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Posted: 24 May 2009 at 4:27am | IP Logged

EmbarrassedBig smileh A p P Y  B i R t H D a YBig smileEmbarrassed

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Posted: 24 May 2009 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by *Nishi*



                    bonjourShockedROFL    awwwwwwwww chandu mandu pandu thankoooooooBlushing Big smile love u mwah LOL



hehehe do you like your cake

omg hahahaha such a greeencake i lov it .. but telletubies r for 2 year old kids AngryLOLbut still i lov it EmbarrassedBig smile

 i got it just for you. i know you like teletubies right lol i was searchin for like 3 hours on how to make a teletubby birthday hahauah

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwLOL so sweeeet puchukShockedLOLLOLROFLROFL




man i just remember the days like it was yesterday.. when u were 17 and i was 12 ROFLwe would have so much fun in the cc just laughin and laughin like IDOTROFLROFLROFLwith harshu and sania and varsha and sexy aditiROFL i would always call sania Himani and Aditi sexy

hahahahahahahahahaha i know man those were the best days .... Stern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileROFLROFL

we juz used to talk talk talk talk .. laugh laugh laugh n laugh Stern SmileROFL

aww so you are 18 today i m 12 years old AngryLOLLOL my bachi is geting so old what am i gonna do with you you're at a legal age now kya karo..awwwwww Stern Smilemama already u are so bad.. now 18 years old  but still u have to be good girl just remember that i will always always always be here for u ok?  i love you sooooo much sadia... u are the funneist.. u are so funny omg . and soo smart.. and hilarious i can go on and on ROFLROFLok i will rofl u are kind.. and gernerous.. and loving u and ur funny ideas and pictures.. everything.. just makes me laugh all the time. i smile everytime i think of u  u are my best frend ever

awwwwwww .... i know man .. same is wid u... u r the kooooolest kid i hav ever met .. coz in ur age kidz r mostle juz doin weird stuff but u hav so much knowledge.. and u r hillarious and fun to hang out wid .. awwwwwEmbarrassedStern SmileROFLROFLROFL but u r still a vache kid AngryLOL



im gonna sing for u now


Happpyyyy Birhtdya to you

Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to youCool cha cha


Sadiaaaaaaaaa cha cha cha

ROFLROFLsalsa birthday wish ... ROFLROFL koooolLOL

mwahhhhhBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingthankssss youuu ..CryCry



now u know me and my languages... heres happy birthday in all the languages i know ROFL. well atleast all the ones i know happy birthday in. i hope these are right

Bon annivairsaire  (french)


zuummmmmmmm gubesbta.. hheheheROFL (german)

 Janam din mubarak ho (hindi/urdu)

and then.. english  Happy Birthday

ROFLROFLROFLROFL omg nishooo tumhara kya hoga .... ROFL is there any other language left too ? LOL thanks alot .... i love u ...  AngryBig smile

omggggggggggggggggggggg  i still cant believe today is your bday and u are 18 omggashhhhh omg omgROFL hahahuhahaROFL Stern Smile hapy birthdya jaanu  i wish you the ver ver very best birthday EVERRR. all of american wishes u all of the pakistan and india wish u too.. hahah and the whole freakin worldddd man ROFLROFL    sadia you're my best friend and i hope we will always be best friends someday.. when u have your fashion design place and u can speak spanish fluently (lol) and im in germany.. prolly in some orchestra we can always talk and visit each other we will show each other around the whole country ROFLand our kids will be friends and my kids they will call you aunty.. lol and ask you to bring them chocolates so yeah have the bestest birthday ever sadia.  i hope yo get everything u wish for

awwww thanks yeah i cant beleive i m 18 too ROFL

ROFLROFL omg hahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahah u r mad lmao lmao lmao .. long term planning man ROFLROFLROFL u r so cuteee... but  yeah em sure we will be frndz forever ... when we will grow up .. and even if we wont come online or stuff ... i m sure we will remember each other that yeah i had a koolest frnd ... she was a kid and she was so crazy n sweeeetROFL and yeah the kids thing it will be true too hahahahahah ROFL ... u know edward n my kids Stern SmileROFL


anddddddddd  look what i got... Farbrika  remember themROFL i showed them to you.. omg and u became obessed with them hahahahauha. here is the version you like. We always tried to sing it in russian but it always looked like: nehusht sasiuheurw nushto skatha snushto huahahahahahaROFL i was gonna put.. the better versioni   (it has more violin in it. u know i like traditional russian violin music and gypsy violin hehe) but since its ur bday..   this song rocks" />

 nushto skazat nushto skazat rnushto skazat nushto skazat rnushto skazat nushto skazat

