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~Armaan~#3~AR-FF-Pt31 to Epilogue Pg108 (25/01/10) (Page 4)

kashishk IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey guys, thanks everyone for the congratulationsBig smile.
Part 30 on page 1

(Maya looked down, she was really feeling humiliated,insulted but that wasn't all she was feeling ashamed of herself. She can't believe what she tried to do, she let her friend down, Nikki didn't wanted to be her friend anymore. Who will want to be a friend, knowing that she stabbed on the back of her friend, she tried to kill her friend in her madness.)

(As Maya heard, Ridhima stopping Anjali, she wasn't able to believe the girl she tried to kill, is saving her from insults. But Maya knew she deserved all this, even more. What she has done with Ridhima wasn't acceptable or even forgettable, she knew all of it. )

(Anjali placed her hand gently on Ridhima's face.)

Anjali(softly):Ridhima you are very nave this kind of people didn't deserved to be respect (to Maya) see maya. You tried to kill Ridhima and she is trying to save you from being insulted.

(Maya was feeling even more guilty, she was hating herself. She has stepped so low, that she had never thought and this was the instant which made her realize her fault. But she knew, it was too late and she was ready to have all the punishment they want to give her.)

(In no time, Angad and other boys reached at Gupta mansion. And everybody were giving Maya disgusting glare. At this moment she truly wanted to do what Armaan told her a bit ago, she wanted to bury herself.)

(Tears started streaming down, she was feeling vulnerable. Her one fault led her here, she is alone. And in that, it was all her fault and not someone elses. She became so selfish that she didn't cared for anybody but herself.)

(Angad was feeling like slapping this girl, he can't believe she tried to kill his little sister. But he stopped as he saw that she was being insulted and this was more than slapping.)

(Armaan was really angry, he took out his mobile phone)

Armaan:hello, It's Armaan Mallik

Voice:Oh Mr mallik, I am sorry for what happened with you.

Armaan:Inspector, Ridhima is alive and we found the person who attempted to do that

(the inspector was shocked, not only to know that Ridhima is saved but to know that it was all planned.)

Inspector:we are coming

(Armaan hung up the phone and turned back to Maya.)

Armaan:Maya whatever, you have done, you are going to pay. They weren't faults, what you done was sins.

(He looked at Ridhima and went to her. He hugged her tightly, he so thank god that he reached on the time otherwise she will be not with him now.)

(Ridhima hugged him back to reassure him, she is there. But that wasn't the only reason, she was also reassuring herself that he is with her, and he will always protect her. And it made her felt secure.)

Armaan:Muski, can you bring some water please


(Muskaan went and came back with the glass of water. Ridhima and Armaan broke from the hug then Armaan took the glass.)

Armaan:Thank you

Muskaan:your welcome

(Armaan made Ridhima drank the water. He knew what she must was going through. Ridhima drank the water quietly and when she finished driking it she passed the glass to Muskaan and hugged Armaan tightly. She was afraid to loose him.)

(Armaan patter her back to calm.)

Armaan(softly):Ridhima,everything is ok, I will be always ther with you

(he kissed on her hair. His words for so comforting for her, it calm her down.)

(All the guest and the family member were admiring them. When the girls saw Armaan in Ridhima's room they were all ready to scold him but now they want to thanks him to save ridhima.)

(Maya looked at Armaan and Ridhima and she knew to whom she was joking, she was near to Ridhima.)

Maya(thought:they really are mean to be each other, and even if god are with them then who am I too broke them apart.)

(The police came after a while and arrest Maya and she without any struggle get herself arrested.Then she was taken to the police station.)

Atul:Guys, now as the devil has left can we move back to the s.

(Atul tried to change the atmoshper as he didn't wanted her sister's one of special days to be the worst.)

Rahul:Han yaro, ab jab hum yahan aa hi gaye hain, to dhol shol bajayo goreyo

(Everybody smiled on them.)

Padma:Armaan, tum Ridhima ko zara upar le jayo

(Armaan nodded and took Ridhima in her room. He made her sat on the bed and bent down in his knees in front of her. He looked into her eyes and she too looked back. They both can saw the fear to loose each other.)

(The silence was speaking volumes. Armaan pushed the strand of her hair behing her ear and he traced her lips. Ridhima moaned and in that second forgot everything, it was only she and Armaan.)

(She was losing herself to the man she loves the most. Ridhima closed her eyes, Armaan was testing her patience by doing that, her lips were parted.)


(Armaan knew very well, what she meant by please so he obey. He places his lips on hers, he savours her lips. Ridhima took her hand to his hairs and ruffled them, which made him more and more passionate. He gently slipped his tongue in her mouth. As their tongue touched they both moaned. Armaan explored every inch of her mouth.)

(He was going to move toward her neck but stopped as he heard someone coughing.)

voice:ahem ahem

(Ridhima opened her eyes and Armaan quickly stood up then both looked at the person.)

Anjali:Jiju mom told you to take Ridhima in the room and not for 'ahem ahem'

(They both were embarrased to get caught in this situation. Anjali was glad to see Armaan and Ridhima were back to their normal self.)

Anjali:now jiju go down, I will take your princess down in few minutes.

(Armaan smiled widely listening 'your princess' and Ridhima blushed listening the same word. As it meant, she was going to be all Armaan's and Armaan was going to be all hers.)

(Armaan sulked as he didn't wanted to leave but he knew if he said anything his sali was going to have a good time to pull her leg. So he looked at Ridhima lovingly and left.)

(Anjali started setting Ridhima's make-up and jewellery. Muskaan, Nikki and Kripa too joined them. They tried their best to not mention Maya. Even though, Nikki was feeling low, she truly can't believe Maya did this but she did her best to appear happy.)

