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NEW BEGININGS (AK/ AR) part27 pg59 (Page 5)

msme Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 11:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by akrock

jus went thru ur fic...
loved it
hope ak fall in luv soon...
cont soon....
 thank you for reading my version of Ak fanfic....AK will fall in love ....but it will take some time ...until then enjoy there journey into falling in love ....keep reading and keep replying...

Lavender21 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
hey. ur ff is kul. Plz continue.
kyphkamahbuba Groupbie

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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 3:12pm | IP Logged
Omg I jus read ur fanfic it's awesome I loved it!! pleaz continue =]
dancingdiva91 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
luvved it...Riddhima is hilarious...Dadi's so caring...and Angad well he's just a to the food part)...luved it...i think i already said that...cont soon...btw...thnx for liking my
sweet_mittal Goldie

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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 8:48pm | IP Logged

hey dear its awesome and wonderful part

angad is caring but a little rude hehe
dadi is loving and caring and ridz is sweet
i just hope angad and kripa understand eachother and love too
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue soon
love ya
msme Senior Member

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Posted: 22 May 2009 at 10:40am | IP Logged

next chapter Guys enjoy....



The next morning Kripa woke up with a jerk. She was sweating, her pulse was speedy. She looked around and realised she was safe. It was just a dream. She sighed in relief, reached for her watch to check the time. She had slept a little more than usual. It was a little later than early morning she realised. She got out of the bed tying her hair in a ponytail. She looked into the hamper that Ridhima had got her and found toothpaste and a toothbrush. She freshened up.


After a while she peeped out of her room. It was silent out side. She had to venture out she thought. She had no other clothes to change in so she did not think of taking a bath. Just when she came out from behind the huge staircase she saw Angad at the table. Eating again? Wow! She wondered the man had some appetite. A middle aged lady dressed in a sari came out of the kitchen with a glass of milk. Milk? She thought again, a grown up man like Angad had a glass of milk in the mornings. She smiled.


"Arre Kripa you are up already? "She looked upwards in the direction where the sound came from. Ridhima all fresh and bright peeped down from the railing of the staircase." Aao! Let's have breakfast. "

They walked to the table and Kripa took as seat next to Ridhima. Angad did not look up from his plate full of fruits and brown bread sans butter. He seemed to be in a foul mood.


"Good morning Angad BHAIYYA" Ridhima said pulling his cheek. Angad shot her an angry look and glanced at Kripa. Kripa could not help but smile at his irritation and that fuelled his ire further. He threw the napkin from his lap on the table and got up.

"Grow up Ridhi. We are not teenagers any more." was all he said and left. Ridhima stared in disbelief. What had gotten into her brother?


Kripa was almost scared by his temper. His eyes had turned red in a blink. And his cheeks had gotten some of the colour too. As if he was blushing. Kripa looked at Ridhima who still looked shocked and hurt. Dadi had seen the drama unfold. She stroked Riddhis head "You know him beta, when Angads angry he would not see reason." His temper had scared them all in his growing days and it bothered them even now.


"But what did I do Dadi. How am I always the victim of his ill temper?" she said almost tearful.


Dadi had to change the topic. She started filling Kripa up with the plan Angad had discussed with her earlier in the morning. Angad had spoken with his lawyers to clear the legal issue out and sue the mama for forgery. Apparently the house was still in Kripas name according to her fathers will and mama had just bluffed about it. Angad would arrange for Kripa to go there once he had thrown Mama out of the premises and pack her stuff.


"Oh Thank God!" Kripa closed her eyes and said a little prayer in her mind. The house was important to her. She was young and able. Educated and hardworking ' she could earn money. But the house had an emotional value. Her memories were all there. She could return home now she thought.


"Dadi, I know you will scold me but I have to say 'thank you very much. Mr Khanna had already done a lot for me and now he is done more. My father always spoke highly about the Khanna family. I will always be indebted."


