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~*Krazzy 4 #2*~ (Invities Only)Award Results*pg.1

-Niky- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2007
Posts: 11852

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 2:50am | IP Logged




HugHey FreindsHug

Welcome to yours very own Chat Club
SillySilly"KRAZZY 4"SillySilly

Owners : Aishwarya (aish_punk), Yogitha (yogithasingh), Rakshita (-Rakshu-), Nikky/Riddhima (ksdbstjodi).

CC #1 :

Well friends, this CC is basically for all your loving freinds around here on IF, so this CC is dedicated to all our freinds & to the amazing bond that we call "FRIENDSHIP"

This is a place where the word S.T.R.E.S.S has no meaning. Here your freinds & you can hang out & just chill as much as you all want.

Freindship in our life has a lot of meaning. So, just to celebrate this amazing bond between you & your friend, this CC has been created.

A very popular poet once said : Freindship is the inexpressible comfort of feelings safe with the person having neither to weigh thoughts nor to measure words.

And I think this saying is very true too.
So freinds, here we try to keep this amazing feeling of "FREINDSHIP" awake but opening this CC. So please join in!

Freinds, before being a member to this CC, Please fill in this Slambook :


Thanks Freinds & Hope you will enjoy your stay here.Embarrassed

Loads of love,
Aishwary, Yogitha, Rakshita & Nikky

P.S. Its for invities only.Embarrassed

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aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 20577

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 2:50am | IP Logged

Members List

Nikita (ksdbstjodi)
Aishwarya (aish_punk)
Rakshita ( -Rakshu-)
yogitha (yogithasingh)
prerna (prernawaghray)
Sara (Sweet-Sara)
Mona ( .:.MONA.:. )
Tannvi (loving_bird)
 sehar ( sehar mehrotra)
Samiya ( -Samiya-)
Sonia ( ksg_sonia)
Paromita (mysticwater24)
Viniva (Viniva Sharma)
Dia (-Katrina Kaif-)
Preeti (-Preeti-)
Kanika (kanika05)
Chandni (
Natasha (aditti10)
Amreen ( mireen19)
I hope more do join Wink

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-Niky- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2007
Posts: 11852

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 2:51am | IP Logged

 Aishwarys (aish_punk) :
NAME :Aishwarya
DOB : 7th Nov
PLACE : Mumbai..i live in b'lore..
LIKES : hot guys out wid frndz..dmg..mjht..roadies..nauman
DISLIKES : bashing..hatred..studies..
WHAT FREINDS MEAN TO YOU :they're d best gift god has given us..n i hope i alwyz hv such gud frndz..dey're really a gem!


Nikky/Riddhima (ksdbstjodi) :
NAME : Nikky
DOB : 30th dec 1993
PLACE : Jaipur
LIKES : Computer, TV, KaSh, MayUr, Haunting ppl, Making Freinds
DISLIKES : Smoking, Bashing, envious nature & jeleous people
WHAT FREINDS MEAN TO YOU : They mean everything to me in my life after my parents.Embarrassed..


 Sara (Sweet-Sara) :
 NAME : Sara Yasmeen(nick name bhi hgai ..par thoda secret wala hai )
DOB : 10 aug 1993
PLACE : India
LIKES :  Family ,Friends, Chocolates, ice-creams ..n my dream world , IF , making sigs ..n many more ..listening radio ..wtaching tv etc etc
DISLIKES : Proudish pplz n ditch ppl
WHAT FREINDS MEANS TO YOU : Friends are very precious in ma life u can say ..Of a glass breaks cant be mendec the same ..way ..friends n friendship means  me alot in ma life.

Mona (.:.Mona.:.)
Name: Mona..
DOB: October 22...
Like: I love KASU, karan and Suku......
Dislike: is nothing.....


Seher (Seher mehrotra) :

Name : Sehar
D.O.B : 1st jan
Place : Mumbai(livin in delhi)
Likes : i luv sleepin ...eatin............chattin  wid frnz.....
Dislikes : ummmmmmmmmmmmm
What frnz mean to me : well they r mah lyf.......................cant imagine mah wrld widout dem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samiya (-Samiya-) :
 NAME : Samiya
DOB : 24th August 1995
PLACE : UK, London
LIKES : Loadsss lol lemme talk about my fav couple Arjun and Arohi - LOVE them!! and even Yug Vrinda..they're so cute..many more fav stuff and couples lol
DISLIKES : Dunno lol..



Tannvi (Loving_bird) :

Name : tannvi
Dob : 19th aug
Place : India
Likes : if,music,dance,indian tv
Dislikes : liers,double people,pollution,
WHAT FREINDS MEAN TO YOU :"Everyone is a friend, until they prove otherwise."


Yogitha (yogithasingh) :
NAME : Yogitha Singh
DOB : 24th April
PLACE : India(Hyderabad)
LIKES : Chocolates,Watching TV(reality shows,DMG,MJHT,KMH),Kash n Groverz,salman Khan,Aamna sharif,Arjun Bijlani.......
DISLIKES : Ummm................nothing.........
WHAT FREINDS MEANS TO YOU : Well........I think "MY LIFE"..........I can live without eating food..........but without talking to my friends....i cant live........
"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."