(Ridhima was all ready, they took her down. Armaan was mesmerized again by seeing her, his angel. He fall in love with her all over again. He kept his gaze on her. Ridhima blushed as she knew Armaan is looking at her with all the passion in this world, but she wasn't able too look at him as she knew she will lost herself.)

(Girls took Ridhima in a side and Armaan in the other side. They were close yet so far. They looked at each other; they so wanted to be with each other.)

(The fear which was present in both of their eyes has dissapeared and now their eyes contains love and only pure love for each other.)

(A menhdi designer (MD) came and sat next to Ridhima. She started doing the mendhi)

MD:Kiska naam likhna hai

Ridhima:Armaan and write all the word scattered

(The girl smiled and proceed with mehndi. Ridhima looked at the mehndi and found the Armaan's name's all letter and smirk mischieouviouly.)

Ridhima(thought:Mr Armaan Mallik you are going to have a hard time tomorrow at your wedding night.)

(She started blushing at the thought of their wedding night.)

(Armaan who was sitting in front of Ridhima was seeing every move of Ridhima. He noticed the smile of Ridhima, he knew she was upto something, but what. And then he smiled seeing her slightly blushing and smiling.)

(Muskaan stood up, bored with the arounding.)

Muskaan:oye aise hi baithe rehna hai kiya?

(Anjamine joined Muskaan.)

Anjali:han yeh ladke to bohot keh rahe the 'ab to ladke aagaye hein, dhol shol bajayo goreyo'

(Anjali mimicked Rahul. Rahul came in for his defense.)

Rahul:Aisai baat kar rehi ho jaisai apne koi tir mar liya ho?

Muskaan:oye agar abhit ak nahi mara to ab mar deinghe

(She winked at Rahul. She took Anjali and Kripa's hand, to which angad said.)

Angad:Hey Muski, please, don't take her, she is pregnant yaar

(Before Muskaan could speak anything. Kripa said by herself.)

Kripa(angrily):I am merely two month pregnant and I am going to dance

(She stomped her foot and dragged Muskaan and anjali on the floor. Leaving all surprised and Angad shocked. He was left beliwiered with Kripa's behavious as she never has done like this. Padma smiled as she knew why kripa had done like this so she went to Angad and patted his shoulder.)

(Angad looked at Padma with his mouth still open which made padma chuckled and angad frowned.)

Padma:Angad beta, don't worry it's ok, aisa hota hai pregnancy mein, pregnant women have mood swings.

(That was the moment when Angad realized that it was all due to her pregnancy and he slightly smiled.)


(Kripa, Anjali and Muskaan are now in the middle of the dance floor. Kripa suddenly felt bad remembering her behaviour with Angad. As she looked at him, she saw him shocked. She really felt bad, she has never spoken to him like this. Kripa looked at Anjali and Muskaan.)

Kripa:Muski and Anji, you guys carry on.

(Anjali and Muskaan looked at each other and winked.)

Muskaan(teasingly):Kyon abhi se hubby ki yaad aa rahi hai kiya?

(Muskaan and Anjali hi-fived. Kripa blushed and went to Angad, leaving the girls behing to laugh. Angad was by now, normally as Padma told him the reason of Kripa's sudden behavior. His back was facing her.)


(Angad turned and looked at Kripa, she was looking down. He knew, she was feeling bad.)

Angad:Kiya huwa princess

Kripa:I am sorry, I don't why I said all this, you was only being worried for me and I was angry on you.

(Angad smiled, she was looking so cute, like a baby. He hugged her.)

Angad:It's ok baby. Just don't do like this next time. It hurts.

(He kissed on her hair. Kripa nodded.)

Kripa:I promise

(Kripa was really liking the warmth of his embrace. It feels so great being in Angad's arm. She kissed on his cheek.)

Kripa:I love you

(Angad kissed on her forehead.)

Angad(smiled):I love you too

(Then Kripa made her way to Ridhima and Angad to Armaan. On the other side Anjali and Muskaan was already to start the fun.)

Hey guys,
I know, I know after a wait of two weeks and a bad part like this. I am really sorry.
I didn't get the time to correct my fault, so please bear with me.
And please do leave your comments as they help me to improve and encourage me to write more. Your comment really mean a lot to me, so even a word but do commentBig smile.
I have read all the comments and truly I loved them, I will surely reply to all the comments as soon as my exams are finished.
I will PM as soon as I can.
One more thing, sorry to all the friends to whom I said I'll update Wednesday but I truly didn't got time, so I am really sorry.

PS: Due to exams, I won't be able to update till 28 June.
PS 2:If Anybody wants me to add them in the PM list, please do PM meBig smile.

Luv u all<333

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hey dearSmile

                really a very nice part.........Heart
           Heart All    The     Best    For   Ur    ExamsHeart

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That was a gawjus prt ..!!!

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awwwwwwww kashi i loved it yaar

awwwwwwwww the ahem ahem bit has to be my fav hehe can't wait for their suhag raat hehe
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i hope Armaan doesn't waste all his time in the suhag raat finding his name!
lolz! great part Kashish good luck with your exams!
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Hey Kashish,
amazind part really nice,
28 June ooh my yaar i hope 28 June comes soon,
because i can't wait for the next part,
i love it all the scenes but AR scene was the best one,
all the best for your exams.
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wooow grt part plss continue sooon
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heyy  congrats on the third thread and second that was an awesome part maya got what she deserved casue she tryed to kil ridhzi and she shud have got hanged for trying to murder ridhzi and please pm me when u update again thanx

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