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Adolescence of Love - Chap15/Pg136 (11/29) (Page 7)

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Yes!!! here I am back to my pestering zone.. me wanting an update asap...eagerly waiting for that.

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12 frikking hours and its STILL not here...aur kitna time chahiye tujheee??? *angry glare*

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Okieee first of first, Ive gotta say a hugeee Sorryy for being so bloody late... This should have been there a tad earlier but I really didn't get time to read it all properly in one go... And I didn't wanna comment ages after reading it!! So I just read it and commenting right on...

Now first, certainly am excited for this one... Mostly because its an AR fic.... been waiting for something like this from you after Back to Newton's... I frinking love Unleashing (Yeaahhh I started reading from part 1!! hehehehe) but still you know, me being that hard core AR fan... Miss Armaan and Riddhima romance from that one... Soooo basically, I really loved this one... Hmmmm contrary to what many said though, I seemed to lovee the title, though I dunn know whyy... Something just clicked when I saw it... Adolescence of love, just reminded me of a few things I've been through as well.... Now am waiting to see if the title actually points towards what I am thinking its aiming at in the near future... Or hopefully in the near future... That depends on ur updates nahh!!.... LOLLOL

Hmm the intro was pretty cool... A great way to start a fic... yet there are a few things I was thinking about... Are the two colleges performing on that one? Or is it just one of them?? Or was it just an intro like that?? That wasn't too clear so thought of asking you.... Either I didn't give enough attention reading that part, or you purposedly didn't explain the meaning of that introo... which means I didn't grasp it... Urrrrgggg either way, let me know hunn....

Armaan's description was awesome.... I mean its not as if we would place anyone else's in Armaan shoes except our hero, but you describing it all further just enhances the effect... Makes it worth reading over and over again... I just really admire the way he has that capability to charm us while ur penning it up... "I'd hate to play the philanthropist in relieving the world of his evil" Blending not only his attitude in ur writing but also his charm... that's called skill!!... Clap

I really liked this part that followed as well... There was no way, even in the hell after life, that the two of them could be best friends. However, they were. The kind who would lay their life for the other. Literally. Except, they were equally capable of taking each other's lives over things as inconsequential as the morning tea. ... So Abhi and Army are gonna be the bestest of friends... Nice change from the present situation... LOL... Looking forward for that one... It'll be nice to see what that brings to the story, in terms of good, and bad as well!!...;)

Liked th girls v/s boys idea as well... ust reminded me of scenes we've been missing for so long out there... The magic of the girls fighting the boys.... the Sharat of the boys, and the brains of the girls... Hope we get to see more of that in this one....

Yup all in all, its exciting, not great yet nor awful yet.... Just making me curious about what's gonna happen... Its quite different from what Ive read in Newton's... and frankly, I did like part of the change... hmmm the other part tohh will know when u continue it only nj... But am really lookking forward to it... So u betta find time to update this one!!!.... Hahahaahaha.... LOLLOL

Okieee I feel like the essay's going too long... And if I dunn get over, you'll fall asleep.... Its my first one after the PM, so hope u like the comment... if anything's a hitch, let me know hun... Hope u dunn mind too long comments... Sometimes I can just go on writing.... Thanks for info about the Unis btw... u sure know why!!... hahahahaLOLLOL


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~ Part 1 ~

"Wait to cry Malik," he hissed, his eyes narrowed. 

"Abhi..." Atul said, jaded. 

"Lets go champ!" 

Abhi exclaimed in response with a sudden contrasting smile of spirit. At this, Atul became instantly wary. Modi in foul mood was safer showcasing his emotions than not. 

"Where to?" he asked suspiciously. Abhi looked at him, then throwing an arm around Atul's shoulder he gave a scheming smile and tugged him to turn about.


"I'm... " 

Abhi started to apologize then stopped. A the girl stood before him. An attractive girl. And she brushed the back of her hand rapidly over the length of her hair and tossed them back over shoulder, looked at the half spilled glass of coke, then at the white, miraculously unstained, shimmery georgette of her designer gown and finally up at him, and frowned. 

"You are?" she said with a single raised brow, demanding the completion of what he owed her.

"Your senior." He replied smoothly, changing his mind so effortlessly that it took her a second to register.


Abhimanyu jerked his head back, then raised a hand to rub his ear lightly as the question from the girl was resounded by Atul on his side, simultaneously. 


"Jinx, champ!" 

Abhimanyu said giving Atul more than a hint of a smile to not interrupt. Atul looked back at him unfazed by the warning in his tone, then briefly at the girl, recognizing immediately the yellow of the ID she wore around her neck as one of those for the participants from guest colleges, and without further thought he knew what to expect. He could have offered a word of cautionary advice to his mate, but it was bound to fall on deaf ears, and so he withdrew, disinterested in the rest, already back to his search for the other two. 

Abhimanyu, having expected a cooperation no less from Atul turned back to the girl, who now stood, pouting in displeasure. Inwardly he grinned. On the outside he wore an air of arrogant poise and shocked her grabbing the glass from her hand.

