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NEW BEGININGS (AK/ AR) part27 pg59 (Page 8)

AKForever Goldie

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Posted: 26 May 2009 at 4:55pm | IP Logged
hey all ur part so far were really good .. continue soon...

msme Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2009 at 8:26pm | IP Logged
  hi u all

 Thanks so much guys....

Angad is having a lot of fun at Kripas expense ...but soon it will be Angad who will find himself in the funny spot ...keep reading

I will post the next part in a while....


bunny_fun Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2009 at 8:52pm | IP Logged

I have just read this FF and I love this Fan Fiction, Angand and Kripa and Dadi and Ridhima are awaesome.... i would love to read more .... I love how the story is going ..... I love the flow and all the scenes ...

please, continue as soon as possible.


msme Senior Member

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Posted: 26 May 2009 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
 hey u.... all lovely people.

heres the next part...

I have messed up some so I am posting some portions from earlier chapters...I hope I don't confuse you.
ask me if you have doubts.



Precap : From pat 1 and 2.


From Part 1

And now the marriage proposal. They are all in for it. Dadi is very insistent that it would be the right thing for both of them. For her and for Angad. Ridhima agreed that both of them …Kripa and Angad…. needed new beginnings and its would be best. Ridhima wanted to see her beloved brother happy again. Now it is upto Kripa to decide and of course it was Angad's final call.


From par 2

 Angad comes to Kripas room to talk about the marriage...

He hit to the point without wasting time. He was the most straight forward guy she had ever met.

 "Kripa  actually ..mmm…I am sure Dadi spoke with you about the marriage" he hesisted a bit. His next words were difficult to come "our marriage" he said finally.




He let out his breath that lingered on her shoulder and finally said " I think Dadi is right. What the heck!!!! lets get married. Get this whole thing done with. Everybody will be happy. Dadi , Riddi, me ….".


Kripa? He asked. " say something."


"I…. I don't know. I….Angad …Mr. Khanna..." she played with her chain just to distract herself from the weekness she felt in her legs and the churning in her stomach. This was the storm that he stirred in her. She had felt it before… almost always when he spoke to her.


But he was the one to make the move. This time he held her hands in his. "You must feel like walking out of one marriage and stepping into another but this one is not a blackmail. It's just….well you think and let me know tomorrow…okay"


With that he turned and left. As abruptly as he had come.


She had little choice and she would have to say yes for Dadi, Riddhi Angad and …for herself. After all… all she had to do was… marry the almost most eligible bachelor in town who looked like a hero. In any other circumstances it would have made her happy. But for now she would say "yes". She had to wait and see what came from this marriage.



This is actually where the flashback ends… sorry guys actually this is my first fanfic and I think I messed up the flow.


To clarify it further : Angad saved Kripa, then She takes up the job of working in Khanna Mansion as a house keeper, then Dadi asks her to marry Angad, Angad agrees and now all are waiting for her reply.


Next day morning,


She was happy working with the Khanna's… wasn't she? And she was also happy to have found a mother in Dadi, a sister in Riddhi and a home in the Khanna mansion. But life had taken another swift turn with this proposal. When life gets out of control one should let life control you they say. She had made up her mind. She was just going to let life move on and take its own course.


They were all at the dinning table for breakfast. She had not slept a wink the night earlier with all the nervousness she felt. The moment Dadi had walked down the stairs she was eyeing Kripa …almost trying to find the answer to that million dollar question in her eyes but Kripa had avoided looking straight at Dadis questioning eyes. Ridhima had a funny teasing glint in her eyes when she had wished Kripa good morning. The hug and an affectionate kiss on the cheek that a very excited Riddhi gave her was further proof that Angad had spoken to them already about him agreeing to the marriage. Now as Angad walked to the table with ease and calm as if nothing had happened made her even more nervous.


