kaun si ladki chahiye...(suspiciously)...

Abhi and Shubankar: Armaan chalo lets go to the next awards..

Atul: Armaan agla award kya hai?

Armaan: Well the next award is something that I am...Bindaas..This JB is cool, fun and Bindaas..So the award to Miss. Bindaas goes to Gia !!!

Congratulations Gia. I love your bindaas attitude..Kaaash riddhima bhi aisi hoti..then u know mujhe mithaai mil jaati...

Armaan: Rahul yeh agla award teri waali se milti julti hai...Muskaan ki tarah chapad chapad..Oh nahi yaar...aaj kal Basket bhi chapad chapad karti hai...

Rahul: Armaan pichli baar jab riddhima chapad chapad kar rahi thi to tune use kiss kiya tha na? so yeh agle award winner ko bhi??

Armaan: haan haan kyon nahi..LOL....The next award is the Miss. Chapad Chapad award and it goes to Kashu.

Congratulations Kashu...Arey yaar...Wait...where is your twin? KaMa tho yehan hai...KaMe kahan hai?? (Meghz waives to Armaan...Staring at Kashu...and signalling..Kashu come to FB...)

Champ: Armaan yeh agla ward mera favorite hai..Looks at his plants Trinzie and karishma...and says hain na??

Armaan: Yeh agla award hai mere 5th Riddhima ke naam pe...The award is Mss. Creativity..Aur yeh jaata hai Karishma ko...

Congratulations Karishma...And remember I am waiting for you as my next Riddhima...Hopefully then I will come to Goa and shoot for DMG...

Armaan: oye Hoye !!!!!!

Rahul: Kya hua Riddhima yehan bhi aagayi hai kya...maine tho socha tha keh goa mein sirf TACOS aur JB's honge...

Shubankar and Modi: Kya...Riddhima?? keerti bhi aayi hai kya...Modi thinks Nikki bhi aayi hogi...

Champ: Sir...Shubankar sir...kyon na aap aur Dr.Modi ...why dont you go and see the pretty girls on the beach there...Shubankar starts saying nahi yaheen teek hain...

Rahul: Hamara agla award hai Miss. Oye Hoye !!!...Kyon Armaan ki shaadi hone waali hai..maine socha yeh award mein doonga...and the award goes to Gia...

Congratulations Gia....Oyee Hoyeee....Tera GAM tho yehan nahi hai na??

Armaan: Champ yeh agla award is dedicated to you...Bilkul teri tarah hai..kitne sawaal pooch tha hai tu..

Champ: Sacchi mein armaan? mere liye??

Abhi: Doctors..I think yeh award aap sab ke liye hai...The next award is Miss. Question Box. And the award goes to Meghu....

Armaan: Congratulations Meghu...Ab Miss. Question Box ke liye mera ek question hai....Tum Kashu ke bina kyon nahi reh sakti...Looks at Kashu and says....Kashu kya meghu ko FB pe bech na hai??

Shubankar: Accha accha suno yeh doosra award mein announce karoonga...

Rahul:  Kyon sir??
Armaan: kyon kyon sirrrrrrrrr??
Champ: Kyon sir? koi special award yeh hya??
Abhi: Pata nahi tum ladkon ka scre dheela hai??
Armaan: abey moody hamara scre dheela hai? tho tumhara sub kuch dheela hai....

Shubankar: feeling shy and says the next award is Miss. Hitler award...and the award goes to Keerti...I am sorry Shalu...

Armaan: Congratulations shalu....aap tho kitni shant si masoon si hain...aap hitler kyon hai??

Shalu: Kyon ki I need to control the GL's of AAL....once they get going..its hard to stop them and I need to keep KaMe in control LOL...

Champ: Armaan tumhe pata hai ke AAL mein GL aur MTT bolke kuch hai..tumhe pata hai woh kya hai?? Lagta hai hamare doosre award hai Miss. Innocent...Lagta hai use bhi pata nahi hai..

Armaan: Hmm lagta hai use kuch bhi pata nahin...perfect fattu and ghonchu...Anyways the next award goes to Hamziee...Congratulations Hamzieee...

Abhi:   Tum logon ko pata hai?? Omar Bhai aaj Sanjeevani nahi aaye hain...Aur aaj Sister Lovely karva chauth ka vrath rakh rahi hai...Aaj mumbai mein baarish ho rahi hai...

