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Love in Bwood FULL circle!

Enycedoll IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2009 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Long and kinda old article but great for those who are interested in the affairs of Bollywood Actors/Actresses and how they're linked to one another....chek it out, quite a few interesting hookups that i didn't know about!
Love in Bollywood is like a musical chair! Either you have it or else you are out of the race (read life)! But can you blame the stars, who are playing the fame game all the time? The terra firma of Bollywood is the toughest place to be in, because you are not only exposed to the public but also you have to prove and stay in contention all your life. Love among co-stars is but a natural phenomenon just like you see a teacher marrying a teacher and a doctor to a doctor etc etc. However, being in public eye is the most hazardous aspect, an actor/actress has to undergo through out his life, for it (read life) becomes an open book.

Once lovers and then you see s/he is no more your beloved and has married another co-stars. Blame it on destiny or bad karma, but these things keep happening in a normal life too. However, public have always been interested to follow passionately which star is going around with whom and which star has broken his/her affair! Who can forget Dilip Kumars liaison with Kamini Kaushal, Madhubala, Nargis, and Vyjantimala? However, it was Saira Banus luck to marry the tragedy king. They have stayed together, in spite of a three-year storm (Asma from Hyderabad). Kishore Kumars Madhubala and finally life with Leena Chandavarkar after his first marriage is well known universally. So is garam Dharams marriage with dreamgirl Hema Malini after Prakash (his first wife). The star of the millennium too had a great time with Parveen Babi and Rekha, even though he was married to Jaya Bhaduri.

The earlier generation, however, maintained a very low profile in regard to their personal life. However, it cannot be ruled out that in those days the media (film journalism) was at its nascent stages. With the advancement of technology, today even if a star bites a pizza, it makes news. Thanks to the satellite channels, which are always on the look out for juicy bites. But obvious, love affairs became more prominent between stars and are being splashed all over, time and again. The denial (as usual) and then being seen together has become a fad of the stars. Are they truly in love or else are using each other to get all the media hype? A look at the new brigade, who love to flaunt their so-called love interest for various reasons.

The undisputed Casanova of Bollywood is none other than Akshay Kumar, who has had the line up of the most beautiful actresses in his kitty. When he arrived from Hong Kong to pursue his acting career, he latched onto the famous (then) leggy model Pooja Batra. One cannot deny the fact that it was a clever ploy to get noticed and be invited to happening parties. While Pooja was in true love, Akshay ditched her the moment he got a break opposite Ayesha Jhulka. Such is his charm that he has never failed to woo his co-stars. Pooja Batra sulked while Ayesha was blooming with love. Akshay has been a smart guy to use all his girls all through his career climb. Raveena Tandon entered his life and Ayesha was out. Sources confirm that Raveena and Akshay were even married secretly. But as usual when Shilpa Shetty, the hot babe arrived, Akshay dumped Raveena to follow Shilpa stride for stride. Each time a girl he loved cursed him, things went hunky-dory and finally Twinkle Khanna tied the knot and kept Akshay from philandering. Even though, he is married now, Akshay has been linked to various heroines time and again. Today, he is sitting pretty with a happy married life, a kid and his career is also going great guns. One thing cannot be ruled out that Akshay has always manipulated his affairs to get mileage in the media, which has always helped him to climb the ladder of success. Surprisingly, even after ditching all his girls, he is still being loved by his ex-girlfriends. Pooja Batra, Ayesha Jhulka and Raveena Tandon got married but Shilpa is still searching for Mr. Right!

The cute and pretty Amisha Patel, granddaughter of Rajni Patel had always nixed the report about her love affair with Vikram Bhatt in early days. Remember how their love have blossomed to a hilt and one saw a broken Vikram, when the media reported that Amisha was having an affair with Bunty Walia overseas. Vikram, who had been shattered earlier by Sushmita Sen, played it safe by allowing Amishas brother Ashmit to assist him, knowing well that he was interested to be in films. But it seems their love is strong enough to take the overseas (Amishas) affair in their strides as they were back together and are living together. While Amisha was happy that Vikram had given her brother break in his film, Vikram in turn was happy that at least this way Amisha was not walking out on him. Give and take has always been the policy of we humans and stars are no different!