"Tsk tsk..." he feigned his disapproval, "Only half a glass?" then looking her in the eye as her face balanced expressions of anger and confusion at the same time he completed, "Didn't we teach you fuchas better discipline than that when serving your seniors?"

"What the hell are you talking?" she spat back, finding her tongue at last. 

Ignoring her question as if he heard nothing he raised the glass to his lips and drained it in a sip. She stared at him her mouth falling open, astounded before turning livid, and for a second, Atul, turning over his shoulder, felt almost sorry for the girl. 

Then reminding himself mentally that his interference would do no good he rolled his eyes and turned back fishing his cell out of his pocket to try and reach Armaan one more time. Perhaps, this time he would actually bother to answer the call; what a fool would not have it on a vibration when it was obvious no ringtone could be heard over this din of the thousands who were buzzing all over the campus like bees about honey. It would be, he hoped, an iota percent better if he showed up while Abhimanyu was occupied with this new distraction and maybe, just maybe, Nilgiri could be saved from witnessing the ritual between them two this one night and they could all actually manage to get some precious hours of sleep instead?

"Excuse ME? 

He heard the indignation in the girl's voice and expecting a scene coming on, moved a little distance away, the phone ringing into one ear while he covered the other firmly in his attempt to muffle the outside noise.

"And who would this 'me' be, " Abhimanyu replied, unperturbed, as he bent forward and before the girl could take a step back he flipped her ID higher and read off it, "Nikita Malhotra." She snatched it out of his hand and Abhimanyu continued before she could speak, "I would make a terrible example sweetheart, if I 'excused you'."

"I'm neither your sweetheart nor your ... " 

"Petty difference we can sort out... at dinner tomorrow maybe? For now, you're going to go get me a new coke."

"You wish, Mr. Nose-too-high-for-his-own-good!" she told him, her tone highlighting the sarcasm. And as she turned to walk away, he blocked her way, his built overbearing against her petite frame, and she raised an eye at him, making it evident she was not the one to be affected. 

"Not so soon Miss Needs-to-learn-her-etiquettes! No fucha on this campus passes onto the second semester without paying due regards to the bigs guys."

"For the last time I'm NOT a... "

"There you are Babe... " 

Both Abhimanyu and Nikita turned around at the sound of a third, who also stopped mid sentence, scrutinizing the scene presented. Abhimanyu almost sniggered at the owner of the voice, ended up with a low whistle which earned him a glare from Nikita, only to be ignored by him as he focused on the new attraction.

A boy no match physically, his appearance obsolete as if from the days of Shakespeare. Must be his costume, he mused in his mind giving him that one benefit of doubt. But past that, he was most amused at the irony of the pair- the girl was easily a sassy Delhite, the guy could have been a cute picture in his childhood given his sharp facial features especially that rare tinge of grey-green in his eyes; Abhi knew only one other person with an equally unusual pair of Indian eyes. 

But then, for all he knew they could be mere contacts; for now the boy needed some serious work out to build the male side to him. His dressing was immaculate, and yet... perhaps it was the stage make up which made his face look almost too smooth to have ever been shaved or his hair which seemed too slick from the gell or maybe it was just the absence of a real macho something. He would have still passed as decent from a distance, but up close it felt almost unfair that he would have a chick like her to show off. A yellow colored sling peeped from the pocket of his waist coat, and Abhimanyu knew an ID similar to the one the girl wore was attached to its other end; they were participants from another college. 

"So the lady has a lover! AH! What a heartbreak!" He said with a mocking act of regret. "Dude!" he exclaimed giving his shoulder a pat, which was apparently more forceful than the boy expected as it shook his steady footing for a second before he held himself back to it. Abhimanyu saw him give the girl, Nikita a side look, while she simply folded her arms across her chest, in a give-no-damn way. 

"Some boys it seems, have all the luck in the world," he shared in a supposed voice of conspiracy, not missing Nikita's range of disgusted expressions from the corner of his eye. How he wanted to laugh out loud, for now, he told himself, it would have to wait or half the fun would be lost. And he straightened himself like before. 

"So I was telling your 'babe' here," Abhi resumed and the boy looked back at him, with no display of being offended, "Its time for some action. The term has kept me busy so far and I reckon theres still a bunch of you fuchas I haven't had a chance to be acquainted with." He smiled in the way of a superior, and after a quiet moment of simply looking back at him, the boy spoke at last.

"Yes sir!" 

The voice, almost as if to not overshadow the appearance, was like that of boys from junior school. Beyond that it revealed nothing, except that, unexpectedly it was actually calm. 

Abhi smirked in approval, concealing his surprise for the boy to have agreed with such ease to what all three of them knew was a ridiculous act on his part. For neither were they from his college, nor, consequently, his junior first years or 'fuchas' in the Delhi slang. In that moment he almost forgot the beauty in white he was meant to score with. He would have passed it off as having intimidated the boy, given the situation, the comparison, and his obvious spot of disadvantage. But the boy, for all his peaceful acceptance of unreasonable demands was no part of gullible or submissive. In fact, Abhi concluded, it was impossible to read his mind. 

