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   Twenty-six years ago today, a star was born.  Who knew then, that this humble, down-to-earth, small-town guy would go on to one day captivate the hearts of millions, worldwide.

                In an recent interview, Harshad claimed that he too wished to be surrounded by a mob of admirers'when he least expected it, with his stint in Star Plus' Nach Baliye 4, he finally got his dream come true.  It was then that he realized that maybe he'd created more of a buzz than he'd thought.  That's the kind of persons Harshad is.  Completely aloof to the kind of stardom that surrounds him today'to the fact that he is the heartthrob of millions, loved and admired by the masses, the world over.  Humble, sincere, firmly grounded, an actor par excellence who worships his work.

                Always harboring big celluloid dreams, Harshad dared to chase those dreams against all odds, after moving to Pune to complete his Engineering degree.  His hard work began with the Mr. Pune contest where he won for best small step in his journey to the top.  Shortly after, he moved to Mumbai and dove in.  He worked on all aspects of himself as a person in order to achieve his goals.  After multiple auditions, he was given his first break in Mamta, where he was able to hone in on his acting skills as he prepared for Grasim Mr. India at the same time.  While Harshad lost the title at Grasim, with Mamta, he was able to prove his natural talent.  From the very first take, it was hard to believe he was a novice, completely new to the industry, learning the tools of the trade.

                After learning the nuances of acting on the sets of Mamta, he went on to assay the role of Ali in Left Right Left.  The character sketch of Ali was such that the audience was forced to admire him.  However, the essence of the character had to be captured with utmost perfection, if this was to work.  Harshad did exactly that.  Ali was a character that Harshad portrayed with utmost dignity.  However, despite that, what made Ali so loveable and charming was his honesty.  An honesty that came from within HC.  With Ali being Karan's polar opposite, it was astounding to see that Harshad could pull off the contrasting role with such precision.  He took his natural talent and coupled it with his teachings from the sets of Mamta to help him hone in on his acting.  The result: a skilled actor that could within a short span of time, seemingly take on any kind of role, and do full justice to it.

                Alongside Ali, Harshad, for a short term, assayed the role of the fun-loving, suave, romantic Akshat, the male lead in Amber Dhara.  His portrayal of Akshat proved the aforementioned - that he could assay any kind of role masterfully.  Despite the fact that the character of Akshat had not developed fully into the storyline when Harshad assayed the role, he was able to make his mark in a show in which he was, at the time, merely a side character.  This was a direct testament to his acting ability and the amount of screen presence he commanded.  Thought the stint was short lived, he left a lasting impact.

                In Spring of 2008, after being away from the idiot box for a while, Harshad returned to the small screen as Ekta Kapoor's new "chocolate boy" in KDMHMD.  March 12, 2008.  Prem Juneja, a character unlike any that has ever been seen before, was introduced to primetime television for the first time.  A character deeply rooted in values and morale, he is the epitome of love, and the very personification of his name.  As the perfect son, brother, lover, and husband, Prem Juneja quickly captured the hearts of many.  His heart of gold, coupled with a purity and innocence so very uncharacteristic of today, left the masses craving for more.  It comes as no surprise that the endearing, amiable nature that HC possesses had an equal hand in catapulting Prem to newer heights, as did the delicate sophistication, utmost perfection and uncanny finesse with which he assayed the role. 

                Merely two months after he first stepped onto the soccer field as Prem Juneja in Prem's debut episode of 'KDMHMD', Harshad Chopda went on to win numerous accolades for his performance as the ideal, adarshwadi beta of the Juneja parivaar.  That too, on his 25th birthday.  It was, according to him, the best birthday present he could have ever received, and the most memorable birthday for him, 'til date.  From then on, there was no looking back.  Not only was the audience captivated by one brilliant, soul stirring performance after another, but we were also highly intrigued by the man behind our beloved Prem.  And it seems, the news channels were intrigued by him as well.  They continued to bring us glimpses of the man who brought Prem to life, and we quickly learned that he himself is so very much like Prem, though, with a bit of a fun, lighthearted side, that makes him all the more endearing. 

               It has been just over a year, and the young Prem Juneja continues to captivate the hearts of millions worldwide.  Even now, with the ever changing storyline and ambiguous plot, Harshad hasn't missed a beat; being a director's actor, he continues to assay the role as per the director's wish.  HC has portrayed Prem with immense precision and simplicity, and made his way into the hearts of millions.  It goes without saying, that Prem, is one of the most beloved characters of television today'and the man that brings him to life, among the best, and most sought after actors of the Indian television industry.

                Over the past three years, Harshad has worked hard, perfected his skill, and won the adoration of millions.  Today he is one of the most loved, respected, and in-demand actors of television.  Harshad's dedication and determination has catapulted him to great heights in very short period of time, and he will only continue to climb higher in the future.  Despite all of this, the most endearing thing about Harshad, and what makes him so loved and respected is that he chooses to remain simple, grounded, and humbled; not at all effected by the uproar that he has created.  His accomplishments and accolades prove that he has what it takes to be the best of the best, but it is his this attribute that makes him so admirable.