ROFLROFLROFL omg hahahahahaha ... so sweeeeet .. yeah me listenin to it right now wow man .. its better then the previous one Stern Smile thanks for dedicating me da song Blushinghayee mein mar gayee

nushto skazat nushto skazat rockon nushto skazat

 nushto skazat nushto skazat rnushtoLOL

ahh its ur bday i know u must be craving 1 thing. i know i am    thing is.. ladooooooooos ahhhhu yummm mmmmmmm  mmm yummy yumm  so i brought some for u

omg.. they look so good..

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwLOLLOL i ate all ov them thanks ..

myt tummy hurts  BlushingBlushingLOL but i saved one for u ShockedLOL


so now.. like every birthday post we have to tell how we met  

sometime during last summer.. sadia and i met in some cc's and started chatting.. they were random chat clubs  and we saw that the other person was a little u knw..  and it stopped there.. then sometime in august we met again. this time we talked more and more  we found out that we had soooooooo much in common  it was ridiculousROFL and then sadia asked for my msn ID. at first i was thinking.. why msn  whats so fun there u know  but i gave anyway. and then i went online and i found out why  omgg.. sadia is sooo crazy thereROFL thats where she lets out all her energy and crazinessROFLROFL scaring peole there hauaahhaaa. i remember.. the first time i talked to u  we talked for many hoursROFL it was mostly just saying stuff and then LAUGHINggggROFL we laughed maybe 3/4 of the timeROFL so how many hours is this.. maybe 5hours we were laughingROFL even the first week i started school i was online everyday and we talked from 8/9 am to 5pm every single dayROFL and i oened our own chat club.. sadia and nish's outhouse  but then ur college started  and you barely came online anymore cause of all the work they gave u there.. and i remember the first 5/6 monhs of your college u cried and cried to me  about how boringggg and stupid u thought college was. i didnt know what to do  college is good for u na  and then slowly u introduced me to all ov ur friends.. and then we became the idiots :D well u guys always were. then ali said that he was idiot #2 and then u and rabi and then Ahmed and ann and fatima. and then i was like.. wel who is #1 and u said no one ROFLROFLROFLwe laughed so harddddddd [=)]ROFLROFLROFL[=)]ROFLROFLROFL back then ali didnt find me so annoying ROFL and then i was like.. i will be #1 hahahahaa. ROFLROFL and then i got to know a lot more people.. u guys introduced me to them.. saying that i will scare them and then make them cryROFLStern Smile and then eat their brainsROFLROFL ahh good times 

ROFLROFLROFL omg yeah those were awesome days .. stupid collegeAngry nishoo u remember u used to open random cc's ... like .. hello kitty is a vampire .. bla bla ROFLROFLROFL omg i still remember that .. i found u so funny and my type tht i added u ahhahahaha ROFL and now seee we r such good frndz Big smileLOL

 u  wanted me to sing misery buisness because of my accent and it would be much faster than yours because yours accent n stuff haha  i might do this maybe  its your birthday na..

 i dunno why.. i cant remember but i wanted to use this emoticon for ur birthday.. or did i already use this..? well anyways this is u.. ok this is u

ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL omg hahahhaha ... thats not me .. its u AngryLOL

u know.. now whenever i hear the song misery buisness  i think of you. and how stupid and funny u are ROFL (bad misery busniess version) i thought u might like this


 omg hahahahahahhahahaha this version scared me ... ROFL thats not goood AngryLOLLOL

why is he shouting so much ROFL

now lets tell.. how cute sadia tariq is  sadia is so cute.. u will melt  she is the cutest little person everrrr  and her voice.. is sooooo sexy  her accent is like a gangsterROFL pakistani girl with british and slight american accentROFLROFL

awwwww .. but ur voice is more cuter .. coz ur american accent and cute lil voice .. and the way u forget wht to say in sound clips hahahahahhaha ROFL u r so cute man AngryLOLLOL

sadia also went through many many phasesROFLROFLROFL like her edward phaseShockedROFL and other pakistani singers u fell in love with Embarrassed u make such funny videos on youtube man.. hahauaha all those indian songs with chip munk soundROFLand all those languages u wanted me to teach you all the languages you knowROFL oooo and you're such a great writer too Big smile you can make up songs just like that. They flow out of youuu Cool and remember that one time u and your sister went on skype and pretended to be the taliban ROFL u guys put on full head scarf thing and get knives:oROFLROFL

ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL hahahahahahha yeah u still hav to teach me dude ...Shocked.. lmao tht was hillarious ...taliban thing ROFL awwww .. but i bet u r an awesome writer AngryLOL nishii girl its nishii girl lmao ROFL

ROFL 10x and when you go to spain.. don't forget to send me a postcard EmbarrassedLOL and out of all my friends u are the only one who lloves to try new things of mine. remember we always send each other links of funy videos and music videos in all diffrent languages :D you always were the one to like them :D and u loved all of my videos.. and u love mine. Ohhh and all those stupid avi's you would haveLOL cats and everything[LOL] boy you make me feel so high togeder we can fly 

ROFLROFLROFLROFL omg u are rapping ... wow man ... ROFL good good ..

and yeah .. u always loved everything which i sent u too remember ..? but yeah i lov everything u send me ... butt butt what in my butt ROFL wht was tht hahahah .. and yeah i will definately send u .. do send me too when u go to .. russia , switzerland , germany ShockedROFL

and then there are so many things that we did together  i  wouldnt even dare to write here ROFL

ROFLROFL hahahahha ... *cencored*


and you know the birthday post you made for me..? it was sooo nice of you.. I loved it soooo much yaar Big smile that was one of the best days of my life. Ioved it more than Christmas Big smile im serious too.. I still remember that day so clearly'' I was online since 5am to like 6 or 7pmLOLLOLLOL it snowed for the 1st time that year on my birthday toooo.. and whenver I listen to that song I caught myslef from Paramore.. I think of you guys and my birthdayEmbarrassed I just hope I made your birthday a little bit more special Big smile well actually.. I wanted it to be much much MUCHHCUHCHHHHHHH MORE SPECIALStern Smile ROFL

awwww u still remember that ... Big smileBig smile lov u ... and u made this post for me .. i m extra extra happy seriously ... u r one ov my youngest friends .. and u did this all for me CryLOLLOL whatever u did .. i didnt even expect it .. so dun be sad ... i loved the post i loved everything about it .. all the memories u reminded me ov .. and every every everything .. like yesterday u were saying u coudnt do much on the post Angry what is left ? u did all the things man EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Just remember that i will always always always be here for u ok? :D:D:D hughughug i love you sooooo much sadia. better than my friends over here.. u are the funneist.. u are so funny omg llol. and soo smart.. and hilarious :o i can go on and on rofl rflfol ok i will rofl u are kind.. and gernerous.. and loving :$ u and ur funny ideas and pictures.. everything.. just makes me laugh all the time. i smile everytime i think of u :D u are my best frend ever hughughughug

awwwwwwwwwwwww... same here dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeShockedShockedShocked dudee where my ... @^#@@&^ ShockedROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL homieeeeeeeeShockedShockedShocked  ROFL


I hope you have the best most special birthday ever Big smile

awwww yeah i had the best bday ... coz ov u Big smileLOLHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

Love Chandini

mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhBig smile





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Originally posted by QueenHinna12

sadiaaa happy bday fattyyyy
hahah shatap u r a fatso .. LOL thanks darling hubby...Embarrassed




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Originally posted by Sano88

happy birthday

thankss EmbarrassedBig smile




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Posted: 24 May 2009 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashmii

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my spot!! =P





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Originally posted by bindaas_gal


EmbarrassedBig smileh A p P Y  B i R t H D a YBig smileEmbarrassed

thanksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssBig smile

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Big smile

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