"Good!" he said in a tone which revealed none of his reservations, "So you wouldn't mind getting me a coke," he said, then taking a step towards Nikita he said, "Actually make that two for us. She spilled hers most unfortunately. Meanwhile I can get to know her better?" 

"Ignore him Rid... " Nikita started, only to be cut off by the boy.

"But of course!" While Abhi, this time did not bother with masking his surprise, Nikita narrowed her eyes in thought. The boy smiled, calm as his voice. "She will be delighted to know you better, wouldn't you be honey?" 

And the look which passed between them was not lost on Abhi, its intention however, remained mysterious. Before he could analyze further the boy turned back to him and said, 

"I'm such a huge fan of you, 'sir'..." 

The slightest of frown made appearance on Abhi's face as he mused over the added emphasis to the last word and the boy continued, in an unbelievably shy voice, with what, Abhi uneasily observed, was a definite blush creeping into his cheeks. Then to his shock the boy stuck out his arm towards him and said in a timid whisper, 

"Can I have your autograph, please?"

"What?" he managed to utter, at this turn of events. His eyes fell on wrist and the hand, slender and white, and much to his horror hairless. Unknowingly he took a step away from the guy, with a sudden creepy feeling. 

"Your autograph 'sir' ... " the boy repeated in an anxious voice. Then he smacked his hand on his forehead and Abhi wondered, grim, if it was his imagination or the whole body language of this boy was ... very... weird ... unmanly. 

"You need a pen of course, how dumb of me," he continued with a nervous little laugh, oblivious to Abhimanyu's obvious rising discomfort. 

The situation got no better, as he did find a marker in his pocket and extended his hand towards Abhi again, who this time, took a definite step back. He stared at the marker, and noticed that even the nails were manicured. Was he ... could he be ... gay? Abhi could think of no other explanation, and this particular one anything but appealed to him. 

Lifting his gaze back at the two of them he saw the girl had an expression of enjoying the scene, while the boy looked solemn. Snubbing himself to have faltered he changed his mind again.

"Forget it. It was just a prank." He said with a grazing smile, checking his caution to peep from beneath his easy going tone, "No hard feelings, eh?" he finished turning to Nikita. And while the smile now playing positively on her lips was like a loud alarm in his head, he shuddered at the cold touch on his arm, and the boy, with soulful eyes said,

"You mean... I can't have your autograph?" The crestfallen look on his face was so real, Abhi wished he could be any other place on the planet. It was getting... far too disgraceful, to be approached by guys who fancied him.

"Come on..." he said with a complete transformation in his tone, "I said the joke is over." Turning to Nikki he said hopefully, "So what college are you from?" 

Trying to play his cards with her along a completely different tangent, as, he kicked himself mentally, he should have to begin with; instead of trying to impose and impress with his position. Well, he thought almost miserably, he hadn't expected it to backfire 'this' particular way. 

"That depends on where you go for undergrad 'sir'?" She shot back in a sickly sweet voice, not forgetting the last emphasis, which had Abhi squirm inwardly. "Since we are all but your juniors, and can all but follow suit." She flashed him a sunny smile, he returned a watery one himself.

"IIT is it then," Atul said rejoining the group at this point. Despite his obvious treachery, Abhi was so relieved to have him back, he could have kissed him. Ewww, he thought, cringing at the very idea. "And you are?" Atul continued, looking at the boy. 

"My lover," Nikita chirped happily, sticking her tongue to the cheek. 

Atul in the quickest of inspection took in the most evident features of the boy's appearance. And raised both eyes in the 'oh-I-see' way, simultaneously risked mouthing a 'congrats' to Abhi at his mighty conquest, then without waiting for either of the sides to react, he went on,

"A nameless lover? How romantic! Like those Superman, Batman, Spiderman guys? Playing the enigmatic heros are we? So what's your costume when you save the world Mr. Superhero?"

"This is it." the boy said with an amiable grin at Atul. Who, still smiling, raised a brow in question. 

"What is what?" Abhi, despite himself, was not the man to observe silence, not even to save his own skin.

"My costume, to save damsels in distress," the boy responded casually, "and the name is Rom... "


"...eo..." the boy completed turning around at the call. They saw a girl with long beautiful brown curls walking towards them, also dressed in white, though distinctly less designer, and a similar yellow string wrapped around her wrist.

"The troupe wont go in to get the trophy without you Missy," she informed the boy, with hands on her hip. 


"Ridhima Gupta?" 

The boys shot both at once, the latter coming from Atul. Who repeated only with a change of tone after another second, "Ridhima Gupta!" and a smile much wider than before crept on his lips as if in comprehension and he shook his head slightly. Abhimanyu missed all of his reaction, baffled and awaiting some explanation. The whole escapade would go down as a nail in his coffin he had figured a while ago, a fact which robbed him of the potential to think.

"Oh!" Nikita exclaimed catching his attention as if in earnest apology for a blunder, batting her eye lids rapidly, "Did I forget to mention? My lover... Ridhima Gupta... " she said her grin becoming unbearably sly and victorious as she moved towards the boy and in one swift move tugged at her hair, "Is a girl... 'sir'..." !