Amrita Arora, Malaika Aroras kid sister has a fetish for the Patels. First she was linked with Ashmit Patel and when she saw no gains, she hooked the hot model Upen, again a Patel! One cannot deny the fact that Amrita and Ashmit couldnt stick to each other for long, as their career was going nowhere. Upen didnt stick to this Arora babe the sooner he got break in Subhash Ghais film. Amritas career is still going nowhere and even Upen as a model is no more a hot guy. Who is using whom is really difficult to say? Love? You must be joking! Love is being seen together to get the media coverage and that is the definition, which Bollywood knows it pretty well.

Models Dino Morea and Bipasha Basu were hot proposition in any fashion show. They were in love when their filmi career took off, Bipasha dumped Dino as she became more successful than him and started signing lots of movie. However, their affair saturated after their first film (together) RAAZ became a hit. While Dino was not considered a saleable star, Bipasha became a hot proposition because of her dare-bare attitude. Even though they parted as friends and were seen in couple of films (after their break-up), what surprises one is that while Bipasha caught hold of hot hunk John Abraham, Dino was stupid enough to get hooked by a divorcee Nandita Mahtani, the Delhi based fashion designer. Nandita is Sanjay Kapurs ex, who later married Karisma Kapoor, much to the surprise of Bollywood and Karismas fans. Can you call such a case love or else destinys game? Well! We leave that for you to decide. While Dino and Nandita has become a great item together, John and Bipasha too were going great in their love journey. However, nowadays both the couples are looking for new greener pastures.

Dad Feroze Khan has always been seen with a PYT (Pretty Young Thing) in each party and son Fardeen had been doing hop, step and jump. Fardeen and Ruheen Jaiswal was an item in the social circle and they were all set to even walk down the aisle, in spite of Fardeen having had his share of girls in his life. Be it Kareena Kapoor, Sameera Reddy, Amrita Arora or Riya Sen, Fardeen has been linked with all pretty ladies time and again. However, the Horlicks baroness seems to be in his luck, so what if his career has still to take off. The Khans family had accepted Ruheen Jaiswal and it would not be long enough when they will be married. But will the marriage last? This is perhaps the only question that Ruheen had never been able to answer, what with the Khans philandering ways. Ultimately, Fardeen married dads co-star Mumtazs daughter.

Just like the hot Khan, Johnnie boy (John Abraham) had intelligently made his calculated moves. When he wanted to enter films, none of the heroines really cared for this hot hunk. So he seduced Moon Moon Sens daughter Riya in a very calculated move. Poor girl trusted John and fell in love with him only to be hurt once John made his foot firm in Bollywood. So shrewd is he that he used Riya to get all the limelight in the media and sources say that Riya even promoted him to various filmmakers. Once he made his debut in JISM, John dumped Riya and got latched to Bipasha, who was single and looking for a hot hunk, by her side. While they knew each other from their modelling days, one cannot deny the fact that both were using each other for personal gains rather than love. Many times whenever John was out of town, Bipasha was seen with her ex Dino. They (John & Bipasha) have denied that they were planning to get married in near future but it seems that luck is not favouring the couple. Ever since they have become a pair, they have given only flops one after the other. As they say, what you sow is what you get!

The first Kapoor girl Karisma was linked with Govinda during her early struggle. It was only Govinda, who was willing to work with Karisma then. However, when she gained star status, she dumped him and even refused to work opposite Govinda. Later, Karisma and Abhishek Bachchans love became the talk of the town. The engagement, which was called off because Kareena couldnt make it for the dooms day was actually put off because of Babita. The war between the Kapoors and the Bachchans became headlines but then as destined Abhishek came out of the trauma of losing Karisma to a divorcee Sanjay Kapur. Even though Kareena has been linked with Fardeen for a short while, one cannot deny the fact that the Kapoor girls are attracted to Kapoor guys only. Pankaj Kapoor and Neelima Azims son Shahid Kapoor has been Kareenas love interest and vice versa. Is Kareena using the popularity of Shahid to make it in the media? After all, Kareena has not given a single hit so far, while Shahids first film ISHQ VISHQ was a hit and today he demands a crore per film. He was on the popularity chart and they were both doing three films together. Is it (the love affair) publicity gimmick or else they are truly in love? As usual they have denied of being separated now and no more in love with each other.