Angad had not slept well himself. He had said what he had to and he had made up his mind…put the ball in her court. But he was nervous himself behind his calm exterior. He always was so hungry in the mornings but today he just was not. He was not sure what Kripa's answer would be. If she said yes it would be good for him, he would make sure that their ARRANGEMENT worked but if she said no he was not sure what he would do. He would do nothing of course he realised but how would he feel about the rejection. He didn't have an ego but he had pride. And a rejection from Kripa who he had saved so heroically would damage his pride some he thought. He avoided looking at her directly and at Dadi or Riddhi too.


He had not doubted even once that Riddhi would be the one to break the perfect silence. "So whats up?" she looked from Angad to Kripa and back to Angad. She always had that twinkle of excitement in the eyes and the anticipation was clear from her giggles.


"I don't know, YOU tell me what's up?" he looked at her now.


As the Khanna's were known for their straight forwardness Dadi had to get to the point. And she did.


"Kripa, so have you thought about what Angad spoke with you beta." Dadi walked to Kripa and put a hand on hers. "If you need more time…."


Kripa shook her head from side to side in a no. Angads heart missed a beat. She WAS rejecting him. He looked down to his plate and toyed with the food on his plate but dared not look up at her again.


"I don't need more time." She said looking at Dadi. Angad looked up at her now. She looked at Angad this time. " yes, I will" she said and couldn't say more with the shiver she felt pass through her body. She breathed deep.

"Dadi, you are like a mother to me, if I would have ever married I would have married the guy my parents chose for me. And if you have chosen Mr Khanna for me then I will marry him" she said.


"Yippey !" Ridhima jumped and clapped like a 5 yr old. She ran and hugged Kripa and then Angad.


"It's  Angad… sweetheart!" he looked at her and turned to Dadi. "So now …Dadi the ball is in your court. We are ready …get us married "

 "And we …need to talk" He held Kripa's hand and dragged her towards the backyard.


They were alone in the backyard. A gentle breeze blew in her hair. She felt a chill pass through her spine. What was he doing? She thought.


"Now, if you ever call me Mr Khanna …I will call this wedding off. You hear me?" he joked to lighten her mood. She looked tensed. He held her by her shoulders this time and smiled into her eyes. "I know we don't love each other. Everyone wants to marry for love but not all are that lucky. We will marry, take it one step at a time and see what happens. Who knows we might hit the jack pot… we might find love after all" he said with a calm tone.


Her eyes welled up with tears; she left the breath she was holding for so long alas. And a tear dropped treacherously from her wavering lids. He wiped it with his thumb and cupped her face in his large palms.


" Stop crying…will you?" he scolded. "There might be no love as yet but there is hope" he pulled her into a hug.


It was so sudden, so warm to be held in his arms. Mechanically, her hands moved to his back to complete the embrace and her head buried in his broad chest. She felt content, so calm she was scared that it would not last.


He had felt her hand moving to his back and her head touching his chest. He felt something else. He felt an ache rising at the centre of his anatomy spreading to his limbs and his head….his heart. He didn't want to let go but he did, kissed her forehead and stayed there. A physical reaction of THE male specie in close proximity of the female he thought and brushed the feeling off.


"Ahem! Ahem!" Riddhi pretended to clear her throat and rolled her eyes with a mischievous smile on her face. "Guys! Lay off and bhaiyya! Control …Will you?"


Angad and Kripa stepped away from each other. Kripa wanted to vanish in thin air. Angad kicked his little devil of a sister in his mind. The girl had some timing.


"Mom, Dad are on the phone Bhaiyya and Ma wants to speak with you." she said.

"Already! Wow! Dadi works fast." He walked inside.


Ridhima hugged Kripa for the second time this morning. " I am so happy. Kripa…BHABHI…you both deserve the best." It was the first time Kripa had seen tears in Ridhima's eyes. But Kripa knew she was happy for her brother and the tear were of happiness. She hugged Ridhima and walked back inside with her.


