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*^Harshad Chopda FC*^* Fan Interactive Special-p33

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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 7:06am | IP Logged

Welcome to FC NO 41 of Harshad Chopda.....

Congratulations Folks for not just another FC but yet another award in our kitty! In our boy's kitty!! ClapClapJODI AWARD ClapClapClapwhich is the most prestigious award in SPA. CHEERS and Congratulations to one and ALL!!!  ClapClap

The FC stands central to two major things: a RENDEZVOUS and an ODE to Harshad's FAN following  along with congratulatory messages.  Read On to know more.

 In short, the FC divided into two parts and is a major "FAN-INTERACTIVE" special.  Part One is the Rendezvous and Part Two, the ODE...

On board are five fans:

Payal (-Payal-),

Yojana (angelic eyes),

Raksha (-athena-)

Daisy (delo)

And a special " non-fan Guest of Honor"   Vandana(togepe30)

I conducted a Rendezvous involving Harshad, the FC and "our" respective equations with each other with the aforementioned members of the FC. Questions were sent across to them (on EMAIL/PMs) over different nuances  in this regard and they were asked to answer them.  There was a common set of questions and some personalized questions for each one of them, so DON'T skip any question.

 However, know before:

  • They were not allowed to divulge neither their questions nor their answers before I chose to do so to not just on the forums but also with EACH OTHER.Evil SmileLOL
  •  It was a completely confidential affair between me and each of them on a one-on-one basis till this FC went up.
  • This is as much as a surprise for you guys as much as it is for them.
  •  So NO answers were leaked out before I put this FC up.
  •   No answers were discussed by them and we know each other so much to trust each other completely in this regard.
  • There was a Rapid Fire Round for which the winners have been announced right in the end of this rendezvous along with the voter's choice and scores. Again, NONE of the answers were discussed, and nor were they aware of each other's choice. They filled in the questions and rapid fire round and sent them across to me. And that's about it. So if anyone has any issues, feel free to PM one of us.
  •  My(Sidrah's)  comments  as I deemed fit to put them in at various points are in blue (for this part only).
  •  Oh and it was a tough grind, I have also put their first reaction on receiving the questionnaire right in the end as well.

Daisy (delo)
Daiz needs no introduction. She has been one of the oldest and biggest stalwarts of this FC. A rollicking sense of sensibility and maturity with which she has held everyone together  time and again is phenomenol.  Her sincerity as a fan, is something which is to be seen to be believed.
I have to admit, making FCs could never be my thing, more so because of the kind of life I live.  There barely is any time to for myself,  other than when I am on vacations, like these days but ya I took over for the promise I made to her and that guilt of not being able to live up to it regularly during my hectic college schedules, does wear me down time and again.This  FC, is a product of her commitment and passion and no one can take that. The FC will always be synonymous to her, and I really hope once she has settled down all her priorities in life, she comes back and takes charge all over again'. A difficult likelihood at the moment, because I know, she has some very important priorities to attend to and I would want her to take care of that front before even thinking about something like this for now but Daiz, you are seriously sorely missed! It's like when you left, as Payal puts it, you took the heart and soul of the FC with you. Never the less, thank you for everything that you have done for us so far..Star
Without much further ado, lets hit to the questionnaire now.....
 Q, First things first, on life without the FC. It's been 7 months now? Do you ever feel like looking back at it?

 Ans:- As you all know how emotionally I was attached to the FC for almost 2 years at a stretch, the decision to leave it was killing. I never had thought that I would be making such a decision one day. But then this was on my mind for almost 4 months before I announced it'.It took me days to write all that I did in that FC. Life did come to a standstill after I quit. I was deliberately keeping myself away from my home. How could I be happy'I was emotionally disturbed for many days'But then I had other priorities and during that period I never got time to think about anything else' But after a month when I saw the FC and the messages there I got too overwhelmed'

But even now I do see the FC whenever I get time and do read some messages'I feel as if I never quit'.Its just that my involvement there has lessened'.But I will always be attached to the FC forever as this is the place which gave me such wonderful memories and friends who are always there for me'.In other words I never left..

 Q, From Mamta to LRL to Desh, how do you think Harshad has evolved as an actor?
 Ans:- I first saw Harshad in LRL. The way he portrayed the character of Ali was something only he could do. He was just perfect there. Inspite of not being the lead actor he did a wonderful job in the show. But with Prem he went a level higher. The essence of Prem created on screen can be credited to Harshad and the way he played Prem was again something that only he could have done. He brought life to the character and the show. This is how he evolved as an actor'
 Q, The one thing that is bugging everyone today- The plight of Prem Juneja in the show; Any toddler will tell, the kind of stride the creatives have taken today with respect to the character was never Prem in the first place. Now what do you think should be the way out of it? Wiser for Harshad to quit or wait for the right moment ?

 Ans:- Prem's character has seriously been tampered with'They have just ruined the essence of the Prem we loved and adored for a year'The person we see now is so unlike him. I have not been able to be in regular touch with the show but whenever I watch the show, I am just unable to relate to it.

Hmm according to me Harshad is not the one who gives up that easily and quits unless things go beyond his control. He still is giving his 100% and will continue doing so till the show is on air. I would want the show to get over now and Harsh should now be looking for other projects'

 Q, Today the situation in bollywood is a tad wit different from what it was in yester-years.  One doesn't have to be backed up by a family lineage to make it big there. Rajeev and Prachi Desai are living examples. What are Harshad's prospects in Bollywood as far as you see it. Do you feel this is the right time to take that call or he should take it as it comes?
 Ans:- I feel that Harshad has everything that takes to make a star. I see a great future for him in Bollywood considering that he gets the right roles and scripts. I have always imagined him in a lead role in a Rajshri Production. I feel that he would be perfect to play that kind of a character perfectly.

I feel that he should work on the small screen for a couple of years, do better shows and then finally try his luck in Bollywood as that is no cake walk. It means more hard work and struggle, and Harshad being the fighter that he is, he will surely rise and shine.

 Q, Harshad has time and again made his fans feel special. I believe its just his way of making us feel important albeit stemming out of the modesty/simplicity that runs in him. Your most memorable moment in this regard?


Ans: - Harshad is a gem when it comes to his interaction with his fans..There have been hundreds of such incidents which cannot be jotted down here in such few words. He has always made us feel so special that sometimes we sit and think if all of this is true and if we actually deserve all this. But he has been special and always made us feel so too'

 Q, October was hell for us. First coming to terms with Prem's death and then the media hype over all that was going on. Oh well, all's well that end's well though. Do you feel there always  WAS and still is a silver lining to everything that happened back then.


I feel that October was one of the worst phases ever. I didn't see anything good evolving from that incident. The death of Prem was totally uncalled for. It was just not needed. And if it was the demand of the script they should have not made him shoot for about 2 months without bringing his character back. It was surely one of the most depressing phase for Harshad and us as fans. Maybe Harshad got some time for himself, but I don't think that period did anything good to him. Had his character been over by then he would have landed in better shows and roles. For me that was the end of Prem. It hurts to see Prem being destroyed the way he was after he came back.


 Q, Harshad the person has various shades associated with him from that masti khor side of his to the rationale he makes with respect to not just his career but life and circumstances. What do you think makes him stand out as a person?

 Harshad is UNIQUE. He is someone whose nature cannot be defined in words. I don't think I have ever come across a human being as simple, genuine and humble like him. Its this quality which makes him stand out and the kind of respect he showers on all is just overwhelming. He makes everyone feel special and thats Harshad. Simplicity personified.

 Q, Given an opportunity to choose between an ALI and an LRL and a Prem and a Kis Desh. What would be your choice and why?

 Hmm that's a tough choice. Ali was and will always remain very close to my heart. Its that character which made me take notice of him. I have already spoken so much about the show and Ali. I don't think a show like LRL can come on screen again and again. It was a unique cult show which holds great memories for me. So my first preference would definitely be Ali. But Kis Desh got life only because of Prem. Harshad made Prem the way he is. I don't think we can ever see the scenes we saw in May-July last year in Kis Desh. But I would stick to Ali and LRL. But my only regret was the lack of footage he got in the show. Ali was terrific. The makers didn't tap his character well after a few months.


 Q, What is that one area, where you think there is yet room for improvement if there is even any in the first place, as far as Harshad is concerned?

 Harshad has learnt a lot from his experiences. He was never a trained actor. But he himself improvised on his scenes and dialogues and learnt each day and outdid himself with each passing show and episode. Harshad is just PERFECT as an actor and all the 4 shows he has done till date have been so different from each other. That shows his versatility and talent. Its just that he needs good shows and he will do a rocking job.

 Q, From what I remember, Raasta ruko has been  one of your most favourite Prem scenes, and you were quiet disappointed when they edited Raasta ruko scene no 3(there have been four btw). What was about this scene that you loved so much?

 Hahahaha'.Did I ever tell that the ''rasta roko'' scene was my favourite'.Ok ya I did LOVE the scene. Maybe I was gripped by the Prem mania then and maybe I was feeling happy that day (Ok cut that'.I am lying'Hahahaha). Hmm I dunno what was so special about that scene'Maybe the way Prem expressed himself'The way he stands straight in front of Heer and then just blocks her way. (How droolworthy'Hahaha)'..The his dialogues and the love he showers on Mehar. Those eye contacts. Gosh everything about that scene was just too beautiful.

Oh yes'.those editors did edit one scene. But there were many. That scene is again so synonymous with Prem and Heer'.

 Q, The admiration and respect Payal holds for you and vice versa is mutual, right?  I am a witness to her claiming once that "Daisy is on another level, no one can surpass that" and coming from Payal, it can be anything but sugar coated.  How do you perceive her, her commitment to the FC, to you, to Harshad.

 Payal is someone who is a God send angel in my life . And I seriously mean it. I have never come across a person like her ever in my life. How can someone be so giving, so humble, so kind, helpful and such a wonderful human being all in one???  Payal is another level altogether. I fall in the level of morons and anyone can be there. But all cant be like Payal. I tell her so many times that she reminds me of Harshad. She gives me weird looks though, but I know that she draws inspiration from Harshad in so many things in her life (I insist that they should meet) . I don't think I can ever thank Payal for all that she has done for me. I still look forward to talk to her every single day and the day we don't meet we bombard each other with offliners. I thank God for sending her in my life and I will always cherish our friendship. Thank u soo much'

 Q, And you know, considering that you do have that crazy streak within you (which not many are aware of hahaha) , and if exposed how are you expecting her to react. Flip?

 Aaah I don't think I am crazy. Though you always insist that I am a mad crazy girl. But you can expose any side of my side. I am sure people wont be surprised'Hahahaha'.

Are you talking about Payal's reaction. I think she knows me very well'..How can Vandu and Sidra's friend ever be sane. Hahahahaha'.

 Q, Raksh was the most active member in the BRING PREM BACK ANDOLAN, back in October. I don't think anyone can ever surpass her faith in Prem and the way she has clinged on to every nuance of the character. Today, when the creatives have made Prem do non-Prem things, even her support system is dangling now and we know how possessive she is about the " THE"ness of Prem.   Any consolations in this regard?

 Raksha is another level when it comes to believing in Prem and always having faith in him. She was the only one who knew that Prem never died. Even when Gaurav came in she always knew that he is ''The Prem'' and ''Our Prem''' Such was her faith in him. Raksha has been watching and loving him with such dedication that its seriously not possible to even match with her.

Prem is no longer our Prem and the future also seems bleak as far as his character is concerned. So I think that instead of making our hearts cry after seeing the state of our most favourite character ever, we should just stop having any hopes from him. I know its so tough and even I will do anything just to watch a single scene of Prem, but now we can do nothing. Prem's character has been messed with and so are our hopes.

 Q, And ofcourse, on your equation with her? Any dear memories that you hold with respect to her?

 Raksha has always been this supporting and a mature friend that I have. She came on the FC and just gelled in with all of us instantly. I see a child like streak in her sometimes and just the other moment she is this extremely mature friend who will go to any lengths to protect you. There have been so many such instances in the past one year where Raksha has always been there to lend me her support, whenever I was low and confused. Her PM's always made me feel so light and I knew that I had a friend who would always be there. I can never forget one of those last PM's I got from her just before I made my last FC, where I had almost got a panic attack as I was unable to finish that on time. Raksha's PM at that point of time just eased me out of so many tensions that day. I miss her on chats these days due to my schedule but I always think of her and know that she is always there.

 Q, The time you shared with Yoj 2 years back can never be taken away from you no matter what stride your life takes you or has taken you. Today, sitting at this point in your life, how do you look back at it. 

Anything that you'd like to relay to her ?

 Yoj is another small and a cute angel in my life. We met on the LRL forums and its almost been over 2 years since I know her'Yoj has been one of my best friends on IF and I just cant imagine her not being with me. She is this young, chirpy and an amazing human being, full of life and always been there for Harshad and always been there for me. No matter how many ups and downs we both have seen together, we still are the biggest confidants of each other. Yoj is so gentle and always smiling. She spreads cheer everywhere. She has this unbelievable streak of an ''never die'' attitude. The kind of hard work and dedication she puts in to anything she is passionate about is mind blowing. She was the one who laid the initial foundation of the FC and we all joined in with her. Even today when she has literally no time for herself, she is just a phone call away always there with the best of wishes and prayers. She might be young but extremely mature and can handle any kind of situation she is put into. I see her very successful one day and still there for me. Its strange to see the kind of equation we share. We have now started understanding each other and know that even if we might not be in touch for a month, the equation will never change. We will always continue to be there for each other and I always maintain that I was incomplete on the FC without her. Its Yoj who gave me the support and I don't think I ever made any FC without talking to her. The support she lend me and still lends is something I can never forget. Yoj you are a darling and just be the way you are. Love you'

 Q, We are mutual morons, no?  From those hateful cold vibes in May last year, we stand on a different threshold altogether today. Did you ever in your wildest of imaginations, think it would bring us where we are  Today .back then..hahahah I dint!!...

 Hahahahaha what was that?? Its unbelievable to see that times would change the way it did. We did share those cold vibes in May last year around SPA and I came to know that you felt ignored and left out. I don't think it was deliberate on anyone's part, but it might have happened as there were not many new members then. We were busy in our own world and during that time Yoj and I was going through something very annoying. So we never interacted much on the FC during that month (And tumhe bhi usi month aana tha wahan pe)

 But I am glad that you came back. (it's courtesy Yoj, seriously every time.)But I never in my wildest thoughts ever think that you would now be one of my biggest confidant. It was someone else who brought us together around September ( Am sure you remember).And since then there has been no looking back. I can never ever forget the way you have been there with me and all the ups and downs of my life since September. Today I can rely on you and I know that there is someone out there always with her best wishes. It sometimes gets overwhelming to know that someone whom you never spoke to would turn out to be so special. Thank you so much for always being there'.

