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Dursleys by Name, Potters by Heart UPDT 5/6 (Page 2)

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Originally posted by Cool Chick 91

tht was totally cool
love the discriptions i cn really imagine it
wow i think im falling in love with this ff
cnt wait for the next part
plz update soon
thanx for the pm and plz pm me again when you update
Thank you sooo much!StarEmbarrassed That was such a sweet review.EmbarrassedSmile Will PM you when I update. :)
Originally posted by samira_rao

just caught up wid the new update.............tht was can u write such nice was srsly superb
Aww, thank you so much!Hug That really means a lot to me.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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Chapter Five: Hurt and Comfort (Part 1)

"Mummy, where are you going?" asked Emma, munching on a banana nut muffin the next day at 7:30 in the morning.

"Your daddy and I are going to Privet Drive," replied Lily promptly, checking herself in the bedroom mirror, "and sweetie, I told you not to bring food into the bedrooms."

"What's Privet Drive?" asked Emma with an innocent face, pretending she hadn't heard her mother's last comment.

"Privet Drive is the street where your cousins live," replied Lily, smiling to herself at her little daughter's antics.

"We have cousins?" asked Will, appearing in the master bedroom, out of breath. He had been running from Harry, because he had stolen Harry's practice snitch.

"Yes, you have cousins. Now, Will and Emma, listen to me carefully. Your cousins, Dudley and Diana Dursley, are magical like all of us, but their parents aren't. They're muggles. Your Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon don't want them, because they hate magic, so we're going to keep them, alright? Your daddy and I are going over there right now to pick them up, and we'll be back in three hours, because we're going to use the car. Uncle Sirius is going to look after all of you, so be on your best behavior, alright?" said Lily sternly, mostly to Will. She knew Emma could behave herself, but Will was another story.

"Mummy, why don't Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon like Dudley and Diana? Aren't they their own children?" asked Emma, quite confused.

"Yes darling, but…there are people like that out there. Even if their own children are different from them, they don't love them," replied Lily sadly.

"If…if we weren't magical, would you…would you still love us?" asked Emma, afraid at the prospect of her parents not loving her.

"Of course sweetheart, we would and still will love all four of you now matter who you turn out to be," replied Lily.

"WILLIAM HENRY POTTER!!" came the angry voice of Harry, as his footsteps neared the bedroom. Will gulped.

"Uh oh, godda run!" he exclaimed, disappearing underneath the bed. Lily laughed and checked herself once more in the mirror, making sure she looked "normal" enough for Petunia. Lily was wearing khaki pants and a green silk top, and her long red hair fell in smooth waves down her back. She wore silver hoop earrings and a matching silver necklace that one of her best friends and sister-in-law, Harriet Potter (James's twin sister) had given her for Christmas. Yup, she was ready.

"James! We have to go!" she called into the bathroom. After grabbing her purse, she went downstairs just in time to answer the doorbell.

"Sirius! Just in time, as always!" she greeted happily, inviting Sirius into the house. Two minutes later, James came downstairs.

"Do I look muggle, Lils?" he asked seriously. James was wearing black pants and a blue casual t-shirt. Lily smiled. She knew how much James was trying to act muggle, so that Petunia wouldn't find any cause to criticize her further, and she appreciated it.

"Yes dear, now let's go!" she said, grabbing his arm and dragging him out the door.

"See you later, Padfoot! Oh, and could you please convince Will to return Harry's snitch to him before Harry murders him?" came the voice of James. Sirius chuckled and went in search of William Potter, who was still hiding underneath the bed in the master bedroom.

Lily and James apparated just outside Magnolia Crescent, in an old abandoned alley. Then James took out a miniature beetle sized blue Mercedes Benz from his pocket, checked to make sure no one was looking, and tapping it with his wand, turned it back to its normal glorious form.

"I'm so glad you forced me to get my license three years ago," he muttered to Lily after they both got in. Not even five minutes later, they drove into the immaculately neat driveway of #4 Privet Drive. Anticipating the meeting they were about to have, both of them walked up to the porch and Lily rang the doorbell.