Rahul: Dr.Modi why r u being so random? Oh it...the next award is Miss. Random..and that I think has to go to all the JB's. No one can be more random than them...AAL is the perfect example for that....

So JB's this is for you...Keep being Randon and keep rocking !!!

Atul: Armaan mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hai...Aur mujhe Hetal bahut yaad aa rahi hai..kaash woh yehan pe hoti...mujhe na...goa ke beech pe bananas khana hai..

(JB's cheering at the word Banana...atul is all happy thinking he said something cool)

Armaan: Champ tu bhi na...bilkul bhukkad hai...BTW our next award is Miss. Bhukkad...and the award goes to the one and only Anu..

Armaan: Congratulations Anu...Jab tumne hotel management ke baare bein mujhe question poocha tha..mein socha nahi tha ke tum use itni seriously logi...wah wah lage raho lage raho...!!!!

Rahul: The next award goes to the nayi entry of AAL...kuch maheene pehle Muskaan aur mein bhi nayi entries the...

Armaan: haan haan..nayi entry..aur woh bhi kya entry maari thi...chapad chapad....anyways the winnder is Mohini....Congratulations Mohini...

Armaan: Accha tho this award is special...Zindagi kaisi yeh paheli haye...kabhi yeh rulaye kabhi yeh hasaye...

Champ: Armaan tuh itna philosophical kyon hogaya hai? kya hua...

Armaan: kuch nahi yaar..the next award is Miss. Philosophy...It is for my special JB's...For all of them..But for some special people...This award goes to Tamzie, Shalu and all the JB's..Congratulations on a serious note..Thank you for being by my side...all the time..I love you all...

Armaan: Champ, rahul yaar tum log sab kuch kaise karte ho yaar...
Rahul specially tu...mukaan ke saath..kaiseeeeeeeeee...

Atul: Duck yaar...rahul muskaan ke saath kya kiya tune?? kyaa kyaaaa??

Rahul: Kuch nahi yaar champ...kuch nahi hua...kya ho sakta hai..kabhi muskaan ko dekha...hamesha kaatne ko daud thi hai..

Atul: Nahi yaar aise mat bol..mere thought GL mein ja rahe hain...GL GL GL GL !!!!!!!!!!!

Armaan: Tere thoughts nahi re...jab bhi JB's mujhe dekhthe hain tho...hain na JB's??

(All JB's cheering...yes yesssssssss)...

Ok so our next award goes to the Queen of GL...lagta hai...wahan beach pe there r bananas dancing...The award goes to Mahez...
Thanks for the banana men..thanks for the mission for JDJ...Thanks for everything....Congratulations Mahez....

Rahul: Ok agla award hai meri muskaan ke naam pe...Usse zyaada nautanki aur kaun kar sakta hai

Armaan: nahi yaar...kabhi kabhi riddhima uski ma lagti hai...kitna taras raha hoon..mein mithaai ke liye...riddhima ke saamne muskaan devi ma lagti hai...anyways moving on..the next award is Miss.Nautanki..and the award goes to Gia...Congratulations Gia...

Abhi: yeh agle award sirf mein de sakta hoon...kyon yeh hai senses ke baare mein...

Armaan: abey moody tujh mein tho basic common sense hi nahi hai..tu sense ke baare mein kaise baat kar sakta hai...anyways the award for Miss. Sensible goes to Shalu...Congratulations Shalu...

Shubankar: Yeh agla award mere naam pe hona chahiye...kyon mujh se zyaada patient koi aur ho nahi sakta..

Atul: shubankar sir..aap ko kya hua hai??? aap patient kyon hai?? abhi tho shaadi hui nahi hai na??

Armaan: Champ yaar patient nahi...patient...shant swabahv...samjhee..
the award is for Miss. Patient...and the award goes to Anu, Prapti and Shanti...Congratulations guys...
Shanti tumhare naam mein tho patience shanti om...
anu, Miss.Bhukkad...haan samjha khaate khaate patience aagaya hai
Prapti...finally we meet...i love the way u talk armaan armaan armaan 24/7.

