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~Armaan~#3~AR-FF-Pt31 to Epilogue Pg108 (25/01/10)

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Hey guys,
I really can't believe, I am starting a the third thread.
Thanks a lot guys without you I would have never reached there.
I love you guys and I have made a siggie for you(I hope you will like itBig smile):

Thnx guys and keep giving me ur love and support.


THREAD 1 (part1-20) (link)

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A girl is in her room, doing her homework,she is doing medical studies, there is whole one year left to finish her studies, her classes start a week ago, she is preparing for an exams, her look:she is very simple, she is fair, perfect tall, she always wear salwar kameez whereas in her college every girl is trendy, they wore skirt, full make up.... but she was completely the opposite and she is 20 years old. She has one step-older sister Anjali,3 months older than ridzy, she is also doing  medical studies, angie has done her studies in london and for her too there is one year left, actually ridz isn't shashank's own daughter,shashank's wife's name padma, she is shashank's sister's unwanted daughter, that shashank adopted but padma hate ridhima, but angie loves her too much and shashank too

Her father comes to her

dad:ridhima mein tumse baat karna chahta houn

ridz:yes dad

dad:ridhima tumhare liye ek rishta aaya hai, mein chahta houn ke tum us ladke se milo, aaj sham ko woh hamare ghar aa rahe hain

ridzi:ok papa jaise aap ki marzi

in the evening

(the boy's family had come, they r sitting in the hall)

boy's mom:ridhima kahan hai?

pad:woh bas aati hogi

(in the room)

ang:yaar ridzi tu bhi kabhi fashion kiya kar na, yeh kiya aise hi old fashion aurton ki tarah rehti,

rid(nervous):di aap bohot bolte ho

ang:tu nervous hai?


ang:yaar nervous hone ki kiya baat hai, just go down and attack, ab chal warna mom tumhe phir se aaj bhi ghussa hongi

(anjali takes ridhima in the hall, boy's parent are happy to see ridhima, ridzi noticed that the boy isn't there, y then a boy enter, he is behind ridhima)

boy:sorry woh call aa gaya tha

(ridzi turns and are shocked it's armaan, he is 20, 6 months older than ridzi, he is a flirty boy, who had everytime at least ten girls around Him, she is shocked,actually she had crush on him, they were and are in same class,  ammi looked at her, she is wearing a blue salwar kameez, and ammi is wearing jean and black t-shirt of which two top button are opens)

ammi(thinking:maine isse kahin dekha hai)

shashank:ao armaan, yeh meri beti hai ridhima, aur ridhima yeh armaan

armaan(he offer his hand to ridzi):hi

ridhima:hi (she shakes her hand, she feel something strange so she quickly takes her hand back)

Armaan feels someting awkward, when she takes her hand back

shashank:ridhima beti armaan ko apna room dikha do

Ridz nods and takes him to her room

ammi:nice room, hey by the way I was wondering if I see u somewhere before?

ridzi:we r in same class

(then armaan remembers)

ammi:oh ridhima, who topped every year, sorry

ridzi(feels bad):it's ok

ammi:tell me something about u, did u have any boyfriend?


ammi(thinking:i shouldn't ask this as i knew it, just from her looks) u will not ask me that question?

rizi:did u have any girlfriend

(armaan goes closer to her, ridzi feel something, armaan too)


ridz :abhi bhi ?

ammi:abhi koi bhi nahi


ammi:hey i just want to tell u that i am not interested in marriage, commitment... my parents told me so i come there, u r a nice girl, but i need time

ridz:it's ok (well I am not also prepared my parents tell me today morning, short notice, (but she didn't tell him))


armaan:(think:I was going to say her no so what happened that i say that i need time) ridhima I want to say by I need time that...that...n(Why my mouth didn't support me why i just can say simply no, i don't need time as i don't want she is not my type but I can't say it) mein keh raha houn ke I can't think of all that before i complete my studies and get settled in my life

ridz(grow her eyes and stared at his eyes, his beautiful charming eyes,think:seeing his eyes evey girl could melt and hug him or simply kiss him, OMG what am i thinking am i mad, he is just a flirt)

armaan(think:why is she is staring at me like that):kiya huwa?

ridz(moves her eyes from him eyes) nahi kuch nahi actually u r right, even i can't think of that before i get settled (think:what r u saying? (her brains say her: no he is a flirt just don't talk to her, her heart says:how cute he is, I want to be with him all my life)

ammi:anyways, friend?

(he offers his hand)

ridz(think:(again battle between heart and brain, and as usual ridzi's heart win))(they shake hands)friends

(angie comes in)

ang:hey ridzi, agar introduction ho gaya to neeche aa jao

ridz:yes di (toward ammi) chalein?

ammi:ya of course

(they go down , ammi sits next to his parents, and ridzi next to angie (they r facing each other))

Angie(whisper to ridz):kaisa laga?

ridzi:thik hai

angie:mean yes

ridzi:no di (angie looked at her surprised) I mean to say I want time and he also want time


ammi:mein aap sab ko kuch batana chahta houn

(armaan is looking down,ridzi looked at armaan, armaan rises his head up and saw ridhima gazing at her. ridhima suddenly stop gazing at him, he smile)

ammi:mein yeh kehna chahta houn ke i need time, mein pehle kuch banana chahto houn phir shaadi ke baarein mein kuch sochoun gha,

shashank:armaan i am glad to hear that u want to become somthing before marrying,I am, we r proud of you

ammi(smile):thnx uncle to understand me

shashank:it's really ok no need to say thnx

ammi(thinks:I said that i need time whereas I wasn't supposed to say that and do friendship with ridhima, she is just not my type of girl, at least time mangne se yeh baat kuch arse tak to tal gayi)

ammi's dad:I think ab humein chalna chahiye

sh:arre aisai kaise, khana khaye begher hum aap ko nahi jaane de sakte

ammi's dad:ok

(they goes the the dining table, they eat)

ammi's dad:arre wah bhabhi, khana bohot bhariya hai

sh:aaj khana ridzi ne banaya hai

ammi's dad:just to good ridhima beti

(ridzi blush, ammi stared at her)

ammi(think:should i tell her something for her food;his brain says:no, his heart says:yes and he listen his brain as usual so no, otherwise he loves the food)

(after eating)

ammi's dad:ab humein chalna chahiye bohot time ho gaya hai,

(they leaves, ridzi goes to her room, her mom's come)

pad:ridhima woh kaisai han karta, u r just not his type of girl, woh tujhse shaadi karne ki baat soch bhi nahi sakta, never in his dream

(her mom leaves)

ridz(tears in her eyes):why she always does like that with me, she knows it well that today it was a special and i was happy,(wipe her tears, normally) anyways what mom told is right but why whenever he sees me,he a smile on his face, maybe he was flirting with me too (think: hey would i react tomorrow, i mean the situation i changed, armaan is the guy whose parents comes to my parents to ask my hands, itna maat soch kal ki kal dekhi jaye ghi)


(ridzi gets ready, as usual in salwar kameez (pink), she is excited, she sees angie on the table,ridzi sits next to her)

ridz;di aap kahin jaa rehi hain?

ang:yes I joined ur college, as i don't want to go back in london to complete my studies, it's so boring there i mean i miss u a lot

ridzy(happy):oh my god, di , I am so happy, congrats

(she hugs angiie, angie hugs her back)

angie:thnx, ab jaldi breakfast karle

(ridzi nods, they do their breakfast and goes to the college)


angie:tu chal ke mera gate ke pass intezar kar mein abhi aayi car park karke aayi

rid:ok di

(ridzi goes toward the gate, she sees ammi flirting with a girl)

ammi:hey sweety, I love you so much, I just can't leave without u

girl:really armaan

(ridzi hits her head with her hand and turns her head as she feels bad to, some tears in her eyes but she control herself, to not cry)

angie:chalein ridzi

ridzi nods, they enter


ridzi nods, they enters. Armaan saw them

ammi:hey naina u just go to class i'll join u in a minute

naina:ok, come soon

(naina leaves)

ammi:hi ridhima


(they shake hands)

arm:hi......(looking toward angie and sapna)

anjali:I am Anjali, ridhima ki behen and yeh hai Sapna, hamari friend

ammi:actually, i knew it that u r her sister but we didn't met properly so sorry, by the way nice to meet you anjali and Sapna,If u want can we be friend? (he held out his hand and make a cute face that nobody could say no)

ang-sap:of course

(they shake hands one by one, everybody smile)

ang:I think we should go to the class if we stay here talking like this we'll get late and moreover it's my first day

arm:Angie, u don't mind if I call u angie

ang:no not at all

ammi:so angie, congrats and all the best as it's ur first day and yes we should go to the class, (they start walking toward the classroom) are we in the same class?


sap:angie mujhe library se book leni hai so can u come with me? (ridzi is busy with ammi)

ang:ok, hey guys we'll catch u in the class

(ridzy nodz, ang and sap leaves to the library)

ammi(confused):but ridhima i thought ange is older than u ?

rid:yes she is older than me but only by three months

ammi(more confused):how's that possible?

rid:we r step sister, I mean I am adopted actually angie dad are my mamoo, u know my mom's bro, but...

ammi:it's ok ridhima and I promise I'll never talk about this topic (as he sees her eyes get moist)

ridz:no it's ok, ok now we should hurry up to go to the class


(they go to the classroom, and they saw it's almost full there isn't no place near angie and sapna, there is some seat free next to the cheap guys of the class)

ammi:ridhima come sit next to me


(they goes and sit next to each other, they feel comfortable)

armman:(thinking:why i asked her to sit next to me? there are few seats free, but they r bad and cheap guys, hey ammi why do u care if theyr cheap or they r ugly)

rid(thinking:why i feel so comfortable with him, I never feel like that with someone else, I know he is a flirt but maybe he is too nice, kind, that's why I feel secure with him

(the classes get over, mean lunch time, they goes to the canteen)

ammi:it was good todays classes, no?

sap:Yes, I really enjoy and I met a guy too

rid:what's his name?


ang:is he hot?

sap nods and blush


ammi:hey gurls what happened? What's this "hooooo" for?

rid:u want understand, it's girls matter

ammi:woh to hoga hi na teen madkiyin ke beech mein main akela ladka, ab to mujhe daar lag raha (he close his shirt button as really he is scared by the girls)

sap:bas nautanki, nautanki baaz aur haan tujhe koi tera dost vineet dhound raha tha

ammi:oh yeah tum ladiyon ke beech reh kar apne dost ko to bhool hi gaya,(he stands up) hey anyways stay here i'll come just like that

the nods, ammi leaves

ang:I have to go to the toilet I don't know where they r so will u show me where the r

(by then amit comes, sapna shies again)

amit:HI sapna
Sapna:hi anyways meet my friend

(they meet each other and become friends)

rid:anyways amit sapna, enjoy talking we'll join in few minutes, ok?

they nods, angie ridzi leaves, going toward the toilet

rid:amit and sapna looks too cute together

angie:i agree, u and armaan too

(ridzi blush)

ridzi:there is the toilet I'll wait for u here ok?


(angie goes to the toilet, ridzi is walking left to right and right to left, she heard a voice from the classroom she stops as it sounds familier voice (their is two guys in a class room theyr sitting on the tables,)Ridzi can't see them as she can only see their back)

guy:so what u said ammi?

ammi:vineet, i said that i need time

vineet:u like the girl

ammi:i told u she is ok, but i wasn't able to say no, i am thinking right now too why i wasn't able to simply say her no, i mean she isn't my type, she is like behnji type

(ridz become sad, even she has tears on her face, she wiped them as she heard the toilet door opening, angie comes out)

ridz(don't show her face to angie): hey di aap jao mujhe bhi zara toilet use karni hai

angie:ok, if u want i'll wait here for u

rid:no it's ok di, i'll come


(angie leaves, ridzi enters in the toilet (actually they few toilets and they r few washbowl, she goes their and washes her face, when she is sure she look ok, she leaves ang goes back to the canteen)



arm:kitna time lagti ho toilet mein ridhima hum peechle dus min se tumhara intezar kar rahe hain

(she stares at him and sits)

ammi:just joking sweety

rid(try to speak normally):baaki sab kahaan hai?

ammi:woh actually khana order karne gaye hain (think:she is so cute, what r u thinking man?)

rid:ok teenon saath gaye hain?

ammi:teenon? sapna aur anjie gayi hain yeh teesra kaun hai ?

rid:amit bhi yahin tha na

ammi:woh usse koi kaam tha to woh chalo gaya

rid:ok (think:It's not like that, that someone doesn't call me behenji before, but I didn't wanted to hear this from ammi as I thought that we r friends now, this was the think which except to never listen this from him, I don't know why I had make such a high expectations from him, anyways don't think about it, (suddenly she remembers her best buddy) I miss u buddy)

(by then anjie and sapna comes with foods)

angie:yeh le ridhima tera favorite food

rid:thnx di

angie:aur yeh tera mr over supercool

(ammi takes it)

ammi:hey sweety thnx and I am supercool not over supercool


(they start eating,someone mobiles ring, the ring tone is "ishq leta hai" from dill mill gaye)

rid:hey it's my mobile (she sees the name appearing in her cell, she automatically have a smile, she gets up) hey guys I just attend the call then I will catch u


ammi(is surprised)(think:isse kiski call ayi ke yeh itna muskara rahi hai, why did u care about her man, koi bhi ho?. Yes but she is my friend. Pls don't make such a stupid excuse)

sap:tum to khana khao tum to nahi call aayi na

(he feels like he is caught red-handed, he try to pretend noramally, he continue eating)


rid:hi how r u?

voice:I am fine honey

rid:don't call me honey

voice:ok then i'll call u sweetheart

ridz:u won't stop right?

voice(giggling):no never, now say me, why ur voice is so strange?, i mean are us sick or did u cry girl?

ridzi(shocked):hey man,how did u always know that i am not in good condition,

voice:I am your best buddy, i know u from my childhood, now tell me what happened?

ridzi:i agree u r my best buddy, moreover u know me more than I know myself

voice:hey sweety hold on it's the same for u too, u know more about me than I know myself

(they both start laughing)

voice:I become so happy when u laugh, now tell me what happened?

(ridzi tell him everything)

voice(anfry):uski himmat kaisai huwi meri honey ko rulane ki

rid:relax, Mr hot, hamesha angry ho jaate ho

voice:How could I relax. U know what I know what to do?


voice:I am coming to ur college

rid:hey no need man

voice(think:don't say her that u'll come otherwise she'll keep arguing, and wat about giving her surprise, yes)(calm down) ok as u wish

rid:that's like my best buddy, ok I'll call u after my last two classes mr hot

voice:ok sweety bye take care

rid:same to u bye

(ridz goes back to canteen, she has a very big smile on her lips)

ammi:kiski call thi?(think:why she is smiling)


(interrupted by the bell)

sapna:hey guys, we should go to class, otherwise Mr Anand will kill us


ammi(think:yaar yeh is bell ko bhi abhi bejhna((bell) rang) tha, I want to know whose call was it?)

(the classes get over .Before ammi ask her whose call it was, her mobile rang once again)

rid:hey sorry, I have to go, di is waiting for me in the parking lot and I have to attend the call,chal sapna, bye Armaan



(the girl leaves, ridzi pick up her phone, It was Mr hot, they talk a bit)

rid:hey mr hot now I have to go, di is waiting for me in the car, bye

voice:bye sweety see u soon

rid:ya I'll call u soon

(ridzi goes and sit in the car)

ang:Mr hot dude ki call thi?

rid:yeshe was saying when we reach home ,he want u to call him

ang:Ok I'll call him

Sapna:Hey guys, u r keep talkng about this but I never saw him, can I have the pleasure to meet him

(ridhima and angie start laughing)

sapna:why u guys r laughing?

Ang:we thought that u like amit

sapna:yes but I only want to see ur best buddy

rid:if u see him u will forget Amit for some secs

sapna:not possible


sap:bet, lekin kiya bet i mean what is the bet?

rid:u will know it soon

(three of them shake hands, bet is done.Angie start driving)

sap:but kab milayo ghi

ang: soon

NEXT DAY- new guy entry

(ammi and his gang (ridzi, angie, sapna) enters from the gate in the same time, they r walking for enter when they heard some compliments, they turn but can't see the person's face but can hear clearly)

(hey friends, the few girls name may not be in the next part probably as they r just for this guys introductions line)

Sania:wow, he is cool
Tania:he is handsome
Deepika:blue eyes
Naina:one of the gorgeous eyes I ever seen like ammi
Ayesha:ya in mein doob jaane ko dil karta hai
Aditi:he is so damn sexy

All the girls are around him, talking to him try to have his attention

boy;hey babes i'll see u after sometime as i have some work now

(he blow a flying kiss to the girl, they are all flatter (if the word is correct or not please tell me). He moves from the girl's crowd)

(ridzi see him, and is shocked, as well as angie)

rid(shocked):oh my god

ammi:what happened?(think:now what happened to my girl she is looking at someone else, did I say my girl?, yeh mere sath kiya ho raha hai)

rid(shocked):he is............

(before she completes her sentences the guy comes and hugs her tightly, then they broke apart,ammi is shocked)

mr hot:how r u?

rid:wait two secs

(she pinches her arm)

rid:ouch, it means I am not dreaming

mr hot:yes u r not, now tell me how r u honey?

ammi:(think:what's going on? how dare he say her honey?, haaaaaaa (he is angry but pretend that he is cool))

rid:I am fine

(then he hugs angie)

mr hot:how r u angie?

ang:I am also fine, Mr hot

rid-ang(in the same time, loud):what about u?

mr:hey girls I can listen I am not deaf. I am fine but the girl of here include u (wink) seems not in good condition after seeing me (he winks once again)

(angie looks toward sapna, sapna's mouth is opened, she is shocked)

ang:why ur mouth is opened sapna

(no response)


(then angie shakes her a bit, sapna comes back to the reality)

sapna:man he is really too hot ur Mr hot, I really lost the bet


ang:yes hum isse, oh sorry ammi hum to tujhe aur sapna ko isse introduce karana hi bhool gaye, mr hot meet Armaan the most popular guy of the college and sapna the bubbly girl, and Armaan and sapna meet Mr hot, he is also the popular guy of his college

ammi(he is feeling so angry):is Mr hot his name?

ang:Heuh! no his name is Rahul Grewal,

sapna:nice to meet u rahul

rahul:same here

(they shake hands)

ammi:hey really it's pleasure to meet u (what the hell pleasure, he is the guy who hugs ridzy, men men why do u care? she isn't ur type, but our family are talking about us so how she can hugs or to be close to another guy, like u don't see another girl(he is speechless pf his own thinking))

rahul:same here (think:men, I am gonna make u pay, u made my best friend cry, now wait and watch)

(they shake hands then rahul sees at ridzi, she is angry now)

rahul:hey honey sorry, I know u wanted me to complete my studies in delhi but sorry na, I was missing both of u

ang:ya of course mera to bahana hai u was missing ridzi

rahul(protest):no it isn't like that,I was missing u both he hugs angie and stands next to her) anyways tell me about the bet?

ang:actually yesterday u was talking with ridzi on the mobile, after saying u bye she comes and sits in the car. Me, ridzi and sapna start talking about u, and then ridzi says if she sees u, she will forget amit

ammi(now feeling very angry)(think:oh to she was talking to this rahul, and she also says that if sapna sees him she will forget amit, what the hell why I feel bad? woh kisi se bhi baat kare)

rahul:hey now pls forgive me ridzi, I am sorry

(he goes closer to her)

ridzi:this time ok but if u do the same next time then I won't talk to u

rahul:ok I promise

(they hugs each other, ammi saw them hugging, he was feeling very bad, they broke apart)

(an other guy comes running)

guy:hey guys I am sorry, I am late

(the guy is sweating)

ridz:hey it's ok atul

(he hugs ridzi and angie, angie shy(as she likes him))

ridz:abhi class nahi shuroo huwi

atul:thank god, u know na girls mera peecha hi nahi chodti

ang(jealous):Atul everybody know u r popular

atul:thnx angie

ang:ur welcome

atul:bro what are u doing there the class didn't start

rid:no there is some min left

(everybody meet atul, they become friends, ammi likes him too, but he hates Rahul, but he doesn't know why???)


sapna:we should go to class otherwise will be late and u know it's good to reach in the class before the bell

atul:yes u r right, we should go


rahul:u guys go we will join u few minutes

(ammi turns)


rahul:ya me and ridhima

(ammi is full of anger but he didn't show , he nods and leave with other members of his new gang)

rid:kiya baat hai rahul?

rah:mein yahan aaya houn to koi plan to lekar aaya houn ga na n one more thing armaan was feeling jealous when I hug u, did u notice or not

(she shook her head negatively)

rahul:it doesn't matter, now listen to me carefully

(he tell the plan to ridhima)

ridhima(scream):no no i can't or rather we can't do this,

rahul(calming her down): we have to this


rahul(make puppy face):tumhe hamari dosti ki kasam

ridhima:it's not fair

rahul(with a winning smile):everything is fair in love and war, so u in?



(everybody of their group are sitting in the 2nd row, ridhima comes and sits next to rahul, ammi is seeing all this, he feeling like going and kill him

ammi (in mind: "how-dare-he-call-her honey-and-hug-her", (he doesn't know why he is feeling like that)( but the think for sure which we know, that friendship, jealousy is the second step of love, what say guys?))

(rahul is seeing all reaction of ammi by the corner of his eyes)

rahul(think:jala lekin jab tak dhuan nahi nazar aaye gha ta tak maza nahi aaye gha)(he has an naughty smile on his lip)


(rahul, angie and ridhima are in the canteen, the rest of the member are on their way to canteen, rahul and ridzi are sitting next to each other)

rahul(whisper to ridzi):r u ready?

ridzi(whisper back):yes but think it once again

(rahul moves back and nod negatively, with a smile. he show her a thumb up, she smile back, she is nervous)

(they have their food, they start eating)

rahul:tum ladkiyon kitna ahista khati ho, aisai khayo ghi to kahi nahi khatam ho ga

ang:rahul pls stop we don't it like u because we aren't monster who eat in speed

rahul:monster to aap ho, bas make up uttar do, sab daar jayein ghe

rid:Mr hot mein make-up nahi karti, and by the way girls are the best

rahul:isi liye to monster lag rahi ho and by the way boys are the best

ridzi:go to hell man

rahul:hell abhi jaane ka mood nahi

(ammi enters in the canteen)

ammi:hey guys why r u fighting?

rahul:hey ammi she is saying that girl are the best

(by then atul and sapna come in)


angie:so u want a prove what about basketball match?

(rahul and atul speechless)

ammi:hey guys u all r my friend but girls I am in boys team because girl are the best but not more than boys and we'll prove it so done

(ammi saw toward ridzi, who have a very mischievously smile on her face)

rid:so today 5 pm and Rahul in the same basketall court, and u'll have to do what i'll say to u armaan whatever i'll say u to do, done?


(the deal is done, rahul and atul take ammi to a corner)

ammi:kiya huwa?

atul(tensed):kiya huwa ab humari band bajne wali hai

ammi:woh kyon?

rahul:because u'll know it in the BB court

ammi:hey guys one thing is sure we r not gonna loose

atul(in challenging way):we'll see it

ammi:tum hamari team mein hai ya unki

atul:of course boys

ami:so now just relax

5 PM

(girls room)

angie:are u ready ridzi?

ridz:yes di

angie:so come on let's hit

(there is angie, sapna, ridzi, in girls team)

(boys room)

ammi:hey guys ready?

rahul:yes harne ke liye

ammi hey guys pls relax, the girls are not going to harm us, they r just girls

rahul:woh to tumhe medan mein uthar ker maloom paregha

atul:yes ammi u don't know those girl they r going to harm us, no doubt

ammi(smile):as I said before, we'll see it, but for that we have to go there, come

(ammi,atul and rahul, in boys team)

(amit is the coach)

(boy go the spot, they see that girls are already there.Ammi is mesmerized by seeing ridhima in the track suit (same as in the first episode, he saw her for th first time like this)


(atul is also mesmerized by angie's beauty, he too likes angie)

atul:hey angie u r looking gorgeous

(angie shy as he is complimenting her in front of everybody. Everybody laugh)

ridzi:bahana acha hai man, ladki ka attention paneki but u know what u r gonna loose

ammi:we'll see it

(The match start, the ball is in atul's hand, he dribble it and basket, after few minutes:boys 6, girls:0)

ammi(to atul and rahul):chill man we r leading they didn't basket once

rahul:ab to hum gaye

(ridzi comes dribbling, ammi try to take the ball but in vain, ridhima scored it, it continue like this.Now:boys:8 and girls:12)

ammi(confused)(think:what is going on?)

(rahul comes to her)

rahul:dekha kaha tha na, ab do minute bache hain and we lost. Everytime we play BB, hamesha ridzi hi jeeteti hai

atul:now we have loose

ammi:hey guys himmat maat haro

(they keep on playing, boys are on 10 points now and girls are on 12 points)

amit(whistle):time over, girls are the winner

(ammi goes to ridzi and congrats her)


ridzi:mention not

ammi:now what i have to do?

ridzi(attitude):Abhi nahi kal bataoun ghi, got it?

(ammi is damn shocked, ridzi burst out laughing)

ridzi:i am joking man, the deal is over, I have nothing to tell u to do

(she leaves, ammi has a smile on his face, rahul is watching all this)


ammi(think:wooh man attitude, she looked so cute but she looks more cute in salwar kameez she looks so innocente, hey man what r u thinking, stop it)

(by then ridzi come back after changing (in her usual cloths) and rahul hugs her)

rahul:congrats Babe,

(ammi is seeing them, rahul and ridzi broke apart from the hug)

ridz:so ab to mante ho na ke girls are the best

rahul:No(ridzi looked surprised)not girls but u r the best

(ridzi start smiling and hugs him)

ridzi:u r also the best but less than me

(ammi is angry, they broke apart once again)

ammi(think:man why I am feeling that bad I should leave) hey guys, I have to go, u know I have to do homework so see u tomorrow

rahul:(think:acha bahana hai khishkene kha (nice excuse to talk leave)) ya but tomorrow is saturday, no class tomorrow so u can do ur homework tomorrow

(ammi has his naughty smile in his face, he goes near to rahul)

ammi(whisper to rahul):saturday sunday are my most busy days so don't have time

rahul(normally):nice but listen that tomorrow is ridzi's, oh but why I am telling to u, let it

(ridzi is looking at both of them, she is quiet, don't want to interfere in the conversation)

ammi(think:what man?, I don't like guys who stop in the middle of something, and what ridzi? It means he has to say something about ridhima but what?)(lil excited)tell me what is tomorrow?

rahul::tomorrow is ridzi's best friend's birthday mean me

(ridzi chuckled, rahul has a big smile on his lip)

(ammi's excitement broke into one million pieces, he is now angry he thought that maybe tomorrow is ridzi's birthday or something else but he didn't expect this)

ammi:so that's good, I am going at home to do my homework and we'll catch u tomorrow, where is the birthday?

(PS:Hey guys the name which I am gonna use it's a name i found on google as i don't know about club in mumbai so sorry)

rahul:at club, sharp 10, AZIANO dance club

armaan(think:but i thought ridzi isn't the girl who liked going clubbing, chod armaan tune ki farakh penda we ( let armaan what it matter to u?))

ridz:ya but rahul u know I don't like clubbing

rahul:hey it's my birthday and as usually my birthday gonna take place in a club, u know i want to be surrounded with hot hot girls

(ridzi hit him on his chest)

ridzi:rahul dubaro hot ladkiyon kiya agar ladkiyon ki bi baat ki to jo teri yeh muskaan hai na pani mein mila doun ghi

rahul:to ladkon ko dekhoun

(ridzi frown her eyes)

rahul:oh han ladka to mere samne khara hai,(goes closer to ammi) oh man u r too hot, too handsome, too....

(ridzi pull him back)

ridzi:door reh isse

rahul:kyon tera boyfriend hai?


ammi(think:why I feel bad hearing her say no,but she is speaking the truth so why i feel bad?)

rahul:then tujhe kiya mein isse kuch bhi kahoun, (suddenly) Oh my god actually the reason is that u don't want to see me with other girls or boys, am i right?

ridzi:no man, ur thought is too dirty

rahul:isse soch ke saath to tune puri zindagi guzari to kuch to sanget ka assar huwa hi hoga what say?(with my thought u spend ur life so there'll be some influence of me on u, what say?)

ridzi:no man apni soch apne pass hi rakho, bye

(ridzi leaves, Ammi is really feeling bad but doesn't know why)

rahul:abhi manana bhi paregha isse, ek ghar mein hi rehna hai, agar maafi nahi mangi to meri haalat buri hone wali hai

(ammi is surprised hearin that rahul is gonna stay at ridzi's house,rahul turns back to ammi)

rah:hey sorry man i wasn't trying to seduce u i am not that kind (he wink at him)

ammi(comepose himself and utter the word in ammi's style):i am not also that kind of man, hey where r u gonna stay?

rah:at ridzi's house as u know it has been long time that i didn't stay at my home here in mumbay so it's a complete mess, and uncle shashank told me to stay at their house so I agree

ammi:If u want u can stay with me?(think:why i said him to come and stay with me, why i just con't bear hearing that he is gonna saty at ridzi's house which means that he will be 24*7 with her)

rah:tumhare ghar kaun kaun hai?

ammi:just me (get sad)

(rahul feels something awkward, he goes to him put his hand on ammi's shoulder)

rahul:what happened ammi? U don't mind if I say u ammi?

ammi(he feels confortable he doesn't know why?):no I don't mind at all, actually mom is buzy with social work and dad busy with his work, they both are most of the time out of the house

rahul:it's ok and I would be happy to accept ur offer but I can't broke uncle's heart so sorry but I will try to convince them but not right now, after a week or two.

ammi:no problem,i should go now bye

(ammi leaves fromt there)

rahul:(think:ammi i know what are u going through u miss them and maybe that's the reason u r spoilt brat, but I still want to see u crying for ridzi as i can forgive everything but not the man who make her cry, that's my promise)

(by then the rest too comes from the changing room)

rahul:hey yaar tum log kitna time lagate ho, armaan aur ridhima apne apne ghar ghar chalein gayein hain

atul:han ab to humein bhi chalna chahiye bohut bhook bhi lagi hai)


(the sun rays passes through the windows, ridzi is sleeping, she change the side, but still the sun was irritating her, she take the pillow and put it on her face, try to hide from the sun rays)

ridzi(thinks:what's that it never happened with me like that why this sun is irritating me?)

(she wake up and sit, try to open her eyes and finally she opens her eyes and can clearly see)

kiya kar rahe the kal tum, mujhe tumse baat nahi karni

rah:I am sorry honey, u want me to do push-ups

ridzi:no come here

(he sat on the bed next to her. She hits him on his chest)

rahul:ouch(put his hand on the left side)

ridzi:to irritate me and too at 9 am

(she hit him once again on his chest right side)

rahul:ouch(put his hand on the right side)now what's for that?

ridzi:because i don't like acting in front or with ammi weirdly, and u obliged me to this on the sake of our friendship, I hate u

rahul:I am sorry once again honey, but it's important

(he comes toward her to hug her but she push him and the pillow fight began, she is in her red satin nighty completely covering her body, while they where fighting it had a knock on the door but as rah-rid were keen on fighting they didn't hear .Now rah and rid both are tired they lay down next to each other, the person enter and saw them laying next to each other sweating, ridzi's eyes are closed)

rah(seeing the person sit down and is still sweating):arre armaan tu kab aaya?

(ridzi open her eyes)

arm(he is angry? but didn't show, he speak in harsh voice):right now,(think:what is rahul doing in ridzi's room?, why both are laying to next to each other?,why are they sweating? AND Why ridzi eyes were closed?)

ridzi(in sweet tone):hi armaan (to rahul in angry tone) ab tu uth mere bister se subha subha neend kharab karta hain, phir pillow fighting baga baga ke thaka diya now go from there

ammi(think:they were runing that's why? but why I felt bad when? hey man i said u before stop thinking all this)

rah:ok but tell me first u forgive me for yesterday

rid:han kardiya now get out

rah:u r too sweet

(he hugs her and leaves)

rid:actually if i am not wrong it's ur second time that u come at my home

(he nodded)

rid:yahan kaisai aana huwa?(she comes down from the bed, now she is standing in front of him)

arm:(he is staring at her)(think:wow she looks too hot in this nightie)actually.....

ridz:(ridzi remember she is in nightie and she saw ammi staring at her)(interrupt)If u don't mind can I take a shower then u tell me ok?

arm:of course, no problem but don't take to much time

ridz:10 minute, take a sit (she lead him toward the sofas, make him sit)

ridz:do u want to drink something?

