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Adolescence of Love - Chap15/Pg136 (11/29)

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Posted: 30 May 2009 at 1:33am | IP Logged

The stage was dark as a splash of black paint, the air of the open amphi was a rupture of applauding shrieks, waves of cheers broke following no trend. The crowd was undoubtedly electric, as was the ambiance created; it was inevitable.

"A love-struck Romeo... sings the streets a serenade..." A single voice sounded through the hi power amplifiers, the consequent surround sound was overwhelming and a hush fell over. "Laying everybody low... with a love song that he made... "

The melody flowed like a narrative being sung, each word evolved into its distinct note with no instruments to interfere.

"Finds a streetlight... " the first flash of a white spotlight hit a corner. The silhouette it shone upon was another black, the outline well defined. "Steps out of the shade... " The voice finally unmasked its person, a smart black hat went flying off the head from the tip of a finger to be lost into the silence of the front crowd.

"Says something like, 'You and me babe, how about it?'... "

The amorous emotion in the voice felt only natural, accompanied by a gesture to match it as a cape swirled and a bow of invite came with sheer elegance. The second spotlight revealed a beauty clad in a starlit white, which shimmered and sparkled under a similar bright, as the lady gasped and shied, then blushed. And all at once, the big displays around came to life, a guitar strummed, drum beats rolled and the keyboard tinkled through, the speakers surrounding the open air arena stage exploded into a medley of such variety, the
live audience erupted like a horde into cat calls and whistles, some screaming sore in support, others simply swayed by the evening it was.

"Juliet says, "Hey, it's Romeo, you nearly gave me a heart attack!"
He's underneath the window, she's singing, "Hey la, my boyfriend's back.
You shouldn't come around here singing up to people like that...
Anyway, what you gonna do about it?"..."

The lady in white was a beauty indeed, every air about her spoke of glamor and grace, of petty frivolities which cause major heartbreaks; every bit of her look was a 'Juliet' coming alive. The cat calls were a volume at par with the mechanically enhanced volume of the band. And the screen shifted focus from her to the 'Romeo' in black, every movement of those lips molded into the lyrics that followed.

"Juliet, the dice was loaded from the start
And I bet when you exploded into my heart
And I forget I forget the movie song.
When you gonna realize it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet?"

And as the whole stage finally shone under the multi-colored stage lights a whole dancing troupe came into view, the drama had only begun.

"Oi! Malik!"

Armaan turned a half circle around at the familiar call. His brow wrinkled in a searching look which finished in a smile as he shrugged making his way through the throngs, balancing the precious packets of pop corn he had procured after the life threatening situation of being suffocated to death.

"Dude! Where the hell have you been? Your side of the bet was buying pop corn, not growing corn in the fields waiting for it to reap before we can pop it for snacks."

"A perpetual insufferable mechanic, that's all you are Sumit. If that's humor, its caustic. And caustic, the bad way."

Armaan replied in no apparent hurry, handing the packets over, giving yet another fold to the steel gray sleeves leaving his arms bare up to elbows; as if in compensation he zipped half way up his chest the sleeveless jacket worn over the semi formal shirt. A tattoo peeked partially on one of the arms as he raised it to run a lazy hand through the unruly waft of hair, messing them a tad bit more.

"You can offer all your charming remedies once we get into the amphi, cause if we delay another second, Modi swears to not attend the 8 AM classes all of next week, the week after which are the internals, and if true to his claim he..."

Time to breathe!"

Armaan interrupted, and Sumit glared. It would take him forever to adjust with this particular tag. And well as Armaan knew him, he knew just when to use it, to remind him he was skinny like a cigarette, to irk him and shut him up. Of course, if he didn't use it for long, Sumit had every reason to worry about his friend's well being. Finally, Armaan looked satisfied with the folds of his sleeves, and with complete attention he asked.

"Alright, where are the guys?"

"Trying to be where they should be. Where the girls are." Armaan threw his head back and laughed.