Hamara agla award bahut special hai..Kyon isi JB ki wajah se...aaj hum sab yehan Goa mein party kar rahe hain...ek ladki thi deewani si..armaan pe woh marti thi...AAL CC kholke sab ko hasati thi...aur aaj mujhe kehna i love this JB...
The award is for Miss.Creative and the ward goes to Veena...Congratulations Veena...

Shubankar,Atul,Rahul and Modi: yeh agla award hai Miss.Gayab ke liyee...the award is Miss.India...

Armaan: And the award goes to Chandu....Oh BTW i loved meeting was fun....

The next award is for a tubie...Hamesha gana bajana...hasna liye aaj mein kehna chahoonga....if ur happy and u know it clap ur hands...JB's ..Tacos and u are a happy family...we love love us !!!

Armaan: The award for Miss. Tubie goes to Gia...Congratulations Gia...

Atul: Yeh agla award meri Anji ki wajah se hai...Armaan tumhe pata hai...this JB is always behind anji's hai...woh tho fida hai anji pe...i need to be careful...kyon ki woh mujh se bhi zyaada anji ko notice karti hai...This award is Miss. Obsessed with hair....and the award goes to Anu...

Anu please meri anjali se door rehna...baal tak kaafi...ok??

Abhi: Doctors ab agla award mein doonga...

Armaan: Haan haan yeh award tumhi dena..sirf tum de sakte ho..kyon ki yeh award hai...Miss.Omar Bhai...

Abhi: Yeh award jaata hai saare JB's ko....Congratulations JB's..

Atul: yeh award sirf aur sirf mein doonga...yeh award hai meri Trinzie ke liye...Kyon mein usse sab se zyaada pyar karta hoon...Trinzie thanks for everything and the award Miss. Atul of AAL goes to Trina...
Congratulations Trinzie...u also get my plant uuu

Atul: Yeh award bhi mein hi doonga....

Armaan: Yeh award mein doonga.kyon saali hai yaar...aur saali hoti hai aadhi ghar waali...

Atul: nahiiiiiiiiiiiii armaan..dost dost na raha....

Armaan: acha acha champ over acting mat kar...dono dete hain...the award Miss. Anji of AAL goes to Anu...Congrats Anu....

Abhi: yeh award mein doonga...kyon ki yeh special hai...yeh us JB ke liye hai jisne mere baare mein bahut saare posts likhe hain...The award is Miss.Abhi of AAL and it goes to Trina...Congratulations Trinaa...

Armaan: The next award goes to the JB's like my best friend Nikki...Aliya, Shivangini and all the JB' u alll !!!

Rahul: Yeh agla award mere aur muskaan ke liye hai...lekin yeh sirf ek JB ko mila hai...The award is Miss.Rahul and Muskaan of AAL. And the award goes to Kashu...
Kashu ...Meghuu kahan hai...Tum dono GL Rani's ho na....Tho Kashu batao tumhaari fav line kya hai??

Kashu: Meri fav line "Meghu come on FB na"

Armaan: the next award is my only hope for do riddhima badalte badalte...thak gaya hoon yaar...ek gayi bigger offers ke liye...doosri tho thakurayan bangayi...aur mein rehgaya Jenny ke saath...aur woh itni cute bata nahi sakta...lagta hai mere mithaai ke din ab aagaye...
Lekin..lekin...agar yeh bhi gayi..tho meri 5th riddhima set hai..kyon ki...yeh doosra award hai...Miss. Riddhima of AAL...and the award goes to my next riddhima in line Karishma

Tho Karishma agar aap riddhima bangayi tho kya different hoga?

Karishma: DMG sets move to Goa
Armaan gets Mitthai 24/7
DMG becomes Riddhima mil gayi and permanent setting hogayi...

Subankar: Chalo Dr.Rahul, Dr. Atul and Dr.Modi...yeh agla award hum denge...kyon ki yeh saare JB's ke liye hai and armaan ke naam pe hai...thanks for supporting us..thanks for supporting GL, Mithaai ki dukaan and you know etc etc etc....So this award is for you all JB's

Armaan: No one supports DMG like you do..No one supports Me and my fellow interns like you do..We r here today because of praise us, encourage us, criticize us and help us improve..we love this award my dead JB's is for you...

Champ: Thanks for being so nice all the time..and not being sarcastic or rude to us..we love you and appreciate everything you do...

Abhi: thanks for the support...please meri nikki se sifarish zaroor karna...