He hollered into a fresh bout of laughter clutching his stomach, rolling into a ball then curling out to fall flat on his back upon the green softness of the grounds. 

"Ri-dhi-ma... ahahaha... Gu-pta..." he managed incoherently between the uncontrollable laughter, "MODI! AHAHAHAHA!" he shook his head wiping the tears off with back of his hand, "AAAH! I can't... stop... ahaha..." And he gasped for air then breaking into laughter again at the murderous look from Abhi, "I'm... going... to die!" he said trying hard to deep breathe and stop. 

"Tell me if you need help with THAT Maa-lick," Abhi shot back rolling his tongue at the end in a lewd note, while Armaan still attempting to stifle his laugh, raised a 'V' to call truce. 

"Alright..." he started, clearing his throat at last, "Alright, peace!" And pushing himself up partially, he plopped sideways upon his elbow, in a half lying posture, facing Abhi, flashing at him a wide dimpled smile painfully pleasurable. Then in a snap of a second a new straight look took over.

"Mr. Modi!" he exclaimed, in a professional sophistication contrasting his leisurely posture as he modeled his free hand to a feigned mike speaking into it, looking him in the eye like a zealous interviewer would, "We sympathize with what a blow it must be to have lost two potential dates," and he wore a grieving look momentarily wiping off his cocky smile as he cast his baritone into deep dramatics, "But behold you o mighty! Upon the sanctity of the brotherhood we share, tell us lesser mortals, which of the two did you think was hot? The one that way gay, or ..." Armaan paused pretending to look around in circumspection, then in a hushed whisper he completed, "The one who was ... erm... bi?" Sumit snorted in an attempt to not laugh as Abhi flexed his knuckles looking at him, in response to which he indicated to be zipped even as the grin refused to be wiped off. 

"The bi," Atul offered indifferently without looking up from the screen of his cell, as he jabbed away furiously to beat the last level of the game. 

"I reckon the gay would have been too much of a compromise, eh?" Armaan faked his understanding.


Sumit hi-fived Armaan at Abhi's thundering tone in the exclamation. Atul looked up finally, irritated, apparently at having lost the round. Then as if in revenge for the same he said, 

"Why don't you show them that expression Abhi, the one you wore when Romeo finally let lose his... eh... her... long, silky tresses?" 

Both Armaan and Sumit looked up at Abhi expectantly for the possibility of yet another exploit, while the latter threw a dirty look in Atul's direction, who merely shrugged before restarting the game.

"Shut the hell up will you now?" Abhi said in a deflated voice. 

"Although Armaan, I think the gay was kinda cute," Atul said off handedly after a thought.

"You mean the lover with an indeterminate gender?"

"I mean the cat eyed superhero in the Romeo guise," Atul explained the intricacies as if it was a complex differential equation. 

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?!" Armaan recited with a dignity that put his debauch teasers to shame. Abhi scowled, then got up abruptly.

"Where to?" Atul asked an inkling of interest flickering in his expression at last.

"Say dinner, I'm starving," Sumit chimed in before Abhi could reply, getting up himself. To this, Atul nodded his consent readily.

"I second," he said.

"Majority wins," Armaan mumbled his support, yawning as he stretched luxuriously, then extended his hand towards Abhi standing by his side. "Please," he said cheekily. Abhi rolled his eyes and gripping his hand had him up to his feet in one swift pull. 

"Thank you... 'sir'..." Armaan winked and moved himself safely out of Abhi's physically threatening radius. 

"MALIK! You son of a... "

"BEEP!" Armaan cut him off posing horror at being subjected to such obscenity. Then before Abhi could resort to means lower and more crass to get back he went on, "The grand opening of RDX tonight is an hour from now. Move your lazy bones unless you plan to be gobbling dinner in the middle of the dance floor." 

Abhi would have disputed if he could, grudgingly however, he had to agree there was a point. Sumit looked at Atul who was taking his own sweet time getting up as he frowned at the screen which was starting to glow with the dusk crawling in a darker shade of the night. 

"Its tonight Atul, in 60 cross 60 seconds, is it possible for you to transport yourself places in such harsh time constrains?"


He said dismissively, then got up anyways, and with a last look at it saved his game for until later. Food was a call he had no intention to miss. As if in consent, his stomach made a low growling sound which had them all laughing lightly, presently even the grouchy Abhimanyu. 

"Who's the DJ, Malik?" Atul asked.

"Its the new guy, the war of DJ's winner from last night. That was the prime, winning the RDX stage for tonight."

"Wow! That's what I call indigenous. Save cash on hiring a pro, and save cash on giving an actual prize to the winner." Atul mused, "What about the bucks from the sponsors?" 

Armaan whistled fiddling with his cell, and Abhi coughed suddenly, then cleared his throat; both Atul and Sumit looked from one to the other and back, then at each other.

"What?" Sumit asked finally.

"Modi suggested..."

"Malik suggested..." 

They both started simultaneously, then stopped. And grinned looking away.

"You guys didn't spend it on yourselves... ?" Atul asked with a strong warning in his tone. 