Ridhima clapped her hand and got up from the table. After Angads outburst she had lost her appetite. "Wow! Nice speech. Relax Kripa. He saved you because you deserved to be saved. Besides he is nice" she saw Angad walk down the stairs ready for office and added looking straight at him "but not as nice as you think he is"


Angad smiled. He had it coming. He knew he had lost his temper again. He was angry with Ridhima for something else and he took it out at a wrong time and in a wrong way. Hell! He had promised himself that he would sit her down and calmly, tactfully hammer some sense in her. She was constantly choosing to date wrong guys and it had to change. But his temper had always been one of his worst flaws. He was trying to work on it though.


"Okay! So I was wrong. I accept. I am sorry"  he said with hand placed on his heart' somewhere deep in his heart he knew the wrong timing and the outburst had something to do with the smile Kripa had on her face when Ridhi pulled his cheek. He was the "girls" saviour. He was the MAN'the HERO. And suddenly Riddhi had pulled his cheeks in front of Kripa. The whole image was spoilt. He smiled again and kissed Riddhi on her head. Riddhi smiled "Be careful next time or else "Ridhima picked up the butter knife and pointed it at Angad. Angad raised both his hands pretending to be scared. They all laughed. Kripa looked pretty when she laughed Angad noticed.


"Dadi where is Maggie? She was supposed to be back from Goa a week ago. Dadi I cant handle this. My room is a mess. The gym is a mess. I can't find my things. The laundry'hell my life is a mess'.uff" Angad sighed.


"Beta she is not coming back. She got married and now she won't work she said. I have already given the ads in the newspaper and on the net. Until we find someone you have to manage" Dadi patted Angads back.


"MANAGE'.!!" He looked shocked' almost scared'" I cant" he looked tired.


Dadi laughed. "Stop the drama'will you? And you can't manage it? 'you handle 7 hotels, 4 resorts, several other businesses but you can't manage your room? That's ridiculous. Anyways until we find another housekeeper I will see what I can do to clear your room up."


"Dadi you are the bestest" Angad beamed and left. Dadi shook her head in disbelief. Angad needed a wife not a housekeeper. Only if he would agree to that.


So left with no choice Dadi had requested Kripa to clear up Angads room. Kripa had never said no to Dadi for anything ever since she had stepped into Dadis home. And just clearing a room was nothing at all. She opened the door to his room and was shocked. It was a scene'And not a pleasant one. Shoes, socks, magazine, official documents, DVDs, i-pod and more unbelievable things were strewn on the floor. Another storm that Angad had created. The bedcovers were on the floor besides the bed and the bed itself was covered with clothes. Two used tea cups were lined on the side table. The closet was open with clothes hanging from the compartments.


 She felt like she was not asked to clean a room but fight a war. It was a task. There was a big picture of Angad on one of the walls. While she cleaned she kept glancing at it time and again. It was a beautiful picture. He was a handsome man she noticed. The eyes in the picture looked different to her though. They looked happy but in person his eyes had looked dull to her, more focused than content. She brushed the thought away and concentrated on the task at hand. It took her several hours to make it a liveable place.

She also arranged his DVDs and audio cds in order. The Hollywood movies and then the bollywood ones. She sent his used shirts and trousers to be laundered. Cleaned the cupboards. When all was done she put some flowers in the vase next to his bed. And left.


Dadi entered the room several minutes after Kripa had left. She was impressed. Thank God Kripa knew how to manage a room unlike Angad.


Kripa came back to her room. She needed to rest after the laborious task. Kripa was happy to be safe. She wanted to return to her house but she had packed her stuff and moved in Khanna mansion instead. Angad had very strictly told her that she could not live in her house just yet as mama could do anything and everything to harm her. He wanted to protect the one he saved. Angads lawyers had cornered Mama and it was just matter of time. Mama would go to jail.  But law suits in India took a lot of time. So she lived in the Khanna mansion, in the room behind the staircase. She would help Dadi with whatever work was need to be done round the house.


While wandering in the mansion she had seen a backyard. It was unkempt. Wild plant had grown, withered and dried. With Dadis permission she planned to visit Mrs Lobos nursery and buy some plants and seed to do up the small patch. But even with the house work and gardening she would have a lot of time. She could do anything but kill time. Time was precious to be wasted she believed.