 (awwwww'..What do I say Daiz?. 'I am overwhelmed..
Whoever told you I felt ignored, I don't know where and how..it came from ??for I never felt that way Daiz.  I make it a point to enjoy everything I do in life and I backed out for a while because I didn't deem it fit then. All I maintain, is that I sensed the cold vibes, something unspoken between us which is really really weird for we didn't even have reason 'hahaha..see that's why I call us mutual "morons" 'for no good reason'dammn
As for being there, I think, it's mutual and I believe you are the only one from the FC, with whom I could ever dare to open up about my personal life and certain personal dilemmas that I was going through (courtesy: those misplaced SMSes WinkLOLLOL). There was once, you sensed it in my voice only while speaking to you and you caught me. I will never forget that. There is something very soothing in the way you calm me down every time I am panicky or am in a dilemma. No wonder you have  tried pacify Harshad every time. I now know, where you'd be coming from then. Why do you thank me? I had to be there, the way you are always there..and I am sure, this will last forever, for I know, we dont have just Harshad in common..)
 Q, Dammn and that Rakhi Day declaration you made last year on the FC. I am never forgiving you for it. LOL!!

  (Puts dil pey pathar before posting this Wahiyat answer'She challenged me she will protest and would post her self if I didn't  or else I would have never put this)

  That was Ooh la la'.Hahahahahahaha'..See I never wanted you to be Harshad's sister'But you yourself insisted that you wanted to be his most adorable sister and would go to any lengths to get this most coveted title. You also declared that you had just couriered a HUGE rakhi to him which he has received with great pleasure and was now even more eager to meet you. He so wanted to wear that rakhi from your own hands. Don't worry. Coming August (5th ) I am for sure arranging a huge ''rakhi party'' for you. This year is gonna be ever more special. You are dear to me and I just cant see you like thisHahahahahahahahahah ( I can see Sidra Fidra behind me with belans and chapals and even sade hue ande..heheheheheh)

 (Angry*chants out loud* Jhootey ka munn kaaalaa !*Tauba Tauba..itna Bada JHOOT Hai ye..for the uninitiated the so-called "huge rakhi" that Daiz is claiming here was actually RAKHI SAWANT!! These bekhandis were after my neck?! Can you believe it..koi nahi mila iseey and later everyone ganged up with her, mein hi mili, so I gave in and said yeah I am sending him a surprise special RAKHI! ROFLso that RAW jails herLOL (all in good fun thoughTongue )

  Q, Any closing remarks about the interview? Anything at all you'd like to say as you draw curtains to it?

 ''Yeh kis kambaqht ne likha hain''..Seriously Sidra ...My school and college exams were never so grilling. I can just come and beat you with with my bare hands. Hahahaha'.

 (Ya right, people that was her first reaction when she first saw this questions ROFL "''Yeh kis kambaqht ne likha hain'' and later "churaillllllll" LOL" when I spoke to her)

 No I seriously LOVED every bit of it and just wanted to go on and on. You made me go down memory lane, made me again nostalgic, made me feel a part of the FC and made me feel so special. I am truly touched and overwhelmed. I never thought that it would be necessary to include my inputs too but I am on top of the world. You guys have always made me feel special and the kind of love that you all shower is so genuine and touching. Thank you so much for everything and being a part of my life and always being there to listen to my wacko and moron like talks'Hahahahaha'.



 Ahhh what do I say about Raksh; A Genius in her own right. Her insight into Prem, into the situation and circumstances are always a welcome delight. Safely, one of the biggest Prem fans , not for his looks but for the Person he is! And the best thing about the way she does it, is you wouldn't see her supporting him haplessly even when he is at fault ,but she does it with a vision and foresight, that does end up justifying him for you. Ergo, I could not have imagined doing this Rendezvous without keeping her in the loop.
 Q, Hi Raksh, how is it feeling right now? Lazy ehhh? You have a huge set of questions set before you to answer already?

Lazy??What's that??*confused muh*...EDIT: Ohh did not read the whole list at first...Boyy...what a long list of questions...OuchSleepy...LOL

Q, The one thing that is bugging everyone today- The plight of Prem Juneja in the show; Any toddler will tell, the kind of stride the creatives have taken today with respect to the character was never Prem in the first place. Now what do you think should be the way out of it? Wiser for Harshad to quit or wait for the right moment ?

Lets face it...from an actor's POV....having to get to play a strong male character on Indian Television is a rarity which happens to very few blessed actors and without a ray of doubt Harshad is one amongst those elite club of the fortunate ones...Prem is, was and will always be THE BEST male character that the Indian TV has ever come up with....All because of the convincing manner in which Harshad portrayed the character...He practically made Prem a household name...Its been one year and even today I can still say Prem's character has remained strong to the core...He has his family as a baggage, but that's also his strong points...NOT giving up on people...I admit that small small glitches here and there did happen , but then its a daily soap and it tends to happen and especially because KDM has had its share of problems with the ever changing Creatives and not to forget the face off with the Star Plus...Despite all the ups and downs, I would still say Prem gave Harshad a scope to play different shades in the same show which the other actors can only dream of.....All said and done, one thing remains a fact and that is the job satisfaction...If there is none of it, its better to quit and move on...Because neither the actor, nor the viewers will be able to enjoy the character anymore, once the actor finds it as a drag...I still see a lot of scope for Prem...but if Harshad ever gets bogged down and wants to quit, he has our support!!!!

Q, From Mamta to LRL to Desh, how do you think Harshad has evolved as an actor?

Honestly...Prem is my first rendezvous with Harshad...After Prem happened, I got intrigued by Harshad, the actor and went and digged into the previous performances of his and I must say Harshad has always been a tremendous performer.....Just when we think he cannot get any better, he throws yet another acer of a performance at us...I know they say that its impossible to improve the perfection...but Harshad truly makes it happen with each performance of his!

Q, Today the situation in bollywood is a tad wit different from what it was in yester-years.  One doesn't have to be backed up by a family lineage to make it big there. Rajeev and Prachi Desai are living examples. What are Harshad's prospects in Bollywood as far as you see it. Do you feel this is the right time to take that call or he should take it as it comes?

I am not talking as his fan or anything...but as an onlooker who has seen his every performance with a critical eye and fell in love with the actor in him...I say, Go Harshad!...And its one of my and every fan of his' desires to see Harshad on the big screen....And I know, with the kind of actor and person(of what I know) that he is...he is going places....There is no right or wrong time...He should just follow his heart...However he should remember that he is young now and has age on his side and if he starts now, he would be able to take a few chances here and there and not find himself racing with the time!

Q, Harshad has time and again made his fans feel special. I believe its just his way of making us feel important albeit stemming out of the modesty/simplicity that runs in him. Your most memorable moment in this regard?

Oh how can I forget all those sweet messages he gave to us through Daisy and a few of his other lovely fans....I can mention a couple of messages which have defined him to me...One is when he was trying to make a futile attempt on telling us how Harshad the person, is just nothing special...His innocence, honesty and humility  have shined through each and every word...That was the first time I did not feel all that eerie about calling myself a fan...The second message that just made me completely admit for the first time, that yes I am indeed a fan of his...was when he sent a message through Daisy some time in the end of September when we were all unsure of the future of Prem and Harshad the actor...asking us to just compose ourselves and that that everything happens for a good reason....It spoke volumes about the care and concern he has for his fans and also it showed his fighting spirit and optimism...

Q, October was hell for us. First coming to terms with Prem's death and then the media hype over all that was going on. Oh well, all's well that end's well though. Do you feel there always  WAS and still is a silver lining to everything that happened back then.

Absolutely.!!!!..I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason...The silver lining is, we got to see Harshad's ever growing fan base and their love and admiration and determination to do anything to help him and bring him back into action....For an actor...what else could be more important than having a powerful fan base!

Q, Harshad the person has various shades associated with him from that masti khor side of his to the rationale he makes with respect to not just his career but life and circumstances. What do you think makes him stand out as a person?

I am not sure if I qualify to answer this question but whatever I read or saw or heard of him has always made me admire and respect him more and more...His humble and down to earth attitude is what makes him stand out as a person amongst the crowd....

Q, Given an opportunity to choose between an ALI and an LRL and a Prem and a Kis Desh. What would be your choice and why?

Hahaha...I LOVE both of them..If I must choose one, then You know my answer....Its Prem..koi shaq??One because he is only the second(and hopefully the last...lol) male Hero on TV that I fell in love with (after Sujal, that is)...and two because Prem HAS a lot of Ali in him, but Ali lacks a lot of traits that I love in Prem...

 Q, What is that one area, where you think there is yet room for improvement if there is even any in the first place, as far as Harshad is concerned?

I am sure he is his own best critic and if there were any improvements needed, I am confident that he WILL make sure he makes those corrections....He is a full package deal like Hrithik Roshan and he SHALL excel...be it the telewood or bollywood...Big smile

Q, You have been the official coiner of "THE" with Prem., where and why did this THE Prem come from and how did you conceive it.

Haha...that's because I have this habit of stressing the main point by either writing it all in capital letters or adding a 'The' to it...The first time I added THE to Prem was when he begins his detectivegiri to get to the bottom of Manmeet's matter....Ohhh that was all Vintage Prem!!!!!Day Dreaming

Q, How do you feel about his THE ness today. Do you think, its coming back or if it's still intact atleast at the macro level.

Oh..Prem is Prem is Prem...PERIOD...After more than one year of the show, except for a few hick ups here and there...Prem predominantly remains THE Prem!!!!

Q, Daisy has always claimed that you bring that sensibility with the madness. A different kind of maturity that makes you stand out in the crowd albeit accompanied with your sense of humor. hmmm hmmmmm LOL

Awww...I know Daisy has always been kind with her words...I would like to ask her if she STILL thinks the same about me....ROFL....But Daisy...if not for you, I would've probably not even entered this FC...I still remember your humble PM in reply to mine and then me seeing one of your posts in the forum where you were talking about the FC....At that time, I have never entered the Fan club forum, not even to check RK's FCs...Truly my joining the FC has everything to do with you...Thank you so much for all those kind and nice things you always say for me...The way you used to conduct the FCs and the way you used to dilligently make it a point to be here, your love towards each and every person...all these made my stay in the FC permanent...You are one awersome person....Your dedication and loyalty towards Harshad is simply amazing.....I and Zu always consider you as the truest fan of Harshad..

Q,What makes  you and Payal click. Somehow, it always happens and even as Payal claims it time and again, whenever she is low or bogged down, she tries and reason Prem with you and its not until she has done so, does she feel at peace.

Oh Prem and his The ness is what has really bonded us to begin with...Its another thing that now we share a friendship thats above and beyond Prem...but Prem is still the main topic in our convos...At the end of the day, we just have to catch up with eachother and discuss and analyze Prem...Then we both convince eachother that yeah, the THE ness is still intact...lol...P is one of the honest and genuine people I met in my life....She comes across as the most hardworking and true human being...I just hope I could be half as hardworking as her....

Q, Minus the times when you end up calling me a bachi(SERIOUSLY!!) in the process, dissecting Prem  has always been fun with you especially during vacations. Ofcourse the feminist in me may be a little crushing at times, how many times have I made it literally nerve wrecking  for you? 

Oyeee you are at least 5 years younger to me and that surely makes you a bachi...but if you insist, then I will try to ignore that...Sleepy...Oh debates or no debates, you are one of my favorite chat companions..PERIOD!!! 

Sids...You and Zu are one more reason why I love Harshad and Kis Desh more and more....If not for this show, I would've probably not found you guys again....You toh were all set to hate me for life....OuchLOL....Thank God for this show...now I have some more people to count on, in my life...You are one of the liveliest people I have met in my life so far...We have chatted for like hours and hours and I left wanting for more...I can talk to you of anything and everything...Oh..I have so much to tell you but I don't know how...OuchArghhh I suck at expressing myself at such things...but yaar...you know what you mean to me...don't you?
 (I was never set to hate you for life manLOL It didnt matter to me much back then...but now it's a different story altogether..It's this attachment that I owe to you because of which, even when I am missing in action from the virtual world, I just have to make sure, that I am in touch with you atleast and blabbering was always mutually inclusive between us.EmbarrassedLOL..You mean more than what words can justify Raksh..God Bless!)
Q, Ekta has this habit of using her successful characters in her new shows albeit with different actors. First she made 1001 clones of Sujal with different flavors in various shows like Kaisa, Kavya Anjali and Kasturi and we know how each of those shows bombed for Rajeev could be the only Sujal from what I hear of all these Sujal fans. Today, she is doing the same with Prem for Prem was her next most successful character. The buzz is that some other star of Desh has been offered a tailor made Prem-2 in her show Pavitra Rishta. Do you think Prem could EVER by re-visited by any other star in any show, in any form considering the kind of adulation HC'S PREM has received from Desh itself? Is it even a possibility.?!

Frankly Sids....I don't give a damn...To me Prem means Harshad just like Sujal means Rajeev...PERIOD!How can Prem ever be revisited by anyone else??It was is and always will be Harshad's signature character....Harshad practically lived Prem;s character...How can anyone else take it away from him...no matter how much anyone else would ever try to emulate him, it will always remain secondary and a huuge thing to live up to...I would say, its unfair to the actor asking him to copy something that has already been so well established and become like the breathe and blood of another actor....The sad thing is, Ekta was tried to show the Original Prem as someone else so that her so called Prem-2 will get more viewers....The only problem with this ploy is, a lot of people are disillusioned with Ekta and her shows and have moved on to the greener pastures now...and are avoiding her new show like a plague.....None of us are willing to get over this Prem and move on to some other imitation Prem...sorry...NOT HAPPENING!!!.

 Q, Any closing words? For Harshad, for Us, for the FC, or on the interview? Anything at all that you would like to say?
Not much other than the fact that ...HARSHAD and his FC ROCK BIIG time!!!


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Yoj (angelic eyes)


An aspiring Journalist and a student at the Symbiosis, she has by far been one of the oldest members on the FC and my first friend here. Oft labeled as the Drooling Maestro, yet with a very docile and chirpy side attached to her, precisely what Yoj is all about. So, girls, girls and only girls, okay Harshad as wellLOL...lets dig into her questionnaire....

 Q, Hi Yoj, I am giggling as I write this question.  Interviewing someone my age! Daiz,Payal ,Raksha and Yasmin di, still come with more experience.  Prepared eh?

 Yup Yup.. On my mark..Get Set and Go..hehe

 Q, The one thing that is bugging everyone today- The plight of Prem Juneja in the show; Any toddler will tell, the kind of stride the creatives have taken today with respect to the character was never Prem in the first place. Now what do you think should be the way out of it? Wiser for Harshad to quit or wait for the right moment ?

 Yes, it's really sad the way creatives are changing Prem's stand every single episode! One episode he stands by Heer and the next he blasts her for her opinion! I know everyone is upset because of this change but then I don't think it's feasible for Harsh to quit now! The character situation is really pathetic I agree but quitting now would mean a lot of problems in the near future. everyone is aware of the kind of task master Ekta is and if Harsh quits now she would not like it. Forget her, the kind of individual Harsh is, he is completely dedicated and committed to the character because he feels that he is whatever he is today is because of Prem and it wouldn't be easy for him to relieve himself as Prem so soon. I think he should wait for the right time and then step aside!