"NO!" They replied simultaneously again and this time they shared the look as if over a private joke. "We realized the Nilgiri mess needs improvisation, " Armaan started.

"And it seemed reasonable to ask for desert after dinner at least 5 days out of 7. Once a week is rather unfair," Abhi continued. "So we..." 

"Bribed them. How much was it?" Atul asked cutting him off.

"Enough to last the remainder of the term."

"No kidding!" Sumit quipped rubbing his hands in wishful glee.

"That's all you did with it?" Atul went on, not as easily convinced.

"Well..." Abhi said with a sheepish look at Armaan.

"So you did spend it on personal luxuries?" Atul stated more than asking.

"Champ!" Armaan said faking a hurt ego, "We got new gear for the IITD footers. The old studs were like rotten now, and the jerseys are worn out and... "

"STOP!" Atul said and Armaan did, running a tongue inside his mouth, looked away and pushed the unruly hair off his eyes. Abhi gave him the lightest nod of approval then quipped.

"So that winning DJ from the event last night..."

"Oh yeh, something Grewal is it?" Summit asked catching the cue. 

Atul was, for everything else, a dogmatist in his principles. Anything even seemingly off records never met his consent, and though he was in general the back stage spectator for things, when he held an opinion, no one could keep him from voicing it; it was always best then to quit the topic and move on. The only times of exception when he had agreed contrary to his own beliefs were those when Armaan reasoned things out with him. It was the way the four of them were. While Abhi and Armaan were undoubtedly thick as glue, Armaan and Atul had the unspoken understanding. When no one or nothing else could change things for one, the other would. However, that was the rule, this power was exerted most sparingly, only in times of absolute crisis, or of course it would, like everything over used, wear off its impact. And hence it remained, the rare side of their bonding to be witnessed. Abhi and Atul were the kind of buddies who grow into the comfort of a warm bonding when each has his closest friend in the same guy, for them it was Armaan. Sumit was the convenient peacemaker, stay out of trouble as far as he could part of the group. Of the entire gang, his goodwill was their best bet and had saved them several detentions from the hostel warden.

"Yeh, Rahul I think. Hes an Ex Stephanite." Abhi furnished the complete information.

"Impressive!" Atul said with a half shrug.

"It was his sister, on the LSR team tonight," Abhi went on, "The one we never got around to watching perform on stage." he completed with a nasty look in Armaan's direction who yawned again.  

"Don't be a whim Modi," he said, "If you can't find one girl to walk in with you into the RDX, I suggest you cut down on your monthly gym expense and start paying the mess bills in time." Abhi snarled at Armaan when Atul intervened.

"So its couple entry again?"

"Who cares? That's the whole point of volunteering, we enter whenever, wherever." Sumit said.

"Enter RDX without a date?" Armaan said incredulously. "Psst!" And brushed of the idea as improbable.

"You found a date?" Abhi asked him genuinely curious. Armaan grinned.

"I didn't," he replied easily and Abhi scoffed, "I'm still a step up. I didn't get rejected yet." 

"I did NOT get rejected. I never asked her out," he lied through his teeth, hoping Atul wouldn't remember any more details he had 'overheard'. Luckily for him, Sumit interrupted at this point.

"I don't care what you guys say. I'm not skipping RDX simply cause we found no dates."

"Sutte! You disappoint me!" Armaan said, his tone never leaving its easy drawl. "Anyways, talk for yourself. If you're suggesting I go dancing without a date, that upon my home ground, never! Armaan Malik has a reputation to think of..."

"Surprise surprise!" Abhi mocked, his tone wry. 

"Time out guys!" Atul announced with a finality. "Get some grub into yourselves before the bull fight ensues." 

And saying so he walked off towards the Chinese stall. The greasy noodles with a blend of green, red, black sauces and veggies chopped and mixed beyond distinction were being fried in oil which had been reused in circulation all day. The aroma was heavenly and irresistible. Armaan, Abhimanyu and Sumit followed him closely to grab themselves a paper plate each. 

"That was freaking crazy Ridzi, I can't believe you pulled off 'that' act." Muskaan said in an awe struck voice which stood a contradiction to her words of reproach. Nikki giggled.

"The woman is a pro. You had to watch her blush, if I didn't have the urge to box that jerk black and blue I would almost feel bad for him," 

She chirped away delighted to be sharing the details of the escapade they had returned victorious from. Tossing the bare stick of her candy floss into the dumpster they were passing by, she eyed the one in Muskaan's hand, more than half remaining; then with a deft move plucked a handful of it for herself before Muskaan realized and pulled it away.

"Heyyy!" she said making a face and looking at how much was gone. 

"I'm just sorry it ended too soon." Ridhima stated, blowing at the bang of hair falling over her eye, "If only you had given me a few more minutes Muski... " she let the sentence hang wishfully mid air as her eyes shone with mischief. Nikki chuckled keeping a side eye on Muskaan's candy floss for the right chance to grab some more.

"The second guy sounds a tad bit better," Anjali said biting into an apple. Ridhima shrugged making a face at the mouthful of the soiled remains of a samosa she had just consumed, and washed it down with a large sip of coke. "Its best where it ended Ridzi. What if he had been one of the demented psychos?" Anjali continued reasonably. 

