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NEW BEGININGS (AK/ AR) part27 pg59 (Page 9)

AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 11:06am | IP Logged
hey great part.. i can't wait for the next part.. continue soon

candyprincess IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 1:58pm | IP Logged

I'm in love with your fan fiction & love how Angad & Kripa are, along with everywhere one else. I'm anticipating for the next part eagerly (:& Great parts! 

msme Senior Member

Joined: 19 May 2009
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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 8:21pm | IP Logged

 Thank you guys ....

next part will be updated in a couple of hours....stay tuned


msme Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 10:10pm | IP Logged
 heya Guys ... part 8


  That day when Angad sat in his car he opened the cabinet on the passenger's side and took her picture out. He stared at it. He didn't know how he felt about her anymore. It had been a habit to look at her picture everyday morning and the one in his drawer at office everyday evening before he called it a day at office. He had his own baggage from his past. Kripa must have hers too he thought. He would tell Kripa about it someday he promised himself. But past was in the past he had to focus on his future'with Kripa he decided. He drove to office his mind full of thoughts from the past and the present events that unfolded in a matter of couple of days. He had decided to say no to this marriage but somehow he had ended up agreeing to it. He had no regrets. There was no love but there was hope he reminded himself again. To him, his family was important and to his family his wedding. His thoughts shifted to the work lined up in office. He had a meeting with Armaan this morning. He played some music to clear his cluttered mind.



The day had been eventful for Kripa too. Dadi had asked her about what she wanted her wedding to be like. If she had something in mind Dadi wanted to know. All girls have some dreams about their marriage Dadi had said and she promised Kripa that she will fulfil hers. Kripa had none though. She had thought about it a lot as a young girl but right now she had nothing on her mind. Dadi assured her that her wedding will be beautiful. She was happy that Dadi had remembered to ask her.


Angad returned home early that evening to a rather empty house. Riddhi was out on one of her many dates with Aditya. Riddhi was full of stories about Adi' as she called him. She was full of him. She looked happy. But Kripa noticed even when she was dating Aditya she was always trying hard to impress him... Dress up as he likes. She had started to listen to his kind of music, eat the food he likes, walk like him and talk like him. Kripa found it weird. In love its important that your partner acceptes you as you are. Love is not about losing individual identity but about making one together. She was worried about Riddhi. It was almost like Riddhi was the one who strived hard to make it work his way, constantly changing her ways to his likes and dislikes. Her line of thought broke when Angad called out for her from atop the stairs. She rushed to his room. He had showered and looked fresh. He rarely had friends over she remembered. He was in a relaxed mood.



He hugged her when she went up to him. She did not hug him back. She found it weird that he touched her so much since she had agreed to the marriage. He found it weird too that he was touching Kripa everytime he saw her. She was confused and so was he. He asked her about the food and the arrangements. She filled him in. Just when she was about to leave " Kripa.. thanks for all this. If you want we can hire a house keeper now that we are getting married. You will soon be appointed as Mrs Khanna" he grinned.


 The words hit her. Mrs Khanna already she thought. Too fast.

"No! not at all." Mr Khanna she was about to say. "I will take care of the house. It will keep me busy. After all when I will be appointed as Mrs Khanna my duties will remain the same. I love to take care of this house. "


"That will be great" he said. His phone rang, he flicked open and put it his ear.

 "Hey Josh. Where are you the match will start in about an hour?"' alright' okay then see you."


When he turned Kripa had left the room. He walked down to the living room and saw Shabbir. Angad jogged to him. They did high five, turned it into a hand shake, hugged and patted each other on their backs. He took Shabbir with him to his room.

As if on a cue Kripa walked into the room with the chips and the cheese dip, some bottled water and ketchup.


"Thank you Mam!" Shabbir said and looked at Angad expecting an introduction.


 "Oh ! this is Ms Kripa." He waved his hand towards Kripa and back to Shabbir " Kripa 'Shabbir" Kripa smiled, nodded and left.


Ms Kripa she thought on her was back. He had not told his friends she guessed. It had happened so fast. He would have to in time. She almost bumped into a tall figure when she was on her last step of the stairs.


"Hellow lady! Watch it" the man said.


"Oh I am so sorry'I did not see." She apologised.


"No a problem. Pleasure it was!" the man said taking a step closer to Kripa. Held her hand and winked at her. He kept staring at Kripa. He did not like this guy at all she decided. He was too close to her she realised and stepped back a step. He stepped forward with a devilish grin on his face. She stepped back again and pulled her hand away.

Angad had seen all the drama unfold. He held hid temper in check with a lot of effort.

"Hey Josh!" Angad called out from the railing on the upper floor. "Come on up!"

He looked at Kripa and gestures her to leave out of sight. She nodded and left.


"So who is that girl? Wait a minute a new house keeper eh?" Hawt he mouthed without a sound.


Angad felt anger simmering within him. He held it back yet again. "Stop eyeing all girls like that. Some are not those types. Leave some alone and more so when in my house."


"Oooooooooo' possessive about the HOUSE KEEPER eh? I won't blame you. She is hawt'" He walked to Shabbir and shook hands. Angad stood still. He did not like other men talking like that about Kripa. He had not told them yet but he will soon. Anyways men should treat women with respect always. He was waiting for his parent to come and meet Kripa. Then he would announce it to friends and colleagues. He swallowed the anger and joined his friends.