 Q, From Mamta to LRL to Desh, how do you think Harshad has evolved as an actor?

Have been following Harsh's performance from the time he appeared in Mamta! I remember telling my mom, that " Mom isn't that villian guy cute". But I must say he was Okie when it comes to performance because he was a new comer! Then he left the show and appeared as Cadet Ali Baig and honestly I started watching the show because of him and Rajeev. He was cute, liked him, liked his performance but then Harsh's performance was always underplayed and shadowed by the other performances! Then came akshat, very short lived, though nice not much scope! Though he experimented with a lot of things -Expressions, character, look and dance! Then came Prem and there was a makeover, form being cute to hot! You know I always associated Harsh to looks earlier but Prem disillusioned this belief! I respect Harsh as Prem not because of his looks but because of his expressions, emotions and overall performance! There has been an extreme makeover of Harsh from Karan to Prem in the way he expresses himself in front of the camera! His overall mannerism and comfort level with the camera is much more in Kis Desh than what it was in Mamta!

 Q, Today the situation in bollywood is a tad wit different from what it was in yester-years.  One doesn't have to be backed up by a family lineage to make it big there. Rajeev and Prachi Desai are living examples. What are Harshad's prospects in Bollywood as far as you see it. Do you feel this is the right time to take that call or he should take it as it comes?

Yes, today the kind of films that are made are tailor made for newcomers! The kind of wave that is in the Bollywood industry, there is a growth of a lot of Independent film makers and actors who are making it big even without any Bollywood Godfather behind them! I am sure Harshad will do very well for himself but I don't think this is the right time for him to enter the Bollywood industry! I feel he should enter only when he gets a role that he feels challenging, the time is right! I guess it's a trend for all TV stars to enter the industry and that is why I feel Harsh should enter the industry when nobody expects him to! He is class apart and should not follow the same trend because everybody is doing the same thing! Aur waise bhi now Harsh's career graph has seen an upward mark and I feel there is still time for him to enter the industry!

 Q, Harshad has time and again made his fans feel special. I believe it's just his way of making us feel important albeit stemming out of the modesty/simplicity that runs in him. Your most memorable moment in this regard?

Ooh..There have been plenty of moments when he has made me feel extremely special! From the first time I spoke to him till date he has made every interaction extremely special! U know the best part is he never makes me feel am his fan! He always converses as though I am his friend whom he trusts completely and makes it a point to let me know the same! However one memorable incident is him calling me on my budday at 12.13 am..I was completely shocked that he remembered and that was one day I could never forget! After that he called me up again in the afternoon to wish me again.. He loves pulling my leg and I must admit I love it too.. ;) But you know it's more memorable when he makes sure he lets me us know about those times when he is down and upset and shares his thoughts with us, takes our opinion into consideration! It makes us feel extremely special! There are innumerable incidents that are special..Because Harsh himself is so special that counting one incident will be very difficult!

 Q, October was hell for us. First coming to terms with Prem's death and then the media hype over all that was going on. Oh well, all's well that ends well though. Do you feel there always  WAS and still is a silver lining to everything that happened back then.

Yes, I have always been optimistic when it comes to Harsh! I believe there is good in store for him and he will get it when the time is right! The best part about that incident is the amount of support, love and admiration he received from his fans and well wishers! I am sure he realized that he surely has woven into many a hearts and am sure he felt special! You know there were times when he used to think he just had 4 fans and am sure that incident has changed his perception!

 Q, Harshad the person has various shades associated with him from that masti khor side of his to the rationale he makes with respect to not just his career but life and circumstances. What do you think makes him stand out as a person?

The best part about him is He is what HE IS! He never shies away from being what he is! He is a mix of everything.. A rationale human being..A little..No no a lot mischievous and extremely dedicated and genuine! He is honest and tells you everything straight on your face which is extremely valued! He will never back bite and let you know what he feels.. Though a little moody, likes to be alone when upset he will let you know what the problem was once things are done and when he is fine! I hope he never changes throughout his life and remains the person he is!

 Q, Given an opportunity to choose between an ALI and an LRL and a Prem and a Kis Desh. What would be your choice and why?

Umm.. It's difficult but I chose ALI and LRL! I know prem is this ultimate character, a PERFECT person, someone whom I would look up to and love but there is something else about ALI! Its Ali's innocence and ingenuity that makes him so special! What's more important is you and me could relate to Ali because he is so HUMAN and you would find a person like HIM! He makes errors, commits mistakes, but then to err is human right! The character is extremely adorable and very lovable! he is the Perfect bhai, an adorable lover and extremely hard working Cadet! :D

 Q, What is that one area, where you think there is yet room for improvement if there is even any in the first place, as far as Harshad is concerned?

As far Harshad is concerned there is one major problem! Feels like am doing a SWOT for him the 2nd time..Hehe.. He is extremely MOODY and when he is down and upset, he doesn't like to be in touch with anyone! Then people like me and Daisy are worrying kid kya hua but nope..he won't answer! Then several days later when he is fine he would message and let us know what had happened! secondly he is very lazy..Lolz.. ya truly.. Thirdly..He is a nice human being and I fear that his niceness could prove harmful for him! I always pray that people don't take advantage of his niceness and dupe him!

 Q,You Know Payal had always dreamt of meeting you. Even when you weren't around, she has always spoken really highly of you and the way you have tackled the FC and of course Harshad in his trying time. It's unfortunate, she came to the FC at a time, when your Symbi had pre-occupied you. What have you gathered about her, of all your encounters with her as yet.

Aww.. Thats so cute P.. Thank u.. Even I regret that I cant have as much as interaction I want to with u and Rakish..but then you know the reason na.. Well I have immense respect for P and what she has been doing for HC and the FC! She is an extremely mature and sensible fan and am really happy that she has taken charge of the FC! I know for a fact that she is someone who would stand by HC through thick and thin and be there for him! She is extremely friendly and very very helpful! I want to thank her for all the videos she has send.. Love you P!

 Q, Rakhi this year, you know what, Daisy came and claimed that you are sending Harshad a Rakhi (Not that I will ever forget what she did to me as well:@) Any clarifications in this regard(I am sure there will be many LOLZ)

Lolz.. I did say that in a spur of a moment! A little selfish you see.. I know how HC is as a brother to his kid sister..toh socha chalo main bhi Harsh ko bhai bana lungi.. Lol.. waise bhi I have extreme respect for a relationship of bhai-behen and would have the same if I ever tied a rakhi to Harsh! won't be surprised if I actually do it next year because the kind of admiration and respect I have for Harsh is almost similar to that of a bade bhai (If I ever had one)!!

 Q,  Anything that you'd like to relay to her considering your history with respect to the FC, to each other and to Harshad?

My association or rather friendship with Daisy dates long back! I have known her as long as I have known Harsh! actually we met because of him and I want to thank him because it was due to him that I met her.. It was our common liking for him that I met her and then we've come a long long way! We've been there for each other through thick and thin! I am always grateful to her for being there with me!

 Q, Ekta has this habit of using her successful characters in her new shows albeit with different actors. First she made 1001 clones of Sujal with different flavors in various shows like Kaisa, Kavya Anjali and Kasturi and we know how each of those shows bombed for Rajeev could be the only Sujal from what I hear of all these Sujal fans. Today, she is doing the same with Prem for Prem was her next most successful character. The buzz is that some other star of Desh has been offered a tailor made Prem-2 in her show Pavitra Rishta. Do you think Prem could EVER by re-visited by any other star in any show, in any form considering the kind of adulation HC'S PREM has received from Desh itself?
Sids, nice question! Had been itching to answer it! You know Prem is one character than is little  bit closer to what Harsh is though not completely! what makes Prem so identifiable and loved is the fact HC has been able to believe in the character and feel the character..give it 100% and make Prem what he is now! Every expression that Prem gives is napa tula hua and HC knows exactly how and when to give what kind of expression because he is able to get into the skin of the character which is impossible by any other actor to do! I don't think any other so called actor can ever be able to express the way HC does.. make a clone of Prem..because Prem is eternal and onli HC wud be able to make the character so indispensible! :D
Harsh is a fantastic actor and what is so special is that he can make Prem come alive which I dont think any other actor can do! and waise bhi its a clone of Prem and will surely not have the same qualities like Prem nor the emotions HC is able to bring out through Prem!
(Agreed completly! Prem can NEVER be repeated. The sooner, Ekta realizes the better. It's silly she is even making an attempt. Nor can anyone have the patience and perseverance with which Harshad has projected this character and neither that kind of commitment.I am not even speaking about talent here where, Harshad bails out any star any time any day! Here, he has lived the character, for the past one year...There is so much that he has given to it! It's technically next to impossible, to ever re-create the same magic in other show with other stars. Unfortunately, some things just cant be repeatedTongue)
                                 Vandana (togepe30)

 Vandu is our special guest of Honor. Yep, she is no fan of Harshad but an ardent well wisher. Easily, one of the biggest Rajeev Khandelwaal's fans, on board, she comes across with an amazing sense of humor, intellect and maturity. Infact Jidhar Rajeev ka zikar, Vandu wahan HaazirLOL...I deemed it only fit, to incorporate a non-fan's perspective as far as Harshad's concerned. An interesting plight no? So voila, Ma'am RKLOL, on the hot seat, there you go....
Q,  Hi Vandu, you know you had gotten the buzz about this interview sent across to the four of them by me. What are your expectations considering the five of us ?

 Hmm''.I expect some rocking answers from Daisy Doo and Yojo Jojo'.reminiscing their long association with Harshad ! Though I already know all of it from them'..but still'.Can't wait to read their replies. Expecting lots of tid-bits on HC from you

 Expecting some very sweet things about him and adorable observations about him from Payal'!

Raksha'.hmm'Don't know something smart from the computer programming wali ! U better be good Rakshas'..Tum ek Rajeev fan bhi ho'..To izzat rakh lena'.warna tumhara dhadam te thudum kar dungi main !

 Q, You knew of Harshad since his LRL time and have been aware of his career graph at every step of the way. Being a non-fan and an ardent well wisher, how do you perceive him as an actor?

 Yeah I have watched him on LRL.And being a non-fan .but a very ardent well-wishe,.because some of my bestest  I-F friendz are his hard-core fans.That is Daisy Doo, Dancing Doll Yoj, Champakali Swathi and now'.Bholi-Bhali larki Payal! Also to add to the fact. Raj shared a cute bond with Harsh and Kunal.All this endears me to Harshad without even needing to watch his show.It's enough for me that sooo many of my favorite people in this world adore him'.So for me he is a very endearing'sweet and adorable person .

As, an actor, I would have less to say coz I have only watched him on LRL, Where too much chagrin' his footage was indeed very less compared to other cadets..People reading my analysis would know that I always brought up this point in my writings that Harsh was given the least footage out of all the cadets on LRL'.

 Opinion ' Honest'Reflective'.Sweet'.Adorable'.Controlled Emoting'no over the top tactics which is the most positive point in an actor'.because characters can easily go over the too. (That is by far his best trait as an actor, he NEVER goes over the top. He emotes without emoting much and its necessary to do this at times) Needless to say that Harsh and Kunal were indeed my favorite cadets on the show'.The top slot of course goes to "You know Who".

 I believe that Harshad possessed all these qualities in  his second show itself..And such actors grow with time because they have a fire in them to get better''And I am sure that had I been following his show'.Then I would have had much more admirable things to say about his mastery on his craft and skill'..Wish much more greater things in life to happen to him !

 Q, You have interacted a couple of times with him as well, as far as I know. How do you recall your interactions with him.  Of course ,Rajeev was the bone of contention between the two of you. How did it click?

 Wonderfully .He came across as a very down-to-earth guy and it seemed to me as if I was chatting with a Rajeev fan.Excitedly he chattered about how he never missed KTH till Rajeev was a part of the show.I found in him immense respect and adoration for Rajeev, which endeared Harshad to me completely

 People tend to get haughty with new-found fame and consider it silly to tell that even they had favorites when they were non-actors. But he wasn't one of them ,And that spoke a lot about him.That he is very grounded in life and very honest and forth coming about his thinking in life ! I wish and pray that he stays the same way always'..Humility is a treasured trait in a person in today's ruthless world'.Hold on to it Harshad'.It makes a person seem beautiful in every aspect'

 Q, Rajeev and Harshad. It's a pity, they never got to do a lot of scenes in LRL. How do you remember their scenes? What was the camaraderie like?

 Yeah.I for one went ga-ga over all Rajeev-Harshad..Very few in number..They were by far the best snippets of the show'..Unparalleled chemistry'.And such an exotic combination. Ahh."The Marwadi Sweethearts" set the screen ablaze each time they shared it'

I remember the scenes as being exceeding delightful '

 - Where Ali confesses to Rajveer that he wrote that love letter in Rajveer's handwriting to Naina at Major Bhargav's behest..

- Then the scene where he orders the Orderly Alekh about''there was a scene in the background where he talks to alekh and goes away and on the way he patted Harsh at the corridor '.Main Alekh ko chod ke background me stare kar rahi thi ki Raj-Harshad kya kar rahe hain'.hahaha!!

 - Also an interview of Rajeev-Harshad''which I didn't get to see full'..just saw one picture'.and heard a detailed account of it from Daisy Do'I was sooo miserable that I missed it when I heard the account'..I only saw a small part of it'.where Raj called Harsh "My Farex Baby"'.Awww !!!

 Q,  You know right how Ekta tried to make clones of Sujal in every other serial after KTH and now she is using the same tried and tested formula with our Prem Juneja, for he is his next successful character? Going by experience, what do you have to say about this. Of course, isn't it the age of innovation and creativity?

 No'..It is the age of "so called Inspiration" taking and "Copying"'''..Every show character turns to Sujal'..Kasturi was a complete remake with even the same to same dialogues and even same caped''And even that Kiting mohabbat hai show is going that way with that copy of the KTH computer mouse scene'.

There are reasons why I adore Harshad'which I mentioned and there are reasons I detest Ekta Kapoor and Balaji''.Any doubts why II DON'T watch Kis Desh'I don't know which emotion will win if I watch the show''..The Adoration or the Hatred''..Coz if I start disliking someone then nothing can change it'.And I don't want that to happen'..So I don't watch Balaji shows for the fear of starting to dislike the poor clueless actors in those shows !

 Q, On your fondest of memories from LRL with respect to this FC, the LRL forum, Daisy, Yoj and everyone else. Go on. Share it with us.

 The Analysis ' I owe my friendship with Daisy, Swathi and Yoj to that Analysis on the LRL forum which brought us all together'

LRL forum was the BESTEST part of my virtual life/internet personality''..I discovered my flair to  write nonsense'LOL'.and I met sooooo many cherished people through it''From the day it started, to the day Rajeev quit'''Each moment'..each agreement'..each funny moment'..each disagreement'.every fight'every name calling''every patch up ''.every friendship built is CHERISHED on the walls of my heart and given a chance I would change nothing'.I just wouldn't compensate for any less '.Probably just would have somehow wanted LRL to go on forever with that Gr8 script it started with'.not the inferior one it developed later on !!