"What do you mean by 'IF' he had been... he WAS a demented psycho Anj!" Nikki informed her with a conviction she expected to not be challenged. 

"I meant the desperate unsafe kind," Anjali persisted, but when Nikki threw her hands up into the air in response she rolled her eyes biting into the apple again.

"He wasn't," Ridhima replied, "I would have given him some credit for how reasonable he looked," she paused as Nikki shot her an incredulous look and added hastily, "Despite his bully act I mean... But when he said it was a prank and called it off I knew we could burn his ego on a pyre and walk out unscathed ourselves." she finished triumphantly. Anjali shook her head with a reluctant grin- if something became Ridhima Gupta's business she would see it to the very end; Nikki on her part gave her a 'see-you-were-over-reacting' look. 

"If we really plan to make appearance at RDX tonight I say we leave, unless of course, its next year's Rendezvous we were busy planing for." Muskaan reminded them. 

Despite the abrupt change of topic, it was a fairly regular remark to be coming from Muskaan, she was born with a set of two feet which had never managed to accomplish the simple task of remaining still. Dancing was her absolute passion, and without a doubt, her skill like everything else about her was a class of its own. The hint of impatience in her tone however, to Ridhima at least, still held a greater meaning. 

"Its an all nighter Muski," Nikki said casually.

"What fun will it be to have to fight for breathing space? Remember what the place looks like in under an hour of open house?" Anjali reasoned her usual way.

"We have the VIP passes Anj." Ridhima stated carefully observant of Muskaan's reaction to her words, "Bhai said that part has exclusive entry only." Then as if to nail the kill she added, "Right Muski?"


"You were with me when Bhai gave the passes, didn't he say that?" 

Of course Muskaan had been there, she had been in the common room with him earlier that day even before Ridhima had walked in herself, in a conversation which seemed rather engaging, and Ridhima had been surprised. The number of times those two had previously met, Ridhima could count off her fingers and they were, at the best cordial acquaintainces. She had further sensed the air sort of taut between the two of them, the kind which produced strong vibrations at the lightest of tugs.

Frankly, it could have still passed her unnoticed, but in her presence, Muskaan had been so quiet, and her brother had spoken of things completely irrelevant to the conversation they had. He did that, Ridhima had known from the years of growing up together, only when he was trying to cover his tracks up over something he would rather keep to himself; Muskaan and silence happened when there were things she didn't want to just blurt out. The co-existence of those two equally unusual circumstances had intrigued her.   

"Yeh... I was." she said now and Ridhima brought herself to focus upon what she had say. "But... I mean, its only fair if we go in time Ridzi. Its rather rude to go late when we know hes the performing DJ tonight, that after he arranged passes for all of us." Mentally, Ridhima applauded Muskaan's effort at having come clean so simply, if something was indeed brewing as she suspected. Before she could think or say anything, Nikki said,

"Ridzi and I are yet to change out of the costumes." To her eyes lingering upon Muskaan's face, the slight fall of expression at this was like a loud indication.

"Why don't Anj and you move along and we will join you in a bit?" she suggested, and smirked as Muskaan rose to the bait before she could undo it. 

"Yah!" she said and then hastily, especially noticing Ridhima's raised brow, she added, "No! No I meant, we... we'll wait for you both... of course." Ridhima had a hard time to keep her amusement to herself; speaking again she said,

"Nah! You guys go, we, Nikki and I, don't want to be cursed in your dreams to have wasted a single minute of the time you could spend on the dance floor with Bhai," Ridhima paused for effect on the pretext taking another sip of her coke before continuing, "Playing DJ." 

She saw the red gushing to Muskaan's cheeks at the suggestive statement, then the sigh of relief which escaped her involuntarily as Ridhima completed her sentence. It wasn't baseless, intuition told her and evidence supported, her doubts about Rahul and Muskaan. Something was definitely up. And she was going to find it out sooner than they were expecting her to, after all, wasn't that the whole point of being a younger sister and such a close friend?

"I can't believe we forgot to take the passes from them two," 

Nikki complained, as her call went unanswered for the nth time in the last 15 minutes. Ridhima looked at the long queue and the snail pace with which it was progressing ahead and sighed, irritated. To have had those damn VIP passes and still be standing in the regular line, that without any passes at all now, was annoying. And the costume- the whole Shakespearean look with the white ruffled blouse and waist coat et al was, despite the cool October evening, beginning to feel stuffy, with the swarming crowds and the post performance heat which wasn't completely dealt with by the 'freshening up'. It was all she could do to not be cringing at her own appearance. And yet, it had to be kept so, as Nikki had kept hers.

For in this line of commoners, the couple entry was a rule with no exceptions. Furthermore, she knew, as two girls they could gain 'favor entry' which would involve sweet talking the guys at the check point, which was the least favorite of her options. Their only hope, other than the miracle that Muskaan or Anjali might actually check their cell phones and see the countless missed calls, was for the 'Romeo' guise to save them a second time that evening. It was a plan for now, the only alternate possible, and they had to make it work.