Sonia (ksg_sonia) :
 NAME : Sonia Tahir
DOB : 28th December
PLACE : Karachi, Pakistan
LIKES : KARAN!!! HEHE...its a long list bt he is on top of d list!!!
DISLIKES : Nothing really...em not very particular...i dont hate anyone...n theres not much tht i dont lyk bt when things r discussed em sure to have some opinions for everything n obviously dislikes occur
 WHAT FREINDS MEANS TO YOU: My friends r my life...i love making frends n have some very special ones...i dunno wht i'd do widout my frends... 


Paromita (mysticwater24) :
NAME :Paromita
DOB :10th Feb
PLACE : Kolkata.
LIKES : Reading Books,Listening to Music,watching TV ,Surfing Net
DISLIKES : Hypocrites
WHAT FRIENDS MEAN TO YOU :They are the ones which makes life  enjoyable


Dia (-KatrinaKaif-) :
NAME : Dia Agarwal
DOB : 11/11/1995
PLACE : Agra
LIKES : Net surfing..If...Chatting...Shopping...
DISLIKES : Home-work esp. Projects


Rakshita (-Rakshu-) : 
NAME : Rakshita/Raks/Rakshu
Chennai - India
LIKES : My frnds, Comp, Mob, MaYur, Kash and many more....
Jasmine ki smell, milk, ppl who ditch others...
WHAT FREINDS MEANS TO YOU: Frnds means everything in our life...


Preeti (-Preeti-) :  
NAME :Preeti
DOB : 26the June comes every yearLOL
PLACE : Mumbai, India
LIKES : Net Surfing, Chatting ...searching anything interesting, listening to music and watching TVLOL
DISLIKES : Terrorrism
WHAT FREINDS MEANS TO YOU : God sent People to make us feel happy and splEmbarrassed


Chandni (I.Love.Mohit)

NAME: Chandni (Chandz) 

DOB: 23/09/1990


LIKES: Chilling out wiv mates, Clubbing wiv mates, Shopping etc

DISLIKES: Hate lyers

WHAT FREINDS MEANS TO YOU: Friends are 4 lyf

*Please PM me (ksdbstjodi) your scrapbook & I'll paste it here as soon as possibleEmbarrassed*

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aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 20577

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 2:51am | IP Logged

Hey Friends

Welcome to your very own CC "Krazzy 4's" Awards Ceremony!
Well friends, as you know, this thread is gonna get  over soon, so we (me & niky ) thought of doing somthing exciting & we concluded that we should arrange some awards for the members of the CC!Wink 


So here are the categories :
    Most Active Member : The member that is most active in the CC.
    Most Helpful Member : The member who according to you helps everyone.
    Most "HAUNTED" Member : The member, who's always haunted by yet another member.
    Most "HAUNTING" Member : The Member who haunts everyone the most.
    Most Gumshuda Member : The member who come to the CC very less.
    Most Gayab Member : The member who hasnt come to the CC yet.
    Most Loveable Member : The member, whome u love the most.
    Most Hillarious Member : The member who according to you is the "joker" for the paradise.
  • Biggest Nautanki : The person who according to you is the biggest nautanki for the CCLOL.

So Friends, Do vote!

And BTW  Rules & Regulations bhi haiLOLLOL. Here they are :
    Each member has to nominate two names for each cathegory.
    No Cathegory should be left.
    You can nominate yourself in only 2 Cathegories.
    You may PM your anwers to Aishwarya (aish_punk) or Niky (ksdbstjodi).
    The last date for submitting your answers is 25th May'09.
  • Results will be announced in the next thread, so we shall end dis one soonLOLWink

Do Vote & we hope u enjoy!

Krazzy 4 DEV. TeamEmbarrassed(Aish, Raks, Yogi & Niky)

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-Niky- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2007
Posts: 11852

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 2:51am | IP Logged
HugHey Freinds!Hug
SillyDancingPartyWelcome to your very own CC Awards..!PartyDancingSilly
Finally, we are here, to announce the winners of our various cathegories. But before that, we all would like to thank you for particiapting & making these awards happen!Big smileEmbarrassed
So, here we start :
Any guesses????...I am sure must be having...

 Chalo, i'll now break the suspence & tell you the name...Embarrassed
This award goes to none other than our very very cute n sweet member + owner
Aishwarya (aish_punk)
Congs sweety..!!!PartyParty
Here's your prize (I just love this 1, u better use it..Evil Smile) :
Hmm, now proceeding to the next cathegory that is...Smile
Well, this must be definately a tough one to choose. But unbeliveably, we had got almost the same names.Embarrassed
This award goes to none other than, your sweety pie Host & Dost.....................
Riddhima/Niky (ksdbstjodi)
Thanku thanku...PartyLOL...I feel like giving a speech, but dont feel like ritting, so forget it..!LOL
Anyways, here's my prize...& it seems good too..Day DreamingLOL :
Okh, after my stupid bak-bak..LOLLOL..lets move on to the next cathegory..that is...
Most Haunting Member :
Well, I am sure, after looking at the cathegory, you must have known who might have got this award..!!!
It's none other than...*Ahem Ahem*LOL...ME...
Yeh!..once again your host & dost...Dancing
Riddhima/Niky (ksdbstjodi)
Now, I feel very guys know my you all for voting me for this cathegory..!Big smile
Anyways, here is my 2nd prize this afternoon :
Okh, now moving to the next cathegoryTongue, that is....

