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simran777 Senior Member

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Posted: 25 May 2009 at 4:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dabulls23

Cute2Stay, Simran777 excellent write ups....
Totally agree with you both for your points on 3 judges and Simran's write up on Terence and how he was mocked for his judging....
Nothing left for me to write...
Ab main kya boloon................ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Grand Salute.....Clap
hahhaaaaaaa ur 2222 funny hun!ROFL
Curious?!?....scratching ur tummy while sayin this???!LOLWink
Kuch na kaho, kuch na kaho (*song) aap bas humko veto se bacha lehna...yunki thori hera pheri toh chalti hai na hamare desh mein....
ohhh, mujae mera Star*gana yaad ayea--->
"Apni chatri tumko dedeh kabhi jo barse pani, Kabhi naye packet meh bechein tumko cheez purani...
Thori hum meh saachai hai, thori hai beyimani.............phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!Big smile
***waise, on a serious note---i'll also say (w/o my essay elaborationLOL) that i feel often Jai was also another target unnecessarily mocked at numerous times to where he was being laughed AT rather than WITH...(whateva the underlying politics of the show are i dn't know exactly, but there certainly are some 4 sho!) Another grand saluteBig smile?? ...nahiStern Smile?! ohh, k i jus thought i'd get another 4 da heck of it!

Sam_dean4Eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 May 2009 at 6:10am | IP Logged
woah, i completely agree with each of ur words that u said leaving remo and terence i feel very sryy for Siddesh as he is one of my favs that he is not given anything new tpo perform..!!
this surely wud not happened if he was with terence or Remo, they really noe how to use their contestants in right type of dances whose result is always gud
All the Best Siddeshand JAI, u both rock
crez_lrl Newbie

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Posted: 25 May 2009 at 6:52am | IP Logged
I agree with you. Terrence is really the most unbiased judge. I think recently he's become more biased but it's probably because he thinks that if he's the only judge to point out his own student's mistakes, they'll lose out. And that is true. He's also a great choreographer. Smile

I feel that the only problem with Remo is that he is too DEFENSIVE. But it ends up being a really big problem. LOL He is always very defensive about his contestants which is why he is biased towards them. Because he was defensive of Prince, he continued to make him do LnP till the end even despite the other judges sort of contesting to that. But at least he gives useful comments and can choreograph well.

Geeta... Geeta is really the weakest choreographer to me. And the whole Kathak is not my forte is NOT an excuse. I mean this week Jai did tandav and I'm sure it isn't Terrence's forte. Still it was so well choreographed. I don't think there are any dances choreographed by her that I found memorable. I mean poor Siddesh, for the Prithvi theme everyone else's dances were well choreographed but his was like no dancing towards the end. He was like holding the board for nearly 5 seconds.

This has nothing to do with Geeta as a choreographer but I find her annoying at times. Esp when she starts speaking as though she's a kid, all high pitched and I dunno how to explain, kiddish. Dead And her comment for Jai, I wish I was the dupatta. What? She rarely has comments that are related to the dance. Oh and her biasness is really obvious too.