Q, You have something or the other common with each one of us coupled with your rollicking sense of humor. How did you fit in so well with everyone be it Daisy, Yoj, Raksh and Payal.

 You know '.I think I have a multiple personality disorder'..Lol Because I am different with everyone'I can stay all ALONE without talking to anyone for days together,'..just survive on my books'.net surfing'.and music'And on the other hand I can talk non-stop and bug everyone till they run away'It just depends on how the person with me is'..I can be boring'.quiet'.chatterbox and adventurous..Probably that's because I m nothing''..So I just mirror the person with me'..like water takes the shape of the utensil it is poured into'..

 And Ya..I just click with some people..I am not the same in nature with everyone mind  you'..You know a Vandu whose description the others might not agree with. So it would b interesting if I ask people to say something about me'..Probably if u match it up it would seem that all the accounts are about different persons, not a single person..I DON'T get along with everyone...And all those whom I consider my friendz...I have considered them so, within 5 minutes of interacting with them.M NOT Nice rather me very much a Devil and ya indifferent to people I don't like.I can see right through them'..Once a friend I'll carry that friendship to my grave and do anything in my power for you. Provided ypu DONT break my trust ,even on the most irrelevant issues ! I DON'T forgivemy worst quality !

 So, I only mirror people's good and bad back to them'.Coz everyone deserves to receive the same treatment that they dish out to others..

 (You are "YOURSELF" Vandu..NO pretenses and that's the best thing about you)

 Q, You think we are good enough to scare the living day lights out of him, if we were to cook for him ALL together hahaha?

 Omgggggggggggg '..*Runs to warn Harshad about the disaster awaiting him * Technically '"Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth'"

On Second thoughts'..bechare ko shanty se jeene kyu nahi dete'..Jaan ke peeche kyu pade ho uske !!

But Hopefully the immense love you hold for him will take care of the dish to make it good enough to be appreciated whole-heartedly'

P.S. ' Main Fire engine and Ambulance tayyar rakhungi'.Like a true dost

 Q, Any closing comments about the interview.

 Phew !!! I finished it !! Yay !!''.Now Gimme my 4 crores for playing this "Who wants to be a Millionaire" (KBC -4) quiz show'..Kal tak adha cash and adha check me pahunch jana chahiye'..Check bounce mat hone dena'.Case thok dungi,'.Hahaha!!

  (Ya ya'throws  a Lollipop Vandu's way'don't forget to save some for me as well..warna jaan leylongi..paisey nahi hai aur lollipop key meray paasLOL)

 On a serious note''I enjoyed it'..That doesn't mean I want a repeat of this'LOL'.But nice and well suited questions!


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  She has to be the most sincere and sensible person I have ever come across. Her sincerity with not just Harshad, but with everyone else is class apart. Oblivious to the word "NO", you'd never see her loosing her calm.  A complete gem!!

Q, Hiiii Miss Goody-Two Shoes. So how many times are you going to kill me for calling you the epitome of all virtues and Mahanta on this ever green FC of ours.  Hahaha  what a question to kick this interview off with you.

    Hello Sidrah Madam.  I sincerely apologize, but I wish to pass on this first question for the moment.  However, if you wish, I will be more than happy to discuss this at great lengths on MSN     at a later time.

Q, The one thing that is bugging everyone today- The plight of Prem Juneja in the show; Any toddler will tell, the kind of stride the creatives have taken today with respect to the character was never Prem in the first place. Now what do you think should be the way out of it? Wiser for Harshad to quit or wait for the right moment ?

    I'm sorry to say, Sidrah, that I see no way out now other than to simply end the show while there still an ounce of hope left for Prem.  The way I see it, the very groundwork of Prem has been tampered with, that too, in a way that is irredeemable now.  If the creatives attempt a redemption at this point, no matter the excuses they allow Prem, for the audience to truly be able to relate to Prem again, we would have to turn a blind eye to every crime committed towards the essence of the character.  We would have to overlook everything that Prem has done thus far that contradicts the character sketch which Mr. Bhinder, and then Vikas had set forth in the initial months.  Even then, I don't know that we would truly be able to forgive and forget.  Too much damage has been done.  I truly believe the only way out now is for the show to end. 

    As for HC's quitting, no, of course I do not think he should quit.  First of all, I know that he wouldn't.  Secondly, he is bound by a contract, and can't.  Quitting at this point would mean more     trouble than we wish to deal with.  I only pray and sincerely hope that the team of Desh decides to wrap the show up, and soon.  At the end of the day, despite how much we love the show and characters, nothing is more important than what is in the best interest of the actors involved.  As much as we all love this show, and love Prem, I think it would just be best to say goodbye now before more damage is done.  I think this would be best for all parties involved.  Sorry to write so much.
Q, From Mamta to LRL to Desh, how do you think Harshad has evolved as an actor?

    By leaps and bounds!  Having seen his portrayal of all the various characters he's assayed, I can say with utter certainty that he has grown immensely as an actor.  It is no secret that he has an inborn talent, which was evident from his very first shot in Mamta, but over the years, he has taken that natural talent and coupled it with an immense amount of sincere, hard work, which helped him to hone in on his skill and perfect his craft.  On the sets of Mamta, he learned the nuances of acting; in LRL, he took those techniques, and used them to further improve his abilities.  He began to connect to the character he portrayed, and really get under the skin of his on-screen counterpart.  Over time, this seems to have helped him better not only his confidence and comfort level on screen, but also his voice modulation and, undoubtedly, his expressions.  Today, he simply commands screen presence.  Today, he seems to have honed his craft to utter perfection and is an actor well beyond his years in the industry.   

Q, Today the situation in bollywood is a tad bit different from what it was in yester-years.  One doesn't have to be backed up by a family lineage to make it big there. Rajeev and Prachi Desai are living examples. What are Harshad's prospects in Bollywood as far as you see it. Do you feel this is the right time to take that call or he should take it as it comes?

    Undoubtedly, I think HC has great prospects in Bollywood.  There was an article that came out recently about this as well; he was named one of the few tellywood actors that could make it in Bollywood.  I completely agree.  It goes without saying that he has the talent, and has what it takes when it comes to the hard work and dedication involved.  Not to mention he's multifaceted and can assay any kind of role with conviction.  I definitely think that HC could follow in Rajeev Khandelwal's footsteps.  With that said, I think he should just take it as it comes.  Now is not the time to go actively looking for something in Bollywood, but if the right project comes along'who knows, maybe one day we will see HC assaying the role of Mr. Bharjatya's next Prem'from the small screen Prem to the big screen?  I think he'd be perfect for it. 

Q, Harshad has time and again made his fans feel special. I believe its just his way of making us feel important albeit stemming out of the modesty/simplicity that runs in him. Your most memorable moment in this regard?

    I think everyone here will agree with me in my response to this question.  I don't think that I have been so touched by a gesture as I was on September 27th of last year when HC sent a message to his fans via Daisy.  First, the Lalwani article had left us bitterly depressed; there was a lot of media hype'and then, that ad'well, lets not reopen those wounds.  I remember that despite trying to hold it together, each and every one of us seemed shattered then'and Daisy'What can I say?  She came to the FC and plastered on a smile despite the fact that she was probably more shattered than the rest of us.  Despite what she was going through at the time, she came to the FC and held us together, supported us through it all.  That day, when HC's message came through, Daisy too was at a breaking point'I really don't know how we would have pulled through then if it hadn't been for the message that came from HC that day.  It was unreal.  Despite his own mental state and everything he was going through personally at the time, he was concerned about his fans and sent a few uplifting, comforting words our way when we needed it the most.  I don't think there was a dry eye in the FC that day'even now, I am getting choked up just thinking about it.  I will forever remember that one gesture of his as perhaps the most selfless I have ever seen.  The level of respect I had for him increased by leaps and bounds that day.  I will be ever grateful to HC for all that he did for us that day.  It just goes to show that not only is he firmly rooted to the ground, but he is immensely sincere, has a heart of gold, and a pure soul.  A mere 'thank you', even if from the core of my being, will never be enough to convey my gratitude for his one gesture that day.

Q, October was hell for us. First coming to terms with Prem's death and then the media hype over all that was going on. Oh well, all's well that end's well though. Do you feel there always  WAS and still is a silver lining to everything that happened back then.

    Indeed, all's well that ends well.  However, silver lining?  A silver lining to all of that?  No, absolutely not.  I guess I'll keep my thoughts to myself here, I don't want to say too much.  I will say however that I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason.  Life has its own way of teaching us a thing or two - of telling us to sit up and take notice of the things around us.  I think last October was one such moment.  It is moments like this in life that, though at the time shake our faith, later go on to make us stronger and more determined.  Maybe if you'd like to look at it in this perspective, you may say that that was the silver lining - that it was one of those moments in life, that made us all sit up, take notice, and re-evaluate a few things. 
Q, Harshad the person has various shades associated with him from that masti khor side of his to the rationale he makes with respect to not just his career but life and circumstances. What do you think makes him stand out as a person?

    Undoubtedly his simplicity and sincerity.  The fact that he can be at the heights of success and still have his feet firmly planted on the ground - be as humble as ever, simply baffles me because you just don't see that these days.  I think the honesty, hard work, and determination that he displays towards his work is absolutely incredible'he has always inspired me in this regard.  No matter what, he has always remained true to himself, and I hope that this is one attribute that will remain with him forever.  All of these traits are simply awe-inspiring.  I think HC sets an example for us all'inspires us all to be better all around.

Q, Given an opportunity to choose between an ALI and an LRL and a Prem and a Kis Desh. What would be your choice and why?

    Raksh is smirking as we speak'and possibly Y Di as well.  Honestly, it would be impossible for me to try to choose.  Both are very close to my heart, and both are equally incomparable.  

 Q, What is that one area, where you think there is yet room for improvement if there is even any in the first place, as far as Harshad is concerned?

    Improvement?  No, thank you.  Who am I to comment?  Its his forte'I'm sure he knows what he's doing.  From the looks of it, and as impossible as it may seem, he seems to be improving upon perfection with each subsequent performance (from my perspective, of course).

Q,   Everytime I see, the Wafa scene, I m automatically reminded of you. For the uninitiated, Wafa scene was when Prem tried to confess his love to Heer and claims "Meray andar ki Wafa kuch aisi hai, jis key liye mein koi bhi rishta tod kar nikal sakta hoon". Wasn't this what got you clinging on to the show in the first place? Elaborate, where and why?

    First, I'd simply like to clarify that no, this is not the scene that got me hooked to the show.  The scene that got me hooked - or the performance rather, was HC's "Aap meri maa ho" scene that left me - awestruck, for lack of a better word.  Coming back to the topic at hand, yes, I have always maintained that after the "Aap meri maa ho" scene, this is my all time favorite scene of Desh.  As for the elaboration, honestly, I don't know.  For me, this entire scene was about the script - that dialog "Aakir tum mujhe mil hi gair'kab se dhoond raha tha tumhe"'because Prem had been, in fact, looking for her for a very long time - his whole life, that is.  Then he goes on to talk about wafa in a way that I have never heard anyone speak of it before.  Prem spoke of how he upheld each relationship with utmost honesty, and then went on to talk about a "wafa" for which he could break all barriers and leave all relations behind'it was a bit ironic in a way, but also extremely intense.  It was also coupled with an immense amount of honesty'the truth and depth of Prem's emotion really came across.  I honestly don't know what to say apart from that'don't know exactly how to explain it'.I think it was just an incredible dialog, coupled with a perfect performance, and incredible emotions'not to mention, I think it was a crucial point in Premeer's story.  Sorry if I seemed to get carried away'

Q, Speaking about Raksh, you really look up to her don't you *touchwood*? Where do you feel she gets Prem so right,  every single time.  It goes unsaid, even when we are bogged down with the proceedings of the character, she always has a good thing or two to justify him. And if I claim her to be the official "Prem" antaryami,  how much light does it hold as far as you are concerned.

    Yes Ma'am.  I do look up to her, and she knows it!  After seeing the episode and formulating my own opinions about Prem, I do not feel at ease until I speak with Raksh and confirm that her and I see eye to eye about Prem's actions for the particular day.  Recently, when I had decided that Prem's character was being tampered with a bit too much for my liking, I took a break from watching the show on a daily basis.  Then, it was Raksh whom I trusted to tell me whether or not I could/should watch a particular scene, because she was the only one I trusted to truthfully tell me if the essence of Prem had been contradicted.  She's the only one I trust when it comes to Prem, undoubtedly because she knows and understands Prem so well - she was after all, the one that coined him 'The Prem'.  I think her understanding of Prem simply comes from her blind faith in him.  She may or may not trust the creatives, but she trusts Prem unflinchingly and never refuses to give up on him, no matter what the circumstances.  Even now, when so many blunders have been afforded to Prem's character, she manages to find ways to justify his actions.  Of course, she's the first to come to his rescue when any Prem bashing begins - leave it to her to be the first to run to his defense.  I absolutely adore how she never fails to do this no matter what.  But the best thing is, she will call him out when he does something uncharacteristic as well.  Raksh is simply amazing when it comes to her dedication to her The Prem.  Having said all that, I think the title of Prem's official "antaryami" is very apt.
 Q, Oh God, I know how much Delo (Daisy) adores you. There has barely been any conversation of ours be it on phone or on chat where you have not been mentioned, and from what I know, you are one of the few people she continues being in touch with. She has always spoken in complete awe of you and of the kind of sincerity and commitment to you bring along. And before you blush any more than you already must be  by now, I hand over the bait to you to speak.

    Not blushing, my dear Sidrah, but extremely touched'I guess I could say all the same for her.  You know just when I joined the FC, you had coined her as "Daisy Don"'I really was scared of her those initial days.  I told her this back when she left last year'now it seems so silly.  I guess all I can say is that I am simply thankful that Daisy didn't leave us when she had originally planned to, after the 25th FC.  I don't even want to contemplate how we would have handled everything that happened in late Sept. - early Oct. of last year had she not been there to see us through it.  I have always admired and been in complete awe of the kind of sincerity and dedication she displays when it comes to HC, and also her commitment to this FC.  She's always said that she aspires to be even 1% of the kind of person HC is, but I truly believe that she is so very much like him in many ways.  Daisy is one of the most genuine people I have ever met, and I am so very thankful not only to have met her, but to have the privilege to continue being in touch with her, for I know that I still turn to her for every little thing when it comes to HC and this FC.  I honestly do not know what I would do if she was not there.  Just want to take this opportunity to thank her'for everything.

 Q, You had always as you said once "dreamt" of meeting Yoj. You Know I actually showed her that post and she was over whelmed. What  has it been like ever since your first encounter with her on the FC. Anything at all, that you would like to say.