Hmmmm...I am sure that might be a tough one, coz aaj tak koi mujhse bach nahi paya hai Evil Smile..but there's just one & only one who is my Favorite "Shikar"....I am sure now you all must have understood whome I am taking about as well.
She's undoubtedly, unquestionably...
Sara (Sweet-Sara)
I always wanted her to win this..EmbarrassedLOL..Dekha, mere shikar banane ka bhi fayada hai SaraEvil SmileROFLLOL..Anyways, here's your price..I just love this 1...dont forget to use it..varnnaaa...LOL ROFL
Okh, after my emotionally touched lines (ROFL), lets proceed further...our next cathegory is.......
This award is been givin to the member, who comes to the CC, but for very less time..!Embarrassed
We had so many names for this cathegory, but we finally got a winner..LOL..
She's one of the sweetest members on IF...she is..PartyHug
Tannvi (loving_bird)
Congss sweety..!!!'s your prize..!WinkBig smile..hope you like it..!Tongue
Okh, now our next cathegoryEmbarrassed...
This award is been givin to the member who has his/her name in the Member's List, but never come to the CCLOL.StrangeConfused, I know, but we kept this cathegory, coz these ppl atleast increse the lenght of our Member's list..LOLLOL..just kidding..
Anyways, this award goes to not only one, but two personsShocked...Yes too..!
They both are really sweet & loving too...
They are..
Mona (.:.Mona.:.) & Prerna (prernawragh)
Congs's your prize :  
Okh, now the next cathegory...

Hmm, I am sure everyone wants to be loved by others & so we had soo many names for this cathegory..& co-incidently, we have 3 winners..ShockedShocked..yes..not 1, not 2..but 3..!
This award goes to 3 most Loving Members of the CC...
Aishwarya (aish_punk), Ria (rialuvskaran) & *Ahem Ahem*....Riddhima/Niky/Me/your HOst & Dost (ksdbstjodi)...
I am still did i get it??LOL..anyways thanks guysHug..Today, I can say, that I am a gud person & not only the HAUNTING GIRL....ROFL
Anyways, here our prize...yiiipppeeee...LOL 
Okh, now our next makes me laughROFL..Yeh..laugh my heart outROFL...seriosuly...dont belive all only check it out..
Isnted it hillarious???ROFL..anywys, now I am tired of without doing any more bak-bak, here's our winner...
OMG OMG...ShockedShocked..Another tie...ConfusedLOL..anyways its okh..!

The award goes to the most amazing, sweet, charming glas on IF (BlushingBlushing)...
Vini (vinivasharma) & *Ahem Ahem*...once again your host & dost...Riddhima/Niky/Me (ksdbstjodi)
*Phew*..I am toh tired of taking these awards..but kya karu, ab mei hu hi itni popular...ROFL..see such stupid talks of mine make me laugh myself..ROFLROFL..anyways Thanks guys..ab toh mujhe rona aa raha hai..CryCry..not because I am getting so many awards, but coz now my fingers are paining..CryROFL..
Anyways, here our prize vini :
*Phew*Sleepy...finally the last cathegory of the afternoon...SleepyROFL
Hmm, this cathegory was suggested by vini, so if you dont like it, throw eggs & tomatoes on her..Evil SmileROFL...Anyways, as my fingers are now painingOuch, I am straight away telling te name..
This award goes to...
WHAT???Shocked...NOOOOuch...THIS CANT HAPPENConfused...I CANT LET THIS HAPPENCry...NOOOO..!!!Dead...
Lol I am saying all this coz..the name is..*Ahem Ahem*
Riddhima/Niky/Me/Your Host & Dost (ksdbstjodi)..
Here's my gift :
So Finally..that's the end. Now may rest your eyes, I am sure you have read alott..!!
Bye Freinds, I hope you enjoyed it..!
If not, then ITS YOUR PROBLEMAngryROFL..
This is Niky, sighning off...
Love & TC..
Krazzy 4 DEV. TEAM (Aish, Yogi, Raks & Niky)

Edited by ksdbstjodi - 13 June 2009 at 3:25am
aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 January 2008
Posts: 20577

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 5:49am | IP Logged
hey guys..congo on the new CC..! Smile
BTW niky edit d title nw..Embarrassed
-Rakshu- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 28 January 2007
Posts: 3798

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Hye aish got to go.. my massi has come.. Byeee... really sorry yaar...
and CONGO....
-Niky- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 03 December 2007
Posts: 11852

Posted: 26 May 2009 at 5:53am | IP Logged

Congs guys...!!

chalo now me leaving..byeeeeEmbarrassed

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