The beauty queen Lara Dutta had been really faithful to her beau Kelly Dorji till few days ahead. The inseparable couple had been together since the past eight years, from as early as their struggling days. Both were models of repute and it was sweet to see Kelly taking a back seat when Lara won the coveted title and hog the limelight. Laras entry into films saw her succumbing to handsome bachelor Abhishek Bachchan (while doing MUMBAI SE AAYA MERA DOST) and married man Akshay Kumar during ANDAAZ. However, it was Kelly who trusted his girl and the patience paid dividends as Lara was back by his side. They were living together and they had postponed their marriage plans too. One cannot deny the fact that to an extent they were really in love. While Laras career is going great guns, Kelly had opened acting and grooming school in Mumbai. Kelly was still known as Laras boyfriend and he had open-heartedly accepted this fact without hurting his ego. They were together because they were in love and many from the industry envy to see this loving couple. However, even this couple has separated now.

Remember the dhak dhak girl, who surprised one and all by marrying an Indian doctor based in the US? Madhuri Dixit like any other girl fell into Anil Kapoors charm, who promoted her during her early struggle. TEZAAB, RAM LAKHAN, PARINDA, BETA and many other films had this amazing pair. While Madhuri used Anil Kapoor to enhance her career standing, Anil Kapoor was looking for romance out side home, as he was already married to Sunita. Once Madhuri became a name, Sanjay Dutt came into her life, who already was living separately from Richa Sharma. Sanjay had always been passionate to be associated with pretty girls. However, when Bombay Bomb Blast rocked the city, Sanjay was caught in the underworld web. It was during this phase that Madhuri ditched or dumped him and instead concentrated on her career. When she reached the zenith, she surprised one and all by marrying Dr. Ram Nene. Love didnt seem her priority, as she preferred a secured life out side Bollywood, knowing pretty well the saying - Here today, gone tomorrow!

Sanjay Dutt having married Richa Sharma early in life married again a beautiful model Rhea Pillai, who stood by him throughout his ordeal. Every thing was fine till Sanjay lost interest in his second wife after many years of togetherness. Rhea was still very much in love with Sanjay and many times the couple had surprised the media by coming together for a cause. However, the coldness in their relationship had made them apart. Then Sanjay was happy to be in love with a foreign lady named Nadia and they were even planning to get married. Rhea Pillai is today Leander Peas beloved wife. Sanjay has fallen in love umpteenth times with Richa Sharma, Madhuri Dixit, Rhea Pillai, and Nadia and is currently seen with Manyata. Will Sanjay be fifth time lucky? Love by Bollywood standard is to flaunt the number of affairs that one can have during his/her lifetime.

Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has been changing boyfriends at will. Perhaps she is the only actress (living Pooja Bhatt aside) who has had the balls to take the men with her attitude. While her love life has seen men as diverse as one could have ever imagined, Sushmita has cared a damn about what people think about her. She used Vikram Bhatt to get into films. Once established, she found Sanjay Kapoor to be her dream man. However, life with Sanjay didnt lead her to greater heights, so she dumped him and got attracted to Sanjay Dutt for a brief stint. One cannot deny the fact that Sushmita has a fetish for the first name of Sanjay, from Sanjay Kapoor to Sanjay Dutt and finally to Sanjay Narang, the restaurateur. They were both so much in love that they were almost on the verge of walking down the aisle. But destiny sure had something else for this sensation. One fine day, the pair declared that they have split for good. The intelligent woman kept low for a while and suddenly after a couple of months Randeep Hooda popped out of Sushmitas closet. The model, who is trying to make it big in Bollywood, became a hot news item as Sushs boyfriend. Randeep is younger to Sushmita but still they used to make a perfect couple. However, they are no more together. Whos next in Sens list? Your guess is as wild as mine!