    Yes Ma'am, I did say that.  It was the 32nd FC when Yoj finally graced us with her presence after a long hiatus, and I remember being nothing short of ecstatic upon seeing her (actually, I think I was floored to finally see her there as I had been palke biccha ke doing her intezaar for 10 FCs).  I felt as though some huge star had landed up on our FC'I think she herself felt like a celeb that day.  I guess my enthusiasm over meeting her stemmed from having gone through all the old FCs which allowed me to really get to know the original four.  I always knew that Daisy and Yoj were no less than two peas in a pod, and so just always wanted to meet Daisy's counterpart, I guess.  That was one crazy day on the FC'everyone was there.  Anyway, all I can say is that, "Miss Meanooooo"'Yoj, despite this title, has been one of the warmest, nicest, sweetest people I have ever met.  Though we have not interacted extensively as she continued to be busy with her Symbi and now her crazy work schedules, every time we have interacted, the one thing that has stood out about her is that she is extremely friendly and amiable.  She's the kind of person that you just take to immediately.  And what to say about the blushing.  Its hard to come by a post of hers where she has not used the embarrassed blush wala emo.  So cute!  (Yes Yoj, I picked up on that just by reading thru the old FCs.)

Q, Your message to the FC and the new wave of members that is seen these days?

    Hiiii FCers!  Just want you guys to know that this place, and all of you mean a lot me.  Please continue to love and support HC through the rest of Prem, and thereafter - no matter where his fate takes him.  I hope when this FC celebrates its golden jubilee, or then completes a century, all of you will still be around indulging in the same bekhandapan that has now become a staple of this place (in moderation, of course).  God Bless'All my love'

Q, Shine some light on your equation with Y Di.

    Y Di joined the FC shortly after I did.  I don't remember exactly what it was that we connected on, but she quickly became a close confidant.  Y Di, as much as she hates my saying it (she says it makes her feel like a buddhi), is like an older sister figure for me.  I go to her with all my problems and frustrations, and literally vent to her about everything under the sun.  Many of you here might claim that I never get mad - well, Y Di could tell you differently - she's seen this side of me as well.  I guess she knows me as well as I know myself'maybe better.  I don't know what I'd do without her.  I couldn't have gotten through the latter part of last year without her constant support and guidance.  She was always there for me, encouraging me, cheering me up when I needed it, taking 'Kis Desh Youtube video' study breaks with me until the wee hours of the morning'Hehe.  We would just sit with MSN running for hours, both doing our own work and not talking, but it always felt nice to just knowing that she was there.  She was a Godsend of sorts.   Even now, though she can't be around as she used to be, she always makes it a point to leave off liners and check on me when she can.  I miss her tremendously.  I was amazed with the kind of dedication she showed the FC during its lean phase last year and early this year'it was unparalleled, and reminiscent of  perhaps what the original four had done for the FC a few years back.  Though Y Di can't be around as much anymore, I know she's always concerned about HC, his FC, and all of the members.  She is, after all, the Mother Goose around here.  A chindi 'thank you' would never be enough to express my gratitude'.miss you, Di!
Q, Ekta has this  habit of using her successful characters in her new shows albeit with different actors. First she made 1001 clones of Sujal with different flavors in various shows like Kaisa, Kavya Anjali and Kasturi and we know how each of those shows bombed for Rajeev could be the only Sujal from what I hear of all these Sujal fans. Today, she is doing the same with Prem for Prem was her next most successful character. The buzz is that some  star of Desh has been offered a tailor made Prem-2 in her show Pavitra Rishta. Do you think Prem could EVER by re-visited by any other star in any show, in any form considering the kind of adulation HC'S PREM has received from Desh itself?

    Honestly, it doesn't matter at all.  The role of Prem is one of a kind, and, in my opinion, was made for HC.  Try as they may, the role can not be duplicated - not by Mrs. Ekta Kapoor, not by any other actor.  HC has portrayed this character with an uncanny finesse and incomparable perfection.  The brilliance of Prem, the reason Prem works the way he does with the audience, comes from the way the character is portrayed by HC - with honesty and simplicity.  This can never be matched by anyone else.    Let them try - their efforts will go in vain.  There can not be another HC, and so there can not be another Prem.  Our Prem, THE Prem of Kis Desh cannot be revisited'the role simply cannot be paralleled, let alone surpassed - not in character, not in portrayal.

Final Word:
Thank You Guys. It was an amazing feat grilling you guys...living with the GaalisLOL and nagging you all. The answers are incredible and the best bit is barring a few, most of them are in complete coherence. Speaks of our telepathy!!  Awesome stuff. I think this FC will be forever memorable for me and it is more so because of the back ground fun we indulged in the process. Payal went running away for her life, the moment I gave her the questions, Daiz with her gaaalis galoresLOL, Raksh was "wait before I get to you, Sids, these questions are wacko"LOL , Vandu screamed a huge NOOO, the first time Payal nominated her on MSNLOL,and Yoj ever-ready to answer them!  Incredible camaraderie!
As far as Kis Desh and Bollywood is concerned, I feel, its all about "following your heart" at the end of the day. If Harshad feels, he is in for it, I'd say Go, Grab it. He has no dearth of talent and fans.Sometimes, even when all odds are against the desire of the heart, the heart wins if you follow it. A weird but true plight. Time and circumstances will eventually adapt themselves. They have to, they always do.
God Bless everyone
Take care




Harsh in casuals or formals

On SbS or In the show

Rate: Ali, Akshat, Prem, Karan


27th May or an 18th June



SBS (daily) The current scenario'Hahahaha

On an ascending order:,  Karan Akki, Ali ,Prem,



'.Kya hua tha is din'..Mera aur Harsh ka b'day tho nahi tha'.Hahahahahah



On the show...

On an ascending order: Akshat, Karan, Ali and PREM..


18th June...because that has a 27th may hidden in it..plus much much more than that....


I'd like to pass on this question, please.



SBS'undoubtedly, HC over his on-screen counterparts any day.

Rate?  Rate how?'Lets see' Karan  Akshat, Ali, ' Prem,

Wafa shirt

Sorry folks, Payal disqualifies for this one hahaha because I couldn't make 2 and 2 of what she sent me. LMAO.




Karan, Prem/Akki, Ali


White and Blue

27th May



Casuals any time any day!!



*chants out loud* SBS!!

Prem, Prem, Prem, Prem hahaha

Ok on a serious note, Karan, Ali, Akki, Prem


18th June-simply because 27th May was confession and 18th June was "living" up to that confession and its difficult to do the latter



Casuals ' 4

Formals -2





Karan, Akki, Ali , PREM




Wafa shirt-1


18th June-2

27th May-1


and the winning category is















Disqualified category




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 The Rapid Fire Round Two!!!




Literal Harsh Behna


Basket Cases


Of Humor

Sensibility ahoy

Non Kid-Kid


Vandu the churail. (I am praying that Harsh wont read this)

 SIDRA (WHO ELSE !!!!! Without a doubt) And If you edit this one....you know the consequences very well...LOL

Sidra Fidra (Always ready to get a panic attack)


Payal (iya) oooooooo

 Hahahahaha (Vandu will understand this perfectly)


Raksha Ji (She fits in this category perfectly)


Sidrah, Raksha,

Nandini and Atop...

Oh goes without saying...MOIII...that is me, myself Raksha and Sidrah....

Priya and Vandu(togepe)

Daisy,    Payal     Zainab



Swati, hands down. Currently many......I  would say.Sarah?  Or Sidrah...hmm I dont know

Long story short - NONE

I think we can all be emotional basket cases depending on the     circumstances'.though Sidrah and me sit among the toppers of the list.

Raksh and Sidrah

Daisy would say Sara'but then again, HC himself tagged Daisy Don as his most   sensible fan. 

Without a doubt, Yasmin Di





Sidrah, Misty


Yasmin di



Sidrah'..muhahaha !


Swathi'..Swathi  *lagaoes swathi ke naam ka fulto naara*


Yoj'..dancing doll !! Sweet as a innocent kiddo !!









Swati ' 2

Sidrah- 2

Daisy- 1




Raksha ' 2

Sidrah- 3










Zainab di-1


Yasmin di-2






 Swati and




 Nans , 

(Okay Rigged khullam KhullaEmbarrassed..)


Emotional Basket Cases:

 Raksha and Sidrah



Sense of Humor:

 Swati and Sidrah



Sensiblity  ahoy


Daisy and Payal



Non-kid Kid



Yasmin di


Congratulations to all the winners Clap  Very well placed answers ...(Vandu is an exceptionAngry)...Everyone come with your thankyou speeches on page 2LOL. There was one more category but unfortunately due to space shortage I couldnt put it in and that category was Miss Goody-Goody. No surprises there, Payal , Yoj, Zainab di win it!!ClapClapClapKudos Girls!!StarClap


When "Power" means Harshad Chopda.....!

The SPA JODI Award was by all means a huge thing for not just us  but also every other HC fan, Prem fan, Kis Desh fan and a Prem-Heer fan. It came at a time, when our show especially Prem was being singled out from most SPA promotions and marketing advertisements. Indeed, when the award news spilled all over , we were ecstatic beyond words. Yoj and I were practically jumping out of delight (By God, she had been passifying and mentally preparing me for the worst all dayLOL but I was very stubborn about the Jodi awardLOL..Nevertheless thank you Yojiii...what a fiesta this timeEmbarrassed) and my some of my other friends just couldnt contain their excitement. Somehow the award was for us a culmination of every thing the show and Prem could mortalize into. Symbolic! and YOU rocked it Mr Chopda...What a momentStarClapClap We hope your life is blessed with many more such moments.

Harshad is  home to a huge fan following, apparently one of the biggest on IF Clapand there are so many of them who dont even know him, yet the kind of love and support they have showered to him at every step of the way is phenomenal.ClapClap  Here is a huge thankyou to them for believing in him everytime and lending us their relentless support for him.Clap

Ergo, on this special occasion, Raksha has done A SPECIAL ODE to HARSHAD'S FAN Following and  I am copying pasting it  a ditto. 

"Harshad, here is a small feature capturing the kind of fan fallowing you command...This is by no means any measure to the enormous fan base you have....I have never found a more intersting and varied bunch of fans...Or may be my knowledge of such things is too limited....one thing that comes through loud and clear is that that most of your fans have NEVER been fans of any other star before and always found being referred to as "fans" of any star as something cheesy....and now they are ok with being called as your fans....That shows how special you are.....

So I went around in the KDMHMD forum of IF and also revised the previous FCs trying to get hold of what your various fans have to say about you in various occasions and instances.....

May 2008 SPA and the SBS and SBB:

I read in the FCs and the forums around that time(as I wasn't a part of these by then..) and was quite impressed by the members for what they have achieved...They bombarded the SPA with their overwhelming support for you and got you to win the awards and also attacked the SBS' mailbox with requests to showing more of you.....Along with your star appeal, I would like to believe that these fans' emails worked too and made sure you were always visible through SBSes etc...

The times during when That Lalpilakala-wani came up with that absurd and fake article of his about Mahabharat and you...
Oh I can still remember it all very distinctly like it happened yesterday...Sep and Oct 2008 was one of the harshest times that we as your fans were put through...Our only consolation was the sweet messages from you assuring us about there being a silver lining everything...It was especially tough because we couldn't sit and watch the insane articles being splashed all over the net trying to malign your reputation by saying all lies about you...We all took it up as our mission to put some sense into these journos' pea sized brains...It was simply amazing to see all the fans coming together to achieve one objective and that is justice to our star Harshad and making the media realize that he is not alone.....We were able to achieve quite a bit at that time...We made some magazines change the inappropriate titles...we made that Lalwani guy take cover in the underground (or so we like to believeLOL)

The news about Prem's Exit:

Sigh...what can I say about the kind of response the impending Prem's exit from the show created....It was gigantic and simply overwhelming.....Usually during such times.....even the regular members try to run away towards the greener pastures...But your fans have to be unique right!...I have seen so many new members joining the forum, silent ones starting to sound their voices...all simply to show their support to you....I used to get chocked when I used to read about some members how they went to the temples to make sure everything goes on well for you....and that you get more and better opportunities in life and that you were always flooded with best work....Harshad, is there any doubt that you will have a million people right behind you watching your back for you??...I mean, one of the things we made very clear was that that we want our Harshad back as Prem...and we warned them not to try to replace you with anyone else even if it was Hrithik Roshan for all we care....Embarrassed

Prem's Re-entry:

We made petitions, sent emails to SP,BT,SV, SBS...wrote letters to the news papers...To be precise...we did EVERYTHING that was in our power to make sure our star Harshad came back as our Prem...In one of the SBS programes they even read some letters written by your fans, begging you to return back to Kis Desh as Prem....Embarrassed....The petition that we made, created a history of sorts by collecting close to a whopping 20,000 signatures...and to my knowledge...that is a first in the history of IF petions....Embarrassed...Need I say anything more...!?!?

Prem -Gaurav-Prem-Gaurav...ping-pong:Ermm

I know that was a very challenging phase for you as an actor...as you had to go on deliberately confuse the viewers between Prem and Gaurav and I must say you did such an extraordinary job....If it was any other actor, the viewers would have quit and not even care to wait till the end to know who it actually was...People(including me...LOL) were getting confused as we were analysing your each and every gesture, expression and action...because we knew, as an actor you will never show any expression that wasn't a part of the script....Even if you just lift a finger, we would sit and analyse that too...only beacause we know Harshad NEVER acts out of the script...Such is the kind of confidence we as fans have on you....And you have ALWAYS ALWAYS kept it up...Clap

Prem's tampering:

Ok they have somehow decided to return our beloved Prem...Then they started tampering with Prem's perfection....Ouch......But what to do, its happening day in day out...Our THE Prem would never ask his Heer to leave the house in such a rude manner...Right now he is being a sweet person...but still THE-ness is lacking...Hopefully Prem will be resurrected soon...Anyways, that's besides the point I want to make here....Keeping it to the context of this ode..I want to highlight the fan support that you have got during all this...rightoo..Haha, you have to read to believe what insanity we were upto...we simply refused to bash Prem..as the actor who was playing that character...doesn't deserve such a shabby treatment meted out to the character played by him...NOT a single word against Prem and on the top of it we all made it a point to keep on praising Prem and Harshad....If any creative passed by the forum, s/he would get confused if we were watching the same thing that they were showing...Blushing.LOL

SPA 2009

I would like to point to the madness of the fans and their refusal to let Harshad, the actor..suffer  because of the character inconsistencies....When it was time to vote for the SPA...we were determined that Harshad and Aditi have to win in ALL the catagories that they have been nominated for....because the characters they play have nothing to do with the fabulous actors that they were....And then we got together and started voting like maniacs....

The ECSTACY after the JODI award:(Congos shongos once again!!!!Big smile)

After doing our best in voting all that was left was to just Pray and sit and wait for the results...Though With all the awareness about SP and BT face offs and stuff...we weren't too optimistic about the results...still we were just hoping against the hope and praying hard and counting on the justice to prevail and reward you guys with what you best deserved...There is no denial that you were and will always be our best jodi and best everything already, but we knew how important it was for you and that made us even more nervous...When we finally got to know the good news....you have no idea how we have all jumped with joy...I don;t remember experiencing that kind of joy even for my own personal achievements....and the fellow fans who I spoke to, have expressed similar sentiments about it....We have all gone nuts and the whole forum went into happiness overdrive....I must say, that was THE best and MOST happiest moment of all times....Day Dreaming....we all went into celebration mode for the next 24 hours not caring for anything else....