The past three days had been absolutely horrible for Dudley and Diana Dursley. Their parents hadn't talked to them unless they had to, and their siblings had looked as if they were frightened of them. Dudley just glared the entire time, not showing the hurt and anger he had been feeling, but Diana had let the tears flow. A really sensitive girl, the neglect and hostility her parents had been showing her the past three days were really hurtful to her. The previous night, she had sat on the floor in front of the window, glancing out at the beautiful night sky, with its crescent moon and tiny sparkling stars dotting the sky. With sudden inspiration, Diana had folded her palms and closed her eyes.

"Dear God," she had whispered, "I don't know what I did wrong. If it was making the dishes fly into the sink, I didn't mean to. I honestly didn't. Please forgive me any of the wrongs I did, and please don't let this hurt continue! I know it's only been three days, but it feels more like three years. I love mummy and daddy, but why do they hate us now? I want to feel loved again, and I know Dudley does too, even though he doesn't show it. Please, please dear God, please make our lives like how they were before! Please show me a sign that tells me I didn't do anything wrong!"

Diana didn't know if she imagined it or not, but something like a shooting star had flown past her window.

The next morning at 6:00, Petunia and Vernon had woken up Dudley and Diana, and told them that since they were freaks and didn't deserve their love, they disowned them. It was astonishing how simply and non-caringly they had said this. Diana had burst into tears, and Dudley's face had gone white. He glared at the floor while his parents continued. They told him and his sister that if their Aunt Lily and Uncle James would adopt them, then they would go live with them, but if they didn't come, then they would go to the orphanage. Diana had stared at the parents who had loved her so much with surprise and hurt. So it was true. Her parents didn't love her or her brother, and they never would.

Now, at 7:55, they waited in the living room with one duffel bag each. Their mother had allowed them to take anything that would fit in that bag and that bag only. Everything else would go to Duncan and Delilah. Diana clutched her bag to her chest and waited, trying not to cry. She was leaving the first home she had ever known since she had come home from the hospital eight years ago, and she would never come back. Dudley's glare, which had helped him make it the past three days, was still plastered on his face, but now there was a sign of helplessness and vulnerability on it. Both kids waited, and waited, and waited, for what seemed an eternity, but it was only five minutes. Finally, exactly when the clock struck eight, the doorbell rang, and both kids jumped, along with their so called parents.

The door was opened to reveal a bony woman with a frown on her face. Lily stared at her sister, whom she hadn't seen for nine years, with surprise. Petunia, who had been very bony nine years ago, had gained a little more weight, but not that much. She was still extremely thin, and her mousy blond hair was thinner. Her taste of clothes, however, hadn't changed. She was wearing a ridiculously vibrant salmon colored summer dress with large teal flowers plastered all over it. Lily smiled to herself. "Well," she thought, "I look more "normal" than her then, huh?"

"Come in. They're in the living room," she said stiffly. James put his arm around Lily's shoulders comfortingly and led her into the house. The living room was ridiculously clean just like the garden outside, and two children sat on one of the sofas quietly. When Lily and James entered, they looked up and stared at their aunt and uncle, with whom they were going to live for the rest of their lives.

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Chapter Six: Hurt and Comfort (Part Two)

Lily looked warmly at Dudley and Diana. "Hi," she said with a soft smile, "I'm your aunt, Lily Potter, and this here is your Uncle James."

"We know," said Dudley abruptly, "We're not stupid."

Lily was stunned by his words but then shook them off. Of course he would be cold with her. After all, she and James were taking them away from their home.

"Where is their stuff?" Lily asked Petunia.

"They're holding them," said Petunia with a turn of her nose.

"That's…all they have?" questioned Lily with a frown after glancing at their duffel bags, "Aren't they bringing everything?"

"I don't know," said Petunia uncaringly, "I told them they were allowed to pack one bag with anything they wanted, and they did. End of story."

Lily's eyes blazed with anger. "Petunia! How could you? You're already kicking them out. Isn't that enough for you? Now you're even putting a limit to what they can take? What kind of mother are you?" she exclaimed with irritation.

"It's none of your business!" Petunia shrieked, losing her "uncaring" calm demeanor. "For freaks like them, I shouldn't have let them pack anything, but because of the kindness of my heart, I did!"