Rahul: arey yaar sabko apni padu hai...mera soch na...please JB's muskaan ko patane mein help karo na...please..i promise u will show so many mithaai dukaan's and definitely send some over to Armaan too..nahin meri taraf se nahin...riddhima ke taraf se...

Shubankar: Mere aur keerti ke shaadi mein zaroor anaaa...

Armaan: This is it guys...let the party begin...bring up the drinks and the food...I know we are all busy so we dint realy have time to prepare too much for the bash...and thank god we r not making fun of anyone in any way...lets keep our party nice and sweet...just like our JB's....

Bring on the food...bring on the drinks..bring on the bananas Wink

Disco Boogie

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Dear AAL,

Thank you for being my home away from home...
My day begins with you and ends with you...

I love you
You love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug and
A kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?

I love you
You love me
We're best friends
Like friends should be
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?

Lots of Love

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Saraswatichandra Banner Contest Winner

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Dear CC,

Man you have been a witness to our chapad chapad for the LONGEST time think its been half a year if I'm not mistaken...I feel bad for your poor soul, but its okay! You know you love our random discussions about HAIR, dresses, shoes, handbags, shopping, MAC, Bollywood, FOOD, and you also love getting to know more about your residents! You know you wouldn't be the same without....

Preeti: Her awesome creations, optimism for DMG, and her caps ( we love you for this Preeti) which we drool over....and her LD's/ thoughts on the episode which set my mood...

Kariz: Her random DMG mood swings, her bollywood talk, and MOST importantly, her JDJ updates and DMG updates which we can't live

Kashu: Our back updater and GR queen..whose updates are jhakaas with her inputs in them which make us ROFLLLLL...and KaMe's pyaar ka izhaar...LOLEmbarrassed

Meghz: Her pyaar ka izhaar for Kashu...her beautiful LD's and her frustration of not being able to merge well...LOL...Keep trying Meghz! You'll get it : )

Shalu: Her optimism and her RB's which make us calm down...LOL...

Veens: OMGG Her Armaan/DMG LD's...the optimism...her love for DMG and JB's! It keeps us going!

Nina/Mahez: The GL talk is adhura without you two! And the songs...LOLLL

Gia: My loveeeeeeeEmbarrassed...CC is adhura without our love...ROFLLLLL...and your youtube videos and revised lyrics and MAC discussion!

Hamzie: Our other Tubieeeeeeee...who has the same taste in music as mee :)

Miru/Rainu: Whose *whoosh*talks on Armaan/Karan makes us go *whoosh* with them..LOLLLLLL..Love you two!

Teju: For being the awesome person she is

Mohi: MY DMGGGGGG partner in crimeee...Muah! I don't know what I would do without our discussions on DMG in class...ROFL

And all other JB's I can't think of right now since I have a cold and its wayy early in the morning for me to think love you all! The CC is completely adhura without all of you and you all rock it!!!

Thank you CC for giving us all the chance to makke friends for a lifetime!

Love, Anu

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Hii all
Congrats on the 50th cc this is exciting man ive gone through 50 cc's with all of you and i think this is one of the best times of my life ive ever had.....Getting to know all of you was great,You people have given me so much in my life,i always use to be On I-f Like a bored person looking for friends and then finally i found u guys who have been the greatest friends...The thing common between us is are love for dmg and karan.....I love you all for always being their and always calming me down when ive been annoyed at one of the epis...I Love you all for supporting me at times when ive said something...You guys have given me alot and seriously without u people i would be bored in life....I sit on cc the whole day hoping one of you will be their....Im telling you i think i talk to u guys more then my friends and family...Knowing each one of you was the best thing ever
Thanks for everything and i hope this friendship of ours carries on forever and i always remain apart of this cc and be friends with you guys because all of you people are so awesome....Each and every one of you have given me so much...Karu are next riddhima shes done so much,Preeti shes been so sweet,Gia-MIss tubie always posting videos for us,,,Kashu-MS Chapad Ms chapad always entertaining us when she talks...Kame the jodi who has always entertained us...Megz who has always been so nice...Veena,shalu,shanti,Hamsie who are elder to me and have been like a elder sister...Rainu who i just came to know but has always been nice...Anu whos siggies i always love hope she makes one specially for me...Tejuu another friend who has always been kind...Niya,Nancy,prapti all of you are special friends to me...Sorry if i forgot one of your names but to be honest youre all such good friends..Thanks to each and everyone of you for constantly entertaning me and being good friends..Hope this continues forever
Love you all