"So its LSR next?"

"Its LSR on stage right now. And Modi is one unhappy man."

"I bet he is..." Armaan murmured shaking his head. Then throwing an arm around his friend he said, "Lets go before all there's left of him is smoke and ashes. I'd hate to play the philanthropist in relieving the world of his evil."

At this they both broke out laughing and walked ahead, the chat continuing, finding newer topics as they crossed interesting crowds on the way.

"The blasted fool! We sent him to fetch that loafer and now both of them are missing. WITH THE GOD DAMN ID'S."

"Relax man! I'm sure Sumit must have found him and they would be well on their way. Its not all their fault. Look at the crowd, its... "

"I WOULD look at the crowd, at least the part of it I should concern myself with, if those freaks show up. If I miss the LSR troupe on stage they've had it. And its already almost over."

"We're part of the organizers Abhimanyu. We can always get the DVD later."

"You don't understand do you? Its... its not the same. Can you watch a rose on TV and feel the fragrance?"

Atul kept quiet at that. Abhimanyu knew he had hit the point with his plant loving friend. It was not however, what he was dying to do that moment. With another impatient sigh he looked ahead for the sight of the two familiar faces.

Instead, his ears heard the crowd suddenly much louder than before, and then the voice of the MC. As both Atul and him turned their eyes towards the amphi which was some feet away behind them, they saw the high stage lights suddenly dark and the much dreaded announcement being made. With a sigh of annoyance this time, Abhi groaned. And cursed.

Atul watched him from the corner of his eye and rolled his eyes partly. Tonight would be yet another M-V-M night; Modi Vs Malik. There was no way, even in the hell after life, that the two of them could be best friends. However, they were. The kind who would lay their life for the other. Literally. Except, they were equally capable of taking each others lives over things as inconsequential as the morning tea.

"Where did those two go? The awards are going to be announced in another five minutes now."

"On a date Anjie! Where else would Romeo and Juliet go?!" Muskaan said, moving in half a dance step to take Anjali's hand and twirl her to and fro. Anjali smiled, rolling her eyes.


"So what! We're going to win, like we have all year round at every damn national fest."

"Precisely my point Muski. We will. And we have to go collect the trophy on stage." Muskaan blew at the curl which fell over her eye and smiled with a raised eye.

"Well tell them IIT guys, Rendezvous may be the best college fest in all of Northern India. But this LSR team is better than the best. They can wait for the winners!" Anjali looked like she would interrupt but Muskaan spoke before she could, "And we both know Anj, for girls, 'these' guys will wait."

And they both broke out giggling. Of course they would. IIT-D could be among the country's best Engineering colleges. Well ranked no less world wide for that matter. But it was that. Engineering, the girl-lacking field of study. And then, it was 'the IIT', girls, everyone knew, were the rarest of all living species on this one campus. In a spot of such importance, what better than to exploit exactly the privileged.


alright everyone! here I am... with the new AR fic as I claimed not very long ago you have to agree :) well, as AR as my AR fics ever get :D you all should know what i mean, i can never ignore the satellites when i focus on the planets (lame! i know, one of my geek buddies from college used to say this, remembering so much of that writing all of this :D)

the concept will explain itself better with the parts further on. For now, IIT-D is Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, LSR is Lady Shri Ram, both colleges in Delhi, in my opinion very well known for their own best! LSR is all girls, IIT-D for most purposes is all boys (kidding! of course its co-educational, but engineering in general, as i said, is very boys dominated and IIT's are the hilt of that case... )

Many parts of this fic, none of which by the way is planned, I have no story line in mind nor any plans for what i want to do with it, but I know a lot here will be as real as it could get for me, to the extent of having been there done that... undergrad, engineering, fests... the extra-currics... and alot alot alot more... ive been meaning to get to something like it, after one of my best buddies from that time had a chat with me sometime around christmas last year... we sat talking for 3 hours, and i had decided then something this sort would come... that it comes so many months later, is well... only its best time to have come i reckon !!!