(ammi nods negatively, she goes to the bathroom)

ammi:man take a breath otherwise u'll die

(finally he take breath and take a sigh of relief)

ammi(think:Actually she is very different from the other girls, she is too hot, to innocent, to cute.....she is just amazing, she is the best.Hey man what are u thinking.I think that I am falling in love.Love doesn't exist maybe is  an attraction or just u r lusting after her. No i am sure that it's not the lust)


Ammi:(muttering)It's just an attraction (he assure hiself)

(She take a shower and comes out, ammi see toward her and is more mesmerized to see her rubbing with her towel her wet hair)

ammi(think:she looks so innocent, like an angel. Break what am I thinking, but have to agree she is beautiful)

(ridzi saw toward him)

ridz(think:yeh mujhe aise kyon ghoor raha hai) Why are looking at me like this?

(armaan is out of control can't listen his brain but he can only listen his heart, he gets up, and moves toward ridzi. Ridzi doesn't know what to do, she takes her step backward, now she is stuck to the wall, armaan takes his step further, they r so close to each other, ridzi doesn't know what to do, she lowered her eyes)

(He takes his hand toward her cheek, he move her hair lock behind her ear and takes his step back, she sighs and looks toward ammi, after 2 minute of awkward silence)


ammi(still staring at her):mention not

ridz:how did come u at my house

ammi:If u remeber we have something to do together


ammi:I mean we have to do a project together

(ridzi remember of what project is he talking about)


SCIENCE CLASS-thursday (angie's firdt day at college rmember)

Mr Anand:hey guys now I will assign u a new project and for that I made group so listen carefully

Tina- Radhika

whole class(surprised):what????

Mr Anand:I mean Ridhima and Armaan the big flirt of the college

All the class burst out laughing including the teacher and ridzi too. Ammi has a smile on his lip

Mr Anand:silence please, some people of u doesn't know ur partner so pls respect the others



ridiz(has a big smile on her face):yea I remember

ammi(think:haste huwe kitni achi lagti hai but has kyon rahi hai?):why are u smiling?

ridzi:just remeber when sir says ridhima flirt, all the class was surprised rather shocked

ammi:yah I also remember (with a naughty grin) what did u think when I say we have something to do together?

ridzi(become red):nothing

ammi(think:i shouldn't ask her that she feel unconfortable):just calm down, I was just joking, so i think we should start the project

ridzi:but we can also do the project later so why do u come that early

ammi:actually as Rahul is celebrating his birthday tonight so we will don't have time and tomorrow is my family's day u know 24 hours are dedicated to my family. If u remember we have to submit it on monday

ridzi:sorry Ammi I tot....(she saw toward him, he is staring at her:think:shayad maine ammi kaha isse acha nahi laga)

ammi(think:ammi sounds to sexy in her voice)

ridzi:did u mind I called u Ammi

(ammi shake his head)

ammi:no in fact I really liked it as u really take me like ur friend

ridzi:agar yeh baat hai to u should also call me ridzi

ammi:ok ridzi

ridzi:(think:todha tang karte hain ammi ko):u know what yeh nickname mujhe rahul ne diya tha bachpan mein jab hum bare hone lage, so he never called by ridhima or ridzi but he always called me by honey, darling, sweety, sweetheart (think:tujhe nahi lagta ke tune kuch zyada bol diya ridzi)

(ammi become all sad, ridzi begin smiling)

ridzi:u looked so cute when u r sad

(she pull his cheek; he is taken aback by her sudden reaction. He has a cute smile on his face But he doesn't know why but by this reaction of her he feels happy)

ridzi:why u become why u become sad,(naughtiness in her eyes) did u feel jealous? (think:awesome girl u r flirting with the most flirting guy in the college nice)

ammi:r u flirting with me?

ridzi:no not at all, how can I flirt with a flirty and u know I didn't know how to flirt (make an innocent face)


ridzi:I think first we should go down for the breakfast then we'll start work

ammi:ok u carry on

ridzi:tum bhi ao na

ammi:I just have my breakfast before coming here

ridzi(a bit angry):(think:what he think of himself agar shaadi ke liye time manga hai iska yeh matlab to nahi na ke yeh mere parents ke saath hi nahi bethe gha) If u don't want to eat don't, but u just come and sit with my family

ammi:ok, lekin tum ghussa kyon ho rahi ho

ridzi(control herself and smile):mein kab ghussa ho rahi houn, come


(they goes toward the room, ammi falls on ridzi's bed)

ridzi:kiya huwa?

Ammi:how u manage to eat parantha and that too in the morning

ridzi:how ka kiya matlab, I love parantha but I have to agree that rahul made u eat a lot

ammi:yah I never eat 4 paranthas in the morning and that too after having my breakfast before,motherwise I also love paranthas

ridzi(concern in her voice and sad):are u ok? mom and rahul shouldn't force u

ammi(feel the concern in her voice):yes I am ok,and don't need to be sad, I am absulotely ok now,(he sit) I think we should start the project

ridzi:are u sure?


(they start working, they finish their project in almost 4 hours u can say by the time of the lunch)

ammi:thank god project is complete, I hope we done it perfectly

ridz:don't worry

(then there is a knock on the door)

ridzi:come in

rahul:hey honey, it's lunch time and I am starving, come i want to go to our favorite resto

rid:ok wait (toward ammi) would u like to join us for the lunch?

ammi:of course why not

(they leaves to the resto, the enter and were just going to sit when rahul mobile rang)

rahul:hey guys I'll come right now, there isn't range here

(AR nod,they sat face to face he leaves outside, by then the waiter comes. Ammi ridzi order there food then ridzi make the order for rahul's food (ammi feels angry knowing that she know rahul's taste))

waiter:that's it


(rahul comes back)

rahul:hey sorry guys I'll have to leave

ridzi:where? and why? and I also order ur food

rahul:sweetheart I am sorry zaroori kam nahi hota to nahi jaate u know me na

(she nod)

rahul:now c'mon give me huggi

(ridzi give him a huggi, ammi was feeling bad rather angry, he can't see ridzi with somebody else, rahul gave a quick hug to ammi)

Rahul:bye guys and ridzi take the keys I'll go by taxi

(she takes the keys, Rahul leaves)

ridzi(think:I know is ne jaan ke kiya ke mein aur ammi akele time spend kar sake, but how I am gone do it)

(they start eating, again the silence was speaking between the two)

ridzi:ok tell me ur long lasting girlfriend


ridzi:two what?(she drink the water)

ammi:2 hours

(ridzi spit the water but fortunately she manage to not wet ammi)

ridzi:what???u r not serious

ammi:yes actually they r just time pass, I can't think about all that before my dream of becoming doctor completes

ridzi:on this point u r absolutely correct


(they talk about various thing)

ridz:I think we should go

arm:Ya and I have also to take my car

(ridzi nod, and leaves. Ridzi was just about to sit on the driver seat)

ammi(shout):hey stop

(ridzi stoped and shocked why ammi shout)

ridzi:what happened?

ammi:meri izzat mie mein milani hai, I mean mere hte huwe ladki gadi chalaye no way,

ridzi:mein kaunsa gaadi chalane lagi thi

ammi(surprised and taken back):to phir kiya kar rahi thi

(she bent down and pick up something)


ridz:ya i don't like this habit of Rahul, he always put the CD under his seat,(she speak in an order tone) come and sit, driver


(she burst out laughing, he has a smile playing on his lip automatically but he hide it)

ammi:what's so funny?

(she doesn't stop laughing,he hold her wist, her laugh faded and she looks afraid)

ridzi(think:what is he going to do)

(he pull her closer and closer)

ridzi:what are u doing ? Hey I was ju....just

(they r just a few inches apart, he took his lip near to hers, ridzi is shivering, she lowered her eyes as she can't manage to say any word, she can't bear this nearness, the lips continue to closer, now ridzi closed her eyes, ammi smiles and kiss on her cheek and moves back)

(Ridzi open her eyes, she noticed that she isn't breathing)

ridz(think:god help me for breathing)

(she becomes normal in few secs, she sighs and her attention goes to the person standing i front of her, he is none other than armaan who is gazing at her, ridzi can't no more bear his gazing, she moves from the spot and sits in the car)

ammi(think:what I did was it wrong? If yes then why I feel this was the right think. so why she moves away, I have to talk to her)

(he sits in the car)

ammi:lo ma'am aapka driver hazir hai

((in the same time start driving)she glance at him but doesn't give a smile then turns toward the window)

ammi(think:why is she behaving like that?)

(He goes into a parking and park the car ridzi look at him)

ridzi:why do u stop the car?

ammi:see ridzi I have to talk with u or rather we have to talk

(ridzi turns back toward the window)

ammi:ridzi look at me

(she doesn't move, he makes her turn from her shoulders, they r face to face but ridzi aren't looking toward his face she is looking down)

ammi:I am sorry

ridzi(look up):for what?

ammi:for kissing u

ridzi(she moves his hand):man why are u sorry u had kissed money girls so why u feel sorry?

ammi:i don't know but i cant tolerate u ignoring me, i didn't do it intentionally, I am sorry

(ridzi giggles, armaan looks at her, he is shocked)

ammi:are u ok, or u gone made because of kiss(looks toward the sky)oh god i shouldn't kiss her, it really had a bad effect on her.

(ridzi place her hand to his chin and make him face her, ridzi look in his eyes, armaan looked back)

ridzi:I am not turning mad (she kiss on his left cheek) just chill, u r not the first guy who kissed me on cheek


ridzi:ya my friends kissed sometimes on my cheek like friends and u r also my friend so whatz the problem?

armaan:nothing but i thought u'd mind it as u was behaving weirdly, it's another fact that i didn't do it intentionally

ridzi:u already had told me, now stop and I was only acting to see ur reaction

(she is still holding his chin, she kisses on his right chek, then moves away her hand)

ammi(thinks:no ridzi thisisn'tnot only friendship it's more then this whenever u touch me or kiss me, I doesn't feel like I feel before with other girls, I don't know why but only by ur kiss on my cheek I feel so happy, u can't not imagine. But i don't know whatam I feeling, is that love or just an attractin as I am sure it isn't lust)

(ammi starts driving, ridzi is checking the cds cover, finally she found the cd she was searching, she put it in the CD player)

THE SONG IS "jo gumshuda"(from Mission Istambul)
(blue for boy and pink for girl)

Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai 
Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai
Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho..

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do
Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do
Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan
Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai 
Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai
Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho..

(ridzi really want to listen from him the three magical word because now she is sure that she really loved him and she just can't loose him)

Kaatil Badi Tanhaaiyan Takleef De Ab Duriyan
Samjha Karo Khamoshiyan Acchi Nahin Sarghoshiyan
Jawabon Mein Tum Sawalon Mein Tum
Hamesha Rahe Khayalon Mein Tum
Tumse Hai Meri Madhoshiyan..

(ammi looks toward her, then turns his attention toward the road)

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do
Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do
Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan

Tum Jo Mile Raahath Mili
Jeene Ki Bhi Chaahath Mili

Dil Ashna Tum Se Hua Puri Huyi Meri Dua
Mere Jism-O-Jaan Pe Chaaye Raho
Panaahon Mein Tum Samaaye Raho
Ooo'Kehthi Hai Meri Bethaabiyan

(ridhima looks toward him and then turns toward the window)

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do
Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do
Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan

Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai 
Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai
Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho..

(the song finished)

ammi:it's so nice this song, it's so romantic

ridzi(she is so shocked after hearing that ammi found that song romantic, she compose herself and speak):I agree it's so romantic, I really enjoyed every word of this song, this is my new favorite song, I am going to share a secret with u but i don't know why?

(he stops the car on red light, he looked at her)

ammi:whats that secret?

ridzi:It's not a really big secret, it's only that i want to dance in this song with my..........(she stops)

ammi(worry):with ur?

(he start driving as the light turn into green)

ridzi:with my life partner

ammi(thinks:thank god, I am so happy that I am her life partner, Oh my god! what i said a sec ago?, man I really need rest, ya I need rest ) that's a nice idea, anyways we reach ur home

(he comes out from the car, open the door for ridzi)


ammi:ur welcome princess (he greeted her like she is really a princess)

(she playfully hit on his chest)


(listen that ridzi put her hand on his chest, he is staring at her)

ridz:have i hurt u (she looks at him, they had an eye lock)

(ridzi comes back to senses so she moves her hand and by then ammi to comes backto reality he doesn't know what is going on)

ammi:take the car's key, and I think now I should go I want to sleep sometime before tonights party

ridzi:ok, bye

(then ammi comes closer to her and kiss on her cheek when he moves back he saw ridzi eyes closed)

ammi(think:I know ridzi u too feels something different for me)bye

(she opens her eyes and waves her hand he leaves. She goes to her room)


(rahul comes into ridzi rooms without knocking)

ridzi:hey tumne knock karna nahi sikha

rahul:why I'll have need to knock and that too on ur door very funny

ridzi:yes u r funny and for ur information it's a girl room

rahul:oh really so why i can't see any girl

ridzy(full of anger): ab tu to pitteh ga

rahul:hey hey I am sorry here takes ur gift

( he hands over her a gift, ridzi calm down)

ridzi:It's ur birthday i am the one to give u the gift not u

rahul:just open it no argument

(she like an obedient child open it)

ridz:are u sure it's for me?

rahul:yes I am sure

ridzi:I can't wear it

(it's a blue short skirt with a pink baby top (sleeveless))

rahul:u have to wear it and that too today

ridzi:but why?

rahul:I want to show to armaan that how beautiful u r

ridzi(put her hand on rahul's face):see rahul i don't want to get him fall in love for me in the condition that I have to change it will be cheating I want a person to love for what I am, I hope u understand what I mean and this dress i'll surely wear it but not today but after hearing the three magical word from ammi or someon...

(raul put his finger on her lips)

rahul:it can't be someone else than ammi

ridzi:I hope so

rahul:and u r right the person who will love u for what u r will be the right person or rather ridzi's Mr perfect

(they both giggled)


ridzi:ok now i want to sleep as u spoil my sleep in the moring

rahul:as u wish honey see u at 7 pm

rid:7 pm?

rahul:yes u don't want to have dinner?

rid:of course, see u at 7 on the table

(rahul leaves ridhima sleeps, she is dreaming of armaan when he kissed her and in return she kissed her she remember every moment she spent with him while sleeping she was smiling)

(in the other hand ammi also wanted to have some sleep but he just can't sleep, he is thinking abour ridzi every single moment he spent with her, after some times he got some sleep)


RIDZI's HOUSE-on the table

shas:beta rahul waise to birthday ghar manate to hum bhi enjoy karte, ab club mein hum dono ja ker kiya karein ghe

rah:hey buddy what are u saying u and padma aunty are still as young as us

pad:stop joking we aren't coming


shas:rahul please, but for u we'll celebrate ur bday at home tomorrow, ok?


atul:aunti ridzi abhi tak kyon nahi aayi?

rahul:she is sleeping i told her to come on the table at 7 pm

ang:ok i will make her wake up

(she goes to ridzi's room saw her sleeping like an angel and smiling, she goes closer to her and sit next to her and pass her hand in ridzi's hairs)

ang:(think:u know ridzi i saw in ur eyes the love for armaan, i just hope u won't be disapointed and u will have all the happiness u deserve, u r the most brilliant sister)

(she bent down and kiss on her forehead and then make her wake-up)

ang:ridz wake up

ridzi(in sleep):uhmmm!! di just 5 minutes

ang:it's already 7:30pm

(ridzi jumped from the bed)


angie:yes i don't know what u were dreaming about (think:of course about her armaan) but i am triying to wake u up from the past10 minutes

(ridzi is embarrased she become red as she was dreaming about armaan)

ridz(lowered her eyes):sorry di

ang:don't need to be embarrased i am ur di i know everything (wink at her which make ridzi shocked) u can tell me everything and plus the think u should tell me u didn't i knew them from rahul, why u don't tell me the conversation of armaan and his friend?

ridzi:di i didn't wanted to make ur first day worse and it's ok i didn't get those comments first time but di i saw lots of changes in armaan

ang:me too, I hope he'll understand u and ur love

rid(blush and then normally):but di when rahul told u?

ang:u remember my first day in college

(ridzi nod)

ang:when we were waiting for u in the car u was talking to rahul and then u told me to call him when I reach home so i did and he told me everything and ask me to do the formalities for his and atul for joining the college so the first thing i did on the morning was this.

rid:di u r telling me now all this

ang:yes now the score is equal


ang:just joking,

rahul: i forbade her but u know na ke is ke peth mein kuch baat pachti nahi

(angie scratch her head)

ang:sorry, i was a lil disapointed, that ridzi hide this from me so i told her

(ridzi hold her ears)

rid:sorry di, it won't happen next time

ang:for sure?

(ridzi nods)


(ridzi goes to her and hug)

rah:hey girls u forgot me

rid:sorry u too come

(he too joins them then atul comes)

atul:hey guys why u r hugging each other

(they broke apart)

rah:why we come in mumbai?

atul:of course to make realize to the idiot (he saw at ridzi she was angry) oh sorry to make realize to jiju his mistake

(they all laugh then atul too joins them ridzi doesn't say a word to atul, to ask him why he doesn't tell her if he already knew it, becoz she knew rahul forbade them)

(they goes to the dining room)

padma:what were u doing? itna time laga diya, chalo yeh sab chodo come and eat

(everybody eat and start getting ready, ridzi wear a white salwar kameez, angie wear blue jeans and white with blue border shirt(sleeveless), they r completely ready), boys too)

ang:wow ridzi u r looking gorgeous, kyon na lage gorgeous armaan jo aane wala hai

(ridzi blush very badly)

ridzi:aap bhi bohut hot and smashing lag rahi hain, lagta hai aaj atul ko marne ka iraada hai

(no angie blush very badly)

(atul and rahul comes)

rah:hey girls are u ready?

ang:yes and happy birthday buddy

ridzi:happy birthday

(the girls hugs him)


rid-ang:u r looking so handsome and atul u too

at-ra:woh to hum hai but listen from u sound awesome

rah:by the were u both r looking very beautiful


(rahul and ridzi leaves, atul enters in the room, hold angie's hand, see her eyes)

atul:u r looking an angel


(and kiss on her cheek, after this angie was all red)


(he offer his hand she hold it, four of them sit in the car, the boys in the front,th girls in the back. Then they pick up sapna and goes to the club where armaan were already waiting for them and for the first time in the life he was ignoring girls)

girl(to armaan):hey gorgeous, i am shika (held out her hands)

armaan:how can i help u sister (think:hey man did i just call her sister, that's new, i am becoming mad day by day, or i am falling crazily in love for ridzi day by day)


arm:i just said how can i help u behna, as i can't make u an drink is not good for health and i can't be ur boyfriend

shika:u r disgusting

(she leaves, he mimick u are disgusting, all the five (ridzi, rahul, angie, atul and sapna) were watching the scene, they were shocked there mouth were wide open, then they come in senses as knowing is the reality)

ang;is he the same armaan, who doesn't let go any chance to flirt with girl?

rah:fortunately yes

(by then armaan's eyes fall on them especially on ridhima, he was staring at her, his were completely fixed at her ridzi can feel it. they goes toward ammi)

rah:hi buddy

ammi:hi guys, how r u?

all the four except rifzi:we r fine and u?

ammi:good (think:what good i can't sleep on the night i am only thinking about ridzi) (he noticed ridzi doesn't answer, he is worried) are u ok ridzi?

ridz:yes i am ok mujhe kiya huwa?

ammi;u didn't answer me when i ask how r u whereas averybody answer, i was worried


(all were so happy they were teasing ammi, ammi blushed first time in his life, he looks at ridzi, she was also blushing)

ammi(to avoid this topic):hey guys please stop, anyways happy birthday rahul

rah:thank you

(they hugs each other, they start to feel conforatble with each other as friends but still ammi can't stand him near ridzi and rahul can't let go ammi so easily so he doesn't leave a single chance to take ammi jealous)

sap:oh ya rahul, I forget happy birthday

rah:thnx, amit nahi aaye

(rahul gives her a side hug)

sap:he is on his way

rah:hey guys where are my gifts?

rid:intezar karo sabar ka phal meetha hota hai

rah:i hope so

ang:hey what about dance?

atul(to angie):nice, so may i have the pleasure

ang:of course

(they goes toward the dance floor)

rah(to sapna):would u mind dancing with me pretty girl?

sap:no i won't mind until amit comes

(they both chuckled and make there way toward the dance floor)



ammi:ridzi u r looking beautiful, u r the most beautiful girl on the earth

rid(blush):are u flirting with me?

ammi(chuckle):no not at all, u r really looking goergous.

ridzi:so r u drank?

ammi:no, why are u asking me question like this?

ridzi:ammi u never praise girl like me before so....

(ammi put his finger on her lips, ridzi is taken aback, she looks in his eyes)

ammi:ridzi u r different u r unlike the other girls I met in my life or will meet in my my life,(he offer his hand) dance?

(she nods and put her and hand on his, they go toward the dance floor, (they were in a mid of the song)a romantic number was played han tu hai "jannat" most of the couple were lost in each other, rahul was alone in the bar counter as amit arrives too and sapna went with him so he is watching the couple dancing especially armaan-ridzi)

(ridzi's hand is on ammi's shoulder, ammi's hand is on ridzi's waist and the other hand in ridzi's hand, staring in each other's eyes)

Yehhh'we could fall in love
I say' I could fall in love
Yehhh'we could fall in love
And i say' I could fall in love with you

Hai teri innayat tujhse mili hai
Hoonto pe mere hasi jo khili hai
Usse mera chehra chupa bhi na paye
Tujhe paake hasil huye jo khushi hai
Tujhe paake hasil huye jo khushi

Haan tu hai haan tu hai
Meri baaton mein tu hai
Meri kwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu
Irradon mein tu hai

(they were swinging with the music with every second they were getting closer and closer)

Jo kwaabo khayaloon mein socha nahin tha
Tu ne mujhe itna pyaar diya
Mein jab bhi jahan bhi kadi dhoop mein tha
Teri zulf ne mujh pe saya kiya

(ammi tight his grip on her waist, ridzi's hand is now on ammi(s neck, they both are lost in each other's eyes)

(Haan tu hai haan tu hai
Meri baaton mein tu hai
Meri kwaabo mein tu yaadon mein tu
Irradon mein tu hai) ''2
Irradon mein tu hai

(when the music take an end they broke apart, they both are feeling a stranger emotions but they thought to ignore them and sat on the table booked for them, now the six are on the table)

rah:hey guys ab to gift dedo, I know it's not good to ask our gift ourself but u know i am like that (he winks)

(everybody giggle, ammi and ridzi keep glancing at each other(they were sitting next to each other. Somebody comes and put her hand on rahul's eyes and put the cake ont the table))

somebody: guess who am I?

ammi(mumble only ridzi can hear it):beautiful...

(he looks toward ridzi who gave him i-will-kill-u look)

ammi(thinks:why I am getting happy when she feels jealous when I praise other girls? did she feel the same as me?)

(he is still looking at her and give her a cute smile and made a puppy face, he gets closer to her and whisper)

ammi:sorry(think:why I say sorry? But i feel extremely good after saying sorry to her)I was just joking

(and moves back, ridzi lookes in his eyes and is realy shocked by this sorry, she gives him an angelic smile)

ammi(think:she looks like an angel when she is smiling)

(they comes back to the present scene)

somebody:rahul it has been 5 mins that u didn't have answered

(rahul smiles, he know who she is? but he keep teasing her, everybody around the table saw the expressions on rahul's face they understand that he is teasing her)

rahul:no i don't know, i am a very simple guy, I don't watch girl

somebody:so u have started watching boys, man i didn't expect this, I hate u

(she moves back but rahul holds her hand and made her land in his lap)

rahul:but I love u

somebody:so u knew it was me

rah:of course honey (he winks)

somebody:I hate u more now, I don't want to talk with u

rah:are u sure?

(she nods)

rah:(to his gang) hey guys pls close ur eyes

ang:love in the air

somebody:are u mad rahul?

(rahul nods)

rahul:in u r love sweety

(she blush)

rahul:guys pls close ur eyes

(everybody closed there eyes, rahul quickly give a passionate kiss to muskaan they both were eqully responding)

(she blush and tries to stands up from his lap but in vain)

somebody:rahul (everybody opens there eyes) see everybody is looking at us


somebody:rahul pls (she gives him a pleading look, he just can't refuse, she stands up from his lap)thnx

rah:anything for u

rid-ang-at:do u like the gift?

(rahul blush and smile, everybody burst out laughing)

ammi:hey guys can u introduce her to us please)

rid:yes of course, she is Muskaan, rahul's would be wife.

(ammi, ssapna and amit meet to her, they really like her sense of humour she can made everybody laugh(she is the same as in DMG))

ammi:hey man u didn't told us before that u r engaged or u have a girlfriend

rah:guys I forgot

muskaan:u forgot me chimpazee (rahul is taken aback) did u found someone else

rah:muski u r calling me chimpazee

muskaan:to kiya baloun, u forgot me after coming here

rahul:no muski, i just forgot to told them about u, otherwise i miss u everytime with every single breath, I love u

muskaan:I love u too


(both blush)

atul:rahul ur second gift is that she has join the same college as us

rah:wow that's great i can't have a more good gift then this thnx a lot guys

ammi:I am really sorry rahul that i didn't brought any gift as i didn't know ur taste choice so I decide that I'll ask u and give u whatever u want


(ammi nods)

rah:then I'll ask u for my gift on the right time, is that ok?

ammi:of course man

(they gave a hug to each other)

ang:and rahul muski is gonna stay with us, so i or rather we decide to throw u out of the house


atul:because u can't stay in the same house in which muski stays simple yaar, kich ghalat ho gaya to hum mu dikhane ke leyak nahi rahein ghe

(everybody laugh except muski who is blushing and smiling and raul who is getting annoyed that luski is there and they will be far away)

rah:shut up angie and it's my birthday guys, be polite

rid:no, this is final, so make the arrangement for u

(rahul is so sad)

rid:chill u have to shift tomorrow not today

ammi:rahul the offer is still available move in my house and atul u too

atul:that's great guys we'll really enjoy

rah:I agree man, so ok then tomorrow in the evning me and atul will come to ur house

ammi:perfect man

(all were dicussing buth two people were just olost in each other amit and sapna)

atul:hey guys looks the love bird

ang:hey sapna

(she shook her, she comes back out of the dream world as well as amit, they both were embarassed)

rah:hey chill guys pyar kiya to darna kaisa

(everybody laugh including amit and sapna)

rid:hey rahul now cutting session

(rahul nods, he vuts the cake fed to muskaan and then to everybody)

rah:muskaan u r brilliant cake maker

musk:how do u know i made it

(rahul holds her hand)

rahul:muski I can easily know that u made it as I love u

(she blush)

(ammi gets closer to ridzi)

rid:ammi kiya huwa?

(he moves back the strand behind her ear)

ammi(in her ear):did u feel jealous when I say beautiful to muskaan?

(ammi moves back to see u ridzi's expression, she is shocked hearing his question, ammi is enjoying he doesn't know why?)

ammi:it's ok if u don't wanna reply

(ammi moves his head on the other side, ridzi closed her eyes,lowered her head and take hold of his hand under the table, ammi looks toward her, she was sweating)

ammi(think:why i enter in a new world everytime I looked at her, why she so speacial? she is too different from the other girls i met)


(ammi has a smile on his face)


(ammi has a smile on his face, ridzi open her eyes, they had an eye lock)

(their romantic moment is interrupted by Rahul)

rah:hey guys

(AR comes back to the reality)

rah:uncle Shashank had arranged a lil party at house as they said they'll feel very odd here so we decide to celeberate also at home

sap:hey that's great mean two birthdays

rah:yes and I can guarantee tomorrow it gonna have much more fun but I am not sure if armaan can come as it's the dedicated to his family, will u be able ammi?

ammi:at what time ur bday will begin?

rah:at 8 pm

ammi:I'll be there and ya also get ready with ur stuff as u r gonna shift at my home, we'll go there together.

rah:ok, it's sounds perfect

ammi:I know ammi's idea are always perfect

(ammi winks then looks at ridzi who isn't in the condition to utter a single word, armaan is enjoying very much the effect he had on ridzi and he is also enjoying her expressions)

atul:apni tarif khud hi

amit:hey rahul tell me one thing are u just boyfriend and girlfriend soon to be engaged or already engaged?

rahul:we r already angaged

(he shows everybody his ring and then muski's ring, muski is shying)

atul:anyways guys what about couple dance as I know rahul wants also some time alone with muski bhabhi

(muski shies when atul sais bhabhi)

ang:wah wah abhi se sharmane lagi

(they went toward the dance floor in couple expect AR)

armaan:may I have the pleasure to dance with a beauty like u?

(she looks at him, give him a sweet smile and nods, they also make there way toward th dance floor)


(ridzi wakes up,she turns the side and saw muski and her side,who is snoring)

ridzi:muski bhi kitne zor se kharate leti hai subah subah jagah diya (thinks:muski ka kyon bahana bana rahi tum armaan ki wajah se nahi neend aa rehi)

(she blush and she remembers about the last night how much they enjoyed, especially while dancing AR were staring at each other)

(she tries again to have some sleep which she get after a very hard try)

(In the other house of the city, a man was also in the same condition, who didn't get any sleep, who is thinking about a girl, he is none other than armaan who is thinking about ridhima, her innocent and angelic face, her cute smile, her simple way of dressing, she is just perfect)

ammi:man u need some sleep, get some sleep u have some very important think to do on the morning

(he fell asleep (after few mins))

(everybody are dancing in the hall, ammi holds ridzi hand and takes her into a corner)

ridz:ammi kiya huwa?

(he puts his finger on her lips, she is looking into his eyes)

ammi:sshhh, I love u

ridz:I love u too

(he ancircled his hand on her waist, he kiss on her cheek,
he takes her finger away from her lip, he bend lower and kiss on her necks, she gasped, her hand went on ammi's neck and her other hand on his hair. She is arousing all his feeling for her, his kiss became more passionante. He continues kissing her and leaving a trail of wet kisses, she is groaning)

(ammi saw toward ridzi's face her eyes are closed, he smiled looking at her angelic face, ha moves toward her lips, they were some inch apart)

a voice:ammi yeh tum kiya kar rahe ho

ammi:kiya kar raha houn pyar kar raha houn

(he continues moving closer)

voi:ami koi pillow ke saath bhi pyaar karta hai

(armman quicly opens his eyes and realize that it was a dream, a beautiful dream, and he was just going to kiss his pillow but Bi stopped him (Bi who is his Nanny but Ammi and Bi share a very strong bond, as Bi has taken care of him from the childhood but as u guys know he didn't get the attention of his parents so he become a spoilt brat))

ammi:Bi aap?

Bi:han mein lekin beta yeh tum kiya kar rahe the?

ammi(embarrased):woh woh..muje laga ke ri....(he stops and looks at Bi)

Bi:tu mujhse kuch chupa raha hai

ammi:Bi actually ek ladki hai, bohut simple different to other girls, and she is very cute, her smile is like an angel (he is thinking of her and describing her), but u know whenever she is with other guys even his friends, I am very jealous, I love the effect she has on me and the effect I have on her, Bi for the first time in my life I blush yesterday when my friends were teasing me about the girl, And in she comes also in my dreams.

Bi:so u r in love?

ammi:nahi Bi, love, U know i don't believe in love

Bi:han lekin abhi jo kuch tune bataya na woh Loveamonia hai

ammi:I don't know

Bi:uska naam kiya hai?


Bi(surprised):ridhima gupta??? jis ke ghar tumhare parents rishtaa lekar gaye the

(ammi nods)

ammi:yes and I told them I'll think about all that after my studies get complete, Bi app janti ho ridhima ko?