simran777 Senior Member

Joined: 16 November 2007
Posts: 633

Posted: 25 May 2009 at 9:09am | IP Logged
~I think i can speak 4 mostly every1 here when i say that we Do infact Love & Respect All the Dancers, Choreographerz, Hosts, GM etc...of this show..
~As people & individuals they're all talented in their own dimensionz & they are making an effort to entertain us ultimately...
~It's just that along with appreciation & agreement & love for them--there's disagreement for some of their Actionz (words, gestures etc....)
~In the end, no contestant nor contestant wantz 2 lose...all desire 2 proudly head home w/ the Topi and that'z human nature, so i do respect em all in that respect as well as the 2 hosts & Mithunji 4 their entertainment----it'z just what I dont digest well is contradictory or unfair Acts of people..
~Firstly, Mithunji'z respected as a great actor in my eyez & as an eldery (for that's what my culture teaches me). However, respect is alwayz earned...I frankly feel it'd been better had he Let a more appropriate person (of more knowledge & capibility of dance evaluation) have his position of Judging & Commentz & Veto Power, and whereas he could've still kept himself on his created show the same way with the rest of interaction he's had. HE'D BEEN FAR RESPECTED IN MY EYEZ 4 THAT & There's nothing demeaning to him in that---in fact i feel he'd have avoided placing himself in any controversy now, despite his Hard Earned Image Status over the years. Whether format of the HIS Show or whatever I feel He'z rudely mocked Rakhee & Terence's judging to a great unnecessary degree, used veto power for a girl once it was announced ( i mean clearly when it was just two girls left early on---he could've voiced it out then right if it was about girls? Why wait till end to see if it'z khusboo/alisha---would he have done same 4 Alisha?!) Whateverz the answer to all this only he knowz in his heart, however to raise the brow of suspicion of many people as he did & unnecessarily put his image all out there 4 controversy isn't so wise I think, although i still love him. To be an elderly, or person of power doesn't give anyone a free ticket to abuse/get away for break rules, be disrespectful, unfair, mock someone etc...Getting Respect & Fairness has no age number---young or old noone appreciates disrespect... I'm sure w/in their hearts Rakhee (labeled mentally slow), Terenceji (laughed as kanjus evaluator), Jai (laughed as bigmouth)....all must've hurt inside by that, it's so impolite---whether such things are done 2 give the public "drama" like all other showz do----i'd just like 2 recommend taking a Trail No One has Travelled & Leaving A Path versus Going down one that everyone travels....because quite frankly, I feel (besides the talents) the reason this show greatly gained popularity is the fact that it cut LOTS CRAP & Was a step above the otherz which do that...That's what made this show better---It's a dance show & their focus was kept mostly 2 that ALOT better than the other onez...despite the negative politics which did take place as well...
~Although there's MANY other points, but like I highly disagree w/ the talented choreographer Remoji where he'z shown a big bias & contradiction along with Geetaji (Salman carries more versatility over Prince's main L&P---to which she agreez but yet feelz Prince deserves to be final 4 over Salman?!! And Remoji (again Too many Points on him but herez few):
==he put skates (a prop which hinders performance)on Salman at this vital time of competition when he was the one who Strongly objected to doing that in Mandakani's dance (she even did FAR better job with it on) and also has Prince always doing L&P (even exactly said "I'll have my contestants do Only what they're best at") while on the other hand he's also said "it'z time you show us something different (to another teamz contestant)"
==says many times "this's something Totally New/No onez done be4" (implying total credit towards self---i've seen more creativity from Terenceji & he's ALWAYZ given credit to whatever entity, culture, person etc...inspired him---so, i just respect Terencez honest creativity mixed in even more as opposed to where I still like Remoji'z work but have the question in the back of my head of it being Totally his when he rarely givez out credit...
==Ab koi excuse nahi chalega---(and yet he says the whole excuse itself in detail)
~To doing Everything & Anything there'z a list of ethics & values which goad us onto the path of actions we take...regardless of what we do--it should be in harmony with our morals & base of humanity...because ultimately Next to God iz Humanity (and then all the other human relationz) which most keepz us in doing the right thing...
~To us it'z a mere talent entertainment show...but regardless of TRPs, politics, or anything negative---NONE of us would like to be in a position where we're unfairly taken out, unfairly mocked at etc....
This is why I say there'z not any excuse to cross lines of humanity or be contradictory/unfair....and it'z utterly sad when a Fair Judge like Terenceji had to shift to support his Deserving Talents (as they were UNFAIRLY LEAVING) because where he was Finely pointing out flaws of All the contestants, it seemz other judges were on the contrary:
1.) overlooking/covering their team contestants flaws (thru most of the show till now where they're Forced to HAVE to state the obvious)
2.) complimenting their own while jumping 2 criticizing otherz
3.) Or Agreeing w/ Terencez  on the criticism for his contestants & UNFAIRLY TAKING ADVANTAGE of his genuineness basically...
So, in every sport/event/competition---there lies a "code of ethics" & "common courtesy" which should not be overlooked/crossed... 
simran777 Senior Member

Joined: 16 November 2007
Posts: 633

Posted: 25 May 2009 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Also, Jai's TapDog performance:
1.) When Remoji & Geetaji have given lower marks feeling the Tap Dance had little tap in it---IT IS THEIR HONEST DUTY AS TRUE CHOREOGRAPHERS & ARTISTS to have raised points after being enlightened!!!!!  (Absolutely Downright Wrong, Wrong, Wrong  Morally on their part---perhaps their ego got in the way, perhaps defense of feeling humiliated 4 not knowing)---however, it takes a much bigger person to step up to their own flaws & one can only better themselves that way....---Its OKAY 2 not know Every Dance form & Terence hasn't ever even explained his knowledge of it in any Show off way to them...
2.) Again as I'd pointed out in my essay above about Mithunji---him commenting like, "yeh tap dog ho ya tap cat ho..." "yeh locking ya pocking ho.." iz indirectly an insult to the art of Dance. Example, as some elders look down upon singing and mocking call it "gana bajana"---maybe some take it lightly & yet some hard working singers could mind it. So, even here perhaps some could even find it quite disrespectful to some international culturez dance forms Terenceji brings. How would we like it if someone (who firstly didn't even know about it) lauged at our Kathakali, Bharatnatyam respected dances and did some laughing on it. Perhaps he didn't mean it the extreme i've said above or intentionally or for the show it's been scripted---however, nothing gives a ticket to allow rudeness or hurt another'z sentimentz...The fact that from this show Many Support & Love Mithunda, but just question him on some controversy now is just sad to me...I wish he'd kept his respect totally and just increased it by allowing someone else w/ veto & comments....."Respect & Character are much easier kept than recovered"
Lastly, I know all my views above are quite critically detailed to extremez (even on little gestures being read thru TOOO much)---however, I did so to make certain pointz on the basis of humanity---where we can keep intact our values and yet be Funny / entertaining, where we can keep our morals & fairness and yet still Compete for any Sport or show.. (this show dared to keep the crap out and hence was liked far more for it---so i'd like to further encourage & just better that...
chutneyx4404 Senior Member