for some more clarifications, Romeo and Juliet is a famous track, first sung by Dire Straits, and later by groups like The Killers. Here's the link for all of you, for the original by DS. (i recommend you hear the song, at least once :)

this is not the original video though, just fan made. .. the song is one of my personal favs cause we employed it one of the street plays, back in high school :D it always reminds me of the same :)

other than that, The Rendezvous, is the annual IIT-D fest, held usually in the months which herald the annual winter season, oct end-nov beginning. It is, as I stated, the biggest college fest of northern india till date, has been for a considerable time! most things i will mention in terms of locations/events and the likes will be real, if they are otheriwse, I wil but of course mention ...

and that now, has become a long speech. I put the point to rest. Looking forward to a response as warm as i always receive from all my readers, for this new fic. Of course, nothing i should ever promise as being just a short fic, i can never manage that... and for one where i have no idea of a track, i dont place any such dubious claims! just, looking forward to another wonderful writing experience on the forum!

love you all!

nj :)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

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reserved :)

*edit*    i tried to keep up...but the bit took forever :P

to start with....i DON'T like the title at all..simply cause it doesnt give me the feeling or the head start of the read being a get me? Confused

yes...i read your ps before the intro..and that was bad timing...i think i forgot unintentionally but somewhere due to the note where you said it was all a bit of your undergrad...!!umm...ovb i don't have anything against it...but i think i like no love the idea of you writing a fiction thats mostly new to you and you make it grow from seeds and not pull it outta ashes :D (hey i like that sound..think ill use it in sum verse sumtime) get me? Ermm

its DMG as i read it now n hoila.thats a step back for atleast.cuz i know you write good and i havent read complete package from you before but i am not up for it..cuz you rite AR very get me? Stern Smile

as i mentioned earlier..the ps...the whole explanation of "engineering" i want to read it? no! but will i read it..YES! i don't like the feeling of reading about that stuff in a fiction...a one-on-one chat is more like my thing for it...cuz even though u do wag your tail to keep the reality in check its still a new world.....raw and unexperienced...the stuff innit is not my concern but the storyline and base....hmm get me? Ouch

finally to the real deal....its the intro...and ovb you got me in these smilies you know i cant possibly fall in love with the fiction...already..common now dt cant be true for nobody but karan in love with shradz Coolbut...i liked the intro "SO" much
Approve ...keepin aside your note....its fresh and new..and includes new known people in new addition to a basic criteria of how you want the chars to be hanging out as....i d likes that! Wink ...the kiz said is different and i noticed as well...well ill get used to it ...the unsure-of-the fic-but-will-cum-arnd-it as hinz commented...i agree as well...!!

i am in for a new journey...i am open and ready to take in newer things...keeping sum with me and lettin the others behind....i am all set and go...!!

gracias for the new remind me of your plans..of becoming something that you're constantly working at...through this...Smile

you-better-know-who Blushing

Oi!..the bindas malik..the MVM...LOL

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chal ye le my comments

hanji lol
well,first of all a big hug and thank u very much jee that u posted the intro after the dry updateless patch...
i feel relieved and refreshed to be reading your work  again
and nj,i had a feeling u'd be doing something around college/uni ,and about physics/eng  hehe  u cudn't stay away from it for  too long ....ok anyways so that wasn't much of a surprise...

hmm the title,honestly  i'm not sure if i like it,i mean i like adolescence but not with love or i dont know what but it didnt sound like a very 'nj' type title but then i thot of the time when me and nij weren't  too sure abt unleashing ,i'll probably like it later like i did before  :)

and the intro ,i'm so  looking forward to lots of college fun,new friends, fall outs,break ups and make ups ,all that masti i'm hoping u bring and i'm sure u will...i dont know how and where  AR will fit in the story but i'm prepared to give their romance a back seat (if that is what u're planning )and read more of the relationships we bulid around that time and how they carry ahead in our lives....