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Holly Mollly! we are on the 50th ThreadRaise The Roof 1! ALREADYParty Time! feels like a dreammmm man sachi! feels as if we started this All About Love CC yesterday and now we are already at 50 damnn damn! We are sachi mein chatter boxess who love to CHAPAD CHAPAD! ...LOL Congratulations JBs on this 50th threadParty! hspace5!!!! In just a matter of few months we became so tight! so tight key now we cant help but share everything with eachother!!! We laugh ... cry .. and even get mad TOGETHERLaughing 2! Cheers to the TOGETHERNESS MY GIRLIESToo Happy 1! I love you girls for everything that you have done for me! You girls were there to cheer me up when i was upsetCrying 1 .. You girls were there to tell me everything will be fine when everything was going wrongThumbs Down! You girls were there to share my happiness with me when i had some good newsClapping Hands! and You were were there to tell me I M WRONG when i thought i wasnt Embarrassed hspace5 and ohhh how can i forget You girls were there tolerate my nautanki which is most of the TIMES ... okie FINE ALL THE TIME!!!!Shy Whistler Honestly you girls have given mee sooo much that now i dont even that i cant even imagine my life without you girls!!!! and i can proudly say that WE WERE AND WILL ALWAYS BE TOGETHER NO MATTER WHAT!! No one can break us this easily hell no! NO WHEN WE ARE ALL TOGETHER! TRY ALL YOU WANT BASHER/HATERS YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE US TOGETHER is sey mujhe yeh gana yaad ayaLOL

NoBody wanna see us together!
But it dont matter No
Cause we gonna fight
Oh yes we gonna fight
Believe we gonna fight
Fight for our right to LOVE and APPRECIATE KARAN/ARMAAN yeaValentine hand heart!!!
Nobody wanna see us together
Nobody thought we last forever!
Valentine I love you sign
Acha soooo....Letss Partyyyy Jbs! I know we are all styll very upset with the results of JDJ! but it time to Partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! We have no reason to cry!No hspace5Noppe we will not CRY!.. Our indi girls worked so hard getting Karan in the finale Bravo! hspace5and we will let their mehnat go to waste kya? HELLL NOONo hspace5! Lets Party and celebrate!.. Cheers to Karan for shining like a STAR throughout JDJ journeryCheers hspace5... Cheers to Karan for being in the finale despite the hatred and nashing Cheers hspace5... Cheers to Karan for enduring all the insults with a smile! but most importantly Cheers to OUR TOGETHERNESS IN THIS! Cheers hspace5... Big HugIts ALLL ABOUT USSSS BABYYYYY! ... k seriously i dont do this on purpose it jus happens LOL... all about us sey yaad aya
I see your lips moving but I don't hear nothing
Everybody talking like they really know something about us
But they don't know nothing about us
I see your lips moving but I don't hear nothing
Everybody talking like they really wanna know something about us
But they don't know nothing about us
They talkin' bout us so I guess were doing something right
Ballin' in the mix with the camera lights shining bright
They know we caked up but they don't know how much we worth
people clear the ceiling off because we getting work
You can save your breath
We don't wanna hear
Why, why do people go
Out of there way
To try to bring us down
They wanna know about us

As for ME...mein yahan na hoke bhi HOON! hehe!!! k dont start looking around here and there ... just look in ur dil reyValentine kiss!! mee knockingg and doing balts there! ROTFL hspace5.. k chessy? pata hai rey! K sooo rockkk this threaddd Girlss Love youuu Dating hspace5
K see it happend again cant helpp but post another sonng! loll
Pehle kabhi na humne kaha ...
Lo Aaj Jbs yeh kehte hai
Just for youuuuu anuuuuuuuuuuuu On The CheekBig Hug
will catch uppp when i come back Love youuuu and LETS GET THIS PARTYYYY STARTEDDDDDDDDDDDD YOU ALLLLLLLLLLLParty! hspace5!!!

