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FF: Everything ( SaJan) ~ Part 4 -Page 9 (Page 6)

Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 07 October 2008
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Posted: 01 June 2009 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
Uff Jens dii killing me!
Ok Benjan scenes I die for them
And thanku shooo much for puttong them in ur FFHugHugHug
AWieeee Gunjan is luking gorgeous
(Don't think I am crazii But u hvae mesmerised its o well taht I can iamgine it)
Awieeee Even though he is a dhakkan I feel bad for ma sammii!
Threedrops of tears fell in thsi part!
That was sad
Haila last part is gonna be sad n emotional
U will totally think I am saddist but I love emotional scenes
And thankus oo much for making my night a great one!
Keepw riting
Luv u

mimi0295 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
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Posted: 01 June 2009 at 4:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jenny1000

@ Mimi: You have been such a major inspiration for even attempting to write a SG FF.Hug Thanks so much for your lovely comments and this FF is dedicate to you and esp Ria.. Wait till you read the 2nd part, it is more BenJan with a twist of course. The third part has lots of BenJan as far as my brain can think of it.Embarrassed

Ooh Jenny di!!! Thank you so much! Hug
That''s so sweet if you, I'm honestly touched! Oh god, I adoreee BenJan, and I LOVE you for making Benji such an important character here! *hugs*
You cant imagine how happy I am!
I shall read the next part in a bit and post my thoughts Smile
Asthuox IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 August 2006
Posts: 4132

Posted: 02 June 2009 at 12:37pm | IP Logged

*holding ears*

Sorrieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for the late comment! Embarrassed

@ Update

Oh my god jenny di, you don't like me now do you?? Oh gosh you literally want me dead! *Runs and hides in a corner* If you keep posting such breathtaking updates
I will seriously die again! Mimi already killed me toh corrections. Im going to die a ghost death! *Asthu goes krazy*

the whole piece was beyond words! With what perfection you wrote it. Absolutely flawless. And I mean it!

*Hugs you tight* Thank you thank you so much so a Benjan scene. Love you for this. Im like craving to watch one in the show atm. The whole shammy thing got me worked up!

One thing I love about your writing skills, you make it quite easy to visualize the whole act. The whole Benjan moments. Aweeehhh to die for. Freaking adorable. And Samrat missing Gunjan and all! Realizing how imp she means to him.
Have you pmed PD the scenes. Your seriously should! Specially the whole sunshine. The Benjan Sam Convo. It's was so cute XD! *Smiles* Doh my heart went out for samrat! His tears are still precious no matter how much of a dakkan he is!

Oh have I mentioned your like another genius I know (beside Mimi) I just love how you' have incorporated all of the sajan scenes from the start into RG play scenes! And Samrat remembering all those golden moments. Fantastic! You're doing a awesome job!

Loving the way you are portraying his side of emotions. Beautifully done!

Oh my *sobs* the ending was quite touching. Very well written! Clap  Clap

Love yuuu.     Asthu HugHug
mimi0295 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 24 September 2007
Posts: 26827

Posted: 02 June 2009 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
Read part 2 =)
Ooh Jenny di, it was SOO BenJan packed that I forgot SaJan were the main protagonists. LOL
I love BenJan... did I mention that before? =P
They're everything [haha, ironic with your FF title na?] and I LOVE how you're portraying their friendship here! Hugs, holding dates AWEEEH!!!! Best friends personified!
And RV-Gunjan together (acting wise?) WHOA! I wonder what Dia's going through... I hope you have an RD track in there somewhere, I'd love to read that =)
Sam's flashbacks were so real and heart gripping =( Poor baby, agreed with Asthu... he may be the worlds biggest dhakkan, but he's still the januable Sam.
My favourite dialogue: " Nahin dude, I guess our paths are different now, we will see you tommrrow"
That was amazingly written! LOVED it!
P.S Benji calling Gunjan sunshine took ME down memorylane. One of my closest di's on I-F calls me that *sighs I miss her =(

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JennyPenny IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 July 2005
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Posted: 02 June 2009 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
Will respond to all the comments after this part. Thanks so much everyone for your wonderful comments.. Here is the next part.Hug

Chapter 3 - Surprises, Suprises and more surprises

Precap: Tam makes Gunjan and RV play partners which makes Samrat mad. Seeing Gunjan and Benji, Samrat's heart starts having a new feeling which he cannot understand. Benji has a surprise for Gunjan planned and Samrat takes Sheena out for dinner.