THE best compliment:Cool

While I was going through all the past posts and stuff...I came across this, which I am sure will make your really happy..

The scene was  Prem being emotionally strangled by his bauji about how he could fall in love with a girl lke Heer...

Inspiration: It was no secret that the whole dialogue had been lifted from the movie K3G...In the original it was between Amitabh and SRK...And here it was between our Prem and his bauji...

Compliment: EVERY viewer of Kis Desh on IF (including me), even the ardent or ardent SRK fans(like Sidrah) thought Harshad out performed SRK in that scene.....And I thought, as an actor that was the best comliment he could get...

Lastly I just want to say...Harshad...you not only rock...but you ROCK BIIG TIME...Always remember that you have us right behind you...All you have to do is turn your head and look at us...WE ARE THERE!!!!

I just want to conclude this with expressing my utter gratitude for being given a chance to put this all together...I had so many maha maha ideas that I wanted to incorporate and make this into a special ode...but due to time constraints...this is all I could muster at the end of the day.....Harshad's fan following is simply humungous for me to be able to capture the whole depth in just one article...."

"Life's battles don't always go
      To the strongest or faster man,
But soon or late the man who wins
      Is the man WHO THINKS HE CAN"

by Raksha (-athena-)

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Congratulations and Celebrations!!! Clap-

3rd Award in A ROW!!Clap


Hey Champ ,
Sidrah was after my life to send in a message for you and I couldnt say no to her (Sidrah, word by word copy karna, ek bhi line edit ya delete kara to dekhna!) So, here I am writing a message for you on email...
Heartiest Congratulations on winning the most coveted award. It was so unexpected but thats the thing, you dont expect anything and when you get it - boy the feeling is something, isnt it. You guys deserve every bit of this accolade, fame, success and most of all this moment of glory so bask in the glory of fame. Even if it is one award, this award is surely the most treasured of them all - isnt it?   because, despite a totally nonsensically track (and despite the brickbats and criticism of the characters), you guys still managed to win. Just goes to show, how much you guys are loved! Democracy and Voice of People  at its best surely,where this Jodi Award is concerned!  Though the creatives might have concieved the characters, and others supported the same, at the end of the day, it was you who executed the character to perfection . We fell in love with Prem because of two people - one was of course you - you made Prem to be special, because you believed in Prem, because you enacted him to perfection...so keep on believing in self champ and the other reason is Late Mr. Garry Bhinder.
I consider myself very lucky that I got to see a show which had you enacting the character which was directed by Mr. Garry Bhinder, before him passing away. Prem came, but you saw and conquered and we fell in love with this show thanks to his creative genius combat with your natural talent and the conviction with which you believed in Prem and made him real. Mr. Bhinder's others shows have always captivated me and held my attention, Kis desh was no exception and under his era, Kis desh reached to unprecendented heights. It may have been a very proud moment for you (and the team) when you recieved this award - almost a year of Mr Bhinder passing away and always remember, that no matter what fate this serial takes, he is looking down and is present amongst you, supporting you and guiding you. May his soul rest in peace.
This award is just another milestones for a "thinking and innovative" actor like you, who has already made his presence felt amongst the galaxy of stars, and there are many more feats to achieve, there will be brickbats and there will be thorn  but at the end of day, it will be all worth it, and it will pave the way, to a good nights sleep at the end of the day. Hope all your dreams come true and may there many more such feats to achieve.
Always believe in self and in courage of conviction and yep, needless to say, we are right behind you, supporting you and believing in you, no matter what. Go, kiss the world...today and always. Have faith and leave everything to god...
God Bless. Best Wishes, from - you know who.(Harshad samjh Jana)

Congratulations to both you and Aditi for winning the MOST coveted Jodi Award....Eventhough you deserve to be nominated and presented with ALL the awards on the board....I am glad at least they  have this much of sense of justice to give you guys this one award that was ALL yours to begin with...Just so that you know, whether they accept it or not...Harshad you are MOST loved TV Star today...We know this is only the beginning and that you have many many more milestones to reach...We are there for you at every step of the way cheering for you....Your strength lies solely in your tenacity and I am sure in future too, it will take you to places....All the best for the rest of the year and heres wishing upon you every happiness and joy that is out there...Big smile.

                           Raksh (USA)

Hiya Harsh! Congratulations on winning the coveted Best Jodi Award at Star Parivar Awards 2009! You guys truly deserved this award.. The trophy was meant to be in your hands because you worked day and night to reach where you are! I just want you to know it was only you and no one else who deserved the award becuz Kis Desh is what it is because your hard work and dedication! Prem is what he is because you believed in the character and felt it from your heart and gave your 100% to it! We guys will always be there with you no matter what the consequences are will render support to you whenever you shall need us! I hope you reach greater heights..I know you aim to reach the stars and with this award in your kitty you are one step closer to the dream you always wished to fulfill! May this award be a stepping stone in your career and may you achieve many such milestones in your future!

Lots of Love and Luck

Yoj, India

Dear HC,

Heartiest Congratulations to you for winning the Favorite Jodi award at SPA '09 along with Additi.  Of course you deserve every bit of the recognition for your utterly perfect portrayal of The Prem.  You manage to make Prem perfect via the simplicity with which you carry out the role...a simplicity which comes from within you.
Always remain true to yourself and continue to tackle your work with integrity, for the honesty and sincerity which you put into your work will continue to bring you the much deserved accolades.
Though, always remember, awards or not, you are, and always will be, a winner for your fans.  I am proud to be one amongst your many well-wishers.  You are truly an inspiration.
Here's wishing you all the best in your future endeavors.  May you continue to work hard and acheive the very pinnacle of success.
You are an exemplary person and deserve nothing but the very best in life.  May God continue to shower his blessings upon you. 
Here's to many more accolades in the future...may you acheive everything you desire.
Thank you for everything.
Congratulations once again.
Our love, support and prayers are always with you.
Best Wishes Always,
God Bless,
Payal, USA

Hi Harshad Bhayya,


On winning the Best Jodi award at the SPA!!!!!!!!

You and Aditi deserved that award more than anything. Not only Jodi but you did deserve many awards in different categories. Didnt get them is not the matter but your real success lies in the fans who lobe you more. It was a Joy to know you got the award and am sure you'll keep getting many many awards in the coming years with more joy.

Keep in mind, you are never alone. You have thousands of fan out here who supports you at every point of Life. We always be with you at everystep. Keep smiling. Dont loose your confidence and inner strength for ANYTHING or anyone.


Luv Nans, Kerala, India

Awards are a token of appreciation. A moment of celebration. A moment of realization of the level of support you garner.

More so when they are by popular voting, they are like a manifestation of the support, admiration and attachment of hundreds and hundreds of faceless nameless people who go out of their way to make the win a possiblity.. Who are proud to call themselves your fans. Who would go all out to see that sweet smile of victory and satisfaction on your face. Who consider you winners despite the outcome.

Teamed with meticulous effort, endless hard work and continuous dedication on the actors part. This support and love makes any impossible seem possible. When we feared for the worst in these awards and clinged on to hope and believed they shall always be Winners for us :-) They won and made us truly ecstatic!

For us, who fell in love with a pair of two seemingly ordinary people known as Prem and Heer. We grew close and attached to their story, their essence and their portrayal. And the story and character ceased to be mere fictional characters and more like part of our lives and people we actually knew. We cried with them, We smiled with them, We blushed with them. And so much more. We experienced a whole array of emotions. With the span of a year it was a bittersweet and enchanting journey. We fought for them. We get angry with them. We LOVE them :-) And that is exactly the reason it mains to see them tampered with or ruined *sigh*

HC and AG- Those two people who brought these characters to life and made this two seemingly ordinary people into such extra-ordinary ppl. Without their dedication, sincerity and sheer hardwork, this would definitely not have been possible. These two redefined Chemistry for us. They introduced us to the world of awesome Hand Chemistry and Eye ChemistryLOL  From the tiniest of nuasance they polished and crafted it in the most beautiful and innocent way possible.

Regardless of the tactless handling of the track and plot or any twists and turns that were required for a daily soap. Prem and Heer would be the favourite jodi, favourite bahu, beta and so on for us..

And today winning the Favourite Jodi is truly APT. No two people have been able to bring life to two mere fictional characters with such poise and perfection! A huge round of heartfelt applause and congratulations on this success. Kudos to them. Clap

Wishing you many many more milestones.
May you conquer the whole world and make all your dreams come true..

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining
Lots of Good Wishes
Zainab :-) Lahore, Pakistan

Hey Harshad,

My hearty congratulations to you and Additi for winning the Best Jodi Award . Honestly speaking you deserve it a lot. It was a great pleasure to vote for you and happy to hear that u got the precious award .

Harshad you are an actor of excellence, your single smile makes our day and even when we see you in tears we automatically start crying this was my personal experience. Your chemistry with Additi is amazing, excellent, mind-blowing...words are not enough to describe your chemistry. You and Additi deserved this award a lot. I wish you achieve heights of success and win all the awards in future. We loved you , We love you and our wishes will be there for you forever.

Anusha, Hyderabad

Hi, Harshad
Congratulations to you & Aditi for making the Best Jodi of 2009...very well deserve..Thank You for making us in love with Prem and Heer...you and Aditi rocked big time..*cheers* My best wishes are always with you..may you get more sucess ahead ..
Chicago, U.S.A.

Hey Harshad,

I just want to congratulate you on winning the award. Hamesha khush rahiye gha. Meri duaaein aap keh saath hain. You are the best actor ever and I love you. Congratulations for Jodi award...You really deserved that. I hope InshAllah that you get more awards. Allah aap ko hamesha khush rakhe...Ameen

Love, Humera (Pakistan)

Hey Harshu,

Harshad you are just a superb man....may ALLAH bless you. You  know what, you are the king of our hearts, and no matter whether you get awards or not you are the winner of our hearts. That I guess is more precious then any awards...you have a big fan following.....You make us senti-menti with your words....MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU...you will rock as in future to...my all prayers are with you

 Stay happy...Love, Saba (Pakistan)

 Hey Harshad,

This is Bhavna from U.K. OMG. What to say. You are just  the best...everything about  you is perfect. In other words , if I may say so, you are like Mr.Perfect any girl would want. Am soooo happy that you won the jodi award along with Additi...Lastly, all the best for future and may you receive innumerable number of awards!!!

Love you lots,Bhavna (U.K.)

Dear Harshad,

Many many congratulations to you and Aditi for winning the fav jodi award at SPA which both of you sooo deserved. You both have rocking and sizzling chemistry on screen. We knew that both of you are the best, but now we are happy that the whole world recognizes this. We really appreciate the hard work that both of you put in your work...it feels great to see your hard work being appreciated. I hope and pray to Allah that you achieve even greater heights of success in your life and may all your dreams come true.We, your fans, love you a lot and will always support you through thick and thin.

Keep smiling always :)

Farah from Pakistan (Karachi)

 Hi Harshad...
  Congratulations to you on this wonderful victory of yours. May you get the world's happiness and success. May your every wish come true, and may you remain such sweetheart as you are, and make us believe that there are people so perfect and as lovable as Prem Juneja. May you win many such awards in the future too. You rock as Prem. This one's for you...You're special through & through,You've had success with flying colours. I'm so very proud of you.


Dear Harshad,

Congratulations on winning the best jodi award.  You both are deserving.  You and AG make an awesome couple. May you achieve more success in your life. All the best for your future and keep rocking.  We all love you.

Love,Fatima, Pakistan.

 Many Many Congratulations, Harshad Bhaiya, for winning the most prestigious award of Favourote Jodi award in SPA 2009. You both have a rocking chemistry and you set the screen on fire. You both are the best actors amongst everyone with so much talent. You portray Prem, and every emotion so perfectly that we fell in love with Prem. Prem doesn't seem to be a fictional character. I am a very big fan of yours and I am really very happy that you received this award which you truly deserved. You both are fabulous and awesome. We, your fans, will always be there with you. All the best for the future. Keep Smiling and Keep Rocking...!!!


Congratulations Harshad, for winning the most prestigious best jodi award in SPA 2009 .  You are a brilliant actor and deserve to win all the awards out there. In fact as someone here said yesterday that if you don't win an award its the award's loss that it did not reach your hands!!!  You are an amazing actor with great amount of talent.  We hope you will keep working hard and will reach a stage when the world would know that awards are irrelevant for someone as talented as you are (for us they are irrelevant even now because we know you are the best but we want the world to see it too). Honestly I haven't seen any Indian TV actor portray emotions as brilliantly as you do!!!  You are the best amongst the lot at the moment and I hope you keep improving and reach much greater heights!  We the fans will always be behind you, praying for your success.
Keep rocking and wish you all the best in your life and career.


Dearest Harshad Chopda,

I'm Mahrukh,  and all I want to say is CONGRATULATIONS on winning the best jodi award in SPA 2009!!! May Allah keep blessing you with more and more success and prosperity!!! May you emerge a victor in every endeavor you take in life!!! Ameen! Keep smiling, and stay like you are, sweet and down to earth!!! Lots of prayers to you and once again, you deserved this win hands down!! May you win many more awards in the years to come!! Ameen!



CONGRATULATIONS on winning the best JODI award along with Additi. I really love you and your acting. May all your wishes come true.
NERMEEN, Pakistan

 Harshad, your an amazing actor and have never disappointed your fans. By the way, I have to admit you're damn adorable and the short hair totally suits you. I hope that Prem and Heer always remain together, as I love you guys.... fantastic jodi!

 Love you lots, Jenni, From England

Dear Harshad

Congrats for winning the Best Jodi award. You and Additi make an awesome couple and rock the show as Prem-Heer. I'm glad that you won this award. God Bless You. May you scale greater heights of success in the future. All the best and again Congrats. We love you...Niti

Hey Harshad...A big big congratulations to you for winning the Best Jodi award at the Star Parivar Awards this year!!Give the world the best you have, and the best will come to you! - You gave us Prem, made us fall in love with Prem, brought life to Prem's character, gave us Premeer jodi...and as a token of your hard work and our love towards you we tried our best and succeeded in making you win Best Jodi Award which you truly deserved.

With Lots and Lots of Love and Wishes:


 Congratulations on your award! I can honestly say you truly deserved the Best Jodi award with Additi, as I have never seen such amazing chemistry between any TV actors before. You portray Prem with such finesse and perfection, that we can't help but fall in love with both Prem and Prem-Heer as a jodi. Not only jodi, but Prem is also an ideal Beta, Bhai, Pati etc. Regardless of awards, you will always remain a winner in our hearts. I wish you all the best for the future, and may you achieve success in whatever you attempt. We are there with you, every step of the way. Once again, congrats!

Bee, Egypt

 Congratulations, Harshad!! You guys truly deserved it. Infact only you and Additi deserve to win the Best Jodi as no other TV stars have such an amazing onscreen chemistry. The perfection with which you portray Prem shows what a brilliant actor you are. Wishing and praying that you reach greater heights of success and that all your dreams come true. And thanks for being such a wonderful person coz we not only love you as Prem but also as Harshad himself. Every step of life, remember our support and prayers are as always with you...