Bi:han bohut hi pyari bachi hai sirf ek do baar hi miloun ho mandir mein lekin bilkul simple si hai kissi ko apna deewana bana sakti hai,

ammi:abhi to usne mujhe banaya huwa hai, puri raat ussi ke baare mein sochta rehta houn

Bi:Pata kiya tujhe todha waqt lageh gha apni dil ki baat sunne ko, lekin ek din tujhe pata chel jayegha ke tun usse pyar karta hai, ab jaldi se tyar ho ja mandir jaana hai

ammi:yes Bi

(ammi is spoilt a lot but every sunday he goes to temple)

(He gets ready and goes to temple with Bi, Bi waits outside as she is muslim)

ammi(in his heart):baghwan har sunday ki tarah lein mandir aaya houn. I always ask u why u give me parents who didn't care about me, I always ask u to help me for my exams, u always listen me for my exams but u never listen me for my parents love. Today, I am not gonna ask u something for me but ridhima, I don't know why but I want to pray for her today, god pls fulfill her all dreams, give her all she wants, make always happy, i want to see her happy and always smiling, gos I want her always by my side, I want her as my wife

(he opens his eyes, he is shocked that what he has just said he had ask god ridzi as her wife but for his surprise a flower comes and land in his hand, he walks outside of the temple, he is lost in his thought)
Bi:What happened Ammi?

ammi:I was praying something to god and a flower land in my hand

Bi:iska matlab teri duwa zaroor puri hogi

(ammi smiles but he is damn shocked)

ammi(think:was Bi right that I loved her)

(he is confused)

Bi:chal ab jaldi kar


(they are decorating the house, there will be only rahul's friends, his parents, ridzi's parents, muski's parents are dead she is brought up by rahul's parent, it's like a get together)

(muskaan is putting the flowers, she is standing on the stool, her feet slip she was just going to fell when somebody hold her by her waist, her hands are around his neck, he is none other than rahul, they lost in each other's eyes. They comes back to the reality, muski comes in proper position)

rahul:muski dyan se kaam kiya kar agar tujhe lag jati to....

muski(looks in his eyes):to??

rahul(he looks too into her eyes):to decoration kaun karegha

(he burst out laughing)

muski:jao mujhe tumse baat nahi karni

(rahul encircled his hand around her neck)

rahul:I was just joking agar tujhe lagti hai na to mujhe seedha yahaan dard hota hai (he points to his heart) as we r connected by heart and it hurt a lot, I love u very much

muski:I love u too

(they hugs each other, then rahul takes her into a corner, he put his hand around muski's waist, he kiss her on her neck very gently, muski's hand are encircled around rahul's neck, he keep kissing her,their lips are an inch apart, now rahul's lip are on muski's lips, she is moaning, her moved to his hairs, she ruffles them, they are having very romantic moments)

IN ANGIE'S ROOM (after an hour)

atul:angie where are u?

(by then angie comes out fromt he bath she is in a towel, she is shocked seeing atul and also blushing, he puts his hand on his eyes)

atul:I am sorry maine kuch nahi dekha

(he turns to the other side)

atul:tum kapde pehan lo mein tumhara bahir intezar karta houn


(after sometimes angie opens the door and make atul enter in her room)

ang:atul kuch kaam tha?

atul:Ya mein tumhare liye gift laaya houn


atull:yes open it

(she opens it, there is a very beautiful gown it's a combination of pink and green)

ang:wow it's very beautiful (she hugs him) thank you very much

(she moves moves)

atul:it's all my pleasure

(he kissed on her cheek, she blush)

atul:actually angie I want to say u something from a long time, from our childhood, I love u

(angie is shocked, atul bent down on his knee)

atul(he looks in her eyes and bring out a ring):will u marry me?

(she can't say a word she simply nod, atul smile and make her wear the ring, everybody comes out clapping(including their father), angie is blushing badly)

rahul:congrats man, u done it

atul:thnx guys for ur support guys

ridz:it was our pleasure atul, di I am so happy for u guys, congratz

muski:congratz guys

atul-ang:thank you very much guys

shashank:Me and Padma are very happy for u angie u made a correct choice,

sha-pad:congratz (they hugs the future couple)

(everybody hugs them, they r very happy they imforms everybody means friends( armaan, sapna, amit), atul's parents about the proposer, everybody are happy)


(there is a guy who is Armaan playing with the kids and Bi talking with the orphanage care taker)

Bi:ammi feels in peace whenever he comes here

ctk:I agree, he is like a family to us

Luv u all<333

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ctk:I agree, he is like a family to us, he is like my son

(ctk's name is ANCHAL, he is husband died the night after their mariage (it means about 17 years ago) and her family rejected her, she was homeless but ammi's mom helped her and bring her here, ammi's mom oftenly says her to marry and settled but she refuses because he is happy like that she is afraid of her past)

Bi:hmm Anchal, he has also only me and this people whom he can call his family as his parents never give him the attention, I know his parents love him a lot, but unintentionally they had been ignoring him, they r still unaware of this fact.

anc:don't worry, someone will surely change his life

Bi:I know and it can't be someone else than her

anc(shocked but then got excited):her??? it means someone is in ammi's life?

Bi(happy):yeah, well actually, ammi ke mom dad rishta legar ke gaye the, ammi asked for time, both of them are in the same college, they become friend and spent time with each other. I know a, mmi had fallen in  love with her

ach(excited):did u saw her?

Bi:yes,I met her few times outside of the temple when a women was going to fell she comes and saves her and after that time we met also sometimes out of the temple. She is very innocent, very traditional unlike other modern girls, I mean she is modern but doesn't really want to do like girls's do nowadays.

anc(really excited):what's her name?

Bi(very happy):Ridhima gupta

anc(she is surprised and happy):Oh my god, ridhima, i know her, Shashank sir's daughter right?

(Bi nods)

Bi:how did u know her?

anc:well actually, she used to come here every saturday, she doesn't come here yesterday but she has called and said she is very sorry as it's his friends birthday so she'll come on sunday, she must be there in sometimes.

Bi:it will be worth watching both of them's face

anc:I agree, come in, I'll make some tea for u


(they enters in the small room (office).By then a girls enter in the orphanage, there is lots of ballon in her hands that her face is completely hidden behind them, she takes some few steps further, but bump into someone)

(She was going to fell when  a mascular man hold her by waist (and u know what the guys has a scarf ties around his eyes as they were playing) , all the ballon were want off her hand, she opened her eyes realizing that she doesn't touch the ground. Seeing the sight in front of her, she gets shocked, the man gets rid of the ribbon around his eyes, he is as well shocked)

arm(he thinks he is dreaming, he touches her face but she doesn't diseaper, he takes a sigh of relieved):ridhima tum?

(still in the same postion, she nods then stand properly)

rid:armaan tum yahan?

arm:yeah well I here, but I never saw u here before

rid:well actually, I come here on saturdays but as u know it was rahul's birthday so i wasn't able to come here, so I come here as I know if i don't come then my sweet sweet little sisters and brother wan't spare me

(she laughs along ammi)

rid:but ammi i am honestly shocked to see u here

ammi:well I also come here on every sundays, well actually mom is busy with her work and dad with his. And ridzi it's my family, I got a lots of love from here, my parents never give me the love I deserved

(he has some tears in his eyes, ridzi cupped his face and kiss his tears and bid them goos boy, then moves back)

rid(she become in a mischeaves mood, she wants too see him happy):don't cry u look horrible when u cry, and I expect that it's because of ur parents u become a spoilt brat, well I had to agree u r handsome hunk, sperb muscular but yeah I didn't like ur spoilt brat attitude

(a smile curve on his lip listening the compliments for himself and then she confessed she doesn't like in right word see him flirting with other girls)

ammi:well, I really love when u say u didn't like me flirting with girls

(ridzi redden and lowered her head, ammi cupped her face and kissed on her forehead, ridzi saw toward him and a small smile take place on her lips)

(by then all the children comes out from there hidden place and a boy speak

boy(excited):di aap bhi aa gayi ho ab to bahut maza aaye gha

ammi:of course vidyut, but guys which games do u wanna play.

(kids discuss between themselves)

arjun:bhai we decide to play the same game we were playing sometimes ago

ammi:well not bad idea

(he glance at ridzi looking for her answer, she smiles and then nods)

(they start playing, every children has their turn now it was ridzi's turns, so armaan tie the scarf, she was looking to innocent, that he can't resist and kiss on her cheek. Ridzi know it was armaan, she become all red, ammi knew that he shoudn't have done this, he whisper in her ear)

armaan(whisper):Sorry i didn't do it intentionally i was getting up and my lips brushes against ur cheek

(he lies but he know that's the only way to make her ease)

ridz:it's ok

(ridzi start finding, she stuggle a lot, the kids were really devil that they mislead her, well this game is actually based on it, show ur smartness LOL, finally she found someone, she touches at the head of the kid, but she realize after that it's armaan's stomach, ammi feels to kiss right now on her pink pink lips, actually unintentionally she was seducing him,she takes her hands up and now her hands are on his cheek, only armaan know how he stops himself to do something ahem ahem)


ammi:well u have guessed right lady

(he takes off the scarf from her eyes, ridzi opened her eyes and AR had an eyelock

After few mins

(anchal and Bi comes out and they saw AR looking into each others eyes all the kids are around them seeing them, Bi and anchal had a big smile on their face)

tina:yeh bhai aur di ko kiya huwa yeh hamari baat hi nahi sun rahe

rya(riya is around 3 years old):haan kitni del she awaj laga rahe hain jawab hi nei de lahe.

rohan(he is 14 years old):Yeh ankhon hi ankhon mein pyar ho raha hao

(Bi and anchal laugh listening children's convo and then move toward them, make there space and goes near AR)

anc:ridhima tum kab aayi

(no responce, so anchal shook ridzi a bit. Ridzi and Armaan comes out from their dream land, and they r embarassed to see the children around them and anchal and Bi.Ridzi lowered her head and ammi blush)

anc:ridhima tum kab aayi

rid(still embarassed):abhi...abhi kuch hi..hi dher pehle aayi


rid(less embarassed):Bi aap bhi yahaan hai

Bi:haan beti, mein ammi ki Bi houn

rid:mujhe nahi pata tha

ammi:ab pata chal gaya na, but I have to say that u spell ur magic on Bi

rid:and why are u saying that?

ammi(mumnble but audible but everybody):because u spell ur magic on me too

(ridzi blush, then anc smiles and Bi too, then their smiles turns into giggle,the children begin laughing. AR look toward each other then at bi and anchal and then at the kids)

ammi:aap aisai has kyon rahe ho?

Shruti:Bhayya aap dono ek doosre se pyar karte ho

(ridzi lowered her head as she become all red, ammi blush then saw toward ridzi and he smiles)

arjun:bhayya aap ne jawab nahi diya

(Bi and anchal are on silent mode they let the kids handling the matter)

ammi(nervous):hey guys can we postpone this topic, if u don't mind?

vidyut:ok but only postpone we want the answer when u'll come here next time

(ammi nods)



(now angie and atul are alone in the room. Angie is sitting on her bed a,d atul is sitting next to her and his arm is around her shoulders)

Atul:Angie u know how lucky I feel today, u make me the most lucky man today

(angie blush with a cute smile then looks toward him, he has some tears making their way out of his eyes. She wipes the tears)

angie:why are u crying ?

(she looks in his eyes)

Atul:this is tears of happiness, my most beautiful dream comes true,(he looks into her eyes) promise me u'll never leave me, promise u'll always love me.

(she kiss on his cheek, then moves back to face him)

angie:I promise, I'll never leave u, I promise I will always love u, now u too promise

atul:there is nothing here to promise because the day i'll stop loving ur or I'll leave u will be when I'll die but yet I'll promise, I'll never leave u and I'll always love from the core of my heart

(now angie become teary, atul suck her tears, angie moves her lips toward his lips, she press her lips to him, they both respond, it was their first ever kiss, it was a quite long kiss not so long it last 2 mins)



muskaan(sad):Rahul teri packing ho gayi?

rahul(naughtily):haan jaan, why are u sad? sad to mujhe hona chahiye mujhe ghar se bahir nikal diya aap sabne milkar

muskaan:Rahul tum bhi na, mein sad houn ke tum ja rahe ho aur tum na bilkul khan khajura hi hai, idher mein sad houn udher to apne joke crack kar raha hai, mein chali mujhe tujhse baat nahi karni, khan khajura

(she gets up to leave but stop when he holds her by her wrist and pull her toward him she bumps into his chest)

rahul:haye haye, teri zuban se to khan khajura, chimpazee, bander, honey, sweetheart sab kitne romantic lagte hain

(she blush and turns toward him and automatically a smile curve on her lips)

muskaan:mein kyon tujhse nazar nahi reh sakti?

rahul:because we love each other a lot

(then he moves toward her lips and kiss. Both respond equally, muskaan was moaning, muskaan's hand moves to his neck and rahum slip his hand around her waist, the kiss get more passionate and more passionate, they didn't know how the times flow, the seconds tresfor in minutes and the minutes in half an hourWink)



ammi:aunty and meri pyare pyare bacho ab humein chalna chahiye

ridz:ammi can U also drop me as dad left me here and he told me he'll wait but I said him to go so....

ammi(interrupt):it's ok ridzi come

(ridz smile but she feels awkward after all the events heppened, they exit the gates of the orphanage after saying bye to everyone)

Bi:ammi u start the car we'll come in a while

(ammi goes to his car and sits)

Bi:ridhima mein ek baat poochoun?

ridzi:Bi kiya aap armaan se bhi poochti hain ke "ek baat poochoun"?

(Bi shook negatively her head)

ridz:to phir aap mujhse kyon pooch rahi hain

Bi:acha baba sorry, ok kiya tum ammi se pyar karti ho?

(ridzi blush and nods)

Bi:Tum Ammi mein kya acha lagta hai?

ridzi(looks toward Bi):Bi I know armaan from the very first day of college, I was attract to him because I saw something different in his eyes but I start loving him when I come to knew him. he is not what he looked like. I can clearly see in his eyes the pain. I tried to ask him before our parents talk about us but u know I didn't have the courage. Now I think I know the reason of the pain in his eyes which is he is sad because of his parents

Bi(smiles):mujhe Armaan ke liye tumse achi ladki nahi mil sakti.

(ridzi smiles and lowered her head, bi smiles and pass her hand on ridzi's head)

ammi:hey beautiful ladies can u pls come now, it's almost ten minutes after I start my car.

(the two ladies smiles and sits in the back seat of the car)

(ammi sets his rear mirror to have a better view of ridzi)

ammi(think:my god, hands down,I really love her and can't fight anymore with my heart)

(ammi starts driving and in between glance toward the rear mirror to look at ridzi, ridzi has a small smile on her lips, thinking about all days event. Seeing her smile ammi has a smile on his lips)

ammi:hey ridzi here come ur house

ridzi:thnx armaan

ammi:ur welcome,wait I'll come with u till the door

(rizi nod)

ammi:Bi I'll come in a minute


(ammi comes out with ridzi, they start walking toward the house's door)

ammi:first of all no thnx and secondly u know what armaan sounds more sweet and cute on ur lips

(ridzi saw toward him, he is smiling, ridzi blush and was going to rush in the house. Ammi holds her wrist moves toward her and plant a kiss on her cheeks, ridzi saw toward him once again)

ammi:where is mine?

(ridzi blush even more)

ridzi:armaan mujhe jane do na


ridzi(looking at him pleadingly):pls

(ammi's heart melt but he wants a kiss so he doesn't moves back, he shook his head)

ridzi:u won't let me go right?

(ammi nods (with the ever cute looks on his face), ridzi smiles and give him a kiss on his cheek. Ammi smiles and loose his grip and then let her go)

(ammi waits till she enters her homes door, before entering she looks back, then hit her forehead seeing him on the same place, then she waves her hand and close the door)

(ammi goes back and sits in the car, he sees back at Bi, who is smiling)

Bi:ammi kyon usse tang kerta rehta hai?

ammi:Bi she looks very cute when she blush and Bi u know what u are right I love her

Bi:mujhe laga nahi that ke tujhe itni jaldi aakal aayeghi, kab usse bataye gha?

ammi:very soon on a great occasion

Bi(she knows that ridzi loves her but still):do u think she loves her?

ammi:yes Bi, when I am near her she gasp, when I am close to her her heartbeat increase, I know, my heart say she too loves me, and even if she doesn't love I will tell her my hearts desire.

Bi:Ammi I am very proud of u

ammi:thnx Bi.

(ammi leaves toward his house)


RIDZI'S ROOM-It's almost 7

(ridzi enters in her room, she is thinking of all the events that occur in the day, she is feeling happy and is having happy vibrations she doesn't know why but she is feeling that something very big and good is going to happen)

(she moves toward her closet and takes out a very pretty red salwar kameez
(a dress like this one but more red), she doesn't know why but she feels that Armaan is gonna love it, she smiles and moves toward the bathroom)



(In the other hand ammi enters in his room, he opens his closet recalling all the moments of the day, he too smiles)

(then he takes out jean and red shirt (see the pics)

He takes it and made his way toward the bathroom)



(Eveybody is there on time, ammi, atul and rahul are waiting for their girls, they r so mad to see them, especially ammi and it doesn't go unnoticed by rahul)

rahul(teased):ammi tu kiska itna betabi se intezar kar raha hai?

ammi(reddened):woh..woh kisi ka bhi nahi

rahul(with a smile):r u sure?

ammi:yeah of course I am sure

rahul(sad):ammi don't need to lie to me, we r friends, it's ok if u don't want to tell me, but don't lie

ammi(feels guilty):I am sorry, i didn't mean to hurt u, u r my friend and I think I should tell u

rahul(smile and path ammi's back):yeh huwi na baat ab bata

ammi:actually I am in love

rahul(act like he is shocked):kiske saath?


(rahul has a wide smile as well as atul who was listen their conversation)

rahul(act like he is very surprised):u love ridzi?are u sure it's love and not something else?

ammi(with a confident smile and confused as well):yes I love her from the core of my heart and it's love not something else, man in the first time in my life I am confused, i feel restless for ridzi, I has say those three magical word to lots of girls but first time in my life I am afraid to tell to the the love of my life that I love her, I am not able to utter those three magical words to her.

rahul:I know u r scared?


atul:yes u r scared if she reject u as she meant a lot to u and with other girls it doesn't matter a lot to u, am i right?

ammi:yaar atul u r absulotely right, u r champ yaar, I'll call u champ from now

atul:hey that's a great name, thnx

ammi:ur welcome

atul:why do u love her and what do u love in her?

ammi:she is too different from the girls I ever met before and now too, she it too innocent, (he remember the scene in the orphanage)I can beheave in front of her the way I am, I don't need pretend like someone else, she is too cute, so adorable, cho cho sweet, I love her

(when he finish his sentence he looks at atul and rahul, who were looking at him with a big smile, which make him blush)

ra:are u gonna tell her?

ammi(smile sheepishly):yes


ammi:don't know,(he frown) but why u guys are asking me a ton of question?

at:well ridzi is like our sister so u understand we want to choose the right guy and we think u r the right guy and the rest is upto ridzi,(with a sad face) just hope for the best.

rah(think:kiya nataak baaz hai atul, isse to award milna chahiye)

(only rahul know how he has control he laugh)

rah:ammi what about u tell her today?

ammi:well man u r right, mauka bhi hai aur iraada bhi paaka hai agar woh mujhe reject bhi karde to mujhe afsoos nahi hoga ke maine koshish nahi ki, but really hope for the best

(by then the three girl comes, angie is wearing the dress gifted by atul (pink and green combination gown), muski is wearing the dress which rahul gives her on her birthday (a green saree) and ridzi a red salwar kameez)

(the boy are froze on their spot, their mouth are wide open, they r completely mesmerized by their lady loves beauty)

(the girls went to their respective boy, but ridzi was blush badly, her face was completely red as she can't beheave like the other two girls who went to their woys and close their mouth so ridzi went to ammi and stand in front of him)


ammi(still staring at her):hmmm

ridzi:why r u staring at me like that?

ammi:I am wondering how an angel comes on earth, so beatuful, so innocent, that I am completely mesmerized by her.

(ridzi blush even more and ammi takes her somewhere and she like a good girl didn't ask any question)


(muski close rahul's mouth)

muski;aisai kiya dekh raha hai?

rahul:yehi ke mere gift mein to kitni achi lag rahi hai

(she open her mouth)

muski:iska matlab mein waise nahi achi lagti

rahul:nahi waisai bhi lagti hai, lekin aaj bohut zyada khoobsoorat lag rahi hain

(he pull her by her waist)

rahul:Day by day u r becoming even more beautiful, hot and irrestitle


rahul:kiya rahul, mar gaya rahul tere ishq mein

(muskaan encircle her hands around rahul's neck)

muski:man I can't get why I can't be anger at u

rahul:same answer darling we love a lot each other, I love u babe

muski:I love u too, birthday boy

(she give him a quick peck on his lips and runs away before rahul can grab her)


(angie too close his mouth and then take back her hand)

atul:angie u r looking so gorgeous in that gown

angie(smile):kaise na lagti tum ne jo diya hai

atul:agar tum kuch aur bhi pehnti to itni hi khoobsurat lagti

angie:thnx atul

atum:my pleasure and my lady I love u

(she comes even more closer to her, and lay her one hand on his chest and the second on his cheek)

angie:I love u too handsome

atul:I am on seven cloud now, thnx a lot for the compliments

angie:that's not fair only dry thnx

atul:oh so u want an animated thnx

angie:of course koi shak, aur abhi waise bhi mom dad bhi neeche nahi aaye, so grab the chance

(they chuckled, then atul encircled his hand around her waist, and kiss her gently)


(ammi takes ridzi on the roof)

ridzi:ammi tum mujhe yahaan per kyon lekar aaye

ammi:jo baat mujhe tumse kehni hai woh in hawaon ke ilawa shayad kahin aur nahi keh sakta

(he takes sigh)

ammi:see ridzii am gonna tell u something even if ur answer is no, can we remain friends the same way we r now

rid(smile and she too act like she unaware of what he is gonna take):of course armaan we'll be always friend may what happen, now tell me


rid:actually what?

ammi:actually I u ridzi

(ridzi act like she is surprised (stunned))


ammi(cuts in between):see ridzi I told u even if it's no our friendship will be remain the same, do u love me?


(she turns away and leave, and armaan turns and face the sky, automatically tears starts running down, he broke down on his knee)

ammi:first time in my life I love someone but she reject me, but it's not her fault, it's all because of my reputation in college, she has seen me with lots of girl oh god, I wish I was able to understand all that before and not mess my life badly


(angie and atul are still kissing and are lost in their own world)

someone:ahem ahem

(atul and angie jumps back and are embarrassed, then looks at the person it was muskaan who was smiling)

muski:carry on guys, maine kuch nahi dekha

ang-at:tum bhi na dara diya tha

(muski leaves AA carry on their sweet sweet talks)

(someone comes and lay her hand on his shoulder, ammi turns and looks at the person)


(ridzi has also tears in her eyes, ammi stands up, and stroke her hairs)

ammi:why are u crying?

ridzi:I love u too

(and she hugs him, ammi paths her head, they r like in the heaven in that moment unaware of their surrondings)

ammi:I love u ridzi

ridzi:I am sorry to make u cry

ammi:it's ok, now u r with me, I will never cry and never let u cry

(he tilted his head and wipes off her tears. She moves back after few secs)

ridzi:actually I am sorry because I was acting

ammi(shocked):acting, u said u love me it was an acting

ridzi:no not that, when I said u i didn't love u

(ammi is confued)

someone:yes man, she is right

ammi:rahul tum

(rahul nod)

rahul:u remember the day when u where talking with vineet, in the classroom, the day after ur parents and u went to ridzi's house to see her.

(ammi remembers and nods his head)

rahul:well ridzi had listened ur converstaion and she was sad, that's when I call her and I ask her why her voice is so strange, the she told me everything, she told me as well that it isn't new that someone call her behenji but she didn't expect this from u (he takes a sigh) I understand, she loves u so then start my mission well our mission, I came their tell my plan to ridzi but she wasn't ready to make u sad, but u know she is my best friend u unknowingly made her cry so i just wanted to see u suffer just for a moment but u know i can't get happy as ridzi to was crying when she says no and runs away

(ammi is shocked, he doesn't knew all this. He is feeling guilty that he said ridzi behenji and he unknowingly hurt her, made her cry. He looks at ridzi with her head lowered, he goes to her, and lay his hand on her shoulder, ridzi looked at him, and give him as smile seeing him smiling in tears)


rahul:ammi one question (ammi looks at ammi) how do u feel when ridzi said no and runs away.

ammi:It felt like someone snatch away the earth under my feet, I never feel so heartbroken, but rahul I really derserved, If u weren't there than I think I'll never realize that I love ridzi, thnx

rahul:my pleasure, anything for my friends

(rahul comes to AR and hugs them and congratulate them. When rahul broke apart)

rahul:ok I'll leave u alone, u guys need some time alone

(rahul winks and went in the house. Ammi looked at ridzi, her heas is lowered, ammi cupped her face and made her face him)

ammi:I am sorry

(he wipes the tear)

ammi:I hurt u a lot, I made u cry, but I promise I'll never make u cry again, and I'll never hurt u.

(he kiss on her forehead, ridzi hids her face on his chest)

ammi:why are u crying u r broking my promise, I just make the promise to never make u cry and see the next second of my promise u r crying

(ridzi tilted her head, and looks into his eyes, ammi looks back)

rid(smiles):those r happiness tears

ammi:I am feeling jealous


ammi(sad):only I have the right to touch ur face

(ridzi hit on his chest)

rid:u r ........

ammi(interrupt):very handsome, I know that

(ridzi smiles, ammi kiss on her forehead, then bent lower to her cheeks.Ridzi's stomach make summersault, she slips her hand around his neck and close her eyes.He encircled his hand around her waist. He kiss on her nose and was just about going to kiss on her lips, they can easily feel each others breath on their face, ammi moves back and remove his hand from her waist. Ridzi's hands are still encircled around ammi's neck, she opens her eyes)

ridzi:ammi kiya huwa?

ammi:I...will only kiss u on ur lips when we'll get at least engaged, Once I am sure that u r mine, not before that.

(ridzi pull his cheek slightly)

ridzi:u r so cute, I am very proud of u, u have really changed

ammi:ur love changed me, I love u

ridz:I love u too

someone:ahem ahem

(they turned and saw rahul, muskaan, atul and angie)

(ridzi take backs her hand from his neck and lowered her head as she blush badly, in the other hand ammi too blushes)

atul:hey don't need to be shy, we r so happy for u guys

(everybody went to them to congrats and hug them)

ammi:u guys know it?

angie:yes we know it

ammi:it means only I was unaware of all, well rahul ur plan was amazing


(ammi comes back to himself, he places his right hand around ridzi's waist, she looks up and saw ammi looking at her smiling, ridzi too gives him a smile blushing)

ammi:so rahul and atul have u done ur packing?


muskaan:come we should go down

(everybody agree and they went down excpet armaan ridhima)

ridzi(whisper in ammi's ear):ammi pls leave me

ammi:I didn't held u to leave u

ridzi:mein todha koi saath chodne ko bol rahi houn, mein to sirf haath hatane ko keh rahi houn

(she looks at him)

ridzi(pleadingly):pls armaan

(he melted)


(he takes his hand back)

ammi:only for now after mariage i'll never leave u

(ridzi blush)

ridzi:I'll never let u leave me, even if u get bored of me

ammi:I'll never get bored of u, (he place his hand on his neck) rab di sau

(ridzi smiles and hugs him. After that they made their way to the party)

ammi:ridzi u wait here i'll be back in a minute

(ridzi wait near the table, ammi went to rahul and told him something, after few seconds he comes back)

(ammi offered his hands)



(she places her hand in his hand, they walked toward the dance floor, the song start it's none other than "jo gumshuda" from mission istambul, (ridzi wanted to dance on this song with her life partner), ridzi looked at him, he looked back)

ridzi:u remembered?

ammi:yes I can't forget anything u told me.

(they both smiled and ammi looks toward rahul who shows him thumbs up and wink which makes ammi smile)

(blue for boy and pink for girland in red their scenes while dancing)

(ammi place his hand around her waist, ridzi places her hand on his shouder, and ammi interlocked the other with ridzi's)
Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai
Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai
Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho.

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do
Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do
Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan
Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai
Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai
Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho..

(ammi pull closer ridzi, ridzi hand is now on around his neck)

Kaatil Badi Tanhaaiyan Takleef De Ab Duriyan
Samjha Karo Khamoshiyan Acchi Nahin Sarghoshiyan
Jawabon Mein Tum Sawalon Mein Tum
Hamesha Rahe Khayalon Mein Tum
Tumse Hai Meri Madhoshiyan..

(they both swam with the song, lost into each other's eyes)

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do
Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do
Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan

(he spine her and face her back, he gently kiss on her back,ridzi closed her eyes. Then ammi spines her again,they r face to face, once again lost into each other's eyes)

Tum Jo Mile Raahath Mili
Jeene Ki Bhi Chaahath Mili

Dil Ashna Tum Se Hua Puri Huyi Meri Dua
Mere Jism-O-Jaan Pe Chaaye Raho
Panaahon Mein Tum Samaaye Raho
Ooo'Kehthi Hai Meri Bethaabiyan

(ammi kiss on her forehead, forgetting the rest)

Dil Ki Baathon Ko Dil Mein Rehne Do
Nazar Se Nazar Se Kehne Do
Hongi Hongi Hongi Varna Badnaamiyan

(ridzi both hand are around his neck, his hand are encircled around her tiny waist)

Jo Gumshuda Aankhon Mein Hai
Jo An Kahin Saanson Mein Hai
Dastaan Wahin Labzo Mein Kaho..


(Ridzi's parent were the witness of the blossom of the three couples, they r very happy to know that AR are getting closer but they didn't know that they had confessed their love)

sha:armaan ridhima dono kitni ache lagte hain

pad:haan dekhti hi dekhti bache kitne bare ho gaye

(a tear licked from her eyes)

sha:kiya huwa padma

pad:kuch nahi bas soch rahi thi ki kuch salon mein yeh apna apna ghar basa lein ghi, we'll miss them a lot

sha(he sighs):tum theek keh rahi ho, lekin hamari betiyan ache garoun mein ja rehi hain, aur hum jabhi chahein unse milsakte hain

pad nods

sha:now smile, u didn't look good crying

(padma smiles)


(AR make their way toward the table and they talk about everythink and nothing, they came closer everyminutes, they know a lot about each other's now)


ammi:hay kitna romantic lagta hai jab bhi tum armaan kehti ho

(ridzi blushes)

ammi:oye hoye, sharmate huwi bhi kitni cute lagti ho, I really love u

rid:I love u too

(they hugs each other)

ammi:u was saying something

(ridzi moves back)

rid:oh haan, I was just going to bring a drink

ammi:wait I'll bring, what u'll like to have?

rid:anything u like

ammi:so much trust on me?

rid:more than my self

(ammi's feeling happy that ridzi trust him that much and he hope he'll never broke this trust and he also trust ridzi a lot more than his self, he wents and comes after few minutes)

ammi:here we go

(went to know what it is, it's apple just)

rid(smiles):thnx,u know it's my favorite drink

ammi(give her back a charming smile with his cute dimples):mine too.


(Everybody gather around the table rahul cuts the cake and fed to the closest person to him, the party is finished, everyone makes their way toward their room or their house except ridzi and ammi)

(after sometime, ammi took ridzi to a ridzi's room)

rid(confused):armaan?? why did u bring me here?

(ammi placed his finger on her lips)


(ridzi looked at him, wide eyes open)

ammi:I have something to give u

(he took his hand back and looks at the questioning eyes of ridzi)

ammi(smiles)(thought:god she looks so cute):close ur eyes

rid(more confused):why??

ammi:don't u trust me?

rid:of course I trust u

(she closed her eyes. She felt his breath on his neck which made her gasp. Ammi loves her reaction, he loves the effect they have on each other, the love which grower even more deeper with the passing minutes, hours and days)



Muskaan(sad):rahul teri sari packing ho gayi

(rahul nodded)

rahul:haan hogayi aur tu sad maat ho, hum roz mileighe to sahi na, don't worry my princess

(he kiss on her forehead)

muskaan(smiles):u r right, where is atul?