Lily laughed scornfully. "The kindness of your heart? Are you seriously stupid? No mother who is "kind" would give up her children like this, and you know it, Petunia Dursley!"

"How dare you!" came a voice from the doorway. A very overweight person was walking into the living room, shaking the place a little with every thundering step (ignore my dramatic adjectives). "It's not poor Petunia's fault our first two offspring were worthless freaks!" exclaimed Vernon Dursley, his face turning red and spit flying everywhere with each word.

Diana, after hearing her father's words, burst into tears. Lily ran over to her and slowly gave her a hug, hoping she wouldn't be pushed away. But Diana let Lily hug her, and after while dried her tears. Lily looked sadly at her and then turned to Vernon, her eyes blazing, but he continued.

"Your kind are taking this country to the dogs! Because of you, hard-working people like us are losing jobs, money, and are unable to feed our families! Because of you, our lives are being altered everyday as you spread your dirty blood to our children, making them freaks! Soon, Dudley and Diana will become like you: stupid, worthless, rubbish…" but Vernon didn't get to finish his words, because before Lily had pulled out her wand, James had his in front of Vernon's face before you could say the word magic. His eyes were blazing fire and right then, he looked even more dangerous than even a death eater.

With a flick of his wand, James sent Vernon flying into the air and hit the wall (not too softly), but because of his body size, Vernon wasn't injured much and got up with fury written all over his face. However, he didn't dare say nor do anything, as James's wand was still pointed at him.

"How dare you, you big, fat, ugly…giant of a man!" said James, as calmly as he could, his eyes still dangerously blazing. "Don't you ever say anything about Lily again! Worthless? Lily is worth extremely more than you, your wife, your house, your job, and your money put together! If anything, you are the one worthless, disowning your children and making excuses for it! You disgust me!"

"James, calm down, please!" Lily pleaded, glancing at Diana who was trembling from the fight between her father and uncle.

"Sorry Lils, but this fat oaf deserved everything I did or said!" said James, calmer now but still glaring at Vernon. Vernon on the other hand, bravely got up and shrieked at the top of his lungs with spit and bits of his mustache falling everywhere, "OUT! Get Out of my respectable house, and never come back!"

By now, Duncan and Delilah, who had been playing in the basement, came out to see what was going on. Their eyes widened when they saw their father so angry.

"Gladly!" said Lily, staring with utter dislike at her sister and brother-in-law. She then softened her expression to one of congeniality and looked back at the two children still sitting on the sofa. "Come on them, sweethearts, let's leave this place."

Diana reluctantly got up from the sofa and reached for Lily's offered hand hesitantly, but Dudley just held his duffel bag more tightly and walked past Lily to the door. Lily sighed. 'I'll just need to work harder with Dudley,' she thought. She liked a challenge once in awhile and was sure she could win Dudley's affection eventually. Little would she know that it would be harder than she thought.

After the four of them got in the car, Petunia couldn't help but yell out from the doorway, "Good riddance!"

Diana started crying again so Lily, with a flick of her wand, sent a tickling hex at Petunia, who started laughing crazily and jumped all around the porch like a hyena. The neighbors turned to see what the noise was and were shocked at "petite" Petunias crazy behavior. With a satisfied smile, Lily put her wand back in her sleeve and said gently, "James dear, let's go home."

Promptly at 11:30, James drove the Mercedes Benz into the Potters' large garage and parked. "I really don't know how muggles transport with these crazy things," he muttered exhaustedly, "Doesn't it take forever?"

Lily laughed and said nothing. Turning to the kids, she said kindly, "Come on, let's go in."

Diana and Dudley slowly followed their aunt and uncle up the long winding path to the front door, their eyes curious despite their apprehension. Lily took out the key from her purse and unlocked the door, walking in and shouting up the stairs, "We're home!"

Not even a minute later, lots of feet were thundering down the stairs and voices were heard saying things at the same time.

"Mummy! Will broke my unicorn's head!"

"No I didn't! I was just looking at it and it broke!"

"Mum! I lost The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe!"