Best Wishes,Angie, Dubai

Hey Harshad
Congratulations on winning the "Best Jodi" award.
You'll win the same award until the serial ends (after 10 years...hehe)
You & Additi really deserve to win this award.
No doubt that you & Additi set the screen on
We have always loved you both & we'll keep loving you.
Awards really don't matter, for us you are the BEST & you'll remain the BEST.
Wish you both all the best.
With love & best wishes

Ridz from Bahrain

Harshad, you once said that in a competition, It did NOT matter to come second or third. That it was Most Important to Win it.  Congratulations, You and Aditi Won this...and It was the Most Obvious Award for Both of you to win, because of Your Ability and Your Hard Work.

I hope this award leads you to whatever growth you are planning for in your career.... Good Luck.

Asha, Bombay

Dearest Harshad,
Congrats to You and Additi for winning Best Jodi Award. You guys really deserve it. We, the fans of Premeer really adore both of you and we all think that your Jodi Rocks Big Time. I hope like this year, you guys win the Best Jodi award each year along with many other Awards Inshallah. I hope and pray to Allah that you achieve more n more success and all your wishes come true. Ameen
Always Keeping Smiling as through your beautiful smile Harshad you have conquered so many hearts!!!!
Take care, With love
Alina (From Pakistan)

Hi Harshad,

I am so happy that you won the favorite Jodi Award along with Additi. You both deserve it a lot. Congratulations on winning this award and may you win all the awards in the future because you deserve them all...Inshallah. Us fans will always be with you and always make you win. I pray to Allah that you get all the world's happiness and success. I love your role Prem...which has many roles in it....the role of a perfect brother, perfect son, perfect husband and an exceptionally amazing lover of Heer. Keep up the great job you do and my wishes are always with you. Be happy...always.

Love,Your crazy fan,
Afreen (USA)

Congratulations to you and Aditi for winning most prominent best Jodi award at SPA 2009'.  You guys rock together.  I watch only one Indian show just because of you guys.

You are a brilliant actor and deserve to win all the awards out there.  I wish you all the best and we hope you will keep working hard and will reach up there.  We the fans will always be behind you and support you and Additi forever.  You guys are always in my prayers.

All the best, Jyoti, Canada

Hey Harshad,

Hearty congrats to you on winning Star Parivaar Award 09 for best jodi. It was a pleasure voting for you, and you never cease to amaze me with the intensity and sincerity in which you portray every nook and nuance of Prem Juneja. Your onscreen chemistry with Additi is divine, beautiful. Keep rising higher and higher.

My best wishes are always with you.

Yasmin, London.

Hey Harshad,

Congratulations on winning the award for the best jodi in SPA. You and Additi truly deserve it. The hard work and dedication that you have for your work really shows on screen and you deserve a lot more than this for all your efforts. I hope you reach greater heights of success. We all love you and will always be there for you.

Mehndi, India

 Hi Harshad Bhaiya,

 Congratulations to both of you for winning the prestigious award of Favoruite Jodi for the second year in a row. You so deserved it.

 Harshad Bhaiya, thank you so much for giving us Prem. You portray the character so beautifully, I never realised as if you are acting. Whenever you come on screen, it feels like actually a real life person is standing in front of me...and all credit goes to you because your screen presence is such, we never felt as if we are watching a fictional character. You made us believe that in this kalyug, people like Prem do exist, who love their family so much, who can feel the pain of their love. I dont think anyone else would have handled Prem so beautifully, gracefully and maturely but at the same time never forgot his simplicity.

 For me, you are not only an ideal lover and partner, but also an obedient son and a wonderful and loving brother. No wonder everyone in the family loves you the most. Aap hain hi itne pyaar ke kaabil...be it real life or reel life. In reel life you are getting the love and affection of your Juneja family but in real life, besides your own family members, you have the support of the whole world. I am sure your real life parents must be proud of a son like you, like we are proud to be your fans and well wishers. You rule our hearts, millions and billions of hearts..

 I wish you all the very best for your future. Whatever you do, may the success come automatically to you, because whatever project my Harshad Bhaiya (I hope you didnt mind me calling you Bhaiya) gets associated with, the success has to be there.

I would also like to request you one thing. Harshad bhaiya, please never change, always remain the way you are, simple and down to earth, for that makes you the best person in the whole wide world. This simplicity reflects on the screen and that makes you Prem...OUR Prem, who is not any fictional character, but one amongst us.

 Aaki simplicity ko dekhkar yeh zaroor kehna chahungi,

Be like a diamond, precious and rare

And not like a stone, found everywhere

You are a diamond for us, precious and very rare to find.. So be like this, always.

May god shower his blessings on you always and give you everything, whatever you ask for, whatever you never asked or just thinking to ask for as well...

 Love you always,

Monika (London, UK)

 Dear Harshad,

Congrats on your winning the best Jodi award with Additi!!! It was totally deserved and you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for giving us a magical jodi like Prem and Heer. You deserve much more but don't lose heart...continue to do great work and you will surely win more accolades in the future!!

All the best!

 ~Huzan, (Mumbai)

To Harshad- To A Star In The Making

YOU DID IT, YOU DID IT,YOU DID IT, HURRAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! And u know what? I'm not surprised. Because I was always sure you would. I Know you have It In you to Stand Supreme.

The Road May Be Narrow n Long
But you Will Stride Along
Because We Your Fans
Are Always There For you
Standing Behind you

CONGRATULATIONS - A TOAST 2 you BOTH. May you Keep Winning MANY MANY MANY AWARDS. Aap Ka  Shelf Bhi Chota Pad Jaye Awards Rakhne Ke Liye...
CHEERS!!! Keep Smiling, Keep Winning

Love n Regards, Priya,Mumbai

Hi Harshad,

I think you are an amazing actor & I totally adore you. I think you make Indian soaps so much more bearable...lol. You totally deserved winning the best jodi award this year! You portray the role of Prem so beautifully and I am sure no one else can ever do this. You are truly the most AMAZING actor to grace the silver screen to date. I love your smile & usne bohat saari ladkiyon ko fida kiya hai. Anyways, I want to wish you the best for the future. I am sure that the future will bring you much more success and your fans will support you every step of the way. You are always in my prayers.

Keep rocking and keep smiling. Lots of love and best wishes from,

Anna, Toronto

Congratulations Harshad....

You deserved to win the awards...

I wish you all the best in your future and may God give you everything that you want and wish for.

 Roshni, from UK...

Hi Harshad,

A Big congratulations to you and Additi for winning the best jodi award. You both really deserve it for all the hard work you've put in portraying Prem and Heer so brilliantly and lighting up our screens with such amazing chemistry. All the very best for the future and may always you find many successess in life

Congratulations again. Best wishes...

Mehwish, (Australia)

Hi Harshad,

Many congratulations to you and Additi on winning the Best jodi Award. You guys totally deserved the award. May you keep winning many more such awards because you deserve every bit of that recognition. You are mighty talented and for me the best actor on the tube right now. Keep up the good work. All the very Best. Keep rocking like you always do ;)

TC, Anita, Delhi.

Congratulations Harshad. You deserved this award and more (though not the Best Pati one because Prem's turned into a misunderstanding non-trusting Dodo after marriage) Well, nevermind that, just want to say that for us you are always the winner Be Proud of that award because we are proud of you.

~Triv, Mumbai

Dear Harshad!

Congratulations on winning the most prestigous award in SPA. We're all soo happy and can only imagine what you must be feeling. Thank you for giving us Prem and making us love the jodi. We voted like crazy so that our jodi would win and thanks to God for making our wish come true. Finally you and we have gotten what we wanted and that is recognition for the talent the jodi has. Keep smiling...all the best in the future! WE LOVE YOU!

 Asiya, Dubai

Hi Harshad,

 Congratulations for winning the favourate jodi award.You and Additi both deserved this award. Even though you both also deserved the best pati/patni and you deffinately deserved the best beta award, at the end of the day it does not really matter. Awards are important so that an actor feels appreciated, but they are not everything. What is important is that people respect you and your work; something which is the real reward and you have achieved this by the masses. So even though you didn't win the awards you deserved, your fans are still with you and hope that you achieve much more than you have dreamed of! Congratulations once again...and for us fans you are the true winner!

 Zaara, U.K

Hey Harshad

I'm so happy that you got best jodi award this year too. If I were the jury member, I would have given u all the awards Star Parivar had, for you truly deserve them. You are the best pati, beta, bhai of Star Parivar...even though they didn't give you those awards...but I believe the love of your fans is ur true award...GOD BLESS...


 Hi Harshad,

Our Heartiest Congratulations to you both for winning the Best Jodi.....

You guys surely deserve this award. The hard work you put in to create a character for just 1/2 hr says it all and today we are so proud of you both for achieving what you put in...

We wish you luck & may u reach great heights...
Purvita - USA

Hi Harshad,

Congratulations, Harshad on winning the award for the Best Jodi '09, as well as Additi...'cause apparently it wouldn't have had been possible without her, no? I need to mention that both of you make a staggering twosome! =D

 I would specially like to let you know the impact you have on my mates and me! It becomes inadequate if I don't converse about you with anyone around me. And if nobody then it's yours truly, me! HA-HA!! Genuinely, you mesmerize me whenever you come on-screen. Your innocence, integrity and uphill zest for quality work is what makes you one-of-a-kind. Just stay the way you are 'cause that's the real you, and I love you! Best of luck for your future, you deserve over and above all this! =)

 -Sofia, Pakistan

Hey Harshad!

Congrats on winning the jodi award!  There couldn't be a better award for both you and Additi to share so congrats for that!  You two together really light up our screen and so thank you for that!

Meera, Canada

Congrats Harshad!

 Congrats to Additi and you for winning the best jodi award. You guys truly deserve this award. Congrats again and wish you all the best in the future.

 Anza! (USA)

Hey Harshad,

I am so happpy for you that you won the best jodi award with Additi!! I swear you two can set the screen on fire!!! I have never liked a tv actor more than you. You have this certain charm in you that can attract anyone. You totally deserve all the success along with the awards! Keep rocking and entertaining us, you are a fine actor and a really cute looking guy! Peace!

Sophia, Pakistan


Hi Harshad,

My heartiest congratulations to you for winning the most coveted title in SPA, the Best Jodi!!

No one deserved it more than Additi & you in this category, which reminds me, congratulations to Additi as well because this award would be incomplete without her as Prem is incomplete without Heer!

Both of your chemistry, timing, camaraderie, support to each other for your performances, acting, everything seems perfect onscreen which no one can negate. We the audience are simply bowled by your jodi & the perfect chemistry you both portray. If I may say so you two sizzle onscreen. Thank you both for this daily pleasure.

You were my winner much earlier when I voted for you & when you received the award it was just a mere official acknowledgment. If you hadn't received any due credit, then too you would be my winner any day! I sincerely hope & pray that you achieve such recognition all throughout your life & career simply because you deserve it. May all your dreams & aims in life take shape in such fruitful manner.

Once again heartfelt congratulations to you & hope many such honors like this would be bestowed on you in the future!! Have a wonderful & successful life!

One of your innumerable well wisher,

 Lana Ghosh.California, USA.


Hey Harshad,

Congratulations to you and Additi for winning the best Jodi award. You both truly deserved this. Thank you both for making us fall in love with PremHeer.

May you achieve more and more success in the future...Wish you all the very best in life.


Hey Harshad,

Congratulations on winning the Best Jodi Award along with Additi!!  Your onscreen chemistry is just amazing so you both truly deserved it, I'm really really extremely happy that you guys won!! I am a HUGE fan of yours and love your character as Prem. As you already know, you two look flawless together, and that is one thing I think none of the other onscreen jodis have. You are my favorite television actor, and will be always! Keep rocking and putting in your effort and hard work, it truly pays off! I hope you guys win every year in SPA!.

Congrats once again to both you and Additi!!

With Love, Garima (USA)

Hey Harshad,

CONGRATS!! on winning the Best Jodi Award. You Both truly deserved it; you both are amazing actors and the best couple existing. :D Wish you Both all the Best For Future!!

You Both really compliment each other

 Samreen,From Pakistan (middle east)

Hi Harshad!

Congragulations! I'm very happy that you and Aditi won the best Jodi award. You guys truly deserve it. Prem and Heer have been presented to us so beautifully, so well crafted with the smallest details kept in mind. During the journey of Kis Desh, you have crafted a beautiful painting for us of Prem like a skilled painter. I think you guys are amazing actors and you display and communicate the emotions your character feels so well that i can connect to them every time. Thank you for bringing these wonderfully fantastic characters to life. For us, you guys aren't only the best jodi, but also the best beta, bhai, pati...I think you get the point. You may not have won them but you have won all our hearts with your fabulous acting. I'm so happy you were recognized for your talent and hard work. We shall pray and vote for you 'til you continue acting. I wish you all the luck in the world in achieving your goals in life. Hope you continue acting as Prem.

 Yours Truly, Madhuri (Calgary, Canada)

  Hey Harshad!

Congratulations! All of us at IF.com have been voting like crazy, hoping that you and Additi will win and we are SO happy that you have! :) You guys deserve no less! Truly a prize given to the rightful winner for the second time! You two have honestly wow-ed us beyond belief and I personally feel, one of the best on-screen jodis on Indian Television! Even though not all the categories were won, we still think you (and Additi!) deserved each and every award you were nominated in and for us you guys are the true winners! Keep rocking and all the best wishes for the future!

With love, Shabo, Canada

Hey Harshad,

First of all, congratulations to both of you on winning the most prestigious award! According to me, an award is very less to appreciate ur hard work along with Additi!! You both have done mind-blowing work and this clearly shows on the screen!! You both rock big time! May ur life be flooded with loads of happiness! Best wishes for u and Additi, and may u both achieve all ur aims of ur life!! I am ur biggest fan, and luv you and Additi!!

Resham, Pakistan

Hey Harshad,
May you both continue to win more awards.
Love, Aasiya

Hi Harshad,

 Many Many Congratulations on winning the fav jodi award! You and Additi definetly deserve it after all the hard work. I just LOVE to watch your little scenes and go crazy over them! I know many others have already told you this but I am going ahead and repeating it because it is sooo true: You are the absolute BEST! I hope that you reach many heights in this career of yours and that everything you ever wish for comes true because you definitely deserve it!

My friends say I'm crazy over you...and I completely agree...but one just can't help it!

Love Palkhi from USA

Hi Harshad and Aditi!!
Firstly congratulations on your amazing win! You guys deserve it, for I have not seen a more happening couple on screen than you both!
I have to tell you that I usually don't watch soaps and yours is the only show I watch, all because of you both!
I wish and pray that all your dreams come true and that you win plenty more of these awards! You are the best!!
Take care, Smitha

Many Congratulations on winning the award. Hope you win many more such awards and walk the red carpet with the awards in your hand every year.
Love and Luck,

Hey Harshad

Many Many Congratulations to you both for winning the most prestigious award. May Allah bless you two with all the happiness and success in life. God Bless You, dear.