Rahul:with angie

muskaan:I should have guessed

(rahul sat on the bed)

rahul:now come here

(she came to him and sat on his lap then laid her head on his chest. After few minutes, she tilted her head, cupped his face and placed her lips on his, in the start it was gentle but it turned into a passionate one, rahul's tongue entered into muski's mouth, their tongue touched, muski groaned softly then she encircled her hand around his neck and rahul did the same around her waist. They both moaned in the pleasure. Muskaan's hand made her way toward his hair, she ruffles his, she arouse him on the fullest, the kiss went deeper and deeper)



(atul is sitting on the bed all sad,angie is standing in front of him)

angie:atul, honey why r u sad, u r not going miles away from me?

atul(takes a sigh of relief):thank god otherwise I would die

angie(smiles):atul u know u r so cute

(atul smiled and pulled her hard, she bumped into his chest her hand went around his neck, atul sliped his hand around her waist. She blushed and lowered her head. Atul held by her chin and make her face him. She looked into his eyes)

atul:I'll miss

angie:me too, I love u

atul:I love u too

(he kissed on her cheek and then atul kissed her lips, full of love, full of sweetness. Those moments were the best of their lifes. They kept exploring each other's mouth)


(he places the locket on around her neck and hook it, then kiss her shoulder gently, a cold chill run down throw her spine. Then he led her toward a mirror)

ammi:open ur eyes

(ridzi opened her eyes and saw a locket, a half heart and it's wriiten Armaan on the locket. Ridzi looked at him, having tears into her eyes, she hugs him)

ammi:why r u crying?,(teasingly) now don't tell me those tears are of happiness

(she hit on her chest, then takes a step back)

ridz:thnx armaan, by the way where is the other half?


(he points toward his neck, it's the other half on which it's written ridhima)

ammi:now u r the owner of my heart and I am the owner of ur heart

(she smiles and kiss on his forehead)

ridz:u r so adorable

ammi(frowns):that's all?


(he is still frowning. Ridzi smiled and pulled his cheek and kiss on his cheek. She places her hand on his cheek)

rid:u r all mine

(ammi smiles and kiss her hand which was placed on his cheek)

Ammi:and u r all mine and will be always mine

(he hugs her)

(rahul called them, rahul and atul are read with their baggage and went ammi's house)


(At ammi's house, rahul and atul shifted in their room, they r separated. But the three room are very close next to each other and every room have an attached bathroom inside and a door to go to the next room from inside the room)


(ridzi is sitting on the bed, facing the complete moon and the stars. All is looking so beautiful. She remember how they confesses in the open air, the wind were the witness, everything around them were the witness of their love)

(suddenly ridzi jerked out from her thought as somebody knocks on the door. She stood up and open the door. She is shocked to see the person at her at 11 PM)

ridzi(surprised):papa aap?

shashank:yes ridhima, I want to talk with u

ridzi:papa come in, sat comfortably and then tell me

(shashank smiled as he enters and sat on the couch, ridzi sat next to him)

shashank:Ridzi (he took a sigh) I am very happy for u and ammi

(ridzi looked at him, she is completely shocked)

shashank:rahul told me that u guys loved each other, I am very proud of u guys, u made the right choice.

(he smiled and path her head)

ridzi (smiles):papa, actually I was thinking how to tell u and moreover it's today we confessed. I didn't knew that rahul was so much impatient to tell u

shashank:he did a good job to tell me. I know ammi want to get married after he completes his studies and u too but u guys can at least get engaged

(ridzi blushed)

ridz:papa, I'll tell u once I ask to armaan

(shashank smiled and then nodded)

shashanl:now go and sleep u have to go to college to tomorrow

(shashank made his way out and ridzi laid on her bed thinking about armaan)

(It's same with armaan, he is laying on his bed and recalling all the moments, he told Bi that he had confessed his love to ridzi and ridzi to love him. Bi was very happy for ammi)

(u guys should have guessed that it's the same think with the other two couples)



(the three girls at waiting eagerly for the boys in front of the college gate. There waiting for the last 15 minutes)

Muskaan:yeh abhi tak aaye kyon nahi?

angie:muski chill they should be in the way

ridzi:yeh muski angie is right

(actually ridzi is feeling quite awkward, doesn't know why, she is having some insecurities regarding ammi well she trust ammi but she doesn't trust the girl of his college what will people think of their relationship, as everybody mocked her, she is feeling scared, but then she assures herself that ammi is gonna be by her side. She came back to reality feeling somebody calling her, she looks up)

ammi(whisper softly): I am calling u from the past 5 minutes, where were u lost?

ridzi(lloked down):nowhere

angie:hey guys we should made our way in the college, we have about 30 minutes for our first lesson, so we can go in the canteen.

(everybody agreed and made their way toward the canteen. Ammi and ridzi were left back. Ammi hold her wrist)

ammi:ridzi tell me what's the matter, u look so lost?

(ridzi looked around, ammi understand she is feeling uncomfortable to talk there so he took her on staircase and made her sat then sat in front of her)

ammi(in concerned voice):now tell me what happen?

ridzi:ammi i didn't know, It will sound silly to u, but I am feeling awkward, u know what everybody....

(ridzi didn't found the word to complete her sentence, she is playing with her fingers to explain him or find words but all in vain but ammi understood. He hold her hands)

ammi:let people think whatever they want, it's doesn't matter to me and doesn't have to matter to u too

(he told her looking into her eyes)

ridz:ammi everybody is ok but ur friends?

ammi:ridzi if my friend can't respect u then it means they r not my friend.

(ridzi smiled)

ammi(teasing mood):and if u r feeling scared about the girls that someone girl may take me away from u then I can't do anything

(ridzi looked at him and hit on his chest)

ridzi:u r only mine and don't ever think about someone else

(ammi smiled and hugged her)

ammi:I won't think about someone else, because every other girl beside u, are my sisters, mothers or grandmothers.

(they both burst out laughing, ammi kissed on her  forehead)

ammi:u look good like this

ridzi:u too

(she caressed his cheek with her hand)

ridzi:u have a beautiful smile

(ammi smiled and kiss her hand, they are still sitting on the stairs ammi's hand is placed on the other side of ridzi's shoulder)

ammi:my smile become beautiful when I am with u

(ridzi smiled and kissed on his cheek)

ammi:now we should go back to canteen everybody must be waiting for us

(ridzi hold his hand)

ridzi:armaan I have something else to ask u too

(he sat back)

ammi(in his most cool tone):and what's that?

(she lowered her head and blushed. He cupped her face)

ammi(softly):tell na?

(ridzi hugged him)

ridzi:papa was saying that we should get engaged

(ammi made her face him, she was blushing and looking down)

ammi(shocked):ur dad know about us?

ridzi:yeah rahul told them, (worried) aren't u happy?

ammi(he smiled widely):ridzi I am more then happy, Rahul is really an angel

(ridzi smiled as he hugged her tightly)

ammi(still smiling):I will call my parents to talk to ur parents and fix a date for our engagement

(ridzi noticed a tone of disappointment in his voice, when he mention his parents, but after he came back to his self)

ammi:and once we got our degrees, we'll get married, I love u so much ridzi

ridzi:I love u too Armaan

voice:ahem ahem


(AR got scare and broke from the hug then saw who it is, and well)

ammi(take a big sigh):Oh my good, u frightened us Rahul

rahul(retort):well, it's not my fault, u guys have no shame, u r doing romance in the staircase.

ridzi(retort back):like u care about the place when u r with muskaan?

(rahul turns a bit pink)

ammi(sadly):we were calling u angel and u spoil our moment

rahul:Thnx, I am happy to know that u think I am an angel and sorry for spoiling ur moment anyways I was searching u in the whole college, everybody are waiting for u in the canteen from the last ten minutes.

ammi:yeah we r coming

rahul(smiled):better come soon

(rahul left and ammi quickly kiss on ridzi forehead and made their way toward the canteen, holding hands in hands)

ridz:If u don't mind me to ask u

(ammi stopped so ridzi too stopped)

ridzi:Ammi u sounded sad when u mentioned, if u don't want then it's ok

ammi(angry but in low voice):Ridzi, who the hell do u think of urself, why do u think I will mind u asking me something, u have all the rights to know what i am thinking,u have the right to know everything linked with me

(he cupped her face and kiss on her forehead)

rid(blushed):ammi everybody are staring us

ammi:so? now come

(he places his hand around her waist protectively and made their way toward the canteen)

ammi:I was disappointed, as mom dad said they will be at home by today morning, but they were nowhere in sight

(now ridzi turned toward him and placed her hand on his cheek)

ridzi:ammi u know ur parents love u a lot right? (he nodded) but they are unaware of the fact that u didn't need only money, good education etc etc, but u need love and I am sure they'll understand soon, so don't be disappointed and moreover I love u and u don't look good when ur disappointed, now show me ur million dollar smile with ur cute dimples

(ammi can't help but smile)

ammi:u know u can make me feel better, I can't help smiling on ur cuteness

(he pulled her cheek, she pouts her lips)

ammi(he smiled): u look shoo shweet

(ridzi smiled and then they went to the canteen)

atul(grin and said with sarcasm):oh my pleasure, princess ridhima and prince armaan come here, it's an honor

ammi:chill atul, u should do the same with angie, kidnap her for some moment

(atul become red and angie blushed then)

angie(looked at him warningly):armaan??

armaan:ok ok sorry baba, but u have to agree atul look lovely when his face become red

(everybody burst out laughing including atul)

Sapna:hey guys

(sapne and amit too join them)

everybody:hi sapna, hi amit

ridz:how r u sapna? and amit?

amit,sapna:we r fine and u guys?

everybody:same her/fine

muskaan:bohot khush lag rahi hain kya huwa?

(sapna blushed and lowered her head)

rahul:sapna tell na

amit:well we r getting engaged


sapna:next week, saturday

muski:oh my god!

(everybody congrats her and amit)

ammi:oh my god, it's like engagement season, first atul angie, now sapna amit and then me and ridzi

everybody except ridzi(shocked):what????

(ridzi turn red)

ammi:well ridzi dad, my dad and we both want to get engaged, so we'll tell u the date once it's fixed.

angie:oh it's so cool

(they congrats them in advance. And AR r blushing, the bell rang they went to the class, they sat by couple.)

(the girl in the college are shocked to see AR together, some of them saw Armaan kissing ridzi forehead in the corridor and when ridzi placed her hand on his cheek)

(the first period end, so the everybody made their toward their next period, they all r in the same class. In the way, ridzi saw girls looking at them as AR were holding their hands, she felt uncomfortable, ammi looked at her and then looked where she was looking and notice that all the girls are looking toward them)



(she looked at him)

ammi(reassuringly, said in cool tone):relax

(she smiled)

ammi(loudly):hey guys can I have ur attention

(ridzi stared at him, everybody are looking at them)

ammi:meet my going to be wife, my life ridhima

(ridzi looked at him shocked, she never knew ammi can do that, she unknowingly smiled, ammi smiled back)

ammi(looking toward the girl who where staring at ridzi disgustingly):her brothers and my sisters (mumble) except ridzi (normally) if u have seen her pls keep ur eyes under ur limits,

(only audible to ridzi when he said except ridzi,she blushed, the whole college is shocked, all the boys r happy that the girls won't pay more attention to ammi, boys way r clean)

(but there were in the crowd a girl, who was fuming with anger, she loves him, but he never pay attention, she took a promise to break them apart and then smile evilly)

ammi:excuse us

(he took ridzi by waist and made their way toward the classroom, ridzi was proud of ammi (infact everybody of their gang), she quickly gave him a peck on his cheek,ammi smiled and kissed her back which made ridzi blushed)

ammi:oye hoye, u looked very cute when u blush


ammi:ok by ridzi

(he kissed her on her cheek)


(she kissed him back on his cheek)

ammi:And don't forget about the engagement

(she blushed)

ammi:oye hoye

(he kissed on her forehead gently, and they made their way to their house)


(ridzi is waiting impatiently for her father, who came back from work after an hours, they sat around the table and started eating, they r talking about everything but ridzi is quiet.Shashank felt something weird)

shashank(concerned):what's the matter ridzi, u r very quiet?

(she lowered her head as she blushed (gos she blushed a lot))

ridzi(still blushing with a smile):actually dad I told ammi about the engagement and he said....

shashank(impatiently):and he said?

ridzi:He said yes

shashank:that's a very good news ridzi

(her father hugged her, angie too and her mom hugged her too, she doesn't hate anymore ridzi instead she thought how will she live when the two angels of their house will go to their house, she has always a soft corner for ridzi but she didn't like showing but she had started now. The day when ammi came for the first time at ridzi's house for see them, her mom told her all the think like she doesn't deserve ammi for ridzi to take as a challenge and show ammi what she is, Padma always wanted well being of ridzi)


(ammi reached home and he is shocked, he hugs them)

ammi(happy):mom dad when u come?

mom:few hours ago

(her moms looked behind him, there were rahul and atul)

ammi(he glanced behind and looked at them):mom I told u my friends are going to stay at my home

mom:yeah, sorry I just forget;

rahul:hi I am rahul

atul:hi I am atul

(they shook hands)

mom/dad:nice to meet u young man

rahul/atul:same here
(his parents are very good but they somehow unintentionally ignore ammi)

dad:I hope u don't have lots of problem here

rahul(smile):no not at all uncle, ammi is taking care of us brilliantly

mom:ok freshen up everybody, I'll tell ramu kaku to set the table

(after few mins, ammi knocked on the door of his father's room)

dad:come in

(ammi entered and saw his father sat on the bed, going through a file, when he saw ammi he placed the file and the side table)

dad(smile):oh come sit

(he made him sat next to him)

ammi:dad actually, I want to get engaged with ridzi

(his father looked at him shocked)

dad(shocked):u actually whats to get engaged with ridzi

(he nods like a child, his father hugged and his mother who heard their conversation hugged him too, they were so much happy)

dad:I'll call bhai sab right now (he called shashank bhai sab)

(ammi smiled widely as he is aver the moon, thinking that he and ridzi will get engaged soon)

(ammi's dad called ridzi's dad, they were also very happy, they fixed the engagement after two weeks, as they need time to do the prepations and invitations)


(ridzi didn't went to the orphanage as she will go now on sunday with ammi she had told to the care taker, she was so happy to know that ridzi is gonna get engaged with ammi soon)

(all the gang is doing the prepartions or rather giving a last touch to the place,with some romance. The engagement is held in sapna's house and as u guys there will be lots of fun)

(by 8 PM, the guests started coming, ammi and the other guys are greeting the guests and as asual girls are getting ready (they decided to get ready at sapna's place itself), they r taking there own sweet time)

(By 9, the girls were ready including sapna. Ridzi wore:

Muskaan's dress:

Angie's dress:

And finally the engagement girl's outfit,sapne's dress (and the duppata which is around the waist imagine it on sapna's head):

(the guys wear sherwani's complementing girls like they wore the same color sherwanis as the colour of girl's outfit, they had planned all in advance. Moreover the guy had done the shopping for girl and the girl for guy.  Ammi's sherwani is black with half white scarf. Rahul's sherwani is well a color which is closed to yellow but not yellowish like muski's dress, with blue scarf. Atul's dress blue sherwani with purple scarf and now the guy whose engagement is taking place amit is wearin a red sherwani with a white scarf))

(valentine's day part)

(Girls came down with sapna, the boys turned toward them and are mesmerized, amit and his family are already their and were waiting for sapna to come down. Boys eyes are wide open)

(girls look toward each other and winked then led sapna to the chair next to amit. Sapna looked at amit his eyes too were wide open, she blushed and looked down, amit composed his self)

amit:u r looking beautiful

sapna:thnx, u look good


(as amit and sapna are their friends so they decided to do every think boy vs girl, so the girls completely ignored guys and start saying hi hello to the guest)

(guys are shocked that girls didn't came to them, they looked at each other with eyes wide open)
ammi:guys u saw they didn't came to us

rahul:yeah ammi, they didn't give us even a look after coming down.

atul:my sweet sweet brothers did u forget that we decided to do boys vs girls, so they r behaving like we r stranger to them, they r ignoring us

ammi:oh so they want to play like this

rahul:so we will too play like them

(they too winked at each other and gave a hi5)

(amit's parent make the annoucement for the engagement, they exchanged the rings, so now began the real fun)

(the lights went off)

atul:yeh kiya huwa dosto?

rahul:light off ho gayi hai

(hey guys looks at the video of aaja nachle and imagine the three girl dancing on it)
Aaja nachle- Aaja nachle -

Jhanak Jhanak Jhan (the light spot on, on muskaan)
Khanak Khanak Khan (the light spot on, on anjie)
Jhanak Jhanak Khanak Khanak Khan Khan (and finally on ridzi)

(the full lights came back, the boys are once again mesmerized)

Mera Jhumka Utha Ke Laaya Yaar Ve
Jo Gira Tha Barielly Ke Bazaar Mein

(ammi's eyes are fixed on ridzi and has a cute smile on his lip)

Main To Thumka Laga Ke Sharma Gayi
Boli Ghoom Kar Bata De Ke Main Aa Gayi

Mujhko Nacha Ke Nach Le
Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

(rahul is also staring at muski and he smiled too)

Jhanak Jhanak Jhankaar
Ho'Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le

Ab To Lutaa Hai Bazaar
Sub Ko Bhula Ke Nach Le

(atul can't take off his eyes from anjie, he is also smiling)

Aaja Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Jhanak Jhanak Jhankaar

Ho'Nachle Nachle Mere Yaar Tu Nach Le
Ab To Lutaa Hai Bazaar

Nachle Nachle Zara Nachle Nachle Chhatt Pe Bula Ke Nachle
Nachle Nachle Zara Nachle Nachle Jhat Se Bula Kar Nachle

(this second boys have completely forget that they are against the girls, when grils stopped dancing and everybody clapped they remembers that they are against them and compose them self)

(hey guys pls check the video and imagine the three guys on the place of shahid
Mauja hi mauja- Jab we met -

Baby when i look into you eyes i see the stars shine
baby here you shout,
Your love has made me so choosy, cooll!

(boys made their way toward the middle of the floor, the girl are standing on a side)

Jag jag sara jag sara nikhar gaya
Hud pyaar hawa de vich bikhar gaya'2

Jag jag sara jag sara nikhar gaya
Hud pyaar hawa de vich bikhar gaya '2
Dil tera hoi jave ambran nu chui jave
Mar udare dekho jigar gaya
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
Sham Savere
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
Pyar mein tere
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
rock d party hun
Mauja hi Mauja
mauja hi mauja
Sham Savere
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
Pyar mein tere
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
rock d party hud
Mauja hi Mauja

(they pull their girl toward them, girls struggled to pushed them but they were too strong)

Oh mahi mera sharwat varga                                    (ammi caresses ridzi cheek, ridzi blushed)
Oh mahi tenu gat gat pela                                        (rahul sat kneew down and made muski sat on his leg)
Oh mahi mera dil menu kahi jaye dil menu kahi jaye  (atul twirled angie around and pull her toward him, she land on his chest)
Khul ke jeelan '2                                                   (they kissed on girls cheek and girls are shocked, eyes wide open and mouth too)
Mithde haase                                                          (guys winked at girls and move backward and keep dancing, girls blushed and move in a side)
Oh mahi mere aase pase
Oh mahi mere haad beram huye
Dil sat rang hoye
dil mahi sang hoye jidhar gaya
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
Tera sahare
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
Hul hulare hun
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
join d party hun
Mauja hi mauja
Mauja hi mauja
Sham Savere
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
Pyar mein tere
Hud Mauja hi Mauja
rock d party hun
Mauja hi Mauja

(boys was going to leave from the dance floor, the girl held their hand. Guys stopped on their spot, girls turn around, their back facing boys. Boy looked at each other and are shocked. Girls take some step further and the song start)
(imagine them on the place of the two couples in the video)
Bole chidiyan- K3G -

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
Haai main ho gayi teri saajna
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te margaiya

(Le jaa le jaa, dil le jaa le jaa
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa) - 2

Aah aah aah aah, aah aah aah
(Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
Haai main ho gayi teri saajna) - 2
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te margaiya
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
Dil le jaa le jaa, ho

(boys looked at them and smiled, then made their way toward the girls)

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
Haai main ho gaya tera saajna
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te marjaawa
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
Dil le jaa le jaa, ho

Haai haai main marjaawa marjaawa tere bin
Ab to meri raatein kat ti taare gin gin
Bas tujhko pukaara kare, meri bindiya ishaara kare

Hoye, lashkaara lashkaara teri bindiya ka lashkaara
Aise chamke jaise chamke chaand ke paas sitaara

Oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh
Meri paayal bulaaye tujhe, jo roothe manaaye tujhe
O sajan ji, haan sajan ji
Kuch socho, kuch samjho meri baat ko

Bole chudiyan, bole kangna
Haai main ho gaya tera saajna
Tere bin jiyo naiyo lag da main te marjaawa
Le jaa le jaa, soniye le jaa le jaa
Dil le jaa le jaa, ho

(It's midnight, so the next day start, the guest retired from the party include amit and sapna. the rest of the gang is still their, they take girls in separate corners to have some peaceful time)

(ammi takes ridzi on the garden, and crossed his hand on his chest and pouted his lips)

ammi:so u was ignoring me?

(ridzi smiled and nod. Ammi placed his hand around her waist and pulled her closer)

ammi:u look very beautiful today

(ridzi placed her hands around his neck)


(they stood in the same place, ridzi tried to go away but ammi didn't let)


ammi(frowned):well u owe a compliment too

ridzi:oh well u look (she made a round around him)... u look very uhhh...

ammi:(think:did I look ugly?)

(ridzi saw the change of expression on his face)

ridzi(made a bad face):u look very (smile) handsome

(he looked at her and raised his eyebrow. She pulled his cheek and hugs him, he melted in a second and kissed on her forehead)

ammi:we'll get engaged in one week, it's like a dream, ahhh!!

(he shouted as she pinched on his chest and then looked into his eyes)

ridzi(smied like an angel):see it's not a dream, it's reality

(he hugged her)

ammi(smiled):u r very cute

ridzi:thnx, mein hamesha baghwas se mangti houn ke hum aise hi rahein, hamesha ek doosre ke saath aur hamara pyar barta rahe hai

(she kissed on his cheek)

ammi:me too

(he kissed her back on her cheek)

ammi:oh yeah, happy valentine's day

(he gave her a red rose and kiss on her cheek)

ridzi:happy valentine's day to u too

(she gave him a bracelet on whoch it's written ridhima's armaan, seeing that alli smiled and gave her another peck on her forehead)


ridz:ur welcome

(they hugged each other)
(a guy and girl are standing on the entrance of the house)

boy:so u enjoyed ignoring me?

girl(grinned):yes a lot


angie:yes atul, ok I was just joking, well I enjoyed dancing and not ignoring u and u can't deny it

atul:I agree

(he hugs her)

atul:happy valentine's day

angie:happy valentine's day to u too

(they exchange flowers, red roses, they passed few romantic moments)


(after passing cute moment rahul took muskaan to the car, while the others were in entrance or in the garden, so they were not seen)

rahul:I have something to give u

muski:and what it is?


(rahul turn his face toward the back sit of the car, he bent down and took out a gift)

rahul:happy valentin's day

(she is so happy, she hugged him, he hugged her back)


(She opened it, ti's cute and lovely teddy bear who is carriying a hear on his stomack on which it's wriiten rahul loves muskaan forever. Muski became emotinal and had a tear in her eyes, she hugged him tightly and then kiss him in his lips, he respond equally)

(Muskaan opened her purse and took out a something)

muski:happy valentine's day to u too

(she gave him the gift, heopened it and it's an album, with their picture from the first day they met to now. Rahul smiled he is so happy, he hugged her back)

rahul:thnx muski, I can never have a beautiful gife then this

(after few minutes, they realize it have been so late so the girls made their way toward thei house and boy toward them)

(A week passed like a second for certain people but for ammi and ridzi those seven days were the most long, they r restless, they spent hours together or on phone)

(muskaan, angie and sapan are making ridzi ready, she is looking an angel, she remembered last week (before sapna engagement) when they were bying dresses for each other)


(they r standing in the middle of the most famous mall in mumbai)

muski:hey guys, I have an idea

(rahul's hand is around muski's waist, in fact all guys' hand is placed around their girls's waist)

atul:and what's the idea?

muski:how about we select the dresses for u boys for the occasion and the boy for us

rahul:nice Idea

sapna:yeah I agree

angie:Yeah and then we'll see if we like u choice and if u like our choice

ammi:superb yaar

amit:I agree

ridzi:so let's go

(all the girls went to boys dresses shop and boys to girls dresses shop)

(when they came out they saw the dress and was shocked, first of all they were matching and secondly they love each other's choices)


(ridzi smiled remembering it, the expression on her face and ammi's face, she looked at herself on the mirror, she was looking perfect. All the shopping for her was done by ammi (dress, jewellery....))


Armaan (don't look at the girls)



Angie(only the dress):




muski:u r looking so beautiful

(ridzi blushed)

angie:oye hoye, jiju to dekhti hai behosh ho jayein ghe

ridzi:di don't talk like this

sapna:oh itna khayal apne lover ka

(ridzi lowered her eyes)

muski(looking at msuki):ladke wale niche aa gaye hain, and jiju is looking so dashing

(padma entered the room and told them to take ridzi down. Angie sapna and muski fixed the dupatta on ridzi's head. And led her down, ammi looked at her with mouth full open. Girls led her toward the seat next to ammi and made her sat. Ridzi is looking down)

(Ammi placed his hand on ridzi's hand, ridzi looked toward him)

ammi:u r looking like an angel, so beautiful, so pure, so innocent

(ridzi blushed and looked down)


ridzi:thnx,(looked toward him) u r looking very handsome, very hot, very dashing and very cute

ammi (smiled):This is first time I am receiving compliments like this, I am hot and cute together.It' sounds awesome, Thnx

ridzi(smiled shyly):ur welcome

(rahul came and stood next to ammi)

rahul:may I have the attention please. As u know today is my two best friends engagement, so they'll exchanger rings in few moment but shashank uncle have few words to say

shashank:thank you rahul, good evening everybody, I want to wish all the best to my daughter and son in law who is more son to me. From the minute they'll exchange the rings, the places of their partner will become even more important in their hearts then before. Engagement is a pure occasion where a girl and a boy promise to each other to stay together and share every preoblem. The period between engagement and wedding is the most important period because it's the time when u got a chance to spent more time with ur soulmate and to understand each other and the importance of each other. I'll pray to god that thay remain alway like this and love more more with every passing minute. So can we have the rings)

(angie and muski came with the guy ring they gave it ridzi, ridzi places the ring on his finger and atul brought the ring for ridzi which ammi places on her finger)

(everybody congratz them. Rahul took a mic)

rahul:So guys now time for some fun, so we decide to play antakshri, so girl in one side and boy on the other side, (smirk) of course I am in boys team and we r gonna win

(Muski glared at rahul, rahul gave her a smile which melt muski she too smiled and rahul sat on the side of boys team. Ridzi and ammi are playing too)

rahul:girls first

(he said looking at muski)

atul:so muski bhabhi u can sing whatever u want

(muski looked at atul and nod in no as she doesn't want to sing(when the first song end u have to continue with the first letter of the last word or the last letter of the last word))

sapna:muski izzat ka sawal hai

angie:pls muskaan

(she nods)

(hey guys blue are for boys and pink for girls)

o o o o o ....
meethi meethi baatan karke
chand mulaakataan karke

(she stood up and start dancing eyeing rahul and blushing on the same time)

meethi meethi baatan karke
chand mulaakataan karke
dilasa de gaya
dil maahiya lay gaya
o rabba mera dil maahiya lay gaya
dil maahiya lay gaya
o rabba mera dil maahiya lay gaya

(rahul too stood up and held muski's hand, pulled her toward him. Her hands are on his chest)

(they r looking into each other's eyes)

aap ki khatir mere dil ka jahan hai hazir
aap ki khatir mere dil ka jahan hai hazir
apne saare armaan kardoun mein zahir }2
kardoun mein zahir

(they bot sat down still glancing at each other)

Ruki Ruki Thi Zindagi
Jhat Se CHal Padi

(she stood up and started dancing which made atul smiled)

Hui Khushi Se Dosti
Mazaa Le Le Le Har Ghadi
Ee Ii Ee Aa Aa Aa Aa Hey Hey
Ee Ii Ee Aa Aa Aa Aa
Ee Ii Ee Aa Aa Aa Aa Hey Hey
Ee Ii Ee Aa Aa Aa Aa

(she was going to sat down when atul held her hand and made her dance with him, which she did without any struggle)

Aankhon mein teri'
Ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
ankhon mein teri'
ajab si, ajab si, adaayein hain
Dil ko bana dein jo patang
Saansein ye teri vo hawaayein hain

(atul stopped and they both sat down glancing at each other like rahul and everybody looked at ridzi, ridzi became nervous and looked down)

[Hulchul hui zara shor hua
Dil chor hua teri aor hua ]2

[Esi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua ]2

(the lights get dim, ammi started singing)

Hulchul hui zara shor hua
Dil chor hua teri aor hua

(ammi stood up still staring at ridzi, held his hand out and offered to ridzi, she placed her hand on him and stood up)

Hulchul hui zara shor hua
Dil chor hua teri aur hua

(he places her hand on his shoulder and his hand on her waist on their other hand are in each others, he spinned her and twirled back)

[Esi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua ]2

(he twirled her around twice and pulled back)

Ishq Hua haaye
Ishq Hua haayaaaeeeein

(they stared into each others eyes)

Palko Se hoton tak jo rah nikalti hai
Gujare na wahan se yeh teri galti hai
Palko Se hoton tak jo rah nikalti hai

(ammi encircled his both hand around her waist)

Rehte hain abb hum wahan
Ishq hua hi hua

(ridzi places her hands around his neck and pull him closer)

Esi chale jab hawa
Ishq hua hi hua.....

(she places her head on his chest and moved in rythm)

voice:ammi (loud) ammi (more loud) ammi

(someone shook him, the light get like before)

ammi(confused):hmm, huh!! kiya huwa?

rahul:ammi it's ur turn u have to sing with h or a

(ammi realized he was dreaming when he started singing, he smiled as he saw ridzi sat down in front of him)

atul:ammi sing


asmani rang hooo.........
pyaaar ki boond hoo......
roshni hoo dhup hooo
chahaton ki gunj ho

(girls stopped counting and looked at him, ammi is looking toward ridzi)

aanchal mein hain
danak chandni
haathon mein woh chand hain
gairon se bhi hain waastan
apno mein pehchaan hain ........
taratarira3 tu zindagiii

(ridzi looked into his eyes full of love, she blushed and lowered her head)

mera izhaar hain
pyaar hi pyaar hain
yaaron ki yaar hain
tu zindagiii

(ammi smiled looking at her, he doesn't took off his eyes from her, he loved when she blushed, he stood up and moved toward ridzi and made her stood up and danced with her)

tuhse main kya kahun
tu hi mera sukun
sang tere rahun
tu zindagiiii

(before ammi finished singing,ridzi eyes fell on muski who knows that ridzi know the lyrics so she pleaded ridzi with her eyes to sing she made a cute face like a baby, ridzi can't say no)

ridzi (looked at ammi and ammi looked at her):

asmani rang hun........
pyaar ki boond hun
roshni ka ang hun
main teri dhup hun

(ridzi hand are on his chest and his hand are place on her waist gently)

tujhse hi hain meri bandagi
tujhse meri jaaan hain
saaya tera mera aashiaan
tu mera armaan hainnn......
lalalalala3 tu zindagiii
mera izhaar tu
mera iqraar tu
pyaar hi pyaar tu
tu zindagiiii

tararatarira3 tu zindagiii

(everybody clapped, they sat back to their seat)

ammi:u sang brilliantly

ridzi(blushed):thnx u too

ammi:ur welcome and thnx

Muski:hey sapna jaldi kuch soch warna hum har jayeinghe


Is Pyaar se meri taraf na dekho, pyaar hojayega (2)
yeh pyaar ho gaya tho teer dil ke paar ho jayega
pyaar hojayega(4)

(sapne looked at amit then lowered his eyes)

Do char aise mulakatein hogi
saare zamane mei baatein hongi (2)
baatein hongi
ke naam badnaam tera mera yaar hojayega
pyaar hojayega(2)

atul:amit sing quick

amit:yaar i can't remember anything

(he was too mesmerized by Sapna's song that he completely forgot that they were actually playing)

amit(composed himself):
Aajkal Tere Mere Pyar Ke Charche Har Zubaan Par
Sab Ko Maloom Hai Aur Sabko Khabar Ho Gayi

Rahul:so both teams have one point so they r no loser or winner

(everybody clapped)

Muski:Hey I want to play truth and dare

girls:we r in.

boys:we too.