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CONGOOOOOOO For the 50th CC JB's! 
I dun even knw where to start frm...Its beeen such a journey its beeen in the CC! We've laughed here...cried here....drooled over Armaaan here..had the most random disscussions ranging frm IPL to Bollywood to Mac products to fooood to Starbucks to maroin movie dialogues  and what not! Half of the time m soooo lost and blankkk and always questiongggggg! :PPP CC must hav felt what a great Question Mark this girl is! :PP Tabheeeeeee my award is soooo justifieeeeeeed! Thnk you Thnk You Thank you Thnk You!LOL
I LOOOOOOVE you CC! N I LOOOOOOOOOVE u'll JB's! Be it real life or reeel life or I-F life LOLwe always have always been with each other at every steppppp! Whenevr there is  DMG related stress we stress vent cry and calm down together with each other be it the trackk or the quits by the actors or anything....All the JDJ weeeks...We went through together! Gaali maroooed together....drooled together..fainted togetherLOL We had soooooooo much funnn in CC in dis half year that looking backk we have sooo many special memories n sooo many more to cmeeee!
Jus want to Thank each one of u'll for always being there...Be it happy times or sad times!When m stressed and even wen m over excited...Advising me....Encouraging me...guiding meee! Thnkoo soo soo much guys! Life widout u'll is impossibe now! Thnks for everythingggg! Not talkin to u'll even if for a day, the day seems soooo incompleteeeeee! soo emptyyyyy! U'll always manage t cheer me upp n brg a huge smile on my faceeeee!Hug
and for all of it Thnk You CC! U gave us a homeeeeeeeeee! HugU gave us this familyyyy! Ur a very very very imp part of ur lives now! My day starts wid reading you! U hav sooo many varities of convos which I LOOOVE!
Be it all the DMG and AR convos and the LD's ! or the GL convos by r GL queeens (which does go above my head :PP) or the muumiies convos! Which always has this hugee smile on my faceeee!o or Anu's bhukkadgiri @ every 5 mins! or GiNu's pyaaaaaaaaaar! Shantu's nerdgiri!  and all the youtube videos! and most importantly KaMe's praaaaaaay kaaaa izhaaar everydayyyyyyyy! Looove u Kaaaaa!Embarrassedand our newest passion of siggi makingggggggg! :PPP
EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG! They'll always be treasured in you CC! <3 <3 <3
Muaaaaaaaaaah! Love love you all.....Thnk god for CC! Its  such a beautiful part of our liveeeees! A special thnks to Veenzy for givin us this CC in d first placeee! Its d bestest bestest thing that has ever happnd to us! Hug
N yaaaaaa So sorry for ignoring CC smetimess for FB! Hug*holdin ears* Go there only for the galli sesssion ! CC was is and will always be the BESSSSSSSSST! Heart

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Your generated text image

My darling JBs
Congratulations on the 50thClap
Congratulations on being madly in love with Armaan/KSG, the love of our livesHeart 
Congratulations on our undying belief in true love and all things beautifulDay Dreaming
Congratulations on our Jaan being the true winner of JDJHug
Congratulations on our real talent for doing chapad chapad 24/ KSG says we can write more than Shradha can talkLOL
I feel so honored and blessed to be a part of the JB's gang. I think I'm as much in love with and as addicted to all the JBs as I am to could I have come up with a better compliment than that.....I don't think so.

Thank you for sharing my madness, my excitement, my anxiety.....and above all turning all tense moments into a laughing riot

This one's dedicated to all my JB's Jaans
(Especially Miru, Anu, Veenzy, Giu, Preets, Mahez, Nina, Aliya, Nishu, Karu, Shalu, midnight party gang!!! Kaan pakdoing for all other JBs who I barely get a chance to talk to)
Im grateful for each day you gave me
My world is a better place because of you
Im everything I am
Because you loved me
For all those times you stood by me
For all the truth that you made me see
For all the joy you brought to my life
For all the wrong that you made right
For every dream you made come true
For all the love
I found in you
Ill be forever thankful baby
Youre the one who held me up
Never let me fall
Youre the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldnt speak
You were my eyes when I couldnt see
You saw the best there was in me
Lifted me up when I couldnt reach
You gave me faith coz you believed
Im everything I am
Because you loved me


And how can I forget......the reason for JBs existence....dedicating the AR scene which led to the JBs family. Yes KSG/Armaan.... hum kabhie aapka peecha nahin chodein geLOL

Your generated text image


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