As an after thought Ridhima rose taller up on her toes trying to look over the people still ahead of her in the line to the point where passes were being checked. And instantly, a bright beam from a flood light in a distance blinded her vision at that angle. Reflexively, falling back to her feet, she held up her hand as a shield to block it out and then on her toes again through half shut eyes she saw the profile of a guy. Who threw his head back and laughed, his hands stuffed into the front pockets of his semi baggy regular blue denims... a grey shirt loosely tucked with sleeves rolled high and a sleeveless black jacket. Inevitably, her frown of thought eased into a seeming smile, perhaps at the ease of his gesture, the delight of whatever had caused it, was infectious. 

The smile continued to tug on her lips, as she narrowed her eyes further in an unconscious effort to observe with greater attention. The laugh, within seconds subsided into a grin, and he high fived a guy she only just saw standing next to him, as he proceeded to pull him into a loose half hug. The second guy she realized was the one collecting the passes and letting the couples in. The guy she was meant to study in the minutes before the remaining handful of people ahead of them went through and it was their turn; to present some excuse Nikki and she would have to decide upon and narrate and gain 'unfair' admission. 

Instead, her eyes involuntarily went back to the first guy- he bent slightly, she saw, to say something to the second guy in his ear and they both broke into grins much wider than before. The second guy nodded and first guy seemed pleased with whatever had transpired between them; casually he ran a hand through his hair which, she noticed, in their untidy way of falling back nonetheless gave his overall well groomed appearance the appeal of a spirited boy. 

She saw him glance at his wrist next, and speak some more to the other guy, then as he turned around she caught a glimpse of his complete front view before he half turned the other way. And as he cupped his mouth she realized he was yelling out to someone in a distance; someone, as she followed his line of sight, who she could not identify in the crowd. When she looked back at him she saw him point to his watch and raise an open hand up high indicating, what she guessed was five minutes. She turned again to see who it was, but could not; instead she saw this guy say something to the guy next to him one last time before turning around to walk away. 

Ridhima, following him with her eyes till he was lost in the crowd, found a tiny thing inside her wishing he had stayed on; it would have been, she justified, only fair to have been allowed a closer look at him who had caught her eye so randomly. Another few minutes and it would be their chance to present the passes anyways. Thinking of which, she reminded herself, the absence of passes still had to be taken care of.



"Where are you lost? Did you think? How to get inside?" Nikki demanded, flustered, her hands on her hips. 

"Thinking... I'm... thinking," she answered not meeting her eye and raising herself to her toes again to observe the guy collecting passes, praying he would not be hard to talk into things. Bespectacled, dark, short... serious... and very South Indian... hmmm... 

"Modi my boy, what in the world could you be up to, hiding behind the crowds when all the action is..."

"Armaan!" Abhi interrupted and Armaan rasied a brow automatically. 'Armaan'? Something was up.

"Those two, they're here."


"Those Romeo Juliet girls..." he said meaningfully, and after a couple of seconds Armaan gave a slow nod of comprehension. They looked at him in question. Abhi turned him around holding his his shoulder and pointed. 

"See that girl in the white shimmery dress? Some ten to twelve people down the line? That's her, Juliet... erm Nikita... Malhotra... I think she was..." It took him several seconds, despite the precise pointing to locate the target. Target, he grinned at the thought.

"What?" Abhi asked curiously. Armaan grinned wider, and then broke out laughing. "Malik?" Abhi persisted, impatiently this time.

"The Romeo... erm... Ri-dhi-ma?" And he chuckled shaking his head.

"Seriously, the joke got stale a lifetime ago." Abhi told him making a face. "Find something new to tickle your humor Malik."

"Humor we'll save for Nilgiri. For now... " Armaan paused and looked back at Abhi in the eye, meaningfully, his grin curved in glee, "We just found our dates, yours and mine!"


(CHAP 2 - Pg 13)

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reserved :D


I dont even need to start with the usual, 'i loved it nj' thing, and not even with the crap lame excuses of 'you know why um late' and all...God knows i have been cursed enough in your no-cursing way already..*chuckles*...but yeaah, i am STILL gonna say it, i had a totally authentic reason for it, watever you say...:D....and i downloaded this whole new browser just so that i login to IF and comment here...but i think thats still less than you posting the part, making the effort of writing it and dedicating it to me, even though it was something 4 days late...nevertheless...*smiles sweetly*...*then rolls eyes*

BlaaahhH!! What am i going on about? I loved the update *cliche that :)* and more than i could have anticipated from the first part of the fic...i remember writing in the intro, i am not in love yet...i think i am now, a little...and the whole credit goes to the guy who always leads, no matter whoever you try to focus on more *chuckles*...Abhi, i an extent more than in the drama, i cant stand the character, he's a lot more better, as it always is with your chars, and i like him a tad bit more when he's with Armaan....their friendship reminds me of us somehow...its us bickering and taking digs at each other all the while, nto letting go anytime, and mommy is Atul...lmao...hahahahha..nahh, the four together, though Sutte isnt one i have come to think of much, are a riot...i had a feeling Rahul would be definitely replaced by Abhi in the 'best friend zone' of the fic...but i like Rahul better :D

Riddhima!! She's a punk, in the real meaning of the word...and she made me smile tons...i think there's something about girl-girl bonding thats most definitely irreplaceable by any girl-guy bonding...shes definitely the alpha female here...i dun even knw whether that's a real thing or not, but she is...mera Romeo!! :D...ahahaha...loved her tons...Nikki is well...u know my feelings for the real character, but she's tolerable here...anjie and muskaan yet to be discovered much...