(the couples gather around a table and sat down. AR are sitting next to each other, interlocking their fingers, after ever minuted they glanced at each other)

(Rahul took an empty water bottle)

Rahul:I'll start

(he spinned the battle it stopped at atul, armaan have to ask)

ammi:how much time it has been that u are in love with angie?

atul(blushed):jab se hosh sambhala hai, tab se


(atul and angie both blushed)

(Atul spinned tha bottle, it stopped on muki, atul have to ask her)

atul:truth or dare?


atul:is rahul ur first love?

(he knew it very well just wanted to tease her)

muski(blushed):yes he is the first and the last too

(rahul smiled proudly, rahul's turn was the next and ridzi asked)

ridzi:truth or dare?

rahul:of course dare

ridzi:propose muski in front of us

(he smiled proudly, he is bit nervous but unnoticed by everybody. He stood up and took a rose from the vase. He bent down on knee)

Rahul(eyes with full of love):muskaan I love from i don't know from when I love u, but I only loved, love and will always love u.
Will u marry me?

(he advanced the flower)

(muski's smiled and took the rose)

muski:yes I will

(they hugged each other)

(like this everybody's go through different task, they only two person remain AR)

(amit spinned the bottle, it stopped at ridzi. And rahul have to ask)

rahul:truth or dare?


rahul(smiled mischievously):kiss Ammi


rahul:what what? u guys are engaged so kiss ammi on his cheek

(ridzi blushed she moved closer to ammi and gave him a sweet kiss full of love on his cheek, which caused ammi to close his eyes and smiles. When she took her lips back, he opened her eyed and looked at ridzi, his eyes too were showing the same level of love and passion, they both kept staring at each other until muski broke it)

muski(shouted):So ammi is the winner, congratz

ammi:thank u



(ammi come to pick up ridzi, rahul for muskaan and atul for angie. They are waiting on separate cars. Ridzi came out with muski and angie.)

(Ridzi is wearing red salwar kameez. Muskaan is wearing white jean with pink baby top. Anjie was wearing blue jean and blue top.)

(they guys are mesmerized by seeing them, it's not that they r wearing something different and new but every time they looked more gorgeous and beautifully. Seeing the guys, girls blushed, then say hello to everybody and sat on the respective car)


ridzi(shyly):hi Armaan

armaan(smiled):hi kaisi ho?

ridzi:I am fine and u?

armaan:I am fine, but if u r fine then look in my eyes

(she looked in his eyes, then looked down as she was blushing remembering they r engaged)

armaan:oye hoye

(ridzi flushed, ammi smiled looking at her.)

(armaaan start driving, his hand is on ridzi hand, ridzi's hand is on the gear. She placed her head on his shoulder. She is changing the gear with ammi, and keep blushing (she blush a lot). Which made ammi went crazy, and he felt more and more in love with her every time she blushed or even when she is with him)

(ammi stopped the car in a parking, she tilted her head on looked at him)

ridzi(surprised and confused):why did u stop driving?

(ammi looked at her lovingly, he locked his finger with her. She looked into his eyes and can see the passion and love. She started losing her sense, she was under his spell and ammi was under her spell)

(ammi moved closer, ridzi closed her eyes, feeling his breath on her face. Ammi smiled looking at her, he kissed her eyelids, then kissed her cheek passionately, he moved down and kissed her chin, he kissed everywhere on her face expect her lips, he was torturing her by not kissing on her lips)

(ridzi had enough, she cupped his face and kissed on his lip, on first it was gentle, ammi too closed his eyes and respond equally. Gradually it became deeper and passionate kiss, they were losing there self completely. Armaan's hand are around her waist, Ridzi hand is around his neck and the other on his hair. He parted her lips and took his tongue on her mouth. As her hand moved the kissed went deeper and deeper, they were out of breath so they moves apart.)

(their eyes were closed, they had broken the kiss but still they can feel it. Ammi opened his eyes saw her, she was blushing badly, her eyes still closed, her lips a bit swollen He moved once again to her lips and sucks where it's swollen then he gently removed her dupatta from her neck and placed his lips there, his kissed her neck. She gasped as he left a love bite)


ammi(make a sad face):did I hurt u?

(she nodded innocently, this time her eyes were opened, he smiled sadly and then move once again on her neck and sucks at the same place)

ammi:did it feel better?

(he looked at her, still looking a bit sad .She placed her hand on his face and kissed on his cheek as saying she is completely fine, then hide her head on his chest as she has turned crisom red)

ammi(he is disappointed on his self):I am sorry, I wasn't able to control

(she placed her finger on his lips, she looked into his eyes)

ridzi(she asked cutely):shhh, did u regret kissing me?

(he shook his head negatively like a kid)

ridzi:then why u said sorry u know I love u and I completely trust u

(he hugged her, he is so happy to know the amount of trust she placed on him. He trusted her with the same intensity)

ammi:I love u too and I too trust u completely

(he kissed on her forehead and ridzi moved back)

ridzi:I think we should go to the college otherwise we'll get late

ammi(remember):yeah u r right

(Ridzi set her dupatta and Ammi set his hair which made ridzi smiled and started driving fast and reach college on time)


(Ridzi and ammi was sitting together in a class, the bell rang)

ridzi:ammi u go and order, I have something to ask to teacher

ammi:Ok do quick

ridzi:I'll come in a minute

(she kissed on his cheek, he nodded and make his way toward canteen)

(ridzi asked her prof some question concerning the test and made her way toward the canteen. While going there she slipped, she landed on the floor and held her ankle. She was in pain. two girls came running to her)

girl 1:hey are u okay?

(they helped her standing)

ridzi:no it's hurting a lot

girl 2:come we'll take u too the nursery

ridzi:can u take me to the canteen pls

(the girls nod and made their toward the canteen)

(ridzi reached the canteen and ammi's eyes are fixed on the door as he was waiting for her when he saw ridzi like this. He ran to her and held her)

ammi(worried):ridzi what happened? r u okay?

ridzi:Armaan I just slipped as the floor was slippy and I am feeling better now this two girl helped me

girl 1:hi I am nikita

girl 2:hi I am Maya

armaan:thnx girls for helping her, come join us

(he told them to join them. They accepted. Ammi made ridzi sat on a chair and check her feet)

armaan:U twisted ur ankle very badly

(he pressed her ankle, she let a cry but then she sigh in relief)

ammi(concerned):is it hurting now?

ridzi(smiled):It's completely fine now

(she kissed on his forehead)

(ammi introduced the girls to the group and the group to the girls)

(as weeks passed they became very good friends. AR was getting in love more and more, they can't live without each other even for an hour. It was almost the same situation with RM and AA)

(There is one day left for the graduation and the parents decided they'll get the couple married after one week of graduation. So the preparation are going on full swing)


(Armaan, Ridzi, Angie, Atul, Rahul, Muskaan, Sapna, Amit, Nikki and Maya and other student got the graduation, they were all so happy and excited. They were going to get married in short time and after two month they'll start their internship in a prestige hospital like SANJEEVANI (of course the dean is Shashank))

(the priest told that AR marriage can't take place before three weeks, so they fixed after three weeks. AA, RM and AS marriage was held on the day which was fixed before (one week after graduation))

(AA, RM and AS get married ritually, they played all king of prank (imagine hum aapke hain kaun papper scene and other masti scene). It was again boys vs girls)

(now the girls took the guys shoes and hide them. The fun began as the girls returned back from hiding the shoes they found armaan and other guys in front of them)

(hey guys looked at the video and Imagine AR at the place of salman khan and madhuri)
(joote dedo-hum aapke hain kaun-

Dulhe Ki Saaliyon O Hare Dupatte Vaaliyon   }2
Joote De Do Paise Lelo  
Joote De Do Paise Lelo
Dulhan Ke Devar Tum Dikhalaao Na Yoon Tevar  }2
Paise Dedo Joote Lelo  
Paise Dedo Joote Lelo  

Ajee Note Gino Ji, Joote Laao  
Zid Chhodho Ji, Joote Laao     
Fraud Hain Kya Hum, Tum Hi Jaano  
Akadu Ho Tum, Jo Bhi Maano  
Jo Bhii Maano, Jo Bhii Maano  
Ajee Baat Badhegi, Badh Jaane Do  
Maang Chadhegi, Chadh Jaane Do  
Adho Na Aise, Pehle Joote
Pehle paise, pehle joote  
Pehle Joote Pehle Joote  
Joote Liye Hain Nahin Churaayaa Koi Zevar  
Dulhan Ke Devar Tum Dikhlaao Naa Yoon Tevar  

Paise Dedo Joote Lelo  
Joote Dedo Paise Lelo  

Kuchh Thandaa Pi Lo, Mood Nahin Hai  
(she offered him different kind of drink, he refused it)
Dahi Bade Lo, Mood Nahin Hai  
(she offered him dahi bade, he refuse them too)
Kulfi Kha Lo, Bahut Kha Chuke
(she offered him kulfi, he again refused it)  
Paan Khaa Lo, Bahut Kha Chuke
(she offerd him pan but he refused once again)  
Bahut Kha Chuke Bahut Kha Chuke  
Ajee Rasmalaai, Aapke Liye  
Itni Mithaai, Aapke Liye  
Pehle Joote, Khaaenge Kya  
Aapki Marzi, Naaji Taubaa  
Naaji Taubaa Naaji Taubaa  

Kisi Betuke Shaayar Ki Besuri Qawaaliyon  
Dulhe Ki Saaliyon O Hare Dupatte Vaaliyon  
Joote Dedo Paise Lelo } 5

(she took the shoes's and start runing, she reached in a secluded corner and stopped ammi was following her, he pineed her against a wall)

ammi:did u think u'll run away from me?

(she is still holding shoes, and encircled her hand around his neck)

ridzi:aaji kaun kambakht aap se dhoor jaana chahta hai, hum to hamesha yuhin aapke pass rehna chahte hain

(they both laughed)

ammi:promise me u'll never leave me, I'll die without u

(his eyes get moist, ridzi's eyes moist too)

ridzi:I'll never leave u promise, I can't also leave without u, now ur turn to make a promise

ammi:I promise I'll never leave u,(he hugged her) I love u

(she hugged him back)

ridzi:I love u too

(he kissed her on her forehead, then her cheek and finally in her lips, it was a passionate kiss, they finally broke apart, ammi left her go. She quickly kissed on his cheek and made her way back in the hall. The groom paid the girls)

(after the marriage RM and AA went to their new house, near shashank's house and amit took sapna to his house. (U guys can imagine what happen in the closed doorWink.)

(Amit is supposed to go to america with sapna next morning)



(In the morning, the gang reunited and see amit and sapna off. All new married girls blushed as ridzi teased them along ammi)

muski:jab teri shaadi hogi to phir dekhna

angie:han ridzi, it will be we vs u

(they all laughed and ridzi blushed a bit on the thought that she'll be Ridhima Armaan Malik in two weeks. Ammi was supposed to take ridzi home so AA, RM maya and nikki left from there)

(ammi and ridzi sat on ammi's car. They were all lovey-dovey (u can imagine what they were doingWinkEmbarrassed))


(It was the reception day, ridzi was getting ready on her house. When she received a call, it appear "jaan")

ridzi(smiled):Hi Armaan, how r u?

ammi:i am fine n u?

ridzi:I was ok but listening ur voice I am very happy

ammi:me too, so u r ready?


ammi:I miss u a lot

ridzi:I am not missing u as u r with me

(she looked at the locket and kissed it)

ammi(he too looked at the locket):u r with me too but still u r far away, actually It has been complete 7 hours we didn't meet each other

(she blushed)

ammi(smiled):oye hoye, u looked gorgeous when u r blushing

ridzi:how u got to know I am blushing?

ammi:I know everything, we r one not two remember


ammi(sadly):ok ridzi U know how much I hate to say but I have to go mom is calling, by love

ridzi:bye I love u

ammi:I love u too, mwah, bye

(he gave her kiss on phone, she blushed)

(she hung up and the next second her mobile rang)


girl:hi ridzi, it's nikky, actually my car broke down and I can't get any taxi can u please pick me up from (she gave her the adress)

(ridzi smiled at nikki, she is a complete chatterbox)

ridzi:ok ok don't worry I'll get there in ten minutes

(ridzi told her parents a friend of her's car broke down, she'll pick her up and meet the in the hall)

(ridzi took her car and made her way toward the given address, she reach at a signal, she tries to stop her car but the break was fail. Ridzi panicked,)

ridzi(panicked):yeh break kyon nahi lag rahi

(she tried again and again but all in vain. Her car loose the control and she was near a bridge near water.)

ridzi:pls baghwan jee, help me

(by now she had tears in her eyes, she is remembering Armaan, she affraid. Her car bang again barrier and her car fell in the sea)



(the police came there as people inform about the accident. The whole family and friend are gathered, ammi came there, tears in his eyes)

ammi:officers where is ridhima?

officer:we found the car but she is missing

ammi(he held the officers collar):officer found her in any price

(Ammi run toward the barrier with tears streaming down his eyes)

ammi(he is crying and yelled):ridhima, ridhima, where r u? U have to come back, where are u ridzi?

(Everybidy cried seeing him like this.)


(He was just going to jump but  Rahul and atul hold him. his parents, ridzi parents and other friends tried to calm him down but all in vain. After shouting he fainted)

(his parents, rahul and atul took him in the hospital. Ridzi parents, angie, muskaan, maya are on the bridge)

(after few minutes shashank received a call)

Shashank(sad and crying):hello

nikki:hello uncle mein nikki bol rahi houn, yeh ridzi kahan hai mein uska wait kar rahi houn

(he started crying)

nikki:uncle kiya huwa?

shashank:ridzi met with an accident and her call fell in the sea

nikki(started):oh my god

(she hung up the phone and after 30minutes she finally got a taxi and reach to them. She was crying, she hugged angie and ridzi's mom. She tried to comfort them)


(the doctor came out after checking)

rahul(worried, his eyes are moist):how is he doctor?

doctor:he is a very bad state, u shouldn't give him any stress from now

atul(sad and his eyes are moist):sir how can he not take stress, he lost his love

(by then they hears shouting)


(he stood up, took away the drip and run from there, atul and rahul tried to stop him. But he wasn't going to stop, he snatch the keys from rahul and sat run to the car. He drove back to the bridge rahul and atul follow him with a taxi)

(ammi reached the spot, came out from the car and went back to the barrier)

ammi(crying out his heart):ridhima, ridhima tum kahan ho? Pls come back, I can't leave without u, u can't leave me, I'll die without u. Ridzi where r u?

(he collapse on the floor, crying)

Officer:No one have even succeed coming out from here, she is dead

ammi(shouted and held his collar once again):no she is alive

officer:Mr malik pls control ur self

(he took his hand back and knelt down)

ammi:she is alive, she can't leave me

(Hey guys listen the songs in the same time as reading)
(tere naam(sad)-tere naam- .Only listen don't picturize ammi on salmanLOL)

maar ki bhi vaadaa apna na todenge
ik dooje kaa saath kabhi na chhoDenge

(ammi:ridzi u r looking beautiful, u r the most beautiful girl on the earth

rid(blush):are u flirting with me?

ammi(chuckle):no not at all, u r really looking goergous.

ridzi:so r u drank?

ammi:no, why are u asking me question like this?

(ridzi:ammi u never praise girl like me before so....)

apnaa to sadiyoN janmoN kaa naataa hai

((ammi pinned her against the wall)

ammi:did u think u'll run away from me?

(she is still holding shoes, and encircled her hand around his neck)

ridzi:aaji kaun kambakht aap se dhoor jaana chahta hai, hum to hamesha yuhin aapke pass rehna chahte hain

(they both laughed))

jaan se jaan ko kaun judaa kar paataa hai

(ridzi:thnx,(looked toward him) u r looking very handsome, very hot, very dashing and very cute)

tere sivaa, tere sivaa

((they stood in the same place, ridzi tried to go away but ammi didn't let)


ammi(frowned):well u owe a compliment too

ridzi:oh well u look (she made a round around him)... u look very uhhh...

ammi:(think:did I look ugly?)

(ridzi saw the change of expression on his face)

ridzi(made a bad face):u look very (smile) handsome

(he looked at her and raised his eyebrow. She pulled his cheek and hugs him, he melted in a second and kissed on her forehead))

tere sivaa is dariyaa kaa nahin koi kinaaraa sanam
ho.., nahin koi kinaaraa sanam

(ridzi:u r only mine and don't ever think about someone else)

tere naam ham ne kiyaa hai, jeevan apnaa saaraa sanam
ho.., jeevan apnaa saaraa sanam

(ridzi:I love u too)
(ridzi:I'll never leave u promise, I can't also leave without u, now ur turn to make a promise)

ammi(shouted on top of his voice):ridzi u can't leave me u promised me, u can't leave me

(Rahul and atul took him from there, but he was firm too not move. They took forcefully)


(he is sitting on the floor, in the dark. If the light were on we could easily see his eyes with swollen and tired, he hadn't shaved from two days. He is surrounded by ridzi pics. Their engagement's pic, sapna's engagement's pic, college pic, RM,AA,AS  sangeet and wedding pics)

(his eyes felt on the wedding pics)


(she took the shoes's and start running, she reached in a secluded corner and stopped ammi was following her, he pinned her against a wall)

ammi:did u think u'll run away from me?

(she is still holding shoes, and encircled her hand around his neck)

ridzi:aaji kaun kambakht aap se dhoor jaana chahta hai, hum to hamesha yuhin aapke pass rehna chahte hain

(they both laughed)

ammi:promise me u'll never leave me, I'll die without u

(his eyes get moist, ridzi's eyes moist too)

ridzi:I'll never leave u promise, I can't also leave without u, now ur turn to make a promise

ammi:I promise I'll never leave u,(he hugged her) I love u

(she hugged him back)

ridzi:I love u too

(he kissed her on her forehead, then her cheek and finally in her lips, it was a passionate kiss, they finally broke apart, ammi left her go. She quickly kissed on his cheek)

***flashback (end)***

ammi(he cried loudly):ridzi pls come back, I can't leave without u

(his parents are looking at him from the edge of the door, they r also crying to see their child in this condition, his father hugged his mom)

((atul and rahul are teir to support ammi and as ammi's parents request them to stay there with ammi they can't say no) atul and rahul entered in the room. Rahul placed his hand on ammi's shoulder. Atul and rahul have to support him but they were also sad, they had to be strong)

(ammi looked at him)

ammi(he cries):see rahul, ridzi isn't coming back tell her na to come back I can't live without her, pls take her back. She promised me she won't leave me. Look tell her It has been 48 hours we met each other, pls tell hell to call me. Why isn't she calling me back or taking my call

(he took again his mobile and called on her number)

rahul(by now he too was crying):she won't come back, qThe officer said retuning from the sea back alive is impossible, why can't u understand.

ammi(shouted):shut up, she is alive, get out from here, I don't want to see u.(he cried) she is alive

rahul(shouted):stopped it armaan, now eat u haven't eaten from two days (he soften) now eat please

ammi(like a child):no, I won't eat until ridzi came back

atul:armaan please eat

(armaan shook his head)

atul:tujhe ridzi ki kasam

(he looked at him, he can't say no he give him promise of ridzi. He sat down, atul made him fed)

rahul:now pls sleep armaan for sometime

armaan:I wish I just open my eyes and it become all as it was on the morning of ur receptions day

atul:armaan pls relax, sleep few hours it will relax u

(he nodded, atul and rahul left the room. But ammi didn't budge from their, he kept looking at rdzi pics and remembering their moments. He kept crying)

(at midnight, rahul went to ammi's room and saw everywhere, bu ammi wasn't in sight)

rahul(worried):yeh kahan chala gaya itni raat ko?

(he ran to atul's room and knocked at his door, atul came out)

atul(sleepy):what happened rahul, u look worried?

rahul:armaan isn't in his room

atul(worried):oh my god, where did he went?

rahul:we have to find him

(atul and rahul took different car start searching. After an hour's drive atul found him on the same bridge where the accident took place. Atul called rahul and inform him)

ammi:ridzi pls come back, u know I can't leave without u right? Just come back it's our wedding in 13 days, I promise I'll love u like no man love a woman, I'll give all the happiness, pls come back. Rahul told me u r d... (he can't even utter the word dead, the tears are streaming down like creating a sea) he is lying na, u r alive, I know, U promised me u'll never leave me. And yeah u wanted our room to be painted on lilac color, I painted the walls on lilac color, perfectly as u wanted. And I als kept some place free to hung our wedding pic. Pls come back.

(atul seeing that start crying, but he have to control to be strong. He went to ammi and hugged him, ammi sobbed on his shoulder)

ammi:pls atul, tell ridzi to come back, I miss her it has been so long that we talked.
I can't leave wthout her, she is my life. I know she is alive, she promised me. And If I am alive it means she is alive.

Atul:ammi even if she is alive, do u think she'll be happy to find u in this state, u have to leave happily for her, she wanted to see u happy. Did u thought if she come one day what will she go through seeing u like this. U have to leave for her and fulfill her dream. She wanted u to be a successful doctor, u have to do this for her.

(ammi looked at him and he knew, he have to fulfill ridzi's dream)

ammi:atul tu thik keh raha hai, I will fulfill all dream of ridzi, I know she will come back

(atul hugged him tightly and he too hope that ridzi wil come back, after few minutes rahul reached there and took him house)


(ammi always remembered ridzi, but he ate and slept on time, he was alwyas surrounded by her memories, which made him smile. He didn't smile after that day from heart which reached his eyes)

(rahul and atul postpone there honeymoon, Rahul and atul decided to take him in some other town (delhi), it will change the atmosphere, but they knew very well whatever he leave, he was always with ridzi memories. They tried fully to make him smile, but he smile onmy when he remembered his time with ridzi)

(rahul entered in ammi's room controlling all his emotion)

rahul:ammi have u done ur packing?

ammi:yeah I am doing

(he put his clothes and other stuff, along ridzi's pic. While he was packing his eyes fell on his wrist)


ammi:oh yeah, happy valentine's day

(he gave her a red rose and kiss on her cheek)

ridzi:happy valentine's day to u too

(she gave him a bracelet on which it's written ridhima's armaan, seeing that alli smiled and gave her another peck on her forehead)


(he smiled remembering the moment and when it finished a tear made his way on his cheek)





(she looked around, she had shouted his name again, No she didn't know who he was. she looked around the room, sweat was driving down her)

(Doctors came running, they saw the girls was panting heavily. They gave her an injection to calm her down. She felt asleep)

guy:uncle is she ok?

doctor:Yes Angad, she is better now, she shouted some armaan's name anyways u have done a great work to take her here on time

angad:it was my duty uncle


(It was along time now, he sat there on his bed looking depressed. Fine he did miss her but what was it now, where was she. where was the person he loved the most now)

atul: Armaan? (walking to his bed)

atul: Armaan??? (He asked again, when he finally jumped out of his thoughts)

armaan: Haan atul (he looked starled by atuls appearance)

atul: Kaha koh gayye te? (he bit his lip for asking him that)

armaan: kahi nahi champ (smiling he tried to assure atul)

atul: packing ho gayyi???

armaan: Haan woh todi si bakhi hai

atul: teek hai

doctor: U know she is very lucky, eventhough she has several bruises on her body, It's a miracle she is completely save now waisa angad kaha milli tumhe yeh ladki?
angad: woh uncle (He went thinking on what had happened and how they found this girl)


(a girl is standing near the big rock, on high height, she was ready to jump)

guy:kripa pls stop,

kripa:why should I stop, go from there angad

angad:kripa pls listen, I don't love her, she was trying to trap

kripa:u r saying the truth right?

(he nodded and hugged her)

angad:I love u, u r my wife, i love u more than my life

kripa:I love u too (her eyes fell on something) angad see there

(angad looked where she was pointing, they went there and saw a girl)

kripa: angad (tears formmed in her eyes)

angad: kripa shhhh (he tried to calm her down) come on jaldi hospital le chalte hai

( He quickly dialed the number, finally it took time for the ambulance of delhi to arrive he waited and calmed kripa down)
kripa: jaldi doctor (she said as tears quciked down in her)

(putting the girl in the ambulance they took her to the hospital)


doctor:yeh Kripa bhi na bilkool bachi ban jati hai kabhi kabar, lekin aaj uske bachpane ne ek jaan bacha di

angad:I am very proud of wife

doctor:yes and I am very proud of my daughter

(they both laugh)

kripa:u both are laughing on me right, I won't talk to both of u

angad:of course we were laughing at u

(kripa pouted her lips, like child, angad pulled her)

angad:we were saying we r proud of u

(he kissed on her forehead)

angad:but if u try suicide once again, I won't talk to u

kripa:sorry, but seeing u with some one else made my blood boiled

(he smiled at her and kissed once again on her forehead)

kripa:how is she now?

angad:better, uncle said she shouted some armaan's name, when she opened her eyes

kripa:maybe he is somewhere connected to her

(the girl in hospital u should have guessed it's ridzi, ridzi gained her sense, but she doesn't remember anything)

ridzi:mujhe kuch yaad kyon nahi aa raha?

(she is crying now as she forced to remember but she is unable)

Kripa:it's ok, tum itna zor maat to dimaag per, by the way I am Kripa. What's ur name?

(she tried to ask her name, maybe she remembered, ridzi looked at her strangely)

priyanka:I don't know, what's my name?

Angad:it's ok, (he places his hand on her shoulder) ur brain get damaged but from now ur name is Priyanka

PS:(from now on, in this story ridzi will be called priyanka)

Kripa:and u r gonna stay with us,(she looked at priyanka's pale face) oh sorry is langour se to milana bhul gayi


Kripa:what?? anyways meet him, he is angad khanna my hubby

(she pulled his cheek)

(priyanka forgot about what angad told and smiled then made shocked face as flash go through her mind she is pulling someone's cheek but whom's she don't, she can't see his face)

Kripa:would u like to be my sister?

(priyanka came back to reality and nodded. Kripa was too happy she hugged her)
Kripa:see angad u and dad always team up against me, now I have a cute sister

angad:she isn't only ur sister, she is my sister too right Priyanka?

(he side hugged priyanka. priyanka smiled at their relationship, they were married but fought like children. Although she was smiling but there was amiss. She can't smile with her heart)

priyanka(weakly):Okay okay, angad bhai...(she looked at him) u don't mind me calling u bhai?

(he shook his head and hugged her)

angad:no in fact I love it

priyanka(she smiled):yeah I was saying, That u don't need to fight as u r my bro and she is my bhabhi. And bhabhi u know it's way to much fun to share this relation.

(kripa made a bad face, priyanka pulled her weakly, with a small smile, toward her)

priyanka:don't worry, we'll tease him together, we will always team up against him

(kripa went happy and kripa hugged priyanka)

(Angad went out and meet kripa's dad in his cabin)

uncle:Angad, priyanka are physically a bit week, but she has brain damage, well it isn't very dangerous. Actually in those case it's like she remember everything but there is a wire, which didn't let the message receive the brain

PS:(this is only blah blah i truly don't know a single stuff related to medical)

uncle:I believe, she'll get her memory back really soon.
Angad I am glad u did take priyanka's responsibly.

Angad(smile):uncle u didn't need to be glad as u have heard, she is my sister

(kripa's dad patted his shoulder, in the way of showing he is really proud of angad)


(Ammi is sitting in the back sit of the car, he is thinking of ridzi and the moment he spent with her. He loves those moments, it's his life now. He is sure that she'll come back. He is going to Delhi only for rahul and atul, he know they r doing all this to made him smile. He had seen atul and rahul crying. They missed ridzi a lot)

(he recalled all the moment spent with ridzi)

ammi(think:Ridzi u know I am heartless now as u have my heart and I don't know where u r but I'll find u soon. I miss u a lot, I love u a lot)

(he closed his eyes and ridzi face flashed in front of him, automatically, he has a smile on his lip. But he opened his eyes as he hear atul speaking, but he is still lost in his and ridzi's memories, he can't move his attention from ridzi, he doesn't want even)

atul(cutely):rahul please car rok emergency hai

(rahul smiled at atul but ammi didn't show any trace of smile he was again lost in his thought anyone can know it. Rahul was sad, he can't made his friend happy)

(rahul stopped the car, atul rushed to the toilet. Rahul came out from the car and sat next to ammi after few minutes)

rahul(softly he put his hand on his shoulder):armaan

armaan(come to the reality):huh!! han kiya huwa?

rahul(he tried his best to not chocked on his word):Yeh tere liye apple juice laoya houn

(ammi took it, rahul made his way and on the same minute a tear licked from ammi's eyes)


PS:(from part 13, the day when AR confessed)

rid:oh haan, I was just going to bring a drink

ammi:wait I'll bring, what u'll like to have?

rid:anything u like

ammi:so much trust on me?

rid:more than my self

(ammi's feeling happy that ridzi trust him that much and he hope he'll never broke this trust and he also trust ridzi a lot more than his self, he wents and comes after few minutes)

ammi:here we go

(went to know what it is, it's apple juice)

rid(smiles):thnx,u know it's my favorite drink

ammi(give her back a charming smile with his cute dimples):mine too,

***FLASHBACK end***

(Ammi wiped his tears as Rahul came back on the driver seat, he too have to be stonger)


(Priyanka:go through a nightmare, she can't see the faces. She saw she is with a guy giving him a bracelet, then a guy giving her a locket, then he kissed her, she jerked up from her dreams. She took the glace of water on the bed side table and drank it. Her eyes fell on the mirror which reflects the locket on her neck, she was going to took it off, to look what it is. But then she stopped as she heard a voice
a guy:now u r the owner of my heart and I am the owner of ur heart)

(she stood up from the bed, she is still so weak, moved closer to the mirror and saw, it was written Armaan)


(she tried to remember whose name is it but all in vain, her head began feeling dizzy. She was unable to stand straight and felt down and it made a noise which made angad kripa awake. They rushed to her room and saw her on the floor.)

angad:kripa call uncle quickly

(Kripa nodded and called her father, meanwhile Angad picked up Priyanka and placed her on the bed)

(Kripa's father came in twenty minutes, he lives near their house. He checked Priyanka)

uncle:don't worry guys she is ok, she fainted because she put lots of stress on her mind

(Kripa was passing her hand through Priyanka's hair, her eyes fell on priyanka's neck, there were a locket, a half heart, on which it was written Armaan)

kripa:see angad, on the locket around her neck it's written Armaan

(angad looked where she was pointing)

angad:yeah I guess she loved someone named Armaan

uncle(smile):and I believe, it's because of his love she is saved

(angad and kripa smiled)


(Armaan, atul and Rahul reached at delhi, they settled them selves on rahul's house

PS:(rahul and atul are from delhi, so they have their parents' house there)

rahul(smile):hey Ammi ur room is on the first floor on the right, next to atul's room

(ammi smiled back, took his bag and made his way toward his room, he unzipped his bag and took out ridzi and his photo. He kissed it and placed it on his bed side table. A lone tear made his way on his cheek)

armaan:I miss u

(atul was on the edge of the armaan's room door. He too felt tears welling, but he knew he has to control so he plasters a smile and entered)

atul:hey Ammi come, we r going out for lunch

(ammi nodded and joined them)


(Priyanka wook up and felt her head still spining)

kripa:hey Priyanka, the food is ready

(kripa helped priyanka to came in the dining room. Priyanka looked at a man of about 50 years old)

priyanka:aap to mere doctor hain na, aap yahan kaisai?

kripa(she laughed at herself):how silly of me I forgot to introduce u to him, he is my father

pryianka:namastey uncle

(she bent down to take blessings)

uncle:jeetey raho beti, aur beetiyon ki jaaga yahan hoti hai

(he pointed toward his heart and hugged her. Priyanka was touched, she smiled through her tears. She doesn't who she is? where she is? and the people are treating her like they know her from ages)

angad:hey uncle, meri behna ko rula diya

uncle:acha ab behna aagayi to uncle ko bul gaye

(they all laughed and ate. Whenever priyanka smiled or laughed, people closed to her can easily make out that something is missing (yeah her heart is missing armaan but her brain isn't receiving the message of heart))


(Rahul took armaan and atul, in a very famous restaurant, they ate there, well for ammi it was like eating less playing more with the food,)

rahul:ok guys, after eating we'll go home and rest for a while, I am very tired

atul:me too

(armaan kept silent, he tried a lot to speak more but he can't, it's like impossible)


(Priyanka and the other's finished eating)

uncle:ok now I have to go have some patient waiting for me

(everybody nodded)

uncle:and Kripa and angad, u have to bring Priyanka for the regular check up by 5 PM


(kripa and angad smiled and everybody say bye to uncle)

kripa:come Priyanka, I have lots of think to tell u

angad(dramatically):that's not fair girls, kripa from the day u got priyanka, u forget me

(he made a sad face and pouted his lips)

kripa:yeah well I was thinking, what about I joined priyanka in the night too

(angad open his mouth wide and the girls burst out laughing)

kripa:come join us, oh by the way didn't u have an appointment today

angad:it got postpone

(kripa smiled like child. Then grabbed priyanka and angad by their arms and led them to the sitting room.)