"Mum, Will tied up Uncle Sirius and left him in the second floor guest room!"

"Mummy, could I please please please have some cookies, with pumpkin juice!"

"Mum, can we please send Will to live with Uncle Remus? He's driving me crazy!"

"Mum, who are they?"

This last came from Anne, finally noticing the two new people standing quietly in behind her parents.

Lily rolled her eyes at her kids' behavior and said laughingly, "Thank you Anne, for finally noticing your cousins!"

"Oh, hello!" greeted Anne nicely, "I'm Annabelle Lily Potter, but everyone calls me Anne. Nice to meet you!"

Diana shyly murmured a same to you, but Dudley didn't say anything. Lily noticed this, but ignored it for the moment as she said, "Harry, Will, Emma? Don't you want to introduce yourselves?"

"Harry James Potter," said Harry, holding his hand out to Dudley, who looked at it for a full minute before abruptly shaking it for a half second and then bringing it back to his duffel bag.

"William Henry Potter at your service!" exclaimed Will cutely, his mischievous face breaking into a friendly grin.

"I'm Emma, Emmeline Audrey Potter!" Emma cried cheerfully, throwing herself at Diana with a big bear hug, "and I'm very very happy you're here!"

Diana's mouth quirked into a very small smile, so small that only Lily noticed. Heaving a sigh of relief, Lily gently said, "Come on, Dudley and Diana, I'll show you to your rooms so that you can settle in before lunch, alright?"

Dudley and Diana followed Lily up the stairs to the third floor, and stopped in front of the second bedroom when she did. Opening the door slowly, Lily said, "Dudley darling, this is your room. I hope you like blue, because if you don't, I can always change it."

Although Dudley was still angry with life in general, he had to gape at the room before him. It was four times the size of his room in Privet Drive, and was so…luxurious. And it even had a bathroom inside of it. The Dursley weren't at all poor, quite the contrary, but Dudley now realized the Potters were rich, dead rich. This house itself seemed like a palace! The room didn't make Dudley feel at home yet, but he walked in and set his duffel bag on the floor.

"I like blue," he said simply, and left it at that. Deciding that talking as less as possible was the best course of action, Dudley walked into the bathroom and shut the door. Lily smiled a little. At least Dudley had talked.

"Come Diana, let's take you to your room," remarked Lily, walking a few more steps and stopping in front of the fourth bedroom. Opening the door, she said, "I hope you like it!"

Diana gasped at the pretty but cute girlish room that surrounded her. It was hers. "It's very beautiful," she said politely. Then, turning to Lily, she said, "Thank you, Aunt Lily…for everything."

Lily gave Diana a big hug and whispered, "You're very welcome, Diana. Just remember, I know I probably will never be able to replace the love your parents once had for you, but I promise with all my heart that I love you just as much as I love my own children. Actually, you are one of us now, a Dursley in name, but a Potter at heart."

"A Dursley in name, a Potter at heart," Diana whispered as she too walked slowly into the bathroom. Five minutes later, as she walked down to the dining room, she pondered on that statement, and found to her astonishment that it didn't sound as bad as she thought. "A Dursley in name, a Potter at heart."

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Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 15 May 2009 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Awwwww sooo sweet
great part
totaly loved it
plzzz carry on
thanx for the pm plz pm me again when you update
cnt wait for the next
xxx anima
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Hi Guys! Long time, sorry.
Does anyone want me to update the story still?Embarrassed

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hi!! read your fic on its really wonderful!! very engrossing story.. i've finished this one.. moved onto the sequel.. sword diadem.. r u going to update that soon? i'd really like to know what happens next!!
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Originally posted by khnk_rox

hi!! read your fic on its really wonderful!! very engrossing story.. i've finished this one.. moved onto the sequel.. sword diadem.. r u going to update that soon? i'd really like to know what happens next!!
Aww, thanks a lot.Big smile
I actually wasn't sure whether to continue the sequel or not because there was a big break and I was really busy with a lot of things, but once Christmas break begins, I'll def continue now. Thank you.Smile
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hey u surely should continue it... its a wonderful story ... do continue the sequel and pm me when u do it plz

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