Luv, Rehana (Canada)

 Hiii Harshad..

You and Aditti have proven time again what hard work and dedication can produce. I'm so happy for you and Aditti. Congratulations! on winning fav jodi award. That just shows that God is blessing you and your work; "what lies behind u and what lies before u are tiny matters compared to what lies within u". You are a remarkable person with a delightful personality and a wonderful intellect. I am feeling very proud to be a fan of yours.
You're perfect, exactly what God intended you to be, remember that you're one of God's great masterpieces, a testament to his infinite wisdom and perfection. He'll be with you always. And every day, he'll remind you, in many different ways, that he's your eternal light.

You're on your way to great things!
Keep going!
There is no limit what u can acheive! Enjoy!!!!

-Suganthi (Tamil Nadu).


Dear Harshad


for winning the best jodi award at the spa

all I will say today is

Khuda aapko urooj aisa naseeb karay,
kay rashk aapke naseeb per falak karay,
har more per frishtay hon sath aapke
har ghum per hifazat aapki khuda karay...

Har kamyabi pe apka nam hoga,
Apke har kadam pe duniya ka salam hoga,
Mushkilo ka samna himmat se karna,
Dua hai ek din waqt bhi apka gulam hoga

Trust your heart don't be afraid to reach out to something new.Go ahead get yor hopes up even if things turns out differently than you have imagined.You will have tried,you will have learned,you never have to live with regrets.It seems to me what wears us down the most in life aren't the chances we take but the ones we don't take,the dreams we put aside,the adventure we push away.So what ever you want in life go for it and always remember no-matter what trust your heart.
we are always there for you
       best wishes 4 ever& good luck 4 ur future

love and best wishes

Dear Harshad and Aditi,
We are overwhelmed and happy that the most loved, adorable and sweetest jodi in the entertainment industry has won the award.  You both deserved the win.  But this should not be the end for you both.  Both have to travel...miles before you sleep.
You will be Successful in future too because you have :-
The Courage,
The Determination,
The Will to become the person you believe you were meant to be, and
The Courage to fulfill your vision that comes from your passion, not from the position you hold.
You control your future, your destiny.  What you think about comes true...
Just a suggestion for your future endeveour -
This is actually by his holiness Swami Vivekanand -
"Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success, that is way great spiritual giants are produced." 
So we wish you both to follow the same path .
There will always be challenges, obstacles, and less than perfect conditions. So what? With each step you take, you will grow stronger and stronger, more and more skilled, more and more self-confident and more and more successful. This is all we crave and want for you both. You have the power to make yourselves.
Last but not least :
Put your future in good hands - Be Quality oriented not Quantity and you will become a BRAND in your self.
Love you forever !
With Warm Regards,
Svetalana and Family.
Mumbai - India

Hey Harshad,

My Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS to You and Additi For winning THE BEST JODI AWARD in SPA.Big smile

You Both definitely deserved  it the most.Hug

What do I say....I still remember the first day I started watching Kis Desh...it was 19th June 2008, when Prem leaves with Heer
To stay in the chawl. As always, I started watching the show just for YOU coz Ali was my fav character.
But as days passed by, I was watching the show for PREM AND HEER. Their Lovestory, their sacrifice, their struggle. It slowly became an important part of my life, and it still is...coz for me, Prem and Heer are not just the best jodi of Star Parivaar but they are the
best jodi of Indian television. I am very very happy that you won the award which u very well deserved, but lemme tell u, for me u are the winner of each and every category  u were nominated in. I am very happy, Harshad, that u got the award and I will pray that u get many many many many more.

For me Prem and Harshad are incomplete without each other. There can't be a Prem without you, and Prem has indeed become integral part of your life. You have given your BEST for Prem.

May God Bless You, and keep you healthy. Tumhe buri nazar se bachaye. May you always keep smiling.
Inshallah you will get many more awards in the future, coz you are born to win, and along with the awards you have won the hearts of lakhs of poeple. You are born to RULE and u will rule the industry for LONG...BEST OF LUCK FOR EVERYTHING!!!

LOtS of Love and Duas,

This autograph was signed by Harshad for all his fans when a friend of mine (who doesnt wish her name to be divulged for personal reasons) visited him.

This message goes out to all the FC memebers who are disheartened with the news of their Prem going away
The Message Dated :- 27.09.2008
''Please give my message to all my fans'
Say them that everything happens for a reason..
There might be something nice hidden in this too..You never know'
And You guys are my strength and support'
I can't see u guys crying like this and I can't see you shattered'
This is a phase and it will go away'
I can't thank you guys enough for all the love and support that you guys have showered on me since the past few days'
Its overwhelming'
Had it not been for you guys'I would not have been here'.
You are the ones who help me to carry on, and please do not be disheartened as you are the ones who have to stand by me''
And together we will come out of it''
Hello friends...Harshad has send this message for all of us as a token of love and appreciation and has said that each and every message here means a lot to him..
He was too overwhelmed and thus wants to thank everyone...

I am what I am, but the person you guys like is not who

 I actually am.

I am a simple guy like any other guy walking down the

road or like any one you see around.

There is nothing special , different or extraordinary

about me.
What makes me special, what makes me different ,what
makes me what I am, is your thinking.

You think I am cute I become cute , you think I am hot I

become hot ,irrespective of whether I am or not.

So its not what I actually am which makes me , its what

you guys think I am which makes me.

If today I am somebody that is because I have people

like you behind me , who think the way you think , who
believe in me the way you guys believe..

Thank you for the belief..Thank you for making me what

I am
I know I can't thank enough but still trying..

All of you have always been very kind and sweet to me,

hope I am always this lucky.

Thanking all of you for giving me reasons to smile,

Take good care,

God bless,


Heylloo Gurls and Only Gurls..EmbarrassedLOL

I have a Very Special message by Harsh...the Man himself for all U FC members..Embarrassed

Now without boring u all more will proceed to the truth now..LOL

"I Still remember the days when I used to think I have no fans and now the 17th FC has started..

I went through ups and downs and was off air also..

They say Out of sight is Out of Mind...

But U guys kept me alive and didn't let me die..

I don't know what  exactly to say and what the connection is but you guys have always been kind to me..

Just want to say thank you very much.."

Just wanna let him know we'll be there for him always..

In good times and bad times (hoping he doesnt have bad times ever in his life)..

We'll always lovee you and support u whenever u need us or even if u don't need us..LOLLOL

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Heart hspace5Daisy - delo Heart hspace5

Yojana - angelic eyes

  Heart hspace5 Swati - lrllike Heart hspace5

Vaishu - lrl rocks

Heart hspace5 Vandana - togepe30 Heart hspace5

         Suri - sun_423     

      Heart hspace5 Preeti - CINDRELLA   Heart hspace5   

Heart hspace5 Anupama - anu_2701 Heart hspace5

   Prerna - Prenz~13    

Heart hspace5 Pooja - mahek-e-gulab Heart hspace5

Ranju - ranjitha        

Heart hspace5 Rabi - cute_rabi Heart hspace5

    Subha - subha2601    

Heart hspace5 Kanak - tere_bin Heart hspace5

Dhvani - dhvanisoni

     Heart hspace5 Mansi - *mansibhatia* Heart hspace5

Samreen - friskysam

Heart hspace5 Mannu - master_blaster Heart hspace5

Rakshita - rakshi_sweety

                                  Heart hspace5 lulu_gr81989 Heart hspace5

Fariha - fariha17

Heart hspace5 Mehrun - anam_mehrun Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 *~Anjali~ Heart hspace5

Shivani - delhi_princess

Heart hspace5 Rajeev Ki Heer Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5  koolkat Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 ANKESH Heart hspace5


 Heart hspace5  shrutibali Heart hspace5

     ~rahul ki rani~      

Heart hspace5  sameen Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 lrl-fan Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 sheejk Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 silent_girl Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 magicalmelody Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 smartrockstar Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 uxen10 Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 zuman Heart hspace5

Dia - soooperfan

Heart hspace5 Ashi - ~ashi~ Heart hspace5

Nishant - lrllover

Heart hspace5 Tazy - sweety_rajveer Heart hspace5

Rani - rani2310

Heart hspace5 Minnie - minz~12 Heart hspace5

Zikra - huda_aalekh

Heart hspace5 Kiran Di - kiran_sherry Heart hspace5

Sarika - sarikalrl

Heart hspace5 Mehndi - cupcake Heart hspace5

Wida - wida

Heart hspace5 Sangeeta - Asha004 Heart hspace5

Jess - mz.jess

Heart hspace5 Sarah - srk/harshad_hot  Heart hspace5

Wasima - sallu_lover

Heart hspace5 Priya - belle4u Heart hspace5

Niti - liya16

Heart hspace5 Nazara - Nazara Heart hspace5

Bhavana - Jedi_girl

Heart hspace5 Priya - ::Prem$_Priya:: Heart hspace5


Heart hspace5 Mumpet Heart hspace5

Alina Zaidi

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Heart hspace5 Nandini - nandini90 Heart hspace5

Sidra - sidra2007

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Neha - Neha-28

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Rohini - ro_armaanlover

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Heart hspace5 Sidrah fariq Heart hspace5

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Heart hspace5Nina - NeINHeart hspace5
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Heena - angel 16

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Heart hspace5sweetness4eva-MahrukhHeart hspace5


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Harshad Returns to Kis Desh

(Harshad re-enters Kis desh,TC,8th Dec 2008)

(Prem returns to save Heer, Indya.Com)
(Harshad back in kis desh?26 nov,TB)

(HC return)
(Harshad joins Kis Desh)
(Harshad returns to Balaji with Kis Desh)

Talaash - E Baliye 

(Nach Baliye ' Harshad In, Aditya /out)

(Harshad in Nach Baliye, Mumbai Mirror) 

(Harshad in Nach Baliye)

(Talash Ae Baliye)

(Harshad in Calcutta for Talash E Baliye)

(Harshad in Nach Baliye, 2nd Nov, TB)
(News of Harsh being in NB...MM)

On Prems Death
(Harshad upsets his fans)
(Harshad talks about his exit from Kis Desh..Indya.com)
(On Prems  death)
(Harshad talks on his exit from Kis Desh)

Harshad Chopra aka Prem of Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil, is busy preparing for a tough stunt which will mark the end of ...(Telly Buzz)

 (Harsh to do a dare devil stunt, 30th Sep, TB)

(TB article, Prem leaving Kis Desh, 24th Sep)

Kaise Yeh Mohabhat Hai

(Harshad in new show Kaise Mohabbat Hai)

(Harshad in Kaise Yeh Mohabbat Hai)

(Harshad to play the lead in Star Plus Serial)

(Reports of Harsh in a new show...TB..10th October, 08)
Kahani Hamari Mahabharat Ki
(HC in race for arjun character in MB)

(HC playing arjun)

(Harshad's exit from MB...Mumbai Mirror, Post 2)

(Harshad to play Arjun)  


(Harshad on his exit from MB)

Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil
(Harshad Chopda, the new chocolate boy of Kis Desh Main Hai Mera Dil)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=841791&T PN=121

(Harshad as Prem in ''Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dil''..Mumbai Mirror..12th March 2008)


(Harshad as Prem on TB..12TH March)

(Harshad the male lead in kis desh)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=841791&T PN=130

(Harshad on Kis Desh Main....13th March)
(Harshad bags iconic role in Kis Desh)
http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=888239&T PN=10

(Tribune India..Harshad in Chandigarh..15th March)

(Hindustan Times..Harsh in Chandigarh

http://entertainment.oneindia.in/television/top-stories/news /2008/harshad-chopra-kis-desh-mein-130308.html
(Article on Harshad on bagging Kis Desh Main Hai Meraa Dail)

Ambar Dhara

(Article on Harshad about quitting AD..From Radio Sargam)
(Mumbai Mirror Article)
(Amber Dhara)

Left Right Left

(Article on IF where cadets speak out..IF)

(Tony's article on cadets..IF)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=822628&T PN=112

(Harsh leaving LRL..MM)

(Mid Day Article, Tony Vents Out)

Grasim Mr India

(Grasim Mr India 2006 )

Other Articles

(HC Biography)

(I am still waiting for a compliment from ekta ma'am)


(Harshad's article in GR8 magazine...November)

(Harshad's article in Showtime...November)

(Harshad's college life in Pune, Sep 16, 08)
(Harshad is cheerful)

(The Gadgets interview..Sep, 2008)

(Harshad Chopra tells Sonal D'Silva that his dream of being in the limelight has come true)


(Dogged by controversaries)

(TB article on Harshad...18th June..2008)
(Innocence Unlimited)


(Dainik Jagran Interview - I Believe in Hard Work)

(Article on Harshad)

(Old article from filmwalaexp.com


(About  Kis Des - HC mentioned)

(Showtime article..Harshad's name)


(India-Forums Interview)
(New chocolate boy-Harshad Chopda)

(Paanchvi Paas)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=754888&T PN=18
(India-Forum interview)

(Where have all the telestars vanished)
(New article on Harshad after LRL...19th Jan 2008)

(Love for Gadgets)
(In Conversation with Harshad Chopda)

http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=353517&T PN=1

( Link of FC # 1)

(Link of FC # 2)

(Link of FC # 3)

(Akki, We miss you : Link of FC # 4)

(The News Letter : Link of FC # 5)

(Caption Contest Results : Link of FC # 6)

(A new beginning : Link of FC # 7)


(Harsh is Back : Link of FC # 8)


(Jab We Met : Link of FC # 9)

(Rock On : Link of FC # 10)

(Is Pal Ko Jee Le : Link of FC # 12)


(Rise To Stardom : Link Of FC # 16)

(Master of our Hearts : Link of FC # 17)


(Monsoon Hungama : Link of FC # 19)

(A walk down Memory Lane : Link of FC # 20)

(Rains and Awards Season : Link of FC # 21)

(Live it up : Link of FC # 22)

(Expressions : Link of FC # 23)

(In Appreciation : Link of FC # 24)

(Silver Jubilee Bash : Link of FC # 25)

(Smiles Galore-1 : Link of FC # 26)

(Smiles Galore-2 : Link of FC # 27)

(Simplicity and Humility : Link of FC # 28)

(Hands to die for : Link of FC # 29)

(It's in your eyes : Link of FC # 30)

(Cuteness Personifed : Link of FC # 31)

(You are a Winner : Link of FC # 32)

(Journey of Prem - 1 : Link of FC # 33)

(An ode to Prem's love Journey : Link of FC # 34)

(Prem- The journey continues : Link of FC # 35)

(Thanking You : Link of FC # 36)

(Prem - The Journey Continues : Link of FC #37)

http:// www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1107147

(Tara Zameen Par: Link of FC # 38)

http:// www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=1125118

(Telly Screen's Badshah : Link of FC # 39)


(Curtain Raiser : FC # 40)

Links of all videos of LRL, Amber Dhara (Featuring Harshad) Articles on him, links of the various comments on his characters and video remixes..

Vocal Interview: Harshad aka Cadet Ali on I-F Radio


Download Link

(Right-Click and 'Save Target/Link As')


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