 When Kripa walked inside Dadi enveloped her in a huge hug too. She was looked excited as well. Angad was sitting on the sofa and talking over the phone.


"Yes ma!" he rolled his eyes…" MA …please… No …pleeeeaseeee" he looked at Dadi with a irritated expression. " MA …I am marrying Kripa and that's final. She is perfect for me. Please don't worry ma" he shot Dadi a victimised look and almost pleaded to save him from his mother's interrogation. "okay now! I have to rush to office … its already late …alright… yes I had my breakfast… yes I am eating well… yes ma …I will come to the airport. Okay bye" he handed the phone to Dadi and dragged his hands through his hair in exhaustion. But he smiled then. His mother always got the worst of his nerves but she was adorable all the same. She worried about her kids so much. And now she would not rest her worries until she met and saw Kripa in flesh and blood.


Kripa was worried too. She had seen Mr Dilip Khanna and Mrs Naina Khanna in the pictures spread all around the house. There was a picture she had cleared of dust in Angads room herself number of times. But what would be it like to meet them in person. She tensed at the thought. Will they like her? Will they agree to their son marrying someone like her from a middle class back ground?


Ridhima brought her back from her thoughts. " Oh Kripa! You look worried. Don't even go there. It's my moms monopoly in that area. She worries plenty about everything. And if she does not worry about anything then we are worried if she is okay."


"But" Kripa said. She was still tensed. Angad came down of the stairs ready for office. " Kripa, I forgot to tell you last night" there is more? Kripa though. "Josh, Shabbir and Armaan are coming home today evening. We are watching the foot ball finals together. Please arrange for dinner and snacks and all that."


Dadi looked at him in disbelief. Men are men she thought. She had more to think about though. The wedding for her grandson was top on her priority.



That evening Angad had his friends coming over. Kripa was busy getting the snacks made from the cook. She had asked the cook to make chicken sandwiches, bought some chips and made a cheesy dip to go with the chips and sandwiches. She had worked mechanically but the she could not keep Angad's thought away. What he had said in the backyard had total honesty in it. But there was no love and she had no choice. She would give this marriage all that she had she was sure.


Dadi had informed her that Dilip and Naina were coming in a couple of days. She had often wondered why Dilip and Naina lived abroad away from their children and their home.

Dadi had told her the story then. Dilip had married Naina because they were in love. Naina was born and brought up the English way in London but was an Indian girl at heart.  When she had met Dilip she had moved with him to India as his family and business was there. In return Dilip had promised her that they would build a house in London to retire and grow old in. When Angad had taken over the business Dilip had kept his promise taken his wife to London where they lived in the country. They had a small cottage. They were happy there. It was not as easy as Naina had thought it would be. Away from her children she had worried about them even more. Now they were coming home for her sons wedding. On the way back she was thinking how Kripa would be and worried if she would be right for Angad.

coming up next ....the boys and their match... and some things that Angad realises.... about how his feeling already changed fro Kripa ..his wife to be.

Do reply...and enjoy this one...


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j44a IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 May 2009 at 9:42pm | IP Logged


Great. fab part... Loved it.........
Itz realli nice...
Love the way Angad comforted Kirpa.. Hez realli a sweetheart...
Cant wait to see wat Naina will say abt Kirpa.. Hope she will like her..
Wow Angadz feelingz already chagin foa Kirpa.. Thtz realli nice.. Cant wait ..
Continue soon.. N thx foa the pm.....
karipa Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 12:23am | IP Logged
wow gr88888888 job i love ur ff i keep it upp
con soon
AngelsHeaven IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 3:02am | IP Logged
nice part just l;oved it....
waitng 4 Angad's discopvery....
conitnue soon
ksasi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 9:16am | IP Logged
awesome partsClap  
Waiting for wat angad discovers n wat is the reaction of naina wen she meet Kripa.
Thanks for pm.
update soon.

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