 Armaan joined them soon after. All the men lounged together and opened the beers. The game started and they cheered for the team they were supporting from time to time. Kripa came and went clearing up empty dishes and getting the refills. Josh eyed her every time she walked in and walked out. Angad hated it. As much as he was looking forward to this evening, he wanted it to get over fast. Josh's habits were not hidden from Angad and he did not mind it. A man to his own he had always thought. But when Josh eyed Kripa that way he felt his heart burn in anger.


Kripa walked in with the sandwiches and was serving them when Josh touched her hand while taking the plate from her and shot her a devilish grin. Kripa's hand jerked and she moved back.


"Kripa! Thanks . You can call it a day' I will handle it from here on." He looked at her and gestured her to leave. He could not take it anymore. She left but came back again with the last servings of chips. Josh looked at her and was about to move towards her when Angad held him back and distracted him to the game. He sat down. Kripa walked out of the room on the cue Angad gave her by an annoyed stare.


 She walked out of the room. A hand gripped her at the elbow and turned her around. She bumped into Angad when he turned her around to face him. She looked up at him. His eyes were red with anger. His breath was heavy and smelt of alcohol. His grip on her elbow tightened and his eyes narrowed. "I told you I will handle it'.didn't I? Guys are drunk in that room'STAY AWAY when I tell you to. Okay?"She shivered with fright. Her elbow hurt from his tight grip. "You are not a House Keeper any more. Heck even if you were' you don't deserve to be treated like that'You are going to be my wife. I won't have guys hitting at you like that. Josh is a jerk'. Stay'.. away" he emphasized. She rushed back to her room.


He let her go and turned to see Armaan standing behind him. He had heard the wife bit.


"Wow! That's news! You should tell the guys." Armaan said.


Angad put a hand on his shoulders and walked him towards the room. "I will' in a couple of days. Mom Dad will be here day after. They will meet Kripa and then I will tell everyone.Okay."


"Angad' champ ' you scared her. Angry on Josh 'screamed on Kripa ' not fair you know" Armaan jerked his shoulders.


"Yeh yeah' I know... I will speak with her later." Angad replied and they got back to the game. The match was over, Shabbir and a very sloshed Josh left. Armaan stayed back for a while. He had not seen Ridhima yet. He just wanted to get a glimpse of her. It would be after such a long time'he sighed and waited.


 "So how come you are marrying Kripa. Do you love her?" Armaan asked.


"Not yet '. But she will be a good wife and I will make it work." Angad said staring at his glass of beer.


"Champ'Champ'Champ' its HOLY MATRIMONY we are talking about '. Not a deal '. You will make it work." Armaan threw his hand in the air.

"Look I don't love her as of now but I will' may be" he stared at the blank screen of the TV. "I mean she is perfect. Honest, warm, intelligent, beautiful. He eyes are hazzel you know. And her lips ' they must be so soft'her heart is so pure ' so innocent and when I hugged her today we fit like''"


"Okay stop! ' too much information' too much detail." Armaan goggled at Angad in disbelief. Angad opened his eyes and realised he had said too much and that too aloud. He blushed.


"Well! You say all that about her, get angry when Josh flirts with her' and say you don't love her. Champ 'it does not fit' take a reality check.. I think it s LAAAAAAAUUUUUUU' all the way." Armaan declared with a puckered face emphasizing on "love" in a peculiar tone.


Angad grinned stupidly at Armaan." I know what love feels like' been there seen it all' remember. With Kripa its not love' not just yet at least." Angad said. He heard the car screech to halt. Armaan looked towards the balcony.


"Ridhima! Coming home late again." Angad  said " she is still falling for the wrong guys' I hope she does not fall in trouble." He had a worried expression.


"Okay Gotta go' have an early morning meeting tomorrow remember'."  He had to take this chance to take a look at her. He dashed off the door, jogged down the stairs and saw her. Wow! She had grown up he thought 'physically for sure, filled up in the right parts, and looked ravishing. He controlled his train of thought and walked towards her. Slow 'not so fast he reminded himself. Swift not sudden'


how was that...let me know with your replies....

PS. Sowing seeds for next fan fic with Armaan and will only start when theis one ends... like an extension of the same story.

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sweet_mittal Goldie

Joined: 07 April 2007
Posts: 1580

Posted: 27 May 2009 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
hey dear last two parts were awesome and  wonderful
thank  god kripa is ready for marriage angad is so funny lol but i like the way he make her understand
so angad's parents r coming i hope naina like kripa and give her the love of mother which she didn't get
love angad's possessiveness about kripa and yes josh is a jerk
so adi is like plyaing with ridz i hope ridz realize soon and armaan always protect her from the enemy i know that hehe
so is somebody else in angad's life hope he forget her and soon fall in love with kripa and so is kripa
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee continue soon
love ya

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ksasi IF-Rockerz

Joined: 30 December 2007
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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
nice prt.
hope Angad realise tht he fell for Kripa n who is his past.
continue soon.
karipa Goldie

Joined: 27 July 2005
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Posted: 28 May 2009 at 12:43am | IP Logged
wow lovely part love it
wat was the pic about   does angad love some 1 els ?
plz con soon waiting 4 ur next part
AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 January 2006
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Posted: 28 May 2009 at 1:12am | IP Logged
nice part...
but i dont like josh being a bad guy... i mean he was good 4 AK in KYPH....
& Arman has hots 4 ridz.... wonder what will Angad do abt it???
conitnue soon

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