so me definitely liked the intro ,will start loving the fic as  well soon that is if u promise regular updates bache,now get updating like u did around newtons time

315 always

edit 2: damn i read bp ka comment and haha she said all i wanted to...
:D :D :D

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reserved :D<br>

okkaaay back with this, and its too early i think, for my standards...anyways...yeah, this was, as i said, unexpected and a surprise...cuz i WAS expecting another one from you...and i remember you telling me u'd start on the new one when i was supposed to be on the 'one month prep leave' which, however, never happened for me...and just the other day hina di was like, pata nee kab shuru keregi...but yeah, anyways...back to the story...

I liked it. Like, really liked it. Its a far cry from unleashing, of course. I remember even it's intro making me go all like, huh? is this nj's? After newtons, it was a big change and then after unleashing, THIS is a big change. You knw what unleashing is to me, so yeah...this seems to be a somewhat lighter fic as compared....but that duznt mean um not looking forward to it. I am, definitely, though not in love yet :P....I am still intrigued to knw who the Juliet was...and i also remember the 'crap'comment u made abt RJ when i told u i was reading it...:D

Aaaah, engineering. Why didnt i guess, this is gonna be a little tiny part somewhere? Your love of physics, somewhere has to come in, Allah ka shukar Unleashing was spared :D...but yeah, i am really looking forward to this one NJ...cuz it's new and's too early to say i am rolling in love and drowning in it...but i will, surely, too soon, as it always happens with your BETTER be AR, i dun want much of your satellites better make up for the lack of it in unleashing *giggles shamelessly*....the intro was, well, yeah, interesting...and intriguing...and makes me want to read more asap and know where u will take this...

Khaiiirrr....dont need to wish ya the 'best of luck' for this one dadda, cuz i knw you are gonna give me the best...haha...but yeah, rock on as you always do....and i want the updates faster this time. Seriously. *dont live the characters too much this time * hahahaha...

loads of lov and more...needless to say, as always....

p.s. i dont like the name VERY much, honestly speaking...its just...nice. :P

huggies and you-know-what :D

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jia.. IF-Rockerz

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Reserved~ :D

Prasanthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 May 2009 at 1:48am | IP Logged
OMG!!! someone is back to action yayyyyyyyyy!!!
Did I ever say that I missed you loadsssss....NJ!!!!
Ahaan... Rendezvous... engineering flashbacks....Day Dreaming wow.. girlie... all seem to be so real to me now...start with Boys Vs. Girls track.. quite interesting.... as always and will be always I am all in for this one too now... agla part kab aayega hun!! hehehe....Big smile

Edited by Prasanthi - 30 May 2009 at 2:07am
Robin_M IF-Rockerz

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YAY your back :D

ohh i am soooo thrilled that your starting another one nj! u said u would do another one, but i was expecting u to take ages to get to it! lol this is a very plesant surprise :)
i have no idea what the story is going to be lol not much hints were given in this intro...but its definately caught my interest!
and u say u dont have anything really planned either? well this is going to be a fun experience im sure!
i dont know anything about institues in Delhi, but it sounds like u do! did u study at one of these places or in Delhi?
the romeo and juliet opening was really cool, was listening to that song while reading it!
im really looking forward to them first part! do continue soon!

Edited by Robin_M - 30 May 2009 at 5:10pm
artizia IF-Dazzler

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im all in NJ

no wonder i was tempted to it Wink

with most of the ff's related to either medicine or bussiness , my love for engineering popped up  here LOL

first when u mention MVM it took me a while to register its Modi Vs Mallik ... all that was going on my mind was MNM - the wrestling group LOLLOLLOL from RAW i believe or was it smackdown , dont remember exactly Wink

and then i can so understand how important girls feel LOL
i have the among the few girls in my enginering program ..well to say we are only 3 girls  in a class of say around 80 guys WinkWinkWink

well wrtten once again

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