" Benji, this is so not fair, how can you blindfold me like this?" Replied Gunjan in a worried tone.

" Gunjan, my sunshine. Chill okay. I'll catch you if you fall or anything or..." replied Benji.

" Or?"??"

" Or , I'll get Samrat to catch you, how is that?" replied Benji in a teasing voice.

A tear fell down Gunjan's eyes as she heard the same Samrat and flashbacks of Samrat and Sheena hugs made many tears fall down. Benji who was quick to notice this grab the tears in his hand,

" Gunjan, don't you know how precious your tears are to me. Don't cry yaar. I made a mistake of mentionng that idiot's name in front of you"

" Benji"

" Okay, I forgot. You still love him. Can't even call him idiot. How about dhakken? works??"

" Alright Benji."

" and can I call Sheena chudal?"

" Benji"

" Fine, we will call her Dhanno. Dhanno and Dhakken- The world's idiots."

" Benji"

" Anyways, Gunjan. Let's stop talking about unplesant things and let me reveal your surpise and EEEEE"

" What happened Benji? Replied Gunjan in a worried tone..

" Uday with Tamana Mam"

" What?"

Gunjan removed the blindfold to see Tamana and Uday together, having an ice-cream with an older lady. Gunjan turned around to realize it was an ice-cream place.

" Benji, ice-cream?"

" Of course, you gave such a wonderful performance, I had to give you something and I fiigured the movies bore you anyways so I decided that it's time we have something sweet."

" Benji, you are too sweet"

" Not more sweeter than you Sunshine" replied Benji with a smile. " Shall we order?"

" But of course.."

" Gunjan!!"

Gunajn turned around to see Nupur waving at her with Mayank in tow. They decided to join them.

" Gunjan, What are you doing here?"

" Benji and I are here for ice-cream, but what are you doing here?"

" I tricked Mayank into getting me ice-cream"

" Di!!"

" Di, my foot. Stop taking Mayank's side always Gunjan. Hey Benji!"

" Hey Nupur, how are you? and is that me or is that Mayank at an ice-cream place?"

" Yes Benji, it's Mayank at an ice-cream place. Can we join you?"

" Of course" Mayank came with a grumpy look on his face " Girls" Benji replied in a whisper, " tell me about it"

" Hey Gunjan, How are you?"

" I am fine Mayank, how about you?"

" I was fine, until I saw your sister, but now I feel better that I saw you right now"

" Aww, how sweet. Thanks Mayank"

" Anyways, if you guys are done chatting, can we order ice-cream?"

" Benji, Di , Me and Mayank will have butterscotch, "

" and I will have"

Two familar voices appeared..  It was Dia and Ranvijay.

" Benji, I'll have a strawberry and Ranvijay will have a mango."

" Come dude, let me help you"

" Gunjan!!"

Gunjan turned around to see Tam and Uday there with phofi in tow..

" Can we join you guys?"

" But of course you can"

" Tam mam will have a strawberry, I'll have a chocolate and phofi wil have vanilla right Phofi?"

" Might? Yeh Kya Hai. I want Vanilla. White"

Benji smiled at this and replied okay and he and Ranvijay went to get the ice-creams. Just when they heard a voice..

" SaMRAT.. I want chocolate.. Get it to me or my makeup will get ruined"

" Oh no, this dhanno here too. How can anyone like her?"

" I know dude, your friend's taste has gone for the garbage.."

" Tell me about it"

" I'll have one chocolate and one .........."


"Chasmish, what will you have for ice-cream?"

" Umm butterscotch"

" Butterscotch, that's a flavor"

" Samrat, I think you are not aware of ice-creams are you"

" Well no, I usually get my chocolate.. "

" Welll, how about I get a butterscotch and you get a chocolate and we will split it between us? How about that"

" Great idea Chasmish. I have never tried butterscotch"


" Chasmish, here is your ice-cream"

" Thanks"

Gunjan sponned her spoon into the lucious butterscotch ice-cream and took a bite. Like a little kid, she made this yummy noise.. Samrat stared at her ike in amazement. As she made more and more noise, Samrat could not help wonder how innoncent and beautiful she looked like right about now. He could not help but take a spoon of ice-cream and put it on her nose..

" Samrat, what was that for ?"

" For memory Chasmish. Let me get a picture of this for our memory sake"

" Smile chasmish"

Flashback over; back to reality

" I'll have one chocolate and one butterscotch" replied Samrat in a sad voice.

Benji was confused. Samrat always loved chocolate but how can he can like butterscotch?