Joined: 30 December 2008
Posts: 827

Posted: 25 May 2009 at 10:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simran777

TongueLovely Topic---tru said! Amen..
~u kinda remind me of myself...i can't write like "half-a-view", it's a must to get it all outta my system & read a Riot Act where necessary--iz like in my blood---hence, i'm an essay individual myselfApprove
~so, although tempted 2 write "Much" more---i'll stick 2 making 1 point 4 now which I feel strongly about & here goes:
Yunki mujae befazul baat karne ki adat toh hai nahi:-), lekin sochne wali baat yeh hai keh, "ISNT this a Dance Show"---apparently to Evaluate & bring out the Best???
So, why is it that Terence Ji was mocked SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH to like NO end 4 doing his job!!!!! I mean I only wish like the otherz there did the Very Same as Him---keeping all their biases/insecurity issues/sick repetitious humor aside!! To the limit they stretched it---it became very distasteful & disheartening to watch...not to mention disrespectful because Furthermore, you're mocking a teacher of respect right in front of his students and to the public ( I dont recall similar disrespect towards Geetaji nor Remoji).
I mean is it that they didn't wanna make a "black sheep" image thru criticizing?? Or they refrained as they couldn't do a level in Evaluating the Dances as well as Terenceji?? To Mock what you're insecure of is a Very Well-Known "self-defense mechanism" in psychology...I'm just stating the facts, that's human nature & we all carry some or another form of these defense mechanisms, but back to my point...
Like seriously, what's the issue?!---There's one extreme end of a spectrum Judge (Terrific Terenceji) who did the JOB AS REQUIRED and then the other end where One'z always Speechless (Meh kya bolu/ meh kuch nahi bolunga---with all due respect 2 Mithunji) and the otherz falling in btwn playing kiddie games with the most Detrimental Aspect & Focus of this Show--to Making Proper Evaluationz n Critiquing..
Now to top it all off as a circus, the ONE Judge Actually doing his Job (and was thoroughly appreciated 4 it all along by public as well as contestants i'm sure) getz MOCKED 4 it?!!! It's downright pathetic & ridiculous..
A joke once fine, twice fine again, thrice annoying but still accepted----BUT TO NO LIMIT Again n Again????--doesn't make it a laughable anymore esp. to where Terenceji was brought to a position of saying " Okay next time I'll come with a Zipped/taped  mouth"??? And the Colleague choreographerz (firstly not doing their own critiquing duty properly) carry the nerve/sheer audacity to join in poking fun?!! Clearly, there's something wrong here....
I mean for pete sake---A DANCE SHOW JUDGE IS MOCKED 4 DETAILED so very sad indeed, actually jokes apart I find it shameful---it's like mockery of Art, which many passionately place on a high pedestal & respect! I can't imagine even unintentionaly (forget intentionally) hurting pure sentiments to any vital entity like that...
So, all in all, that was very hard 4 me 2 digest...but i can just ride it off thinking that, "Common sense is not that common.." & if ignorance is a bliss, then we're certainly in heaven! Lol...anyhow, the fact that they point out the Minutest Details----is indirectly a compliment to Terenceji that he IS THE ONE INFACT DOING HIS JOB....Everyone that i know of looks FORWARD to & Listens w/ Undivided Attention to Terenceji's comments second to or even above the that speaks in itself as the biggest compliment  to him along with Of Course the workingz of his Great Choreography...Heartmay All Good Things come his way Always....
Lastly, I'll end w/ a quote a.) about him & b.) one to him:
a.) In criticizing, the teacher is hoping to teach. That's all.
b.) Develop the mind of equilibrium.
for you will always be getting praise and blame,
but do not let either affect the poise of the mind,
follow the calmness, the absence of pride..
~Sutta Nipata
~An encouragement 4 u 2 stay the Beautiful way you Exactly are!! You're an A++ individual...
**phew, now this was ONE point I had 2 make!! LOL and yet i haven't even gone into the other onez...okie, back 2 studytime!!Geek

I was kind of angry about that at first, but I think the point they are trying to make is that sometimes he needs to just give them a break.  Like some of the more nit-picky comments, he could have just told them backstage or something.  Or sometimes, the contestants get overwhelmed by the "list" of corrections that he has.  I think Mithunda just teases him to let them know that they are really good dancers and that Terrence is only telling them to help them.  In a way, it helps the point come across better.  Remember when Alisha was crying after one dance?  Yes, that would have happened anyway, because it was the first time they didn't like her dance.  But for the other contestants, had no one just stepped in and said "chill out Terrence" they might have reacted the same way only sooner.