                An actor who believes simply in doing good work, and letting his work speak for itself, it comes as no surprise that Harshad had achieved the heights of success in such a short period of time.  Hard work is always rewarded and so, it goes without saying that Harshad will continue to be prosperous and reach the pinnacle of success, as he deserves.  Today, on his 26th birthday, we wish him all the very best in his future endeavors.  May he continue to be blessed with the all the very best in life.  Happy Birthday, Harshad.  Wherever this next year takes you, our undying support, and best wishes will remain with you, now, and always. 






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Hi Harshad,


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and hoping that Prem-Heer get kicked out of Jzoo soon so that e can enjoy heir Lovestory instead of the family lovestory finally. Have a great day.




Hi Harsh Bhayya,


A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! Hope you get all your wishes coming true on this very day with all the Love, Affection, Happiness and Blessings you deserve. You have given us all so much Joy and Love through Prem, And I wish you enjoy your this SPECIAL DAY the way you want it to be. Last year you got your biggest 2 gifts of 2 awards, this year let it be even more special in a different way and the coming year give you more success in your Life and Carrier.
May God Bless You! Happy Birthday once again.




Birthday Harshad!!!

    I am  hoping and praying that you enjoy yourself atleast today and stay away from that
dammn grueling shooting schedule of yours atleast for a day...and spend time with your self...

Have a great day for you dont get 17th May every day...and neither will you turn 26 every day...Wishing you a
a rollicking fun fillled life ahead of filled with truck load of happiness and colored with everything
you have ever aspired for...for you deserve every bit of it....

Adore you for who you are and I hope it always stays this way..
Good Luck today and everyday
God Bless

Hi Harshad,


I had planned on saying many things for your Birthday but now I realized how repetitive it would sound so I will keep it simple and say Happy Birthday Harshad. I have never seen a more humble actor than you and it's that and your talent of course which has made me your fan. So here's me wishing that you remain as you are, always.  Good luck and lots of wishes on this special day. Happy Birthday Once again.


Hi Harshad...

Happy Birthday!
Just want to say I really enjoy watching you on TV and you do an ace job as Prem... Your work is amazing and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
Much happiness and success to you on your birthday and always!!!



Daring to tread the path uncertain. Following your dreams. Struggling and working untiringly. Overcoming hurdles of all kind. Maintaining dignity and respect. During all the ups and downs. Dedication, Perfection and Poise, Amiability, Humility and Modesty. Giving your hundred percent always. Believing in your self :-) Being an inspiration to so many. Making your family and fans proud. Bringing smiles to endless people
This is how I would sum up HC
On your birthday, I would like to wish you lots and lots of reasons to Smile
May your life be full of Sunshine, Success, Health, Happiness, Love and Warmth!
May you be able to fulfill all your and your parents' dreams!
Happy Birthday!
Keep Smiling and Keep Shining!
Even Brighter and Bigger each year; rather each day :-)
Lots of Prayers and Good Wishes!


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Hi Harshad,

Happy Birthday once again!!!


Well to the members --> This post was made in a very short span of time. It was all last minute desicions of the Post. So it looks way too simple for our dear Star. But then like i said made them all in a Hurry.LOL

A big thanks to Payal for the write up on Post 1. If not for her, i dont know what would i have done.

Thanks to Zainu di and khushi for helping me out in this thread.

And sorry i couldnt include messages from members. Like was decided only hours before that i do the Post.

Well Hope Harshad has a blast the whole day today with all d well deserved Joy.

~Luv Nans~

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Happy Birthday Harshad!

You are very special and you deserve the best. Wish you a wonderful life filled with loads of love and happiness. May the years continue to be good to you.

Thank you for making Prem Juneja the best and perfect. You're truly an amazing actor. Wish you all the best for the future and may you achieve greater success.

Have an awesome birthday!...God Bless!

With lots of love,

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Dearest HC,

Today, as you celebrate your 26th Birthday,
All I have to offer you are my deepest, most heartfelt good wishes.

May this day afford you with peace, relaxation, and time enough to spend with a few memorable moments with the people you love.
  May you find time to enjoy the simple pleasures....

You have overcome so much...and achieved great things...I hope you know just how proud we are of you...of the person you are, the person you chose to be...everything you stand for, everything you have accomplished.  Congratulations.

Thank you, for inspiring me to be a better person.  Thank you for setting the example...

I hope you continue to flourish and see your every dream fulfilled.
I pray that you continue to be blessed with all the best in life, for you deserve nothing less. 
Here's wishing that all the smiles you spread across the world each and every day are returned to you two-fold.

Wishing you Happiness, Success, Love, Peace, and Joy...Today, and Every Day.
God Bless,

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Happy Birthday!! :D
Wish you loads and loads of happiness
Wish you achieve newer heights of success every single day!
Wish you get new reasons to smile every single day...

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining!

Nandoo thankoo for the amazing post *hugs*.. and Khushi for the awesome siggies!

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Wishing you all the great things in life,
and we hope this birthday will bring you
an extra share of all that makes you happiest.

For all the wishes you make,
may every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise. Happy Birthday.

Thank you for giving us Prem, I love your Jodi with Heer.  The first ever Indian Show I ever watched and totally love you as a Prem.  I hope the magic of Prem and heer's eternal love story remains the same. 

I hope all your B'day dreams and wishes comes true.

With lots of Good Wishes
Sending you fun-filled birthday wishes!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Clap   Clap   Clap    Embarrassed

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