(Kripa ran back in her room and came with photo albums. Kripa shoved her their pics. They have great time)


(By 4 PM, Rahul, atul and armaan were sitting in the sitting room)

rahul:hey guys what about sight seeing there is beautiful place near our house

atul:yeah and i love that place, u in armaan

(armaan nodded, with a fake smile. They got ready and took cycles. Ammi wasn't in the mood of cycling but he did it for rahul and atul)

(the reached the place,it was a park, in the middle there were a beautiful lake surrounded by grass, on the grass there were children games planted)

(ammi put the bike in a side and moved toward the lake and it was breath taking. For sure it was less beautiful then ridzi. He smiled remembering about ridzi. He wished, sitting there ont he lake, that he'll take ridzi there. He is damn sure she is alive and coming there in delhi he can feel her presence even more)

Luv u all<333

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(angad is getting ready to go to office, kripa is helping him. She is doing his tie, while he is nuzzling and kissing her on her forehead, neck)

kripa:angad stay straight

(he stopped and obeyed her command)

angad:ok as you wish wifey

(kripa smiled and done his tie, then angad pulled her into a kiss. Breaking apart. Kripa's one hand was around his neck and the other on his hair. And angad's hand around her waist)

kripa:now go ur getting late

(she set his hair)

angad:ok and I'll be back by 7pm and I am in the mood of eating.....

kripa(cutting him):chicken

angad(smiles):you know me so well

kripa(smiles):I love you that's why

angad:I love you too

(he gave her a quick peck and they went in the hall. He said bye to priyanka and left. Actually angad is going office to appoint a new secretary as the previous one tried to create misunderstanding between him and kripa. He can't stand someone messing his and kripa's life. So now he decide he'll a appoint a male secretaryLOL.)

kripa:hey Priyanka you ready?

(priyanka nodded, they sat in the car. Angad went to his office. The girls went to the hospital. They reach their after about 20 minutes. Reaching they made their way toward kripa's dad's cabin)

Kripa:hey dad

(kripa hugged her dad, he kissed on her head)

priyanka:namastey uncle

(kripa's dad hugged her)

uncle(smiled):uncle nahi dad kaho, mujhe acha lage gha

(priyanka smiled, she felt really touched)


(while Ammi is sitting near the lake. The two married man was remembering about their wifes, so they calls their respective wifes. They miss them a lot but, they also know that ammi needs someone and at the same time ridzi's parents too need some support)

rahul:yeah I am fine muski,

muski:how is armaan?


atul:like before, he can never forget about ridzi or even stop thinking about her even a minute.

angie:he truly loves her, that's why

(after few minutes, rahul looked toward ammi he is still sitting near the lake. Rahul signals atul to hung up the phone. Atul nodded)

rahul:ok bye, I love you


angi:I love you too


muski:take care of urself and ammi's too


atul:I will you do take care of urself and of uncle and aunty

(they hung up the phone and went to ammi. Atul placed his hand ammi's shoulder. Ammi looked up toward atul)

atul:we should go home now It's getting late and you know I don't won't to miss Jalak dikhlaja, Karan is too hot.

rahul:men I didn't new u r this kind of guy, you are married atul, that too with a girl. Ab bichari anjie ka kiya hoga

(atul glared at him, but ammi has a smile on his face. Not because of the joke  but he can feel ridzi very close. rahul felt relieve at last seeing him smiling)

rahul(smilingly):come, let's go


(kripa's uncle(shubankar) checked priyanka, and smiled)

shub:you are doing a bit better now, but still you'll have to come for the check-up in the two days as you are still weak

(priyanka smiled and nodded)

kripa:dad see you at the dinner, bye.

(they hugged and went to home, while going home they stopped the car at a signal near a park, priyanka felt something strange. She looked out from the closed window and saw three guys on cycles, she doesn't know why but they looked so familiar. But before she could do anything, the car start.)

(kripa looked at priyanka and she felt as priyanka is upset)

kripa(concerned):kiya huwa priyanka?

priyanka:nothing I think just tired, need some sleep.

(she gave kripa a reassuring smile)

(they reached home, priyanka went to her room to change her dress and rest for sometime, priyanka is still thinking about the guys especially the one with white shirt and blue jeans. Even when she decided to not think her thought automatically went to this incident)

(like this she went for a nap,again she saw some flashes but this time she saw something more, a guy who have blue hazel eyes. She sat down, all panting and breathing heavily. She can't understand what is happening It has been like four days she is going through those flashes except the eyes which she saw today. Thinking of that, automatically a name slipped from her tongue)



(armaan was sitting on the arm chair, eyes closed, remembering of his time with ridzi, suddenly he thought someone called him, his ridzi called him. He opened his eyes immediately and looked everywher but she wasn't there. He doesn't know but he can feel her presence. He sighed and went to the window and stood their.It was quite dark outside as It was like 7 pm now. He can feel the wind on his skin but with this wind he can feel ridzi's presence too)


(priyanka is shocked on her own self, Armaan, she once again took this name. She truly can't understand anything. At the force of remembering, tears started spilling put as it hurt her brain. She jerked out from her thought when she heard a knock on the door. Priyanka wiped her tears and went to open the door)

kripa(smiles):hey Priyanka dinner is ready, come quickly down everybody is there

(priyanka nodded and kripa went to the dinning hall.)


(Ammi went to dining table as the dinner was all set. They ordered Pizza. As the cook will be come on the work from the next day. They start eating, Atul and Rahul tried to engage ammi in a conversation. Ammi tried to talk to them the more he can but he can't as he began thinking of ridzi. Everything is linked to ridzi. He is linked with ridzi for forever and ever)

(Priyanka joined everybody on the table. Priyanka noticed she hasn't seen angad's parents)

priyanka:angad bhai where are ur parents, I never saw them

(suddenly there was a complete silence. Priyanka felt she asked something wrong)

priyanka:I am sorry If ask something wrong

angad:no priyanka u didn't ask something wrong actually their are no more, they dies three yeard ago and I have no siblings.

priyanka(feel sad and guilty):I am sorry

angad:but u know I am happy as they r together

(he smiled in a way to reassure her, priyanka smiled too and the others too)



(Muskaan and Angie are having their dinner with their parents. When shashank spoke)

shashank:anjali, muskaan. I know that in the moment we are going is very bad and sad but I want you guys to join your husbands.

Muskaan:but uncle, you need us.

Angie:yeah dad muski is right.

shashank(smiled weakly):We are fine, don't worry about us, just do your packing and no more argument.

(Sashank and Padma became very sad from the day ridzi met with accident. They cried a lot, everybody cried a lot. Shashank knows that, they need some one for support, but he also knows that angie and muski should be with their husbands, they are newly wedded Early he didn't say anything because he knew at this time they both really needed someone but now they are doing better. Shashank wants to see his daughters happy)

(As per instructions,they packed their stuff. They are happy they are going to their husbands but at the same time sad, as they don't want to leave shashank and padma alone)

(muski and angie came to the hall and saw shashank sitting on the couch. They went to him)

angie:dad pls think once more

(he shook his head)

shashank(smiles):packing is done

(they nodded sadly)

shashank:don't tell rahul and atul about this we'll give them a surprise, me and padma are accopaniying u.

Muski(excited):uncle u r gonna stay with us

shashank(smiled):no we will return back tomorrow morning as I have a  very big surgery in the afternoon

(they left for delhi after few minutes)


(ammi is tossing over on his bed he can't sleep. The bell rang. He made his way toward the door. He opened it and is shocked. Meanwhile atul and rahul too came down and saw ammi standing like a statue)

atul:kaun hai ammi?

Ammi(still shocked and surprised):angie and muski
rahul:they r in mumbay

ammi:they are in front of me


(they pushed ammi gently on a side, and looked at the sight in front of him, there mouth is wide open)

angie:apna moo band karo warna manchar ander chala jaye gha

muski:rahul tum bhi

(atul and rahul came back to the earth)

rahul:what are you doing here?

shashank:I took them here

armaan:uncle aap?

(he moved forward and he bent down to touch their feets, followed by atul and rahul)

shashank:jeetey raho

(shashank hugged ammi, rahul and atul. Then they went to padma and hugged her and took blessings)

rahul:I still can't believe you guys are here

shashank(smiles):see rahul; you got married five days ago, and I want them to be with their husbands wherever they go. And me and padma both are fine.

ammi:do u guys planned to carry on the discussion here, come in

(ammi looked a bit cheered up. As ammi can see ridzi in angie and her parents. He felt attached to them. And he always wants to see them happy as ridzi wants the same)

(they chatted a bit and they retired to their room respectively. Ammi went to his room and he felt asleep thinking about ridzi)



(Priyanka is sleeping. She is again sweating, those flashes appear again, the eyes appear again. The eyes full of love and warmth. She felt herself losing in it. They are so beautiful. Those eyes are very familiar. But she doesn't know whose eyes they are. She doesn't know but while she was seeing those mesmerizing eyes and the depth of love for her in those eyes. A true smile, from her heart crept on her lips.)

(But then again the hazel  eyes disappeared and those same flashes came to appear. She can't put her hand on it. Who the guys is? Why she is dreaming about him?. She waked up from her dream. She truly can't understand what is happening.)

(she stood up still panting and made her way toward the bathroom)


(Here at rahul's house, everybody are having breakfast, except armaan, he is again lost in his thoughts:

(he is sitting on a breakfast table, wearing only jeans, he just came out from the bath, his hairs are still wet. Ridzi came from the kitchen, she is wearing a beautiful sari, her mang is full with sindoor, mangalsutar around her neck. She came and serve him the breakfast, she was just about to go and sit on her chair. Ammi held her wrist and pull her, she landed on his lap and her head hit against his chest)

armaan(smiles):I want to feed you

(he kissed on her chin. She became a slightly pink then smiled and encircled her hand around his neck. They started feeding each other well feeding less and doing romance more. After eating, he kissed her full on lips)

ammi(lick his own lip):yummy, ridzi u make the best breakfast in the world.

(ridzi blushed and hide her head on his chest. He started nuzzling on her neck, then keep leaving a kisses here and there. He started leaving wet kisses on her neck. Ridzi was losing herself. He kissed on her neck and let his lips lingered there for a moment. Ridzi has completely lost her self, she has surrendered. Ammi knew it, he took her in his arms and led her toward their room))

?????:Armaan beta, khana khao na ( a bit loud) Armaan, kiya huwa?

(Armaan came back to the reality and he blushed slightly and was having a smile on his lips)

rahul(surprised):what happened ammi?

ammi(he shook his head):nothing

(how can he tell he was dreaming about ridzi, being his wife and they having a romantic moment. Even thinking of that a slight shade of pink appear on his face and a smile crept on his face)

(the rest too didn't ask as they were sure only thinking about ridzi, make a smile appear on his lips)


(as everybody are in delhi, there is a girl sitting in her room. Throwing everything)

girl:what a shit, I break failed ridzi's car, so she will get lost from my and armaan way. But no even after dying she is still after me. Why can't ammi stop thinking of the bi**h. And those jerk atul and rahul took him to delhi. I have to go somehow there. So I can support him and get closed to him.

(she thought of something and let out an evil laugh)


(Shashank are loading their bag in the car trunk)

armaan(sad):uncle please u too stay here with us

shashank:I will love too but have an imprtant surgery to do

(shashank patted his shoulder)

shashank:don't worry armaan, we are always there with you can call us whenever u want and u guys are gonna come back in a week or two.

(shashank smiles sadly, he knew how much ammi is heartbroken, he can't see him devasted. Shashank glances at his wrist watch)

shashank:we will have to left now, otherwise will be late for the surgery (loud) Padma come (to armaan) do take care of urself, we'll see u soon.

(armaan nodded and took his blessings. Other member of the family joined them too. They bid them good bye and come back in the house. Armaan made his way to his room)

(Entering in his room, his eyes felled on his and ridzi's pic which was placed on the bedside table. Ridzi was in armaan's armaan and armaan was kissing on her cheek, Atul had taken this photo by surprise but the photo was the best)

(he sat next to the side bed table and picked up the photo. And a tear escape from his eyes)

armaan:ridzi where are you? I am missing u, I am sure u r near me but where? Pls come back to me.

(he didn't realize that he was crying again, how he missed her. It seems like it's a nightmare. He wish he comes out from his nightmare and everything become like before)


(Priyanka came out from the bathroom after half an hour and joined everybody in the table. Kripa's dad wasn't there, actually his father to his home only for sleeping otherwise he is always here. Priyanka started eating)

priyank:bhabhi, where is dad?

kripa:actually dad has to go, he has some patient to check

angad:how was ur sleep priyanka?

priyanka:nice bro

(then the flashes went again in her mind, she was again sweating. Kripa noticed it as priyanka was sweating and shaking. She went to priyanka and hold her by her )

kripa:what happened Priyanka?

(priyanka looked at her and the flashes disappeared)

priyanka(panting):i don't know bhabhi.......There are some flashes going through my mind...they haunt me in the nights too.....i can't see clearly........ like I can see a girl and a boy but who are they I can't see........And the name armaan is coming again and again on my lips.......I don't understand anything.......It feels like I am away from some....somebody very a part of my heart.

(By the end priyanka was in normal state, angad came and knelt down in front of her and held her hands)

Angad:priyanka i don't know but it feels like, u love this guy named armaan.

(unknowingly a blush made her way on her cheeks)

kripa:oye hoye we only said that u love Armaan u started blushing

priyanka(retort back):no I am not blushing u r lying

kripa(she frowned):acha ji, wait

(she quicly took her in front of the mirror, priyanka looked at her face and she was really blushing, looking at this she lowered her eyes)

kripa:now u agree?

(priyanka nodded)


(then he smiled, he loved those two girl. Priyanka has made her place in his heart in short spam time. He hadn't feel the love of sibling but now he can feel. Those too girls has shovered him with love. One with unconditional love and the other with a sibling love. His smile widen thinking that)


(Somebody rang the bell of Maya's house. She opened the door)

maya:arre Nikki u? I was really missing u

(she hugged her, nikki hugged her back)

nikki:me too

maya:come in

(nikki made her way in the living room and sat on the couch, she was quite sad)

maya:what happened nikki u r looking sad?

(nikki started crying, maya hugged her and tried to calm her. Nikki sobbed she was slowly slowly calming)

maya:now tell me what happened?

nikki:nothing, just I was feeling very low, it was all my fault, ridzi died because of me, if I would have not called her there to pick me up. She would be alive with us, ammi wouldn't be heartbroken.

Maya:nikki don't blame ur self, it was destined to happen, it isn't ur fault

(she wiped her tears)

nikki:actually I am going to delhi, I want to support ammi, u agree or not it was me fault, I felt very bad seeing him sad. Maybe seeing him happy will give me some peace. Will u go with me?

maya:maybe u r right, he need support right now, now wipe those tears, I'll pack my stuff, u go home and do ur packing.

nikki:it's already done, now do quicly ur packing I am waiting for u here.

(maya nodded and made her way in her room, she packed her stuff and joined Nikki)


(armaan is still sitting on his bed, holding the photo but has stop crying. Somebody put his hand on his shoulder. Ammi looked and it was rahul. Rahul sat next to him)

rahul:what happened ammi?

ammi(sadly):just missing the one who own my heart

rahul:u know armaan I am very proud of u, I never knew that a person can love that much another person; But u prouved me that even today there some true lovers, ur the one of them.  Eventhough i love muski, but don't if I love her the same way u love ridzi or not. Seeing u like that, my heart too can see  a new ray of hope that maybe ridzi is alive. I pray to god that ur love bring ridzi back

(armaan hugged him. He noticed the honesty in rahul's voice)

rahul:now enough of emotional stuff, come we are going for shopping, u know girls right? They want to go for shopping.

Ammi:ok I'll join after freshing up.

(he joined them after freshing up)


(kripa and priyanka are talking, angad has left fot the office)

priyanka:bhabhi how do u meet with bro?

(kripa blushed, ridzi has seen first time kripa blushing)

Kripa:well it was our first day of college and angad was in second year.


(kripa is entered in the college after parking her car. She is wearing a blue salwar kameez. As she entered, she see lots of guy even some of girls blocking her way. Kripa got scared and tried to go so she took her step further. A guy move in front of her)

guy:didn't u understand if we are blocking ur way there is some reason

(kripa looked at her fear was easily expressed by her eyes)

kripa(checked in her words):why are u blowking my way?

(the guy smirked and proceed talking)

guy:well u have surely heard about raging

(kripa get afraid, she doesn't know what they'll make her do, she wasn't confident. She was too shy and reserved. Kripa nodded slightly)

guy:so u have to slap the first guy entering from the door

(she looked at him with horror, she hadn't slapped a single animal in her life and he is taling about slapping a person)

kripa(trembling):no I can't

guy:ur choice either u slap the guy either u have to kiss me

(kripa get shocked, kissing was out of question never in her dream she was going to kiss this jerk)

(the guy smirk evily)

guy:well I guess u have choosed the first one, now go.

(ridzi turned and wait for the person to enter. She saw a very handsome guy entering, with brown eyes like chocolate. He was surely a handsome creature. She looked back at the guys and she knew they won't let her go.)

(She groaned and made her way toward the handsome hunk. The people behind her hiden to see the entertainment)

(How can she slap him, he is looking so cute and handsome. She reached in front of the guy. The guy is also looking at her, he blowned away by her simplicity and her beauty)

(she is trembling, she doesn't know how is he going to react. She gathered her courage and slapped him gently but enough to make him shocked)

kripa(looked down):I am sorry

H-guy(thought:why she slapped me and even saying sorry to me): why u slapped me?

(he asked her still in a daze)

kripa:woh actually those people....

(she signaled behind her without looking, the handome guy looked behing her but they were nobody but then he felt the bush moves and understand that they are ragging her and too that she looks so cute when she is afraid)

Kripa:.....made me do that, I am sorry

(she was looking too nave, too innocent. The guy came back to the reality)

h-guy:oh u mean they ragged u

(she nodded like a child. Seeing that the handsome guy smiled)

h-guy:it's ok ur apologize are accepted. So I think we should start from the begining,(smiled) Hi I am Angad Khanna

kripa(smile):Hi I am kripa sharma

angad:would u mind to be my friend?

(she nodded her head, they both shook hands. From that day angad stood by her side never let someone misbehaved with her. He was always there with her. He was such a cute guy. He is the one main reason which made kripa from a shy girl to a confident girl)

(Now the day come, there were going to be a valentine's day party in the night and angad has asked kripa to be his partner. She agreed without hesitation as she by now has completely fallen in love with him, but she doesn't know if he loves her. Kripa's dad too has met with angad and he liked him very much, he is a very good guy)

(Kripa heard the bell ringing she ran to open the door as her father was on a emergency call)

(she opened the door and saw angad, their standing with blue jeans, white top and blue jacket, he was looking very cute. His hair a little bit jelled. Looking all fresh and too hot)

(angad looked at her and his heart skipped a bit, she was stading in front of him in blue halter dress, they both were complementing each other)

angad(in a low voice):u r looking breathtaking kripa

(kripa blushed)

kripa:Thnx u r looking very handsome

angad:thnx, now come otherwise we'll be late

(they sat in the car, after few minuted kripa noticed they are going to the wrong way)

kripa:angad college's way didn't go by their

angad:I know just wait

(kripa sat calmly she knew there is no need to argue with him, as always she'll give up. Angad stopped the car at the signal and tie a scarf around her eyes)

kripa:angad yeh kiya kar rahe ho?

angad:shhh just wait

(after few minuted angad stopped the car. Opened kripa's side's door and took her outside. They walk a bit and stopped. Angad removed the scarf from her eyes and told her to open her eyes)

(she opened her eyes and is completely mesmerized by seeing the sight in front of her)

(they are at a beach and the beach is very beautifully decorated with lots of ballon, in the shape of heart and a table settled in the middle)

(she turned to look at angad but she didn't found him then her eyes felt lower and saw angad kneeling down with a ring in his hand)

angad:kripa from the very first day I was attract to u but don't know when I fell in love with u. I only know I love u madly, will u marry me?

(till now he was saying all this with his eyes closed. Now he opened his eyes and saw her eyes moist)

angad(shocked):I am sorry If I hurt ur feeling

(he stoop up and wiped her tears. She removes his hand and hugged him and whisper in his ear)

kripa:I love u too

(angad was so happy he hugged her tightly to never let her go. Then they move apart and angad slipped the ring on her finger)

(then he kissed her lips, for the very first time. She slipped her hand around his neck. And angad placed his hand around her waist and pulled her closer, their body touched each other. Angad parted her lips and took his tongue on her mouth. Kripa groaned. They explored each other's mouth. Angad mouned as he felt kripa's tongue in contact with his tongue. They were completely lost in the moment.)

(breaking apart kripa hugged him shyly)

***flashback (end)***

(she didn't told priyanka about the kiss)

(when Kripa finished telling her the story, she was really blusing)

kripa:then we married after four years, so like a year ago

(priyanka smiled listening the story, it's was a perfect tale. She too felt that someone loves her a lot more than his life, then again a name escaped from her mouth)

priyanka(in an inaudible voice):armaan (think:who is Armaan why I remember this name again and again. What is happening with me? God please make me remember everything, pls.)



ARMAAN's house

(everybody is on the table eating their food, muski stoop up to open the door as the bell rang. She is shocked seeing the person in front of her)


(they hugged each other then miski led them to dining. Everybody met each other)

Maya(excitedly):Bindi, I just love bindi

angi:come sit and eat

(everybody proceed with diner)

ANGAD's house

Priyanka:guys, I am off, I am very tired

(she gave good bye hugs to everybody and made her way to her room. Reaching in her room she laid flat on her bed. And dozed of)

(She has some flashes, she can't see the face, it irritated a lot she wants to see who the two persons are but no she can't it's like impossible, her brain isn't receiving the message, it's like it's comes to the mid way but a wall prevent it to reach to her brain. But this time she can listen what they are talking about. A girl is running and she reached a secluded place then a guy came and pinned her to the wall:

guy:did u think u'll run away from me?

(she is still holding shoes, and encircled her hand around his neck)

girl:aaji kaun kambakht aap se dhoor jaana chahta hai, hum to hamesha yuhin aapke pass rehna chahte hain

(they both laughed)

guy(emotionnaly):promise me u'll never leave me, I'll die without u

girl(emotionnaly):I'll never leave u promise, I can't also leave without u, now ur turn to make a promise

guy:I promise I'll never leave u,(he hugged her) I love u

(she hugged him back)

girl:I love u too)

(Priyanka jerked from the flashes and sat down, panting, the sweating were made her way down to her face.)

(She looked toward the side table, she quickly grabed the glass of water and drank it in one breath)

(she closed her eyes to relax but suddenly she opened her eyes as she saw a a guy smiling, his smile is worth a billion, he has got cute dimples)

(the more she tried to remember the more tears spill out, she can't remember, why. She so want to know everything. This dreams are haunting her)

ridzi(tears in her eyes):who is the guy, why I can't see his face. And who the two person were talking? God pls help me, I can't remember anything clearly, why is it happening with me?

(she said all this crying, she can't bear it, it hurt her brain, her brain can decode the message, it's like a CD player is damaged and it can't read a CD, it was the same case with her. Her brain is damaged and the massage isn't reaching the right place)

(she felt asleep while crying)


(all the guys are sitting on the couch and nikki and maya are sitting on each side of Armaan. They were chatting and trying to make ammi laugh but he was completely lost in ridzi's memory. He came our from the trance of her past moment when he felt nikki's hand on his shoulder. He looked at her)

Nikki(concerned);what happened?

Armaan:nothing I am just tired, I think I should go to sleep

(then one of the girl looked up toward ammi and thought)

girl(thought:what the hell, why is he making impossible to talk with him, what should I do now. I has been SIX days, that ridhima died but here he isn't ready to forget her)

(she fumed with anger but she managed to be not noticed by anyone)

(Ammi excused himself and went to his room then laid on his bed and lost again on ridzi's thought)


(Ammi came to pick up ridzi from her house to go to college, she came down and sat in the car silently)

ammi:what happened? No hi? no hello?

(ridzi turned toward him)


(he held her shoulder and made her look into his eyes)

ammi(concerned):what happened?

(ridzi removed his hand from her shoulder)

ridzi:nothing, now pls start driving or we'll be late

(he start drining thinking that he'll ask her reaching the college)

(when they reached their ridzi completely ignored him. He tried to talk to her after every second but she simply start talkin g to someone else, it was like he isn't there. He was irritated. His Ridzi never behaved like this. She didn't sat next to him )

armaan(thought:I'll talk to her when we'll be in the car)

(but to his bad luck, she went home with angie and Muski. He was so much irritated, he just can't understand the reason to which ridzi is neglecting him. She hasn't spoke to him correctly, it never happened before)

armaan(mumbled but angrily):what did happened to her now, why is she ignoring me?

(he went to his house but all angry. He was just going to enter when his mobile rang. He saw appearing "love". His eyes lighten up)

armaan(excitedly):hi ridzi why.....

ridzi(she cut him off):Hi Armaan, actually I think I forgot my chemistry book in ur house yesterday can u pls bring it?

ammi(he sighed irratadly):ok I'll be there in few minutes

armaan(thought:thats great, I'lll have the chance to talk to ridzi too)

(he took the book from his room and sat in his car and made his way toward ridzi's house. He rang the bell of the house. Padma opened the door. He met with them and made his way toward ridzi's room as padma said she is in her room)

(he opened the door (he never knocked on her room door) and saw the room was all the dark. He called for ridzi but she didn't reply. So he move forward to on the light. When he switched on the lights his eyes fell on the cake placed on the table in the middle of the room and some balloons placed around)

(he was stunned seeing all this he felt someone's breath on her neck and there, he knew it's none other then ridzi)

ridzi(whispered):happy birthday jaan

(a smile automatically crept on his lips. He turned toward ridzi and hugged her)

armaan(happy):u remembered


(he moved apart and looked at her)

armaan:that's why u was ignoring me?

(she nodded sheepshly)

armaan:now u deserved to be punished

ridzi:ok but first cut the cake


(he cut the cake and made fed her the cake)

armaan(mischievously):now punishment time

(he held her in his embrace and kiss her on her lips, savoring her luscious lips. Ridzi felt her knee gone weak, she would have fallen if armaan's hand weren't around her tiny waist protectively. He parted her lips as he felt ridzi's hand around his neck and the other in his hair, passing her finger through his hair, arising all the desire. Ridzi groaned feeling his tongue touching her teeth. Armaan played with ridzi tongue. They both moaned in pleasure)

(they move apart due to the lack of breath. There eyes were closed, they have kissed a lots of time but every time it was like a new experience. Ammi opened his eyes and looked at ridzi, she just look an angel, his angel, with her eyes closed and breathing heavily. She slowly opened her and looked down blushingly seeing the amount of love in his eyes and not being able to stand his gaze)

(he moved once again toward ridzi and kissed pationnely on her cheek, he let his lips lingered there for some moments, then he shovered her face with kisses. He kissed on her chin and made his way toward her throat, his lips are still on her skin, he didn't take off his lips but is trailing, he reached her neck)

(She gasped as he took hold of her skin with his mouth. He licked her neck. Ridzi moaned and was breathing heavily. Armaan too was in the heaven in fact both were in the heaven)

armaan(huskily):I love u

ridzi(whisper back):I love u too

(he moved his lips towars her ear and let them place there)

armaan:promise me u'll never ignore the way u did today, It was like I am dying every second.

(she answer back in daze, in a complete spell of armaan)

ridzi(in an inaudible voice but enough for armaan to listen it):I promise I will never ignore u.

(they moved apart and sat in each other arm for sometime, then they went to armaan's house where a big party was arranged but he didn't liked it instead he would love to have a birthday with ridzi every year, in fact every day)

***FLASHBACL (end)***

(he smiled widely remembering the punishment he gave ridzi, they both enjoyed it. He felt asleep thinking of it)



(everybody are sitting and talking but armaan felt suffocated so he made his way toward the kitchen. Atul looked at ammi leaving toward the kitchen and followed him)

(when he reached the edge of the kitchen he saw ammi's back leaning against the window, he was looking out side)

(atul went to ammi)

(ammi turned and looked toward him)


atul:Would like to go outside cycling? Just two of us


(they silently made their way out of the house, took their cycle toward the same park)


Kripa:Priyanka are u ready to for the opintement with my dad?

(kripa called him from the living room)

priy:yeah give me a minute

(priyanka joined and they both made their way toward the hospital)


(Priyanka and kripa are in kripa's dad's cabin, she has come for a daily routine check up as she is weak so she need to have a check-up regularly till the wounded healed)

(uncle checked her and said)

uncle:u r recovering very fast, all the wound are almost healed, just will need some days to the wound to disapear completely

(Priyanka gave a weak smile and then her hairs begin flowing, she felt someone is very near to her, like a part of her heart, her life is close to her and then suddenly someone barked in his room, it was a nurse, she was sweating)

nurse(sweating):doctor doctor there is guy who is injured himself, pls come

(uncle nodded, told priyanka to wait and followed the nurse. He looked at the guy and his knee was bleeding. He was accompanied with another guy on whose eyes the pain, the hurt was clearly visible(hey guys the other guy is hurt but hurt emotionally not physically))

uncle:Pls filfull the form while I'll bandaged him

(the guy nodded and move toward the nurse station, he wrote his name, his relation with the guy, the guys name if he knew, he wrote Atul Grewal. He was writing when kripa's dad called him)

uncle:and yeah Mr....

(the guy turned and said)

guy:Armaan Malik

uncle:yea Mr Malik meet me in my cabin after filling the form, it's the third room in the left in this corridor

(ammi nodded, shubankar (kripa's dad) made his way toward a room where there is all the stuff needed for the bandage. Shubankar badaged and injected atul to calm him as he was in pain. Atul dozed off. Then shubankar make his way toward his cabin.)

(after few minuted there is knock on the door)

shub:come in

(It was armaan, he came in and got frozen at the sight in front of him)


(Armaan filled the form and made his way toward the doctor's cabin. While going there he remember how it happened, how Atul get injured)


(atul and armaan were retuning back from a relaxing outing; of course on their cycle)

atul:how do you feel now armaan?

armaan(gave a weak smile):better

(they were cycling quietly. Atul saw a kid running in front of him and in the try to not hit the kid he lost his balance and his knee hit the big rock which caused the injury and bleeding)

(Armaan left his cycle on the spot and with the help of some man they reached hospital. Armaan wery worried, trembling with fear, he can't see atul like this.)

***Flashback end***

(Suddenly he felt that ridzi is near him, he doesn't know why but he can feel her presence. Like she is very near, he can feel her smell)

(In his thought he reached the cabin's door, he knocked at the door and opened the door after he got the permission.  He entered and got shocked seeing the sight in front of him. Yeah it was his,  his ridhima.)

(Ridhima/ Priyanka looked behind as someone entered she was shocked, those were the same hazel eyes, she saw in her dreams. Automatically she stood up shocked. She felt familiarity in his face. She felt she knows who he is.)