Another Casanova, who has always been in the news for his love life is Salman Khan. Azharruddins second wife Sangeeta Bijlani was Sallus first love. A planned marriage was also on the cards but destiny diverted Salman to Somy Ali. The couple was hot and belonged to the same community and it became obvious that his family was happy. However, things took a different turn as Somy used to live in London and Salman needed someone in Mumbai. They parted ways as good friends and Sallu found his beautiful maiden in Miss World Aishwarya Rai, who revolted against her parents to fall in love with the Khan. While his caring and possessiveness suffocated Ash, on the other hand, sources confirm Ashs hypocrisy infuriated the Khan. Each time they used to be out of Mumbai, they were a loving couple but no sooner Ash saw her mom, she used to cry aloud. This angered Salman bhai to an extent when he started drinking heavily and even manhandled Ash. Love they say can be dangerous and Ash can describe the fear very well in her autobiography (if she plans to write one day). However, she searched for someone, who could take on Salman Khan, so that she could escape from his clutches. Knowing Sallus reputation in the industry and connections, none dared to be associated with Ash, remember Shah Rukh Khan??? He even replaced Aishwarya with Rani Mukherjee after the on the sets fiasco.

Vivek Oberoi came as her saviour, who took the Khan one to one in the media fun of the millennium, with those 41 calls episode. Salman kept quiet and realized it was wise to leave Ash forever and got attracted to the hot babe from UK Katrina Kaif. Surprisingly, what none of the girls have achieved with Salman, Katrina was too quick to tame the Khan in the shortest possible time. Yes! Like every lover, they have denied their love affair but they are both happy in each others company, which is important to both of them. Will they marry soon? Sources say, the Khan family has accepted Katrina with open arms, however, only time will tell when they would walk the aisle!

The brat Vivek Oberoi was very happy to be in love with Aishwarya. However, just like he had used Gurpreet (remember they even got engaged) and dumped her, Ash too did the same to him to marry Abhishek Bachchan. Poor Gurpreet loved Vivek so much that she used to look after his styling, got free photo shoot from her photographer friend to make his portfolio, promote him sending pictures to various producers and directors. Even the Oberois were very happy and Vivek flaunt his love in media to get all the mileage along with his family. Ram Gopal Varmas COMPANY changed everything overnight for Vivek as the media hype created his image. Many batch mates from Kishore Namit Kapoor acting class have vowed his arrogance. Gurpreet broke the engagement, when she came to know that Vivek was two-timing her. Sources disclose that Gurpreet was even beaten by Vivek as Salman had done with Aishwarya. However, Gurpreet is an intelligent girl and she kept a low profile and stayed away from the media after the break up.

Ash became the changing season of Viveks love life. However, what Ash wanted was someone who could dare to confront Salman and Vivek was too willing. While Ash has used Vivek to stay away from Sallu, Vivek on the other hand thinks Ash loved him just the way he does. Ash even helped Vivek (who was not getting work post 41 calls episode) to get into Subhash Ghais camp, all these to make Sallu jealous.

One will definitely wonder and ask for sure can you fall in love so many times? In Bollywood every thing is possible! However, the answer is who really cares about love? In this bad world, while a girl needs a bodyguard to protect her from the vultures of the industry, the man, on the other hand needs a pretty face to flaunt his masculinity. Love can take a back seat. In fact, one cannot rule out if we conclude saying where is love my dear??? Love in Bollywood is a full circle!

Johnny D

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The article is definitely mean in places and i hate the way the writer has referred to 'divorcees' as if they are some sort of race of termites. Nandita Mehtani left Sanjay because of his horrid philandering ways and uncaring attitude. But she is a wonderful woman in her own right - very kind and very dignified.

The stuff about Akshay Kumar is absolutely true.
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