Armaan!! Of course...the man of the very subtly let him be the main lead even when the whole convo and the whole scene was around Abhi and others...he's a crackhead, for sure, yet something abt him, is just so.....i dun knw....i think i like the most in the fic...the thing abt his and Atul's was close to something i have with one of my friends....its that unknown tie thats there, no matter what.. said before, loved it tons..more than i expected, and it cheered me up in a SUD...*lov* for that!!...but tu ne wahan aa ker roka jahan mere ko aggay parhna tha :S...chal ab jaldi update ker, without meri know, the latton ke bhoot, baaton se...blah blah *wink and grins*

lov ya tons dadda...chummmaaaaz for the part
tera bachha!! :D *going blue in the good sense*

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reserved... page 7 hinu!!!

yayyy for the 7 and boo for not posting  on the 6th

i'm so glad i left this part for a peaceful morning ....its so much better to read with the least possible distraction and also to save myself  from Hiba and pattu's glares on laughing out loud (i did read a couple of comments before the part and knew i was in for some some serious fun)...

nj,the part was lovable in every sense, i can't even begin to tell u how much i enjoyed  the part ...humor at its best and the characters u've pulled are simply awesome...
when bp asked me the other day if i read the part and said it was too good  to miss,i said i dont expect nothing less  and  was so right,had to be...
Abhi ,i know led the part but Armaan was definitely the one that took it away ... well mostly ....haha
the scene with the four was my absolute favorite for u know what reasons ,though i'm confused of whos who lol ...Atul ,i liked the insight on him and Sumit not sure how vital he is to the story,perhaps u have some planned twist for later ,its too early to predict and expect ...
I can sense how easy well may be not easy but how effortless this fic wud be to u, with most parts being such close narrations ....the entire Romeo scene was hilarious and had me grinning,i could definitely imagine the scene and your descriptions muah! just perfectly done....
Nikki,I'm not sure if i like enough(yet),...Muskaan i love already and her interest in Rahul makes it all the more interesting right from the very beginning and Rahul a DJ,although i couldn't think of him as that,i'm sure u'll make me see it very soon....Anjali hmm yeh still unknown but i'm sure she'll be as fun as the others ...Riddhima ,i can imagine the easiest and the punk in her has a very 'known' kinda effect ,i can see her turning into one of my favourite characters very soon if not already
more fun is what i'm looking forward to @ and before the RDX scene,thanks for the snippets they do help...
cool update LE ,want the next one very soon
and of course i'm sorry for being the last of the last :( , u probably had given up hope for an edit here and to be honest ,does it really .....? ok koi ni,tu bhadkegi mujpar mene kuch ni bolna ab
plz yar jaldi se i need an update here and on LNI


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reserved... *i cant say enough of how much i missed you, and what its like to be walking before that board again* muah nij... always!

*edit* pat on my back for being the first while LAST in the row to be updating this space! *tsk...tsk!*

i gotta come up with another synonym for kisses...i stole chumaaz from kiz and gifted it to hinz for good now...and muaah are in general for one and all....i so badly want something for my darling whose update i so dearly here goes nothing

now you're talking..and very my approval may i say missy (for now)...the nicest thingy about this part and the comings ones for this fiction for me is going to be the use of words to the contrast of the bonds and the flow of ease (like you mentioned and i long back while reading the part, thought and later agreed :D)
there is this environ..i simply adore..!! Its new..very much so...not just the writing but the data as well....nor have i gone to coll in india ...nor do i have nething to do with engineering...but ive certainly read and known otherwise from people tons about it...but you give it in such detail...its different..and nice!

i haven't come down to like abhimanyu yet...and reading "abhi" is no longer disturbing....and i only just slightly like him when hes with armaan...though abhimanyu was the one leading in this part..armaan still beat him hands down....ohhh i luv that char!!! ridz was in the play...atleast that was a guessed fact allrite..but her playin romeo..its belivable cuz! :D nikki seems the same as she in dmg ...yet has a head of her own and doesnt get dissolved under noones impressions...goodie! anj is still a mystery! :) muski..oooh i saw that cumin....but i like dt bahut sara jauhar! *smookkks* ...did i ever tell yah jigar was a DJ in ind...well professional only cuz hes passionate about it...juss telling yah!

armidz are still just figurines for me ...waiting in good see what you bring out of them in this one...
*winking at the grin that just broke on your face* Big smile

luvas for d upds...*hugs*


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Hey. Ok where do i start. It waz awesome. LOved it completley. Now u have to update really quick plzzzz. Thnks for the PM hun!!!!!

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