Even if they weren't making a point, they were just teasing him.  They all do that every now and then.  They all imitated each others distinctive qualities in each episode.  Even Terrence teased Mithunda of his old age when he slowly rose out of his chair to give a grand salute.  Either way, what's worse, them making fun of Terrence for being nit-picky or telling Geeta to lose weight?

But I will admit, I didn't like it at all when they repeatedly called him onto stage to perform the same steps/stunts.  And then after that they made fun of his shoes.  I don't remember them calling Remo even once to repeat the stunts and steps that they had to do, and we all know Remo had the most stunts or lets just leave it at a lot.  If I remember correctly, Terrence never made his contestants dance with fire...unlike the other two.  That I agree is completely ridiculous that they called him on stage.  That is disrespectful that the teacher has to prove himself in front of the students.

On the other hand, they probably made him do the stunts after we commented on here, and he was still giving them stunts.  So they had to show that they weren't making the contestants do something horrific.  They also probably cut off Terrence because they ran out of time.  Actually, that's probably the most likely reason, and this was their way of being "discreet".  There's only  so much they can edit out without it sounding all strange and what-not.  So they kind of just signaled for him to wrap it up.

I don't think Geeta or Remo really ever made fun of him on their own.  It was usually Mithunda, who is kind of like the superguru here, so you can't really criticize him for most of it really.  Afterwards Geeta and Remo might join in.
chutneyx4404 Senior Member

Joined: 30 December 2008
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Posted: 25 May 2009 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Simran, It just teasing; they're not insulting.  Honestly, have you never been teased by a teacher? or even a friend?
simran777 Senior Member

Joined: 16 November 2007
Posts: 633

Posted: 25 May 2009 at 11:25am | IP Logged
@chutneyx4404--and i agree w/ u dear!! It's usually Superguru GM who'd carry the nerve to start it & others joined in...this's where I say there's no free tickets to insults---be it any elderly/person of power or knowledge or talent.....I still love Mithunji & Remoji & Geetaji---just few actionz (due to wanting 2 win this show or feeling you can get away with things) did not sit well with me...
1.) Terenceji's points are Detailed & True---that being said, he should've also been told to say some and keep rest to say personally off-stage. I personally never felt he was Out of place or Rude in saying the truth----and it was genuine & only to better them! Of course, by nature we have different levels of sensitivity to different things, however Terenceji was not crossing the Lines of Humanity or Morality to put down anyone in any way shape or form.
2.) So, for the reason stated above, wouldn't it be more appropriate for the GM & other 2 Judges to appropriately say it to Terence off stage not to do that, as oppposed to time & time again mock him on stage 4 it?!! I'm DEAD certain Terenceji would not fight back and disrespect nor disobey their humble request. Also, perhaps there'd be less 4 Terenceji to point out if the 2 Judges & GM had done their end of the Job properly in commenting than "covering & complimenting own team" & "being speechless" most of the times...
3.) As far as Amazing Alisha having improved greatly with the yearning to learn more (as opposed 2 feeling she'z a know it all w/ cocky attitude saying im here 2 just win) is greatly a humble, true artist genuine sweet attitude THANKS 2 HER MENTOR!!!:-)
4.) I just cant help but imagine what Terenceji could brought out in the great talented dancers of Geetaji's team (MANDAKANI, Siddesh, Paulson, Noni (in firstly genuinely getting her physically fit if possible) etc...) AND even of Remoji's team (Salman, Bhavna, Prince (i'm dead certain he'd have improved on attempting to enhance his versatility in dancing) etc..)
5.) So, in conclusion Many of the funny things ( Mujae star yaad ah geya, Saumya's teasing, & all other silly stuff) are accepted & great!! Just when it comez to the Main Focus of Show = Dance & Evaluation....these should be taken seriously & improved upon rather than mocked at, laughed at, and in the end nothing done about LOL....clearly, that won't aid in Getting Us India's BEST Dancing Star!
yaar i LUV ur quote, "Thas my 2 cents, if ya dnt like it---keep the change!" hahahaaaaa love it! 

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