" Bro, you liked chocolate. You always eat chcoolate? How come butterscotch?

" Everything changes Benji sometimes. Sometimes what other like, you end up liking. Anyways, are you all here?"

" Yup dude. Me, Ranvijay, Mayank, Nupur, Dia, Uday, Tam Mam , Phofi and..."

" Gunjan?"

" Oh yeah she is there man. I brought her for this reason but now everyone is here which is cool, it make her happy"

" and Mayank?"

" That's the Second Surprise of the evening. Mayank Sharma at an ice-cream place like this. it's a shock to the world.

" What was the first surprise?"

" Uday, Tamana Mam and Phofi. What a triangle"

" Oh.."

" Wanna join us? But then you are with Sheena, you may not want to"

" No, Benji. I love to join you guys. Sheena is nothing to me."

Samrat and Benji took the ice-creams to the place where everyone was sitting. Everyone's face lighted up as they saw Samrat and wnet down as they saw Sheena.  Sheena, just took her ice-cream and told Samrat she had to go for a shoot and she would call him later on..

So everyone on the table sat, and had their ice-cream. While Phofi entertained them all.

" Woh Servant chali gaye?"

" Which servant phofi" everyone replied in a confused look.

" That little clothes wali ladki. How can anyone like her?"

Benji smiled under his breath only to be pinched by Gunjan. " Ouch"

Samrat turned around and stared at Benji. " What happened?"

" Nothing dude.. Nothing at all" smiled Benji nervously..

Gunjan smiled at him which Samrat caught. More wrong feelings emerged out of him. He could stand everything. Uday and Tam flirting, Mayank and Nupur in love, Ranvijay and Dia in love, but not Benji and Gunjan together. What was happening to him? Why did it bother him so much???

After the ice-cream was done, Tamana told everyone that she has a surprise for them. After the rehersal scene tommrrow, the cast of the play is going on a picnic, and it has been approved by the principal. The cast includes; Samrat and Sheena, Mayank and Nupur, Dia, Ranvijay, Gunjan, Uday, and Benji. She asked them to be ready after tommrrow's second rehersal scene and wished them all the luck.

Tam left with Phofi, while Ranvijay took Dia and Uday with them. Mayank took Nupur while Benji, Samrat and Gunjan remained..

" Okay dude, I'll see you tommrrow.."

" Oh Sammy, could you drop Gunjan home please?, I have to go talk to Uday about something.. I am sure they didn't go far. I'll call you later. Bye Gunjan. Go with Samrat nah?"

" But Benji" replied both Samrat and Gunjan in a unision..

" Thanks guys" and Benji left.. leaving Samrat and Gunjan there to stare at each other....

Someone was hiding behind the bush watching Samrat and Gunjan stare at each other.. " Ouch"

" Mayank, would you stop needling me?"

" I can't see Nupur"

" Mayank, I see Gunjan and Samrat and that;'s who we are supposed to look at"

" Have they moved from their spot yet?" repied Benji sitting next to Mayank.

" Nahin yaar. Samrat idiot. Stop staring and make a move already"

" Your friend is a maha idiot"

" I know that Nupur. Can you believe it, they need 4 cupids to run this story? Sheesh"

" Where is our 4th cupid??"

" Right here guys"

Mayank, Nupur and Benji turned arouna and smiled... " Ready for the plan of action?"

All the three replied in unision. " Ready. Samrat-Gunjan Love Mission in Gear"

Precap: Who is the 4th cupid in the mission? Will Samrat fall for Gunjan? Will they ever find about this mission? What will happen at the picnic? Find out in the next chapter.

A promo coming at you in an about an hour.. Await for it..

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MoNayaHolicPrag IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 October 2007
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Posted: 02 June 2009 at 11:02pm | IP Logged
toooooooooo gud yaar
AttractiveAdya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 21 December 2008
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Posted: 02 June 2009 at 11:48pm | IP Logged
wow! it was   fab.........I mean d whole gang at d ice-cream place was so sweet ans cute.......and den phupi was so hilarious and benjy's dhakan and   chudel oops I   mean   dhano was like so funny..........I love sammy's jealousy...........and the 4 cupids........ummmmm well   I think d 4th cupid wud be sheena............waiting for d promo and d nxt chap.........and I might   not comment for sum time cuz I wont be here for a few days.........

Love Adya!
eshika2006 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2009 at 1:43am | IP Logged
jenny awesome yaar!!!pl pm me if u update the next part.

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