(armaan move toward her without blinking by the fear that she will disappear. A wide smile automatically appeared on his face and tears start flowing down silently)

(Ridzi (priyanka) looked at his smile, those were the same dimples she saw in her dreams. The flashes start coming again)

armaan(not believing):ridzi

(armaan touched her cheek still not believing it, he was feeling on the cloud nine at this moment)

(ridzi's was feeling dizzy. The only thing went by her brain, the voices:ridzi...armaan... and the images:his smile, his eyes. She hold her head in her hand. The flashes appear again but this time the an addition: guy:I love u ridzi; girl:I love you too Armaan)

(Shubankar and Kripa were looking at them they didn't talked only looked at them. But they are shocked seeing priyanka holding her head)

(armaan are worrying seeing ridzi holding her head, he move closer to her and held her, he didn't expect this. He thought she will hug him or something. He can feel something is wrong. He saw the other young lady too moving toward ridzi)

(Before she fainted, she said in unaudible voice, only armaan heard it)


shubhankar (worried):Mr malik we have to take her in the ward.

(Armaan nodded worriedly, with tears streaming more and more. Armaan took ridzi in his arms and took her to a room then made her laid on the bed still holding her in his arms. He was crying looking at her. He had ridzi in his arms but still he didn't understand why she reacted like this)

Shubhankar:Mr Malik can you please wait outside

(armaan moved outside not willing but he has to, he was crying, he is so happy to see his ridzi but sad to see her in this state. He saw the young lady coming toward him who was also sad)

Kripa(worried):Hi, I am Kripa Khanna, how do you know Priyanka????

(armaan is stunned, listening "Priyanka")

armaan(still crying):(thought:Priyanka?? Why is she asking me about priyank? Who is she. Here I am worried about my ridzi) Who....Priyanka?

(Kripa is confused at him but then she understand that priyanka's real name isn't priyanka that's why maybe he isn't recognizing)

kripa:the girl you brought here

(armaan looked at her and he was shell-shocked)

armaan:but she isn't Priyanka she is ridzi, my ridzi!!!!

(a small smile crept on kripa's lips)

Kripa:(thought:so he is Armaan) So If I am not wrong you are Armaan

(armaan nodded)

kripa(with a sad tone):armaan she has lost her memory

(armaan felt shattered, he felt even more tears streaming down. But then he remembers)

armaan:(thought:ridzi has called me Armaan and kripa too knows my name)

(he looked at her confused. There are lots of questions in his mind)

armaan:how come you know my name and I heard ridzi too took my name?

kripa:she remembers your name Armaan and she said she was having dreams with a guy with hazel eyes. You too got hazel eyes and then there is a locket in her neck where it's written in clear letters armaan

armaan(instantly replied):Yeah I gave it to her

(Shubankar came out, armaan rushed to him)

armaan(concerned):how is she doctor?

Shubankar:Mr malik don't worry she is ok, she is only depressed it happens in this type of cases. But how do you know her?

armaan:She is my fianc......

(and he told them what happened on the day when she met with accident. Kripa and shubankar too became very sentimental)

(armaan smiled a bit knowing that his ridzi is here, alive, with him. He was feeling relived)

Kripa:You know dad u was right, it's because of Armaan's true love she is alive. I mean in the sea where we found her, it's was impossible for someone to come out alive. But ur love bring her back

(Kripa was crying, she is very emotional, she wiped her tears. She was happy for priyanka)

Armaan(frowned and asked suddenly):How do you know her?

Kripa:As I said we found her in the sea and now she is like a family member to us and yeah he is my dad and priy..Ooops sorry Ridzi's too

armaan:can I take her home?

(Shubankar is sad, he didn't want ridzi to go, she is like his daughter but he knew she has to, she has to go back, to her real house)

shub:yeah but not before tomorrow, I have given her injection to sleep. She needed it her blood pressure was very high.

Armaan:can I see her?

(shubankar nodded. Armaan made his way in the room. Shubankar and kripa hugged they were happy for ridzi but sad to know that in some time she will be not living with them, they were crying. In seven days they had become so close to her. They have no blood relation but still they had strong bond)

(armaan entered and sat next to her. She was looking the same expect a bit pale. How he missed her only he knows. He is so happy to see her. More tears escaped from his eyes but of happiness not sadness)

(he gently held her hand. He can feel her heart beat increasing even in conscienceless state she can respond him)

(Ridzi felt her nerves calming feeling armaan's hand talking hold of her hand. His warmth made her feel in peace)

(Armaan kissed her hand. He kept siting close to her, not believing it. He felt if he go away from their he will loose her again and he didn't want it)

(shubankar entered in the room)


(armaan looked at her and was stunned to hear doctor shubankar calling him armaan not Mr malik like every doctor called their patient)

armaan:yes doctor???

shub:armaan you are Ridzi's fiance, you can call me uncle

(armaan smiled weakly)


shub:That's better (he remembered why he came there) oh! actually your friend regain his senses and he was asking for you.

(armaan has completely forgotten him. He was so lost in the turmoil that he didn't remembered about atul. He knew he has to go to atul too, but he didn't want to leave ridzi side, nor now nor never. He looked at ridzi. He knows he has to go to check on his friend but in the same time he can't leave her side, he can't loose her again)

(shubankar understood it and left without making noise and entered after sometime with kripa and atul on the wheelchair as he leg was injured and he wasn't able to walk)

(as atul entered the room, he as well was shocked seeing ridzi. He smile widely with tears in his eyes. He then looked at armaan who is holding her hand)

atum(excitedly with tears in his eyes):armaan, ridzi??

(armaan looked at her nodded happily. Shubankar took atul near armaan. They both hugged each other. They were very happy. Armaan was still holding her hand. He was afraid to let it go)

shub:armaan i think you both should go home now, atul need rest

armaan(not willing to):but??

(shub tried to persuade him)

shub:armaan just go home and u both rest and I promise I'll take care of ridzi. Don't worry and you can come back in few hours

(shubankar smiled reassuringly)

(armaan smiled and looked back at ridzi. He didn't want to leave her side. But he on the same time knew atul too need rest. He decides he'll come back after dropping atul home)

armaan:but we didn't bring our cars as we where out for cycling

kripa(popped in):don't worry I'll drop you guys

(but before armaan or atul could answer the door opened abruptly. Angad entered)

angad(worried):Uncle, what happened to priyanka?

(armaan was bewildered seeing this guys reaction)

(shub told everything to angad, he was happy for priyanka, she got her love back but sad thinking the same thing as his wife and uncle)

angad(sadly):you mean she will leave us?

(angad asked on the verge of crying, ridzi is his sister now, he has found a sister in her. They both shared a strong bond. He can't thought of this)

shub:she'll have to son (to not cry he changed the topic) anyways meet Armaan

(but angad's tears were silently streaming down, he can't control it)

angad(checked on his words):Hi I am angad, kripa's husband and.....Priy... ur rid...zi's bro

(armaan and angad shook hands. He was shocked to see this family. They made you feel at so much ease, they can made you be friend with them in a go. Armaan looked toward Atul, he knew he was tired and he needs rest so he gently moved toward ridzi. Kissed on her forehead softly but still with passion.)

Armaan(whisper in ridzi's hear):I love you, I'll be back in a while

(He once again planted a kiss on her face. He didn't know whether to cry as her ridzi is in this state or wether to smile and tell the whole word his ridzi is alive.)

(everybody in the room admired their love. Atul was proud of armaan's love. Armaan has proved himself, his love, their love. Atul wiped the tears of happiness)

Kripa:angad I'll just drop them and come back

angad:honey you stay with priyan.... I mean ridzi, I will drop them

(Kripa nodded. Angad gave a peck on her cheek and made his way toward the outside with pushing atul's wheelchair. Armaan reached the edge of the door. He looked back. He so don't won't to go, but he has to anyways he'll come back after with angad. He left with heavy heart)

(Angad, armaan and atul are in the car. Armaan and angad are in the front seats and atul behind. Armaan is so excited, he just want to drop atul quickly at home and go back to ridzi)

atul:Armaan when is ridzi coming back?

armaan(with a smile):tomorrow

(while angad felt bad but at the same time happy. He is gonna miss very much his sister. But he knows she has to go, to her love. And he can feel Armaan loved a lot ridzi. He smiled sadly with tears in his eyes. But he quickly wiped his tears before any of the guy saw them)

armaan(concerned):Angad why are you crying?

(angad shook his head)


armaan:angad u know u can tell me whatever u want. You are ridzi's brother so you are my brother-in-law.

(angad stopped the car at the signal and looked at armaan and he felt like saying him)

angad:I will miss ridzi when she will leave us

(tears escaped from his eyes. Armaan put his hand on his shoulder brotherly)

armaan:It doesn't mean we won't come to meet u guys or u guys can't come to meet us

(angad smiled)


armaan:why thanks?

angad:to allow us to meet ridzi

armaan:now if you said once more thanks or sorry, you will be not allowed. Come on angad she is your sister.(he sigh) You guys in few days made a strong bond. I can see the love for ridzi in eyes of your and your family's. You accepted her even not knowing who she is. And she is alive because of you guys. If you guys wouldn't have saw her she wouldn't be with us (armaan said with tears licking from his eyes, he can't even not think about ridzi living him again, it hurt) You didn't need any permission to meet her.

(angad smile widely)

angad:now I know why ridzi only remembered you. U are such a gem


angad:now I know why ridzi only remembered you. U are such a gem

(armaan smiled)

Armaan(become sad):I just hope she remember us

Angad:don't worry Armaan even if she has forgot everyone, she can't forget you

(Angad smiled reassuringly, which made Armaan smile, have trust on him, on ridhima on their love)

(suddenly Atul spoke distracting the sad atmosphere)

atul(excited):Armaan I have an Idea, we won't tell everybody at home ridzi is alive and then tomorrow we will surprise them they will be so shocked.

armaan(smile as a hint that he agree atul's plan):I am in and Angad you too will have too come with Kripa Bhabhi (he looked at angad) I hope you don't mind me calling her Bhabhi

(Angad smile reassuringly)

angad:no not at all

(Armaan smiled back. Atul noticed from the time he came to know Ridhima is alive, he is regularly smiling. And he was happy for that.)

armaan:Yeah I was saying that tomorrow, you, Bhabhi and uncle will also come with me

(A super excited Atul spoke)

atul:yeah man it's time for party

(they hi-fived. In few minutes they reach home)

Armaan:Angad come in

Angad:But Armaan, I have......

Armaan(intterupt):No buts, come in and then we'll go together

(angad nodded and entered with them. They were thinking in the way an idea that can make Armaan left home for the night. When they entered they saw a tensed atmosphere. Rahul looked at them and said)

rahul(worried):guys where were you? we were so worried

(then he looked at atul's plastered leg )

rahul(more worried):what happened to Atul?

Armaan:Have a break Rahul, he just lost the balance of his cycle in the try to save a child and injured his leg. So we went to hospital. (then point at angad) and he is my childhood friend Angad Khanna, from Mumbay, he helped us a lot and as he wants some help to shift his house, I will be with him tonight.

(Armaan, Atul and Angad knew they will buy it. As they were planning about this in their way. Everybody noticed Armaan a bit happy. They thought it's maybe he met with his childhood friend)

Muskaan:Angad would you like to have something to drink?

(Angad hesitate, as he doesn't know anybody and Amraan noticed it)

Armaan:Oh I am sorry Angad I forgot to introduce you to my family.

(he introduced everybody expect Maya and Nikki as they weren't present in the room and now angad felt comfortable very much. As the family is very jovial and Muskaan's sense humor is the best angad thought, she was completely bindaas)

Muskaan:I was asking what would you like for drink?

Angad(smiled):Pepsi will do for now

(Muskaan smiled and made her way in the kitchen. Meanwhile Angad really enjoyed being in this family.)

(Muskaan came out from the kitchen with pepsi and other soft drink. She served it to the three guys and then serve the dinner. Armaan ate a little well more then he ate in this few days. But Angad said that he has a stomach problem, everybody laughed but actually it was a complete lie because he had planned to eat with kripa. After eating)

Armaan:Angad you wait here. I'll will just change and come back

(Angad nodded. The family was happy seeing Armaan was back to his life)

(He quickly took a shover then he dressed in a denim blue jean and a double shirt (blue over green). He combed his hair. He was excited to meet Ridhima.)

(He made his way toward the hall and nobody unnoticed the happiness on Armaan's face)

Armaan:come on let's go

(Angad nodded. They said bye to everybody and made their way toward the hospital. Angad noticed Armaan was very happy)

(They both reached the hospital. Armaan enteres in the room and saw his angel. He went close to her. Sat down on the stool near her and held her hand. He felt it again, her heart was raising again and he was happy to know at his touch she can respond. After an hour)

Armaan:hey guys you should go home and take rest.

Uncle:yeah Kripa you guys need rest.

(kripa blushed. Angad noticed it but thought to ask later but it seems Armaan too has noticed)

Armaan(curious):Bhabhi why are you blushing?

Kripa(blushed):because...because...(looked down) Angad is going to be a father

(she said the last bit very fast that It may be impossible to hear but Angad and Armaan heard it. Kripa felt the next her feet wasn't anymore on the floor, angad has scooped her in his arms and was twirling her)

Kripa(smile):angad angad put me down, I am getting dizzy

(Angad stopped and out her on her feet and smiled sheepishly)

angad(sheepshly):oh I am sorry (excited again) but I am very excited

(he hugged her tightly. Armaan too congrats them. He was very happy for them)

Angad:Hey Krips you know it's the the best day in my life. Ridzi got her love back. And I got the news that I am going to be a father

(he said with tears in his eyes. Kripa wiped them and hugged him. Then Angad and Kripa went to home and Armaan stayed in the hospital still holding her hand and looking at her. He felt asleep in a while)

(Ridhima woke up from her sleep, she saw a guy sitting on the stool next to her and her hand in his. She took back her hand with a force which made the guy woke up)

(They guy was Armaan, he looked at her with disbelief. Ridhima didn't knew who the guy is as for her he is mere stranger who was holding her hand)

ridhima:who are you?

(he was shell-shocked. Tears starts licking down from his eyes. His ridhima didn't remember him)

Armaan:Ridhima, I am Armaan your Armaan

(She didn't asked him why he called her ridhima but It felt familiar. More over she knew that she has lost her memory which was in some way an advantage for her as it made her think if the guy is saying the truth or not. If she didn't she has lost her memory she would have shouted at him)

(Ridhima looked at him, his blue hazel eyes. Yeah those were the same eyes she saw in her dream. This was the same voice she heard during her dreams. This was the same name which come again and again on her lips. Which haunted her. But why can't she remember anything. She looked at him confused.)

(She try hard to remember it but all in vain in opposite she started feeling dizzy again at force of stressing on her brain. She closed her eyes and held her head in her hand. All the flashes started again going through her eyes. Tears started streaming down)

(Armaan looked at her worrying. He held her by her shoulder. She whispered, she whispered again his name.)


(Armaan held her in his arms. She calmed feeling the warmth, she felt secure. She felt as she belong there in his Armaans. She opened her eyes and looked up in his eyes. They are so familiar)

ridhima(in tears):Why I can't remember anything?

(she asked him helplessly. The more she tried to remember the more she can't understand. Armaan gently wiped her tears)

(As he skin touched her skin, it felt so familiar. Like she know this guy from a long time)

(He kissed gently in her forehead she didn't back out in contrary, she was liking it. She was sure, he isn't a stranger he is far than being stranger. As she looked in his eyes, she saw the love for her, the sea of love for her)

(Her eyes went down and stopped on the chain in his neck with a half heart shape. In the heart it was written ridhima:

(ridhima opened her eyes and saw a locket, a half heart and it's written Armaan on the locket. Ridhima looked at him, having tears into her eyes, she hugs him)

Armaan:why are you crying?,(teasingly) now don't tell me those tears are of happiness

(she hit on her chest, then takes a step back)

Ridhima:thanks armaan, by the way where is the other half?


(he points toward his neck, it's the other half on which it's written ridhima)

armaan:now you are the owner of my heart and I am the owner of your heart

(she smiles and kiss on his forehead)

ridhima:you are so adorable

Armaan(frowns):that's all?


(he is still frowning. RIdhima smiled and pulled his cheek and kiss on his cheek. She places her hand on his cheek)

Ridhima:you are all mine

(Armaan smiles and kiss her hand which was placed on his cheek)

Armaan:and you are all mine and will be always mine

(he hugs her)

She can't see the face, they are like negatives but the voice it's like her voice and Armaan's)

(By then Shubankar entered in the room. Which made her came out from her thought. Shubhankar looked at them. Armaan was by now sitting on the bed holding ridhima in his arms)

ridhima:dad why I can't remember anything

(shubankar went closer to her and patted her head)

shu:don't stress ridhima, you will remember everything, as for this guy, he loves you a lot. He was there all the night and when he saw you there his happiness was touching the sky, he really loved you a lot.

(Ridhima blushed unknowingly which made shubankar and Armaan chuckle and left as his pager rang. Ridhima looked at him questioningly)

ridhima(raised her brow):why were you laughing?

Armaan:because you like even more beautiful and cute when you blush

(she blushed even more, she doesn't know what is happening with her but she is liking it or rather loving it. She felt complete with being in Armaan's arms. But then suddenly she remembers:ammi:oye hoye, sharmate huwi bhi kitni cute lagti ho, I really love you

rid:I love you too)

(Armaan looked at her blushing even more, there was ray of hope as she was unknowingly reacting on his name, on his touch, at the mention of their love)

(He kissed her quickly. She came out from her thought. She really loved the kiss it felt so like home. She looked at him, he was smiling his million dollar smile with his cute dimples. How can she forget those were the same dimples. She on impulse kissed on his dimple.)

(When she realize what had she done. She become crisom red and hide herself in his chest. Armaan hugged her tightly with a wide smile. He was sure she will remember everything. For now it was enough that she was reacting on his touch and him)

(Ridhima wondered why she has kissed him and actually she really likes it and now she hide herself in his chest. But she truly felt that's her place. She snuggled in his chest.)

(Armaan felt peace feeling her near him, feeling her snuggling in his chest. He closed his eyes)

Armaan:I love you a lot

Ridhima:I love you too

(Armaan opened his eyes and looked at her. As ridhima felt Armaan's eyes on her, she opened and looked at him. She can read in his eyes, he was questioning her, does she remember anything)

ridhima:I don't remember anything Armaan but I know that I love you. I can't deny it. Maybe my brain can't remember you but my heart days and says to me that I love you.

She knows, she love him, she doesn't know why but she does. She can't remember anything but she knows she loves him)

(Armaan smiled and hugged her, ridhima too hugged him back, they both have tears in the tears which were of happiness. He was happy to know that at least even if she doesn't remember anything. She does love him, her heart does love him and her heart can't forget him)


ridhima:I don't remember anything Armaan but I know that I love you. I can't deny it. Maybe my brain can't remember you but my heart does and says to me that I love you.

(Armaan smiled and hugged her, ridhima too hugged him back, they both have tears in the tears which were of happiness. He was happy to know that at least even if she doesn't remember anything. She does love him, her heart does love him)

(He kissed her forehead with all the love to let her know that he really loves her. Ridhima held his face and pressed her soft lips to his manly lips. She doesn't know why she did oh well she loves him but her brain ask her and her heart dismiss this thought. The kiss was very gentle and slow which turned into a passionate kiss, they were making it for the last six days. Ridhima can feel through this kiss how he felt when she wasn't with him even though he didn't told her about anything she knew how he felt without her.)

(Ridhima ruffled his hairs and Armaan deepend the kiss by parting her lips. His tongue made her way in her mouth and touched her tongue. They both moaned. How they missed being that close, how they missed being in each other's armaan, How they missed feeling each other)

(After broking apart, Ridhima hide her head on his chest, she does feel secure in his arms. It feels like nothing can happen to her, she is safe their. She tilted her head and saw him staring at her. She blushed and placed her hand on his eyes)

(Armaan smiled seeing her blush, he so missed this, he missed how she blushed, he missed how she hide herself in his chest. He felt so much happy to have her in his arms. He rose his head and kissed on her palm. They stayed in hugging position for quite a long time)



Ridhima:Why can't I remember everything about my past

(he kissed gently on her forehead)

Armaan:don't worry Ridhima, I will help you to make you remember everything, I promise, you just don't worry (he remembered) Oh by the way Jaan, are you hungry

Ridhima(she nodded and said like a child):yeah I am felling very hungry

(she so so childlishly that made Armaan left a laugh. Ridhima glared at him)

Armaan:Ok ok, I am sorry, but you looked so cute

(She smiled slightly. He kissed on her cheek, she was really liking it. He called Kirpa as she told him to call when Ridhima got up. She said she will bring the breakfast)

Armaan:Hey Jaan, you know what, Kripa Bhabhi is pregnant

(she cried in joy and hugged him tightly, she was so happy)

Ridhima:Armaan, I am very happy for Bhabhi and Bhai, they will get soon an angel in their life.

Armaan(mischievously): Don't worry, we too will have an angel soon

(Ridhima turned crisom and hit on his chest. He simply smiled and hugged her)

Ridhima:By the way, How do you know Bhabhi and Bhai?

Armaan:Actually Atul......

(he looked at her she was slightly confused, she tried to remember this guy, the name sounds familiar)

......He is your dad's friends son in short he is like your brother or even shorter he is the husband of your sister Angie as in Anjali

(He made her understand the situation. Although she can't remember but she knew after what Armaan said to her that Angie is her sister and Atul is her jeeju and she believe what he said)


At RAHUL's house

A girl is sitting alone in her locked room. She is surrounded byt Armaan's photo's.

Girl:Armaan, I love you but what you did, you just went off the house yesterday even not telling me. And when I went to look for you, I didn't found. Coming home, I got to know you came home. Why the hell you are not talking to me normally. I didn't killed that little Bi**h, to loose you completely. I promise, I will have you and soon.

(she laughed evilly)


(Atul is laying in his room, his head is placed on Angie's lap who is stroking his hair. She was danm worried when she saw his leg plastered)

(Atul is thinking about Ridhima, his little sister is alive. He is so very happy to know that. That much that his happiness hadn't any height. Only he knew how he resist to tell this to Angie and the rest of the world)

(Atul sigh happily as he realize Ridhima will be with them in few hours. He is imagine everybodies reaction, Angie, Muski, Rahul and their other friends reaction)

Angie:Atul did your leg hurt a lot

(He looked at her with a true smile, which reassure her too that he is fine)

Atul:I am fine Angie

(He cupped her face and gently pulled it toward his. He placed his lips on hers. In not time they were kissing pationately, exploring each other's mouth, swallowing each other's saliva. They fall in love with each other all over again, everytime it's a new feeling)


(Rahul is in the kitchen, stood up next to the stove. Staring at her beautiful wife, who is preparing coffee for everybody.)

(He can't control himself and embrace her from behind. She let a gasp but then relaxed, realizing whose arms this are. Rahul kept kissing on her shoulder and her neck. Teasing her and irritating her well she loves being close to him but she isn't able to concentrate on the coffee)

Muskaan(irritated):Rahul please let me make the coffee

Rahul(husky):who stopped you

(After so much struggle, she made the coffee then toward him, with an angry look. She glared at him, the look which can kill anybody. He was very scared, as he doubted of he really have messed with her on the bad time)

(But then he got the shock of his life not the biggest but yeah a shock. He found her lips placed on his, her hand around his neck and the other in his hair. He moaned as Muski bite his lower lip)

(She slowly parted his lips and deepened the kiss, then she moved back and in a second she rushed out of the kitchen with the coffee tray. She was laughing uncontrollably in all the way)

(Rahul was stood behind still in daze, but he smiled realizing what happened)


(Kripa and angad reached the hospital, the minute angad got to knew she is pregnangt he isn't ready to leave her side. In the way)

Kripa:Angad you have to go to office too

Angad:I will go once I am sure you are with uncle and ridzi

(Kripa smiled at his concern, he was so shweet. They entered in the room and saw Armaan and Ridhima in each other's arm, they were so happy but sad too, even thinking that ridhima will go far from them hurt them, but they knew it was the best thing)

(They made their way to them. Angad hugged Armaan and Ridhima. Kripa greeted Armaan and hugged Ridhima)

Ridhima:congrats bhabhi, I am so happy for you

(Kripa blushed nd hugged her again)


Ridhima:Bhai congrats to you too

(Angad smiled happilly and hugged her)

Angad:Thank tou

Ridhima:Your welcome guys.

(After that Kripa served them the food, Armaan and Ridhima both were very hungry.)

Armaan:Come I will make you fed

Ridhima(tried to argue):But Arma...

Armaan(cut):No buts

Ridhima:Ok but I will made you feed them

(He nodded and  start feeding her, she too made him fed. Kripa was very happy for them)

Armaan:Bhabhi the food is delicious


Armaan:But less than Ridhima's cooking

(Ridhima blushed, Armaan looked in her eyes)

Armaan:Ridhima you remember you cooked when me and my parents came to see you (she looked at confusedly as she can't remember it clearly) and I wanted to tell you that the food is very delicious


(Angad's mobile rang and he has to go as he has a meeting)

Angad:Krips I have to go, I'll be back in one to two hours no more

(she nodded, Angad kissed her forehead and made his way out)

Kripa:Armaan, I want to know in details how do you guys fall in love

(Ridhima blushed even more, although she doesn't remember everything, but the mention of "love" made her blush)


(Rahul came out from the kitchen still smiling about the incident in the kitchen. He sat on the sofa and took the newspaper.)

(Instead of reading the newspaper, his thought went to yesterday. He had noticed Armaan was looking happy, it was clearly shown on his face, in his eyes. He was happy for him)

(He came out from his trail of thought as he heard the door bell. He opened the door)

Rahul:Aunty Padma, uncle shashank aap?

(He touched their feet and was surprised to see them here. He greeted them in)

Shashank:where is Armaan?

Rahul:He is staying at his friends house as he needed some help

Shashank:oh ok, when will he come back?

Rahul:don't know, have you any work with him?

Shashank(nodded):He called us there

(Rahul was confused)

Rahul:If you called you there, he will be at home soon, but till then take some rest guys.

(Shashank and Padma made their way in their room. They were very tired from the journey)

Kripa:Wow, It was really a beautiful love story

(Armaan smiled as he told her everything from the beginning well them as it was a way for Ridhima to know about her past. Of course he isn't going to tell the romantic bit in front of Kripa. Ridhima knew what happened after as every time he was telling them something and their was a romantic bit, she blushed as she felt something happened between them, Armaan noticed this)

(By now, Ridhima knew about Angie, Atul, Rahul, Muskaan, her parent, Armaan's parent, some other persons (like her real mom, Nikki....) and most of all she knows now her love story)


(Rahul is still standing in the hall wondering why did Armaan called)

Rahul(mumbled):It's strange Ammi called them, well he surely have a reason

(he put the thought on a side and made her way toward Angie's room where Muski, Angie and Atul are sitting. he has to inform them)

(He went to them)

Rahul: Hey guys, uncle aunty are there

Muskaan(super excited):Oh my god, uncle aunty, where are they?

Rahul:I told them to take same rest

Angie:You sure Mom dad are here?

Rahul:yeah cent per cent, Ammi called them

(All were confused to why he called them. As already they were a bit surprised to see him happy well they were happy for him. But him calling uncle Shashank and Padma is somehow so confusing)


(This part is dedicate to Rohit)

(Angad came back as he said in an hour ot two. He hugged two most important woman in his life and he hugged Armaan too they had become great friend in a short time.)

Angad(he asked Armaan):So when is dad discharging Ridhima?

Armaan:He said in two three hours

(Angad nodded)

Angad:I think we should go as Kripa needs rest

(Armaan and Ridhima nodded understandingly. They had noticed his concern about Kripa, he loves her a lot. After biding good bye. AK went to their home sweet home)

(While Armaan and Ridhima are sitting very close, ridzi is in armaans arm. Her hand is placed on his chest, right on his heart. She can feel that his heart is racing on the same speed as hers. She snuggled in his chest. Armaan is feeling that he is in heaven by having ridzi near him, in his arm. Well to say the truth he can't now too believe his ridhima is fine. He is very very happy to have her in his arms)


(Shashank and Padma met with all the family members, he told them Armaan called them here.)

Anjie(wondered loudly):But why did Ammi called you? and lately he is being hiself which is great but I can't understand why the called you guys and when did he called you?

(Shashank told them)


(Shashank came out from the surgery room and went in his cabin. He pick up his mobile as it rang and it appeared Armaan)

Shashank:Hi Armaan beta kaisai ho?

Armaan:I am fine uncle how are you?

(Shashank was still sad, he still can't accept the fact ridhima has left them)

Shashank(try to behave happy):I am fine

Armaan:Uncle can you come with Padma aunty, here in delhi by tomorrow morning, Ok now I have to go have an important errand to do, bye take care of yourself and aunty's.

(Armaan cut the call even before listening Shashank Answer or his bye. Shashank was left stunned, he has felt happiness in Armaan's tone and he is calling them in such a hurry Shashank is so shocked)


(Before someone inquired more, Rahul's mobile rang, he picked up the phone)


Armaan:Hello Rahul, did uncle and aunty reached home?

Rahul:Yeah but......

Armaan(cut in):Ok do take everybody and come at the address that I will SMS you

(He cut the phone, Rahul was left wondering, Armaan is behaving really strangely, he came out from hid thought as he phone beeped. He opened the message containing the address. He told everybody that Armaan has called them to a restaurant.)

(They were bewildered, they can't understand Armaan, he behaving really not his self, he is behaving really weirdly well expect for Atul who already knew why Armaan Is behaving this way. But they dismissed the thought as they think they will ask him later or maybe going at address given by Armaan will answer their question itself)

(They made their way to the restaurant. They even now too can't digest the fact Armaan firstly called Ridhima's parent here and now he called them here. And that too in hurry)

(They parked their car in the parking of the hotel and went inside the restaurant. When they entered in the hall, they noticed the lights are off)

Rahul:Why are the lights off?

Anjali:I don't know, but most important why did Armaan cal....

(She was interrupted by the light on and spot on a guy whose back was facing them. The guys turned and it was none other than Armaan with his million dollar smile shinning on his lips. He took the mike from the side)

Armaan:Hey guys, I am glad to see you all are here, I have a surprise for you, just wait here

(He went from there and came after few seconds with a girl in his arms, she was wearing red salwar kameez her face was covered with her duppata)

(All were shocked expect Atul who knew who the girl is and the devil girl who was shocked but at same time she was fuming in anger. The others thought maybe there is a girl in Armaan's life, they felt bad well it's true they wanted Armaan to move on but to see someone else on Ridhima's place hurt them)

Evil girl(think in anger:What the hell is he doing?, now who the new Bi*** is in his arms? Did I killed Ridhima so that he can have another girl in his life and this is another girl is me and no one else, I will kill her too, she messed with a wrong person.

(Armaan took the duppata off from her face. All were shocked in a good way well expect Atul and the devil girl. They just can't believe their eyes. They can't believe their ridhima is alive and stading in front of them, they all had tears of joy excpect one girl who had crocodile tears. Atul too was having tears of joy.)

(Armaan took Ridhima toward all the family, who were left stunned. All were thinking like they are seeing a dream a sweet dream, where they got back their Ridhima)

(Armaan and Ridhima were in front Shashank and Padma.)


(He was still uncertain, he thought that it's just an hallucination, imagination. But he knew it was reality when she nodded and hugged Shashank. Shashank hugged her daughter back, he was sobbing even Ridhima too, all the other were also crying seeing Ridhima back . Padma too hugged them. They all were overjoyed)

(Rahul, Muskaan, Anjali and Atul hugged her together like they used to do from their childood. Armaan was so happy to see them happy. He remembered his and Ridhima's talk)


(While Armaan and Ridhima are sitting very close, ridzi is in armaans armaan. Her hand is placed on his chest, right on his heart. She can feel that his heart is racing on the same speed as hers. She snuggled in his chest. Armaan is feeling that he is in heaven by having ridzi near him, in his arm. Well to say the truth he can't now too believe his ridhima is fine. He is very very happy to have her in his arms)

Ridhima:Armaan, I can't remember anyone expect you, why?