Angad had found out that her father had a fixed deposit on Kripas name and he had transferred the money to a bank account on her name. So she had some money for her petty expenses. But she needed a job. How long would the money last? And how long could she live with the Khannas. She had a plan. She picked up the newspaper and walked out of the room for dinner.


Angad returned from office a little early and after a long time the whole family was having dinner together. They always managed to have breakfast together but a family dinner was a rare occasion. They had a terrific cook Kripa thought. She loved the food. She folded the news paper with the job ad and placed it on her lap. She wanted to speak to Dadi about the job when Angad was around and this was a perfect time. Perfect time it was indeed she thought as when she was about to prod the topic Angad came down almost bouncing on the step all the way down. He seemed to be in a good mood.


"Wow Dadi the room looks like never before. Thank you! You are the bestest . didn't I tell you." Kripa kept her head down. " and the flowers 'nice touch dadi. Even the CDS are arranged and all that. Its so perfect I am scared to touch anything. I won't want to spoil the perfect order it is in"


"All right! All right!" said dadi and turned him around to face Kripa. "Don't waste all your charm on me. Thank this young lady here ' it's her 'nice touch' that has put you in such a good mood this evening."


"OH thanks Kripa." He took her hand in his for a handshake. He had touched her for the first time since the wedding day. A shiver ran up her spine. She wondered why?


Still holding her hand in his he said "You are amazing. But please don't leave me now. Keep at it. Manage my room, my things, manage me 'Manage my life if you want."


Everybody looked at him in disbelief. "Are you proposing to her " Ridhima said. "I knew something was cooking there'.Come on Bhaiyya you can do better than that 'get on one knee' do the whole routine" she jumped in excitement.


"Shut up Riddhi'" he turned around to face Kripa again "Sorry I am too excited. I think I said too much. But thanks again and keep at it, please" he tried to control his excitement.


"No its fine. Actually I myself was going to ask you" Kripa said her head still bowed to hide her embarrassment that had turned her face pink.


Now Angad was shocked. "What? You want to marry me?"


"Oh No!!! Not that'" She looked up suddenly.


He saw the colour of blush pink on her cheeks. Would it hurt to play her a bit? Just a little ragging. Just in the name of good humour he said "Why you don't think I am good enough to marry. Not your type huh? He raised a brow.

The pink on her cheeks turned to darker shade.


"Oh stop it Angad!" Dadi scolded. Angad chuckled at Kripas expense.


If she could Kripa would have run away as far as possible but she could not as always.

She looked at Dadi now and put the paper on the table.


 "I saw this ad' I want to work but I can't go out and work as mama is still in the city. I was hoping if you don't mind I could take up this job. I mean I have no experience or anything but I will try my best. I promise I will work hard."


Dadi had a smile on her face. That's exactly what Dadi had on mind!

Angad also liked the idea. He loved what she had done to his room and he wanted her to continue to keep it like that. He also appreciated the fact that she wanted to work. She did not want to depend on anyone. He liked people who took responsibility for themselves.


So it was set. Kripa was the house keeper of Khanna house from then on. Dadi warned her though that house keeping might sound like taking care of the mansion. Managing the staff etc. But in Khanna mansion it meant managing Angad, his room, his things etc. Kripa just agreed never the less.


From then on Kripa was the house keeper of Khanna mansion. She never talked about the pay. She was happy she had work and it was for the Khannas. She still felt she owed them a lot.

Now Kripa will be working close to Angad and there will be more of their interaction

Do read and reply.



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sweet_mittal Goldie

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Posted: 22 May 2009 at 3:53pm | IP Logged

hey dear another awesome update

can't believe angad get so excited on looking at his room clean hehe
i hope he started understanding kripa
pelaseeeeeeeeeeee continue soon
love ya
j44a IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 May 2009 at 9:12pm | IP Logged
Wow.. Fab part...
Aww Angad got so damn excited.. Tht was realli nice...
Great going...
Continue soon.. =)

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