(she tilted her head to see his face. He reassuringly kissed on her forehead and looked in her eyes, she too looked in his eyes)

Armaan:Don't worry you will remember everything, do you trust me?

(she instantly nodded without hesitation, Armaan smiled)

Armaan:How about I show you our family member's photos, actually that's a good idea

(he took out his mobile and show her the snap of Anjali, Atul, Rahul, Muskaan, Armaan, Ridhima, Sapna and Amit, It was a couple photo )

Armaan:she is Anjali (as he points at anjali), he is Atul, he is rahul and she is Muskaan and the question about these two persons, I think you know who they are. Neither I need have to tell you about you or neither about myself. Ok she is Sapna and the guy next to her is Amit

(he kissed on her cheek, she slightly blushed)

Armaan:Even after loosing your memory you love me (he said cheekily) and you also blushed the same way at my touch.

(she blushed even more, her eyes fell again on this photo and she remembers

sap:Yes, I really enjoy and I met a guy too

rid:what's his name?


ang:is he hot?

sap nods and blush



(rahul sees at ridzi, she is angry now)

rahul:hey honey sorry, I know u wanted me to complete my studies in delhi but sorry na, I was missing both of u


ang:don't need to be embarrassed i am ur di i know everything (wink at her which make ridzi shocked) u can tell me everything and plus the think u should tell me u didn't i knew them from rahul, why u don't tell me the conversation of armaan and his friend?

ridzi:di i didn't wanted to make ur first day worse and it's ok i didn't get those comments first time but di i saw lots of changes in armaan

(he too joins them then atul comes)

atul:hey guys why u r hugging each other

(they broke apart)

rah:why we come in mumbai?

atul:of course to make realize to the idiot (he saw at ridzi she was angry) oh sorry to make realize to jiju his mistake

(they all laugh then atul too joins them ridzi doesn't say a word to atul, to ask him why he doesn't tell her if he already knew it, becoz she knew rahul forbade them)


rah:guys I forgot

muskaan:u forgot me chimpazee (rahul is taken aback) did u found someone else

rah:muski u r calling me chimpazee

muskaan:to kiya baloun, u forgot me after coming here

rahul:no muski, i just forgot to told them about u, otherwise i miss u everytime with every single breath, I love u


ridzi(still blushing with a smile):actually dad I told ammi about the engagement and he said....

shashank(impatiently):and he said?

ridzi:He said yes

shashank:that's a very good news ridzi

(her father hugged her, angie too and her mom hugged her too)


(ridzi(panicked):yeh break kyon nahi lag rahi

(she tried again and again but all in vain. Her car loose the control and she was near a bridge near water.)

ridzi:pls baghwan jee, help me

(by now she had tears in her eyes, she is remembering Armaan, she is afraid. Her car bang again barrier and her car fell in the sea)

(Ridhima came out from her thought as Armaan called her name. He noticed she was panting and breathing very heavily)

Ridhima(still panting):Hmmm?

Armaan(concerned):What happened?

(Ridhima tilted her head and looked at him with a smile)

Ridhima:Thanks Armaan because of you I remember everything, thanks

(He smiled he was glad to know she remembered everything but angry as she said him thanks)

Armaan(in romanctic tone):Did anyone say thanks to themselves

(Ridhima shook her head and hugged him)


(Armaan looked at them and smiled, they still were hugging her, they weren't able to believe it. They were so happy)

(Rahul said looking at Armaan, he was really emotional at this moment)

Rahul:Armaan, you were always right, Ridzi was alive your believe was true. It's your love who brought her back to you.

(Rahul hugged Armaan tightly. Armaan hugged him back. Armaan sighed happily thinking all were over the moon seeing ridhima here even he was in the same category, he too can't believe that Ridhima is there)

(By then Angad, Kripa. Shubankar too have to come but he will be late as he had an surgery. Everybody greeted them as Angad introduced Kripa to them. Angad hugged Ridhima)

Angad:So Ridhima how are you feeling to have your family back?

Ridhima:I am feeling really really happy but (she made a sad face) I am sad as I will have to leave you guys.

Armaan:Ridhima don't worry, I will take you here whenever you want and then they too came meet you whenver they want, so no need to be said jaan

(Ridhima blushed. Everybody expect Armaan and Atul looked questioningly when Angad hugges Ridhima and Ridhima said that she will have to leave them)

Rahul:Ridhima did you know them

(She nodded and then Armaan told them how they saved her and took her their home. How they easily accept her in their house, family and hearts. All were very emotional)

Shashank:Angad and Kripa, If it weren't you then Ridhima wouldn't be with us, thank you

Kripa:Uncle, koi apne se bhi thanks kehta hai kiya?

(Shashank shook his head and hugged her and Angad like a father. Armaan changed the topic to bring out everyone to he emotional atmophere)

Armaan:Ok Ok, enough of emotional stuff, how about some fun

(everybody smiled well as usual the devil girl who was fuming in anger it was like she will explose in a minute but she is great actress, she didn't let appear it on her face.)

Happy Mother's Day

Armaan:Ok Ok, enough of emotional stuff, how about some fun

(everybody smiled well as usual the devil girl who was fuming in anger it was like she will explose in a minute but she is great actress, she didn't let appear it on her face.)

(All the couples were on the stage, dancing on a slow number, full of romantic word. All the couples were lost in each other's eyes unaware of their surrounding, in a complete different world.)

(Armaan and Ridhima were rememoring their precious moment they spend together in each other's arm, feeling each other's heart beat. They both were smiling after a long time, a smile which wasn't fake at all, it was straight from heart, which reached their eyes, their eyes full of love for each other.)

Armaan(in her ear):Ridhima come, I have to talk with uncle

(Ridhima nodded and they made their way toward the parent, hand in hand)

Armaan:Uncle, I was wondering that now Ridhima is back so can we be married on the day which was fixed before.

(Once Armaan finished seeing this, he was slightly blushing)

shashank(smiled):Yeah, of course, I will discuss about this with your parent.

(Armaan smiled, he was so much happy. Oh by the way his parents have changed, they come regularly to visit him and support him, even though now they are not there but they called him to ask if he was ok. They were giving him the love which he wanted from his childhood. He has lost Ridhima for few day but after that he got her back with his family's love)

(Ridhima blushed on the fact that she will be RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK in one week. She looked toward Armaan who was staring at her face. Ridhima can see the love in his eyes, she never had any doubt about his love)

voice:Hey Armaan

(Armaan turned and saw his parents, he went to them and hugged them. Then he led them toward Ridhima, when they saw her they were shocked unable to believe their eyes. Ridhima was there, their son's would be wife and their daughter and not daughter-in-law)

Ammi's mom(eyes moist):Ridhima???

(She cupped her face to confirmed she is standing there and she truly was, a tear escaped from her eye and she smiled then kissed on her forehead. Ridhima was going to touch their feet, when Armaan's mom stopped her)

Mom:betiyon ki jaaga kadmon mein nahi dil mein hoti hai

(she hugged her and start crying. She was overwhelmed to see Ridhima. Then Ridhima went to Armaan's dad and he too hugged her and was crying in happiness)

Armaan:Guys truly enough of rona dhona, I want a smile on everyone's face. And It's truly time for celebration, First and most important Ridhima is back with us and second we are going to get married on the day which was fixed.

(everybody laughed at his impatient, they knew he wants to get married As soon as possible. They truly can't believe, their son who never believe in love, was now crazily in love with Ridhima and want to get married to her quickly)

Armaan dad(wiped his tears and teased his son):Armaan we can feel someone being impatient for his mariage

(Armaan pouted and crossed his arms)


(everybody laughed at this expect Ridhima who was blushing, he was looking a cute kid)

Armaan:I won't talk to you

(He grabbed Ridhima's arm and led her toward the dance floor, leaving the other have an other round of laugh. Armaan too was smiling, everybody were happy and he was the most)


(The next day they came back to mumbai, of course with kripa, angad and shubankar who came for Armaan and Ridhima's wedding. They are going to stay at Armaan's house as per Armaan's wish)

Armaan(shouted):Ridhima come quickly, I am waiting for you for the past half a hour

(He paced downstairs in her parents' house, waiting for her. They are going to shopping for their sangeet)

Ridhima:huh!! Armaan stop shouting just two minutes

Armaan:two minutes, she is saying this from the last 30 minutes

(He sighed, what can he do he loves her crazily and then he smiled passing his hand through his hairs. He heard some steps so he looked upstais and here she was standing in turqoise salwar kameez, looking very beautiful.)

Armaan(mumbled with a wide smile):It was worth waiting

(Little did he knew why she was late.)

(She came down and Armaan moved toward her)

Armaan:You are looking very beautiful (whispered in her ear in a sexy tone) and sexy

(she turned crisom and lowered her head)

Ridhima:Armaan chale?

(she said in the purpose to hide her blush but of course it was noticed by Armaan)

Armaan(smiled naughtily):oye hoye, ok chalo

(He entangle his finger with hers and made their way to the car. Sitting in the car Armaan asked)

Armaan(curiously):Why were you late, you usually never take time to get ready

(Ridhima blushed, how can she tell him that actually Muskaan and Anjali were telling her about the wedding night and giving her tipes even though she is getting married in few days but they were teasing her. Well it was payback time as Ridhima teased them a lot on their weddings and moreover they weren't letting her go)

(Armaan has noticed her flushed face, he wondered why she was blushing deep red)

Ridhima(looked away):woh Angie and Muski were teasing me

(Armaan understood what she meant but how can he let the chance go from his hand to make her blush)

Armaan(innocently):what were they saying?

(Ridhima turned even more red and looked down. Armaan made her face him)

Armaan:Kiya keh rahi thi woh?

Ridhima(lowered her eyes):They were telling me about the

(She hide her head in his chest and Armaan chuckled. He loved her when she blushed or lowered her eyes)

Armaan(mischieviously):so soon to be Mrs Mallik are you ready for the wedding night?

(Ridhima turned even more red and moved back)

Ridhima(angry): stop teasing me Armaan

(Armaan cuped her face and hide his head in her hairs)

Armaan(huskily):I am sorry

(He planted a kiss on her neck which made her groaned. He knew she was melting. He left a trail of kisses on her neck, on her shoulder, on her face. She hated when he kissed everywhere but not her lips, she knew he does this on purpose, he wants her to kiss him, so she did what he wanted)

(She cupped his face and kissed on his lips. He parted her lips and slipped his tongue in her mouth. They both moaned. Ridhima moved her hand from his face to his neck and Armaan encircled his hand around her tiny waist, he carassed her waist. They savored each other's saliva)

(They moved apart for some breath, Armaan knew her eyes were still closed as he opened his eyes he smiled, he knew her to well and left a wet kiss on her lips. She groaned in pleasure. And Armaan hide his head in her neck)



Ridhima:we should go now

(Armaan replied in her ear sexily)

Armaan:Ok as you wish princess

(But before moving he took her skin in his mouth which made her gasped. Moving back he started driving, they kept talking about everything and nothing, keep doing romance in between)


(The reached in the mall and entered in the woman dresses. Ridhima kept the dress against her shoulder and Armaan keep sayin her no. She was now quite fed up, He has made her rejected like 100 dresses and few very beautiful but she stay calmed)

Ridhima(sweetly):Actually what do you want me to wear, chose it yourself, I will wear it.

(Armaan nodded and went somewhere)

Ridhima(worried):where is he gone?

(As five minutes passed, she stood up and was going to search him but he came back in few minutes with a beautiful saree. Ridhima can't deny at all but the saree was the most beautiful saree she has ever seen)

Armaan(frowned):did you like it?

Ridhima(smiled)Your choice is really beaituful and great, oh and I love it.

Armaan(grinned):That's why I chose you

(Ridhima smiled and blushed slightly)

Armaan:go and try it

(Ridhima shook her head)

Ridhima:I will wear it on my sangeet itself.

Armaan:But I won't be able to see you. You see I will be at our house and you at your parents' house, so how I will see you (he pouted) I want to see you in this dress

Ridhima(smiled naughtily):If you want you have to do something on that day, I am not gonna wear it now

(she kissed on his cheek and moved toward the men section. After purchasing the dresses they made their way home)


(Armaan was in his room, there are still five days for the marriage. He is thinking how will he be able to see Ridhima in the dress, he will have to make a plan but what? he paced in his room, biting his nails)

(Angad was passing by front of Armaan's room he noticed Armaan pacing and he concluded Armaan is upset. So he made his way there and stood. Angad kept seeing Armaan's face, Armaan was so lost in formuling a plan that he didn't noticed Angad)

Angad(spoke after 5 minutes):What happened Armaan?

(Armaan came out from his thought and looked at Angad, Armaan sighed)

Armaan:(thought:should I tell Angad? I think it's a good idea) Woh Angad actually I selected the sangeet dress for Ridhima and when I asked her to try it, she said no as she will wear it only at the sangeet. How I will be able to her now in the dress.

(Armaan was sulking and started pacing again in the room. Angad chuckled at him, he was tensed on little think like this. Armaan looked at angad and was confused seeing him chuckling)

Armaan(raised his brow):why are you chuckling?

Angad:because you look so cute and man why are tensed on this, it's so simple, I have a plan

(Angad told him something, we can't listen that but when angad finshed telling the plan. Armaan had a big smile on his face and he excitedly hugged angad)

Armaan:You are too good man

angad:thanks, now come, it's time for dinner

(they freshen uo and made their way in the dining room. Armaan was dreaming about what angad told and he smiled widely)

Armaan(thought:I am so waiting to put my plan on action)


(We can see the girls lips and she was smiling)

girl:Three day and she will be dead for sure now, I won't leave her now, she will died on her sangeet itself. Oh how I am waiting for that day and then this time I will make sure I am married to Armaan, my Armaan. Ridhima you came out from death the last time but not this once. I will make sure, really sire for it.

(she laughed evily, she was becoming mad, day by day. Who is she?)


(We can see the girls lips and she was smiling)

girl:Three day and she will be dead for sure now, I won't leave her now, she will died on her sangeet itself. Oh how I am waiting for that day and then this time I will make sure I am married to Armaan, my Armaan. Ridhima you came out from death the last time but not this once. I will make sure, really sire for it.

(she laughed evily, she was becoming mad, day by day. Who is she?)


(Kripa is laying on her bed and thinking about Ridhima. She can't imagine how they will live without Ridhima who has in a short time become so close to her family. But she reassure herself that they can meet her or call her whenver they can.)

(She stood up and moved toward the suitcase, she bent down and was about to open it when she heard her handsome husband's voice.)

Angad(frowned):What do you think you are doing?

Kripa:I was going to take out my dress

Angad:I will do that

(He scooped her in his arms, leaving her belwiered and placed her gently on the bed. He planted a kiss on her forehead.)

Angad(concerned):do take rest

Kripa(with a bad face):Angad I am tired of resting, I want to work and go out for a walk or shoping. Oh and I haven't bought any dress for Ridhima's sangeet and wedding day.

(Angad sat down next to her and took her in his arm)

Angad:so my princess wants to go out, Ok I give you your dress and then you get ready. After that we will go out, We will go for shopping.

(He kissed on her lips, she respond with equal passion. After a passion moment, Angad took out a pretty pink salwar kameez and gave her. She get ready and then they left for the mall, hand in hand.)

(Kripa bought a green embordreyed sari for the sangeet and a blue and pink sari for the wedding. Angad has choosed her dress. And she knew Angad choice is always good, he knows in what she looked hot, gorgeous, beautiful.)

(Rahul came out from the bathroom, only with a towel tied aroun his waist. He moved toward the mirror. Mskaan entered in the room and she saw Rahul merely naked, she was lost in him but then she came out from her thought as an naughty Idea came in her mind.)

(She moved toward him and placed her hand , from back, around his waist and kissed on his back. Rahul was shocked, a chill run his spine. He was loosing himself, he was melting under her touch.)

(He felt her hand moving down, toward his towel, where he had stuck it. He frozed as he realized, she has took off the towel and was laughing madly. He turned betrood red. But then he realized, it's ok Muskaan is his wife. She has seen him lots of without anything.)

(He turned toward her, took Muskaan in his arms who has stopped laughing and now she was quite shocked, the next second she found herself on the bed and he was on top of her. He kissed passionaly her neck.)

Rahul(sexily):Baby you should have told me (he blowed hot hair on her face) that you want me to make love to you.

(Muskaan closed her eyes and encircled her hand around his neck. He kissed everywhere on her face not leaving a single place. They once again made love and that too in the early morning.)


(Anjali is sitting next to Atul and is trying to wake him up.)

Anjali:Atul wake up

(He wasn't replying)

Anjali:Atul honey please wake it's already 10am

(Atul hold her from her waist and pulled her toward him, she fell on Atul.)

Atul:Got to sleep Angel.

(She stuggled to stood up but she didn't succeed as his gril tighed even more.)

Anjali:Atul please wake up and let me go.

(Atul opened his eyes and moved a strand of Angie's hair behind her ear.)

Atul(said huskily in her ear):You look even more sexy in the morning

(He kissed on her full mouth, she was shocked at first but then gave in.)


(Armaan and Ridhima are on the beach admiring the sunset. All the atmoshphere were looking so romantic.)

(Ridhima was sitting between Armaan's leg and her beck was against his chest. Armaan gently kissed on her head.)

Armaan(whispered in her ear sexily):Ridzi, you know in five days you will be Mrs Riddhima Armaan Mallik, all mine and I will be all yours.

(He kissed behind her ear. He heard Ridhima gasping. He loves her even more when she gasped on his touch or whens he blushed. She really looked tempting to him all the time.)

(He softly put her hair on a side and kissed the back of her neck and whispered.)

Armaan:I love you Ridhima

Ridhima:I love you too.

(She turned her head to face him and kissed him with all the love and passion. Their tongue danced with each other, they swallowed each others saliva and enjoyed the moment fulfilly.)


(Those three days finished really quickly. Armaan and Ridhima spend most of the time together, having lovely moment and waiting impatiently for their wedding day. Ridhima was a bit sad as she will have to leave her family but happy because she will be always able to meet them. Moreover they are going to do their internship in Sanjeevini where her sister and work. She too was really eager for the wedding.)

(Armaan and Ridhima aren't allowed to meet each other from now on till the wedding mean three days. How will the love bird stay far from each other.)

(A day before the sangeet, Anjali and Muskaan went to the mall with Ridhima for the wedding dress. Ridhima wanted it to be a surprise. Actually she was still wondering If Armaan had gave up to not come and see on Sangeet but then she shook her head Armaan can never gave up. He must have a plan in his mind, she knows him too well.)

(Muskaan and Anjali kept teasing Ridhima, who was blushing and enjoying it very much.)


(Finally the sangeet day came. All the girls where reunited in Gupta house and all the boys in Mallik house. Guys weren't allowed in the gupta mansion.)

(Angie and Muskaan made Ridhima ready.)

Angie:Ridhima: jeeju's choice is really great, you are looking gorgeous.

(Ridhima lowered her eyes. Angie and Muskaan left Ridhima alone for last few thouches.)

(Ridhima looked at herself in the mirror and shy. She truly was looking an angel Armaan's angel.)

Ridhima:Kal mere sare Armaan poore ho jayeinghe.

(She shied on this, tomorrow she will be officially Mrs Riddhima Armaan Mallik. Ridhima check herself in the mirror from head to toe. She was wearing a saree in a shade of ochre with sequins along the border. Features sequins & beads buttis and sequins, stones, beads and zari embroidered floral design. Blouse in ochre with sleeves embellished with sequins and beads.)


(Armaan got ready, he was too excited to go to meet Ridhima. Armaan was wearing blue denim jean and turqoise shirt with a blue pull-over. He sprayed his perfum. He was looking dashing. He locked his room's door and climbed down from his room's pipe.)

(In the last four days, when he was alone, he was practising for climbing uo and down and now he has became quite good.)

(Angad has told him, he will manage the rest. A car was already down for Armaan. He started the car and made his way toward Ridhima's house. He can't wait to see her.)

(Armaan truly hoped he didn't get caught by someone. He was so eager to see her angel in the dress.)


(Ridhima was sitting her room, doing last touches. In few minutes she was almost ready to go down for the sangeet. She is waiting for Anjie, muski and other friends to led her down. She looked in the mirror and blushed. Armaan's choice was really nice, she was looking very gorgeous in this dress even Anjie told her this.)


(All the guest are enjoying the party. Doing Bhangra or other type of dance.)

(Muskaan went to Padma and asked)

Muskaan:Aunty we should take Ridhima down

Padma:(shook her head):No Muskaan take her down about half an hour there are lots of guest who will come in a while and she will get tired to come earlier.

(Muskaan nodded and went to Anjali, who was with Atul's and Rahul's mom, for telling her what padma told her.)

Muskaan:Anjie mom told that we will take her down like in half an hour, there are few guest to come more

(Anjali nodded her head. This imformation was also heard by a girl, devil girls. She was getting impatient, after few minutes she looks round her, once she is sure no one is looking at her she made her way upstairs.)

(As she was making her way toward Ridhima's room, she took a cricket bat and secretly entered in Ridhima's room who was ajusting her dupatta)


(Ridhima was ajusting her dupatta when the same girl enter in the room with a cricket bat in her hands and she was completely ready to hit Ridhima. Her anger was clearly visible in her eyes as she saw her getting ready for the sangeet, her fist tighten around the bat, she can't bear someone marying with Armaan. She will definitely kill Ridhima today no matter what extend she will have to go, she was ready for everything.)

(Ridhima was so busy that she didn't noticed there is someone behind her. Actually she was lost in her thought, about the thought of her and Armaan.)

(The girl took the bat up too hit on Ridhima's head but she found her hand stopped in the air. A hand held her wrist tightly)


(Armaan parked his car two blocks away. He happily jumped out of the car with a big grin and moved toward the house. He went to backyard and climbed up to Ridhima's room. He saw her princess doing last touches. He was just about to go to her when he heard the door opening. He hide behing the curtains.)

(A person entered in the room and for his shock it was a girl holding a bat in her hand. He wasn't able to see her face. he saw her taking the bat up, she was about to hit her. He quickly came out and held her wrist.)

(Armaan was shocked seeing the girl. As Ridhima listened the noise and she turned and saw Armaan, she smiled as she knew he will come. But then fowned as her eyes felt on Armaan's hand around a wrist which was holding a bat which was probably going to hit her. When she looked at her she was shocked to the core. She wasn't able to believe her eyes.)


(Padma went to Anjali, Kripa and Muskaan, who were chatting with each other over their mehndi's.)

Anjali(teasingly):wow Kripa you mehndi's call color is really dark Angad bhai loves you crazily.

(Kripa blushed as it was true Angad loved her crazily.)

Muskaan:Waisai Anjie your mehndi's color is also very really dark, It means Atul bhai loves you a lot.

(Muskaan teased her but only to have her plan back fired.)

Anjali:Well in this case, I must say, Rahul too loves you a lot.

(Muskaan was going to say something but Padma interrupted.)

Padma(smiled):Girls, you will do your mehndi talke later now go ang take Ridhima down.

(Muskaan, kripa and Anjali nodded with a smile and went toward ridhima's room to take her down.)


(Armaan was shocked seeing the girl. As Ridhima listened the noise and she turned and saw Armaan, she smiled as she knew he will come. But then fowned as her eyes felt on Armaan's hand around a wrist which was holding a bat which was probably going to hit her. When she looked at her she was shocked to the core. She wasn't able to believe her eyes.)

(Armaan and Ridhima said at the same time almost a whisper, they were too much shocked.)


(they were shocked not able to believe their eyes. Maya looked at them as well as shocked, she didn't expect to see Armaan here.)

Armaan(shocked):what were you doing Maya?

Maya(fumbled and sweating):Nothing! I was doing nothing

(Saying her fumbles and sweating Armaan's shocked vanished and anger took over.)

Armaan(yelled): I asked you what were you doing?

(Maya was shell-hocked, she had never seen Armaan this much angry.)


(Anjali and Muskaan reached at the door of Ridhima's room. They heard a male voice and it seems like it was Armaan's voice. They looked at each other)

Muskaan:why Is Armaan here?

Anjali(smiled naughtily):Maybe he came here to meet Ridhima (then she frowned) But why is he shouting?

(That Muskaan too frowned. So they entered in the room, to know the matter. They looked Armaan and Ridhima but to their surprise there were a third person, a girl, who was holding a bat. Muskaan and Anjali looked at the girl's face and they were as well shocked to see Maya there with a shocked look and she was all red with embarrassment.)

Anjali(in a confused and shock tone):What were you doing Maya?

(Maya didn't utter a word. Which is making Armaan more and more angry. Armaan heard his mobile ringing but he cut the call.)

Armaan(yelled on top of his voice): We are asking you something Maya.

Maya:(thought:What the hell, mera saara plan choppat (fail) ho gaya. I will kill this bi*** if I can't get Armaan then Ridhima too won't get him.)

(she too made herself realised from Armaan's grip and yelled)

Maya: I am going to kill Ridhima, I hate her. I will kill her and this time she won't survive like the last time.

(All of them were dumbfounded. Ridhima and Armaan weren't able to believe what they heard. Ridhima spoke after gathering lots of courage.)

Ridhima(confused):last time?????

Maya:Yup! You must remember reception day of Anjali, muski and sapna.

(Ridhima nodded, everybody in the room were getting impatient to know what Maya has done before. Armaan suddenly suspected if it was linked with Ridhima's accident, if it was then he is going to kill maya.)


(Maya went to Nikki's house as Maya forgot her reception dress at Maya's house.)

Maya:Nikki, I think I should leave now, I have to go at home and get ready.

Nikki(smiled):Ok then see you at the reception.

(After saying bye Nikki closed the door and went to her room for a relaxing bath. Maya knows that Nikki takes a bath everyday at this time.)

(So she moved toward Nikki's car and leaked the patrol. After that she was done with the car, she smirked evilly and sat in her)

Maya:Now Armaan will be all mine, i so love you Armaan.

(Maya was sitting in front of the dressing table when she received a call. As she saw the name appearing, she had a wide grin.)

Maya: Hey Nikki,


Maya(smiled mentally):what happened you look so tensed?

Nikki:Actually my car broke down (she told the address) and there aren't any taxi too?

Maya(sad):Hmm Nikki, How about You ask Ridhima, she live just few minutes away from there.

nikki(smiled):thanks you Maya, you are life savior, bye.

(After cutting the call, Maya laughed loudly.)

Maya:I don't know if I am your life savior or not but your are my love savior. Hmm, so finally my plan is working, now Ridhima there is only few minutes for the end of your life.

***FLASHBAK (end)***

Maya:But that Ridhima's luck was with her and she was saved, she is bloody bi........

(She was going to call her names but she was stopped by Armaan's slap.)

Armaan(angry):You know what I have never slap any girls or women but you deserved as you are spot on women's name. You should be ashamed of yourself and buried yourself out of shame.

Maya: Enough of your lecture Armaan, I am going to kill that Ridhima. If you can't be mine then you can't be no ones.

(she took her bat up once again to hit ridhima. Riddhima was frozen on her spot, she wasn't able to believe her friend Maya tried to kill her and is again trying to kill her. Maya was once again stopped as Armaan held her wrist again with such a force that she hissed.)

Armaan(shouted):No one can hurt my ridhima. And if anyone dare to do that. That person will have to face me, got it?

(Ridhima looked at Armaan, she was shaking with fear. But seeing Armaan protecting her. She knew nothing can happen to her. She smiled slightly. Armaan took the bat from Maya's hand and threw it on a side.)

Kripa(angry):If you ever tried to harm her you will face us.

Muskaan(was also angry):and we promise you we won't spare you.

Angie:For what you did you will be punished, I will make sure of this.


( Angad was walking in the hall missing his wifey. As Armaan's dad saw Angad he asked him.)

Arman's dad:Arre Angad, where is Armaan?

(Angad had tried to call Armaan but he didn't picked up the phone.)

Angad(thought:Yes is Armaan ke bachche ne mujhe kahan phasa diya.)(smiled):Uncle, Armaan is getting ready he will be down in few minutes.

(Armaan's dad nodded. Going in a side Angad sighed.)

Angad(muttered):Where is Armaan?, he should be there like 25 minutes ago

(He called Armaan and to his luck, Armaan picked the phone.)

Angad:Oye majnu You went for half an hour, and now it has been a full hour. I know you can't stay away from Ridhima but it's just matter of one day barely.

(said Angad teasingly but as he didn't heard Armaan laughing on his humoristic lines, he got worried.)

Angad(serious):Armaan what happened?

(Armaan told Angad everything. Angad was mortified. He wanted to kill Maya.)

Angad:how dare she harm my sister, I will kill her. We are coming there.

(Armaan agreed. Cutting the call Angad went to Rahul and Atul and he told them everything. Rahul and Atul were left Numbed, they too weren't able to believe all this. It was really hard to digest it.)

Rahul:I can't believe Maya, our so-called friend try to kill my sister. I won't leave her.

Atul:Yeah Rahul, she doesn't deserved to live.

voice:who doesn't deserved to live?

(The three guys were shocked as they turned they saw Armaan's dad.)

Angad:uncle actually Armaan is at Ridhima's house..........

Armaan's dad(cut in):So finally you spill the bean, I was waiting for you to tell me, I saw Armaan going out of the house

(He smiled mischievously, but not seeing the other guys smiling, he sensed something is wrong. So Angad told him everything, He was more flabbergasted.)

Armaan's dad:Guys we have to go there.

Rahul:but the guest uncle?

(Arman's dad made his way toward a friend and told him to take care of the guests as they has to do an important work and they will come back in few hours.)

Armaan's dad:come on let's go

(Padma went To Nikki. Who was talking with someone on the phone.)


Nikki:Ok abhi, I'll call you later, love you (she cut the phone) Ji aunty.

padma:Why didn't the girl came yet?

Nikki:I don't know!

Padma: come we will check upon them.

(Nikkita nodded and bot made there way in Ridhima's room. They entered in the room. Seeing all the girls and Armaan there they were quite surprised but seeing there Maya with a bat in her hand they were shocked.)


(Then Armaan told everything to Nikki and Padma. They were shell-shocked to listen all this. Padma slapped Maya.)

Padma(she was crying):You tried to kill my daughter (she slapped her again) How dare you?, I always give you the same love I give to Ridhima and anjali and you betrayed all of us.

(Nikki spoked coming out a bit from the shock.)

Nikki(with tears):Maya, I can't believe you did this, you are not the Maya who was my friend. Who was never able to see a tear in someone's eyes. You tried to kill Ridhima. YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DOESN'T DESERVED TO BE FRIEND WITH SOMEONE.

(Angie caught Maya's wrist and took her down in the hall were all the guests were sitting. All the other members followed her.)

Anjie(angrily):Hey ladies, I want you to meet our so-called friend, Maya, the girl because of whom Ridhima meet with an accident and you know what she tried once again to kill Ridhima and that too today.

(In the hall a commotion start and all were giving maya disgusting look. Ridhima went to Anjali to stop her from further insult of Maya)

Ridhima: Di whatever she has done, we can't forgive her but please don't insult her like this. Even if she doesn't considered us friends and done this to us but she was a friend to us once.

(Anjami placed her hand gently on Ridhima's face.)

Anjali(softly):Ridhima you are very nave this kind of people didn't deserved to be respect (to Maya) see maya. You tried to kill Ridhima and she is trying to save you from being insulted.

From Part 31 to Epilogue see Page 108,here is the link :) :

Luv u all<333

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Congo dear for third one.Party

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hey dearHeart

                  first    of     all     a      hearty
                Heart  CONGRATS Heart
                                  to    u    
  This Armaan ff   really really deserves this new thread .........Thumbs Up
  Actually i eagerly waits every saturday for this update.....Heart
  This ff has all the emotions in it..........Clap
  Hope to see like this in the future also........Day DreamingHeart

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   Heart   Heart    Heart    Heart    Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart  Heart 

 Heart   Heart   Heart   Heart ARMAAN  Heart  Heart   Heart
    Heart      Heart      Heart      Heart   AR     Heart    Heart     Heart       Heart      Heart      Heart      Heart     Heart     Heart      Heart     Heart     Heart
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Heart     Heart    Heart    Heart              Heart    Heart    Heart
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hey....... congrats 4 ur third thread,
dis ff is just awesum. as u can c it started da third thread.
once again congrats.

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